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Replacement Latch for SportRack Explorer Cargo Box

Code: 03347

672 reviews

Our Price: $19.17


Product Specs:

Accessories and Parts

Roof Box



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Replacement Latch for SportRack Explorer Cargo Box - 03347

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (672 Customer Reviews)

by: Daniel Gabrian10/26/2020

So glad I found this latch replacement. The latch doesn't hook perfect on the lid but strong enough for a good grip. No big issue for me. I called late, after 20:30, not hoping for much. But Emily was so kind and so composed, it was a real pleasure. When searching the system for answers to my questions, she was singing! Thank you Emily for nor transferring me to a robotic melody! And your follow-ups were so reassuring of the whole process. That's what I call a pleasant customer service.
I will post a picture of the old latch and the new one. The new latch comes with the hook bracket that can be attached to the bottom part of the box. I will do that later, in warmer days.
Thank you again.

As good as new! And I use the latch regularly...
Daniel G - 11/22/2021

by: Rene09/01/2022

It fit perfectly. Same quality as original. But a little pricy for such a small piece.

by: Christian06/13/2022

Arrived quickly, a couple days early! This is an upgrade from the original metal style latch in the front of my cargo carrier, the rear was missing. I had to drill a 2nd hole since the spacing was different from the original. The cargo carrier is a Sportrack, model unknown, but it's 7.5ft long.

by: Louis-Joseph08/17/2022

Excellent product, fits perfectly on my sportrack explorer roof carier box

by: rxcrider01/22/2015

First off, etrailer was the only company that gave me any hope of finding a key to fit a Karrite roof box from the early '90s. Thule told me they didn't support the old stuff from a company they acquired, but etrailer responded that there was a good chance the Thule N key of the same number would fit the Karrite lock with a 3 digit code. They were right and I'm back in business. The latches for the explorer box were an exact fit as well. The explorer spring hinges and Adventurer box support plates required some modification to work, but I expected that going in. The only thing that doesn't seem to work is the Thule change key that I added to meet the minimum order for free shipping. The spring hinges are a bit weak for the larger box which likes to distort the lid when it is being opened or closed. They work well at holding the lid open, but I bent one of the arms while closing the lid. At some point I'll reinforce the arms where they are a bit thin near the pivot. Etrailer helped make the old box functional so I didn't have to spend 10x as much for a new one.

by: - chase -12/11/2016

I have an older but in great condition Sears X-Cargo. (see pic)

These newer style latches will work, but not directly. To get them to work is a simple matter of drilling two new holes for the screws.

I found in order to get a better, tighter fit than I did with the original latches, you'll want to close the latch. Center it in the catch groove on top. Make sure the latch hook is seated properly. And with a slight downward pressure on the lid draw a line around the base that attaches to the bottom of the box.

Next extend the latch fully. Line it back up with your pencil marks. And mark the screw holes. I marked the bottom first. Drilled it. Put the screw in then marked the second hole once realigned properly.

You may find the new holes down and to one side of the original holes slightly. But the latch base covers them once attached.

Personally. I replaced the foam seal on the lid prior to installing the new latch. I also replaced the nuts and bolts with marine grade stainless steel. I also used a gasket sealant on all through holes before reassembly to ensure zero leaks in foul weather.

It's better than it was new with the improvements overall.

My X-CARGO only needed one latch replaced. I bought two. I only replaced one with this newer style. The reason is, the original style has a provision for a small lock. These new style latches do not. I keep the second new style in a small baggy taped to the inside, just incase it's needed.

I'm happy overall. My X-CARGO box is better than new, and lacks only the X-Cargo sticker to be completely refurbished.

ETrailer was quick to deliver. And very courteous when I called. Ordering was simple.

by: Rich08/17/2019

I recently was given an older cartopper to use as a cargo hold for a motorcycle pull behind trailer. It was lacking the fore and aft latches which are necessary to keep things dry and the lid intact. etrailer had what I was looking for after a brief search. Not only did I find what brand of cartopper I had, the latches were available immediately. They arrived 3 days earlier than the estimated time of arrival and fit perfectly. My project is complete.

by: Ray03/18/2023

Latch was a perfect replacement for our carrier! Installed and works great. Was easy to find on the site and description help with my selection!

by: Randy E.07/14/2019

This latch made my cargo carrier completely close... even I need to drill another hole but it fits perfect after all... attached pictures even my original latch that is closing the front side.... thanks for your product

by: Randall08/20/2022

Fit my sears X Cargo perfectly.

by: Raymond 08/03/2021

Exact replacement for a broken one on my vintage Sears X-Cargo hard shell car top carrier.

Has performed perfectly.
Raymond - 08/04/2022

by: Charles 09/25/2022

Direct replacement for the latches on an old Yakima Cargo box.

by: John S12/17/2020

This was exactly what I needed to repair my old cargo carrier. The item was exactly as described and was shipped in quick fashion.

