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Malone FoamHome Storage Blocks - Kayaks and Canoes - 24" Long

Malone FoamHome Storage Blocks - Kayaks and Canoes - 24" Long

Item # MPG163
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Storage blocks are a fast and easy way to store your kayak or canoe. Foam blocks provide a safe surface between the boat and ground. Perfect for inside or outside use. Lowest Prices for the best watersport carriers from Malone. Malone FoamHome Storage Blocks - Kayaks and Canoes - 24" Long part number MPG163 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-1624 for expert service.
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Malone Watersport Carriers - MPG163

  • Fishing Kayak
  • Kayak
  • Canoe
  • Storage Rack
  • Malone
  • Floor Rack
  • Non-Locking

Storage blocks are a fast and easy way to store your kayak or canoe. Foam blocks provide a safe surface between the boat and ground. Perfect for inside or outside use.


  • Foam blocks store 1 kayak or canoe up off the ground
    • Perfect for inside or outside use
  • Die-cut EVA foam construction
  • Made in the USA


  • Quantity: 2 foam blocks
  • Storage capacity: 1 kayak or canoe
  • Weight capacity: 165 lbs
  • Dimensions:
    • Overall dimensions: 24" long x 4" wide x 4" tall
    • Height at center of block: 3-1/2"
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • 1-Year warranty

Foam block dimensions

MPG163 Malone Foam Home Storage Blocks for Boats - 24" Long - Qty 2

California residents: click here

Video of Malone FoamHome Storage Blocks - Kayaks and Canoes - 24" Long

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Video Transcript for Malone FoamHome Kayak and Canoe Storage Blocks Review

Evangeline: Hi, everyone. It's Evangeline and today, we are looking at our Malone FoamHome Foam Storage Blocks here at etrailer. These storage blocks are a great option if you want to keep your kayak, your canoe, your paddleboards, even your surfboards elevated and secure as you store them.When you come home and you want to store your kayak after your long day, your long adventure, if you don't want to be just setting it on the ground where it can roll over or it might be in the way, this is a great option just to keep it elevated and secure on the ground. If you don't have those wall hanging systems and/or you don't want to be lifting your kayaks up there anyways, this is also a good option for you.We have them here on our garage floor and you can see how they help with keeping our kayak in place and secure. But you can also put this on the gravel, outside on your pavement, or even on the beach with the sand around it. Another cool way we've seen people use this is on their docks, and that really helps with keeping your kayak from rolling away while you have it there.

With these storage blocks, it really helps keep them secure.Let's take a look at the packaging it comes in. It comes in this reusable plastic bag and is reusable because it has these snaps at the top, which you can open and close. It's not super durable, but it's nice if you're just going to be storing these foam blocks quickly and easily. That's a nice little extra feature they added there.Let's take a closer look at these storage blocks themselves. These are pretty cool since they are made of this nice sturdy die-cut EVA foam.

You can see how, even as I try to apply pressure, it really holds its shape very well. What makes this different from just a regular piece of foam is that it has this divot here, which allows it to support different shaped holes. Now, I have put kayaks and boats on the ground, straight on there before, and I notice that when they're there, they tend to rock to the side. And what happens if your foot is underneath it and you tip it over, that's not a fun experience. This is nice because it's a lot safer.

You can walk around it, accidentally bump into it, and you don't have to worry about it tipping over and damaging your boat or possibly yourself.We have our regular sized kayak here, but it also works with your big, heavy canoes and your boats. And you can see how these storage blocks really help with that tipping over problem. These blocks work with boards and boats of different shapes and sizes. You can see here, we have it on our little tiny surfboard, which actually you can just lean up against a wall. But once you get to larger surfboards or heavier boats, you can see that even with this surfboard, it helps with that angle to keep it elevated.

