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BAKFlip MX4 Hard Tonneau Cover - Folding - Aluminum - Matte Finish

Code: BAK48207

105 reviews

Our Price: $1,199.99

Product Specs:

Tonneau Cover

Fold-Up - Hard



Flush Profile - Inside Bed Rails

Rack Compatible

Opens at Tailgate

BAK Industries

Get style and versatility with this heavy-duty, all-aluminum tonneau. Tri-fold cover sits inside your vehicle's bed rails and secures upright for unrestricted bed access. Tailgate opens and closes with cover up or down. Matte black finish.

Video of BAKFlip MX4 Hard Tonneau Cover - Folding - Aluminum - Matte Finish

Customer Reviews

BAKFlip MX4 Hard Tonneau Cover - Folding - Aluminum - Matte Finish - BAK48207

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (105 Customer Reviews)

Get style and versatility with this heavy-duty, all-aluminum tonneau. Tri-fold cover sits inside your vehicle's bed rails and secures upright for unrestricted bed access. Tailgate opens and closes with cover up or down. Matte black finish.

by: The Rach02/27/2018
2015 Dodge Ram Pickup

My 15 year old and I installed the BAKFlip MX4 in less than 20 minutes. My RAM 1500 Crewcab has the 5'7" short bed with a factory drop in bedliner and this cover fit with a 1/64" too spare. I thought I might have to trim the rails, but no; it was designed to accommodate the bedliner.
It looks good, fits well, is easy to operate, and is quite sturdy.
Overall a quality product and I am quite happy with my purchase. Not too mention that the folks at etrailer provide great service all around making the whole purchase and installation an enjoyable experience.

by: Mark10/12/2018

I've had this tonneau cover for a year now and I love it. It still looks and works like new. I'm not sure how I ever lived without it.

by: Randy 01/20/2023

Simply the best cover out there
to install, fits great and is weather tight.
A purchase that won’t disappoint.

by: Richard 08/29/2022

by: Justin04/23/2024

I have been using this cover for almost a year now, and am very pleased with it. It looks and fits great, and it is secure and keeps most of the bed dry in the rain. A couple of rubber trip bits have needed some improved securing, and I used a little RTV so it was easy. I drove it across the country round trip last summer and it was perfect. I would recommend this cover for a great-looking and pretty secure cover. Finally, it is easy to fold forward when it is time to haul loads taller than the bed rails.

by: Rob06/02/2024

Purchased this BAKFlip for my new 22 RAM Classic 1500. Installation went well, instructions were good to follow, and it fit perfectly. One of the plastic hold down clips had a manufacturer defect with excess plastic mold residue inside the clip that prevented it from properly working. I sent an online warranty claim explaining the problem, and a new clip was sent to me in a reasonable amount of time, and it worked fine. After one year of using the cover, I am very happy with it. Everything functions as it should, and it is very versatile. While it is not 100% watertight, I mostly notice a small amount of leakage around the tailgate seal after washing the truck. Under normal rainy weather, there is no leakage, and we get plenty of rain in the PNW. My four-star rating rather than a 5 star is only because of the manufacturer defect and the curling of one of the rubber cushions on the underside of one of the panels where the adhesive holding it on the edges has not held up under the hot weather (with the black color, when the sun beats down on the cover it gets pretty toasty inside the truck bed with the cover closed). I am thinking that should be an easy fix by applying some good adhesive and taping in place until the adhesive cures. Just haven't gotten around to doing it. Again, really like this cover. Would recommend it to others, and if I ever have a need for one in the future, would definitely not hesitate getting another BAKflip.

by: Jason10/17/2022

I have owned this cover for over a year and it has been excellent. It keeps the bed fairly dry as expected and I have had no mechanical issues with it as it still performs like new. I would say the only improvement I would suggest is better foam weather striping for the front of the bed as the original never stuck to the spray in liner very well and eventually came lose and then I just swapped with some similar weather striping I bought locally.

by: Jason V02/28/2023

The cover functions ok. The tailgate leaks quite a bit. The manufactured edges that where cut were sharp and not painted or treated. The weather strip along the edges has already discolored/faded. Disappointed in the fading and less than ideal sharp edges. Somewhat expected leaks, but not this much. Average at best rating, especially for the price.

