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Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution w/ Sway Control - Clamp On - 6,000 lbs GTW, 550 lbs TW

Code: BXW0550

361 reviews

Our Price: $754.04


Product Specs:

Weight Distribution Hitch

WD With Sway Control

Prevents Sway

400 lbs

Allows Backing Up

Fits 2 Inch Hitch


Includes Shank

Electric Brake Compatible
Surge Brake Compatible

Blue Ox

Shank fits 2" hitches and offers up to an 8" rise and a 2" drop. System uses optimal points of tension to help prevent sway while it balances your trailer's load for a more level ride. Clamp-on brackets require no drilling.

Video of Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution w/ Sway Control - Clamp On - 6,000 lbs GTW, 550 lbs TW

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution w/ Sway Control - Clamp On - 6,000 lbs GTW, 550 lbs TW - BXW0550

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (361 Customer Reviews)

Shank fits 2" hitches and offers up to an 8" rise and a 2" drop. System uses optimal points of tension to help prevent sway while it balances your trailer's load for a more level ride. Clamp-on brackets require no drilling.

by: Eric08/26/2021

After much research, I chose this Blue Ox. Liked this style over the others for it's simple use and less clips to lose. My issue was the rear of my KIA was sagging allowing the camper nose to drop. Which in turn made the camper sway. Very simple installation. The object is tweaking it to get both the tow vehicle and camper level and to line the chain up with the bracket mounted on the frame of the trailer/camper. We've taken it out on 1 short trip so far and it has definitely been an improvement. It is quite heavy, but just about all brands are. Read others that said the ball was not included..... mine was! Very pleased with my decision.

by: Gerardo 01/06/2021

Easy installation after purchasing a couple of specific tools: A big adjustable wrench, a Torque wrench and a 1 1/2 socket to be able to remove and reinstall the hitch ball.
Easy to follow instructions.
Plan to test it during a trip this weekend.

Highly recommended for any travel trailer. Absolutely necessary for safety. Easy to setup and remove. You can backup without removing it.
Gerardo - 01/07/2022

by: Aaron 10/11/2022

excellent product and better customer service. good videos on how to install. Hitch ball came installed and made it easy for assembly.

by: J Alan07/18/2017

Have used the SwayPro for 1 year now and overall very satisfied. I tow a 23' Airstream which weighs about 5500 lbs. The receiver hitch mount that comes with the SwayPro was unable to get the ball low enough as instructed in the Install Instructions so I gave Blue Ox a call and they immediately shipped out the one I needed and I shipped them the original. The BO SwayPro is fairly easy to operated and is quiet. I will say that it does not eliminate sway, I have tried several different adjustments but anytime I drive above 65mph, especially in headwinds or gusty conditions, sway is possible. The sway is manageable by slowing and never gets too bad but it will make you grip the steering wheel tighter. I was not surprised by this, just had a hard time shelling out the $2500 needed for the non-swaying hitches.

The Blue Ox is performing fine, it does not eliminate sway but as long as I drive 65 mph or less, sway is rarely an issue. As you go over 65 sway can happen with adverse winds, semis passing, or poor road conditions. One other nuisance, is when I attempt to disconnect the chain on the right side, the chain sometimes gets wedged in the metal channel that you rotate and will not release. Usually I have to spray the area with a lubricant and then rotate the whole “chain engaging device” back and forth and the chain will become unstuck so that I can get the bar off. All else is fine, sometimes I do wish I had bought the Pro Pride but that seems a bit too complicated, heavy and expensive.
J A - 07/20/2018

by: Dean05/30/2018

The BEST Purchase I've made thus far!! Once I installed the new hitch system I can honestly say it made a 100% difference! I have a Mercedes ML500 and I pull a 17' Forest River Wildwood X-lite travel trailer. There is no more sag in the middle, both tow vehicle and trailer are level driving down the road and my SUV handles almost as if there is no trailer on the back! I HIGHLY Reccomend the "Blue Ox" System! It's the best!

