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Epicord 7-Way Molded Trailer Plug with Junction Box - 10' Long

Item # 277-000141

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epicord wiring 7 blade 277-000141
epicord wiring trailer connectors end connector
epicord wiring trailer connectors 7 blade 7-way molded plug with junction box - 10' long
epicord wiring trailer connectors end connector
epicord wiring trailer connectors 277-000141
epicord wiring trailer connectors end connector 7-way molded plug with junction box - 10' long
epicord wiring trailer end connector
epicord wiring trailer end connector
epicord wiring trailer end connector 277-000141
epicord wiring trailer end connector
epicord wiring trailer end connector 7 blade 277-000141
epicord wiring trailer connectors 7 blade 7-way molded plug with junction box - 10' long
epicord wiring trailer end connector 7 blade 277-000141
epicord wiring trailer connectors end connector 7-way molded plug with junction box - 10' long

In Use/Installed

wiring epicord trailer connectors 277-000141
wiring epicord trailer end connector 277-000141
wiring epicord trailer connectors 7-way molded plug with junction box - 10' long

Customer Photos

epicord wiring trailer connectors 277-000141
epicord wiring trailer connectors 277-000141
epicord wiring trailer connectors 7-way molded plug with junction box - 10' long
epicord wiring trailer connectors 277-000141
epicord wiring trailer connectors 277-000141
epicord wiring trailer connectors 277-000141
epicord wiring trailer connectors 7-way molded plug with junction box - 10' long
epicord wiring trailer connectors 277-000141
epicord wiring trailer connectors 7-way molded plug with junction box - 10' long

  • Trailer Connectors
  • Trailer End Connector
  • 7 Blade
  • Plug and Lead
  • Epicord
  • 10 Feet Long
Lowest Prices for the best wiring from Epicord. Epicord 7-Way Molded Trailer Plug with Junction Box - 10' Long part number 277-000141 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

Epicord Wiring - 277-000141

  • Epicord 7-way molded trailer plug and 7-gang junction box
  • 10' Long heavy-duty cord
  • Wire gauge and function:
    • White (ground): 10 gauge
    • Black (12V power): 10 gauge
    • Yellow (reverse/auxiliary): 14 gauge
    • Red (left turn and stop): 14 gauge
    • Green (tail and running lights): 14 gauge
    • Brown (right turn and stop): 14 gauge
    • Blue (brake): 12 gauge
  • Weatherproof and corrosion resistant
  • Hardware included
  • cETL and ETLus Listing

RV078-10X Epicord 7-Way Molded Trailer Plug with Junction Box - 10' Long


Value - This item

Epicord 7-Way Molded Trailer Plug with Junction Box - 10' Long

Epicord 7-Way Molded Trailer Plug with Junction Box - 10' Long
Epicord Wiring

55 reviews

Code: 277-000141

Our Price: $40.42

  • Wiring
  • Trailer Connectors
  • Trailer End Connector
  • 10 Feet Long
  • Plug and Lead
  • 7 Blade
  • Epicord
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Video of Epicord 7-Way Molded Trailer Plug with Junction Box - 10' Long

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Epicord Wiring 277-000141 Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Epicord 7-Way Molded Trailer Plug with the included junction box. This is going to provide an easier way to get your trailer wired. It provides a 7-way connector for your trailer, that way you can easily get everything connected to the 7-way port on your tow vehicle. The 7-way trailer end connector is already connected to the correct locations within the box. All you have to do is run your trailer wiring inside the junction box, match it up with the correct functions and you're going to be ready to go. This is going to measure 10 feet long. It's a heavy duty cord so it's going to give you the length that you need and it's going to provide the protection to the wires that we're looking for.

It's going to feature a weatherproof and corrosion resistant design, which is going to help insure that this plug is going to last for years. Taking a look at the trailer end plug right here, that's going to connect to the tow vehicle. It's got the finger tabs, which allows for easy connecting and disconnecting, and it's got the tab here on top, we call that an alignment tab and that's going to align in the groove in the socket that would be on the 7-way connector on the vehicle. We're going to take a look inside the junction box real quick. It's got 2 screws here on top that holds the lid on to the bottom portion of the box. They'll be Phillips head screws, we can easily remove those. Then we'll point out some features about the box.