by: Jay04/10/2024

Cover went on easy and looks good on the truck. We put it on our 2020 Colorado which we tow with our motor home. It works great for extra secured storage. The only problem was with the rubber bumpers on the bottom and the two on top , fell off as soon as I opened the box. Not a big deal just had to use a little gorilla glue on them and all has been good.

by: David04/10/2022

Overall, I am very pleased with my BAKFlip MX4. It has held up well after 1 year. It works well and looks good. It matches my matte black accessories and trim. It was fairly easy to assemble but I did have some tight fitment issues near the cab where the cover connects to the rail. I really like the security of the hardtop and access through the tailgate. Water is generally kept out, but sometimes there are water drips near the tailgate depending on the angle parked. So this cover keeps the bed *mostly* dry.
etrailer was very fast to deliver my cover, and it came in good condition.

by: Chris B.09/26/2020

So after a year I am still loving this bed cover. Had the fiberglass version for my 2013 F-150 and loved it as well, that's why I purchased this one for my 2019 Super Duty, it was also the first accessory I purchased for it because I was so used to my other one and knew I couldn't live without it. I never installed the drain tubes on either covers and still haven't had water get it my bed. Also the folks at etrailer are always awesome! Thanks again!

by: Piotr05/08/2024

Overall satisfied with it. However, the end caps get loose and we lost one within a month. I contacted BAK manfufacturer but have not heard from them. Rather poor service.
Other than that, the only other problem is that the middle hinge often closes with misaligned plastic piece, easy to spot (hinge is buckling) and press the piece into the the rail.

by: Kirk01/19/2024

Well made cover. A lot sturdier than I thought it would. Its not full proof so water does get in the bed but it's minimal. The cover partially blocked my tool box which sit in the bed, so I removed the tool box cover for easy access.

by: Tianhe03/26/2018

I installed the BAKFlip MX4 in my RAM 2500 Crewcab has the 6' 1/2 short bed, drived 300 miles now. good product, open and close the tailgate without lifting up the cover

by: Mike M.11/21/2020

I am a huge fan of the BAKFlip. The installation was pretty straight forward and easy. Anybody with moderate mechanical ability can install. I think it took less than 2 hours. I live in a heavy snow area and had more than 24” of snow on it at one point and the product performed flawlessly.

by: Dean04/21/2021

the bedcover finally came in.
Few pictures
of it installed.

by: James03/28/2023

Easy to install. Doesn't leak. Easy to clean, and seems to have improved my fuel mileage a bit. I am happy and would highly recommend this cover. Fits my 2018 Silverado perfectly.

by: James07/22/2020

I really love the bakFlip cover. It locks up all my stuff when we are on the road. I really like the looks too.

by: Dick03/26/2022

This tonneau cover can be installed by one person. It works great. It is water proof in the rain.

by: Ken H01/21/2020

After a year of using the cover I found that there are a few things that could be improved and you can do some of these yourself.
The knobs for the cover that actually hold it into the bed-vibrate loose. I added my own lock washers. The poles that you use to hold the cover up when the cover is raised up against the back window-they also vibrate loose-so often that I just removed them and keep them under my seat. The little u-clip pole holders for the poles when not in use-they are too weak-often letting the poles jump out or fall out during normal road driving.
The cover itself is not waterproof --it sheds water away mostly however enough gets into the bed that you can not trust your items to be dry. Bag important stuff to keep it dry.
The rear weather seal slides back and forth too easily--sometimes working itself out about 2 inches until you see it and slide it back into place--i addenda small amount of silicone to stop this from moving.
The cover is strong, looks good and is mostly what I was looking for. Unfortunately I would not buy this again-even more because you have to relocate the bed accessory rails-which then limits the items you can buy for your truck because they are designed for the rails to be in the factory positions.
My next cover will be a roll up so that it allows visibility out of the back window. When this cover is flipped up to its final position it completely blocks the rear window. When I was looking at covers-my thought was well its the coolest looking cover and I can deal with not seeing out the back window--well that has changed. It is not practical. The price is high and there are many other options out there that are. My soft roll up tonneau cover was great-waterproof and I could have bought 6 of them for this price. If one was damaged it would have been better to just throw it away and order a replacement. Sorry guys-look elsewhere for a better cover.

by: Mike03/24/2022

Solid performance. Only issue is with the glue holding the pads is failing

by: Sherry H05/16/2019

Love the MX4 ...Took a little longer to install but looks great...

