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Malone YakHauler Heavy-Duty All-Terrain Boat Cart with Padded Bunks - No Flat Tires - 250 lbs

Malone YakHauler Heavy-Duty All-Terrain Boat Cart with Padded Bunks - No Flat Tires - 250 lbs

Item # MPG508
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MPG508 - Cart Malone Watersport Carriers
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This folding, all-terrain cart lets you transport a boat and gear from your vehicle to the water. Airless, Never-Go-Flat tires are great for rough terrain. Padded bunks included for non-traditional hulls. Lowest Prices for the best watersport carriers from Malone. Malone YakHauler Heavy-Duty All-Terrain Boat Cart with Padded Bunks - No Flat Tires - 250 lbs part number MPG508 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Malone Watersport Carriers - MPG508

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This folding, all-terrain cart lets you transport a boat and gear from your vehicle to the water. Airless, Never-Go-Flat tires are great for rough terrain. Padded bunks included for non-traditional hulls.


  • Heavy-duty cart makes it easy to transport a large kayak or canoe and gear from your vehicle to the water
    • Throw all your gear in the boat so you only have to make one trip
  • All-terrain tires roll safely across rocky and other rough surfaces
    • Airless, Never-Go-Flat tires provide piece of mind no matter where the terrain
  • Padded bunks hold non-traditional hull shapes and protect your boat from scratches and abrasions
  • Folding frame and quick-release wheels make it easy to stash cart on your boat
    • Fast reassembly lets you easily portage around obstacles in the water
  • Sturdy twin kick-stands keep your boat steady while loading and unloading
  • 2 Load straps wrap through cart frame and over boat for secure transport
  • Aluminum frame is lightweight and corrosion resistant


  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • Overall dimensions: 39" wide x 16" long x 15" tall
  • Tire dimensions: 15" diameter x 6" wide
  • Strap dimensions: 9' long x 1-1/2" wide
  • Weight: 20.5 lbs
  • Limited lifetime warranty

MPG508 Malone Yak Hauler Heavy Duty All Terrain Boat Cart with Bunks - 1 Kayak - 250 lbs

Video of Malone YakHauler Heavy-Duty All-Terrain Boat Cart with Padded Bunks - No Flat Tires - 250 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Malone YakHauler All-Terrain Boat Cart Review

Speaker 1: Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Malone YakHauler. Now, this is a boat cart designed with bunks. It offers a 250 pound weight capacity. The part number is MPG508. Now, if you've been kayaking very long at all, you probably understand the necessity for a kart. Some situations we can pull right up next to the stream, the river, or lake, unload our boat, and have it ready for use.

Other situations, we might have 100 or even 1,000 yards to go.By using a cart like this, we're able to eliminate the need for two people to carry the boat or the need for dragging it across the rocks or maybe across the asphalt parking lot. Now, the YakHauler has been specifically designed for those very large, very wide fishing boats, tandem boats, things like that. Now, the YakHauler's been designed for those very heavy duty style kayaks, the wider, thicker fishing kayaks, tandem kayaks, sit-on-tops, things like that. But as you can see, it's also going to work out really well for the shorter and lighter boats.Now, what's going to make this really good for those larger style boats .. you can see with the bunk runners that go front and back, our boat almost sits flat on top of it so we don't have that deep contour that we need to make it fit into.

Also, the wheel base is going to be wider than what you see in most units. From the outside of the axle to the outside of the other side of the axle, we've got 39 inches. So that's going to be put the outside of our wheels at about 37 inches or so. It gives us a nice, wide footprint so we don't have to worry about that tipping quite as much as what we do with narrower carriers.Now, you'll notice the tires are also very large. We've got a total of 6 inches in width, 15 inches in height.

So this helps to dissipate the heavier weights we have with the larger boats, but these tires also work out really well when we get on softer surfaces, whether that's sand, pea gravel, river rock, something along those lines. The larger diameter tires are also going to help to go over obstacles. As tires are smaller, they have a more difficult time getting up and over . maybe you've got rocks or a log laid across the trail. The larger tires, it gives them more of an advantage to get over those without having to pull so hard.Now, our cart also helps us with versatility on what we can get with us, the items we can carry along.