How much more your heavier, your longer surfboards that you really don't want to get scratched up on the ground and you want to protect your investment by storing them with these blocks.We do have some other foam options, which are actually a little bit shorter, and those are ideal for when you want to carry them on your roof or with your roof rack. These are a little bit longer, which I like because then they work with a larger variety of boats and boards. Let's give you some measurements here. The weight capacity is a max of 165 pounds. As for length, this is 24 inches long. As for the overall width, it sits at four inches wide. At the center, it sits at three and a half inches.The blocks themselves are very simple, easy to use. But I had a discussion with some friends about it, where we talked about the different situations you can use them in, so let's take a look at that.And it's an interesting experience using this because they're just as versatile as your normal blocks, but they're foam and they're really sturdy foam too. That's pretty cool. They are a little bit longer than maybe your kayak carrier foam blocks, which I kind of like because then you can have bigger boats and bigger kayaks on it too. That's pretty cool. What do you think about the foam blocks so far Do you know anything about itMatt: Yes. I know a little bit about them. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to see them up close and in person yet, but I've researched them online and it seems like they're very durable. The one thing I did want to ask you about is how do you think they would hold up against water, perspiration, anything being outsideEvangeline: My main concern with holding foam is that if it comes apart, because that could be a thing if you scratch it. Or see, even if I scratch it with my fingernail though, it's not really doing anything. This is actually pretty durable foam. I'm squeezing as hard as I can and there's really no bounce. It's not denting it. It's just bouncing straight back into there. I would say it's very durable. I'm pretty sure it will hold up pretty well with moisture and long-term use. Matt: Now, I know one thing that I read a little bit online, some customers are curious. Do you think a customer would be able to use these in a truck bed or on a roof if you're transporting a kayak or canoeEvangeline: A truck bed, I can definitely see happening because it's a flat surface, especially if your kayak is weighing that down in your truck. But I think it's actually preferable than putting it straight onto your truck bed. It would be nice to have these blocks on there. As for your roof though, that's not really what it's designed for because you have other styles which are for roof racks and they have that cut out there. That's ideal. But if you strap it down and you're just carrying it a short distance, I think it would work on your roof, but it's designed to be a storage block. Speaker 3: Yeah. I definitely think that it could be used on the roof of a vehicle, if you didn't have a roof rack. I mean, it's not the most ideal setup, but I think that it definitely beats putting it on a bare roof and strapping it down. Evangeline: True. YeahSpeaker 3: Right. And I know these actually come with 165 pound weight capacity. Could you squeeze those so we can see how easy those are to maneuver and moveEvangeline: Squeeze the blocks themselves Okay. Speaker 3: Yeah, I want to see how malleable they are. Evangeline: Okay. I guess trying to. Essentially trying to bend it, actually. Okay, there's-Matt: They're pretty stiff then. Evangeline: Yeah. I was actually expecting it to crack a little bit, but it's. Okay, it's not cracking but it's moving around. Matt: Right. Evangeline: Squeezing, it looks pretty good. Speaker 3: And that's putting a lot of pressure in one point with your canoe or kayak or stand up paddle board, it's-Evangeline: crosstalk 00:07:18. Speaker 3: Yeah. They are pretty dense. I think that they're going to do a good job of holding those boats. Evangeline: Yeah. Speaker 3: You guys think. Evangeline: inaudible 00:07:29Speaker 3: But one thing that we liked about it was how you could store your kayak or canoe on the ground. I mean, there's nothing wrong with that but this keeps it level and it keeps it from tipping over from one side to the other. A lot of those aren't flat on the bottom. If you had a big, heavy, long canoe in the garage on it's. It's going to be rocking back and forth, and this keeps it fairly level. Matt: And it looks like they don't slide really on the floor. I know the floor in there is not exactly slick, but it's not rough either. It looks like it holds them in place pretty well. Speaker 3: Right. Evangeline: Yeah. It really helps that the kayak is on there because, I mean, it's all just working together for that downward force. I'm trying to push. Matt: No, it's totally fine. If you're looking to keep your kayak off the ground or your canoe off the ground, it's definitely worth the investment. I don't think I really have any other questions other than that. I just wanted to get a chance to take a look at them. Evangeline: Yeah. They're pretty interesting blocks. I think they really do their job well. It's a storage block, so that's good. Matt: Right. I definitely appreciate you guys taking the time to talk to me and kind of show me the ropes with them. Like I said, I haven't had a lot of experience with them, so it's nice to see that with a small investment, you can keep your canoe and kayak in good shape even while storing them. Evangeline: Yeah. Thanks for calling. It's definitely a lot different than you seeing it in action and hearing it. Matt: For sure. Well, I appreciate it, guys. If you need anything else, let me know. Otherwise, have a good rest of the day. Evangeline: All right. Thank you. Speaker 3: Thanks, Matt. Matt: All right. Thanks, guys. See you later. Evangeline: And that was a look at our Malone FoamHome Storage Blocks here at etrailer.com..

