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Best 2018 Ford Edge Flat Tow Set Up-Tow Bar

Hi, I'm Shane with Today, I'm going to be going over the five main components for a flat tow setup on your 2018 Ford Edge. We're gonna have our braking system, our tow bar, our safety cables, our wiring, and our base plate. Now in the 2018 Ford Edge, when it's being flat-towed, it requires the key to be in the on position. When the key's in the on position, while it's being flat towed, it could potentially run your battery down If you're going on a long trip. You can disconnect your battery each time you wanna flat tow it.

Roadmaster Nighthawk All Terrain Tow Bar Installation - 2017 Ford Edge

Today on our 2017 Ford Edge, you're going to be taking a look at, and I'm going to be showing you how to install, the Roadmaster Nighthawk All-Terrain Tow Bar, part number, RM-676. Your tow bar is one of the five main components on a flat tow set up. The other four are going to be safety cables, your baseplate, your braking system, and your lighting. This is Roadmaster's Nighthawk All-Terrain. It's going to have the integrated safety cables and seven to six-pole umbilical cord.Now, the attached umbilical cord is going to use seven-pole side for your RV, and the six-pole side for your towed vehicle. With it being attached to our tow bar, this is one less thing we're going to have to buy.

Blue Ox Tow Bar Installation - 2014 Ford Edge

Today on our 2014 Ford Edge, we're going to be installing the Blue Ox Alpha Tow Bar with a motor home mount and rated for 6500 pounds. Part number BX7365. We're here at the back of our motor home. We're going to need to insert the tow bar into our receiver hitch here. Go ahead and line up the hole, slide the pin through, and put the clip on it as well. You may notice that this particular motor home already has a rise. It's about a four inch rise receiver that's added to it.

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