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Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System

Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System

Item # TGMRTT35S
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8,000-lb Capacity. These hollow rubber springs sit above the rear axle to help stabilize and level your vehicle. They also provide a more comfortable ride by absorbing road shock and improving roll stability. Easy to install and use. Lowest Prices for the best vehicle suspension from Timbren. Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System part number TGMRTT35S can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-1624 for expert service.
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Timbren Vehicle Suspension - TGMRTT35S

  • Jounce-Style Springs
  • Rear Axle Suspension Enhancement
  • Timbren
  • Extra Heavy Duty

8,000-lb Capacity. These hollow rubber springs sit above the rear axle to help stabilize and level your vehicle. They also provide a more comfortable ride by absorbing road shock and improving roll stability. Easy to install and use.


  • Improves suspension, handling and safety
  • Provides additional support as needed so you always have a smooth, comfortable ride
    • Allows the leaf spring ample movement while cushioning light loads
      • Does not affect the empty ride of the vehicle
    • Becomes more rigid as more weight is added
      • Increases stability - providing great performance while hauling heavy loads
      • Reduces vehicle sag
  • Works independently - side-to-side
    • Helps compensate for off-center loads
    • Reduces body roll when swerving and turning corners
  • Acts as shock absorbers, taking the brunt of bumps and rough roads
    • Extends the life of your vehicle's suspension


  • Includes 2 Aeon hollow rubber springs, vehicle-specific brackets and hardware for simple installation
    • Replaces axle bump stops on frame
    • No drilling required
  • Capacity: 8,000 lbs
    • Do not exceed the vehicle's weight-carrying capacity
  • Designed to work with a suspension system that is in good working order
  • Limited lifetime warranty - satisfaction guarantee

An example of sag on a truck's rear axle under a heavy load. The Timbren Suspension Enhancement System levels the vehicle.

Whether you're hauling heavy loads in the cargo area or by pulling a trailer, you will often see the rear sag while the front end rises. In these cases, the rear axle is handling not only the weight of the cargo, but more of the truck's weight, as well. Because less weight is on the front axle, the front tires are making less contact with the road. Overall handling - traction, steering, and braking - is negatively affected. But the resistance from Timbren's Suspension Enhancement System works with your factory suspension to keep your vehicle level and improve your driving experience.

Diagram of the Timbren spring installed

The Timbren system has a custom-fit bracket that will be bolted onto each frame rail above the rear axle. Hollow rubber springs are bolted to the bottom of the bracket and hang down to where the bottom of the spring sits, one inch above the axle. The inch of clearance allows the existing factory suspension to operate normally under light loads and standard terrain, ensuring the smooth, comfortable ride that you are used to.

Animation of a standard Timbren rubber spring

Timbren Suspension Enhancement Systems are designed to work progressively. When the hollow rubber springs are compressed, the convoluted design causes them to quickly collapse along the folds. Once the folds are compacted, the stacked barrel shape increases resistance, stiffening the suspension and keeping the truck level.

Timbren suspension system works to prevent body roll

Each hollow rubber spring works independently to support the driver's or passenger's side of your vehicle. This is helpful when you swerve or make sharp turns. Each spring is activated when it is needed, so body roll is greatly reduced. The independent action also works well when you are hauling off-center loads.

An example of a trailers swaying

Because the vehicle handles better with the springs, less turbulence will be passed along to the trailer, and this helps to keep the trailer in line. Your driving comfort is further enhanced if the trailer does begin to sway (from a gust of wind or a passing semi), because the movement from the trailer is not transferred to the truck. This also works to make the sway subside more quickly.

An empty truck on a bumpy road without Timbren

Another great feature of the rubber construction is that the springs absorb most of the road shock, creating a smoother, more stable ride overall. Wear and tear on the factory suspension is also lessened because the rubber springs work to prevent bottoming out on rough roads.

