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Bulldog Winch Hitch Mount Storage Bracket

Code: BDW20154

8 reviews

Our Price: $77.99


Product Specs:

Accessories and Parts

Electric Winch



Bulldog Winch

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Customer Reviews

Bulldog Winch Hitch Mount Storage Bracket - BDW20154

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (8 Customer Reviews)

by: Garry06/16/2018

I actually haven’t got to use any of the Bulldog winch receiver brackets as of yet (I ordered 3 total). My plans are to anchor (to the garage concrete floor with 1/2” Red Head anchor bolts) each bracket/receiver to 3 different garage bays. I have a 5,000 lb winch mounted on 2” x 2” recveiver tubing to attach to each Bulldog bracket for winching non running cars into each garage bay.

Shipping was unusual. First bracket came doubled boxed, was in great shape, all hardware was there. Second bracket was single boxed, beat up a bit, but was not damaged and hardware was still in box. Third bracket was singled boxed, beat all to heck, and all hardware was missing (had a big hole in the shipping box). Contacted ETRAILER about shipment, they said they would send out hardware ASAP.

by: Anthony 07/29/2021

Awesome product. We mounted it to our flat deck trailer and it works perfectly for our winch. This Bulldog winch hitch mount is solid and I highly recommend it. Five Stars

by: Guy 12/09/2021

Box delivered last night. . .wow!! that is service. . .Thanks

by: george e04/23/2019

this item worked for what I needed to use for

working out perfect just what needed to mount in my shop to the concrete to use as pulling system for cars and minor bodyframe work
george e - 04/24/2020

by: David01/26/2022

Great item, fast shipping!!

by: Garry H.05/30/2019

I found this product was just the ticket to anchor to my concrete floors in my 4-bay garage. I attach a 12 volt wench to each one to pull disabled vehicles into each garage bay as needed. Works great!

by: Randy S.05/05/2017

Just what I need for the temporary use of my Winch on the trailer.

by: Henry 01/02/2023


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Curt Trailer Hitch Electric Winch Mount Plate

Code: C31010

40 reviews

Our Price: $136.41


Product Specs:

Accessories and Parts

Electric Winch

Mounting Hardware

Without Handle

Mounting Plate


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Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Curt Trailer Hitch Electric Winch Mount Plate - C31010

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (40 Customer Reviews)

by: Jay08/05/2020

this was the project at hand . I built the winch carrier and needed your front receiver hitch to attach to the 1998 Chev and give it more solidity to handle any thing that came up . Awesome product great doing business with y'all. From Morehead City North Carolina . THANKS

by: Merrill04/22/2021

Five, Front Receiver hitch and Winch Mount. Pictures say a thousand words. Would Recommend.

by: James11/15/2017

This item has been great, I flat tow a 1997 Jeep Cherokee behind my motorhome. After I remove the tow bar, this item allows me to install my winch on the front of the Jeep for some off road fun.

by: Chris M.03/04/2015

Wife didn't want a beefy new bumper on the grocery-getter all year around. So, I tried this front receiver route for my infrequent off-road needs. First, it came quickly and was well packaged. E-trailer was great to deal with.

Receiver is quite strong itself, but it is fastened with 6 bolts, none of which actually goes into the Jeep frame (only into about 1/16 steel). 2 bolts each side go through one side of the vertical upright piece that hangs the cross-tray from the frame behind the stock bumper. The other 2 go trough the big holes in the bottom of the thin steel bumper liner. If your winch does ever over-pull, it is far more likely to damage the Jeep than the receiver, I suspect. I have not been able to get a good definition of what “line pull” means but I have been told it's a rolling load type measurement being way lower in terms of static pull equivalent.

Mounted, the receiver backs up to the cross-tray. The issue with this is that when used with a plate like the Curt 31010, it won't allow the plate to be fully inserted such that you can access the 3rd (deepest) hole. This leaves the mounted plate sticking out about 3” from the front bumper face and certainly adds unwanted leverage to any off center pull condition. It also looks bad. I've debated cutting off the 2” bar about an inch (or alternatively cutting a notch in the top of the jeep crosspiece). Both fixes have drawbacks. I don't like cutting the jeep, but if I shorten the plate shaft by a hole, I might have issues using it in the back receiver without having to remove the spare tire (or carrying a receiver extender). In place, the plate is quite wobbly in the receiver and creates a noise concern if driving bumpy roads . I may weld some shims to tighten the fit. Suggestion: Before you bolt the receiver on, put your plate in it with the pin in the deepest hole. Then take a pencil and mark the plate shaft where/if it sticks out the back of the receiver. You will then know exactly how much would need to be trimmed if you decide to later.

