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Firestone Coil-Rite Air Helper Springs - Rear Axle

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Product Images

firestone vehicle suspension  coil-rite air helper springs - rear axle
firestone vehicle suspension air springs
firestone vehicle suspension rear axle enhancement coil-rite air helper springs -
firestone vehicle suspension air springs
firestone vehicle suspension rear axle enhancement coil-rite air helper springs -
firestone vehicle suspension air springs f4155

In Use/Installed

2006 toyota sienna vehicle suspension firestone rear axle enhancement f4155
2006 toyota sienna vehicle suspension firestone air springs in use
2006 toyota sienna vehicle suspension firestone rear axle enhancement coil-rite air helper springs -
2006 toyota sienna vehicle suspension firestone air springs f4155

Customer Photos

firestone vehicle suspension rear axle enhancement f4155
firestone vehicle suspension rear axle enhancement coil-rite air helper springs -
firestone vehicle suspension air springs f4155
firestone vehicle suspension air springs in use

  • Firestone
  • Air Springs
  • Rear Axle Suspension Enhancement
  • Standard Duty
Firestone vehicle suspension for your 2006 Toyota Sienna are available from Installation instructions and reviews for your Toyota vehicle suspension. Expert service, and cheapest vehicle suspension price guarantee. carries a complete line of Firestone products. Order your Firestone Coil-Rite Air Helper Springs - Rear Axle part number F4155 online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

2006 Toyota Sienna - Firestone Coil-Rite Air Helper Springs - Rear Axle

For safety and stability, air springs are the perfect partner for your rear suspension when you are hauling heavy loads. Springs fit inside existing coil springs to help level your Toyota Sienna, improve braking and handling, and reduce tire wear.


  • Provide extra support for your existing rear coil springs
    • Fit inside existing coil spring suspension on your Toyota Sienna
  • Keep your Toyota Sienna level when you are hauling a heavy load
    • Improve steering control and balance
    • Level your headlight beams
    • Reduce tire wear
  • Maintain even load distribution with air pressure, leveling off-center loads
    • Air bags adjust manually, side to side, with individual inflation valves
  • Enable more effective braking and handling
    • Work under heavy loading and adverse road conditions
  • Increase stability to promote a smoother ride and prevent bottoming out
  • Made of durable, elastic polyurethane for years of comfort and stability
  • Include all materials necessary for installation
    • Brackets, air springs, hardware, air line and separate valves for manual inflation
    • Switches and gauges, compressors, and air tanks (sold separately) are available for quick and easy air spring inflation/deflation from inside your Toyota Sienna
  • Made in the USA


  • Load-leveling capacity: at least 500 lbs (at most 1,000 lbs)
    • Coil-Rite springs will not increase your Toyota Sienna's weight-carrying capacity. Do not exceed the manufacturer's recommended weight limit.
  • Adjustable air pressure: 5 psi to 35 psi
  • Limited lifetime warranty on air springs
  • 2-Year limited warranty on hardware

Firestone Coil-Rite Air Spring Basics

Firestone Coil-Rite springs fit inside your existing rear coil springs to maximize the effectiveness of your suspension system. The added cushion provided by the air springs allows your Toyota Sienna to better handle a heavy load or trailer. Hauling heavy loads or towing a heavy trailer can make the rear of your Toyota Sienna sag and the front end rise. This puts more strain on your rear axle and reduces contact between your front tires and the road, causing problems with braking, steering control and traction. By adding air springs to your rear suspension, you can help to level your Toyota Sienna for more effective braking and handling under heavy loading or when you encounter adverse road conditions. The air springs also help to level your headlight beams and reduce wear on your tires.

Firestone Coil-Rite airline installation

Adjustable Air Pressure

The air pressure in your Coil-Rite springs can be adjusted manually, side to side, to compensate for off-center loads. A centered load improves the stability of your Toyota Sienna by reducing body roll. The air springs will also help to absorb road shock and soften contact between your axle and frame. This prevents bottoming out, thus improving ride comfort. Route the air line tubing for the springs to your Toyota Sienna's bumper to provide easy access to the manual inflation valves.

Firestone Coil-Rite air spring components

Air Spring Construction

Coil-Rite springs are constructed of durable, elastic polyurethane to ensure years of service. Single replacement springs (sold separately) are available for maintenance to an existing Coil-Rite kit.

Air Spring Installation

The Coil-Rite springs install inside your existing coil springs. The custom-fit springs attach to your Toyota Sienna's spring seats.

4155 Firestone Coil Rite Air Bags - Rear Axle

F4155 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details F4155 Installation instructions

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Video of Firestone Coil-Rite Air Helper Springs - Rear Axle

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Firestone Coil-Rite Air Helper Springs Installation - 2006 Toyota Sienna

Today on our 2006 Toyota Sienna we'll be installing the Firestone Air Helper Spring Kit Part #F4155. Our first step will be to install the air bag inside the coil spring. To make it more accessible and easier to install the air bag, it may be necessary to remove the lower shock mounts so that the axle can swing down further away from the vehicle. To do this, we'll remove the nut washer on the shock mount and then the fender washer and slide the shock off the lower shock mount. Now we can go ahead and take the weight off of the vehicle. To do this, we'll raise the body allowing the suspension and axle to fall. As you can see the wheel speed sensor wire is starting to become stretched. In order not to harm the wire we'll go ahead and disconnect the wire from the wheel speed sensor.

To disconnect the wire, we'll use a small pocket screwdriver and press on the lock and then remove it from its connection point. Next we'll go ahead and remove the bolt securing the bracket. Now we'll go and repeat the same process on the driver side so we can continue raising the body of the vehicle. Now that we've extended the springs you can see the opening of the spring is much larger than it was previously. This will now allow us to be able to go ahead and crush the air bag and slide it into the spring. To crush the air bag and to keep the air out while we install it, we'll use a piece of short line and airline tubing plug and slide it into the nipple of the air bag.

Now we're ready to go ahead and install into the coil spring. Keep in mind, the airline will face up. Now that we've got our bag into the spring we'll go ahead and remove the airline. To do this, we'll simply press on the gold collar around the airline using a flat blade screwdriver and then remove the air line. Now as you can see, it will allow air back into the bag and we can help it re-conform to its normal figure. After we have the air bag installed and back in its normal shape, we'll need to install the spacer disk provided with the install kit.

This will assist in protecting the line and nipple of the air bag. Now we're ready to go ahead and repeat the same process on the driver side. With both air bags installed, we can now go ahead and start reinstalling the ABS speed sensor wire and shock. Now with everything reinstalled, we'll go ahead and put the weight of the vehicle back down on the rear axle. With the air bag and protective disk installed. We're going to go ahead and take this opportunity to install the air line.

