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Dexter Trailer Idler Axle w/ Hubs - EZ-Lube - 5 on 4-1/2 Bolt Pattern - 60" Long - 2,200 lbs

Code: 20545I-EZ-60-15

306 reviews

Our Price: $311.86


Product Specs:

Trailer Axles

Leaf Spring Suspension

Easy Lube Spindles

No Drop or Lift

60 Inch Long

48 Inch

Idler Hubs

2200 lbs

5 on 4-1/2


Straight idler trailer axle measures 60" from hub face to hub face and 48" from spring center to spring center. Includes idler hubs -with bearings, races, and seals- for 13" to 15" wheels. EZ-Lube spindles for simple lubrication.

Video of Dexter Trailer Idler Axle w/ Hubs - EZ-Lube - 5 on 4-1/2 Bolt Pattern - 60" Long - 2,200 lbs

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Dexter Trailer Idler Axle w/ Hubs - EZ-Lube - 5 on 4-1/2 Bolt Pattern - 60" Long - 2,200 lbs - 20545I-EZ-60-15

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (306 Customer Reviews)

Straight idler trailer axle measures 60" from hub face to hub face and 48" from spring center to spring center. Includes idler hubs -with bearings, races, and seals- for 13" to 15" wheels. EZ-Lube spindles for simple lubrication.

by: Jim Deangelo01/01/2020

I purchased a number of products from etrailer and I am very pleased with them all. The shipper lost my axle. When I contacted etrailer customer service, they handled my problem quickly and I had a replacement axle in a couple days. Well done!

The products were all of high quality and the assemble was much easier as a result. I have attached a few pictures of the build for those interested.

Thanks etrailer for your great products and service!!

I love these springs. The trailer is well supported and rides perfectly on the road. The trailer has performed better than my expectations. The products I purchased are all performing perfectly. When I build my next trailer, I will get all my assemble products from
Jim D - 01/02/2021

by: Kirby L11/13/2016

I bought a axle, springs wheels, hubs etc. to build a utility trailer, I inadvertently had ordered incompatible hubs for the selected axle the person filling the order noticed this and contacted customer service to alert them of the issue who then called me to correct the problem. This saved me the time and expense of returning the part and delaying the project. great service, attentive, knowledgeable employees and great products.
Thanks E trailer.

by: Brian06/05/2018

I think I'd like to change the review to 3 stars and say:
Though the mechanical quality of the axle/hubs is great, whatever the axle and hubs are painted with comes off very easily. Simply removing tape would pull the paint with it. This will eventually lead to these parts rusting and you'll need to add an additional coat of paint to prevent rust. The paint quality is very poor

by: Charles 10/09/2022

Great job! You got my order shipped out quickly and I appreciate the help your staff gave me in finding the right part.

by: Jose08/23/2019

I received Shipment undamaged, open box check parts, I had no missing parts. product good quality parts. didn't expect tube of grease with parts grateful for that.
Over all very please, I will use again for my trailer parts in the future. Many Thanks to Korren for her help get all items needed for my project.

Jose R

by: Harry 10/13/2021

have since sold the teardrop camper it was installed for on a harbor freight heavy duty trailer.worked out exactly as expected.had to buy leaf brackets and weld them ,but it was easy to figure it out.

by: Ryan10/15/2018

I ordered an axle kit and it was delivered ahead of schedule. I had strong customer service during the ordering process. I assembled the kit to find a damaged bearing. I took a pic of it and sent it to etrailer. They promptly emailed me back and sent another bearing. It arrived, again ahead of when I expected. Axle kit worked great, but purely for the amazing (for these days) customer service, I will be a life-long etrailer customer. Who could ask for more... awesome customer service, super fast delivery at a fair price. Thanks again!

by: Jim H.08/15/2019

I have a boat trailer that was made in 1976. I refurbished the trailer and kept replacing the bearing and seals each year because the spindles had some rough spots. I bought this axle and it fit perfectly. I have put over 2000 miles on the trailer since replacing the axle in August of 2018. Should have replaced it a long time ago.
I have just upgraded to a new to me boat and my trailer is better so I kept mine.

by: Ross08/17/2015

I received the axel on Friday with the free shipping(which was awesome) to replace my old axel that had a seized bearing on my small utility trailer. It took me an hour to install the new axel, and since it came with new hubs bearings and grease all I need we're the tools and grease gun. You can not beat a deal like this!!! Very happy to not have to disassemble the hubs every time I need to lubricate the bearings!!!