The lid easily comes off. Inside here, you can see that it's going to have the posts. I do want to mention that these posts are going to be color coded, they've got the tips colored. It's going to say the color coding on this side of the posts and on the bottom side it's actually going to label the functions. So right here, it's white, it says white on this side and on the underside it says ground.

So we know that the white wire connects to the white post and that's going to be the ground function. That's going to be our ground wire. Also, I want to point out that on the 2 ports right here to run wires through, we'll see that they've got the rubber plugs. I'll just go ahead and remove all of those so we can get a better look at it. It's going to have set screws located in here so that way, when you run the wiring through, you can tighten down those set screws and it's going to bring a clamp down over the wires which is going to help keep dirt and moisture and any other elements out of the box. It's going to come with solid plugs, that way whatever holes you're not using .. You've got 2 on this side and then 1 on each side of the box.

Whatever holes you aren't using, you can use those solid plugs to cover up. It's going to come with 4 plugs that have pre-cut holes in them already. That way you can run your wires through. That acts as a grommet so it still allows you to run the wires through, but it's going to keep out anything that could pass by the wires. Both of those are included, 4 of each. 4 solids, 4 with pre-cut holes. It seems like a really nice design. Again, weatherproof and corrosion resistant design. Hardware is included for each connection port inside the junction box. Your mounting hardware is sold separately. You can see here on the bottom of the box, we're going to have 2 mount hole locations, 1 on each side. If we take a measurement, the distance between those mount holes, that's going to give us a measurement of 7 and 3/8ths of an inch. The overall length from edge to edge, those mounting tabs, that looks to measure about 8 and 1/8th inches long. The width of the box, that's going to measure about 3 and 1/4 inches. Let's go ahead and put that lid back on and then we can go ahead and give you a measurement of the overall height as well. The diameter of those mount holes is going to measure 5/16ths of an inch. Again, mounting hardware is not included so that will need to be provided separately. We'll take a look at the overall height of the box, we can see that that's going to give us a measurement of about 2 and 1/4 inches. This is CETL and ETL US listed, which means that this product has been tested and meets the safety standards for use in Canada and for use in the United States. That's going to do it for today's look at the Epicord 7-Way Molded Trailer Plug with the included junction box.

Customer Reviews

Epicord 7-Way Molded Trailer Plug with Junction Box - 10' Long - 277-000141

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (55 Customer Reviews)

- 277-000141

by: Blais Racing11/20/2016

I installed this product yesterday and it is a really nice product. It would be a great product if the darn wire colors from the plug were the same as the industry standard. But if you go by what is on the small mount that the wires screwed to it is accurate. I got the longer 10' cable as I wanted to mount it further back than the stock metal electrical box that they mount all the stuff in from the factory. I ended up mounting it on the bottom side of the cross braces on the bottom side of the trailer. I also installed a seperate fuse box to individually fuse all the circuits so that if anything on the trailer shorted out it wouldn't blow the fuses in the truck. 318401

- 277-000141

by: anthony w12/15/2016

Anthony was very helpful,I needed a trailer pig tail and junction box 7 pole. Was going to order two items.Anthony pointed out that a combo kit was avialable for a substantial savings. Anthony notified me product was not avialable but kept update when it was. He also notified me when it was going to be shipped and it arrivied on time in the best possible condition. I have done business with E-Trailer before by this experience was far beyond just a business tranaction with a customer.Hope all tranactions will be as pain free as this one was.All wire from trailer frame was remove before restoration,new box made rewire easier and neat. The only issue i have is that a wire schematic was not included with the harness and box . Would have made it easier to install for those who don't know the wire paths. Thanks Steve Koza. 325076

- 277-000141

by: Chris F.08/22/2017

Used this to convert a trailer from 4 pin to 7 blade connector so that I could add brakes. Gives a nice place to terminate your wires. The wire color guide on the product page was very helpful when it came to wiring up the trailer. Plan on putting some type of sealant around the wires because unless you use a large 7 conductor wire there will be a gap where water could get in. 423934

- 277-000141

by: Noah T.06/19/2017

Ordered this to replace the very poor factory wiring on my 18 foot car trailer. Very impressed with quality and with quick delivery of product. I would recommend measuring your trailer to make sure the 10 foot cord is not too long. I didn't measure first but I was lucky and was able to make it work. Only complaint is what many others have said about the wire color. I know wire color may vary based on manufacturer, but the standard wire color chart on this very website is different from the colors in this plug. It is not hard to figure out, mostly just annoying having to use a circuit tester to verify the wires or having the color chart pulled up. Overall great product, Just annoying about the wire color. 396368

