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Blaylock Door Lock for Enclosed Trailers - Aluminum - Push Button

Code: BLDL-80

128 reviews

Our Price: $55.02
Keyed Alike?: 


Product Specs:

Trailer Door Latch


Cam Door Latch

6 Inch Wide


Built In Lock

3 Inch Long

Blaylock Industries

Sturdy, rustproof lock deters theft of the contents of your enclosed cargo trailer. Cam-and-keeper design, push-button lock, and recessed tumbler provide both security and peace of mind. Can be keyed alike to match other Blaylock push-button locks.

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Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Blaylock Door Lock for Enclosed Trailers - Aluminum - Push Button - BLDL-80

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (128 Customer Reviews)

Sturdy, rustproof lock deters theft of the contents of your enclosed cargo trailer. Cam-and-keeper design, push-button lock, and recessed tumbler provide both security and peace of mind. Can be keyed alike to match other Blaylock push-button locks.

by: Jeff P09/14/2018

I just purchased a first class trailer so I wanted the locks to be the same. These exceeded my expectations as did the customer service etrailer provides.

by: Kyle04/28/2020

After my old method of normal pad locks were defeated I started searching for a better way to secure my 20ft cargo trailer. I saw this lock and knew right away, this is the one. I ordered one for each door. They are keyed the same which is a huge plus. So far the locks have kept the honest people out. They look great and have held up to the weather. I'm very happy with my purchase and would definitely buy again if I ever needed to.

This lock is still proforming great. Its holding strong against the weather. Absolutely no problems. It just works!
Kyle - 04/29/2021

by: Jennifer M07/23/2020

We purchased a set of 3 in 2014 after our trailer was robbed of $10000 worth of supplies inside. The hasp was twisted off but the padlock was still hanging from the clasp. With the Blaylock covers it is inaccessible. We recently purchased a new trailer and needed another set. We haven't had an issue since 2014! Love this product

by: Greg v09/30/2017

So far so good. All 3 came keyed the same like I asked. They fit but were just a little loose. So I just added a little self adhesive padding to them and they are perfect.
I will try to review again after I use them for awhile

by: Glen08/29/2022

I ordered 3 locks keyed alike and even paid the extra. All 3 have different keys.

by: Philip01/21/2022


We do carry a replacement rubber gasket for the lock. It is part # BL34FR
Replacement Rubber Gasket for Blaylock Enclosed Trailer Lock
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 01/25/2022

by: Grant 07/03/2022

Locks work great. They need a better padding to keep from scratching your trailer.

by: Jerry 01/17/2022

If I had known of your lock protection system for my cargo trailer a year ago I could have saved in excess of $10K! These lock protectors are so inexpensive. I can assure anyone protection against theft maybe excepting a cutting torch. It’s the first time in years I’ve felt safe.

by: David 01/03/2022

Very happy with the locks. Easy to use and have had no problems with them. More secure than a regular padlock.

by: Gary09/09/2017

I was looking for a secure solution to lock my cargo trailer. Unfortunately, someone pried the factory hasp and riped is right off the door. I was pissed. I did some research and came across these locks. I also found replacement hasps on this website, which I ordered. I got 2 Blaylock locks keyed alike and replacement hasps. After a little tweaking and drilling a few holes, everything works great. Locks fit like a glove. If anyone wants to gain access to my trailer, they will have to cut the door off. Would recommend this product to others.

by: Steven08/02/2019

Installing these items on my trailers has secured the trailer locking mechanism.
They were using metal snips, prybars and power tools to cut the hasps.
Thank you eTrailer for the expert advice.

by: Bruce H.06/09/2014

I really like this lock system. It covers the entire patch area, so you can not access the bolts to undo the door like you could with normal padlocks. I had a good system before but ended up breaking a key in the lock and it was a real pain. I love that these locks have the barrel key, they are so much sturdier and pick proof.

Would highly recommend these locks.

Best lock I have used hands down. Never frozen up or full of dirt from gravel road were lock is gummed up. Would defiantly buy again!
Bruce H - 06/09/2015

by: Kenneth S.12/31/2013

Locks installed easily and look great. Fit is just a bit loose but understandable since these are designed to fit several makes and models of trailers out there. I found by adding a little more padding to the existing padding they snugged up perfectly, in my case. Overall, I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for that totally covered and secure ramp door bar lock system.

