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Andersen Rapid Jack

Code: AM3620

197 reviews

Our Price: $63.90


Product Specs:

Wheel Chocks

Wheel Chock



Single Chock



Raise your trailer quickly and effectively with the Rapid Jack from Andersen Manufacturing. Simply drive your trailer onto the jack for a quick boost. Also functions as a leveler for single-axle trailers and as a trailer jack base.

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Customer Reviews

Andersen Rapid Jack - AM3620

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (197 Customer Reviews)

Raise your trailer quickly and effectively with the Rapid Jack from Andersen Manufacturing. Simply drive your trailer onto the jack for a quick boost. Also functions as a leveler for single-axle trailers and as a trailer jack base.

by: Robert02/20/2023

I was led to believe this would be a good jack for a dual axle 5th wheel trailer. After research, it is not suitable, nor suggested for use on a 5th wheel because it places too much weight on one tire/axle in order to lift the flat tire. My RV manufacturer prohibits this type jack and instructs to jack from the frame. Wasted my money. Maybe a good wheel chock or something but useless to me now. Do your homework for a 5th wheel RV application.

by: Artie 11/20/2021

Super fast sipping and I know Andersen products are excellent. TY

I haven’t had to use it yet.
Artie - 11/21/2022

by: Ray 02/14/2023

Works great for changing tires or packing wheel bearings

by: Scott G.08/23/2018

Well, that didn’t work. Used on dual axle boat trailer to lift rear wheel. But, leaf springs allow rear wheel to stay on the ground, even when front rolls on to the easy jack.

by: Trall04/24/2020

Excellent Rapid Jack. Used it on my car hauler Cross 22’ trailer with 5200 ‘ dual axles.
Used it right after delivery to grease all my bearings.
Remember ONLY grease your bearings as you spin the tire and add lube to the axle quick lube zerk.
Spin and lube until all the old grease starts coming out the hub.
This Rapid Jack will make a fast and quick way to change a tire.
Here’s a pic. The other tire freely spins by hand.

by: Philip 02/10/2023

Very durable product and have been using it for a year now, mostly as a tongue jack support. No complaints

by: Robert11/29/2021

Bought specifically for my trip up the ALCAN with my dual axle 20' car hauler. Had a flat on a single lane portion in January, so the dead of winter in middle of no where Canada and no where to pull off. Busted out the Rapid Jack expecting a great performance based on the videos I saw. The flat was in the left rear, I placed the rapid jack in front and rolled the trailer up onto the rapid jack - however it did not lift the tire high enough off the ground to change the tire. Tried to reposition several different times with the same results. Ended up using a regular jack. To this day it is the most expensive trailer jack block I've ever bought and used.

by: Aaron 08/18/2022

I got to use this this the vary first time I took our trailer out after a drunk driver took out the side of the trailer and popped the tire. I was able to lift the trailer and swap the tire out in about 3 mins it was easy to use and I recommend it to all of our friends make sure to test it to make sure it’s big enough to lift the tires of the ground before it’s a emergency

by: Don01/05/2019

Love the Rapid Jack! Bought it to change the tires on my double axel trailer. It did the job! Really impressed, great product!

by: Derk10/30/2017

Purchased this product to allow easier side to side leveling of our camper. Carrying boards to roll one of the tires onto to level the camper has become an issue as we age. I saw this on the etrailer WEB site and watched the video of how it worked. Awesome is all I have to say. We tried it out last week on the winter parking place on our property. It worked well. It is a different way of doing it than with boards. Because of the physics you actually have to beyond level about a half bubble and then insert the chuck and it will roll back some to the level that you need. With boards you have to guess how many boards you need. If it is wrong you have to roll back off add or subtract boards and then you have to be happy with the closest level that can be achieved with the 3/4 inch increments you get with the boards. This product allows infinite points of level and all you have to do is pull up farther or back up a little to achieve the camper level.

This is still in our tools to level our camper when we travel. These days most camping sites are pretty level. We still use boards if it is needed. We use it when we have major leveling needs. The chuck is not designed for small leveling needs. It works great for leveling the camper and that is all we need it for.
Derk - 11/07/2018

by: Garret A06/04/2016

Well folks, after a year from purchase I am so pleased to announce that I have yet to actually use this product (knock on wood). My purchase from was about as smooth and prompt as possible. It is made from excellent materials, I like the color as it shows up in the storage box quickly, stows nicely. I made a six week western states run last summer and having this with me definitely took away the worry of a possible roadside tire issue. The roll on and roll off feature is excellent as it rocks as you roll onto the lift raising the problem tire and wheel. I have absolutely no complaints or concerns, would I purchase again....Yes!

