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Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Air Helper Springs with Internal Jounce Bumpers - Rear Axle

Code: AL88338

580 reviews

Our Price: $546.59


Product Specs:

Vehicle Suspension

Rear Axle Suspension Enhancement

Air Springs

Heavy Duty

Air Lift

5,000-lb Capacity. LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate air springs have internal bumpers, so you get the adjustable load support of air springs and the comfort and reliability of jounce springs. Jounces also work as a fail-safe if air springs lose pressure.

Video of Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Air Helper Springs with Internal Jounce Bumpers - Rear Axle

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Air Helper Springs with Internal Jounce Bumpers - Rear Axle - AL88338

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (580 Customer Reviews)

5,000-lb Capacity. LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate air springs have internal bumpers, so you get the adjustable load support of air springs and the comfort and reliability of jounce springs. Jounces also work as a fail-safe if air springs lose pressure.

by: Jeffrey10/01/2022

The airbag system lifted my truck back to a normal ride height while hauling my 4000 lb truck camper. It allows my suspension to respond to the road without bottoming out. Stabilizes excess sway on corners and during high wind events.

by: Jason07/14/2018
2016 GMC Sierra 2500

Watched the video, took about an hour to do the installation myself. I added this product to level out truck when hauling my fifth wheel camper. Overall great craftsmanship on this product, easy installation. I just couldn’t drill holes in my new bumper for the valve stems, so I add a piece of aluminum angle iron, drilled two 5/16 holes and added two self tapping screws to the hitch, turned out well.

by: Dave F08/25/2017

The staff at etrailer was great. They verified that this product would fit my application even though there is a fifth wheel rail bracket involved.

Also I ordered multiple products and one of the products was delayed. The offered to split the order so I could receive the air bags sooner, which I needed because I have an appointment to have them installed

by: Greg 08/17/2022
2015 Chevrolet Silverado 3500

Instructions were very clear. I made photo copies of the two pages with the overall drawing and the material list so I did not have to page back and forth. I have a fifth wheel plate in my truck which required the drilling method of attachment for the upper bracket. It would be nice to have some suggestions to make that process simpler.

by: Tom I10/01/2022

This product made a world of difference on my Chevy 2500HD. My slide in camper is just below weight limit and was not riding comfortably. I installed them myself. Super pleased with the result.

by: Bradford06/22/2022

The air bag I purchased was to replace one that leaked. The replacement bag STILL did not hold air. Am tired of constantly having to keep this bag aired up.

You mentioned that the replacement spring also is leaking air. I wanted to ask you if you have completed the soapy water test to verify where the leak is coming from just in case that it is not the spring.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 06/29/2022
The air bag is leaking!!
-- comment by: Bradford - 06/29/2022
I apologize as I do not have a solution for you other than to reach out to Airlift for a replacement. I can also offer a different system for your truck. I would just need to know if it is a 2 or 4 wheel drive.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 06/29/2022

by: Raymond09/26/2022

Very easy to install put on 2500 Chevy duermax and it does every thing it said it would do.would buy this item again if had to.

by: Allen07/07/2018
2016 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

This item was shipped and received on time. The install went fairly well. Since I had a B&W hitch in the truck already I had to drill two 5/16 holes in the frame. I would recommend this item

The air fittings on the air bags leak, I changed them out but I think after time they will leak again. But the unit works great I would recommend
Allen - 07/07/2019

by: Jason 07/17/2022

Great service. Super fast shipping. Love etrailer!

by: Thomas06/19/2018
2011 Chevrolet Silverado

Just finished installing and the one issue was the lower bracket.I believe it could be installed either way,there is a cutout and that part was not easily shown in the pictures. But I got it. Took me about an hour and a half each side.removing the brake cables took the longest because of that and not much room and I didn't have a 13 mms open end wrench. The first thing you must do is remove jounce bumper. They say pry it out with 2 screwdrivers. After 15minutes of prying i have up and got a large (4 inch) channel lock pump pliers and gave it a twist . Out in seconds. Works so much better and no skun knuckles. Looking forward to use ing it soon on my truck camper. It was bottom ing the bounce bumper all the time.

by: Kenneth 03/10/2020

This is a good brand of air springs and I'm satisfied with the quality. When I drilled the holes for the upper bracket to use the (4) supplied self-tapping bolts, the first two twisted off at the head. I feel that the bolts were made of metal too soft for the application. I ended up using the U-bolts for the rear but the gooseneck plate wouldn't allow them in the front. Had to grind the bolts off and redrill the holes. Figured 1/32 larger would make it easier to tap and still tighten to specs. Got them installed and they are working fine.

by: Andrew02/15/2022

Amazing kit. Help handling while towing like I could not believe.

by: Steven03/21/2020

This was the first time that I purchased from etrailer. The staff were wonderful to work with. They know the products that they sell and were very helpful. The order was delivered before the estimated delivery date.