Still The BEST Purchase Ive made thus far for my trailer! Now that I have used it multiple times, I can say its a life saver in so many ways. My tow vehicle is stable on the road, breaking, maneuvering, the weight distribution has been key for me with a smaller set up and the Blue Ox continues to deliver. I Still HIGHLY Recommend the Blue Ox System to everyone!!
Dean - 05/30/2019

by: Phil L06/20/2018

We have a 24' travel trailer pulled by a Suburban. This hitch levels everything out and makes handling much easier. Very little sway, only during windy storms and the suburban is much easier to drive. This hitch is also easy to set up (we were lucky to have a local store install it) and very well built. Etrailer delivered it fast, no damage and had the best price by far.

Great hitch. Weve taken 3 trips to other states and have even had a tire blow out and this hitch is so good, I almost forget the trailer is there.
Phil L - 06/24/2019

by: Brad F06/03/2021

I put this on my trailer as soon as I bought it (Coachman Apex Nano 194BHS) so I can't say how it would drive without it. But it is a very solid and well crafted system. No weird popping noises from it, which is what I didn't like about solid bar systems. Installed quickly and easily (watch the etrailer install video!)

Mine came with the new hefty tire iron like wrench (instead of the flat knuckle buster). Seems like a huge improvement, absolutely a necessary upgrade for such a premium product

by: David Reed04/30/2013

This weight distribution system is the best. It is easy to install and if you need to put it on a different trailer that has a different weight you just have to buy new distribution bars.

This system works great. Needs to have a better system to lock in the parts that go on your trailer rails. Sometime they come loose.
David R - 05/02/2014

by: Matt W.08/06/2015

Outstanding service! I ordered several components from etrailer late afternoon and I received them the next day. Everything was well packaged and nothing was missing. I was also told to call if I had any questions. We'll use them again.

This is a wonderful product. We pulled a 25 travel trailer on a long trip last year and I didnt have to worry about any sway on any road. The Blue Ox handles cross winds easy also. Very easy to use, I wouldnt buy anything else!
Matt W - 08/05/2016

by: Matthew06/01/2016

I chose this product as I was able to install it myself which saved about $300-400. Connecting and disconnecting is easy. Overall a good purchase.

by: Bob G.04/10/2017

The Blue Ox trailer hitch works great.

by: John F06/23/2016

Received product in good time.

by: Eric07/11/2021

by: Edward 11/08/2021

by: J09/25/2012

Haven't installed it yet, but it's built like a tank...

by: Luke 11/23/2021

by: Scott 02/11/2021

by: Rex01/03/2022

Review from a similar SwayPro in Weight Distribution Hitch

Shipped as promised. Came with everything. Installed per excellent instructions.
Works very well on 21 chevy tahoe towing 6000lb 25 ft travel trailer.
Works as advertised. Havnt been in crosswinds, but trucks passing and meeting, hitch has good control. Load leveling works excellent.

After a year, Ive pulled the 30 ft, 7000 lb trailer 10,000 miles using this hitch. It seems to improve the sway control the more it gets broke in. You can feel the hitch working in the heavy crosswinds and truck winds backing up is no problem with this hitch. Doesnt do the loud popping sounds my other hitches made backing up. I run around 70 mph most of the time, the hitch allows me to drive one handed, unless it is . The ease of hook up and unhooking is amazing compared to the others Ive owned. The quality of construction and materials is excellent. Keep the 2 grease points greased.
Rex - 01/04/2023

by: Jason01/13/2022

Review from a similar SwayPro in Weight Distribution Hitch

The performance of what it is supposed to do, Weight Distribution and Sway Control, is great.
The parameters which is will be able to be installed on your particular setup is cumbersome and usually involves buying alternate parts. V Nose Trailers also provide challenges (alternate parts). Recommend having a shop install it on both the trailer and vehicle so they work out the exact equipment needed.
The overall longevity of this product -- when left on the trailer -- is leaving me wanting. This equipment does not like to be left in the weather. You will want to uninstall it, clean it, lubricate it and store it in a controlled environment. Oxidation is strong with this equipment.

