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Steadyrack Bike Storage Rack - Wall Mount - 1 Bike

Code: B-SCSR02-004

62 reviews

Our Price: $89.99


Product Specs:

Bike Storage

Bike Hanger

Wall Mounted Rack


Wheel Mount

1 Bike


Space-saving storage rack holds 1 mountain bike or road bike vertically on your wall with no lifting required. Hinged brackets let you swing bike against the wall for compact storage. Fits tires up to 2-1/4" wide. Mounting hardware included.

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Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Steadyrack Bike Storage Rack - Wall Mount - 1 Bike - B-SCSR02-004

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (62 Customer Reviews)

Space-saving storage rack holds 1 mountain bike or road bike vertically on your wall with no lifting required. Hinged brackets let you swing bike against the wall for compact storage. Fits tires up to 2-1/4" wide. Mounting hardware included.

by: Glenn01/17/2021

Works great. Easy installation. The wife loves that she can get her bike down without any assistance. Would highly recommend for its storage capabilities and easy of use.

Product has held up with no issues for the past year.
Glenn - 01/18/2022

by: Tim08/27/2020

Fabulous product, with great installation instructions. The additional note on the fender rack was very helpful. The etrailers team was great--fast shipping, product exactly as advertised, and good follow up!

Wonderful product. Still as strong as ever! No problems and the racks have shown no sagging or any other deficiencies.
Timothy R - 08/29/2021

by: Laura K. 02/28/2016

Our swiveling Steadyrack bike storage has exceeded our expectations in every way. A previously unusable curved wall in our garage is now home to the bikes, and the swivel action of the storage racks allows them to lay nearly flat, thus tremendously increasing our otherwise tight garage space. Our contractor mounted the racks quickly and easily. They are handsome and efficient and certainly one of the best purchases I've made in a long time. What a joy to own such a fine product that delivers as promised. Thank you!

by: Gerrie10/29/2018

Product was easy to install, is easy to get bikes on and off, folds nicely against the wall, we purchased 2 of these racks - the bikes they hold are heavy and large 29 inch wheels 21.5 inch frames , mountain bikes weighing about 30 pounds. The ability to fold them against the wall makes it easy to access other items hanging in the garage. They seem well made and durable.

by: Kevin B - employee10/05/2015

Don't judge me... I like bikes. I don't drink or smoke or gamble. I don't need a fancy car or fancy clothes... But I do like bikes.

This has it's benefits like good health, spending time outdoors, fun with family and friends. But there are also challenges like where to put the bikes? How to keep my wife happy when the cars don't fit in the garage? How to make room for the next bike?

I wanted something that was easy to use, held my bikes safely, worked with carbon wheels and frames and allows my wife to get her car in the garage. The Steadyrack looked like it might work.

I was able to get 6 bikes hung in the same area where I previously had 2, awesome. It is easy enough to get them in and out that my wife said she liked it, score. It supports the bikes under the wheels which is the safest way to hold them, nice. Works with carbon wheels, even my zipp 404s, cool. I was impressed with the quality of the hardware and construction, no shaking, jiggling or worries that it might fall.

It didn't work with my time trial bike because there is not enough clearance between the front wheel and frame. So I stuck with the frame hanger on that one. And my kids were not big enough to stand their bikes up and hang them, so I put them in a floor rack.

Overall I would say mission accomplished. I got 6 bikes out of the way but still accessible and 2 cars back in the garage.

by: Lou V. 05/27/2016

Dry wall mounting is a little bit sketchy. I hung it but felt like sooner or later it would loosen up so I ended up beveling it out by making 2 x 4 wedges to get the bike flatter against the wall and used toggle bolts to mount it and it's pretty awesome: Tucks right in behind my small apartment door.

If you're mounting to a stud or a beam, it works great right out of the box but be prepared to get creative with sheet rock and dr wall or if you're trying to hide it flat behind a door.

by: Leah B. - employee03/03/2015

It's exactly what we needed. Our house was built in the 1920s, and there just isn't a lot of storage space. No garage, a tiny shed out back, and a cellar that is a pain to get in and out of. We had been storing our bikes in the sunroom next to the kitchen since we got them. With the Steadyrack, we are able to hang our bikes on our small back porch, above the cellar door. We hung them high enough to clear the cellar door. And because we can swivel one of the bikes out of the way, we can access the door (ie, haul stuff in and out of the cellar) without having to take the bikes down.

by: Susan03/10/2022

Extremely fast delivery. Looks like a great product. Thank you for fast service.

Super product bought 2 last year probably buy another. Saves so much room in garage and easy to take bikes out and put back in out of the way.
Susan - 03/11/2023

by: DJ07/11/2021

Works great. Takes a little instruction to bring bike on back wheel to load rack but easy once technique is followed.

by: Tiki10/01/2019

We installed three of these racks last year in our back mudroom since we are frequent bikers, two of us doing so year-round even here in Vermont.