Its been a year now and this lock system is the best. They have worked flawlessly and are really secure and look it as well. They cover all the door latch bolts and dont even rattle when pulling the trailer, at least from what I can hear. Very affordable and did I say d they look great. Highly recommend to anyone looking for that extra bit of security.
Kenneth S - 12/31/2014

by: Ronnie L.10/15/2017

The locks seem to be made out of good material, but hit the bottom part of the door latch. I had to drill my holes in the door larger so the pin would slide all the way down so it would lock. They could have been a little easier to put on. I have a Discovery motorcycle trailer, maybe they are a little different than some of the others.

by: Jack01/06/2022

The Blaylocks door lock work GREAT.

by: Tim10/27/2018

Great products and great customer service. Thank you, thank you, thank you... I share your name often. People can't help but notice the trailer door locks I purchased from you a while back.

Perfect, the above average lock simply shows you go the extra to secure your property.
Tim - 10/28/2019

by: Justin 10/12/2021

Communication was excellent between Gwendolyn and myself. The order was shipped and received very quickly. I appreciate the quick response and turn around on getting the product. I will be ordering additional items when needed. Thanks again E Trailer.

by: Door locks05/10/2017

I bought two of these to secure the ramp/door on my 24' Haulmark car hauler. They are well built and are easy to use. Only issue I had was the locking pin was slightly larger than the holes in my trailer door locking arms. Had to drill the holes out a little and now the locks work great. They look very nice on the back of the trailer too!!

by: Robin01/16/2019

Good solid product . Just had locks cut off of my trailer so this was my solution . Time will tell , but the lock ( I bought two ) appears bomb proof and made in USA...even better . I would recommend .

A year out , Im very happy with the locks . NO issues , life is good . Still gets my five stars . R.
robin - 01/18/2020

by: Blair E07/23/2016

These locks are the best out there. I had my trailer stolen with these locks on. The crook could not break the locks so they cut the door. Great locks. Just need a stronger door!

Excellent locks! Highly recommended
Blair E - 07/23/2017

by: Walker 03/18/2021

We added these door locks to our enclosed trailers for that added bit of security. So far we are happy with ease of use and durability. It fits snug and the robber seal helps keep it secure. Over time and use the seal may need to be replaced but so far so good.

by: Master Carpentry Service s Fargo ND08/19/2015

I first seen your product on another enclosed trailer near my home (I was uncertain what type of look it was). I took a picture of it and found your company on-line. I purchased two locks keyed alike, very happy on ordering, handling, shipping, and quality of device.

Today I was showing your product (My new lock) off to a sub-contractor, he asked "what are you going to lock up Fort Knox"? Even though I have tool insurance, I want to make sure my tools are kept safe.

Thanks for designing a great lock,
Salvatore Cocchiarella

by: Mark B.01/02/2017

Product was exactly as advertised. Easy to use, fits great, and thoughtful design details like padding on back side provides protection to painted trailer surface. This is a good solution to a crazy design flaw in enclosed trailer latches: exposed hex fasteners that make it easy for thieves to just remove the lock with a wrench.

by: Ricky F.06/05/2019

Awesome product and awesome service from Had a problem with more doors than locks so I spoke with Preston and my problem was resolved. I was able it order more locks keyed the same as the others so one key does it all. Thank you again Preston for your service.

by: M&R03/11/2019

The product filled a void i have been trying to fix on my own but haven't come up with a solution. We were robbed using Hockey puck locks on our trailer as the thief was able to use bolt cutters to cut the latches above the locks on the trailers to get in, now that can NOT happen anymore...These locks cover all of the latches so the only way a thief can get in is if they cut through the side or top of the trailers.... But you know what they say... If they want to get in they will but these locks make it so the thieves have to make a lot of noise to do so.

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Cam-Action Lockable Door Latch w/ 36" Pipe for Enclosed Trailers - Zinc Plated Steel

Code: 305736

433 reviews

Our Price: $67.21


Product Specs:

Trailer Door Latch


Cam Door Latch

Lock Not Included

36 Inch Long

Polar Hardware

Cam-action door latch with pre-installed 1" diameter pipe is ideal for side doors that are smaller than rear doors on your trailer. Double-action handle protects against jarring while driving. Non-removable pin helps keep your cargo safe.