by: Eddie11/16/2022

This is the third MX4 that I have owned. This one is on Ford’s Maverick. The first two fit well but not perfect. I don’t really know if the slight issues were the fault of the truck or the cover. This cover is the best yet. Absolutely no leaks!! The fit to the tailgate is very uniform!! When ever I need a cover, I don’t even look at te competition. These are great covers.

by: Martin Zebzda09/19/2017

It's a straight forward assembly but photos of the assembly steps would be better than the illustrations.
NOTE: This model allows you to open and close the tailgate without lifting up the cover. The other models require you to lift the cover so the tailgate won't damage it.

by: Brian04/15/2022

It was very easy to install even though I had never installed a tonneau cover before. One year later, the finish is still excellent. I never installed the drain tubes to divert any water from the outside but very little water ever infiltrates past the cover even when I wash the cover with my hose. One minor thing that can be an issue is when unlatching and latching the middle of the five panels, the end cap on the hinge near the bedrails sometimes disengages. The cover still closes if I didn't notice the disengagement but I'll just flip back and tuck the end cap back in to the hinge, no big deal. Overall very sturdy and durable. My neighbor wants one now.

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Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover - Folding - Aluminum - Matte Black

Code: AB1040019

83 reviews

Retail: $1,312.00
Our Price: $1,115.20

Product Specs:

Tonneau Cover

Fold-Up - Hard



Low Profile - Top of Bed Rails

Rack Compatible

Opens at Tailgate


Tri-fold cover combines a stylish, low-profile look with maximum protection for your truck bed and cargo. Impact-resistant, lightweight aluminum panels fasten to side rails at 10 points for security. Easy to remove without tools for full bed access.

Video of Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover - Folding - Aluminum - Matte Black

Customer Reviews

Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover - Folding - Aluminum - Matte Black - AB1040019

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (83 Customer Reviews)

Tri-fold cover combines a stylish, low-profile look with maximum protection for your truck bed and cargo. Impact-resistant, lightweight aluminum panels fasten to side rails at 10 points for security. Easy to remove without tools for full bed access.

by: Don01/20/2021

It fits well. After 1 year still no problems. I have had the cover off several times and it go back on very easily .

by: Joshua07/19/2022

Love the cover, I think it is holding up great. It works well when hauling my 5th wheel toy hauler.

by: Matt05/27/2024

Installed on a Rivian R1T. The cover itself looks pretty good, nice and flat. The rear squared-off corners and flat edge look a little janky compared to the curved rear edge of the R1T. Functionally I like the way the cover self-locks in two middle locations as you unfold it; the corded lock and release at the tailgate is also very easy to use. Rail installation was painful. The shim piece is supposed to fit between the plastic bed cap and the plastic bed liner and in several places there just wasn't room to force it in. This is more of a knock on the Rivian truck build than this cover but be aware there could be some frustration there. Total vertical clearance between the top of the bed ridges and the bottom of the cover's support rails is about 17 1/2 inches.

by: Leo05/23/2024

The delivery took a little longer than expected. Installation took about 25-30 minutes. I like it. It works as expected and looks so cool. It does leak just a small amount in the front passenger corner. I think with a little bit of settling, it'll be fine. Perhaps someone there can give me some advice on correcting that.

by: Christopher 06/09/2024

The Tonneau arrived packaged well and delivered in a fairly timely manner. Its really easy to install, took me about 30 minutes. Seems really well made and I am really happy with Lomax's quality. It weights in total about 75 pounds but once the rails are installed on the bed, the cover is surprisingly easy to take on and off if you need to fully remove it.

by: James06/10/2024

The cover was as described and installed easily (about 30 minutes). It seems secure and will allow me to store supplies in the truck without worrying so much about casual thieves. I was a bit disappointed in the deliver time as it was about 3.5 weeks. The cover was shipped from the manufacturer and no real information was given at the time of ordering as to how long it would take to deliver. Also, the corner of one of the plates was bent upon arrival and needed to be straightened. Otherwise, an excellent product and I am happy to have it on my truck.

by: Mike12/11/2023

It arrived a week ago and I got it on. The weather was really nice here today so I took it out for a wash and took some photos thinking I would put a review up with photos since I didn't see any photos on the product's page of it on a Rivian. This evening I got on the site and I don't see an option to write a review. You guys want some pics of a Rivian with the cover? (Maybe I really just want to spread pics of Rivians lol)