All is fine, thanks for following up.
Garret A - 01/23/2018

by: Russell01/25/2018

Great idea that works well. I haven't needed it for a flat tire but I have used it to lift the tires to grease my axles. Their sister leveling blocks of similar design work great too.

After a year and 20K miles, I am still extremely pleased with the levelchock set but not so much with the jack unit. As others noted, it does not always work on a tandem trailer. Tried it a couple times on the road and it fell short of raising the trailer enough to remove and install the tire. All is not lost - it is still handy for when you need more lift to level your rig when the standard Anderson units are not enough.
Russell - 01/25/2019

by: Gary D.10/19/2020

Would have done five stars but had an issue with the trailer fender being to low. The needed clearances requirements should be given in the details of the product. At the time of purchase they were not listed. Being a General Contractor I have not found the time to trim my trailer fenders up 2" so the Rapid Jack can move freely too pivot under the tire.
When I had a slow leak on my trailer's passenger side rear tire. I ended up used the Rapid jack as a ramp on the front tire to lift the bad rear tire. Over all it got the job done without using any hydraulic jacks. When things slow down this winter I will get to trimming up my 14' box trailer fenders 2-1/2" to 3" on the front and back of each fender. The trailers fenders have always been to low anyways which has been a concern from the first winter, after they got hung up on a small packed snow drift backing into a customer's driveway.
It was really nice not having to pull out the jacks and it did save time. I am glad I got the chance to use it in my driveway and work out what worked best for my trail, then on a roadside somewhere in the dark.

by: James 08/23/2022

You could improve the order system if you told me what was commonly purchased with the product I ordered. I had to put in a seperate order for the chock that goes with the ramp.

by: Mike02/28/2018

Doesn't really work for me. Actually this thing is terrible. Trailer flats always happen fully loaded in the middle of nowhere, where it's inconvenient to unload the trailer... not in your driveway with an empty trailer. I have the teeter totter link thing between the 2 axle leaf springs. The wheel to be removed just droops down without taking much weight off of it. Also when i drove off it, it followed the wheel up and smashed into my fender. You can't muscle it away from the wheel / fender either. You just have to watch it folding the fender in toward the wheel as you drive off it. It did a pretty good job at re-shaping the fender again as it came back out tho.
I figured out the next time to 'eject' the thing up between the 2 wheels, not out the front or back.
On the plus side... It's also pretty good at re-shaping your fender by driving forward and backward with it on top of the wheel, if you accidentally drove over it with your rock crawler and crushed it onto the trailer wheel.

by: Dave04/18/2019

Best alternative to hydraulic leveling jacks. We used the lego blocks for years and I hated every minute with them. We finally went to hydraulic jacks on our last class C and I swore I'd never go back. Switched to a trailer and bought a set of these. They are really easy. Not as easy leveling jacks, but 10%-20% of the cost :)

I'd buy these again all day long.

by: Ronda01/24/2019

This item is a must have for any RV owner, so much easier to use then a Jack. We also purchased the wheel chock & leveler so easy to level trailer, they are a must have also. We love items from etrailer, we had only one problem, a tail light that was broken because of shipping. Etrailer sent us a replacement. We recommend Etrailer, great customer service.

by: Asa07/16/2022

Makes leveling my trailer easy

by: John09/15/2021

Product appears to be as represented. This order was delivered is a responsible time frame. Note I just received this product and have not used it yet. If it performs as information stated it will receive much use and fill a gap that will make a problem task easy. Changing a tire, greasing bearings, performing a brake job, as also needed a yearly inspection. This product should make those tasks quicker and simpler.

by: Ray M10/28/2021

I haven't used the product yet but I was extremely surprised that the item I ordered wasn't put in a shipping box or at least wrapped in some kind of shipping paper. Neither end of the box was even sealed with shipping tape. I have opened the box everything seems okay but I am surprised. Thought you might want to know how your product is being shipped.

by: Frank C06/27/2014

I recently use a friends Anderson Rapid Jack while on the side of the road to change a flat tire, it worked great. Now I have one in my trailer just in case.

how do you use it to change a flat tire? The wheel is sitting on the jack.
-- comment by: beecroft - 11/14/2014

by: Charles 11/19/2022

very handy , got my grandson one also , great

by: Dgk02/25/2020

Bought these to simplify leveling the travel trailer. Worked OK but even with the 'traction' pad, they slid on loose gravel. I have a dual axle TT so I had to cut the nose off one to get it to fit between the tires when starting up the ramp. Not bad

by: Michael11/27/2022

I returned this product.

by: Ted C.08/17/2017

I bought the Anderson Trailer Leveler and the Anderson Trailer Jack at the same time.
I wanted another black rubber pad that is also on Anderson's site and has an Anderson part #. I like the products I got very much, really heavy, solidly made..
But etrailer refused to go to the trouble of ordering me the extra rubber pad I wanted. They said it's not a normal stock item and would have to be special ordered.
They would not special order it.. I was quite surprised.. What's the big deal ? I wasn't in a rush to receive the order at all.. I didn't get it.. But no matter, I still like the products very much and received them all in one package no problem at all..

