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Blue Ox Tow Bar Cover - Ascent and Avail

Code: BX88309

199 reviews

Our Price: $51.55


Product Specs:

Accessories and Parts

Tow Bar

Covers and Storage


Tow Bar Cover

Blue Ox

Protect your Blue Ox Ascent or Avail tow bar when it's not being used. This weather-resistant cover blocks rain and road grime when your tow bar is folded up behind your RV. Custom-fit design makes it easy to get on and off.

Video of Blue Ox Tow Bar Cover - Ascent and Avail

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Blue Ox Tow Bar Cover - Ascent and Avail - BX88309

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (199 Customer Reviews)

Protect your Blue Ox Ascent or Avail tow bar when it's not being used. This weather-resistant cover blocks rain and road grime when your tow bar is folded up behind your RV. Custom-fit design makes it easy to get on and off.

by: Suzan11/07/2021

Looks great! I am excited to have it on my motorhome.

Still looks great, I do wipe it down after driving with it on, which isn’t often. It just looks sharp on my Tiffin!
Suzan - 11/08/2022

by: Robert 02/14/2023

I support etrailer for their quality and timely delivery on all their products. If there is an issue they're always quick to make it right. This is a great cover to help keep the tow bar clean when not in use.

by: Ellen M01/14/2023

We purchased a used motorhome that had the Blue Ox Towing as well as the Patriot Brake system. We needed to order the tow plate for our toad as well as a few other items to get the set up ready. Kim was amazing at helping me get all of the parts needed to get us rolling! etrailer is the BEST!

by: Tim 11/05/2022

Blue ox cover bag keeps the tow bar out of the elements. Looks brand new after a year of elements

by: David02/18/2023

Works great. We pull our Jeep and you don't know it's behind the motorhome.

by: Col Ron01/28/2023

Product immediately available and shipped within days. Best price anywhere including [online vendor] and [online resale site]! I will definitely buy from etrailer again. Also, view their videos for instructions, they are excellent.

by: Richard03/23/2023

I have been using this Blue Ox tow bar kit for a year now and have put over 10,000 miles on it. It has performed flawlessly and in my opinion it is an excellent product that I would highly recommend. etrailer is a great company to work with and their website is easy to use and has great information.

by: James03/13/2023

It worked great until it didn't. It failed after about 3500 miles. Not sure why. Contacted Blue Ox and had to send it to them to determine why it failed and they said it was because I did not perform the proper maintenance. I disputed it since it was only six months old at the time. They eventually sent me a new one. Hopefully it performs better than the first. Also, I asked Etrailer for a receipt and they refused to send me one. Not very good customer service.

by: Brian 03/13/2023

looks nice and quality material

by: Eliseo03/24/2023

Great experience and the products worked great.

by: Steve07/13/2015

The product was a cover for the New Avail Blue Ox tow bar. The new bar is long and beautiful. The new cover is longer than the old black one and done is a nice dark brown with Gold Letters… Looks Expensive!
The BEST thing of the entire thing is HOW GREAT "eTrailer" ships and handles their orders & business. Will always look here FIRST for my coaches needs. Price was GREAT!

No need really as I AM A BLUE OX CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!!Have sent you many a new RV owner as I personally would not own another product. Been in RV as Chapter Pres, FMCA Board and attended rallies where your booth
Steve - 08/05/2016

by: Deborahgould12/11/2022

Nice to have a cover that is custom fit.

by: Paul01/20/2023

I got it to cover my tow bar. It does.

by: Jen 03/08/2023

Really an improved product!

by: Grace 02/14/2023

Very fast delivery. Would do business again

by: Mark 02/09/2023

Shipped fast - received fast - very sat isfied!!!

by: R.T. Industreis09/14/2022

Etrailer never fails. Thanks

by: Earl03/05/2022

Well made fit exactly over the hitch covers all four joints should keep all the rain dust and dirt off my hitch. We have just bought our RV this past month so have been using etrailer to get the odds and ends that comes with a new RV. With the way this past 2 years have been tough for finding items you want. So far they have been timely with our orders would recommend this company to do business with.

by: Curtis 01/07/2023

Perfect for preventing moisture and grime from affecting my tow bar.

by: Alan 09/11/2022

Nice. Heavy duty materials. Excellent c raftsmanship.

by: Ian03/20/2022

Cover is a tight fit with KarGard receivers installed on toad connection point, but otherwise fine.

by: Alan 07/06/2022

Replacement for lost cover. Same as original, so no complaints whatsoever.

by: Jeffrey11/30/2020

The cover has been exposed to the elements in the south Florida sun for a year now with virtually no signs of degradation! Highly recommend Blue Ox products!!

Great! I flat towed my 2020 Jeep Gladiator 2500 miles last year without a hiccup.
Jeffrey - 11/30/2021

by: Dave 09/25/2022

Just what we expected. Replacing one that has worn out over time

by: Walter B12/23/2020

Keeps your new hitch out of the weather as you leave it in place on the back of your RV.