You're able to move it further towards the back or closer up to the middle of your kayak. This will allow you to stack items in there as long as you don't go over the weight capacity stated for the carrier, but you could stack items in there and really just make one trip rather than having to go back and forth several times.Now, something else that stands out about this carrier versus some of the other ones on the market are kind of the way the straps work. They're a little bit wider than what we typically see, but they have a connection point on each side, both on the left and right side of the kayak. And then, you've got a quick-connect buckle, which will be right here in the middle. You can see this is going to go in place.The buckle itself is a plastic material, so you're not going to have to worry about it rubbing on your hull, causing any damage. And then, they're pretty easy to adjust. Just click them together and then pull the tension out or pull the slack out to put some tension on it and hold everything in place. Most of the time, what you're going to have is a one piece strap, but you need to loop over to one side, go around your carrier, back over to the other, around the carrier, and then chinch it. Now, this is just going to save you a little bit of time and energy.Here's a little better look at the bunks we we're talking about. You can see how these are running pretty much parallel to the ground, allowing for even those largest of hulls to sit right down in there and be plenty secure. You'll see the kickstand is going to have rubberized material on each side to help prevent slipping, so as you're putting your kayak on or taking it off, you won't have to worry about this moving around too much.You can see the bunks here on top and all the way around have a nice, dense foam pad. It's going to give us the ultimate protection against any issues we might have with our boat coming in contact with the carrier. Also, to reduce any hassle or headache, the tires are non-pneumatic, so we don't have any air pressure in here required. They're going to be solid tires that are puncture-proof.Now, when we've got our kayak where we want to go or it's just time to store the unit, even though it does have the nice, large size with the very high capacity, it does store up pretty compactly. You first remove the bunks on the top just by pulling the pin located at the front and the rear. See, that's secured in place with a clip. You can just lift that out and put our clip back in place. Do that on both ends and for our other bunk.With our bunks removed, we'll turn our attention to the tires. You simply want to open up our pin there, and those also will slide right off for us. Now, it's a pretty simple folding procedure from there. Just bring that up, bring our kickstand down, and in some cases, you could secure your bunks in place using your straps if you decide to wrap those around.Now, with these carriers, you're going to have them around the water quite a bit. They've designed it completely out of corrosion-resistant materials, so you're really not going to have to worry about it. Our whole frame's going to be aluminum construction. All the hardware is stainless steel, and just about everything else . our tires, hubs, things like that are going to be made out of either rubber or plastic.Now, we wanted to take just a second to do kind of a side-by-side comparison for you. Clearly, you can see the size difference between the two. This is the Malone Clipper. It's been designed more specifically for your smaller, lighter-weight boat. Lower diameter tires and also a narrower wheel base, so not quite as heavy-duty as what we're getting with the YakHauler. Also, that's going to have the single strap versus the dual strap. So keep in mind, if you've got the larger fishing-style boat or if you have multiple kayaks, go with the one that's a little bit heavier. It's going to give you some more features that can kind of help you out, get to your destination.Now, when it's time to load up your boat, you'll want to extend the kick stand down. It's just going to be the lever here, and that kind of helps hold it in a more even position. You want to be sure your straps are open. Then, we can bring our boat right up on top. Once that's in position, we can start bringing our straps around. All right. With both of those nice and secure, it should make a much easier job of us getting our kayak where we need to go. And that'll complete our look at the Malone YakHauler. The part number is MPG508.

Customer Reviews

Malone YakHauler Heavy-Duty All-Terrain Boat Cart with Padded Bunks - No Flat Tires - 250 lbs - MPG508

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (4 Customer Reviews)

This folding, all-terrain cart lets you transport a boat and gear from your vehicle to the water. Airless, Never-Go-Flat tires are great for rough terrain. Padded bunks included for non-traditional hulls.

