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SportRack Wheel Mount Bike Carrier Replacement Long Hook

Code: 050050

4 reviews

Our Price: $26.49


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SportRack replacement long hook for wheel mount bike carriers

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Customer Reviews

SportRack Wheel Mount Bike Carrier Replacement Long Hook - 050050

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (4 Customer Reviews)

SportRack replacement long hook for wheel mount bike carriers

by: Cheryl 11/06/2021

This replacement hook fit my 12 year old Xport bike rack. The foam padding on one of my original hooks was cut accidentally and ruined. Don’t think they make my Xport rack anymore so I am grateful for etrailer parts!

by: Bill06/30/2016

I went through a car wash, forgetting that I had the Sport Rack bike rack on back. The car wash brushes grabbed those hold down hooks and yanked them off. I checked the car for any damage (none) but did not check to see if the rack was intact. I found out I was missing the hooks next time I tried to mount bikes on the rack. The replacement hooks were a tight fit but I got them on. I had ordered extra bolts and knobs but found out that the hooks came with bolts and clamp-down knobs.
It took a couple of weeks for the new hod-down hooks to arrive but etrailer and specifically George, were good at keeping me informed.

by: Thibaut06/30/2021

perfect fit

by: Michel 08/05/2021

Very nice parts and fast delivery.


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Swagman Fat Bike Tire Wheel Adapter for XTC 2/XTC - 2 Tires

Code: S64674

69 reviews

Our Price: $57.50


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Replacement wheel holders let you carry 1 bike with fat tires up to 5" on your Swagman XTC 2 or XTC 4 bike rack. Simply remove your current wheel holders, slide onto crank arm, and tighten with the hand knob. No tools or extra hardware required.

Video of Swagman Fat Bike Tire Wheel Adapter for XTC 2/XTC - 2 Tires

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Customer Reviews

Swagman Fat Bike Tire Wheel Adapter for XTC 2/XTC - 2 Tires - S64674

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (69 Customer Reviews)

Replacement wheel holders let you carry 1 bike with fat tires up to 5" on your Swagman XTC 2 or XTC 4 bike rack. Simply remove your current wheel holders, slide onto crank arm, and tighten with the hand knob. No tools or extra hardware required.

by: Oregon Keith 08/17/2016

For my wife's 2007 Chevy Cobalt and the I am using the.
Draw-Tote Sportframe Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class I - 1-1/4"?
Swagman XC 2-Bike Rack Platform Style for 1-1/4" and 2" Trailer Hitches
For when we are carrying our fat bikes I am using 2 sets of the
Swagman Fat Bike Tire Wheel Adapter for XTC 2/XTC - 2 Tires
They work great in the pic is my Norco Sasquatch with 4.8 Jumbo Jims on for tires and the fit with room to spare early could handle 5" wide tires. the securement straps are great quality and are holding up great I have used these for 6 months so far with 0 problems .

I have installed everything my self and I love the service I get from E-Trailer I will buy form them again.

by: Kerry12/19/2017

When installing the fat tire adapters I discovered that both the regular size loops have to be on the inside of the fat tire loops or you can not tighten the knobs (SEE ATTACHED PICTURE). This makes it impossible to properly adjust for my other bike on the inside. All they would have to do is space the fat tire loop 1 inch further away from the mounting bar. I can not believe this was not noticed and fixed when designed!

Kerry,Thank you for your review. After speaking with Swagman I have been informed in your situation you can switch the fat tire hoop to the inside position. That should give you a bit more clearance for the other hoop. It is not ideal to move the fat tire hoop to the inside but in this particular situation, it is a solution.
-- Etrailer Expert Heather A - 12/19/2017

by: Fred04/09/2018

These are sturdy and fine if you are only carrying one bike on the rack. But as another reviewer noted there is a design flaw if you wish to mount two bikes. The clamp knob of the adjacent bike tray runs into the tubing of the fat bike tray if you try and center the bikes on the back of the car. The bikes have to be staggered quite a bit in order to be able to tighten the affected knob. This pushes the bikes further out the side of the car. If you drive a large car it's probably not a problem, but if you drive a smaller one you may not like the position this puts the bikes in.

by: CW07/09/2016

The tire racks fit my Fat Bike tires perfectly on my Swagman Bike Rack. Highly recommend them if you have a Fat Bike.

by: Michael08/28/2021

I had to modify these to fit my Sportrack, because Sportrack does not offer wheel trays for fat tires. I had read a previous review stating that someone had already done this, so I took the chance. These have worked perfectly ever since. I did not have to damage the tray in any way and can still slide them to adjust them as needed. They still tighten properly, etc. I am very happy with this product.

by: scannon04/19/2022

All I can say is WOW!? After receiving the rack TEN MONTHS LATE, etrailer asks for a review less than 4 hours after it's been delivered. I have not even opened the box yet, but etrailer wants to know what I think! I think etrailer needs to have a little bit of self awareness! I NEEDED the rack 9 months ago. After waiting 10 months, I'm on no rush to use the rack. I may return to review the rack, but I don't have much good to say about etrailer.

by: Thomas11/29/2022

The photo of the product when I purchased it was poor , and when I received the product I was happy that it was exactly what I was looking for and I felt it was made well , all is good

by: Steve04/18/2020

The bike rack is incredibly easy to put together. It was easy to install. I purchased the big tire accessory and it works perfectly for our fat tire sikk beach cruiser bikes. It folds up and stores easily. Great purchase. Also shipping was timely and without a problem.

by: Inglewood racing08/23/2018

Although I installed the racks on a performance transit model bike rack it worked good. I did have to file down the inner rubber then use grease to get it to fit right. As for the bike with 4.0 tires it fit Great.

