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Bearing Kit, LM67048/25580 Bearings, 10-36 Seal

Code: BK3-300

208 reviews

Our Price: $33.49


Product Specs:

Trailer Bearings Races Seals Caps


Standard Bearings
Bearing Kits

5200 lbs Axle

Race 25520 and LM67010

Bearing LM67048 and 25580


Video of Bearing Kit, LM67048/25580 Bearings, 10-36 Seal

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Bearing Kit, LM67048/25580 Bearings, 10-36 Seal - BK3-300

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (208 Customer Reviews)

by: Ken w02/07/2023

Three out of four BK3-300 kits were packed correctly. However, an incorrect grease seal GS2125DL was packed in one kit instead of GS2250DL. Unfortunately, I installed the seal in the drum and put the drum on the spindle before recognizing something was wrong. It was just a little too hard to rotate with that smaller ID grease seal. Fortunately, I removed the drum and corrected the problem before putting it on the road.

The races and bearings were correct in all 4 kits. You guys owe me a GS2250DL.

I've done business with etrailer for years and this is the only issue I have experienced.

We do owe you a seal for sure. I will have our Customer Service team contact you about a replacement.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 02/10/2023

by: Alan 11/05/2022

as I placed my first order and actually used a photographers loop to try and get the numbers off my old bearings I have to admit I wasn't sure I was getting the right bearings because the numbers were so hard to see but even though the trailer company no longer exists there seems to be some kind of standard as I found out with etrailer . anyway , the fitment is great and I just ordered two more sets for the other side of my trailer , thank you ,

by: kevin05/13/2014

I was told by local shops that this bearing kit did not exist,
Plus the price bought separately was about $40.
E trailer had them at a great price.
Got them quickly and had no trouble installing them works great

There are a couple of reasons that could cause the taillights to not function. The wire on the harness that is in control of these lights would be the brown wire [I have a diagram below for your reference]. The first thing that we recommend is to use a wire tester and test the brown wire on the harness to make sure that there is power. You can use part # 40376 [product info below] to test the wiring. We recommend testing the brown wire, and the pin to that wire on the 4-way plug. If those are showing that they are getting power, then you would have to check the wiring on your vehicle to make sure that power is coming from that wiring. Please note that not all vehicles have the standard wiring colors, and so, you will need to check out your owners manual in order to confirm which wire is for the taillights.
-- Etrailer Expert Katrina B - 06/21/2022

by: Michael08/26/2022

The bearings were of great quality but not the correct bearings for the Trailer listed. The inside bearings was a direct fit but the outside bearing was not, too small. I was in a bind and had to use the inner bearings from the kit and purchase new outer bearings. Can not return because I used half the kit, just not all of it. Next time I will order specific bearings and not a kit.

This kit will work with a 5200 pound axle however there is more than one set of bearings that would be a fit. We always encourage to check the inner and outer bearing numbers match the bearings that were on the trailer originally.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 09/09/2022

by: John08/18/2019

Perfect fit for LCI 5200lb axles. No Castle nut or washer, so retain and reuse the OEM ones. New cotter pin which was nice.

by: Jason 09/19/2022

Great service, correct parts, and excellent price

by: AL11/06/2022

unfortunately since my last review on the same bearing package I have determined that while the bearings are correct , the seals are not , the OD of the seal is correct but the ID of the seal is not , I used a caliper and measured the spindle sealing surface and then could not find the proper seals at E trailer based on the size required so I ended up going elsewhere to find the correct seals , in the original ad it only gave the outside diameter of the seal but not the inside so I had to take a chance that the ID was correct because the OD was correct however that was not the case .

by: Mark 03/04/2023

Products arrived in timely matter. Could of used a little more packing around the seals.

by: Andrew03/26/2022

missing spindle washer asking etrailer to send it ASAP

This bearing kit does not come with a spindle washer. We do have a ion that are sold separately.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 04/05/2022

by: Brian 10/14/2022

Excellent service! Knowledgeable staff! Helped me make the right choice for the wheel bearings and inner seal to my camper. Thanks to the lady that assisted me. You're the best!

by: Roger 02/11/2023

Should be a breeze putting new bearings in my used rv. Now I have peace of mind knowing I have new timkens.