To do this, we'll run it through the top of the coil spring mount and down to the air bag. We'll go ahead and pick up on the disk and make sure that the line goes into the air bag and is secured. Now we're ready to go ahead and start routing our airline. Keep in mind when routing your airline you want to stay away from as many moving components or excessive heat, such as the exhaust, as possible. In order to assist us in routing the wire we're going to use some 1/2 inch metal Loom Clamps, Part #A0500, and self-tapping screws to secure them. We'll be routing our airline back to the rear hitch where we'll fabricate and install a bracket to secure it to. We'll be making one of these out of the Tow Ready Universal Mounting Bracket, Part #18140. To turn this into our mounting bracket, we'll need to drill out holes that'll fit the inflation valve. Nowwe can go ahead and mount the mounting bracket using the worm clamp provided with the install kit for the mounting bracket. Then we'll go ahead and install the inflation valve. To install the inflation valve, we'll take the valve, the two flat washers and nut. We'll first install the flat washer onto the valve, put it through the bracket, and then secure it with another flat washer and nut. Now we can go ahead and repeat the same process on the other side. Once we got our lines routed to the bracket, we'll go ahead and cut off the excess from the airline. We're ready to install the inflation valve. With our line routed through the bracket, we'll go ahead and slide the inflation valve on to the line. With both sides secured, we can go ahead and air up the bags and check for leaks. To check for leaks we'll just be using a bottle of soap and water. As you can see, we don't have any leaks and that'll complete our install of Firestone Air Helper Spring Kit, Part #F4155, on our 2006 Toyota Sienna. .

Customer Reviews

Firestone Coil-Rite Air Helper Springs - Rear Axle - F4155

Average Customer Rating:  4.4 out of 5 stars   (148 Customer Reviews)

For safety and stability, air springs are the perfect partner for your rear suspension when you are hauling heavy loads. Springs fit inside existing coil springs to help level your Toyota Sienna, improve braking and handling, and reduce tire wear.

- F4155

by: John L.12/09/2013

I put these on two Toyota Siennas ('06 and '09). Installation was "easy" without any special tools to speak of. I didn't have to remove the bottom bolt of the shock. If you collapse the rubber and use the red plugs to hold them without air, they will fit between the spring coils with a little coaxing. So far very happy with both. Have had the vehicles loaded heavily multiple times and the difference in load capacity and handling while full is impressive. Ride can be a little stiff if you leave the air pressure at 35lbs without a load. I find around 25lbs is perfect for average use. Anyone with a Sienna knows that loaded down and the trailer hitch will drag in and out of parking lots etc. No longer with these on! Drilled through the bottom of the plastic bumper on one for the valves. The other one I attached an angle bracket to the plate where you would mount a larger trailer power plug. Would absolutely recommend these to anyone with a Sienna. JL in SC. 109652

- F4155

by: Bruce B.01/31/2015

This Firestone #F4155 air-bag product is excellent. The fit to my 2011 Toyota Sienna was just as described. I installed the bracket and the two air-fill valves in the jack compartment, easy to get to and out of the weather. etrailer has been a pleasure to deal with. 172005


Love the product. Had it installed by my favorite local Toyota dealer. Makes a nice difference towing our Park Liner Fiberglass Egg Camper. Would certainly recommend.

Bruce B - 02/01/2016


- F4155

by: Cal P.03/09/2017

I'm very happy with my Firestone Coil-Rite kit for my '06 Sienna. I added a "Tee" to join the bags together and routed the schrader valve to exit inside my fuel fill door. It was a little extra work, but well worth it as it's out of the weather and sight, and I don't have to scrabble around on the ground in the slop to check / adjust the pressure. I run 15 -17 lbs when I'm not hauling a load and that seems to help with body roll, and up to 25-28 psi fully loaded. The kit does the job it was intended for, and hasn't leaked a snif of air since I installed it a year ago. Three thumbs up! 350292

- F4155

by: Don R.10/05/2016

I did not actually time the install but I believe it was less than an hour. I have been loading my 2008 Sienna very heavy when going on vacation. This last time my trailer hitch that I use to haul 5 bikes dragged leaving the driveway and was just a few inches off of the pavement when sitting on the level. I installed this system and tested the load with live body weight, I had a family visiting, they crawled into the van and it did not sag half as much as before. My next big trip is coming up in a week, so we will be giving it the full road test then. I recommend this product. 303574


I just came back from another trip and it worked well.Once installed it is easy to inflate and deflate as needed.

Don R - 10/11/2017


- F4155

by: E07/07/2014

I installed Firestone Coil-Rite Air Helper Springs and they work great. With minimum air pressure they improved the unloaded ride and driveability. Loaded the van for vacation, added air pressure to bring the ride height back to the normal ride level and the van drove and handled better than when it was new. Followed your on-line installation video and installation was a breeze. The installation instructions with the kit were poor and incomplete. . 139788

- F4155

by: Mark M07/06/2011

This was my second order with Etrailer. AWESOME. Product went out same day it was received. Great service and pricing, with service being the most important to me. The air bag support system for my Toyota Sienna van's rear spring coils was easy to install with very minor modications. They made a huge difference on the back end of the van "hitting" the ground when loaded. Just what I needed to pull a trailer. 18542

- F4155

by: Marc05/29/2014

Installed on 06 Sienna. Bought these for towing our 16' boat. Had a mechanic buddy put the bags in and ran air lines myself. Had one initial leak but I recut the end of the air line and it works fine. Noticeable difference when inflated to 25 psi. Some slow pressure loss over 24 hrs but well within driving times needed. Overall excellent service from etrailers and a very good product so far. 133395

- F4155

by: CM05/27/2016

Excellent product, installed on 2011 Toyota Sienna that tows 3,000# Hybrid Travel Trailer. Works great to keep rear level (along with Anderson Hitch Weight Distribution). We now run air in them without the trailer as well to help prevent typical Sienna sag when loaded with people or loads. 252191

- F4155

by: Scott M09/15/2016

These were surprisingly easy to install using ramps and a floor jack and really helped with preventing our Sienna from bottoming-out when carrying heavy loads on the hitch mounted luggage carrier. Highly recommended. Be sure to watch the installation video on etailer! 295055

- F4155

by: Tom11/02/2016

Very useful for heavy loaded road-trips (fully loaded mini van) or trailer attachments. Easy to install and use. Definitely a recommendation! Thank you e-trailer team! 312981