Here's one from my garage. I can take some to show off the cover. I got the tailgate ends of the rails adjusted this evening and the cover is perfectly flat now all the way around and it looks really sharp on the vehicle

by: Nathan 07/18/2024

Lightweight & strong. This cover has gotten alot of compliments & looks great, works well. My only criticism is that the heavy rains can let in a little water but otherwise its perfect and should last a long time to come!

by: Thomas W07/31/2022

I texted for confirmation regarding Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover. You insure that it would fit and it did. The cover will come back off in a matter of minutes. Needed for a seven day travel time to Faibanks, Alaska from Washington County, Texas.

by: Andrew 05/15/2024

Beautiful solid tonneau cover with sleek lines.Perfect factory fit with easy install.
A++++ Seller also.

by: Janet 04/13/2024

Very nice. Really sharp looking. This has been the best tonneau cover we have ever had.

by: Christopher 01/27/2024

Perfect fit. I was expecting a black cover, but this looked great and turns out to be a real attention getter.
Items well secured when the tailgate is locked. No worries of someone cutting through a cloth cover.

by: Larry12/26/2021

Fairly quick delivery, especially during the holiday season. Super easy install and love the look. Still in the suggested 48 hour initial period so haven't removed the cover and reinstalled it, but if the original install is any indication, it will also go smoothly.

by: Art R.07/04/2021

Although the box came in a questionable condition the contents were untouched and nothing was missing. To unpack, inspect and install the cover took me about 30-40 minutes. Installation is very easy without reading instructions. No adjustments needed. The cover is very well made and solid. I hope it will last for a long time.

by: Bennie C04/20/2023

The Lomax Cover looks great on my 2021 F-150 truck. I really trust the Lomax name brand for durability and cost. I was able to install the cover in about an hour.

by: Ken09/15/2023

This cover replaced a second soft folding cover. The intense sun here in AZ destroys things in quick fashion. Spending a bit more for a hard cover was the correct move. Installing by myself was challenging but after figuring out the clamping system, I prevailed! There were three different clamps that came with the unit. Viewing a Youtube video on installing this cover, they only showed one type of clamp for both sides of the bed rails. I used the short clamps (4) for the bed front, long clamps (2) for the midsection, and long clamps w/plates (2 for the back near the tailgate. Since my bed is covered with a rubberlike coating, I had to cut out the two plugs from the stake pocket holes in order to install the back clamps. I have an undercover swing out tool box so opening and closing the back panel is so much easier than the soft cover units. I like the slim design and the black diamond surface looks great!

by: Robert01/10/2021

High quality cover arrived in 2 days from ordering.
This "hardcover" fits much better that the several less expensive vinyl covers I purchased previously. Definitely worth it.


by: Claude D01/05/2022

Very good product, easy to install. Very strong while thin and easy to fold.
I certainly recommend this product.
It installed on the side rails inside the bed.
The look is great. So far the best I ever had.
But the most is that It could be removed completely very easily!! so I don't have any folded cover on the back window of my truck.....

by: Jerry01/31/2021

Seals better than the last cover I had and looks great. No drain tubes to deal with.

by: Michael 06/22/2024

Great quality and fit for a new 2024 Ta coma

by: Greenman11/28/2023

Had for 1 year now. Easy to use. Was easy to install on my Ridgeline.
Highly recommend

by: James 10/20/2022

With son-in-law's help it was a simple and fast install. Only took us about 20 minutes from box to bed. The fit is great so far. No problem with water going through car wash but dust off road is another matter. Recent seal around tail gate yet to be tested. Overall a good product and very happy with it. Anyone in the market for a bed cover that is easy to install-use and keep your stuff secure this is the one

by: Tim 06/12/2021

Great hard tonneau cover - its everything advertised and more. It is very durable, fits perfect, good value and a year old now, it still looks brand new, I would buy it again in a heart beat when its time to replace, but by the looks of it, it will be a while...I definitely recommend!!

by: Barbie03/06/2024

I wish the arrival date had been more accurate but it all worked out.

by: Adam 10/27/2022

Still looks new after a year in the elements. I like how easy it is to take on and off, depending on what I'm loading in the truck. The seal over the tailgate isn't perfect, as it lets in a tiny bit of water (dripping, not flowing) in the corners during hard rain, but not that big a deal.

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