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TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade with Quick-Disconnects - Lower Overload Springs

TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade with Quick-Disconnects - Lower Overload Springs

Our Price: $412.26
Vehicle Suspension

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Get improved handling with minimal sway and body roll for your vehicle with this suspension enhancement kit. StableLoad pads feature quick-disconnects and a hinged design so you can easily return to your original ride when not hauling or towing. Great Prices for the best vehicle suspension from TorkLift. TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade with Quick-Disconnects - Lower Overload Springs part number TLA7310 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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TorkLift Vehicle Suspension

  • Pads
  • Rear Axle Suspension Enhancement
  • Heavy Duty
  • TorkLift
  • Overload Pads

Get improved handling with minimal sway and body roll for your vehicle with this suspension enhancement kit. StableLoad pads feature quick-disconnects and a hinged design so you can easily return to your original ride when not hauling or towing.


  • Dramatically improves handling by pre-activating your vehicle's factory lower overload springs
    • Helps to evenly distribute weight, ensuring that truck stays level for better handling
    • Reduces side-to-side sway and body roll
  • Angled structure maximizes contact surface for more effective support
    • Tapered wedge fits between curved springs better than a flat pad
  • Adjustable design lets you modify each StableLoad to fit perfectly in the gap between your truck's rear springs
    • Wedge packs can be taken apart so you can remove one or more of the contact pads
  • Quick-disconnects let you easily return to original ride when you're not towing or hauling
    • Wedge pack is on a hinge mechanism so StableLoad can be pivoted in or out of engagement
    • 3/8" Ratchet extension and ratchet (not included) required for activation
  • Compatible with aftermarket air bag suspension upgrades
  • Custom-fit for your vehicle
  • Simple, do-it-yourself installation
    • StableLoad units bolt onto the ends of each overload spring
    • No drilling required
  • Kit includes 4 StableLoad units and necessary hardware
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty

Enhancing Factory Overload Springs

The lower factory overload springs on your truck are designed to help compensate for a large payload. When you are hauling a heavy load, your truck's standard leaf springs can't always counteract the weight of it. As a result, if you hit a bump when your suspension is fully loaded, the leaf springs will give and cause your truck to bottom out. The overload springs help keep this from happening by mounting beneath the leaf springs to provide points of contact for the stressed springs.

Gap Between Standard Leaf Spring and Lower Overload Spring

There is natural gap between your truck's standard leaf springs and its lower overload springs. This gap allows the upper leaf springs to flex a bit before making contact with the overload springs, but having this gap creates a situation where bounce (or jounce) often occurs. StableLoads are designed to fill the gap between your standard springs and your overload springs. This pre-activates the overload springs, ensuring that they are engaged from the start instead of engaging only when your leaf springs make contact, at which point you've probably already felt the jarring.

StableLoad Suspension Enhancement and Aftermarket Air Bags

By enhancing your lower overload springs in the way described above, you will notice less sway and body roll. This is due to the pre-loading effect of the StableLoads, which helps to better distribute the weight of your payload over the entirety of your factory suspension. This is the primary difference between StableLoads and many air bag overload systems.

With air bag suspension enhancement, the load in your truck is being taken on by the air bags. Air bags are designed to level your truck, and they operate as intended when they're under a normal load. But if you are hauling or towing a particularly heavy load, this type of suspension enhancement can create some problems. In order to get the correct amount of leveling and to ensure that your suspension won't bottom out, you will likely have to fill the air bags to a very high psi. Doing this effectively removes the load from your factory suspension. As a result, your truck's suspension is no longer able to operate as it was designed. This can lead to handling issues, such as porpoising, sway, or body roll.

If you currently have this problem with your air bag system, you can add StableLoads to your suspension and get the best out of both products. StableLoads are effective on their own, but they've also been tested with aftermarket air bag suspension systems. The two enhancements work particularly well together if you have a heavy payload. By installing StableLoads between your lower overload springs and your standard leaf springs, you are already adding support to your suspension to help prevent bottoming out, which air bags work to prevent as well. As a result, you won't have to fill the bags nearly as full, which means that they won't take as much of the load off of your factory suspension, thus allowing your suspension to function as designed - only better.