You will definitely want to grease the 2 grease zerks inside the head assembly often. As well as lubricate any moving part that is in the elements. For more rust prevention tips, see the attached help article:
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 01/13/2022
Still works as intended. Still more corrosion.
Jason - 01/16/2023

by: Randall04/30/2022

Review from a similar SwayPro in Weight Distribution Hitch

This is a good system, though it can require some tinkering when hitching up. Sometimes it's super easy (connect the bars to the receiver, loop the links to the clamps, and rotate until it clicks into place, done!) while occasionally as the ground varies one bar may resist getting loaded and you have to find a level spot to adjust it. We have found the need to change frequently which link its cranked to. In fact, a couple times I've gone to our standard setting but later had to pull over and crank a couple extra links tighter to keep the sway down. That said, it fit all the criteria for the weight range, frame mount points, etc. and has worked over multiple trips and several hundred miles so far.

I would say the powder coating has been pretty durable, there is a bit of rust developing on the clamps where there's been contact with the chains for one year. But the bars, links, and receiver are looking fine overall.

Overall, it wasn't the first model we had our eye on but it fit the situation and we are fairly happy with how it all turned out.

by: Lewis02/17/2022

Review from a similar SwayPro in Weight Distribution Hitch

I bought a weight distribution hitch w|sway control, and a trailer brake controller for my Four Winds RV. I received my order today, within a few days of placing the order. I have not installed it yet but it appears to be user friendly. Both pieces are made by Curt so the quality & performance should be good.
My thanks to etrailer & Stacy??

It works really well. I’ve have other types, and this one works as good but is much easier to connect.
Lewis - 02/18/2023

by: Tim 01/16/2022

Review from a similar SwayPro in Weight Distribution Hitch

Bought a 30’ enclosed race car trailer with 1.5’ extra height and pulled it back from Dallas, Tx. with my 3500 DuraMax with no weight distribution hitch! It was not a pleasant drive. I weighted the tongue when I got home and came in at 1650# empty. Got this hitch, BX2000, loaded trailer with car, tools, fuel, generator, and did not re-weight tongue but estimate to be at least 2k. Pulls completely different! Sway is almost nothing. My old trailer was a 50’ goose neck which pulled better but was much heavier and harder for the truck to pull. This hitch will make the difference in a heavy tongue weight bumper pull trailer

Bought a 30’long 7.5’ inside height, bumper pull race car trailer in Dallas. Driving 8hours back home with my dually and no weight distribution hitch, trailer empty, sway was terrible. Weighted tounge and was 1700# empty! Ordered the Blue Ox Hitch with 2k bars and problem solved
Tim - 01/17/2023

by: David09/26/2021

Review from a similar SwayPro in Weight Distribution Hitch

I have used my Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution w/ Sway Control - Clamp On - 10,000 lbs GTW, 1,000 lbs TW Item #BXW1000 now for the past year towing our Airstream 27FB with a Ford F150 over 5000 miles and six weeks of road trips.

For comparison, I had used Reese Strait-Line Weight Distribution w/ Sway Control hitches on three prior travel trailers over eight years - including a prior 27FB.

For comparable levels of weight distribution, I have found:
1. The sway control with the Blue Ox is more of a dampening of sway - making it tolerable, while the Reese seemed to eliminate the sway from starting in the first place. A noticeable difference with crosswinds and passing semis at highway speeds.
2. Tightening and loosening the torsion bars with the supplied wrench and rotating cam of the Blue Ox is more stressful and unpredictable than using the lever pipe and lift bracket for the cam of the Reese. I bought a longer torsion bar and socket to replace the supplied wrench which helps (see photo).
3. While the Reese torsion bars and cams require routine topical application of grease, the Blue Ox torsion bar swivel attachments (see photo) require a grease gun to keep lubricated which is a nuisance.
4. Routine wear on the paint of the Blue Ox cam (see photo) adds rust as a maintenance problem that I didn't have with the Reese systems.

by: Eric09/06/2022

Review from a similar SwayPro in Weight Distribution Hitch

The hitch works as designed and for that I would give 5 stars, however the manufacturer claims their hitch is powder coated? Must be some really bad powder coating since the finish flakes off easily much like regular enamel paint. Everything I have ever had powder coated was a hell of a lot more durable than what's applied to this hitch assembly. If you don't mind the powder coating (paint) flaking off and rusting then it will be a non-issue for you.