- F4155

by: Jim R03/15/2012

Fit exactly as described, installation was not difficult 33997

- F4155

by: anthony j12/04/2014

Great product in a very low price 163351

- F4174

by: Bob K.08/10/2013

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

The product is not exactly as pictured. The bottom protectors are disks (round) rather than rectangular. But that doesn't affect their installation or performance. Installation was a bit of a challenge. I'm not a gear head, so I was lying under my 2008 Rav4 trying to jam the bags into the springs. I started on the driver side. It went fairly well. The passenger side was a different story. The exhaust system was in the way -- good thing it was coolish. I did manage to get both bags in with all my knuckles still intact. The instructions indicate that you cut a short piece of hose, insert it into the bag, deflate the bag, and insert the plug in the end of the short tubing. That's fine... but then when you get the bag in, it says to remove the short tubing. Ummmm.... how!?!?! I did manage to get the tube out of both sides. I'm not sure, but I think I may have buggered up the quick connector in doing so. The second to last step is to run the tubing to the back of the vehicle. I'm not too sure I've done a great job running the tube. Since the tube sticks out the bottom of the spring and arm, it seems there is no way to get the tube so that it's not dangling down from the car. On the passenger side, the exhaust system is very close to everything. It was hard to find a place to run the tube that wouldn't be too close to the exhaust pipe. Then you need to check for leaks. My unit's max pressure is 35psi. I inflated it to that, and quickly heard hissing from one side. I removed the quick connect inflator and reinstalled. Still with the hissing. So far, I haven't been able to stop the air leak. But... they stay inflated at 25psi. For now, that's okay for my application. Then you're supposed to drill 2 holes in your car. I don't think so.... I left enough tube that I can decide later where to install the inflators. For now, they're zip-tied to the hitch bar. I plan to get a piece of metal that will attach to the hitch's mounting plate, and drill through that instead. I haven't been able to tell if they perform as advertised. I just finished installing them earlier this evening. I took it out for a test drive (just to make sure I didn't mess up anything). Inflated at 25psi it seems to drive fine. I can't tell if the back end is firmer.... or if I'm just sensitive because I'm aware of the bags being in. It does appear that the back end rides higher (even when it's empty). I'm loading up in the morning and heading out. I'll update my review with performance observations when I get back. 94306


Use a concentrated soapy water solution in a spray bottle and start check the areas where the hiss is coming from. If you have an audible hissing sound, it will not hold pressure for long and you do not want the coil springs to be moving on a flat bag.

-- Patrick B - 08/10/2013


Thanks for the awesome customer support.Making a fresh cut on the inflator end helped. The hissing has stopped, and no more leaks have been detected.I just got back from the maiden road trip 350 miles round trip. Its certainly not a long road trip, but it was enough to notice the dramatic improvement.Normally, when I attach my travel trailer 3500 GVW my Rav4 with tow prep option sags in the back. My trailer has the weight distribution kit that helps level it out. But, it only helps with the trailer weight. When I carry SCUBA equipment in the back of the Rav4, it still sags, and the weight distribution kit doesnt help with that.But... With the F4174 Coil-Rite air springs, there is very little sag. In fact, I was able to attach the trailer without much sag at all before I attached the weight distribution bars. With the SCUBA gear in back, the Rav4 stayed level no visible sag.In fact... the hole towing experience was dramatically improved. The ride was a lot smoother. There was a lot less galloping. I hardly felt the bumps on the road.Im surprised that Toyota doesnt offer this as an option. That such a simple and inexpensive alteration could make such a dramatic improvement is really surprising.I would like to change my rating to 5 stars.

-- comment by: Bob K - 08/12/2013


We are glad to be of help. Remember to check the tongue weight rating of the RAV 4 in the owners manual. The tongue weight of the trailer and any cargo in the RAV 4 behind the rear axle will count towards that capacity. The air springs working with the weight distribution should make for a much better ride and your RAV 4s suspension will certainly thank you for it.

-- Patrick B - 8/14/2013


The good news is... These are awesome and should be available as an option from the factory. With the back end loaded and the trailer connected, the rear of the Rav is still off the ground. It also improved handling as the front end stays on the ground.It turns out that I hadnt buggered the quick release. I had just cut the hose at an angle. You need to make sure you cut the hose square. After cutting the hose square, the bags stay inflated without hissing.The Bad news is... if you have work done around the exhaust system requiring a cutting torch, you need to be careful and have some sort of shield to protect the bag and hoses. I discovered this the hard way. A small piece of molten metal cut through the bag like butter.But, for some reason, putting the 3rd bag was easier than either other the first two.I wound up attaching a small piece of angle iron to the hitch bar. This worked very well and avoids cutting the hole in the car.Having the tubes dangle from the bottom of the car hasnt been a problem. I was able to tighten them up a bit and route them better once the angle iron was installed.This has made a big difference

Bob K - 02/09/2015


- F4138

by: David Bordne08/12/2014

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

I have a 2003 Acura MDX with 197k miles on it. I have used it for towing a 6x12 trailer for 3 quads. I have also towed many loads of dirt, mulch you name it. The rear sags allot and I just bought a 19' boat. I found this kit on etrailer and ordered it. The box came and it said it was for a Honda Odyssey. I double checked online with various sites and confirmed that all Acura MDX, Honda Pilot, Honda Odyssey, & Honda Ridgeline all have the same coil spring suspension with bumper stops inside the coil. I found a great forum which included pics of someone else that installed similar kit. I used those as references to install mine. Here are the steps to install which took about 2 hours: 1) Jackup car, and suppored with good jack stands 2) Removed tires 3) Using a 7/8" hole saw and made a hole in the middle of the lower control arm. 4) Filed the burrs 5) Installed a 7/8" grommet (not included in kit, I got this a local ACE hardware store) 6) Removed bolt from lower control arm knuckle to lower the arm. 7) The bolt for the bumper stop is not accessible, so I used a hand saw and cut about 2" of the rubber stop out. 8) Compressed the air bag and installed the plug (supplied) to keep it compressed, inserted the airbag thru the coil. 9) I deviated from the instructions which says to use the included plate at the top of the airbag which requires removing the bumperstop. Instead I placed this at the bottom of the airbag, which nicely has a grove in the middle which allows the connection for the airtube to sit in and keep it protected. 10) I routed the airline thru the factory openings in the lower control arm & rear end and up thru the trailer harness opening into the rear compartment in the trunk where the head rests go for the third row. 11) Reattached the lower control arm 12) Install tires 13) Lowered car 14) Inflated the bags to 15 psi which returned the truck to just a little above the stock height. I must say this is exactly what I was looking for. I towed the boat this weekend and didn't sag at all, the ride was much smoother then ever. Even with nothing attached to the truck, the ride is much better. My opinion is that this should be installed for anyone that uses the third row seat, or tows anything at all Acura MDX, Honda Pilot, Honda Odyssey, & Honda Ridgeline as it eliminates the typical rear sag! 146221

- F4170

by: Howie. K05/02/2013

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

I must say the product was sold a great price, and delivered quickly. It installed easily following the directions and performed as expected. It handled the extra load on the 2012 Sante Fe and kept the ride smooth and level on our 1,200 mile rides. I do question the installation instruction as to the length of the stub tube under the elbow (at the top of the air bag). Installed it appeared the elbow was bent over at a very sharp angle and I fear a kink developing in the tube (though there is no problem to date and perhaps the little extra length prevents the kinking ?). They have been installed around 5 months now and have around 8,ooo miles on them. I have delt with e trailer before and will again....HIGHLY recommended 78713