Quick Disconnect

TorkLift Fortress Propane Tank Lock

These StableLoads can be quickly and easily engaged and disengaged. The quick-disconnect design allows you to pivot the wedge pack - the piece that sits between the springs - in and out of position with a standard ratchet and 3/8" extension (not included). As a result, you can get a stable load when you're weighted down and then return to your regular ride when you're done hauling.

Tested and Proven Winner

TorkLift's StableLoads were tested against vehicles with no suspension enhancement and vehicles with air bags that were inflated to 100 lbs; and the results are clear. By adding StableLoads to your suspension your vehicle will ride smoother, causing less wear and tear on your suspension and tires. The trucks that were tested were loaded with 2,800 lbs. The degree of movement was then recorded, using an inclinometer, when the trucks encountered the 3 most common types of handling problems: side-to-side sway, porpoising, and body roll.

Preventing Side-To-Side Sway

Side-to-side sway is triggered when your vehicle encounters uneven ground, such as a pot hole, and the suspension gives way when it cannot counteract the weight of the heavy load being carried. This creates a side-to-side bouncing motion. As you can see in the graph above, air bags provide an advantage over no suspension upgrades. But the StableLoads offer dramatic improvement over both the standard suspension and the air bag suspension.

Preventing Porpoising

Porpoising is the rising and falling action your vehicle makes when driving over an object like a speed bump. Having too much bounce can make you feel like you're riding in the back of a school bus. As you can see in the graph, there is virtually no difference in porpoising between trucks with standard suspension systems and those with air bags. Only the StableLoad offers improvement for this type of problem.

Preventing Body Roll

Body roll occurs when your heavy load transfers unevenly as you navigate a turn, causing one side of your vehicle to lean dramatically. In some cases this can lead to your truck's tires coming off of the ground and it could even cause your vehicle to roll over if it is too top heavy. Again, according to the graph above, air bags offer no help with this problem. It is only with the StableLoads that stability improves.

A7310 Tork Lift Stable Load Suspension Enhancement - No Drill

Item # TLA7310

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Customer Reviews

TorkLift StableLoad Rear Suspension Upgrade with Quick-Disconnects - Lower Overload Springs - TLA7310

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (400 Customer Reviews)

Get improved handling with minimal sway and body roll for your vehicle with this suspension enhancement kit. StableLoad pads feature quick-disconnects and a hinged design so you can easily return to your original ride when not hauling or towing.

2018 Chevrolet Colorado

UPS delivered with packaging intact.
& R Wedges are wrapped separately and labeled. Hardware was contained in a sealed bag. 2 pieces were damaged, easily replaced at the hardware store.
Instructions were reasonably clear, but there is room for improvement there.
Installation :
Installation was on a 2018 Chevy Colorado and straight forward. There is the option of installing the units inboard or outboard. Inboard installation on the Colorado would have resulted in insufficient clearance between the spare tire on the rear units, and the fuel tank on the front. Outboard installation resulted in minimal clearance with the mud flaps on the rear, and contact with the brake line and supporting bracket on the left front. Some backyard engineering with waterpump pliers was required to create adequate clearance.
Engaging the wedges is not possible with weight on the axle. The truck must be jacked up enough to unload the springs before rotating the wedges into position.
I haven't had a chance to load up the truck and hook up the trailer. I'll provide follow-up when I do.



The wedges do level the truck when loaded up and towing the trailer. The truck must be jacked up to engage or release. They squeek & creek when engaged, but they do the job.

2017 Dodge Ram Pickup

Installed StableLoads on a 2017 Ram 3500 dually that carries a 4500lb (wet) truck camper and pulls a 24' enclosed car trailer. The StableLoads are easy to engage/disengage depending on load, and have none of the issues common with airbags. In combination with a Hellwig BigWig sway bar, the truck rides well and handles well, even with the high center of gravity with the camper.


Outstanding product. The trailer is twice as stable as it was was with the former system and much easier to set up. I would recommend it to anyone needing a leveler/stabilizer system. The added stiffness of the Torklift springload is a perfect combination. Just finished a 3000 mile trib in wind and bad weather with no issues.