I recommend touching up the WD system with a rust resistant paint. Over time the system will experience nicks and scratches from road debris and having the paint on hand will be beneficial.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 09/22/2022

by: Gary03/27/2023

Review from a similar SwayPro in Weight Distribution Hitch

I’ve towed over 7000 miles with this Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution hitch , with no issues. Easy to hook up and disconnect.

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Ask the Experts about this Blue Ox Weight Distribution Hitch
Do you have a question about this Weight Distribution Hitch?

  • What is the Difference Between the Blue Ox BXW0550 and BXW0553
  • They do look similar but the # BXW0550 is designed for standard trailer couplers and the # BXW0553 is designed for underslung couplers. In order to make sure this will work for your trailer you'll want to make sure your tongue weight falls between 350-lbs and 550-lbs, has trailer frame height between 3" and 6" and up to 2-5/8" wide. It sounds like your frame is 4" x 4", so you wouldn't want to use the included clamp on chain hangers. Instead of the clamp on hangers you could either use...
    view full answer...

  • Blue Ox and Reese Weight Distribution System Recommendation
  • Yes, the Reese and Blue Ox weight distribution systems are equal in quality and performance, if you are comparing systems that have similar features, but in my opinion the Reese system is easier to use because of the way the spring bars attach to the trailer frame brackets. I would compare the Blue Ox Weight Distribution System, # BXW0550, to the Reese Strait-Line Weight Distribution System, # RP66082. These systems both offer weight distribution and sway control. Between these two...
    view full answer...

  • Comparing Blue Ox Sway Pro Weight Distribution BXW0550 to BXW0550-S
  • Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution w/ Sway Control - Clamp On - 6,000 lbs GTW, 550 lbs TW # BXW0550 has a 7 hole shank where the BXW0550-S has a 9 hole shank. Other than that, the two systems are identical according to my contact at Blue Ox. We carry that shank # BXW4000 but not with a system. If you need more drop for your Tacoma, we do have the 11 hole shank in the Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution w/ Sway Control # BXW0556 which other than the shank is also the same system. With...
    view full answer...


Reese Dual Cam High-Performance Sway Control for Steel Trailer Frames

Code: RP26002

106 reviews

Our Price: $287.83


Product Specs:

Accessories and Parts

Weight Distribution Hitch

Sway Control Parts


Stop trailer sway before it begins with this dual-cam sway control. Cams lock in place on either side of trailer to supply consistent pressure, helping to prevent and correct sway. Works with weight-distribution systems with cam-style spring bars.

Video of Reese Dual Cam High-Performance Sway Control for Steel Trailer Frames

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Reese Dual Cam High-Performance Sway Control for Steel Trailer Frames - RP26002

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (106 Customer Reviews)

Stop trailer sway before it begins with this dual-cam sway control. Cams lock in place on either side of trailer to supply consistent pressure, helping to prevent and correct sway. Works with weight-distribution systems with cam-style spring bars.

by: Damon 03/22/2023

When installed per the manufacturer's recommendations we did not get much weight distributing action. This required us to lower the trunnion bars unladen set point which is not really a problem except for the lever handle provided is too long and hits the ground requiring us to shorten the lever handle a few inches.

Also those mounting holes are a pretty big cross section to drill in the highest tension section of the frame right at the bottom and not far from the middle; if they would simply extend the bracket up or some other means they could definitely avoid this.

In the end it functionally works as expected which is why we purchased the product. Very simple to use older kids can even hook up, allows backing up, any simple cheater bar can work the levers no need for a proprietary handle, and there is additional adjustability by choosing different trunnion bars.