Compared to the Competition

Timbren's suspension enhancement systems are much easier to install than air springs - there are no air hoses to run, no compressors or gauges to hook up, and no manual adjustments to make. The rubber construction makes Timbren's springs more elastic than similar products constructed of microcellular urethane. And more elasticity allows for a more comfortable ride because the rubber has more travel.

GMRTT35S - Rear Suspension Enhancement System with Aeon Hollow Rubber Springs by Timbren

Installation Details TGMRTT35S Installation instructions

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Customer Reviews

Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System - TGMRTT35S

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (3175 Customer Reviews)

8,000-lb Capacity. These hollow rubber springs sit above the rear axle to help stabilize and level your vehicle. They also provide a more comfortable ride by absorbing road shock and improving roll stability. Easy to install and use.

2006 Chevrolet Silverado

This review is on a timbren air spring ,I bought this on a Saturday night ,went out of town Monday morning and got in on Thursday afternoon ,wife said the box had arrived Tuesday and put them on this morning on our 2006 Chevy k-3500 ,my guy had the truck in our shop for an oil change and I asked him to put it on, came back 45 min later and he was done with the spring installation and the oil change ! I asked him how hard it was and he said it took him longer to figure out which parts in the kit he needed that the actual install ,said it was about as easy as it gets .Well ,now for the test drive we drove the truck empty ,pretty much as stock ,rode real well.Then we put a Gaylord box that weighed 4506# and drove the truck ,WoW ,What a difference ,truck rode great and handled well ,went over railroad tracks,really handled well and rode great ,I wish I'd have done this years ago ! I highly recommend this product and commend etrailer on their good service and what made me decide to purchase the timbren product was the you-tube video ,after I saw that ,I placed the order ,it looked so simple to install and it went on just like on you-tube

The air springs have performed flawlessly ,very pleased with the product and performance ! As a matter fact I was recommending this product to a friend the other day.
Bryan L - 12/11/2017

Chevrolet Silverado 2500

So far everything I have purchased from etrailer for my HD 2500 has worked as described.


Bolted in like a factory part, i didnt require the entra spacers. No change in unloaded ride quality, but with 3000# in the bed the truck felt more stable. Im am very happy with it so far.


Thank you kim, cant wait to install in my truck. Have a great holiday. Jim

2009 GMC Sierra


Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

This Rear Suspension Enhancement kit were so easy to install, I was almost sure I missed something. They installed in less than an hour. I was able to place my floor jack under the ball mount to raise the rear end enough to remove the old mounts and simply install the new ones. Hooked up my 28' rv to my Silverado 1500 and they worked as advertised. No front end sag and I feel safer towing it. Customer service helped me find the right product I needed without dishing out a lot of cash!

While I have sold this vehicle since this review to my neighbor, she has told me she loves this product when she pulls her rv. I now have a 34 ton pick up and purchased a set for it. I am very satisfied with the Enhancers i purchased for it!
Frank R - 06/19/2021


Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

Never mess with airbags again on your truck. These Timbren bump stops are the only way to go. Installation took a total of 10 minutes and they work amazing. No messing with airlines, filling or deflating air bags with complicated installation. I’m towing a 44ft trailer and these Timbren bumps stops are a must. Great product but a little pricey for what they are.

After a year of towing some kind of trailer every week, the bump stops are showing some wear from riding on the bump stop pad on the axle. That being said, they are still working as intended and as good as the day I installed them. After a lot of miles, the only draw back is driving around with no trailer. Normal driving the ride isn’t effected but when you hit a bump in the road you really feel it hit the bump stop. You loose a fair amount of rear suspension travel with these but I’m used to it now.
Brandon - 05/11/2021


Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

Disappointed. Not in the quality of Timbren's, but in fitment with this particular vehicle. As you can see in the attached picture, there is a 2" space between the Timbren's and the point of contact. 2" is way too much to have to sag or drop in order to even begin to have an opportunity to function. I want it to be known that I am a big fan and buyer of Timbren's, and even have them front and rear on my class c motorhome. In my opinion, a Timbren should only have a 1/2" to maximum of 1" space before coming into contact. Also because of the design, there is no option of being able to use 1/2" or 1" spacers readily available here on etrailer, which I have used with other Timbren vehicle applications. As far as installation, they were the easiest Timbren's I have ever installed. The existing bump stops came out by hand and without using tools. The new Timbren's were pushed into place by jacking up the back of the vehicle and putting a 3" block of wood in between the Timbren and the axle and then lowering the jack and in doing so, pushing the Timbren into place. 10 minute job! Now all I have to do is to figure out a way to design a 1" or 1 1/2" block or spacer to close the gap between the Timbren and point of contact. If I come up with a solution, I will update this review to help out other Jeep owners with this issue.

- TDR1500DQ

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

The fork lift operator couldn't reach far enough to center them over my axle, but it didn't matter, because I installed air lift air springs and the Timbren bump stop spring enhancements. I can't believe how well they performed together. It was only a short trip with this load, and I'd never haul this heavy of a payload in a 1500 unless it was a short trip, but it wouldn't have been an option without these enhancements. The fork lift driver was even impressed. He asked me what I was using. These products kick serious ass! AMAZING!

- TDR1500DS

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

I was very impressed with the easy installation and the performance of the product. I can easily put a 1 yard of top soil in my Ram 1500 and my truck carry it level , no problem. No more snag In the rear. I also find towing a trailer much better. No worries about blowing air bags, this product is maintenance free. Love it, it simple and it works great. Highly recommend

Great product, works well and easy to install
Anthony L - 05/31/2021

- T26FR

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

Mounted these on Honda Odyssey 2020 to firm up ride when loaded and pulling small cargo trailer. No more bouncy bouncy.

Product still works great? No Squat.. No .. No Bouncy.. Better stability when cornering.
Clark G - 07/19/2021

- TDVR05096

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

Over one year on the Timbren Rear SES. It gives my minivan a nice stout stance and lessens body roll when unloaded. Much better support when loaded down than before and much less sag. I don't notice these much anymore, so that's a good thing. No noises either. Towed a small trailer last weekend, no issues and solid feel back there. I did a DIY jack-stand install which was difficult for me, especially having to reinstall and torque the control arms. The hard work has payed off, however! Highly recommend the Timbren SES.

- TFR1504E

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

I just installed the Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System on my 2019 Ford F-150 4x4. The install was pretty straight forward, but I will say that the written instructions were pretty vague. Reviewing the Video on the e-trailer site was helpful. Also the markings for Left and Right could be improved. The marking “L” was very small and baring readable and the “R” appeared to be under some scratch marks so it was not legible at all. I think this product will help considerably. I have attached photos. The clearance between the rubber spring and the bottom plate is approx 1”. I also previously installed the Equalizer weight distribution & 4 way anti sway system to tow my 30’ Travel Trailer. The Timbren is to prevent any slight squat may occur.

Peter - 02/16/2021


Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

Received my springs today and had them installed in less then 45 minutes in my driveway, on my 2018 GMC Denali 3500 HD. I followed the advice of etrailer's videos. I pull a 2011 all aluminum self contained toy hauler and use Husky weight distribution hitch. I have not yet taken our trip to AZ from WI yet but will provide further input when we do over the 4th of July. I used a floor jack on the frame rails to provide clearance for installation and did not take the rear wheels off...worked in the wheel wells to remove and install.

- TDR1500DQ

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

Excellent product, very easy to install. It raised the hitch of my 2020 Ram Classic 1500, 2 1/2 inches with the bed loaded and connected to my Coachmen 34 foot Freedom Express Ultralite. I ordered the product while I was away camping and it had arrived when I got back. I installed them while still connected to my camper before it was unloaded. I’m pleased.


Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

I love my Timbrens! After a year of driving my Toyota Tundra 8 footbed with Timbrens under the rear, I can attest to the support they give. The rear no longer sags under heavy loads and my truck handles excellent with firewood and tools driving over the rough roads of the Adirondacks. When I turn, the truck doesn’t sway. They give me peace of mind when I’m driving which to me is invaluable. Timbrens were recommended to me over airbags for the harsh cold climate we have up north here and I love their simple design, quick installation, and no maintenance. I will be installing another pair in the front to haul a truck camper. I recommend them to anyone who regularly hauls a lot of weight.

Timbrens remain a great improvement on my ride quality hauling and towing heavy loads on a daily basis.
Bobby T - 06/11/2021

by: 01/31/2021

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

My order for timbrens was received very quickly.Installation took 45 minutes.It took longer to get my spare tire out of the way.Install was much easier than air bags for sure.I replaced my ride Rite air bags with the Timbrens.Air Bags always loosing 3 to 4 lbs air a week.I had no onboard compressor.Timbrens were better for me.

- TFR1525HD

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

Paperwork suggested .5”-1.5” gap between timbren and axle. With the one 1” spacer supplied a .75” gap was what this truck ended giving. Photo is of factory bump stop on left and timbren bump stop on right. Great product so far.

- TJRC04

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

Simple yet effective solution. I installed these Timbren springs to eliminate the sag when towing my 3000lb boat and trailer on my 2008 Grand Cherokee diesel. With 300 lb of tongue weight, passengers, and cargo, I'm right on my payload limit. The stock jounce bumpers are a hair away from bottoming out. The Timbrens are 2 inches away from bottoming when the Jeep is empty. There's no difference in feel when driving with 4 people. Only when it's loaded with the trailer do I see and feel the difference. With a load the ride feels stable and smooth compared to the stock jounce bumpers. My headlights are level , no more blinding other drivers when towing. Installing is a bit of a pain. I had to disconnect the rear sway bar link and the shock to pull the spring out. I used channel locks to pry the jounce bumpers off and un bolt the old mount. Place the Timbren in the coil spring, then you can force the spring back in the same way it came out. Once the spring is seated, you can now bolt in the Timbren spring and washer. It took me about 2 hours to install but we'll worth it.

- TRED001

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

Timbren SES is an excellent upgrade for our 2020 Nexus Wraith motorhome. I definetly reduces sway and smoothes out the ride significantly. I also gained a little over 2" in ride height, more of reuced sag than a suspension lift. Highy recommend this upgrade.

- TFRTT1504E

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

Went onto 2017 F-150 very easily. I just jacked up the rear bumper a little and to drop the axle a bit, and everything fit well. Took me about 1.5-2 hours to complete.

All good except when I dont have a load the ride is VERY stiff.
Roger - 04/08/2021

- TDR2500CA

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

These went on my 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD. Passanger side installed smooth but on the driver side I had one bolt twisted off as i was removing the bump stop, and the second bolt had no usable threads. So they both got drilled out and tapped new threads. I installed the timbrens and that left about a 1 inch space to the axle. Went and got my first load of plywood today and they worked great! It only took about 20 sheets of 1/4 inch plywood to get the suspension on the timberns, the ride was pretty good with no sag.


Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

I debated for awhile weather or not to get this product or air bags. I chose this product for its value and high reveiws. I also like that it is maintenance free and lifetime reveiws. There is really nothing to go wrong except for the brackets to possibly someday get rusted. But the brakets seem to have a powder coat or really good paint. I installed these my self. Can be installed in a couple hours on a newer truck that has rust free u bolts. Just take the wheels off and jack the truck up and loosen u bolts and remove old bump stops and install the Timbren helper springs. I thought the hardest part was re torque the u bolts. The package I got had a one inch spacer which I installed. It made my helper springs about 3/4 inch below the bump stop. If I hit a good bump on the road I can feel them bottom out a little. Bit nothing that would change my mind about putting them on. I pulled my dump trailer since I put them on and it made a world of a difference. Very little squat and gave the truck a nice firm ride. I would recommend these to anyone that has a tight budget and wants a safer driving experience.

