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7-Way Molded Trailer Wire Connector, 6' Long

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hopkins wiring trailer end connector
hopkins wiring trailer connectors 7 blade
hopkins wiring trailer end connector 7 blade h20044

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wiring hopkins trailer connectors end connector 7-way molded wire 6' long
wiring hopkins trailer connectors end connector in use

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hopkins wiring trailer connectors h20044

  • Trailer Connectors
  • Trailer End Connector
  • 7 Blade
  • Plug and Lead
  • Hopkins
  • 6 Feet Long
Lowest Prices for the best wiring from Hopkins. 7-Way Molded Trailer Wire Connector, 6' Long part number H20044 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

Hopkins Wiring - H20044

Trailer Connector RV Style 7-Way Blade with 6' lead

  • Pre-wired 7-Way Trailer Connector
  • Measures 6 feet long including connector
  • Wire gauges:
    • 14 Gauge - red, brown, green, and yellow
    • 12 Gauge - Blue
    • 10 Gauge - White and Black

Wiring Code
Molded Connector Function Usual Trailer Wire
White Wire Ground White Wire
Red Wire Left Turn and Brake Yellow Wire
Brown Wire Right Turn and Brake Green Wire
Green Wire Tail Lights Brown Wire
Blue Wire Brake Power Blue Wire
Black Wire 12 volt (hot lead) Black Wire
Yellow Wire Aux. -

Hopkins # 20044

20044 7-Way Molded Trailer Wire Connector, 6' Long

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Video of 7-Way Molded Trailer Wire Connector, 6' Long

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Hopkins Wiring H20044 Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at part of our h20044. This is the Hopkins 7 way molded trailer wire connector. It's going to measure 6 ft. long. This unit is going to work great as a replacement, if you're needing to replace a 7 way connector on your trailer. Or if you're adding wiring, this would be a good addition to that as well.

That way you can plug in into a 7 way RV style connector on your vehicle, and that can send power back to the trailer to activate the trailer signal lights. So you can see on this end we're going to have the nice 7 way connector. It's got the finger tabs on there, so we can easily connect it and disconnect it. Then working back to the end, it's got the nice casing that goes around the wires. That's going to really help protect them from any type of damage, or it's going to keep the safe when exposed to the elements. You're going to have 5 ft.

of total length to work with. And then here at the back we're going to have our exposed wires. See all the different colors that we have Red, brown, green and yellow. These are all going to be 14 gauge wiring. Blue is going to be 12 gauge and then white and black is going to be 10 gauge wiring.

The white is going to function as a ground. Red is going to function as left turn and brake. Brown is going to function as right turn and brake. Green is for tail lights. Blue is going to be for brake power, we have a brake controller.

Black is going to be our 12 volt hot lead, and yellow is going to be the auxiliary circuit. That's going to do it for today's review of part number h20044. This is the Hopkins 7 way molded trailer wire connector. Measuring six feet long. .

Customer Reviews

7-Way Molded Trailer Wire Connector, 6' Long - H20044

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (122 Customer Reviews)

- H20044

by: Neal, D04/15/2016

Initially this product seemed perfect. It is stout and seems to be able to hold up to the wear and tear of the road. It fits far better then the cheap connector I picked up at the convenient store. The length was more than adequate to replace my old connector. However, after installing it my lights went CRAZY!! My passenger side turn signal was constantly on. When I hit the driver side turn signal all the lights flashed. The brakes did turn anything on. So I completely disconnected it and got out my trusted multimeter. Turns out that the brown wire went to the green on the trailer, the yellow to the brown, the green to the red, ect. It was a mess. Within 10 minutes I had the wires feeding the correct lights. I'm not sure if it is because Chevrolet doesn't use the industry standard or if my connector was defective. Either way it's fixed now and works great!! Even with all of those problems I still give it 4 stars. 245487

- H20044

by: Russell H04/16/2015

Products were all as described and good quality. The only problem was packaging. The insulation on the wires on one of the brake assemblies was cut requiring splicing. Not a big deal but did require additional time and effort since they were cut where going through back plate. Wish I had purchased two conductor brake wire. Would have made job easier.But that was my mistake. 185439


No problems, everything working as it should.