Bottom line, I'm thinking about something more akin to a UTV winch (3-4.5k) for the receiver mount. I can still will carry a snatch block as a doubler in rare cases I need more.

Regarding installation, I had the whole bumper off. While this is not necessary, I think it would be absolutely crazy not to at least remove the horizontal plastic piece on top of the frame just behind the bumper so you can see everything you are doing from the top. Two plastic push pins with Phillips screws release it.

Think long and hard at a beefy front aftermarket bumper if you think you may need some really heavy duty winching.

by: John G01/25/2017

I installed the front hitch bar to expand the flexibility and uses for my truck. The hitch fit nicely with only minor adjustments. I was easily able to install the hitch by myself. I have two primary plans for the hitch: 1- Use a trailer ball to move two trailers I have around my work area with precision and less guessing by facing forward. 2- I have a front winch plate that can be added as needed to use a winch for those off road needs.
The staff at Etrailer were most helpful especially arranging a special delivery time to be sure I was home when it arrived.

by: Ed H10/19/2016

The Badlands 12,000 lb winch bolt pattern fits the holes to be used for the handle set, so don't plan on using the handles with the Badlands 12,000 lb winch without buying new longer bolts. Lots easier than making one from scratch, which is what I've done before. Guess @ 70 I'm getting lazy.

by: Shawn11/01/2018

Works as it should and I have definitely pushed the limits of my winch, receiver and this plate with no issues. (7k truck + 11k trailer, up a fairly steep hill; my poor winch).

by: Charles 01/13/2022

Very well made, good looking welds, no porosity visible. Nice heavy metal throughout, should hold up very well. Can’t wait to mount the winch and go find a nice sturdy tree to pull against.

by: David02/27/2018

Just got my winch plate.... I love it. I got my truck all set up for spring and summer. Once again etrailer To The Rescue.... Thank You guys.

by: Douglas11/30/2018

My Warn winch fits perfectly on this mounting plate, truly allows me multiple winching possibilities from the front or back of the truck.

by: Andrew 12/24/2020

All three items that I ordered arrived sooner than anticipated and in perfect condition. Very seldom does an on-line purchase exceed my expectations like this order with! Thanks!

by: Eric 06/16/2021

Beefy and bought with confidence from e trailer

by: Paul10/17/2018

received product, was as described, no real instruction needed as it fit perfectly into receiving hitch, it did include a recommended towing/winching angle instruction page

by: Grant G.03/18/2012

Just what I wanted for a project I that was working on. Found one local that was a little cheaper, but they had no stock. Now I can use my winch on the back of my truck or mount it to my trailer.

by: John S.08/22/2019

Product as described. Holds/supports my winch great!

by: Brian F.03/02/2012

Price was right and product worked perfectly!! I asked for UPS ground shipping ( 7 -10 days ) and it arrived in 4 days, I would definitely order from etrailer again!!!!

by: Ben 12/25/2015

Great Product! Exactly what was described from the item description.
Very fast delivery. Cant understand why this product came quicker to a LA address when an order was placed from another website within 60 miles and will not receive until 3 days from now.
Will stop at this site first next time.

by: Jeff07/25/2019

Used to mount a removable winch on my 2004 Grand Cherokee. Works great and very well made.

by: Excellent01/22/2017

The products I ordered did exactly what you said they would do.
Quick delivery and even a year later follow up.
Can't get better than that.

by: Ray10/03/2019

The front receiver for my 2019 Jeep JL arrived on time and fit like socks on a rooster. Installing took about 30 minutes. A tip leave air dam off.

by: Fred 10/25/2021

Well built, came quickly

by: Michael07/07/2018

Great product. Very heavy duty! Can’t go wrong with it. Excellent customer service and shipping!!!

by: Errol12/05/2013

appears well constructed and milled correctly. The winch bolted up perfectly.

by: Bill S.01/13/2015

I bought a 15500 # winch for my F 250 and needed something strong and big enough for it. This was perfect !

by: Norman01/10/2020

This product is high quality and made from thicker steel than the units found on other online retailers.

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