by: David 06/23/2022

This kit had everything I needed and seems to be a good value. I purchased this as I was repacking my axles on my 5th wheel myself for the first time, just in case I found I needed anything. After cleaning up all the original hardware, I ended up only using the seals from this kit. I'm putting the rest into my parts bin, just in case I ever need them.

by: Karl03/30/2023

The parts are what I needed, and I also appreciate that George took the time to notice i was a returning customer. Whether it is automated or not, it is cool.

by: Timothy05/21/2022

I ordered bearings twice this month and the second order took twice as long I don't know why could you give me a reason thank you

by: Kyle 03/14/2023

works great

by: Jacob10/18/2022

Quality was a little less than I expected but price reflects that

by: Calvin 09/02/2022

Everything was just as it was discribed. Shipping was fast and I had my parts very quickly. I will definatly be using etrailer again.

by: Rowland10/05/2022

Perfect exactly what you said it was and exactly what I needed great products

by: Bretton08/25/2022

Everything was as described and showed up earlier than expected.

by: Todd08/12/2022

Need to change invoice layout if you want to wholesale to repair shops. Invoices need to contain product codes. You should not expect customers to have to relook up part numbers for invoices.

by: Christopher 08/28/2022

Apt on! Works perfect. I have over 2k miles on new bearings now.

by: Dale 03/06/2023

very good product fast shipping

by: Gary 02/15/2023

Easy ordering and quick delivery

by: Dustin 01/07/2023

Exactly what I needed, Great company to get your trailer parts from.

by: Gary03/10/2022

Great price on bearings compared to other online retailers when I purchased, Worked perfectly. Grease seal wasn't the best quality available, but has held up so far.

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  • Is TruRyde Outer Bearing # LM67048 Equal to Timken Bearing 02475
  • The outer bearing in the TruRyde Bearing Kit, part # BK3-300, is part # LM67048. This outer bearing has an internal diameter of 1.25 inches and uses a bearing race # LM67010 with an outer diameter of 2.328 inches. The bearing kit # BK3-300 is designed for 5,200-lbs axle, 6,000-lbs axle, and 7,000-lbs axle. I looked up a Timken # 02475 bearing and it also shows an internal diameter of 1.25 inches, but is rated for a larger 8,000-lb axle, so it will be used on a larger hub with a different...
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Bearing Kit, 15123/ 25580 Bearings, 10-36 Seal

Code: BK3-100

224 reviews

Our Price: $29.94


Product Specs:

Trailer Bearings Races Seals Caps


Standard Bearings
Bearing Kits

6000 lbs Axle

Race 25520 and 15245

Bearing 15123 and 25580


Video of Bearing Kit, 15123/ 25580 Bearings, 10-36 Seal

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Bearing Kit, 15123/ 25580 Bearings, 10-36 Seal - BK3-100

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (224 Customer Reviews)

by: Robert11/06/2022

Great bearings and seals
Installed perfectly
and have about 6000 miles on work trailer and everything is smooth and no leaks

by: Steve03/20/2023

My order was received in good shape. Running a large ranch with quite a number of high capacity trailers to maintain, etrailer has the support we need to keep us operational. They are my go to for trailer running gear, because their customer service is second to none in product selection, advice on fit, how to videos, and communication on status of your order. Their prices are quite competitive and I have yet to send anything back after more than 10 years of doing business with them.

by: Mike09/19/2022

You have great products except for the bearing packer- which didn’t work!

Shawnee is an excellent service rep! She was very courteous and knowledgeable! Thank you for all your help! .

by: John 09/15/2022

I have bought before from etrailer and again they offer a good price and excellent service. Still a happy camper.

by: TimF.03/05/2023

Great steps easy install

by: Eric11/25/2019

Was unsure about the size but with your detail description was able to select the correct size. Thanks so much!

Great, installed quickly and working great
Eric - 12/01/2020

by: Michael04/25/2022

good quality bearings that are still in good shape on my boat trailer after a year of use. With proper grease and assembly, it is what I would expect.

by: Rusty 10/23/2020

Everything you need to replace the bearings on axle. Purchase was easy to figure out what I needed and package showed up timely. Price was super competitive. What I spent to do one hub alongside the freeway was more than doing the other three using etrailer axle bearing kits.