One year later and it continues to work well! Weve made three 1,300+ mile trips with it in use and not a single issue has arisen. It took me a long time to find this part, and I continue to be thrilled with both the value and function of what I received.
John S - 12/21/2021

by: Ross06/12/2022

Went to Rerack and Rack Attack in Portland to get an old Sportsrack box fixed up (new lock and latch). Neither of them were able to offer any help, but were quite happy to sell me a new or second hand Thule or Yakima box to the tune of a few hundred bucks.
Found this site with all the parts and did it myself for a few bucks and it's like new. Super useful site.

by: Barry 09/11/2022

This Latch works great and for other cargo boxes as well. My only complaint is that the price has doubled

by: Garrett 03/07/2023

Exactly what I needed. Fits perfectly, works flawlessly.

by: Darryle03/17/2023

The employees at etrailer are absolutely fantastic.
Every order is delivered within a few days, and they always provide excellent updates as to status of my orders.

by: Junior 09/01/2022

My part made it here on time it’s been a pleasure working with trailer for the second time I would recommend e trailer to all my family and friends I’m one satisfied customer thanks again Jr

by: Debra 01/26/2023

It looks like it will work....have not tried it yet. I looked in many stores but unable to find anything so this will solve the problem if it fits.

by: David03/23/2022

I purchased a cargo box online that was missing this piece. A few clicks and couple days later, this beauty was on my doorstep and now I no longer need a luggage strap to hold it shut.

Ps.… still in perfect shape nearly a year later

by: David 03/22/2023

Exactly what I needed and quick service

by: Sue08/02/2019

The latch was received in perfect condition and works great. Easy to install and super product for our aged Sears X-Cargo car top carrier.

by: Cheryl J07/26/2017

I couldn't find a model# for my older xcargo carrier, so after studying I decided to try these latches. They fit perfectly! They were delivered in a timely manner also. Very satisfied with this company.

by: Karen07/05/2021

Love it.Perfect wish I would of ordered two. Thick sturdy plastic is the replacement the steel wire is the original.Don’t hesitate to order fits perfect and much better quality. Don’t make same mistake as I did order all of your latches to be replaced!

by: Claudia 12/21/2022

I received exactly what I ordered. Than ks!

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SportRack Replacement Hardware Kit for Explorer and SkyLine XL Roof Mounted Cargo Boxes

Code: SR05587

67 reviews

Our Price: $116.07


Product Specs:

Accessories and Parts

Roof Box

Mounting Hardware


Replaces the mounting hardware for SportRack Explorer or SkyLine XL roof mounted cargo boxes. Includes everything necessary to mount 1 cargo box a roof rack.

Video of SportRack Replacement Hardware Kit for Explorer and SkyLine XL Roof Mounted Cargo Boxes

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

SportRack Replacement Hardware Kit for Explorer and SkyLine XL Roof Mounted Cargo Boxes - SR05587

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (67 Customer Reviews)

Replaces the mounting hardware for SportRack Explorer or SkyLine XL roof mounted cargo boxes. Includes everything necessary to mount 1 cargo box a roof rack.

by: Bargie11/02/2021

etrailer always has the best prices and everything I want and need for any trailer or carrier I have! To replace my 23 year old Sears hard cargo carrier is over $600 and for $110 I bought all new guts to keep it good for another 22 years!

Changed all the hinges and clamps, spray painted my carrier after filling weak spots with a hardening substance. Carrier doesn’t look bad and all new parts are perfect! I have a new carrier at least hinges it’s sturdy and working perfect! I plan to keep it another 23+ years.
Bargie - 11/03/2022

by: Floyd T09/19/2021

It’s pretty awesome being able order replacement hardware for my SportRack Cargo box that I’ve owned for 4-5 years! The hardware was rusty & corroded, I live in Southeast Alaska, rain country! Feels like I have a new cargo box again! Thank you etrailer!

by: Bob M.05/06/2017

I was ordering individual parts I needed to repair our 'aged' rooftop carrier and then noticed a 'kit' with all the parts I needed...and then some. I figured I'd have to find some of the other parts and supplies elsewhere. Boom...everything I needed in one kit and costs less than all the individual parts. Shipping costs completely reasonable and it arrived a day or two early to boot! EXACTLY the 'service' that sets a company (People and culture) above the rest! Oh...and everything looks to be quality and original parts....and you even included a complete parts and assembly manual! Double BOOM!! I have several trailers and two other rooftop carriers...will be ordering parts from you!

The parts worked out great...made the rooftop carrier like new! Thanks
Bob M - 05/07/2018

by: Daniel11/11/2019

I bought this Sears X-Cargo for $10 from a garage sale. Knowing it had alot of important pieces missing, I was told just click strap to the roof. Smh, I searched for the mounting brackets and replacement locks hoping to not spend an arm and a leg. I had doubted myself. I thought I would'nt find pany parts for this exact model since it was a sears. After many searches, I found etrailer. This kit from etrailer had every part to restore the X-Cargo to make it better then new. I replaced Evey part and cleaned it up. The kit has instructions to show how each part is properly assembled. Turned out that it wasn't properly assembled when I got it. The kit was a really great price and shipping was great quality. Came in three to four days. I took it on a road trip already and it was the best investment ever. I would highly recommend etrailer if someone finds anything that can be fixed and resold. Overall I only spent $70 when these are $250-$300 brand-new. Thank you etrailer.

by: Rodney 07/28/2022

The kit worked out great a d the sales team was awesome. There was only one small issue and they took care of it immediately. Great customer service.