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Blaylock EZ Jack and Wheel Chock for Tandem-Axle Trailers - Aluminum - 20,000 lbs


173 reviews

Our Price: $93.74


Product Specs:

Wheel Chocks

Wheel Chock



Single Chock


Blaylock Industries

The EZ Jack is an easy-to-use, safe and reliable device that functions as a jack for changing tires on dual-axle trailers. It also serves as a wheel chock or a level. It supports up to 20,000 lbs yet weighs just 11 lbs for easy handling and storage.

Video of Blaylock EZ Jack and Wheel Chock for Tandem-Axle Trailers - Aluminum - 20,000 lbs

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Blaylock EZ Jack and Wheel Chock for Tandem-Axle Trailers - Aluminum - 20,000 lbs - EZ-JACK

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (173 Customer Reviews)

The EZ Jack is an easy-to-use, safe and reliable device that functions as a jack for changing tires on dual-axle trailers. It also serves as a wheel chock or a level. It supports up to 20,000 lbs yet weighs just 11 lbs for easy handling and storage.

by: Roger01/19/2019

The EZ-Jack works great. We have used it many times in the past year to level out the pick-up truck and camper, mainly for sleeping comfort. It is very quick and easy to place, and then drive the pick-up onto the jack. We have used it on a variety of substrates, from gravel, soft dirt, to cement. It remains solid in place, no scooting or movement. Smooth to drive off from too. Highly recommend it.

Roadrunner - 01/31/2020

by: David04/06/2017

My trailer has a really wide axle spacing so I was a little worried that it would provide enough lift to get the wheel off the ground. The first time, it worked beautifully. The wheel to be changed had more than in inch of clearance to the ground.
Unfortunately, I forgot to install the center-cap with the new wheel so, I got to practice doing it again. This time two concerns arose. First, the EZ-JACK sunk in the ground just slightly mainly because I did not position it perfectly in line with the tire so, it tilted slightly causing it to sink in the ground a little which brings up the second concern that it can get sideways and this could be dangerous. Subsequently, I put a piece of plywood under it which served to stabilize it from the shifting ground not to mention that I made sure to square up the EZ-JACK to the tire.
Ordinarily, the EZ-JACK would be on asphalt or concrete but, still might be good to place a nice piece plywood down and be dang sure you align it with the tire.
Also, worth noting, this is a 10Klb trailer, so.

by: Judith 12/15/2022

Have not had a flat tire on my RV but the Jack is very sturdy and well constructed. It arrived on time and quickly.

by: Brian F12/06/2019

I've used this to change a tire along the Dalton Hwy as well as to level my travel trailer side to side while boondocking and recomend this to anybody and everybody who has a tandem axle travel trailer. It will not fail like some reviewers of the plastic or composite product have reported. For me, it does not eliminate the need to carry boards as I don't like all the weight on one axle for more than a tire change. Also may need to put a board under it on soft or sandy ground. Would definitely buy it again.

by: Brad 07/26/2022

Works great. I bought this for my tandem axle toy hauler to change tires. I have used it several times and it is very sturdy and easy to use.

by: Uncle D07/06/2020

Saved my life on the side of the interstate [south of Montgomery, Alabama (I-65)] ! It was the first time I used it & I looked like a NASCAR pit crew I was moving so fast. Why won't people move over when they see a driver in distress ? Placed the EZ-JACK under the wheel (Gooseneck trailer) , backed up about six inches & That's all it took to make it where I could take the blowout off & put the spare on. I'd recommend doing a good look over when taking it out of the box & file any burrs of before storing it. I'm considering buying another one for the Toy hauler!