Video of Cam-Action Lockable Door Latch w/ 36" Pipe for Enclosed Trailers - Zinc Plated Steel

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Cam-Action Lockable Door Latch w/ 36" Pipe for Enclosed Trailers - Zinc Plated Steel - 305736

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (433 Customer Reviews)

Cam-action door latch with pre-installed 1" diameter pipe is ideal for side doors that are smaller than rear doors on your trailer. Double-action handle protects against jarring while driving. Non-removable pin helps keep your cargo safe.

by: The Wheelers01/29/2014

Thanks for the follow up. We just bought a Look 6' x 12' cargo trailer that only had the in-door lock on the side door. Of course we wanted to beef that up and in searching found your site. After reading the reviews we ordered the #305736 36" side door bar lock assembly on 1/20 and received it 1/22. Great! We installed it the next day in about an hour. It went on with minimal effort (drilling the holes was the worst) and looks as if it came on the trailer. We did install the hinge side over the door trim and used backer plywood inside with oversized washers and locking washers. We did the same for the door bracket. The pictures on your site from customers helped us, so we have attached a couple of our own. Thanks e-trailer! The Wheelers

This product still works great and looks like new! We will go to you first if we have any other needs.
The W - 01/29/2015

by: Michael K10/24/2013

I just attached the 36" latch bar. it only took about 30 minutes. Took longer to make sure it was positioned right and not to impede on the rv latch. I included a small bracket on the door as well. Latch hardware seems better the originals on back. 5/16" carriage bolts are needed. I used 2 1/2" then cut off anything past the nut. Pictures included.

Michael,Im doing exactly what you did putting this bar lock over an RV style door. The door is about 12 from being flush with the trailer side and it looks like yours may be too. Did you bend the strap to get it to lay flat against the door? I thought of spacing out the hinge plates so theyre flush with the door but dont think that would look good.Also, did you remove the rear lip on the aluminum trim the hinge plates are mounted over, space under the hinge plates, or just mount over it?Thanks,Steve
-- comment by: Steve S - 12/09/2013
Steve,there is an aluminum trim around the rv door, I just bumped the hinge of the bar to the closest lip of that alum. trim to the door basically mounting over the top of the trim -so on top of the left side bump and bumped the right side if that makes sense. it kinda naturally fits. the bar lays nice and tight to the door by just mounting it ad is. Add some metal straps on iside of door mount to beef that up. I used 2 or 2.5 inch bolts with oversized washers on inside alum. jamb and cut off excess bolt and grindedsanded smooth to nut. I siliconed the gaps on the outside above hinge because it wont sit flat due to the alum. trim so water doeant get on by bolts. Hope that helps.
-- comment by: Michael - 12/27/2013

Working great. Would order from you again.
Michael K - 10/24/2014
Is there a weak point created when bolting the hinges so close to the edge of the door opening? Could you install one of these by moving the whole assembly to the left, thus creating room for hinge backplates? I guess you would have to lower the mount point as well, to avoid the doors backplate from hitting the factory lock and use a shorter but wider door backplate.I assume you feel your hinges are secure. I have yet to take ownership of my trailer so I dont know what kind of stud is framing the door.I am so happy this accessory is available. I really didnt notice the pitiful side door lock until after I purchased my trailer. A crowbar and about 5 seconds is all it would take to get inside!
-- comment by: Scot S - 03/05/2015

by: Les S08/26/2015

E-trailer did an excellent job of shipping and handling of the product sent to me. It is of high quality and should last for years. It was delivered when they said it would be and I have installed it. Quite happy with it but wish that they would stock a 45" bar lock

The latch assembly is exactly what I needed for the shed that I built to house my small refrigerator. The critters or other unwanted cant get in.
Les S - 08/31/2016

by: Brad02/04/2023

Product was great and in stock. I ordered this on Friday and it was not going to ship until the following Wednesday with a planned Saturday delivery. I called on Monday to ask why it would take 5 days to get it off the shelf and out the door for shipping. The Customer Service person was not very informative and basically said it was what it was. However, after my call they ended up shipping on Monday and I received on Wednesday. So all ended well but I didn't understand the need for drama. If it is going to take 4-5 days to get shipping started, then state that in the order so customer sets the correct expectations.

In the end, I'm happy with the product - I'd buy again, but I think I would call it in the next time rather than ordering through my account.

by: Maxx W11/04/2014

Received the item very quickly for having chosen the "economy" shipping. Installed on 2015 Haulmark Transport side door for additional security, used in conjunction with a puck lock. Install was easy with the help of the reviews from this site, particularly the one from Michael K. I attached mine in the same manner as Michael, on top of the aluminum trim and butted up against the lip. I believe it would be just as functional and still secure through a vertical post if secured at the edge of the aluminum trim, however there seems to be better door engagement with it on top of the trim. I've attached a close-up of the mounting, as the description in other reviews is lacking in clarity. The door is rather flimsy on the this model of trailer, as I'm sure is the same with most trailers, so some backing will be required inside the door for the mounting hardware to distribute the load. I used a 1/8"x2" strap steel that I found at the local hardware store. Very satisfied with the end result, quality product at a great price.