The Santa Fe 2007-2009 has WAY to soft a rear suspension. In the UK they even have an OEM self leveling kit! But on in NA...So I bought the F4170 kit.Had it installed by a pro in June 2012.The mechanic last year did not trust the tubes or the connections. Felt like it was toys stuff. Not meant for 35lbs of pressure, not automotive grade.But it worked!What a different that made! It was great, my car behaved great even when fully loaded. It was an awesome solution, it proves the SF has a weak suspension, even though they say we it can loaded with 1100lb of gear. It was perfect, until the following spring. When I got to inflate them a year after installation, there was a leak. In both of them!! I lifted the car to check and one was totally torn open. There is a disc on top to protect the balloon, but it seems too small. Theres nothing to hold it centered, and thats probably what happened: it moved, got off center, and it could not protect the balloon from the jounce holder.For the other one, like mentioned above, the connections a weak. The mechanics calls them quick connect. Well you get the quality of a connection done quickly: not strong enough.Technically I am still under the 1 year warranty, well see. But if it was to do all over again, I probably would not choose that. Looks like I will have to repeat that every year... The thing dont last.

-- comment by: Nick - 05/29/2013


Firestone prefers to handle warranty claims directly, so please give them a call. Remember that these bags do have a minimum air pressure. Firestone specs them at an operating range of 5-35PSI. If they drop below 5PSI there is risk that the bags will not hold their shape and pressure and be prone to damage because they are inside of a moving coil spring.

-- Patrick B - 5/29/2013


Made another trip to Florida since installed..LOADED..... and the airbags performed very well. Level vehicle and no real noticeable harshness in the ride. Im a happy guy.We load the car, put kayaks on the roof and put about 350 lbs in a receiver hitch style carrier and the car is level and rides nice. I have nothing negative to say. Oh, I run 45 PSI loaded like this and it works great.

Howie K - 05/02/2014


- F4174

by: Bob B.11/17/2014

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

Thanks to all of the folks who shared their observations on the installation of Firestone Air Helper Springs on Toyota RAV4s. Some of their suggestions made my life much easier. The Firestone instructions, as others observed, were pretty generic and were probably not written by a person who actually installed them on a RAV4. Here are a few things that I found useful: I found that the easiest way to cram the air bags into the coil springs was to flatten them like a pancake with the top and bottom surfaces collapsed onto each other and lash them in this state with a zip tie. Compressed this way you can push them thru the gap in the coil spring in the correct orientation so that when you release the zip tie they expand into the coil spring correctly. It helps to push them thru an opening just below the center of the coil spring so that the air bag ends up slightly below center touching the bottom plastic protective disk. It is really difficult to move the air bags up or down once they expand into the coil spring. I attached the air hose after the bag was in place. You can use a heat gun to warm the air hose enough to bend it so that it exits the lower control arm, turns 90 degrees, and runs along the back of the control arm without hanging down. As others noted the exhaust system presents special problems on the right side. I ended up routing the air line toward the brake and up to the upper control arm to stay away from the exhaust pipe. It's not clear what the best strategy is for routing the air lines. They seem pretty tough, but will likely be rubbing on something given all of the movement in the suspension. I'd suggest not cutting the air line and starting with the right side, which for me needed more air line length to keep away from the exhaust system. That way you will have enough air line to finish the right side and you can use the remainder on the left side, which will need less. I cut the line in half to begin with and barely had enough for the right side. All of the bits seem to be of high quality. The quick connect air fittings seem to seal well and grab tenaciously so you will have a very hard time removing them once you install them. Like a Chinese puzzle on steroids. Our trailer has around 440lb tongue weight and these have brought us back to level with a few psi to spare. We'll see how it goes over the road. Thanks to everyone who contributed ideas and suggestions. 161229

- F4174

by: Bill1004/01/2016

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

Installation: 2007 Toyota Rav4. The installation instructions were perfectly fine. Installation is not a complicated process; it's just a struggle to get the air bag inside the coil and into its proper shape. Everything else is easy. Also, the instructions clearly stated how to remove the air hose from the air valve. Although not provided in the instructions, I removed the rear wheels for the air bag installation. While that took some weight off the coil's extension, the trade-off was easier access to the coil from the side rather than from underneath...and I did get the air bag inside the coils fine. In installing the air bags one bit of advice is consider using more fingers than tools. Once I put the blunt-ended tools down and worked it into place with my hands the install went much better. Once the air bag is inside the coil and the air plug is removed, the coil doesn't just pop into place/shape. It still needs to be worked in a spinning motion and using the soapy water from the sprayer that you'll need to check for leaks will come in very handy doing that. I tow a 1,000 pound covered trailer and have recently purchased a motorcycle hitch carrier to haul my dual-sport motorcycle. I always wanted this air bag set up for my towing, but it was the carrier that got me to pull the trigger on the Coil-Rite. Using the top of my rear wheel well as a point of measurement, the stock height was 32.75". Putting 525 pounds on the hitch receiver (motorcycle hitch carrier and motorcycle) the height dropped to 30.25" (-2.50" from stock). Pumping up the Air Bags brought the height up to 31.50" (+1.25" above the ladened height but still -1.25" below the unladened height). The specs on this product state that the Firestone Coil-Rite's load leveling capability ranges from "at least 500 pounds (at most 1,000 pound)." I was expecting the Coil-Right to level my vehicle with the 521 pound receiver tongue payload and it falls short 1.25" (or only half of the total ladened reduction in height). I'm giving the product a good rating as it was fairly inexpensive and something I could install myself...and does, in fact, help my leveling for towing. However, the spec says it should have leveled at 500 pounds and it didn't. 242614

- F4146

by: Matt M07/07/2012

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

My review is only on the installation of these, and only on a 02-07 Jeep Liberty. To me, the instructions were VERY vague. The hardest part was running the air line. Instructions said to run it through the box frame and through the 3/8" hole in the top spring holder. Seriously? I fed the line though the hole and who knows where it is going. The only access hole near the springs is on the outside of the frame, and must too small. Well, I opened the hole a bit, painted it, and was able to get my finger in there to fish our the line. If I had a wire fish, I may have been able to fish it out without opening the hole. The other thing, drilling the 3/8" hole wasn't easy. The boomerang limited the amount that the axle would drop. Luckily, I found a short enough 3/8" drill in my assortment that was just long enough for the job. And still, it was a pain. I was wishing I had a right angle drill at that point. One last thing, it didn't state wear to put the heat shield. I figured where the exhaust is closest to the spring. Of course you have a curve there, but a little bending, I got it done. I am debating on putting some header tape in that area. 47084


Have u towed anything with these and have they helped. I have a 04 liberty and was looking for something to help with towing.