Fits well, looks nice! Whats not to like?
Walter B - 12/27/2021

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Blue Ox Avail Non-Binding Tow Bar - Motorhome Mount - 2" Hitch - 10,000 lbs

Code: BX7420

278 reviews

Our Price: $933.48


Product Specs:

Tow Bar

Hitch Mount Style



Stores on RV


10000 lbs

Fits Blue Ox Base Plates

Blue Ox

Hitch-mounted tow bar lets you safely flat tow your heavy-duty truck or SUV on your next excursion. Non-binding latches make it easy to disconnect no matter the angle or terrain. Folds up neatly against your RV for easy storage.

Video of Blue Ox Avail Non-Binding Tow Bar - Motorhome Mount - 2" Hitch - 10,000 lbs

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Blue Ox Avail Non-Binding Tow Bar - Motorhome Mount - 2" Hitch - 10,000 lbs - BX7420

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (278 Customer Reviews)

Hitch-mounted tow bar lets you safely flat tow your heavy-duty truck or SUV on your next excursion. Non-binding latches make it easy to disconnect no matter the angle or terrain. Folds up neatly against your RV for easy storage.

by: Bill12/23/2022

Absolutely love our Blue Ox system. Was easy to install (with a little mechanical help) and has served us over 11,000 this past year.

We've towed over all sorts of terrain and would absolutely purchase this again and recommend it to anyone who asks!

by: Edd 01/15/2022

Easy to order, answered all questions to be sure I had correct project. Attached videos for both wiring & base plate install. Both excellent & spot on making my work a no brainer.

Love our Avail tow bar. With 5K plus miles behind us we have found Blue Ox system great for flat towing our 2014 Kia Soul manual. Do not even know it is behind us other than camera. Tight turns & bumpy roads no problem. If their is one area I am unhappy with it is the paint. Paint started to flake off & rusty spots appeared under paint in areas tow bar was always covered or removed went not in use. I stripped tow bar & repainted along with servicing it. Performance has been excellent & I’d highly recommend Blue Ox. Even the base plate installation was easy following your video. In fact if it were not for the locking pins attaching to motorhome someone else would be enjoying it. They only got away with our base plate to tow bar pins. They went under our cover & we never new it until ready to hook up. I advise all to remove anything that is not locked. Know you have a good product when other want to steal it!
Edd - 01/16/2023

by: Tom 01/12/2022

I have used etrailer several times over the years and always received first class service. Highly recommend this top notch retailer.

Excellent! Towed my truck to Alaska and back with no problems. We’ve towed our truck over 18,000 miles so far this year. Sold on Blue Ox products.
Tom - 01/13/2023

by: Aaron03/29/2022

worked as advertised, installation is the same labor as other tow bars. The Avail tow bar is sturdy and able to tow my 7K lbs vehicle.

by: Marc 09/05/2022

Excellent product! Used to pull my 2020 Jeep 4 Door Wrangler. This is actually my second one. First one was totaled in an accident, but I was so impressed with the first one that I purchased the same one as a replacement. Well made and very heavy duty. Easy to hook up to my toad which uses a Blue Ox base plate. 10k capacity gives me the peace of mind when pulling my Jeep and the option to pull my F350.

by: Ryan01/20/2023

Great product. Easy setup and to use. Just what we needed.

by: Robert 02/14/2023

I support etrailer for their quality and timely delivery on all their products. If there is an issue they're always quick to make it right. This tow bar is very sturdy and packs well.

by: Larry03/01/2023

The blue Ox Tow bar has worked great towing my Ram 1500 Quad Cab. Alex was great to work with and answered all my questions !!

by: Kenneth 03/25/2023

Dealing with Blue Ox was a pleasant experience and simple and easy. Buying the tow bar from eTrailer was equally as pleasant.

by: Michael08/24/2022

The install was fairly straightforward and took maybe 5 hours. If you are used to auto work and removing body panels you can probably cut that time in half. Also, make sure you have good drill bits to get through the frame! No problems at all with the base plate after installation.

by: Scott02/28/2023

Our only issue is the paint is peeling a little. With that being said it is kept in a climate controlled garage. So it’s only e posed to outside conditions while in use. Other than that we are extremely happy with our tow bar.

by: Patrick06/04/2021

I’ve towed a Jeep jl 4 door lifted with 37 inch tires from Ga to western states twice with the hitch and to the beach once. I have zero complaints. It’s a great hitch. I would highly recommend it. I would choose it over the one built out aluminum.

by: Walter B12/23/2020

Replaced an older Blue Ox with this one. This one is a big improvement and it never gets gets jammed up such that the hitch pin is difficult to remove. Highly recommended! One note: you may need to use a drop hitch receiver to get the tow bar arms as close to parallel to the ground as they are supposed to be. Read the instructions and do some measuring to stay safe!