Towing a 10,000 pound 36' trailer and everything feels very "in control"; even on the highways.

by: John 07/15/2022

Was concerned because my dealer didn't know how to install these on my camper. Took my time, read the directions, watched some videos, called e-trailer customer service with some questions and installed them in a couple hours. Haven't road tested yet but have a high level of confidence that the cams will help my control. Will not be going back to that dealer again.

by: Brian T05/19/2017

Sorry for the long review. Purchased these as an addition to our Reese high performance weight distribution hitch. I was previously using friction sway control with our previous trailer, which was much smaller (by 10ft) and much lighter. Our new trailer is 36', 8,600lbs with a 950lb hitch weight. The tow vehicle is a 2016 F150 Lariat super crew with max tow. After towing the new trailer one time with friction sway control, I needed something else. Since we already had the hitch, I figured I'd try this instead of purchasing a new system. The dealer installed the kit as I was there for warranty work already. Towing the trailer home, the sway on the freeway was terrible. After doing a ton of research online, and various forums, I found dealers typically never put the time into setting this system up correctly, which I found is key for proper operation. I went through the complete setup with the hitch, and then the dual cam system myself (as I didn't trust the dealer who also originally set up the hitch as well). The instructions are a bit vague on setup, especially chain links from the cam to the snap up bracket under tension, which the forums helped greatly with. The dealer set this up to have 4 links under tension, when I found you need 5 at the minimum. Also found the 3/4 cam pivot nut not tightened anywhere close to 35ft/lbs. After setting this system up correctly, there is virtually no sway at freeway speeds. Moral of the story is that the setup is pretty tedious (took about 2 hrs), but once done, the system works great!

by: Melodytrailer03/03/2023

our order came right when we were told it would be, etrailer has always delivered whenthey said it would be, & we are very happy with our order. thank you

by: Stephen03/27/2023

The service was excellent, the product was perfect and it arrived very quickly! Also, the price was reasonable. Who could ask for more?

by: James W05/23/2018

As requested, photos of products installed. Thanks for the expert and prompt service to help me put this setup together.

by: HAL11/19/2021


I will have our customer service team reach out to you. I would recommend touching it up from time to time with rust resistant paint for maintenance purposes.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 11/21/2021

by: Mike01/02/2014

A difference you can feel... After trading our old camper, towing the new one home was a scary experience. I read tons of reviews about different sway control devices and decided on the dual cam. As we pulled on the highway for our first trip, I was a little nervous as I saw the first tractor trailer coming to pass me. To my amazement, no sway!! My truck and trailer did move over a little but it was together and without sway. Nothing can substitute for a properly loaded trailer and adequate tow vehicle but the dual cam is a great supplement. Installation was fairly easy with basic tools (ratchet, wrench, tape measure and drill) and has several videos that complimented the instructions very well. Their customer service is the best in ecommerce; plenty of communication and always available if needed. Thanks for making our vacations a little more relaxing!!

I wouldnt tow without it it makes that much of a difference. It is a bit of a hassle to disconnect for backing into tight spaces but otherwise I LOVE it! I towed our 28 camper to the NC coast last July 4th with an approaching hurricane and felt very safe. Dont get me wrong, we were pushed quite a bit but no sway. My neighbor went with 2 friction units and wasnt happy with the results.
Mike - 01/02/2015

by: Jim S09/03/2014

I installed the weight distribution set on our 27 foot Arctic Fox trailer. The instructions were well written, the set went on as described and the system works very well. We now have about 10,000 miles on it. We have a 20 foot cargo trailer, I wanted to use the sway control in it. I ordered the extra parts to be able to change trailers relative easy. Vince was very helpful and got me the correct parts. Delivery was prompt and as forecast. Good place to do business, nice people that know the product.

We put another 10,000 on the Arctic Fox. Put about 3,000 on the cargo trailer, the system works just great on both trailers.It was exactly the right thing to do. Very happy with etrailer, highly recommend them.
Jim S - 09/03/2015

by: David W06/25/2015

Reese makes great towing products. Etrailer is a great way to buy these products. Easy website and loads of information and videos. Easy and free shipping and tracking with a follow up by George J. Definitely will return for all my trailer needs.

The Reeses cam away controls work great. Makes the truck and trailer move as one unit. Do not feel vehicle when they pass. Very comfortable driving. Made a big difference bin handling and would recommend buying a very well made product.
David W - 06/25/2016

by: Allen K09/23/2017

The folks at etrailer went way out of their way to contact the manufacturer to verify that this item would be compatible with my current equipment. Delivery was prompt and the product was as described. I have not had the opportunity to install it yet, or try it on the road,. but I am pleased so far.