by: Loren M.11/21/2014

We recieved our door-bar on Thursday Evening, and Friday I installed it in about an hour. I purchased $7.50 worth of carriage bolts & washers & ny-lock nut. 2.5 carriage bolt for the 36" rod hinge & 2" for the door. Our older Aluma trailer door lock with the "rod & lever" closure was not keeping the door completely closed plus the keys are obsolete and needed a new key.
With this set up my doors stay sealed to keep out dirt & dust and I can use any heavy duty lock. (Lock upgrade purchase soon) Thanks for fast delivery service too. Odered on Monday & recieved on Thursday!
Plus we love our 1.25 receiver hitch for our VW Jettawagen which we use to haul our bicycles! (purchased in October). We Paid $75 to have it professionally installed but saved $100 on the hitch.

by: RobertT03/18/2023

Product is solid. Used it for a different purpose.

Met my expectations

by: Bob W.07/09/2014

Pretty nice product. Appears to be made in the USA by Polar. One of the welds is what I would call sub par, but the rest look OK. Easy install on my cargo trailer's side door. Takes 5/16" carriage bolts.

by: Greg05/22/2018

My trailer didn't come with one so I was always worried about the side door coming open. Not anymore!! This item is perfect for what I needed, easy install too. A LOT cheaper price then expected! Arrived sooner then was told.

Loved your product! Easy to install, great price, and arrived earlier then expected! Piece of mind now going down the road. That side door is NOT coming open! Ill be back!
-- comment by: Greg - 06/11/2018
Perfect! No issues....its strong and smooth operation....and PEACE OF MIND my sidedoor will NOT come open driving 65 on the highway.
Greg - 05/22/2019

by: Marty 01/21/2023

Great product and delivery was quick and easy to track!

by: Rick 07/20/2022

Installed easily with carriage bolts purchased from Ace. Had to bend the handles on a bench vice but that's not a problem with the product just the application of where it is on my trailer.Product works awesome.

by: Aram07/06/2022

These things are bulletproof. I use my trailer 6 days a week and open it about 20 times a day. These latches have worked perfectly. I highly recommend them. Easy to install too

by: Kenneth 12/07/2021

Trailer I bought didn't have it and I wanted it. Only regret is you don't have mounting hard for it. I'll get it local.

Mounted and working GREAT!
KENNETH A - 12/08/2022

by: Mark I07/18/2015

Holds door securely shut. I added a custom bracket to stabilize the side of this homemade box, by using the back door as a shear wall. See special bracket just below top hinge, under rod. The right wall cannot vibrate when driving, or be pushed out by contents inside.

by: David H09/11/2018

Prompt shipment, Quality product, insufficient dimensional detail to determine the designed relationship between the hinge mounting surface plane and the door surface plane when door is in the closed position. Had to buy the product in order to determine the applicability. Was able to adapt after determining the required shim thickness.see attached pix.

by: Bob 03/02/2023

It was exactly what i was looking for and I received it in just a couple days

by: Chad 02/02/2023

Great product! I wished they offered these in different configurations.

by: Eulitt E07/22/2013

My shed door didn't close well and
the shed was becoming a haven for wasps. After searching for a door latch that would seal the door I found your website and you had the perfect product for my project.

Your site was easy to navigate and simple to use. I was happy with the email updates on the shipping status and the latch arrived in good time and in good condition.

This might be the first time your trailer parts were used to fix a shed, so I'm including a picture.

All in all, a great experience.

by: Larry05/19/2022

Works good, plating is bad.

by: Lawrence01/18/2023

It was easy to install, replacing a broken one, and haven’t had any issues.

by: Wally M03/24/2014

Came as described, and in the time frame described(less than actually). Good customer service!

by: Earl02/08/2023

Heavy duty door latch and made of solid construction. Very nice piece

by: Adam11/22/2017

Everything about this purchase was perfect. The door latches arrived quickly, they were simple to put on the trailer and work great. 10 Stars!!!!

Thanks so much

by: Shaun04/23/2022

Good product. Only thing is mounting hole is 5/16 carriage bolt. Not 3/8. Can’t really complain.

Our product page says that the diameter of the mounting hole is 3 8ths. Most drill charts recommend using a 5 16th bolt for a 3 8ths mounting hole.
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 05/06/2022

by: John K02/23/2023

Everything is greatly appreceated.

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