Still working perfectly! Much easier to use than the old style tow bar we had. This thing is very sturdy and very easy to use. Highly recommended!
WALTER B - 12/27/2021

by: James 07/17/2022

I have purchased from your website before and felt comfortable placing an order for over $1000 with e trailer. Your communication and order tracking was again top notch. My friends also use e trailer regularly. Delivery time was better than expected

by: Whitney 03/02/2023

Ordering was easy and delivery was faster than expected. all I have left to complete the flat tow project is the Air Force One, and I will be ordering that soon

by: Bear02/12/2023

Brittny at etrailer was very helpful in getting the correct parts and info for me to be able to flat tow my LX 470 Lexus behind my class A motor home. Thank you very much and give her a raise she has very good customer relations and knowledgeable. I’m pleased

by: Scott05/12/2022

Love the Blue Ox tow bar, this is my 2nd Blue Ox tow bar, wouldn’t use any other brand! Highly recommend- easy to use and attach to RV and tow vehicle.

by: Evelyn 01/27/2023

Replaced another brand tow bar and this one seems to operate better; fast service shipping. Thanks

by: David 08/28/2022

This works well. It's larger than what I really need for the vehicle I'm towing but in case I would move up to a bigger tow I'm ready to go. Thanks

by: George03/25/2023

We pulled our Jeep down the Alcan highway with this tow bar and it performed perfectly. The alcan is the worst road in north america with huge frost heaves and pot holes the size of volkswagans! Highly recommend this product!

by: Ronald 02/16/2023

Well designed and very functional

by: William 12/04/2021

Good product. Works great. We use it every time we tow the car. No complaints. Would highly recommend it.
Also I was well pleased with the baseplate install that etrailer did on the Lincoln MKX in Wentzville when we purchased it 5 years ago. They did a great job.

by: Gary08/02/2022

Products work great and received them p romptly.

by: Robert03/11/2023

Sales rep. Jacob assisted me in trying to piece together a flat tow system for my F250. The 1st attempt didn’t quite workout, no fault of Jacobs. He responded quickly to my concerns and was extremely helpful in trying to find a solution. We are still working through the issue with both etrailer and blueox.

by: Paul T.08/20/2016

I was about to rebuild my old Blue Ox Aventa tow bar when I saw a review of the Avail tow bar in Motorhome magazine. As advertised, the release handles work no matter whether you were traveling in a straight line (required for my old tow bar) or are partway through a turn.

Still no help when the car is facing uphill - it is impossible to pull the pins attaching the arms to the car - fixing that would be quite an accomplishment! For now, I will continue to avoid the situation or have my wife pull the car forward while I hold the release handles down.

It is still the best tow bar I have ever used. Just yesterday I was unhooking my Honda CRV that was still in the middle of a turn. The release required a little effort and when it released the car jumped about an inch showing the tremendous load on the bar and latch. My old Aventa would have required several blows from a heavy object to get it to release.
Paul T - 08/20/2017

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  • Comparing The Blue Ox Avail And etrailer XHD Non-Binding Tow Bar for Blue Ox Base Plates
  • The Blue Ox Avail Non-Binding Tow Bar # BX7420 and etrailer XHD Non-Binding Tow Bar # e67ZR are fairly similar but have a few key differences. The first difference being the weight capacity, the # e67ZR has an extra 500lbs of capacity over the # BX7420. They both have latches to release the arms when in a bind but the # e67ZR has a built-in 1-1/2" rise or drop in the shank for additional adjustability to help keep your tow bar level between the motorhome and vehicle. Both of these...
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  • Difference Between the Blue Ox Alpha and Avail Tow Bars
  • Both tow bars you referenced will work with the Blue Ox base plate kit part # BLU93FR that you just bought. The biggest difference will be that the Avail part # BX7420 is designed to allow for better maneuverability in tight turns. This is accomplished by having longer arms than the Alpha # BX7380. The Avail also has a 10k capacity whereas the Alpha only has a 6,500 lb capacity. If you think you will need to make some tighter turns I would highly recommend the Avail.
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  • Features of Blue Ox Avail Tow Bar BX7420
  • Both Roadmaster and Blue Ox make quality tow bars and related components like base plates for flat towing. You can refer to the two linked articles for a comparison of their features but I can tell you our installers do like the Blue Ox equipment. However, there are also a wide range of adapters available to allow use of a Roadmaster base plate with a Blue Ox towbar, and vice-versa, since there are many products in use and not everyone is starting from scratch with their flat towing set-up. If...
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  • Recommended Tow Bar for Blue Ox Base Plate Kit on a 2013 Jeep Wrangler
  • I'm not quite sure where you found a difference of $500 dollars between the (discontinued) Blue Ox Aventa LX Tow Bar BX7445 and the Blue Ox Avail Tow Bar # BX7420 but my guess would be that since the Aventa LX has been discontinued that it is at a much lower price-point. It was a good tow bar but definitely not priced that much lower than the Avail. Personally out of the two I recommend going with the Avail because it is still being made and you can have confidence that you are more...
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