After I nstalling the Reese DualCam system, my trailer was much easier to tow, but I discovered that my spring bars were way too light. Tongue weight was 900, spring bars were rated at 750. Once again, the folks at stepped up and helped me resolve the situation. Now Im towing my 25 Airstream effortlessly with no sway whatsoever, using the Reese DualCam with 1200 spring bars.
Allen K - 09/23/2018

by: Mike S.09/21/2016

The product was received exactly as ordered and on time. All of the parts that are supposed to be supplied with item were there and look to be of very high quality. Product has not been installed yet, but I look forward to doing so and hope it works as intended.

I wouldnt tow my trailer without the dual cam sway control installed. This product works exactly as advertised. When we got our 32 trailer all it had was the weight distribution hitch. After a trip to Myrtle Beach, which was two handed white knuckle holy terror for 7 hours each way, I knew I had to do something about the sway. I looked around at various systems available and decided on the dual cam setup as being most likely to provide the sway control I was looking for. After installing this system and getting it adjusted correctly this is key to proper operation, towing is a breeze now, sway is gone and I now have control of my trailer with confidence. We have gone on five trips this year of varying length, all with no sway issues due to large trucks or wind. Driving is so much more pleasurable now.
Mike S - 09/21/2017

by: Doug W01/18/2020

I have used this dual cam system for a full camping season and I am very satisfied with the results. I tow a 23 ft travel trailer with a Chevrolet Colorado and it has greatly improved the elimination of sway, especially in windy conditions.
Installation was very straightforward, with the setup and adjustment taking the most time. Once the initial adjustments have been completed, any further adjustments are unnecessary unless trailer load has been drastically changed.
It is extremely important to note that this sway control system is not designed to correct improper loading of the travel trailer! Always ensure that you have sufficient tongue weight to prevent tail wagging the dog....

by: Edward05/27/2016

I installed this last year and had to do some modifications because my battery tray area angle iron was in the way. After changing that the rest of the installation went ok. Setting the bars to the mounts took a few movements of towing and checking to make sure they settled in correctly. Our first trip out was in a very windy storm and I didn't have faith in them, but the wind was so bad it wasn't a good test. They did work but fighting the wind and rain was like driving through a tornado. The rest of the trip after that was great and they did the job no sway.

Very pleased with this system, we tow longer distances and it works great. Would not want to go back to the old style friction type.
Edward - 05/29/2017

by: Greg H.04/09/2016

I purchased your weight distribution system for my camper last year 2015. We purchased a new camper and the system that I had for my other camper just didn't cut it. The camper was longer and a bit heavier, but the old system I had didn't stop the sway, and it was not comfortable pulling it. So started looking into systems that would help stop the sway. I went to, and found this product that worked with the distribution system I had. I called them and asked if this would indeed work to stop the sway. They made sure I had picked the right model to work with the one I had, and then told me that this was the best system out there. I watched their installation video, that was very helpful, and proceeded to install it. When I took it out for the first time, I couldn't believe it. The sway completely disappeared, and my comfort level went right back up to the top, along with the safety factor! Even when it's windy or a semi passes, it vertually stops the sway! I can't say enough about the product and the support from this company. I guess that is why they are in the business, and are the top rated! Thank you etrailer!!
Greg H. ,Wisconsin

by: Bill6106804/15/2019

We are replacing part of our Reese hitch that was showing wear. The replacement parts are original equipment and came with a good installation manual.

Hitch parts are not showing any signs of wear and we are completely satisfied.
Bill61068 - 04/16/2020

by: Craig07/06/2020

Reese's warranty replacement HP Dual Cam Assembly provides good sway control, once I assembled onto and adjusted to my 25-ft travel trailer's hitch dimensions.

Both Reese's original and replacement Cam Arms arrived with damaged Adjustment threads, burred and blunted, made it impossible to rotate the Adjustment Nut either direction using only my thumb and forefinger inside the required Yoke.