- 277-000141

by: Larry Harvey01/27/2017

I ordered these items for my DIY project, turning my bumper pull trailer into a goosenech trailer. The parts are of good quality and the delivery was quick. I would highly recommend for anyone who needs something for a DIY project to order from ETRAILER.COM I went from that to this. 339045

- 277-000141

by: diggerules02/24/2017

This product is great!! It is probably overkill for my little utility trailer but I was tired of re-wiring it for shorts in the crappy standard wire that came with the light sets. This junction box feels very sturdy and has the cable/plug is very hefty as well. Easy to setup. The colors didn't match what my car was but it is very simple to swap the terminals to what you need. I forgot to take more pictures through out my install. 345179

- 277-000141

by: Nolan Anderson03/15/2017

This is a great part It made wiring in the trailer very easy. It fit underneath the gooseneck and mounted up real nice. I recommend it to anyone that needs to rewire their trailer. 353210

- 277-000141

by: Dale S05/07/2017

Cord was excellent. I was concerned about the wiring of the plug, but the wiring was completely compatible with my 2015 Ford Expedition and Airstream Trailer. (Yellow auxiliary center wire) No changing around of colors on the wire ends. Great!! It would be nice if Etrailer also sold this cord without the box, as I have a great box inside the Airstream for wiring, and had to remove the box to run the cord through the frame tube. But, for the price of the entire product, the box was really a nice "gift" for those who need it. Thanks, Etrailer. 377375

- 277-000141

by: Olemax07/30/2017

I bought this to replace the cord on my 5th wheel. The original one is OK, but the plug doesn't lock into the new receptacle I installed in the truck bed. This new plug is molded to the cord, and has dual contacts (better electrical connection) and the lug is of the proper dimension to hold it securely in the receptacle. The construction of the terminal box is satisfactory, the wire sizes are adequate, and the cord jacket appears to be thicker than most. The cord is flexible. 412723

- 277-000141

by: Phil H.08/25/2017

My daughter bought a used trailer for her horse. The wiring plug wasn't in great shape & there was no junction box, the cable was only connected to the trailer wiring with wire nuts. I bought the Epicord 7-Way Molded Trailer Plug with Junction Box & installed it. It's working great. Also, if there are any electrical issues down the road, I now have a break out box to check voltages, shorts, etc. 425171

- 277-000141

by: Terry B02/06/2017

As always my shipment was delivered on time. Package contents were all in good shape. The instructional tapes are great. The best thing is the price. 339124

- 277-000141

by: Contrarian08/21/2017

This is a premium product and I was completely satisfied with quality, fit and construction. I really like that the plug is molded and offers limited opportunity for water ingress. Box is heavy duty, and well marked. This will save a lot of time over hand fabricating a cable assembly and should provide years of service. 423511

- 277-000141

by: Justin D.11/12/2016

This was very easy to install and of high quality. Having all the pegs color coded and labeled saved a lot of time. The color coding was typical of a travel trailer or 5th wheel scheme. I mounted it with 1 1/4 in self tapping stainless screws from any hardware store. 316130

- 277-000141

by: Bruce04/29/2017

Order was complete and delivered in a timely manner. Only problem (minor) was the 7way pigtail was not wired to color code. Had to use test light to get 3 of the wires in correct location. Could be a problem if someone wasn't comfortable with ringing out wires. 375359

- 277-000141

by: Josh H07/12/2016

Seems to be high quality, and sealed Just wish it had a diagram of what color, is what position on the plug. Its not a big deal most likely follows standard color code I'll just verify before I wire it up. Overall very happy with purchase 271011

- 277-000141

by: bruce62508/25/2017

Molded trailer plug looks to be made of quality materials. looks like the plug is very weather tight. the gang box is plastic and very nicely prewired (for the plug) with clearly marked labeling. Saved me 2/3 the time for wiring! 425282

- 277-000141

by: Scott S.05/16/2017

Customer service is and has been fantastic from etrailer. Each and every order has been shipped and handled with speed and acuuracy. Can't ask for any better from a company in a world of poor performers (the competition). 381496

- 277-000141

by: David-Almer03/16/2017

The product is as pitch pictured and as durable as I had hoped for,the only thing that was not as promised was the delivery date--it got here a day and a half early As NO COMPLAINTS ONLY COMPLIMENTS. GOOD ON YA!?? 353228