Customer Reviews

Malone FoamHome Storage Blocks - Kayaks and Canoes - 24" Long - MPG163

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (8 Customer Reviews)

Storage blocks are a fast and easy way to store your kayak or canoe. Foam blocks provide a safe surface between the boat and ground. Perfect for inside or outside use.

- MPG163

Excellent product, will do exactly what we want. Will be carrying these with us in the Kayak to pull out the Kayak on shore for breaks and lunch.

- MPG163

- MPG163

- MPG163

- MPG163

- MPG163

etrailer does not mess around- you place an order and you don’t have to wait around for your order! Very prompt! Have used twice and they carry good products would definitely recommend.

- MPG163

Good firm support for my kayak in the bed of my truck as well as when storing for the season.

- MPG163

Only had them a week so I can not attest to their durability. So far they keep the hull elevated and are easy to move and place


Ask the Experts about this Malone Watersport Carriers

  • Are the Malone FoamHome Storage Blocks Durable
    The Malone FoamHome Storage Blocks # MPG163 are made from a heavy duty foam, so they're going to be durable enough to hold heavier kayaks up to 165-lbs, but soft and forgiving enough that they're not going to scratch up the hull of your boat. These are a great choice if you need to get your kayak up off the floor of your garage or other hard surface, while it's in storage. The Malone FoamHome Storage Blocks come with a 1 year limited warranty if there ever was an issue with them, but...
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  • Inexpensive Kayak/Canoe Carrier for SUV Without Roof Rack
    Yes, the Malone FoamHome Storage Blocks part # MPG163 can be used on the roof of your SUV. However, you would want to position the blocks so that the majority of the weight rests on the B and C pillars of the vehicle. In order to secure the bow and stern of the boat you will also need the Malone Bow and Stern Tie-Down Kit part # MPG306. Please note the foam blocks are only really for short distances. I would not use them for extended distances on the highway as they are just not designed...
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  • Recommended Foam Block Kayak Pads for Use In Truck Bed
    Typically foam blocks like the Malone FoamHome Storage Blocks - Kayaks and Canoes - 24" Long # MPG163 are designed to be placed on crossbars, but you could use them flat on the truck bed like you've mentioned and they'd do just fine. These pads are 24" long so they'll provide you with a good deal of protection for the bottom of the boat. You're likely going to want to secure the boat with something like the etrailer Cam Buckle Cinch Straps w/ Buckle Protectors - 1" x 13' - 293 lbs -...
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  • How to Carry Two Kayaks On 2015 F150 6 1/2 Foot bed With BakFlip Hard Cover
    The best way to carry 2 kayaks on your 2015 F150 6 1/2 foot bed is a ladder rack. I recommend Truck Hero part # TH92FR. The Adarac installs on the bed rails of the truck so it does not interfere with the BakFlip G2 part # BAK26327 installation location. It also allows you to fold your cover up when you need access to the bed without interference compared to other ladder racks that are not compatible with tri-fold hard covers. The bars on the ladder are 72 inches long so you can carry both...
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  • Will Load Extender Match the Truckbed Height of 2016 Toyota Tacoma With Factory Hitch?
    The lowest setting of the Erikson Big Bed Load Extender # EM07600 is 18" in height while the lowest setting of the Yakima LongArm Truck Bed Load Extender # Y01149 is measured at 17" high. That will still bring you at an inch higher than your truck bed. If you're carrying a kayak, you can put down some foam blocks like Malone FoamHome Storage Blocks # MPG163 to lift the kayak up on your truck bed and you can reuse the blocks when you store your kayak in your garage or on the ground. The...
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