by: Pawl W06/24/2019

This axle worked as best it could on a little small trailer from the 50s. This was the narrowest axle I could find and it was still a little wide but good built axle. I would buy it again

by: Dale TDC CAR CARE 02/06/2015

I am very impressed with the service and all the products I have received, I have no doubt I will be buying form you folks again.
Quality products, great price and fast shipping service.
Thanks Again, Dale

by: Randy02/27/2019

I recieved all the correct items recommended by Carol, all of it shipped in good condition. I assembled all parts with no issues. Thank you for the help.

by: William03/20/2020

Everything came quickly and in good condition.

by: Rafael10/29/2018

Installed it 1 year ago. So far it is doing its job well. No problems. Also the install was very simple and easy to do.

by: Larry J04/22/2015

just got it all unpacked, everything looks good. Thanks for the speedy shipping, i'll be back ..

by: Joe01/27/2017

What I ordered, delivered on time and correctly (prices are very good also)

by: Michael M.11/07/2016

Works Great.

by: Jesse 07/29/2020

great website. quick delivery fair price.
got no problems with this vendor.

by: Alex 12/05/2022

by: Kyung-Hyun08/08/2020

by: Carl09/02/2020

Review from a similar EZ Lube Axle w Idler Hubs in Trailer Axles

After years of hauling firewood my Harbor Freight Trailer Axle fatigued and cracked. The Dexter Axle from etrailer got me back on the trail. Welded leaf spring seats on the opposite side of the axle at a spacing of 46.5 inches. The wheels stick out an additional 3/4 inch per side. The trailer now rides like a Cadillac. Very excited about putting my faithful trailer back in service, with a serious axle underneath that I have confidence in. The folks at etrailer very helpful and responsive. Thanks

Wonderific! Hauled camping gear up to Lake Tahoe 600 miles round trip, including my 5000 watt generator. Even had a big bear jump in the back to inspect that load when I arrived. The dexter turned the trailer into a very reliable and road worthy hauler. Since installing, made many trips up in Sierra to haul firewood and its been flawless!
Carl Z - 09/03/2021

by: Jeff05/05/2022

Review from a similar EZ Lube Axle w Idler Hubs in Trailer Axles

Parts fit as advertised, very satisfied with purchase. I new nothing about replacing a trailer axle info on web site and support provided were excellent.
Definitely would recommend etrailer

by: Steven10/10/2022

Review from a similar EZ Lube Axle w Idler Hubs in Trailer Axles

I would be happier if this axle had come with the hubs assembled. I am still struggling with getting that done.

Here is a video link to help you with installation.
-- Etrailer Expert Andrew N - 10/13/2022

by: Richard05/24/2018

Review from a similar EZ Lube Axle w Idler Hubs in Trailer Axles

I ordered this axle as a replacement for the one on my 1996 Haulin' 4x8 utility trailer. I'd neglected to maintain the bearings and when one went it destroyed my axle. This axle was an exact fit but the spring seats needed to be moved to the top of the axle. I ordered new seats and U-bolt mounting kit as well as the axle. I found a welder to remove the original spring seats and weld the new ones to match my application. Installation was a snap, I just followed the video included on the web site. Ordering my parts from etrailer really saved me $$ over the quotes I'd received from local shops.

by: Steve06/01/2020

Review from a similar EZ Lube Axle w Idler Hubs in Trailer Axles

Product seems to be built well. I was missing a set of outer bearings that I had to get from a local tractor supply due to time constraints. They were missing when shipped to me. I have been happy so far with this product as I have pulled my home built teaardrop on it. I have traveled over 3k miles with it as well as a tire set I purchased from etrailer.
Contender ST205/75R15 Radial Tire w 15"
Good sturdy wheels and tires and they look good in person.

These products have been working out awesome so far after a year. I have taken a lot of trips and ordered other items. I am a happy customer and recommend this site to people I show my tear to.
Steve - 06/02/2021

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Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension w/ Idler Hubs - Standard Duty - No Drop - 5 on 4-1/2 - 2K

Code: A20RS545

253 reviews

Our Price: $703.18


Product Specs:

Trailer Axles

Rubber Spring Suspension

Easy Lube Spindles

No Drop or Lift

Universal Fit

Idler Hubs

2000 lbs

5 on 4-1/2


Get more clearance and a smoother ride. Built-in shock absorption limits rattle and bottoming out. E-Z Lube, standard-height spindle keeps your deck height the same. Fits any trailer frame width. Includes inner (L44649) and outer (L44649) bearings.