- 277-000141

by: Deven L.11/02/2016

Product arrived in perfect condition, well packed. It's always easy to deal with and we have been repeat customers over and over! Product was installed on our 36ft gooseneck hauler and works great so far. 313084

- 277-000141

by: Larry D10/09/2016

My trailer plug with junction box came in a timely manner and was exactly what I was looking for. Very heavy duty and will make my connections much cleaner, excellent price as well. I would highly recommend etrailer. 304786

- 277-000141

by: George S10/01/2016

The products are great. Too quality and well worth the money. I would recommend any of these products. Whoever packed the box did a poor job but not a reflection on the quality of the products themselves. 302072

- 277-000141

by: Jim S.08/14/2017

Ease of installation was like a hot knife through butter. Wouldn't have had to go with junction box but it prove to be a clean job opposed to what was there on a 20 year old trailer a 3 new owners. 420332

- 277-000141

by: Tom k.03/26/2017

I called I really I really needed help with my brakes on my pop up camper your phone rep Kevin really helped me get the right parts and your videos showed me how to install them properly . Thanks 358681

- 277-000141

by: Chase H05/04/2017

Its wonderful, great quality and very simple and straight forward to wire up and use in junction with a breakaway kit and battery charger as well as all the lights and brakes in my application. 376288

- 277-000141

by: Mike V.07/26/2017

Product is exactly as described and the main wire and plug is even more heavy-duty than the pictures give it credit for. This is a great product that's easy to install and works perfectly! 410988

- 277-000141

by: Return Buyer08/08/2016

Epicord 7-Way Molded Trailer Plug with Junction Box. I have purchased many items from etrailer and this product is another example of the quality products they represent. 281557


Remains water tight and took a unsightly wiring mess and organized it. should have purchased sooner

edgewater - 08/13/2017


- 277-000141

by: Josh g07/26/2016

Works great only thing is that the color code in the box are different than the standard but that is not to hard to figure out the function is listed in the box on the stud 276454

- 277-000141

by: Mike S10/31/2016

I have `bought several things from E-etrailer and have been very pleased with both quality and shipping. I would not hesitate to buy in the future. 312350

- 277-000141

by: Chuck07/06/2017

all colors matched trailer wiring... I soldered all connectors... there's and mine.. good to go. better then the Factory butt connectors.. 402094

- 277-000141

by: CJ11/11/2016

I havent had time to install this yet but looks to be of good quality and will make for a clean trailer rewire job on 2 of my trailers 315830

- 277-000141

by: Mike s.12/28/2016

This is the only way to rewire a trailer. No more corroded trailer plug wires and an organized spot for any addtional features. 328494

- 277-000141

by: BG07/15/2017

Haven't used the wire and pigtail yet but the quality looks very good and I received the items in couple of days. 406029

- 277-000141

by: BK05/29/2017

Nice product having the whip and the junction box all together.. Would order this again for the next project. 386386

- 277-000141

by: Dan B04/23/2017

Seems like this will work out great. Fast shipping and fair pricing, I will buy from again. 371280

- 277-000141

by: Philip R07/22/2017

Worked great cheap in prices and good quality our order from you before I order from somebody else 409333

- 277-000141

by: Karen C05/16/2017

Great service, great pricing and product ships same day (most cases) and complete every time! 380963

- 277-000141

by: John N05/23/2017

It looks like the quality of the plug connection and connection j-box is very high quality. 384052

- 277-000141

by: michael b.03/15/2017

excellent quality and great service....would use this company again without hesitation. 353155

- 277-000141

by: Kevin10/07/2016

excellent product, sturdy and well built... order was delivery exceptionally fast too!! 304410

- 277-000141

by: Kerry blackwell08/21/2017

Made rewiring my trailer much easier and looks much cleaner, love it!!! Great purchase 423434

- 277-000141

by: Bob G.09/18/2017

Good quality and ready for me to install. Quality at a low price you can't beat that 433763

- 277-000141

by: Mark w07/04/2017

Connector was pinout was not correctly color coded. Otherwise a good product 401641