Russell H - 04/15/2016


- H20044

by: Patrick04/24/2014

Product is very well built; rock solid with nice durable wire. 127117


After a year, the product is still as good as it was the day I got it and it sits out year round.

Patrick - 04/24/2015


- H20044

by: Kyle L06/29/2015

The connector is a good piece, however the colors do not match up. Anyone familiar with trailer and truck wiring knows that the wires are all color coded for a reason. If your not going to make the colors match up then why utilize the same colors? I hard wired everything neatly and then found out brown doesn't go to brown, and so on.... Had to test every lead to get it all wired properly... extremely aggravating. My suggestion is that the wires be run properly so they can all match color wise... and if that's not possible, then send a wiring diagram along with the harness when it is shipped. 208164

- H20044

by: Scott M.02/02/2017

The products were ordered on Sunday night late, delivered by Wednesday. Converting drum surge brakes to disc, electric over hydraulic on a boat trailer for 26ft Sea Ray boat. I had everything including Titan brake actuator, 4 kodiac rotor and caliper conversion kits with bearings, and new lines installed by Thursday evening. Installation was straight forward, everything fit perfectly. One of the calipers was malfunctioning (not releasing). I called customer service and I had a new one within two days, it's now installed and working great!! Great product! Awesome service!! 340162

- H20044

by: Mike S.09/04/2015

Coodo's to etrailer again for your excellent service and delivery! All the etrailer Reps are knowledgable, and of great assistance throughout the Q&A and ordering process. The new Load Range E trailer tires and 7-way molded wire connector I ordered arrived in 3 days to rural SW Colorado. Excellent service! Will mount them today, and have no doubt they will work far better than the Load Range C tires I had before. Same brand, same size, just higher rating. These etrailer folks are on top of it, their handling of return items is exceptional. I recommend them highly! 224057

- H20044

by: Mike S.09/04/2015

Coodo's to etrailer again for your excellent service and delivery! All the etrailer Reps are knowledgable, and of great assistance throughout the Q&A and ordering process. The new Load Range E trailer tires and 7-way molded wire connector I ordered arrived in 3 days to rural SW Colorado. Excellent service! Will mount them today, and have no doubt they will work far better than the Load Range C tires I had before. Same brand, same size, just higher rating. These etrailer folks are on top of it, their handling of return items is exceptional. I recommend them highly! 224056

- H20044

by: Mike R05/11/2017

Products received were high quality as advertised and the customer service was awesome. US postal service as the delivery method was less then impressive. Found my package laying on the ground by my mailbox roadside. This by no means was Etrailers Fault but something to consider when they chose a delivery method for their customers. The experience with Etrailers other then this was awsome. Will be ordering more for sure. 380541


Hello Mike R!! Thank you for purchasing our Wire Connector. Hopkins really appreciates your business and we are looking forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Hopkins C from - 05/15/2017


- H20044

by: Marco R.08/11/2017

Any time I order a product from is exactly what I need to complete a project. The descriptions are very accurate and complete. The time it is shipped is usually one day and it arrives at my address very quickly. I have been using products from this source for a number of years and have always been completely satisfied. Looking for the next project...................... Marco R Rock Springs WY 419266

- H20044

by: Randy R.06/05/2017

I converted an old rectangular 6-pin connector on my 2001 Skamper pop-up. Had I just went ahead and wired it up color-to-color to begin with, I wouldn't have had to un-tape it 3 times to correct my wiring. My problem was I studied the wiring diagrams too much, and even googled for more 7-way connector diagrams, thereby creating more confusion and conflicting opinions. 388884


Thanks Randy R for reviewing the H20044 Wire Connector!! Hopkins appreciates your business.