-- comment by: Billy - 07/15/2014


- F4170

by: J.B.Slye09/08/2013

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

The F4170 kit does fit a 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe. However installation is not quite as simple as the video. In order to remove the jounce bumper and install the air bags on our All Wheel Drive the springs needed to be removed. The instructions show a 2" piece of air line at the bag and then a 90 degree union. Make that 1.5" and the union will not hit the top of the steel jounce bumper cup. Insted of a 7/16 inch hole for the lines, go bigger and put in a grommet so the line does not rub. I went to 5/8 inch and then used 3/8 fuel line to cover the air tubing. Protects it from getting cut and from heat at the muffler. I agree that the top spacers need work. No real retention or centering on top of the bag. I put RTV silicone on the spacer and then placed it on the air bag. It centered on the bag and it should stay put. When the vehicle is off the ground and the springs are at full extension, and the jounce bumper cup does not touch the spacer. With the bigger hole, the fuel line guard, and the RTV I hope the work for a while. If not the bags are lifetime warranty and the hardware has 2 years. 98925

- F4177

by: T.V.01/23/2017

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

This is our second Ford Flex and the second one we've added these Firestone Coil-Rite rear spring assists. In the year since we had them installed we've moved using an 18' twin axle enclosed trailer packed to capacity, taken several modest trips (approx 1000 miles) and driven the Flex as a passenger car. I've had the air pressure set as high as 30 PSI when towing, and as low as 5 PSI for daily driving. They work great. They add just about 1" lift at the hitch receiver with pressure of 30 PSI and the car unloaded. With the trailer attached this works out to be just about level. When packed for a trip, I've used 10 PSI to 15 PSI depending upon what we've loaded into the back. Again, it keeps the back end from squatting and keeps the headlights aimed properly. I installed the kit using separate air valves for each side this time. I like this better than using a common filler. It seems to add a bit of "roll resistance" having each one filled separately. Our first Flex I used a common filler valve and didn't get this benefit. My only word of caution is to be careful when filling the air springs. It doesn't take a lot of air to get to the desired pressure so be careful not to over-inflate. Also, if you have a tire gauge with a "bleed down" valve, it works better than one without. Just as with filling, it doesn't take much depletion of air to drop the pressure significantly. A gauge with a bleeder allows you to draw off just a little air at a time. 334563

- F4170

by: Darrel K.08/25/2016

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

Okay, first of all. I have had this type of air spring helper bag before on several vehicles so I'm fairly familiar with how they are setup and work. Ordered this kit, good pricing, fairly fast ship..... And then the fun began. I did watch a video on the install. Looked pretty straight forward but with these latest polyurethane bags it looked like it would be a challenge to just "push" these through the springs AND get your hands in there to connect them. Oh, well I gave it a shot and sure enough one of the brass L shaped fittings for the bag just snapped off in my hand! Etrailer did address this and sent me new lines. And I'll be honest here.... threw everything back in the box and let it set for another month. Okay, let's do it again, MY WAY, this time. I dropped the rear coils completely this time, easily fed in the bags with the lines PREATTACHED, put the coils back in place and finished up the rest of the install. It's up to you....but I think just dropping the coils completely takes less time and you'll end up with a neater install. Oh, and here's the best part....these things are awesome on these long wheelbase Hyundai Santa Fe's. These SUVs don't have enough springing in the back to begin with. If you pull a trailer or hall a lot of tools, etc., in the back, trust me, you will see "extra" tire wear because that rear suspension will be sitting on the snubbers a great deal of the time. By going from around 10 to 30 psi I have a great deal of control over both ride height and improved stability in tow and heavy haul situations. I would recommend them, just take your time on the install..... 287475


Well, they still work well, however they dont hold there pressure for more than a couple of weeks. Always checking them...adding air every few weeks

Darrel K - 08/25/2017


- F4174

by: Ed L05/28/2017

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

Overall, etrailer service and the instructional video were excellent, installation was easier than I thought, and performance has been very good. I installed these on my '07 RAV4. Quick delivery, excellent follow-up by etrailer. Having read other reviews, I was a bit apprehensive about the installation. It went much quicker and easier than I anticipated. No bruised knuckles, a few grunts, no cuss words. The video is very good and helped a lot. I jacked the car up until the wheels were off the ground, which gave a reasonable amount of room between the spring coils. The red plug popped out a few times but you could still squeeze the bag with one hand through the spring and then put the plug back in, which gave some laxity in the bag to help manipulate it. The exhaust was in the way on the right a bit but not really a big deal. I opted to install the tee fitting and routed the valve stem into the left rear, as per the video. I chose to install it in the "dimple" below the 12v plug present in my car. Be careful, though: if you put the stem in the exact center of the dimple, many tire fillers won't fit into the dimple, so install it offset to the bottom. Also, I routed the tubing through the rubber grommet (maybe 1' dia) in that space on the bottom towards the vehicle front. The bags seem pretty easy to inflate with an inexpensive 12v compressor. As for performance, they seem to do very well, cutting down some of the bounce when towing our pop-up trailer. 386041

- F4179

by: Joe B.07/10/2015

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

Works great on my 2010 Honda Odyssey. Easy to install if you remove the main bolt of the suspension lower arm (that holds the spring). This is a much better approach than to squeeze the bag between the springs. On an Odyssey, you must first remove the yellow rubber stop bumpers at the top of the springs. I've attached pictures to show the installed part, the air hose attachments, and a side shot to show the lift I can now achieve with only 24 pounds of air pressure in the bags. Also, the customer service was outstanding. When I ordered these, Firestone was out of the part. As we waited just under 2 weeks for more to be manufactured, Lexus (not a car; the name of my customer service representative) kept in regular contact with me and was exceptionally courteous and helpful. If you have a minivan that rides low when loaded or towing, I highly recommend these and I am extremely pleased with etrailer. 210948


Its a year later and I still love the product!

Joe B - 08/05/2016


- F4176

by: JimT11/05/2015

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

I purchased this product on the recommendation of a service writer from my local VW dealership. I carry a lot of tools and equipment in me Jetta Sportwagen for work. Shipping was super quick and follow up was excellent. I just installed the air bags yesterday with a friend. Very easy to install. One helpful suggestion, after the first attempt to stuff the deflated air bags in the spring we found it too flat and hard to get in. I suggested squeezing the top end round like an eggroll and putting a cable tie around it to hold it and then getting the remaining air out. It goes it much easier and no need to remove the bottom shock mount. Huge difference on the ride home! Ride height back to level with 350 lbs of equipment in the back. I highly recommend this product. 231481


A full year later and not a single problem. I havent had to add air since I set the bags up. About 11k miles of mostly city driving.