This kit worked perfectly for my 2000 Sears X-Cargo luggage carrier.

by: David 11/27/2022

Your product was very good and your service was excellent also..Not sure about your vender.. Thank You very much.

by: Leah B01/20/2022

Customer Service representative Paula S of etrailer was very helpful in assisting us with our product needs and most cost effective solutions!

by: Benjamin 09/23/2022

This parts kit was perfect for the worn out carrier that didn't even have a lock when I got it.

by: Mary 10/08/2022

It had everything we needed and more.

by: Sean08/14/2016

Everything came very quickly. I got my cargo carrier free from a friend but could tell there were a couple pieces missing plus there were no keys to the locks either. This replacement hardware had everything I needed. In another month I'll try out my carrier on vacation. Thanks etrailer for having what I needed.

Roof kit came at the right time when you said it would. Got the parts on the cargo box and away we went on vacation. Great job to you and your team. If I need anything else I know I can come back to yall plus Ill tell others of the wonderful job that yall did getting the kit to me right when I needed it.
Sean - 11/16/2017

by: Eric 08/07/2021

I needed to replace some parts of our Karite rooftop carrier, this has everything I need! It’s awesome! Thank you! Buy this for Karite Sears carrier

by: Billy C.10/21/2019

Great product. Exactly what I needed to overhaul a Explorer cargo box I purchased 2nd hand. All the hardware fit as it should. This kit also comes with new lock cylinders which were the main reason I chose this kit.

Refurbished an old sears cargo carrier. All the parts fit perfectly and work flawlessly still.
Billy C - 10/24/2020

by: Darryl05/05/2017

Parts kit provided everything I needed to revive a car top carrier. I initially needed only locks and keys. However, after viewing the cost of a complete kit it made sense to replace a few more hardware items and have spare parts.

Has to be longer than a year. The parts are working fine every time we go on vacation. Ill keep you in mind for future needs.
Darryl - 05/07/2018

by: M.R. Sharp11/26/2021

Came on Monday, got the Cargo Carrier ready to go!

by: Jesus 07/12/2022

Fast delivery and worked as described.

by: Sharon M04/12/2019

I have had no issues with the purchase I made. We were able to replace all the parts that needed replacing on our rooftop carrier and it is like brand new. The order arrived safe and sound and it was easy to make the switches, and was exactly as ordered, no surprises.

by: Don L.06/26/2019

This kit from etrailer enable me to modernize an older roof top luggage carrier. Although I did not use everything in the kit, the hinges made a huge difference. I would highly recommend this kit and etrailer.

by: Rosemary02/11/2019

We received the accessory parts for our roof rack carrier in record time. I was most impressed by the fact that everything fit correctly even though our carrier was several years old. Made our trip to Florida much less stressful! Great products and exceptional service!! Price was great too!
Thank you!!

by: Jaime V.04/03/2017

My first order with Etrailer, and the service was fantastic. Keep up your great work.

In Chile, I rent roof cargo boxes and sometimes I need spare part for them. Also, I am the only one that sell spare parts.
Jaime V - 04/03/2018

by: Mark04/30/2013

Get price for an hardware set I was surprised I could actually get since I needed more than a few parts on this cargo box. Easy ordering and fast shipping made it a great transaction. Thanks!

Thanks to the hardware kit we were able to use our SportRack carrier on 3 trips last summer. Looking forward to using it again this year!
Mark - 04/30/2014

by: Doug Boudreaux11/01/2016

Received my replacement parts for a luggage rack for my vehicle within three days which I thought was great. Had a question on installation and had to call for assistance. The representative was very helpful and made informed suggestions on my installation. I will not hesitate using etrailer in the future and I would highly recommend them.

by: MM06/07/2013

I needed replacement locks and keys and the U-Bolts to fit on the new Thule bars I purchased. Buying this kit made perfect sense. In addition, I can replace nuts and bolts later if they ever corrode now that I have them from this kit.

by: John H08/02/2013

This is a great "rehab" kit for your old Karrite Voyager Car Top Carrier! Everything is an exact fit. My carrier is 15+ years old and the plastic is in great condition. However, the hardware was showing its age. It was nice to replace old rusted hinges, worn out braces, broken wing nuts and rotten weather stripping. It's like new now and ready for another 15 years!

by: Isaac02/26/2018

Parts worked exactly as I had hoped. All of the hardware is available to replace everything except the cargo box itself, and for a great price to boot! Works for both the Sportrack Explorer and Karrite Voyager.

by: David03/04/2022

Wonderful package! Everything I need

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