Fantastic, Saved my fanny on the side of a Interstate. Believe me, thats no place you want to be! I felt like a One Man NASCAR Pit Crew. FAST, SAFE, Back in the truck where I should be. Not playing dodge ball with Eighteen wheelers!!!
Uncle D - 07/06/2021

by: Jose 11/04/2022

Fast delivery and the blaylock EZ jack works perfect.

by: Tony09/04/2022

easy to store in truck tool box. have not used it yet.

by: J.08/12/2020

Worked as advertised - needed to swap two tires on a tandem axle boat trailer and this got it done quick and easy. Unit is lightweight but feels durable and strong

Works great after a year probably used 5-6 times total, no cracking or other integrity issues
J. - 08/12/2021

by: Robert 10/14/2022

Your service was fantastic

by: Bruce 12/04/2022

Haven't had to use it but it is well made and heavy duty.

by: Dennis03/05/2022

I had to put a 2x6 under the good tire in order to get clearance on the fender, but it works great and has really good lift height. I just hope that I don't have to use it often.

by: Brian 07/22/2022

This is a tool you hope you never have to use. However, extremely well made and simple to use. Should handle my travel trailer with ease.

by: James 10/07/2022

Probably the only time in my life that I’ve spent so much money and still happy! Great job E trailer

by: Frank 07/06/2022

Very helpful when needed. I have not used the Blaylock EZ Jack myself, but I saw it being used and was impressed enough to order one; however, I can't give a personal review concerning its use since I haven't actually used one myself.

by: Frank 08/12/2022

Very happy with this product. Great option for dual axle trailers.

by: Kevin07/12/2015

Quality product! I have a dump trailer that I take to the landfill and I am always picking up nails / having flat tires. This jack will save me lots of time and it is much safer that the jacks that I have used in the past. I bought 3 of these, one for each trailer.

Really good, I had a flat on a major roadway with a tractor on my trailer. The jack helped me to be up and running with the spare tire installed in less than 10 minutes
Kevin - 07/14/2016

by: Excellent11/03/2019

WELL MADE AND CRAFTED they work great for changing wheels or leveling my trailer on really unlevel camping spots. So far I haven’t had to use them, but they look like they will save my back a lot of Grief. I have a bad back, and needed something simple to do these jobs easily.

I decided not to use to use these for Wheel chocks or levelers. I’m just gonna use it for changing tires. Beings after all aluminum, I am afraid someone will steal them. Beautifully made but a big chance they could walk away.
Louis S - 11/04/2020

by: Aluminum Monster Hero01/02/2021

Love this monster. It's big and built like a tank. The large size gives you several inches of height versus some of the smaller, plastic versions. Each has it's place in the tool kit, though. Bought this primarily as a quick way to level an RV for overnight stays instead of using blocks or hydraulic jacks. I recently used this to "jack" my RV up to replace a flat tire and it did the trick. Somehow I managed to back off of it and it wedged between the tandem trailer tires. Had to remove the rear tire to get it out but since that was the flat one it was going to have to be removed anyway. Point being: drive up or back up (depending on if it's the front or rear tire you want to elevate, but DO NOT accidentally drive all the way or back all the way off of it to the point where it gets lodged between both tires. It was muddy and I think the tire spun and that shot it up between the tires. Driver error; not any fault of the Blaylock. Would've been great to have a second set of eyes but I was working solo. Anyway... it can be a leveling jack or a tire jack. Great product and well made.

by: Ron02/20/2020

I've only had one opportunity to use the EZ-Jack and unfortunately, it didn't turn out very well. I had a tire go flat on my 20' tandem axle goose neck trailer while it was loaded with about 11,000 lbs of hay while it was parked in the hay barn. I first tried to use the EZ-Jack on the concrete floor but it would slide out from under the tire when I tried to back onto it. It is a very slippery with hay dust and chaff so I decided to try using it outside on the gravel driveway. This time I was able to get the EZ-Jack to stay in place but it wouldn't lift the front axle high enough to be able to remove the tire! The ground was somewhat soft due to recent warm and wet weather but it wasn't even close to being high enough to get the tire off. No time to be messing around in the cold weather so I resorted to using the tried and true bottle jack and have since added a low profile jack for those times when the axle on a flat tire is too low to the ground to get a standard height jack in place.

I haven't given up trying to make the EZ-Jack work, but just haven't had the time to mess around with it. If it doesn't work on the goose neck trailer, maybe it with work on one of my other trailers.

by: Bran12/03/2022

Good transaction

by: Brian08/07/2021

Unit is sturdy but you have to make sure your trailer is high enough as when I tried to use with our horse trailer it would go up and hit frame of trailer when trying to drive up on it.

by: Alan 12/09/2022

Very fast delivery time. I'm impressed !

by: Michael 01/11/2022

Friends recommended this product and I'm comfortable they are the answer to changing tires when needed and chocking when the tires are on blocks.

by: Jeff01/13/2019

Jack appears to be heavy duty...certainly no concerns of it being harmed when used with a normal weight trailer. I bought it for my 16' Haulmark cargo trailer (with leaf spring suspension). It works just fine. I did find that the jack conflicts with the trailer's fenders, but a quick and easy solution was to first drive the tire onto a short piece of full-sawn 2"x6" which was enough height to raise the trailer so the jack didn't roll up into the fender.

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