JimT - 11/04/2016


- F4150

by: Tommy D02/18/2014

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

Bags came quick and as described. I'm a professional technician so install was pretty easy. It is a little tough getting the bags in the springs but with some patience they go in. Can't wait to hook up my travel trailer and see how well they work. 2010 Nissan Armada SE 116843


Hi Tommy,What was the difference in ride handling when you hooked up you TT? Do you think an amateur could install these without special tools? Thanks,Alvin

-- comment by: Alvin N - 07/01/2014


Alvin, the ride was definitely better with the trailer hooked up after I installed the airbags. I run them at 10 psi normally and 25 with trailer hooked up. With no trailer the rear feels more planted to the road and towing it feels more stable. I still use leveling bars to help with the weight but I definitely recommend these if your going to tow. As for install its not difficult but just a pain to get them squeezed down and pushed through the springs. After that the hoses are simple push ins and just be sure to route them so they can move and away from the exhaust. Tom D.

-- comment by: Tom D - 07/01/2014


- F4169

by: Mark R.07/12/2013

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

I installed this product on a 2007 AWD Ford Fusion. It was easier to install by completely removing the coil springs during installation. Also, for the AWD model, I had to remove the rubber bump stops and then grind down the rubber supporter for the top of the new blue air bag. There was no need to use the 90 degree elbows and drill a hole in the jounce mount due to a straight vertical hole which was perfect for the air line so there is one less potential leak point. Car rides perfectly and has the stance now that Ford should have done from the factory. 89273


Product has worked out well now. It leaked the first week in which my wife and daughters were going to Florida and I had no time to change it out. After sending several photos to customer service, I received a new bag I did not request a whole kit and installed it and have not had one single problem in one year. Thanks for a great product.

Mark R - 07/14/2014


- F4176

by: Daniel B10/29/2013

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

Etrailer was fanatic there communication is great and follow thru Install was a bit harder then other reviews say it is as far as getting the air bags inside the coil springs .I ended up taking the coil springs off the car for install not hard just time .after air bag install the rest was a peace of cake .With 35 psi in the air bags car was a lot firmer rode better and handle better then stock .Still the vw sport wagon is weak for towing tong weight .But the air bags are a must have if you tow anything or even carrie a bike rack 105672


Still working Great i just check the air pressure every now and then and i keep towing a three rail dirt bike trailer with three bikes on it very happy with air bags

Daniel B - 10/30/2014


- F4118

by: Larry M.07/04/2014

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

Installation on 2014 Pathfinder didn't require Shock removal. It went in fairly easily. They are helpful although wonder if they shouldn't be slightly taller . With 5 passengers and trailer approx. 3500 lbs. still sags some. In my opinion Japanese cars all have Weak rear suspensions 139152


How did you install with the stop built into the top spring seat? Also did you run the air hose out the bottom? Thanks

-- comment by: Will - 08/13/2014


To Will , To be honest, I didnt even look at the upper inside of the spring for a stop . I simply collapse the bags and worked them into the spring . Yes I have the air fitting and hose coming out of the bottom . I used extra cable ties to secure the hoses. I drilled NO holes in anything. I was carefully of routing the lines away from the heat of the exhaust. I mounted the Air fittings to the holes in the receiver. One complaint is that I have great difficulty in filling the them. I dont know if it is the Tire chuck I am using or the Fittings provided. I actually end up unscrewing the nut on the fitting and take the fitting and hose free from the receiver to press the tire chuck on far enough to fill them then remount the fittings to the receiver

-- comment by: Larry M - 09/30/2014


Thanks for responding Larry. In the installation instructions Firestone recommends removing the factory jounce stop, or spring seat before installing the Air helper springs.

-- Rachael H - 10/1/2014

- F4118

by: Daniel Herkes09/16/2016

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

The product came very soon after I ordered it and is just as what is pictured. While there are no instructions in the kit - I am a capable mechanic and do not need any. It was tough getting the bags into the springs of a 2013 Pathfinder. I relaxed the suspension as best I could, but the spaces in the coils are not large. It helped to insert the bags from the middle of each spring. The air lines are a combination of schrader valves both conventional and friction fit - take care to trim the friction fit square. I used a sharp knife. I had to fabricate a mount for the exterior valves and used a piece of 1/8 sheet aluminum. I noted the difficulty of routing the air lines away from the hot exhaust and over extension and flexion. On my vehicle the air line must extend from the bottom of the spring and this will, unfortunately increase the risk that the line will foul on a road hazard. Spend a few moments under your vehicle and route a path for the air lines before starting the install. Overall these bags seem to be a rugged option for a suspension boost. I will add to the review as time goes on if necessary. 295316

- F4150

by: Bill W.08/01/2017

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

Installation pictures. 413337

- F4166

by: Dale O.11/16/2016

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

Excellent product. Installed on a 2012 2x4 Nissan Pathfinder to stiffen rear end. We often load the vehicle with gear and a utility trailer and found it tends to squat a bit; the air bags solved that problem. Easy to install, but the instructions included with the units are incomplete as they omit inserting the support plates. However, the installation video on the etrailer website covers this and should be viewed. I was able to do the installation with the vehicle on the ground and without removing the wheels. I dropped the spare tire and jacked up one side at a time just to where the tire was almost off the ground, placed jack stands and worked from under the car. You really need to be able to put a lot of pressure on the deflated units to get them inside the coil springs. I found the best tool for doing this is a ball peen hammer; using the handle to push against the bags and the head for a good grip that allows pushing real hard without damage to your hand. 316982

- F4177

by: Tom V.09/12/2016

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

Once installed these did just what I hoped for raising the rear of the 2012 Ford Flex about 1 full inch under trailer load (at 30PSI in airbags). This is enough to make the car's headlights less annoying for oncoming traffic at night. I find that with about 10 PSI in the air bags and no trailer or luggage the vehicle has slightly more roll resistance which improves high speed stability, too. Very nice product. I attempted to install them but only frustrated myself. I took the car to a guy I trust and he did a great job with the installation. He ran the tubing to a central fill point as I also had ordered the "TEE" fitting. The fill fitting is right near the hitch receiver and very handy. It's nice to be able to fill both bags with just one fitting. 293864

- F4176

by: Brad S12/23/2013

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

Easy installation; I replaced my worn shocks as well at the same time on my 2010 jetta sportwagon. Removing the shocks gives you a few more inches of room to slide in the assist bags. It was easier to slide them in after wiping the bags and spraying the coil springs with silicon. I routed the air lines through the frame and mounted the valves in the spare tire well. Much better ride especially when towing my 5x8 trailer. 110981


Can i ask what you used as a bracket to mount in the spare tire well? Did you plug the holes you drilled with anything?

-- comment by: Shane K - 01/12/2015


- response for Shane K question - I did not use a bracket to mount the filler valves in spare tire well just used a drill bit slightly larger than valves and the tensioner nuts holds the filler valves in place no worries. Just be sure you mount the valves so that you can fill them when the spare is in place. I used silicon sealer around the edges so no air can get to the bare metal.