- 277-000141

by: Ryan02/14/2017

Great product for a good price. Built pretty sturdy and easy to wire up 341931

- 277-000141

by: Brent H09/06/2016

Great wiring harness. Just what I needed for my trailer rebuild project. 291576

- 277-000141

by: William Evans01/23/2017

Excellent product, great order to delivery. I couldn't be happier. 334619

- 277-000141

by: Ken S07/05/2017

Replacement part, simple installation. Functions well as designed 402711

- 277-000141

by: Joe10/06/2016

Quick ship, order correct and everything in stock. Perfect! 303808

- 277-000141

by: Robert C06/21/2016

Extremely satisfied order complete and delivered on time 263139

- 277-000141

by: Clay L.02/21/2017

Great functional product that exceeded OEM specs. 344280

- 277-000141

by: Jerry6205/10/2017

Great product. Makes trailer wiring a breeze. 378556

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  • Wire Gauge Sizes in Epicord 7-Way Molded Trailer Plug with Junction Box
  • The wire gauges in the Epicord 7-Way Molded Trailer Plug with Junction Box # 277-000141 are as follows: White = 10 Black = 10 Yellow = 14 Green = 14 Red = 14 Brown = 14 Blue = 12 The wire gauge in the Epicord # 277-000141 changes with different functions of the wires. Signal wires, like yellow, green, red, and brown, draw less amperage so they use a lighter gauge wire. Heavier gauge wire is used for functions like the brake signal, ground, and 12V power because they carry...
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  • Wiring Diagram for Home Made Trailer
  • I've linked an article on trailer wiring that includes a diagram you might find helpful. One solution to help wire everything together is to use a junction box with your trailer's 7-way connector, like # 277-000141. This way you can run all of your trailer's wires to the box instead of to the back of the connector. To wire you brakes you'll want to use 10 gauge wiring # 10-1-1. For the lights you can use 16 gauge, # 16-1-1. Both are sold by the foot. When looking into the back...
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  • Ring Terminal Sizes Needed for Installing Epicord 7-Way Plug with Junction Box 277-000141
  • The terminal posts in the Epicord 7-Way Molded Trailer Plug with Junction Box # 277-000141 are indeed a 3/16-inch diameter. You can use ring terminal # 44-5310A for connecting 10- and 12-gauge wires. For the lighter 14-gauge wiring use part # DW05702-1. You'll need a crimping tool like the one included in our Deluxe Trailer Wiring Kit # HM51020. I also recommend using dielectric grease # 11755 on those connections to protect them from moisture and corrosion.
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  • Recommendations For Towing A Bayliner Boat Trailer Using A 2015 Dodge Durango.
  • The plug really doesn't matter based on the trailer hitch. The functions you want will determine what the best fit will be for your application. To have all the functions available to you, most people get the 7-way trailer connector. This will give you the turn/brake/running/ground/reverse/brake controller/12V power functions. This is what comes with most trucks that have a factory tow package, however, if you just want a 5 way flat I will give you that option as well. For your 2015...
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  • 7-Way Box Bracket for Trailer Hitch Tube Attachment and Metal 7-Way Recommendation
  • We have plastic boxes for mounting a trailer connector like the part # 18156 but none that are made of metal. Plastic would actually be better though since it wouldn't corrode over time or potentially scrape the paint of the hitch off which would allow for additional corrosion. For a metal 7-way socket to fit this the part # PK12703 would be a great option as well. Then for a 7-way that you could install on your trailer that comes with a junction box you would want the part # 277-000141....
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  • Can Brakes be Added to 3,500 Pound Dexter Trailer Axle
  • Yes, brakes can be added to your trailer and I've linked an article to help with the parts you'll need. The first thing you'll need is the brake mounting flanges welded to the axle, like you mentioned. The correct flange is # 4-35 however these need to be welded by a qualified welder because the mounting flange must be welded square and concentric. This is generally done using a jig at a trailer shop. I've linked our selection of hub and drum assemblies for 3,500 pound axles. You'll...
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  • Recommended Trailer Braking System For 30 Foot Pontoon Trailer With Tandem Axle
  • With a 6000 lb capacity on your pontoon trailer and 13 inch wheels, you most likely have 3500 lb axles. For this, you will want Electric Trailer Brake Assembly - Self-Adjusting - 10" - Right Hand - 3,500 lbs # AKEBRK-35R-SA and the left side assembly # AKEBRK-35L-SA. The mounting hardware kit is # BIK-00. You will want to run 10 gauge wire to these brake assemblies and it can be purchased by the foot # 10-2-1. To finish your wiring, I recommend the Epicord 7-Way Molded Trailer Plug...