Best thing for the money. Would buy them again. The only thing I would try next time is getting a bigger spacer from the factory so there is little to no gap between the frame and the rubber spring. I only had a little over a half an inc but by the time I put my camper on the truck look like it is starting to square.
David W - 05/14/2020


Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

I had bought these timbrens and the weight safe hitch with the 8” drop from etrailer. I was quite please by both products. Installation of the timbrens was very easy, only took 30-40 minutes to change out bump stops in my garage.I hauled a Uhaul trailer with a Jeep over 300 miles, with no issues. The timbrens worked great, no issues with the rife. And I really like the weight safe hitch. I recommend checking out these two products from etrailer. Thanks etrailer.

Great no issues, made a couple trips out to California pulling heavy trailers, the hitch and timbrens are working out great.
David G - 05/17/2020

- T26FR

Review from a similar Timbren Aeon Spring System in Vehicle Suspension

Installed them on a 2018 Honda Odyssey, was very simple to install, removed the rear tire and old bump stop, used a bottle jack to put the new ones in place, installed 22” rims on the van and no rubbing at all so far

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Ask the Experts about this Timbren Vehicle Suspension

  • Helper Spring Option for 2007 Chevy Silverado Classic 3500 DRW Towing Heavy Camper
    Timbren does offer a fit for your truck, part # TGMRTT35S but I'd recommend going with the SumoSprings # SSR-201-47-2 instead. The Timbren model is more designed for severe service vehicles like tow trucks, and wouldn't give you the ride quality you're looking for. The SumoSprings would offer 4600 lbs of additional support without ruining your ride quality. The kit is compatible with DRW vehicles. The springs sit inboard of the leaf spring packs, so they won't interfere with your existing...
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  • How to Pick Out a Timbren Suspension Enhancement for a 2009 Chevy Silverado 3500
    We have two Timbren fits for your 2009 Chevy Silverado 3500. We have the part # TGMRCK35S which is rated for 8,600 lbs of suspension support and the part # TGMRTT35S which will provide 12,000 lbs of suspension support. Most likely the lighter duty setup would be the ideal system since the heavier duty version is for severe service vehicles like tow trucks that would be at or near capacity most of the time they are being used. You should note that these systems do not allow you to...
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  • Can Spacers Be Added To Timbrens for 2009 Chevy Silverado 2500 With Truck Bed Camper
    The correct Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System for a 2009 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 when using an in-bed camper is part # TGMRTT35S. This kit is designed to have around 1/2"-1" between the spring and contact point but if you like you can close the distance with the Timbren Spacer For Raised Frame Vehicles part # A25723-90AH00 or part # TA25722-90P00. Please note, you may need to get a longer bolt from a hardware store as well.
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  • Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System for a 2003 Chevrolet 2500 HD Silverado
    The correct kit for your 2003 Silverado, 2500 HD with long Bed, is the Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System, # TGMRCK25S, which is the correct kit for 2 and 4 wheel drive models. We have a video installation that should be helpful and installation instructions for you to look over, see links. The kit you referred to is designed for 2500 Service vehicles only. Another option for your vehicle is the SumoSprings Custom Helper Springs Kit, # SSR-201, which is a good option if your...
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  • Timbren Recommendation for 2008 Chevy Silverado 3500HD Towing Heavy Fifth Wheel
    The Timbren system I would recommend recommend would be the part # TGMRCK35S. It's the lighter duty of the two kits but the heavier duty part # TGMFK25S but it's going to provide a very stiff ride. The # TGMRTT35S still provides the 8,600 lbs of support which will work great. The HD is really needed only in very extreme situations like tow trucks.
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  • Suspension Enhancement for a 2007 Chevy Silverado Classic Towing a 5th Wheel Trailer