The racks are incredibly convenient and easy to use. I simply hop off my bike, wheel it just inside the back door, then pop a "wheelie" and roll the front tire into the rack. I used to lift my whole bike up onto a hook which was incredibly inconvenient, difficult to do with an injury, and impossible for my wife and son.

Current challenges: My 9-year-old struggles a bit to get his front tire in the air to pop into the rack, but I think this has more to do with his level of coordination. Also, if the front tire has a fender (to prevent the rooster tail effect in rainy weather), it does not sit well into the rack without some extra effort.

I enjoy this rack very much and get use from it all the time. I recommend it for moderate to heavy users of their bikes.

After one year, all the same observations still hold. My now 10-year-old still struggles to get his bike up on its hind wheel, my wifes fender means she needs to lift the bike more to have it set into the rack, and my efforts are seamless. We enjoy the convenience of simply popping a bike off the wall and going for a ride or to the store. Benefits far outweigh the negatives mentioned above. In the end, its all about making it easier to get out and ride.
Tiki - 10/02/2020

by: Anna 08/21/2022

We love these racks. My husband was a bit dubious at first. The expense and effort to hang them was a bit of a turn off but as soon as he had them up and we used them for our 4 bikes he was sold! He said he was very happy I splurged. I am, too.

by: Pat 11/29/2022

Very easy to install and functions exactly as advertised

by: Susan04/11/2020

We are very pleased with our bike racks! It is exactly what we were looking for & doesn’t take up a lot of space??

by: 1 Year Later Love It10/29/2019

Love my steadyracks (I bought 3), work as well as advertised. My only complaint is I wish the wall anchors for the lag bolts had collars.

1 Year later & I love the steadyrack. Its a durable, easy, bike storage solution. As I said in my initial review my only complaint was the wall anchors didnt have collars, which led to me losing a couple. Other than that outstanding!
1 Y - 11/01/2020

by: Tommy 07/10/2022

Easy to install - Solidly built ! Bought two and the install instructions were well written, I didn't watch the video, but if I had needed to, I certaibnly was glad it was available. Love that they swivel the bakes to be nealry flat against the wall.

by: Jim H.07/26/2016

I read about these a few times, but not sure if they'd work with my two 29er Mountain Bike Tires or if they'd feel flimsy. I can say I'm very satisfied with the performance for both concerns. The rack should work on any road bike and any standard mountain bike (but not "fat tire" bike). They feel rugged and well built, easily supporting the weight of a bike.

This product likely won't work on a bike with a front fender that hugs the front wheel, but may with a front fender wing.

by: Todd05/02/2020

We had 4 bikes hanging above the hood of our cars in the garage. But with teenagers starting to ride weekly and also taking the bikes up and down regularly, accidents were bound to happen. I could see the cars hood getting trashed by a dropped bike. Tried some other stationary vertical wall mounts like We’ve used at the downhill resort hotels, they were ok but didn’t fit the larger tires on our downhill bikes, and didn’t swivel.

So far the steady racks are a good option to get all the bikes on one wall and have them accessible for the kids. Had to figure out the spacing and the staggered height so the handlebars will clear when they swing towards the wall, but very pleased so far. Looks like these will save our cars hood, and allow the kids to ride on the regular.

by: Jesse V.09/22/2015

I love the Steadyrack, it was the perfect bike rack to finish off our garage. It was easy to install and folds out of the way. Due to the swivel I can fit a lot of bikes in a small space. The manufacturer had this on backorder for a few months but etrailer kept in touch the whole time.

Still love them, taking them with me to a new garage!
Jesse V - 09/22/2016

by: SED08/26/2020

This is a great way to store bikes and free up floor space in a tightly packed garage! The bikes are safely out of the way.
While our youngest/smallest child can’t get the bike on the rack (our installer/garage manager, aka Dad, likes symmetry and had to have all the racks at the same heights), the little one can certainly get the bike down easily. So much better than randomly placed bikes wobbling on their kickstand!

by: Scott 03/15/2021

I liked the Steadyrack system I purchased 21 and mounted them in a trailer. We stand the bikes on end and bike rests in Steadyrack secured by a 2 inch wide piece of velcro.

by: Mark 01/23/2020

Great rack! I was careful to find a rack that supported the bike this way and not have a concern about hanging from a rim and inducing any warp since wheels are not designed to be hung. The lateral swing is very convenient. Great service from Etrailer!

by: John 06/25/2020

I purchased 2 bike storage racks one year ago, and am very pleased with the product. They work great and save space in a somewhat crowded garage.

by: Steve R.02/05/2015

As we all have choices when it come to deciding who to buy from, I keep coming back to etrailer. They really go the extra mile to insure you have a great buying experience no matter what you are purchasing from them. In this case, I purchased three Speedyrack bicycle racks and they work great. I did a lot of research before deciding what I wanted and this is a perfect fit.

by: Sean R.01/26/2015

Finely a product that really is what it says it is.

by: Ed Logan02/06/2016

Beautiful Sight

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Feedback Sports Velo Hinge Bike Storage Rack - Wall Mount - Black - 1 Bike

Code: 301-16724

17 reviews

Our Price: $32.00


Product Specs:

Bike Storage

Bike Hanger

Wall Mounted Rack


Wheel Mount

1 Bike

Feedback Sports

Compact, wall-mounted rack holds 1 bike by the front wheel in your home, garage, or office. Pivoting hook lets you swing bike against your wall to conserve space. Hook folds into housing when not in use. Mounting hardware included.