Hopkins C from - 06/06/2017


- H20044

by: Mike Mellor02/08/2017

I felt the product was good, but the cord was not long enough. When I ordered it, the one I wanted had a longer cord, but was not available. I was in a bind so I took the shorter one. It works great, but it is not long enough for my needs. If I have to turn the trailer sharp the cord will pop out of the plug, due to the shortness of the cord. Good product. 339810

- H20044

by: Mark C11/12/2014

The items that I orderd were received in a very timley manner. I had originally ordered a different trailer pig tail and etrailer contacted me and let me know that the items were back ordered from the supplier and made recomendations on what they had in stock. The staff at etailer are very proffesonal and I will diffenitly purchase from them in the future. 160503

- H20044

by: Jim Sherrow03/30/2015

I found my kitchen exhaust fan motor on etrailer after looking all over the internet. It was a perfect match and the price was also good. I have also purchased products to re-wire a boat trailer. The handling and shipping is always fast. And the prices for what I have purchased are great. I highly recommend you use etrailer and I am so glad I found them. 181492

- H20044

by: Kent C.04/05/2017

I purchased this pig tail as a replacement for my boat trailer. The cord that came with the trailer was too short and would come unplugged going around corners. The new cord came with ample length and appeared to be well made. Time has proved that to be correct. I recently ordered another for our travel trailer as a result of this experience. 363400


Hello Kent C!! Thank you for purchasing our Wire Connector. Hopkins is pleased that we were able to solve you cord problem. We really appreciate your business and are looking forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Hopkins C from - 05/15/2017


- H20044

by: Schattilly08/14/2016

I found that their Web site was fairly easy to navigate through. I was easily able to find what I needed. Placed my order and waited. Was able to easily track my products progress which was nice. Received it and open the package and found it well packed and the product looks well constructed and durable. I would order from here again. 283638


Its working great. Had to verify each wire individually as the online schematics may have been different colors but with a few minutes a second person and a multimeter it was figures out. Wired onto trailer and have had no issues

Michael S - 08/17/2017


Confirming wiring functions is alway a wonderful thing, you definitely took the right approach. Happy to hear you got your trailer wiring connection installed and you are good to go.

-- Rachael H - 8/18/2017

- H20044

by: Bob12/16/2016

Very disappointed. As we all know it's quite a job to re-attach a trailer connector even using a trailer junction box. Then to see the connector come apart from the cord exposing the individual wires after a short time and very moderate use is heart breaking. I do not recommend this brand. 325573

- H20044

by: Peter b.11/18/2016

Beware, This molded plug wire colors probably China standard. The wiring colors is not as US standard trailer colors. I had to rewire after problem with lights. Red on plug is yellow left signal, Green is tail light brown and brown on plug is green right signal. Unacceptable. 317963

- H20044

by: Scott02/08/2017

I bought this to replace the one on a trailer I bought that people had splice and taped. This unit worked great and allowed me to streamline the wiring back to original new condition. The plug is molded on so I do not have to worry about it coming loose or moisture getting in. 340030

- H20044

by: Mark C07/25/2016

Nice strong product, but the wiring colors are all nuts. Not standard at all. The description even states that. I returned the last one that had nutty wiring colors, but gave up on this one. Since my cable was proprietary to just me and my toad, I decided to live with it. 276007

- H20044

by: Charles b11/14/2016

The products help you take the work out of what you need to do made easy 316557

- H20044

by: David M.12/15/2016

I have not installed the harness yet. I have lain it out next to the old one and it will be perfect. I love etrailer. Good prices, great product, helpful people. I have ordered a ton of product from etrailer. They help me keep my old toy hauler working great. David M. 325139

- H20044

by: Shane05/13/2015

Online ordering was very easy. Customer service emailed updates every step of the delivery process and allowed me to track my order very easily. Everything came in as expected and in great shape. My first experience with Etrailer has been very pleasant! Thank you! 192515

- H20044

by: Paul Smith04/17/2017

I have used several parts from etrailer over the years, and have never had any problem. they handle only the best quality and I can get hard to find products sent quickly and easily right to my house. I could not recommend a company more highly than etrailer. 369935


Paul, We appreciate your business and the great review and kind words. Dont hesitate to contact us if you should ever have problems or just questons.Thanks

Hopkins C from - 04/20/2017


- H20044

by: GeorgeM08/22/2016

Very nice quality product. It's nice to have a molded plug, and this fits the bill nicely. Length is adequate as well. Couple this with one of the trailer junction boxes (another excellent product) and you'll have a clean and professional installation. 286374


All good. Havent used the trailer much tho.