I will l be buying from them again!

by: Dwight 07/09/2021
2011 GMC Sierra

I order a lot of parts from E trailer and they come through every time for me

by: Howard07/15/2018
2018 GMC Sierra 2500

I got these air bags on a recommendation. I am getting a fifth wheel trailer and wanted to go down the road with a little security knowing my suspension would handle it. I ordered these and installed them myself. All the parts were there and the instructions were perfect. my biggest decision was where to put the air line. I decided to put them on either side of the license plate. I haven't had a load yet but I am sure they will work fine.

by: David01/05/2021
2017 GMC Sierra 3500

Another purchase delivered reasonably quick and completely undamaged.

While I initially thought the package had gotten sidetracked or delayed during shipping I was just too impatient. I wasn’t fully considering the shipping rush with Christmas returns and gift card purchased. The initial packaging and shipping was very rapid, like normal, but I then got hung up on the fact that the tracking information showed it left Missouri and then no updates for 5-6 days. So I emailed to get an update, and a response quickly arrived showing me that it had just arrived in the L.A. area. The order ended up arriving on time, just like they said it would. Once again, great selection and great service!

by: Derek02/03/2017
2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

Parts were out of stock, but I received a email right away with a date they would be shipped by and they arrived sooner. Great company to work with. I will continue to use Etrailer and highly recommend them

by: Ed07/10/2021

So far great product and easy to install

by: Mike10/20/2017
2011 Chevrolet Silverado

Great product and having the videos helped the instillation go a lot faster!

by: Gene 04/25/2020

It takes about three hours to install,and it,s not as easy as the video shows.but over all they fit as they should and shipping in 2 days

by: Chris07/26/2017
2016 Chevrolet Silverado 2500


by: Jason 07/08/2022

by: Chris 09/08/2021

by: Ricky 10/03/2021

by: Steven 09/04/2021

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Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System


4945 reviews

Our Price: $252.45


Product Specs:

Vehicle Suspension

Rear Axle Suspension Enhancement

Jounce-Style Springs

Extra Heavy Duty


8,600-lb Capacity. These hollow rubber springs sit above the rear axle to help stabilize and level your vehicle. They also provide a more comfortable ride by absorbing road shock and improving roll stability. Easy to install and use.

Video of Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System - TGMRCK25D

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (4945 Customer Reviews)

8,600-lb Capacity. These hollow rubber springs sit above the rear axle to help stabilize and level your vehicle. They also provide a more comfortable ride by absorbing road shock and improving roll stability. Easy to install and use.

by: Shaughn10/21/2022
2011 Chevrolet Silverado

About a 1/2 inch difference in gap at the bump stop perch but still within parameters. Truck sits perfect with trailer attached. Haven’t towed yet. After towing if they perform like they should will upgrade to a 5 star. Easy to install, definitely needed 2x4 and jack. 2011 Silverado ext cab with 30 ft Genisis 5th wheel.

by: Philip09/15/2022

Makes my truck feel better while towing a 5th wheel camper, especially over expansion joints of the expressway.

by: Will C07/07/2022
2015 GMC Sierra 2500

I haven’t hooked up to the fifth wheel yet or else it might be a 5 star. Based on the 15 minute installation time and the price compared to air bags this appears to be a logical way to go. I will update this as I hook up and put a load on it.

by: J sosa10/04/2022

I will say they are perfect for towing but when your not towing cause they are so close to the bottom it feels stiffer when not towing! They should make long enough so that it touches besides that these are perfect

by: Jerry 11/27/2021

We prefer it over airbags. No hassle adding air etc. Great under our 3/4 ton pickup with our Artic Fox camper!

Wonderful product!
Jerry - 11/28/2022

by: Mike 08/26/2021

Couldn’t be happier with way they operate. I haul a 12,000lb 5th wheel trailer and helps tremendously with the handling and keeps my vehicle from sagging in the rear. Great idea and very reasonably priced.

Excellent, use them on a regular basis and still holding up great. They’ve been a great addition and also had a couple relatives add them to their vehicles.
Mike M - 08/27/2022

by: Blake 12/29/2022

After a year on the road, and a few thousand miles of towing our 5th wheel, the Timbren bump-stops work great. Had air bags that required tinkering and always needed to adjust the pressures. No adjustments needed with Timbren.
Pros: Easy to install, no adjustments, adds stability while towing heavy loads.