Video of Feedback Sports Velo Hinge Bike Storage Rack - Wall Mount - Black - 1 Bike

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Feedback Sports Velo Hinge Bike Storage Rack - Wall Mount - Black - 1 Bike - 301-16724

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (17 Customer Reviews)

Compact, wall-mounted rack holds 1 bike by the front wheel in your home, garage, or office. Pivoting hook lets you swing bike against your wall to conserve space. Hook folds into housing when not in use. Mounting hardware included.

by: Jacob06/28/2022

This is the best bike rack on the market. It is PERFECT if you have limited garage space or just prefer that your bike(s) don't take up tons of space. They are very sturdy and strong (hang them from a wall stud, obviously), and the brilliant addition of a hinge to a vertical bike hook allows a bike to hang surprisingly flat against a wall. If you have multiple bikes and want to maximize space, hang each bike so that handlebars align with gaps in the frame of the other bikes (see included photo). I only have about 7' of wall space, and I fit three bikes with room for a fourth, and they barely stick out from the wall (not even as far as my trash can!). IMPORTANT NOTE - I have two 29ers with 2.3" and 2.4" wide tires and the standard hook could not hold them. The standard hook was perfect for my road bike, but for mountain bikes you definitely need to purchase the larger hook (Item # 301-16858, "Long Wheel Hook for Feedback Sports Velo Hinge Bike Storage Rack").

by: Ceciliana06/11/2022

Easy to install. Bikes look great. Definitely get the long hook if using this for mountain bikes. I tried both and The shorter might fit but it is more troublesome to hook in and out. If installing in a concrete wall use 3/16 tapcon screws with a 5/32 bit.

by: Cookie3030710/11/2022

Love these bike brackets. They were easy to install and perfect for our loft location. The brackets keep our bikes out of the way, while looking stylish in the loft setting. And it's easy for me (5'4", 120lbs) to get the bikes on and off!

by: Teresa09/06/2022

Overall its a strong sturdy product with a solid concept. I hung 6 bikes using very little space. The drawbacks; the rubber on the hook is flimsy and weak. The rubber on two of the hooks is already tearing and coming off with each use. I've had to wrap electrical tape to avoid damaging my bike wheels. The other drawback is the bottom bracket that stabilized your rear wheel. To short to hold wheel and will slip when rotating bikes.

by: Brian 11/07/2022

Works fantastic! You'll need to order larger hook for MTB tires though.

by: Bryan s04/08/2018

I ordered 6 of these to hang my family's bikes in the garage. I was a bit surprised that there were no reviews when I purchased--the price is right and the material is made of heavy steel. Easily reversed the swing direction and when mounted to studs it appears to be solid. It seems like a more cost effective approach than the other $70 pivoting/hanging bike rack.

Good. All 6 are used in my garage. Only thing I would have done differently would be to mount the brackets onto a 2x4 or something similar to move brackets further from wall. This would allow the bikes to sit flatter pedals hit wall first.
Bryan s - 04/08/2019

by: Joe 05/23/2020

The product is excellent it was exactly what I was looking for to hang my new bike in the garage. The hanger is sturdy was very easy to install and fits all my needs. I am very pleased .

by: Steve S08/19/2019

Good product for hanging bike flat against the wall. You will probably end up still scuffing the wall. Also for me I put in with a giant toggle bolt which is going to keep it secure, but is going to do some damage to your wall (wouldn't be necessary if you can find the stud). So good product and space saving for an apartment

Above is still very true a year later
Steven E - 08/20/2020

by: Jeffrey 04/19/2021

These hinged storage racks are very easy to install and work flawlessly. Bikes are up and out of the way when not in use and are easily accessible when ready to ride. Great product!

by: Rene 02/21/2021

Great bike hooks! Simple to install and great quality! Also customer service is the best at etrailer they are on it!!! Just all around amazing company!

by: Ryan01/15/2021

It works. You will definitely need the longer hook for mountain bike tires. Easy to install. They do flex some with a 30lbs bike on them.

by: Tracy P10/30/2019

Great product. Works just as advertised. My favorite part is that the bikes "fold" in closer to the wall and don't take up as much area in my shop. Very happy with this storage solution!

by: Tim 08/10/2021

by: Kristi 11/27/2021

by: Mike 10/05/2021

by: Herve02/20/2021

by: Colby 09/10/2021


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