2016 Ford F-150

I have a 1994 27 ft. Fifth wheel camper that we got in May and I pull it with a 2016 Ford F-150 4x4 supercrew and I had troubles with the trailer starting to sway at around 60 mph at times it was nerve racking. I did some research and found the torque lift stabilizer kit and installed it on my pick up. All I can say is WOW this kit took care of my sway problem 100%. We used it for the first time since installing the kit and it was trouble free and I ran around 72 mph with no problems!! I would highly recommend this kit & shipping was fast!


I’m not sure if the stable load actually works. When I loaded the truck camper I didn’t see much difference in sag (1/4”) and when I took it for a test drive there was still significant sway side to side. It may have settled out a little quicker. The air bags made the biggest difference. I need to evaluate further but first impression is I will send these back and get a sway bar instead.

Chevrolet Silverado 3500

Ive always used air bags on my 3500 trucks for my boat hauling business. I wanted to try something different to preserve the ride when unloaded. This product does the job nicely. I gained one inch of lift when loaded and the torklift units active


As advertised now for this ex medic to install myself. Looks like will be ok with the excellent instructions sent with the kit

by: 07/20/2022

You didn’t send all the parts. Need 2 more C and 2 more B

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


We recently sent you replacement parts for the Torklift suspension system and were wondering if you had any feedback about the product for other shoppers? We look forward to hearing from you.

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


We recently sent you replacement parts for the Torklift suspension system and were wondering if you had any feedback about the product for other shoppers? We look forward to hearing from you.

Ford F-150

Installed on an f150 for use with a ~1200lb pop up truck camper. They make up for about 1” of sag. The truck is still a little lower than I’d like when the camper is loaded. I much prefer this over air bags that I had on a previous truck because when the stable loads are disengaged the truck is back to a factory ride. Airbags on my previous truck made for a stiffer ride even when they were deflated.

by: 05/03/2021

I run a 2014 F-150XL Crewcab 4x4 and a 5.5 bed. My load capacity and bed length limited what I could haul for a hard-side truck camper. My camper is 1138 pounds.

Not one that believes in lots of modifications and likes simplicity for the average road warrior and outdoorsman, the Torklift StableLoads were the perfect addition.

Before retirement, I was running close to 35,000 annual miles with my truck and camper using it as my commuter lodging. Weekly my commute was 600 miles, not including my intown driving at work with my truck and camper.

I did not have lots of noticeable concerns running the stock suspension but would experience the occasional "high beam" signal from oncoming drivers.

After upgrading to E-rated tires, I drove for close to 6-months before adding the StableLoads. After adding the StableLoads, I lost the engagement of "high beam salute" from the oncoming drivers! I also experienced a more stable ride at highway speeds.

This more noticeable as I would enter curves on Highway 80 over the Sierra Mountain Range that was part of my weekly commute. Without the StableLoads, my little wobble kept my in check with the truck/camper combination. After adding the StableLoads, I realized I was handling turns at speeds more controlled and a higher speed!

I also feel I had improved stability control in snow conditions and a more stable ride on mountain fire roads and trails when out camping.

I do like when my camper is offloaded, the simplicity to disengage the StableLoads returning to my stock suspension as the truck was designed.

I do recommend StableLoads as the first line of adjustment along with E rated tires for a simple upgrade to the suspension.


I carry a 3900 lb + or - truck camper on a 2500hd p/u with a total height of just under 12 feet the air bags do a good job but if you inflate them to level the truck they make the truck to bouncy installing the Torklift Stableload I am able to reduce air pressure in the air bags just to level the truck side to side (water tank and slide are on one side) and the Stableloads do a great job of leveling the truck front to back very happy with setup. Very easy install my springs already had holes in them,maybe hour thirty minutes install. I would recommend them.

Nissan Leaf

This is a great product, but the bolts are marginal. It is very difficult to keep the bolts tight enough to prevent shifting. When the shift in the normal mode, they ton on the leaf springs. One bolt came loose in the stiff position and it reduced the effectiveness.



This is a good product. Driver’s front shifts periodically, but does a good job.a

2016 Nissan Leaf

I would buy it again. Installed on 2016 F250 4x4 long bed 4 door

Simple well engineered solution to level truck when towing or carring a heavy load.

It engages the extra leaf springs without a load so the truck does not sag until it hits the springs.

Install was easy, directions were not good, but I figured it out.