- MPG508

This product has been fantastic. So easy to use. Everyone who sees it has asked where they can get one too. 619488

- MPG508

Wow is this thing heavy duty for your heavy fishing kayak ! Well built to last ! Easy to assemble and disassemble ! Love this product. So glad i decided to purchase it. 612449

- MPG508

This cart is serious equipment. Not light in weight by any means, it's sturdy and generally well designed. The frame and each of the wheels weigh over 6 pounds, to total about 20 lbs. Only issue is that the female-fitting straps are so long that, with a couple of my kayaks (whitewater), they reach all the way over the deck and beyond such that there is barely any room for the male-fitting strap to span. I will take them to a boat-cover shop to shorten and box-stitch the female straps. Certainly, the male-fitting straps are long enough to more than compensate. I chose to put the struts under the cross-members rather than above as shown in the photos and video. Along with slightly adjusting the bumper pads, this allows the bunk to cradle-fit all my boats, from the narrow sea kayak all the way up to my 14' x 36" tandem rec boat. Carting boats down the several hundred feet between my house and the lake just got very easy. 505312

- MPG508

This cart is a perfect match for my Jackson Big Rig. The sturdiness and design of the Malone kayak hauler will aide in transporting my kayak in nearly all situations I will encounter. 419484


Ask the Experts about this Malone Watersport Carriers

  • Can Sand Get Into Malone Replacement Wheels for Boat Cart
    The Replacement Soft Terrain Wheels # MPG513 and All-Terrain Wheels # MPG515 that you referenced are tire and wheel replacements designed for the Malone BeachHauler # MPG507 or YakHauler # MPG508 boat cart. You don't have to worry about sand getting inside the wheel and there aren't any bearings involved. The wheels simply slide over the axle and lock in place with a retaining clip (see attached image).
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  • Pilot Hole Diameter of Malone Soft Terrain Wheels for BeachHauler and YakHauler
    I went out to our warehouse and measured the pilot hole of the Malone Soft Terrain Wheels, part # MPG513, and it's 7/8 of an inch. I verified by measuring the diameter of the Malone BeachHauler's axle and it also is 7/8 of an inch.
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  • Never-Go-Flat Tires for Malone BeachHauler and YakHauler Boat Carts
    The Soft Terrain Wheels # MPG513 that you referenced are for the Malone BeachHauler # MPG507 and YakHauler # MPG508 boat carts. The Never-Go-Flat version of these tires can be found as part # MPG515. I'm not sure if the tread pattern is too much for your application but these are the only tires that will also fit the Malone boat carts mentioned above.
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  • Roof Canoe Carrier System for Use with Hitch Load Support on 2018 Hyundai Ioniq
    All roof racks currently made for your 2018 Hyundai Ioniq, shown on the linked page, consist of two crossbars and the related foot assemblies. But since you have a hitch support like the Malone Axis # MPG907 to hold one end of your canoe I do have a good solution for you that will cost much less. We offer canoe carriers that do not require any roof rack crossbar. These cost-effective carriers include items like the Malone Canoe Carrier with Tie-Downs # MPG156. This kit includes 4...
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  • Pilot Hole Diameter of Malone Replacement Soft Terrain Wheels
    I went out to our warehouse to take a look at the Malone Replacement Soft Terrain Wheels # MPG513 referenced in your question. I measured the pilot hole diameter on the wheel to be right at 7/8 inch, so they will work well with a 7/8 inch diameter axle. These wheels are designed as direct replacements for the Malone BeachHauler # MPG507 and YakHauler # MPG508 Carts.
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  • Recommended Cart for Rola Cargo Carrier For One Person Transport
    The Rola Swinging Enclosed Cargo Carrier for 2" Trailer Hitch # 59109 does not have scupper holes, but you can absolutely use a kayak or canoe cart to transport the storage unit. You may need help to get it level, but it would absolutely help in moving the weight with just one person. We have these cart options: Malone BeachHauler Soft Terrain Boat Cart with Bunks - 250 lbs # MPG507 Malone YakHauler All-Terrain Boat Cart with Bunks - 250 lbs # MPG508 Malone Clipper Deluxe Kayak and...
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