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  • Recommended Parts For Dual Axle Trailer Complete Rebuild
  • For your trailer rebuild, I recommend the Dexter Trailer Axle w/ Electric Brakes - EZ-Lube - 5 on 4-1/2 Bolt Pattern - 89" - 3,500 lbs for your tandem axles, # 35545E-ST-EZ-89. You will also want the U-Bolt Kit for Mounting 3,500-lb, Round Trailer Axles - 5-1/2" Long U-Bolts, # APUBR-1. For suspension I suggest the 4-Leaf Double-Eye Spring for 3,500-lb Trailer Axles - 25-1/8" Long, # SP-212275. You will then need a kit with mounts for your equalizers and shackle straps. The Tandem-Axle...
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  • Wiring Needed to Rewire a Trailer for Lights and Electric Brakes
  • Both the # A40W5B and # W002290 have a blue wire that is only 5 feet long. Plus, the blue wire is only 18 gauge and 20 gauge, respectively. So these are not going to work for your application. What you're going to want to use is Bonded 4 Wire # 16-4B-1 which is sold by the foot. This will provide the four 16 gauge wires to run from the junction box, part # 277-000141, to your trailer's lights. Then for the brakes you will want a 10 gauge wire, # 10-1-1, which is also sold by the...
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  • Options for Mating 4-Pole Flat Vehicle Wiring to Jayco 6-Pole Square Trailer Wiring
  • The 4-pole to 6-Pole Jayco wiring adapter # 30104 supports only the 3 circuits on the 4-pole but converts them to the connector format used on older Jayco trailers. A 4-pole wiring setup has a ground and three circuits; right stop/turn, left stop/turn and tail lights. The Jayco connector has a ground and 5 circuits so using this adapter would let the basic lighting signals from the Explorer's 4-pole reach the trailer but the other functions supported by the Jayco plug would NOT have any...
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  • Recommended Actuator and Wiring for Boat Trailer Upgrade From Surge Brakes
  • To add EOH to a surge brake trailer, you will need to add the electric components to make the actuator function. You can get the Epicord 7-Way Molded Trailer Plug with Junction Box - 10' Long # 277-000141 and then wire your actuator into that junction box. You will be able to simply connect to your current hydraulic brake lines. For your actuator, I recommend the HydraStar Vented Marine Electric Over Hydraulic Actuator for Disc Brakes - 1,600 psi # HS381-8067 or the HydraStar Vented...
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  • How Can I Connect Brakes On 1998 Rockwood Pop-Up Camper
  • For the brakes on your 1998 Rockwood popup trailer you can check out the attached helpful article that goes into detail explain what is needed to add electric brakes to a trailer. You will need to make sure you have the correct wiring on your trailer to be able to get the signal for the brakes. If you do not have a 7-way connector on your trailer or you do not have the wiring for brakes on the trailer I recommend part # 277-000141. This is a 7-way trailer side harness and a junction box....
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  • Electric Brake Compatibility on a Boat Trailer
  • Electric brakes on a boat trailer are able to be used without much issue at all. There obviously is an issue with water and electricity, so it is recommended to disconnect the trailer connection when your trailer is being submerged for launch. A few seconds after pulling out of the water, you can connect your wiring without any issues and have the functioning braking system that is easier to maintain. Many boat trailers are moving to electric systems. I do recommend using dielectric...
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  • Recommended Axle-Less System To Convert Single Axle Trailer Into Tandem Dual Axle
  • Yes. Turning a single axle trailer into a dual axle trailer is possible. It will require relocating your axle and adding another one as well as welding hangers and adding springs. However, there is an easier option to all of this and that is using the axle-less system from Timbren and bolting them to your frame. The two spindles should split the distance of your current single axle. The axle-less system also gives you greater ground clearance because there is no axle in the middle...
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  • Parts Needed to Install 7-Way Socket on 2011 Ford Ranger XLT with 4-Pole Connector
  • For your vehicle to be able to send a 12V trickle charge back to your trailer's battery you will need a 7-way type installation which includes this power feed. You do not need a converter box for the truck, just a 7-way socket # 37185 and some additional wire and a circuit breaker. Your existing 4-pole will simply plug in to this 7-way. You'll then need to make only the one 12V power connection using 10-gauge wire like # 10-1-1 and circuit breaker # PK54540. Your trailer will need to...
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