GeorgeM - 11/01/2017


- H20044

by: Aaron N.10/02/2016

Quality product at a reasonable price. Worked great- used a "weather pack" connector for a nice sealed connection to the rest of the trailer wiring. Just be sure to carefully check the wire colors (as many noted in the reviews)- they are not standard! 302517


After a year, product is still like new- weather exposure hasnt caused any issues at all!

Aaron N - 10/02/2017


- H20044

by: David S.10/01/2015

The product was exactly as described. One of the packages was mashed a little and some of the parts were loose in the box, but all was there and in good shape. No problems. Good solid materials and should hold up well for my purposes. 228767

- H20044

by: Ken S02/12/2017

This place delivered. Could not find it cheaper. Delivered in a week. NO SHIPPING CHARGE!! Great videos to understand installation. You won't find a better place to get your trailer parts. Perfect 10!!! 343691

- H20044

by: ARIC11/18/2016

Good solid cord. Wish wires were color coded correctly. Only two were off. Trailer yellow was red on the cord and the yellow wire in the cord went to the center post which is the back up light terminal. 317862

- H20044

by: Mike S.09/04/2015

Excellent product, high quality. Will work well with my trailer rewiring project and connection into the Pollak Junction Box from etrailer. Clean, neat and protective of all wiring connections. 224055

- H20044

by: Chuck Edwards06/22/2015

My customers prefer the molded 7-Way trailer wire because it is a clean install with no screws or connections that get loose or come apart at a connection that gets used and abused quite a lot. 206240

- H20044

by: Jason S.08/19/2017

Unfortunately I can't write a complete review on this product because I haven't installed it yet. Everything did however come in the box completely as advertised, so I will give a good review. 422443

- H20044

by: Michael T.09/09/2016

Top shelf products, excellent selection, awesome prices. Converting a tandem trailer to electric brakes, these guys had it all from bolt on coupler to the new drums! Love these guys! 292734

- H20044

by: gordon walsh09/26/2017

it was so much easier to wire the trailer with brakes , and lights .After being on the farm for 15 years with only one tail light ,now ok for the road ,thank you very much . Gordon walsh 436577

- H20044

by: Mike M01/18/2017

Everything was exactly what they said it was. Had good prices with free shipping. It was shipped on the same day took about three days. I bought eight items all received at same time. 336838

- H20044

by: Odella F.05/06/2015

Excellent experience! We got the the trailer brakes that we needed and they worked perfect. Wire connector is ready to be installed also. If we need more parts, we will be back. 190901

- H20044

by: jtrippa08/04/2016

Perfect direct replacement for my equipment trailer, made even easier by the fast service of The standard 7 pin end and well sealed connection at the plug are nice. 279724

- H20044

by: JohnW08/02/2016

Seems like a good quality product. Wires were not configured in normal color pattern for this type connector though so check all functions before making connections. 278728

- H20044

by: Hewy106/11/2017

The trailer wiring connector is very heavy duty and sealed against weather, and much better than the do it yourself taped up wiring and screw clamp type connectors. 391808


That is the kind of comments we love to hear Hewy1!! Hopkins appreciates your business and we are grateful you purchased our Trailer Wire Connector. If you have any concerns or questions, please get in contact with etrailer customer service. Thank you!