Video of Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension w/ Idler Hubs - Standard Duty - No Drop - 5 on 4-1/2 - 2K

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension w/ Idler Hubs - Standard Duty - No Drop - 5 on 4-1/2 - 2K - A20RS545

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (253 Customer Reviews)

Get more clearance and a smoother ride. Built-in shock absorption limits rattle and bottoming out. E-Z Lube, standard-height spindle keeps your deck height the same. Fits any trailer frame width. Includes inner (L44649) and outer (L44649) bearings.

by: Steve R.10/30/2022

Very easy to install, rides and tracks really good! I highly recommend these axles

by: Alexander04/27/2022

Needed a suspension system that I could make a low profile kayak trailer, that would fit in a specific area next to my garage. These were excellent that I could make the trailer any width I wanted. Easy to install and well made.

by: Chris07/02/2021

I used these axles in a different way than most would. I needed a trailer that was small, could handle tight switch-backs, carry 600 lbs and be light. I had this idea and as a retired design engineer I saw a great possibility in this axle. I have made four of these trailers now, one as a camp trailer, 2 for trail work for State Parks and one as a utility trailer.

Really cool work!
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 07/07/2021

by: Matthew 01/17/2023

It is important to know that your wheels are going to sit very tight to the trailer frame. I needed to add an extension to the hub for it to clear the sides of the camper I built.

by: Matt K09/01/2016

These units install easily, are well made, and perform great! The trailer doesn't bounce around like you see a lot of trailers do while traveling down a bumpy road. I traveled some unpaved roads with no issues. I am certainly glad I went axleless. I installed with 15" tires. Problem is I didn't go big enough.

I intended to install on an existing trailer that I had. Changed my mind and built a new trailer. The new trailer came in heavier than I had planned. 2k pound capacity is now too small. I have to watch what I load the trailer with so I don't over load the suspension. I intend on buying the 3500 pound units when I have the money.

by: Jack06/05/2018

This suspension system did EXACTLY what I wanted. I replaced the leaf springs, axle/hubs on my small trailer. The new suspension improved the capacity, lowered the bed 4+inches, improved ground clearance and allowed me to rebalance the trailer all WITHOUT having to have any welding done. Everything needs to be measured very exactly and the alignment technique is fairly cumbersome and takes a bit of time. In the end, I have a quiet, steady, strong, low riding trailer. What more could you ask for

by: Chris03/18/2019

So far great! I used one of the Timbren Axles in a mountain trail camp/SAR trailer I just finished building. I have only had the trailer on roads because all the trails I want to try it on are still under snow...but it is melting fast. I have included a couple of photos.

by: R Carl11/05/2020

I am not a mechanic so Brandi was real helpful. Had to get some professional help to remove the old suspension and install the new suspension. The only drawback we ran into was the spindle did not extend out far enough to mount the tires in the normal way. We had to put the tires on backwards. It all worked out beautifully. Towed the trailer for over 1700 miles without any problems. Brandi was delightful to talk with and very patient with me. Her help was most appreciated. Sorry, I didn't take any pictures.

R C - 12/19/2021

by: Joe02/03/2023

Only reason it's 4 stars instead of 5 is because the axle shafts both has weld spatter on them. Unnoticed this would have destroyed the inner seals.

by: Shane06/18/2020

Installed these axels on Custum boat trailer to fit on top of our Jeep... worked perfectly

by: Douglas McLaughlin06/12/2015

not happy with one lug nut missing threads!!! but I think they also could supply the wedge plate! the horizontal holes never change and the lower vertical should be slots. for the money I shouldn't have to make a plate.

by: Andrew05/14/2019

Only axle I could find to fit my application. Very cool product. Fast delivery. Easy instructions

by: Clark10/25/2022

Well I thought it would be delivered like the picture
Totally unassemblef

by: Andrew H.07/24/2017

This is my favorite suspension system in all the world! Rides like an absolute dream. Easy to set up and install. Works on any trailer frame size.

One thing to know: You don't get the ride height you get with a standard leaf spring suspension. Even with 15-inch wheels, the ride height is pretty low - maybe 10-12 inches of ground clearance to the bottom of the main trailer frame. If you need more ride height, get the lifted version.

A few areas of possible improvement? It's difficult to bolt the suspension unit to a crossmember using the middle bolted hole, which uses a tacked-on weld nut. You have zero room for error when drilling the hole through your cross member, and you can't really use the suspension as a template.

Hmmm ... also, the hanger plate mounting holes are positioned 1-inch from the bottom of the trailer frame. That makes it very difficult, since I use channel side rails, to use standard 1/2-inch USS or SAE washers on the backside. There isn't room. Just an extra 1/4 of a inch would allow me to use standard washers underneath the nuts on a channel frame.