-- comment by: Brad S - 01/13/2015


- F4157

by: Wil Chaney05/04/2013

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

Instructions are weak. They do not explain how to get the "jounce" bumpers out of the coil springs. Secondly, I cannot locate the air leak, but figure it must be on top of one of the air bags and that the jounce mount might be hitting the elbow for the air line. Not a very good design. 78945


My 2008 Grand Jeep Cherokee Overland has those yellow things jounce bumpers inside the coil also. Do those need to come out? Is it ok then that the bag doesnt fully occupy the space vertically?

-- comment by: Michael B - 11/27/2013


The jounce bumpers do need to be removed to install the kit. Once the veichle is lowered off the jack stands and supporting its own weight, the slack will be taken up. If you do go for an air spring kit, I strongly recommend purchasing a tubing cutter to go with it. A lot of leak problems are cause by out of square cuts with a box cutter. Check out F9009 and AL10530.

-- Patrick B - 12/2/2013

- F4176

by: Erik S.10/11/2013

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

I just installed these Firestone Air Bags on my 2011 Jetta Sportwagen. I did it myself and it was easy! Just remove the tire... The bag slides in without even removing the shock. I'm towing a 13' Scamp trailer, and the lift is about 2" at 30 psi... The ride and steering are greatly improved! This product actually performs as advertised! 103418


I will pick up a scamp 13 type 2 this May in Backus, MN using the same as your TV. I would appreciate if you can give me some type of feedback regarding your jetta performance, towing wise and MPG. I will be coming from Southern CA.I opted for an electric brakes on my and installed a curt hitch. I am in the process of installing a curt brake controller and wiring ,all purchase from e- trailer. You help me decide to install the Firestone Air Bags to my TV and I will Install it myself too. thanks to you.

-- comment by: mariano L - 03/17/2014


- F4174

by: Chuck W.05/19/2015

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

So far this has been every thing it was advertised to be. Install took a couple hours give or take I didn't really time it. The install went well, no busted knuckles or any thing! I forgot to order the "T" fitting so I'll have to go back and take care of that. So when you order get the "T" to avoid my error. Etrailer has been great. Deliver was timely when I made the order the Coil-Rite set I needed was on back order but as estimated by etrailer it arrived within two weeks, so no big deal there. I installed the Coil-Rite on my 2014 Toyota RAV4 to help level the body out when towing our ATV trailer. I haven't had a trailer hooked up to it yet but looking forward to it. I'm pushing the max towing capacity of the RAV so I really want to keep the breaking as solid as I can. Keeping the body level will help there. 194450

- F4108

by: Rich from Cold NY09/11/2015

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

Having had them on for a year now...Excellent! I was skeptical because of the cheap price as I am used to the higher quality rubber/metal frame units but they have done the light duty job I bought them for. Installation was challenging in order to squeeze them through the coils but it is do-able. I mounted these inside of a 2000 Tahoe. I mounted the bags with the air line to the top and ziptied the lines along the wiring conduit. Valves were installed in the rear bumper next to the plate which is perfect because at night time they are illuminated by the plate lights. I run 20lbs at all times. One thing I would recommend is buying an airline T and using only one air line for fill/deflate. Two is a pain. I used to have one on my old set up and it was far easier. The T collects both lines behind the bumper. Enjoy. 224920

- F4135

by: Ryan G.05/23/2017

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

Install was easy on 2014 FJ Cruiser...pulled the wheels off, jacked it up a bit, and the axle dropped enough to allow room to fit the bags inside the springs. I will see how they perform when I hook up my trailer but they inflate quickly and I can see these will stop my vehicle from squatting when the cargo area and trailer are heavily loaded. Another excellent product offered by etrailer...thanks. 383916

- F4108

by: Al S12/16/2012

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

The directions are set up to cover a wide variety of vehicles. There are pages inserted for adjustments to the instructions for a smaller group of vehicles closely related to mine. I still found them confusing and not very clear. Once I got past trying to do exactly what the instructions (or at least the pictures) were saying, I was able to just look at my setup and install the air springs. The picture for the inserted heat shield instructions was the most confusing because it shows the air hose on the top but for my Avalanche (and I believe most late GM SUVs) the air hose is on the bottom. On the positive side the product appears to be of strong construction for the springs, hose, and the fittings. I'm confident it will greatly improve my Avalanche's ability to tow my trailer safely 61590

- F4150

by: Ryan04/05/2014

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

Installed on the rear coils of a 2008 Nissan Armada after removing factory air shocks and installed a 2" lift. Easy installation and works perfect for my needs. Only suggestion would be to add a "T" to the kit so you can inflate at one point versus two. 123901


Ryan, are these still working well and how much do you haulwith how much tongue weight. Thank you.

-- comment by: Brent S - 02/09/2016


- F4164

by: Mark08/12/2017

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

Easy install on 2011 Sequoia. Jack up and support right side of vehicle, remove wheel. Deflate and plug bag then stuff into the middle coil of spring. Use soapy water if bag hangs on spring coils, I used sweat. Make sure you run the air line through the top of the spring mount before unplugging the bag. As soon as you remove the plug, attach air line to bag. It's much more difficult to plug in the air line after bag is inflated. Run air line to left side and repeat , about a 1 hour job. Firestone really should include a T fitting to run the bags together. At 10psi Sequoia sits about 1/2" taller in the rear, I'll probably run them about 8psi unloaded. Will have to see how they perform and hold up under load, so far I'm impressed. 419436

- F4176

by: Curtis B.08/05/2016

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

The product does work, but for how long is the question. Installation was straightforward. I was very careful to make sure i had clean straight ends when i cut my tubing. After installation i filled up the air bag to half the rated PSI. Soap tested and test drove for 20mins. Filled the bags to 3/4 there rated and soap tested, test drove another 20 mins no leaks. My first trip with a trailer on the ball was 90 long and by the time i arrived one bag had leaked out where the hose pushes in. Do to space i had to cut the line to remove the bag remove the hose and then reinstall. The system does work. I'm just not a fan of quick connects. Due to the amount of work to install the bag i would like to see a more fail safe hose connection. 279882

- F4179

by: Brian06/02/2013

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

Installation of the first side was pretty slow and frustrating. The second side went much better. Dealing with the coil springs is always difficult, and I had a hard time getting the coil spring seated properly. Also, determining where to to drill the hole for the airline is difficult. I ended up using a Dremel to get it in the correct spot. Anyways, the air springs seemed to do their job, and adding 20 psi of air raised the back about 1/2". My wife complained about some squeaking coming from the back. Probably from the coil spring not being seated properly. A week after the install, the Pilot was rear-ended and totaled so I can't give any long term advice. 82892

- F4179

by: Jeff B07/14/2017

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

The product turned out great. It does the job of levelling out our Honda Odyssey quite well while pulling a boat. I'd like to make a recommendation. After the instructional step of drilling the hole in the bottom control arm, I wish there was something that was provided to protect the sharp edges of the hole that the airline runs through. It seems like a very vulnerable spot where the airlines could be severed. Someone needs to design a hole protector sleeve that sits straddled/sandwiched between the air bag and lower control arm that would protect the air lone travelling through. Just my thoughts, otherwise, this is a wonderful product! 405526