Hopkins C from - 06/15/2017


- H20044

by: mike h02/13/2017

exactly what I wanted. the printer that printed my label for the box must have been a little low of ink, was hard to read the address but I still got it 341535

- H20044

by: Dan04/25/2016

They worked well and held up. So you have a 5 star rating with Material Handling Source. We will be ordering more shortly. Thank you. Donna for Dan 246818

- H20044

by: John Caliri09/04/2015

Delivered fast, good solid product. I have used the 3' version on another project and ordered the 6' this time for some more flexibility in mounting. 223983

- H20044

by: mike w04/29/2017

Product was delivered on time with no problem installing on my fifth wheel rv. Always have good service and good product anytime I deal with trailer. 374095


Thanks for the great review on our H20044 Wire Connector, Mike!!! We at Hopkins are happy that you are pleased with this product. Thank you!

Hopkins C from - 05/03/2017


- H20044

by: Lane10/04/2017

Product is just what I ordered. etrailer has great prices, is easy to order from and delivery was fast. Can't beat that! Thanks Rachel. 439186

- H20044

by: Backing Plates for Electric brakes01/13/2015

received the product on date was told it would be here. will be starting swap over on my trailer from hydraulic to electric brakes. 168888

- H20044

by: Zack06/22/2016

This was the quickest, easiest way to add several feet of 7 pin wiring to my trailer to account for an offset in a trucks receiver. 263565

- H20044

by: Charlie09/27/2016

Molded Connector, heavy cable, very nice. Due to color coding on wires not to standard for a 7 pin RV plug it gets 4 stars. 300322

- H20044

by: Gary Dahn06/03/2017

Product shipped fast and received fast. Quality of the product was as if I bought it local. I will be a return customer! 388241


Thanks Gary for reviewing the Wire Connector!! Hopkins appreciates your business.

Hopkins C from - 06/05/2017


- H20044

by: Chris b05/26/2017

Excellent product, fast shipping, helpfull staff. I will be ordering more from these guys in the near future. 385068


Thanks Chris for reviewing the Wire Connector!! Hopkins appreciates your business.

Hopkins C from - 05/30/2017


- H20044

by: Jim Hamlin09/17/2017

Easy to order found it quick,easy to pay and got here early great company. Will order again. Thank you 433405

- H20044

by: Odella F.05/06/2015

Excellent experience! Wire connector is exactly as described. If we need more parts, we will be back. 190902