Cons: Unloaded, makes driving over seriously large bumps a bit rough with only about an inch or so of factory suspension travel.

by: Little Doc11/29/2022

I’d seen similar products rated in the 4,000 lb ratings but I went with these. I’m not a mechanic but I removed the factory bump stops and installed both these in 30 minutes or less. I used my rolling jack and lifted from the drop hitch and easily removed the old ones and soapy water and 1/4 twist and these were on. Placed a block of wood in the space between these coils and lowered the jacks then pressed it with my tractor to confirm full engagement. I carry a lot of tools on a 2020 Chevy 2500 I do feel a bit of butt bounce on large bumps but other than that I’m very pleased.

by: David G05/16/2019

I had bought these timbrens and the weight safe hitch with the 8” drop from etrailer. I was quite please by both products. Installation of the timbrens was very easy, only took 30-40 minutes to change out bump stops in my garage.I hauled a Uhaul trailer with a Jeep over 300 miles, with no issues. The timbrens worked great, no issues with the rife. And I really like the weight safe hitch. I recommend checking out these two products from etrailer. Thanks etrailer.

Great no issues, made a couple trips out to California pulling heavy trailers, the hitch and timbrens are working out great.
David G - 05/17/2020

by: John P07/19/2022

What I think is that it seems like most of the installers and reviewers of this item aren't using the sense God gave a gnat. This has to be the easiest install ever. It took me 15 minutes to do the entire job including removing the old stops and installing these Timbrens. Had a friend use a floor jack under my hitch, raised it up, i pried out the old stops and inserted the new ones, let it down on a piece of 2x4 and DONE! No removing tires, no removing heat shield, no nothing. 2 screwdrivers and a piece of wood.

by: Freddie05/30/2021

Received my springs today and had them installed in less then 45 minutes in my driveway, on my 2018 GMC Denali 3500 HD. I followed the advice of etrailer's videos. I pull a 2011 all aluminum self contained toy hauler and use Husky weight distribution hitch. I have not yet taken our trip to AZ from WI yet but will provide further input when we do over the 4th of July. I used a floor jack on the frame rails to provide clearance for installation and did not take the rear wheels off...worked in the wheel wells to remove and install.

by: Jeff03/24/2022

Product does not help rear swag with fifth wheel camper but a half inch. On brand new truck as well. Not happy with product. Called to return them and want me to pay 27.00 shipping and stated in email that was sent to me I couldn’t return if installed. I’m not understanding this ? Do not buy ! I won’t be doing any more business with etrailer . Not helpful at all

I will have our Customer Service team reach out to you. For Timbren products there is a 60 day money guarantee and they can be returned after installation. There is a shipping cost back that you would be responsible for.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 03/31/2022

by: Ty06/17/2018
2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

Awesome customer service and follow up. Easy installation. Pry bar, couple of 2x4 wood blocks, floor jack and a little WD40. Weight of the truck seats the new bumpers in and you're good to go. Literally took me 20 minutes to remove and install. Can't wait to tow our 5th wheel.

Excellent!!! Takes the long extended bounce out of bumps/dips in the road. Helps keep the truck from sagging with a big payload as well.
Ty - 06/17/2019

by: Greg05/17/2022
2016 Ram 2500

Absolutely the best load supporting product on the market! Even without a load in my 2016 chevrolet 2500 4x4 the road control and handling is far greater than stock. Ive recommended this product to several friends and complete strangers. Everyone i know that has purchased this for their vehicle feel the same as i. thanks!

by: Alan 10/02/2022
2022 Chevrolet 3500

Easy install. Very stable ride for my one ton Chevy. I feel safer now hauling the 44’ fifth wheel. Excellent product.

by: Scott04/01/2022

These have been a great add to my truck for towing. I have a travel trailer and own a business where I use my truck for pulling. The bumps in the road feel much better with these on the rear axel. When compared to stock you will be shocked. Very easy to install and worth every penny.

by: 01/31/2021
2018 GMC Sierra 3500

My order for timbrens was received very quickly.Installation took 45 minutes.It took longer to get my spare tire out of the way.Install was much easier than air bags for sure.I replaced my ride Rite air bags with the Timbrens.Air Bags always loosing 3 to 4 lbs air a week.I had no onboard compressor.Timbrens were better for me.

by: Keith 10/18/2022
2011 GMC Sierra

Installed easily with a few blocks of wood and a pry bar.
I'm pleased with the results of the test run with cargo trailer. Next will be the 5th wheel.

by: Jason H.08/28/2016
2014 GMC Sierra 2500

This is the second set of Timbrens that I have purchased from etrailer and as always they work perfectly with my trailer and Bulldog ATV rack. The shipping is fast, prices are very good, and customer service is great.

by: Richard10/25/2017
2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500

This rating of 4 stars is because I have not put a load on my truck to test the drive loaded. I have driven it unloaded. The unloaded ride is the same as original. Installation was easy, I looked at the etailer video perfect procedure. It took 30 minutes tops. Fit perfect, easy installation, speedy delivery.