- F4174

by: JRS04/10/2014

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

My airbags were put in a Toyota RAV4. Installation was not easy. To get the airbags in the spring the spring had to be removed completely. No way to put it in through the spring leaves. To remove the spring it is better to remove the center suspension arm bolt and leave it attached to the wheel attachment portion. Much easier to get the arm back in place this way. When placing the airbag in the spring it is easiest to collapse the airbag lengthwise and hold it collapsed with a tie wrap. Then put in the spring and once in place cut the tie wrap.Once installed the airbags seem to work as advertised. Good luck, these suspension bolts were tight. 124532

- F4146

by: Harvey S.08/09/2017

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

Bought them for my Jeep to help with stabilizing the rear end when towing. They do the job for a little while (a day). Then they LEAK! Sent factory photos of leakage with soapy water spray bubbling from metal neck. Got a new one - SAME PROBLEM. Just sold the Jeep, but took out the airbags first. It was the only problem my Jeep had. Didn't want to have the airbags involved in the sale. Poor quality, not made to prevent failures. Difficult to prove defect to factory. Would not recommend this product. One would be better off getting another brand consisting of large, dense rubber cushion. No air to leak. 417990

- F4108

by: Mike G08/28/2016

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

Leveled out my Yukon. Good for long hauls. Keep pressure. I check them before every haul and have not had to add air. I deflated them down to 10 psi over the winter since I only use my truck to tow a camper. The ride was similar to the original but with less body roll. They are well worth the money and take little effort to install. I would recommend coupling these with a higher load rated tire as well. I put on some Kumho AT's that were a bit grippy and load range E. It rides like a 3/4 truck when I have everything inflated and like my wife's luxury SUV again when I let some of the air out. Great combination. 288676

- F4170

by: Tony B.08/27/2014

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

I was going to use my 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe to tow my pop-up camper for the first time and during the test drive decided that the suspension was a little bouncy, so I ordered the Coil-Rites. Very happy with them. They installed quickly (I watched the installation video on a couple of times) and in less than an hour I was ready to go with a much improved ride. I highly recommend the Coil-Rite's and This was my second purchase and each time I was extremely satisfied with the experience. I will buy from them again. 148984

- F4179

by: Mark04/26/2011

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

I installed these on my 2006 Honda Odyssey to pull an 18ft (total length) popup camper. My van used to bounce pretty good through intersections and would occassionally bottom out on the big bumps. After putting these in, it rides nice and level, and hardly bounces at all, improving the ride for passengers and popup alike. One note, I had them installed at a local shop and he ran the airline so each stem comes out just in front of the rear wheels (through the bottom body panel) to avoid the exhause. 12359

- F4138

by: Carl L06/25/2016

Review from a similar Firestone Coil-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

Most challenging to install. Not snap fit. Removal of several components and careful routing of delicate air line also had to purchase grommets for holes where chaffing of air line would occur. Don't expect longevity. Suggest development of a single support spring assembly to be better engineered and increase longevity, reliability, and ride stabilization as well as load capacity. Rusted parts don't disassemble with out heat and air tools. New bolts washers and nuts should be included. Thank you 265078

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  • Why Does Firestone Coil-Rite Air Helper Springs Come with 2 Air Lines
  • Well you would not want either bag to leak! But you can use a T-fitting to run both lines to one line and fill the bags at the same time. However, if you want to be able to level the vehicle side to side, you would need two separate lines which is why they come with one for each air bag. For a T fitting you can use # F3273-1. I also recommend a tube cutter # F9009 to get a nice straight cut on the air lines. A cut that is not straight is more likely to leak.
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  • Rear Coil-Rite Helper Springs for a 2013 Toyota Sienna Do Not Require a Heat Shield
  • The Coil-Rite helper springs # F4155 fit inside of the rear coil springs on your 2013 Toyota Sienna. The exhaust is not close enough to cause any problems. Also, the coil springs themselves would also help dissipate any heat. I have included a link to a video showing an example installation for you. Like you said, the Air Lift springs # AL60732 do come with a heat shield as a fail safe. I have linked a video of this kit as well. The Air Lift system is a good value so if the heat shield...
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  • Suspension Enhancement Fit for 2014 Toyota Sienna AWD
  • I have a solution for you, but unfortunately the Firestone Coil-Rite Air Helper Springs # F4155 are not confirmed to fit your 2014 Toyota Sienna AWD. I spoke with my contact at Firestone and he confirmed they do not list this kit as a fit for the AWD Sienna. For a coil spring suspension enhancement system, I recommend the Air Lift 1000 Air Helper Springs for Coil Springs # AL60732 because they are confirmed to fit your Sienna AWD and are similarly designed to the Firestone air bags....
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  • Recommendations for 2011 Toyota Sienna and Motorcycle Carrier
  • For your 2011 Toyota Sienna, I recommend the Draw-Tite Max-Frame Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class III - 2" # 75237. Using this trailer hitch receiver, you can use the Rage PowerSport Steel Motorcycle Carrier for 2" Hitch Receiver - 600 lbs # MX600 which weighs 66 lbs. When you use this carrier, it would be wise to use a suspension enhancement to keep the back end from sagging. I recommend the Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System # TTORSEN04 for your application for...
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  • Troubleshooting Leaking Firestone Air Bag Problem in 2008 Chevrolet Uplander
  • Thank you for your purchase of Firestone Coil-Rite Air Helper Springs # F4155 for your 2008 Chevrolet Uplander. I suggest your mechanic begin his troubleshooting at the bag that deflated. If he inflates the bag to about 30-psi (near its 35-psi maximum) and applies soapy water to all connection points and the bag surface too he can check for air leaks. It is not necessary to remove the system from the Uplander to do this testing. The same test can be done wherever he can access the air...
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  • Installation Process for Firestone Coil-Rite Air Helper Springs # F4155 in 2005 Chevrolet Uplander
  • In your 2005 Chevrolet Uplander the Firestone Coil-Rite Air Helper Spring Kit # F4155 will install with its air valve at the bottom of the spring. The vehicle's bump stop is to be removed and the included spacer will be placed at the bottom of the air spring in your installation. The written instructions are linked for your reference. Always keep these springs inflated to at least their recommended minimum pressure of 5-psi and never exceed the 35-psi limit. If you prefer to have...
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  • What Is Included In The Package With Firestone Coil-Rite Air Helper Springs
  • The Firestone Coil-Rite Air Helper Springs, part # F4155 price includes both air springs, includes all materials necessary for installation. To make it easier to control inflating or deflating of the air springs from the driver seat I recommend installing an onboard air compressor system like part # F2158. This comes with a gauge that lets you keep track of the amount if air you have in the air spring system.
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