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  • Instead of replacing both the 7-Way blade-style connector as well as the 6-Pole square connectors, # 37995, I recommend using a 7-Way connector and junction box to make the connections for your trailer. This will eliminate the additional, unnecessary connection at the 6-Pole square connectors. The 7-Way connector I recommend is the Hopkins 7-Way Molded Trailer Wire Connector with 6 Foot Lead # H20044. This connector will provide power for left turn and brake signals, right turn and...
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  • Available 7-Way Wiring Extensions for Camper Trailer
  • We have exactly what you need to provide a convenient 7-way socket for your camper. If your vehicle has a bumper-mounted 7-way socket that uses a round U.S. Car type connector that plugs into the back you can use the 90-degree 7-way harness # 41157 that you referenced. This is 10-feet long. Similar part # 50-97-410 is 9-feet. Such 90-degree harnesses are usually 8 to 10-feet long. We do offer a straight 5-foot 7-way extension, part # TLW6060, that plugs into your 7-way socket (not into...
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  • Troubleshooting Brakes of Logan 3 Horse Trailer Towed by 2015 Silverado 3500 w/ OEM Brake Controller
  • Good thinking testing the truck with your other trailer, you've ruled out the truck as being the cause of the problem. Since all the trailer lights are functioning on the trailer, the problem is likely in the braking system. Start with the trailer plug, and closely examine it for damage or corrosion. If it's damaged or corroded, you can replace it with a connector like part # H20044 for a 6 foot long wire or # H20046 for an 8 foot long wire. Trace the brake output circuit back to...
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  • Adding Brakes to Acme Car Dolly
  • We don't offer parts specific for the Acme tow dolly, but we have the parts you'd need to add either electric or hydraulic drum brakes. I'm assuming your tow dolly doesn't currently have brakes, and that your current hubs use the # L44649 as the inner and outer wheel bearing. If that's the case, to add electric brakes, you'd need the following parts: # 8-257-5UC3-EZ hub drum for EZ lube spindle or # 8-257-5UC3 for standard spindles # 23-47 and # 23-48 electric brake assemblies # H20044...
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  • Parts Needed to Re-Wire 18 Foot Car Hauler Trailer with 7-Way Connector
  • To re-wire your 18 foot car hauler with electric brakes on one axle, I recommend using a wiring junction box like # 38656 in order to make the connections from the lights and brakes. Then for a 7-way trailer plug, you can use the Hopkins # H20046. This connector has an 8 foot lead. The shorter 6 foot # H20044 or 4 foot # H20043 trailer connectors are also available. I recommend using a circuit tester like # 40376 to determine the functions for any wires that are not known, as just using...
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  • Parts Needed to Add Electric Trailer Brakes to StarCraft Boat Trailer
  • You can indeed use electric brakes, but we'd recommend unplugging the trailer before backing into the water. If you click the link I've provided, you can see what's needed to add brakes to a trailer that currently has idler hubs. The first thing you'll need to do is determine which wheel bearings your existing hubs use. Then, find the wheel bolt pattern and wheel diameter (last two numbers in the tire size) so the new hub/drums you choose will be compatible with your existing spindles...
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  • Wiring Needed to Flat Tow a 2016 Jeep Wrangler
  • It sounds like you've created your own umbilical to go from the 7-way on your RV to a 7-way on your Jeep. The Hopkins connector # H20043 is 4 feet long, which isn't going to be long enough to bridge the gap of space for flat towing. You're going to need at least 6 foot umbilical. For a 6 foot 7-way molded cable use # H20044. We typically don't see 7-ways on the front of vehicles, for a great 7-way to 6-way umbilical with a 6-way (which is most common) connecter and mounting bracket I...
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  • Recommended Weight Distribution System for 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan Towing Travel Trailer
  • My online research shows a 3600-lb maximum towing capacity for the 2011 Grand Caravan V6 but your owner's manual will indicate your specific van's towing capabilities which could be more or less depending on the particular engine and transmission configuration. A hitch has to be specifically rated for use with weight distribution (WD) systems; your hitch's safety sticker will tell you whether or not this is the case. If you have a 1-1/4-inch Class II hitch then you cannot use WD. Only...
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  • Recommended Wiring And Waterproof Lights For 2000 Ranger 620 VDS Boat Trailer
  • To completely rewire the trailer you will need to start with a 7-way trailer side wiring harness like part # H20044. You will then need a junction box like part # 38656 to attach to the trailer. You will run the # H20044 harness into the junction box and run the wiring for the brakes and lights off of the posts in the junction box. You will need the appropriate size wire for the lights and for brakes if you have them on the trailer. You will want to run 10 gauge wire like part # 10-1-1...
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  • Hitch, Wiring & Related Items for 1999 Ford F-150 Standard Bed
  • For your 1999 Ford F-150 with standard bed Curt Class IV 2-inch hitch # C14355 is a confirmed fit. The Curt ball mount # C45341 is compatible and will provide either 3-inches of rise or 4-inches of drop. You can use your existing hitch ball IF it is Class IV-rated and if it has a 1-1/4-inch diameter shank. If not you can use either 2-inch ball # A-90 or 2-5/16-inch ball # 63840. If ball mount # C45341 does not have the correct rise or drop to keep your hitched trailer level then you...
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  • Replacement 7-Way Recommendation for Trailer Pollak 14-117
  • That part number is not active anymore but it basically is just a 7-way with wiring like our part # H20044. This is a trailer side 7-way with a 6 foot long wiring harness attached to it.
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  • Wiring a Stop/Turn/Tail Light to Molded 7-Way Connector
  • The Stop/Turn/Tail Trailer Lights # ST21RS and # ST20RS will ground through the mounting hardware, so the two wires will need to connect to the Hopkins 7-Way Molded Trailer Wire Connector # H20044 simply by function. The red wire on the lights is for the tail light function, which is the green wire on the molded connector. The black wire on the lights is for the turn signal and brake functions, which are the red (driver's side) and brown (passenger's side) wires on the molded connector.
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