I did 8,400 miles summer with a 3900 lbs dry weight truck/camper on the truck. The Springs preformed as good as I hoped they would. I definitely would recommend them for this application.
Richard - 10/25/2018

by: Alan 07/19/2022
Chevrolet Silverado

I have a 3500HD Silverado and pull a GD Solitude 5th wheel about 17k lbs. The installation was easy for this 65 year old and went well. Truck front and back fender wells measure 40in. from top of well to ground with 5th wheel connected. Rear fender well was 42in. unloaded. During our first trip after installation the ride feels smoother when on roller coaster highway.

The installation video's on this site and other YouTube channels were very helpful for the installation. Definitely glad I did the install myself.

by: Randall 09/08/2022
Ram 2500

The set of timbres has worked out great for the rear of my chevy 2500,getting the extra weight off my springs and onto the axle.

by: Samuel 08/17/2021
2016 Chevrolet Silverado 3500

Easy install....took about 45 minutes including the time to find what I needed to install, and put the tools away....will be putting the trailer on soon can't wait to try these out...

They work great. The nice thing is you dont have to worry about air leaking out or adding air to adjust your ride. I am very satisfied with your product
Samuel - 08/18/2022

by: Paul 01/13/2022

Went on fairly easy, jacked the rear of truck up pulled out old bump stops,soapy water on new ones positioned them and with the help of two short pieces of 2×4s under each side lowered the truck, they slid right in place. Very easy. Won't be hooking up to 5th wheel for a couple of months, looking forward on how they work on truck squat. Might follow up then and give another star.

by: Paul08/02/2022

Timbrens we’re not delivered only Weath ertech

I see that the package for the Timbren system was delivered on August 3rd. I was wondering if you had any feedback about the product for other shoppers? We look forward to hearing from you.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 08/09/2022

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  • Difference Between Timbren Jounce Springs for 2019 Chevy Silverado 2500HD
  • The biggest difference between the two parts is that the Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System # TGMRCK25D is a double-convoluted spring while the Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System # TGMRTT35D are single-convoluted springs. The single-convoluted springs are designed for service vehicles like tow trucks because they have less travel - they won't compress as much - than double-convoluted springs, making them more rigid for heavier-duty work. Due to this I highly recommend...
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  • Which Timbren Suspension Enhancement Product for 2019 Chevy Silverado 2500
  • I'd be happy to help you with that. The Timbren # TGMRTT35D kit has an 8000 lb capacity, and is designed for super heavy duty applications like ambulances or tow trucks. For a regular pickup up truck, you'd want to go with the # TGMRTT35D.
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  • Comparing Timbren SES Jounce-Style Springs for a 2019 Chevy Silverado 3500
  • There are 3 different Timbren jounce-style springs that fit your 2019 Chevy Silverado 3500 and they are all for different applications. Part # TGMFK25D is for your front suspension. Part # TGMRCK25D is for standard duty pickups that do occasional towing. Part # TGMRTT35D is for heavy duty applications like severe service vehicles like tow trucks. All of these are compatible with 2WD or 4WD pickups. I have attached some videos and the installation instructions for you to reference.
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  • Comparing Timbrens and Air Bags for a 2014 GMC Sierra 2500
  • The two most popular suspension enhancement options for a 2014 GMC Sierra 2500 are the Timbren Springs part # TGMRCK25D and Firestone Air Bags part # F2613. I recommend the air bags as they are adjustable so you can always get the perfect level of comfort and support. The air bags will also get you closer to level when compared to the springs above. The benefit of the Timbrens is that they are easier to install and don't require any adjustments. If you do go with the air bags, you can...
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  • Comparing Timbren Rear Helper Springs for a 2017 Chevy Silverado 2500
  • Timbren springs # TGMRTT35D have an 8,000 pound capacity and are designed for sever service vehicles such as tow trucks. The springs are also a different design. Timbren springs # TGMRCK25D are rated for 8,600 pounds but are for regular pickup models of the 2017 Chevy Silverado 2500HD.
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