Fit an finish was excellent. It included all required hardware which was of high quality.

Nice to be able to engage and disengage as needed, may need to jack truck up to engage and disengage the product.

Dodge Ram Pickup

t works great directions were good for the installation. The installation was done on my ram 3500 dually. I had a double slideout camper on it the camper dry weighed 4500 lbs. all the stuff together brought the gross weight up to just shy of 14000lbs. I just got done with a 7000 mile trip, a lot of it on back roads and a fair amount of it was freeway with some 25 mph side winds. At 55-60 mph in the wind the truck leaned very little and was easy to drive. It is a good system and I would recommend it for this type of service and it is nice to be able to turn it off for a smooth ride when unloaded. Chris


These folks are wonderful to work with. Willing to spend the time on the phone to help you when needed. Very knowledgeable about their products and easy to deal with. The website is easy to use. I do not know how they ship products so quickly but it seemed like my last order got here about the time I hung up the phone when I placed the order. Five stars for these folks! By the way y'all, the Torklift Lower Over load Quick Disconnect work great. We put the slide in camper on the truck yesterday and it made a BIG difference in handling and stability. I'll try to to get a photo to you soon. Thanks for all your help.

Nissan Leaf


2016 Ford F-250 Super Duty

I have no complaints with e-trailer. Price and service was very good. Torklift however shorted me some hardware and I needed to do some grinding which I felt was unwarranted for the 1,053 dollars I spent on two torklift products, Talons (camper tie downs) which needed grind to fit and removal of paint on shims. And Missing clevis pins (2 out of 4) and cheesy grade hardware on my stabile loads. I am satisfied with the function of both products and would buy them again, I am just NOT thrilled that an American product that commands a premium price was not 100% spec'd and I had to scrounge for fasteners. By the way....the packaging was intact and undamaged.


While assembling, the front staleloads of the rear springs were drilled in the wrong place for a Chevrolet, the spring is wider than the two holes that That are drilled for either side of the spring, had to make the holes bigger with a drill. Also the supplied, chrome bolts, are of really poor quality, had to pull the stable load off of the unit to adjust a few things and the bolts froze up, or broke. The bronze or copper colored bolts are fine they were great, so I had to dig through my bolts that I had at home and find a few that worked. I ended up making it work.


I have the upper and lower suspension on a 1 ton dually and air bags. I have truck camper shy of 5000 lbs the unit before had a rolling feeling and is 80 per cent better recommend for heavy loads


Easy and great

Dodge Ram Pickup

These suspension parts are awesome. I've used them carrying payloads of over 3000lbs and the truck still sits nearly flat like its empty and rides stable. You definitely don't want to leave them engaged while empty unless you want to lose your dental work, but its a snap to engage/disengage with a 3/8 drive ratchet and extension. I've got them on my '21 Ram 3500 DRW, much better than aftermarket airbags for load stability IMO.

2015 Dodge Ram Pickup

After using the stable load TLA7310 for almost a year, I am still very happy and satisfied with the product. Easy to install and like being able to engage or disengage the stable loads depending on my load. Mine are installed on a RAM 3500 dually crew cab and I haul an Arctic Fox 990 camper and sometimes trailer a boat with the camper. The ride was greatly improved with reduced amplitude on the floating bumps and reduced sway on turns, but I felt I needed a little bit of lift in the rear. At night I was getting some high beam flashes from oncoming traffic which told me the rear was sagging a bit. I added the F2560 Firestone airbags to my truck which I only need to inflate between 15 to 50 psi to give me about an inch of lift. In my opinion the stable loads and airbags complement each other and work well as a suspension system enhancement to the factory springs. Both products can be "deactivated" with no load which is important to me because I will often drop the camper at the campsite and drive significant miles with no load.

Nissan Leaf

This product did exactly what was advertised. I needed a little more support on my truck while towing a 32' travel trailer and I didn't want to use air bags or add leaf springs and this product worked perfectly .

2018 Ram 3500

One year later and the Torklifts I ordered from etrailer are going strong. Easy to install and they work as advertised on my RAM 3500 dually when I'm carrying my 4,000lb truck camper. Great support from etrailer as usual.


Installed stable loads on my 2016 super cab, 6.5 bed length truck to haul my truck camper.

Product showed up as described.

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