Still working great
Rusty - 11/20/2021

by: Eric02/02/2022

Service was great. Packaging of bearings very poor, they were all thrown in a bag and shipped loose in the bag. During shipping some of the races and roller bearings were scratched and i had to buy some bearing and race at the local parts house.

I will have our customer service team reach out to you.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 02/04/2022

by: Ken 02/15/2023

It was easy to find the exact part I was looking for and it was delivered very quickly. Thank you

by: Commander09/05/2022

Everything from the order through installation was as expected. I will order from etrailer again.

by: Todd08/12/2022

Need to change invoice layout if you want to wholesale to repair shops. Invoices need to contain product codes. You should not expect customers to have to relook up part numbers for invoices.

by: Elmer02/17/2023

Everything I needed in one kit

by: Troy 10/07/2022

Exactly what I needed. Great customer service and fast shipping

by: Tim05/24/2022

Bearings are good quality. Only three stars because they advertised shipping as 6 days but my order took 6 days for their warehouse to even initially ship it out.

by: Duane 09/14/2022

They worked well and were easy to put o n.

by: Michael 09/12/2021

Needed bearings for my boat trailer. The previous owner had saved all receipts for bearings and brakes he ordered from etrailer so it was super easy to order my parts. very pleased with the service.

by: Rob10/02/2016

One Year Follow-Up - This was an extremely simple and cost effective option to repair my trailer brakes. One side had been contaminated by a leaky grease seal, but I replaced the brake assemblies, seals, bearings, and races on both sides of my single axle fresh water boat trailer at the same time. I estimate about 3000 miles on this trailer since installed and everything is still working great.

by: Al H.10/14/2017

I was ready to order a bearing kit since both bearing numbers matched up and the kit included a Seal plus the Spindle Washer. I was unable to locate a number on the seal so when I called to order I was lucky to have Sandy take my order... she knows her stuff. Sure she could of just took my order and gave me what I asked for but she wasn't comfortable not having a seal number and had me go measure it. As I was doing this I located a set of very small numbers on the rubber lip of the seal. I gave her the numbers off the seal and she was able to cross reference it and discovered it was not the same seal for the kit I was about to order. She found the correct kit had the bearings and seal as an exact replacement. Only "issue" we both thought odd was as a kit it didn't include the Spindle Washer where the other kit did. Not a big deal I just ordered the washers too.

by: Shawn 08/11/2022

Easy to find the parts that I needed and fast shipping.

by: CG07/04/2016

Bought new bearing kit as a spare for the road in case old ones cease. New kit in great shape no rust. Ordering them was easy no problems. Etrailer expert advice was very useful to make me buy this kit. Packed bearings with grease and vacuum sealed entire kit and storing it on RV.

by: Paul 09/01/2022

very fast delivery

by: PHS09/02/2016

Bought a used skid steer trailer that needed all new bearings and electric brakes. It was easy to find the correct bearing kit on etrailer and installation videos on the site made it a breeze for a DIY'er.

by: Daniel05/08/2022

No issues with the product itself. Would of been 5 star if the packing process was quicker and the product was packed better. There was some slight damage due to poor packing.

by: Scott 04/11/2017

They look like OME that were installed on my 10 yr old trailer with 5200- 7000 lbs. AL-KO trailer axles, pulling some maintenance and found some discolored bearings and cones. Found etrailer online and found the correct size bearings and the best thing it was sold as a kit, no need to look for all the pieces elsewhere, one stop shop at a fair price so I am going to replace all 3 axles bearing and seals.

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Customers compare BK3-100 to these similar products

Ask the Experts about this etrailer Trailer Bearings Races Seals Caps
Do you have a question about this Trailer Bearings Races Seals Caps?

  • Will Bearing Kit BK3-100 Replace Lippert Kit 333950
  • Bearing Kit # BK3-100 consists of bearings 15123 and 25580, matching races, grease seal and cotter pin. This kit is intended for a 6K axle. The same component parts are found in Lippert bearing kit 333950, also rated for a 6K axle. Two helpful articles concerning bearings are linked for your reference.
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