    The pin weight of a 5th wheel trailer is typically going to be much less than the 12,000 pounds springs # TGMRTT35S are rated for. So there is really no need for such a high capacity spring set. I recommend Timbren springs # TGMRCK15S rated for 3,600 pounds. This set should not interfere with the 5th wheel install kit because they mount to the bottom of the frame. I have linked a video showing a typical installation and a link to the instructions for you. If you want a little more...
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  • Recommended Suspension and Sway Support for 2005 GMC Sierra 3500 with In-Bed Camper
    The Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System part # TGMRTT35S is a great option for a 2005 GMC Sierra 3500 with truck bed camper. They are actually designed for constant loads like this so they will provide excellent support. They are also maintenance free. That said, you could still experience issues with sway so adding the Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar part # RM-1109-167 would pair nicely.
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  • Suspension Enhancement for a 2005 Chevy Silverado 2500HD Diesel and Different Trailer Types
    To start, adding a suspension lift on your 2005 Chevy Silverado 2500HD is going to require either a custom suspension enhancement kit or spacers because using a regular suspension enhancement kit on a suspension lifted vehicle would mean the helper springs would not engage when they are supposed to. Adding a lift can also make the towing capacity unknown (most likely lowers it) so I would not recommend it. Considering that you tow different loads the best option would be to go with air...
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  • Can Spacer of Timbren kit part # TGMRTT35S be Left Off of Truck
    Try taking the spacer out as it's only designed to make the Timbren kit part # TGMRTT35S contact the vehicle sooner. You should feel it smooth out a little bit but the unloaded ride quality of a 1 ton truck is never going to be super smooth.
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  • Recommended Rear Suspension Enhancement For 2000 GMC 2500 4x4
    If your 2000 GMC 2500 4x4 is a heavy duty C/K Series, the Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System # TGMRCK35MA is the confirmed fit. This system is rated for a 10,000 lb capacity. If your 2000 GMC 2500 4x4 is a light duty Sierra, then the Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System # TGMRCK25S with a capacity rating of 6,000 lbs is the correct part. The # TGMRTT35S is not a fit for your model year vehicle.
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  • Comparing the Timbren Springs and Roadmaster Active for 2004 GMC Sierra 2500HD with In-Bed Camper
    The best option we have for your 2004 GMC Sierra 2500HD with truck bed camper is the Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System part # TGMRTT35S. This system is specially designed for vehicles with truck bed campers and will do an excellent job of providing you with both support and stability. The Roadmaster Active Suspension Custom Leaf Spring Enhancement Kit part # RAS4611 is not really going to give you enough support and would not be a smart buy for your particular application in my...
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  • Can Timbren Suspension Enhancement be Used with SuperSprings on a 2007 Chevy Silverado Classic 3500
    The reason why you are not seeing all of that rear sag being taken care of with the SuperSprings Custom Suspension Stabilizer installed is because the part with the highest weight capacity for your 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 is part # SSA245-2. Since this part has a weight capacity of 4,000 lbs it will not be able to help as much as it would if your camper did not weight over 4,000 lbs. The SuperSprings product that you have on your 3500 will not allow some Timbren Suspension enhancement...
    view full answer...
  • How to Choose the Proper Timbren Rear Suspension for a 2005 GMC Sierra 2500 HD
    For your 2005 GMC Sierra 2500 HD, there are two Timbren rear suspension compatible with it. The # TGMRCK25S have a weight capacity of 6000 pounds while the # TGMRTT35S have a weight capacity of 8000 pounds. More than likely you will only need the one with the 6000-pound capacity as the higher capacity one is for trucks that are reaching their payload capacity on a daily basis. Though you're hauling dump trailers every day, that doesn't mean you're nearing your capacity. Of course,...
    view full answer...

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