Nitpicking aside, it's amazing.

by: Thomas06/21/2018

etrailer does not provide sufficient information for a customer to correctly choose wheels / tires for this item, so while the suspension looks great and I'm looking forward to using it, I ended up with the wrong wheels/tires: specifically, this will NOT work with 14" zero offset rims (which is almost all of them). I got an RA on the wheels which guess what I can't use it because the only reason I know they don't work is I mounted them so I've wasted DAYS of my time with no progress on my trailer and STILL do not have a confirmed answer that if I buy X rim it will work with these despite writing to the person who helped me place the order days ago and no answer. This is really not what I expected I'm pretty wildly unhappy at being ignored.

by: Doohyun09/11/2018

I wanted to give a lot star, but I spent three months because you missed parts of me a few times.
Anyway it is very good for the product.

by: Benny 09/14/2022

Delivery was on time, product is great the only thing the main box was open and broken thanks to the product being large and did not fall out of the box Thank you Benny

by: Will 12/15/2021

Put these on our teardrop camper about a year ago and have about 3000 miles on them. Smooth and quiet and awesome ground clearance. Would definitely recommend these over a conventional axel.

by: Paul11/25/2017

How can I discourage you from buying this product? Almost a $500 item, yet they can't supply you the 6 bolts to attach it to the frame. Get to the hub assembly, and another simple, but hard to find item a "tang washer" is not supplied. The 4 bolts to attach the square tubing is also not supplied, but expected that because they were very clear the tubing was not included. Of course, I expect this review will never be seen.

by: Paul G01/07/2020

I pull my Sea Doo GTX 300 (that means they are pretty heavy!) PWC's from Wisconsin to Florida twice a year. That said, this last trip to Florida caused me to bend the original straight axle on my trailer. Not fun. I ordered the Timbress Axle -less axles, and after a few hours of work on the trailer, they were installed, square and true. I immediately put the Sea Doos on the trailer to see how the trailer performs with the new axle-less system on it. one word: FANTASTIC!!!! I guarantee if I have to fix this issue again, I will use the exact same product. It is awesome!

by: Robert04/05/2020

This is my first time in building something like this

by: Scott E.11/19/2020

easy install and worked perfectly for my application

by: Keith08/24/2021

This was delivered much later than promised when ordered. It arrived in a damaged package and hardware was missing.

Thank you for bringing that to our attention. Our Customer Service team should be reaching out to you in the near future.
-- Etrailer Expert Brooke M - 08/31/2021

by: John06/05/2020

The product was in perfect condition when it arrived. Please extend a sincere "Thank You" to who ever prepared my order for shipment. The axle systems are heavy and bulky but were superbly packaged. Not even a scratch. all the parts arrived with nothing missing. There was even nice bunch of shims. No one ever sends enough shims. If they are needed I won't have to stop and get more. Very good workmanship on all axle parts and assemblies. The only problem I had was communication with you. I received no info from you about my order after the initial automatic one when I placed the order on the web site. A long time went by and nothing. No updates, confirmation, explanations, nothing. I had to use the "contact" email on your web site. That took a day or so. You folks were very polite and professional, thank you, but during these times it's hard to know if things working as expected. Keep in touch. Thanks. I haven't used the axles yet. Sorry no pictures.

by: Gabe 07/04/2021

I used this to beef up a foldable trailer that had a cheap suspension and tires. It worked great!

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Do you have a question about this Trailer Axles?

  • What Type of Tires to Use on Home-Built Off-Road Trailer
  • The term regular tires when used in the context of Timbren axle-less suspension systems like # A20RS545 distinguishes this kit from one that can be used with off-road trailer wheels/tires, such as kit # ASR1THDS03. Do please note that for a fabricated trailer you will want to use only trailer wheels and special trailer tires. Passenger vehicle wheels and tires are built differently and are not suitable for use on a trailer. Trailer wheels usually have different offset (the distance they...
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  • Comparing Timbren Axle-Less Suspension Systems to Standard Beam Axles for Off-Road Trailer
  • The 2000-lb-rated Timbren axle-less system # A20RS545 will be fine for your application. Since your trailer will weigh below this 2000-lb maximum there will be no real benefit from moving to a higher-rated system. That might even produce rougher handling when the trailer is unloaded. One of the additional benefits of a Timbren axle-less system is ground clearance. There is no axle beam under the trailer and no leaf springs so you can achieve better ground clearance under the trailer....
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