Worked good after major dremel work has to be done though. The plastic does not slide over the bars it is too thick.
Inglewood r - 08/23/2019

by: MMiller08/23/2016

Great product quality. Did not fit on my existing rack with the plastic inserts and without the inserts they are hard to tighten. This is not the fault of the product at all as my rack is a different brand...just something to be aware of. I use them anyway with my fat bike and regular 29er (2.35) and have had no issues. As always, e-trailer folks are easy to work with and shipping is fast.

by: Tim J.06/23/2016

Had the Swagmann bike carrier. Got rid of our mountain bikes and got fat bikes, the tires wouldn't fit. E trailer had the replacement tire loops for fat bikes. Got them to us fast, everyone there was great. They are the best!

Product is working great !
Tim J - 06/23/2017

by: Cary 04/09/2021

The parts were as advertised. Came on time and worked.

Works good
Cary - 04/11/2022

by: Ty A.01/26/2017

eTrailer and Emily went above and beyond to update me on my backordered Swagman bike trailer parts. She did as promised, wrote me to tell me the status of my order several times, and followed up to make sure the complete order arrived in good shape.
I will definitely purchase from eTrailer in the future, and encourage Emily's manager to reward her for extraordinary customer service!
Thank you.

Love it! Works great.
Tyson A - 01/26/2018

by: Spencer04/20/2021

Everything went together as planned
thanks so much for the follow up in the thorough service

by: Michael H.01/20/2017

Exactly what I needed. I've been using the same Swagman bike carrier for almost 6 years now (well over 5,000 miles with it) and needed to start carrying my new fat bike. I used it a couple of times with the standard hoops, but didn't feel confident about how the bike was sitting. When I saw these adapters, I knew I needed them.

Unfortunately, no one had them in stock back in October when I wanted to order. Thankfully, the guys at were great and kept me informed of stock availability and notified me immediately when they were available. A few days later they arrived at my door and were mounted to my Swagman.

The larger hoops hold my fat tire bike perfectly. The addition of the rubber straps also helps (something that isn't on my original hoops) to secure the bike. I'm now confident that I can load my fat bike with my 29'r on the rack and head to the mountains without losing either!

by: Robert10/14/2018

Amazing how secure this makes my fat tire eBike on/in its Swagman XTC2 hitch rack. With the old standard loops, I had to use lots of straps and bungees to (almost) secure it. Not so now with these loops and their effective rubber securing straps. Lots easier to load as well because the upturned loop end prevents it accidentally rolling of the end when loading. Love it!

by: Sue01/08/2019

These worked perfectly with my existing Swagman bike carrier to carry my fat tire bike. Actually nicer than what came with the carrier originally! Just put them back on the carrier for winter, which is the only time I ride my fatty. Easy peasy switch!

by: Jeff02/10/2018

Got these to go on my Swagman 4 bike rack to haul my new Fatboy. Carries the bike (4.6 inch tires) perfectly! Very solid and fits the rack fine. Easy installation. Excellent purchasing and delivery experience.

by: Samson12/14/2020

After a year of use, I am very happy with the product. A friend of mine bought the same rack, and he is very happy too. I since upgraded the rack with the larger wheel wells to hold our fat bikes (4" wide tires), and it is working well.
One note is that the finish and hardware do not hold up well in the weather. I suggest that you regularly coat the hardware with a corrosion inhibitor, and coat the painted metal with wax or polymer sealant. If you can store it out of the sun and rain, do so.

by: Chuck F.03/20/2016

Easy to install and works perfect. My tires are 26"x4" and there's plenty of room for a 5" tire. Now I can drive down the hi way without the bike shifting around. I also don't need excessive bungee cords to hold the wheels. I am a bit concerned by the weight limit. The sticker says 35lb bike max. My steel fat bike weighs about 38lbs. I'll keep a close eye on it in the meantime.

by: Bryce04/30/2016

Product delivered 4 days after ordering. Swapped out the standard loops with the fat tire wheel adapters and secure our 4.7" tires very well. The Swagman XTC4 is now versatile for mountain bikes, as well as, fat bikes. I would highly recommend purchasing this product from etrailer......

by: Jon P09/28/2017

I went to that link but I did not see where to add comments. I love the bike rack. It works out perfect on my 2015 Toyota Prius. The main thing I like about it is that it is so simplistic. I recently upgraded different tire mounts so now I can use it for my FAT bike.

by: Scott p10/08/2016

Super fast accessory delivery for the swagman bike carrier. Ordered Monday got it Friday, standard delivery.
Got the carrier for fat tire bike, however hurricane Matthew kept me inside Saturday.
I hope to ride Sunday. Awesome customer service etrailer!
I'll recommend you for sure

by: Charlie H04/01/2016

Haven't used the wheel adapters yet, they look like they will work fine. This review is about the great service from George at Etrailer. Product I ordered was not in stock. I was notified immediately and asked if I wanted it ordered. I was kept informed of progress and shipping was quick. Definitely will get my business again. Thanks!

by: Sonny04/21/2018

The Fat Bike Tire Wheel Adapter fits my Swagman hauler perfectly and fits the fat tire bike wheel as well. Just what I needed to haul my fat tire bike to the mountains!

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