I had to pay $20 to a local machine shop to dress both Arms' Adjustment Threads to a smooth finish. Reese's suggestion that a small amount of WD-40 will solve this problem is a joke.

by: Mr Breeze02/19/2017

I received excellent assistance when contacting etrailer by phone, trying to determine the correct piece-items needed for my new trailer, to replace the parts for my Reese Sway-Control/Wt Distribution system that I "lost" when selling my old trailer.
they were polite, patient and helpful.
This hardware set, as well as the Lift brackets and Dual-sway Cams were as heavy-duty as needed (as described) and will be putting them onto my new trailer as soon as I pick, it up.

by: Ronald11/26/2018

These were easy to install and work great with my existing weight distribution hitch.
Pulled the camper 300 miles this week. The sway control worked great! No more white knuckle driving on the steering wheel and slowing down. I was able to maintain the speed limit and relax while towing!

by: Mike B03/02/2016

Fast shipping and great price from Etrailer. I love the dual cam system. Trailer sway is nearly eliminated with this system. Much better than the friction bars that I had on my trailer. My favorite thing about this system is that you don't have to disconnect anything before backing the trailer up.

by: Dale R10/23/2017

Replacement arms are shorter than the original and I had to adjust the locking nuts almost to the end of the bar. I talked to dealer later and was informed that these were the only bars currently made. They do work and I have not had a problem with them. Only have about 2000 miles at this time on them.

by: Edward12/30/2017

Easy install. Work as Advertised. Great product.

by: James W05/23/2018

As requested, photos of products installed. Thanks for the expert and prompt service to help me put this setup together.

by: Ken C.07/21/2017

I have not installed this yet on my trailer but a friend of mine had them on his and it works really well. I went to this product because I have the old Reese dual cam and it lasted through for trailers and 40 years. I had one of the arms been on me. I might have done something wrong or could be metal fatigue in any rate I wanted these dual cam and I sway product.

This is the best anti-sway distribution system that there is. Ive been in heavy winds and my trailer does not sway at all.
Ken C - 07/21/2018

by: Sal P.08/20/2017

This product made a tremendous difference in towing my trailer. Installation was easy, and took about three hours total after making sure it was set up properly.

Still works great! It has taken some fine tuning, but I couldn’t be happier with this product.
Sal P - 08/20/2018

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  • Does Reese Dual-Cam Sway Control Work Better than Blue Ox Sway Control
  • Yes, it is my experience that they dual-cam sway control works much better than the Blue Ox systems. I recently have been riding in trucks towing trailers, one with the Blue Ox and one with a Reese system with the dual-cam sway control. The Blue Ox system worked but not nearly as well as the Strait-Line systems with the dual-cam sway control. For a Reese Strait-Line system that is rated for 800 to 1500 pounds tongue weight use # RP66130. the dual-cam sway control alone cannot be used...
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  • What is the Difference Between the Draw-Tite and Reese Versions of Dual Cam Sway Control
  • The Reese and Draw-Tite products are manufactured by the same parent company, this means that the # 26102 and # 26002, Dual Cam Sway Control systems are the same, but there is a difference in the generations of the systems. The older systems had Hanger Brackets that were straight like part # 58192, 2nd generation systems were re-engineered and had curved hanger brackets like you see on part # RP26002, that you referenced. Finally, there are now 3rd generation systems that have gone back...
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  • Differences Between Friction Based Sway Control and Dual Cam System For a Trail-Bay Travel Trailer
  • The biggest difference between an Equal-I-Zer friction style sway control and a system like a Reese Dual Cam High-Performance Sway Control # RP26002 is that the friction style is passive and the dual cam is active. What is meant by that is that the friction style does not do anything to prevent sway, it only acts minimize it once it has already started, which for some people it will work. However, the dual cam system works to prevent sway before it begins. This system will proactively...
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  • Which is Better, Friction or Dual-Cam Sway Control
  • If given the choice I would always choose dual-cam sway control over friction because dual-cam system are proactive, stopping sway before it starts. Friction systems are reactive and work to stop sway after it has already started. To use dual-cam sway control your spring bars will have to have the hook ends on your bars. If your bars do not have the hook ends you would either need to replace the bars or go with a friction sway control system using # 83660. If you wanted to replace...
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