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Air Lift AirLift 1000 Air Helper Springs for Coil Springs - Rear

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air lift vehicle suspension  airlift 1000 helper springs for coil - rear
air lift vehicle suspension rear axle enhancement airlift 1000 helper springs for coil -
air lift vehicle suspension rear axle enhancement airlift 1000 helper springs for coil -
air lift vehicle suspension springs
air lift vehicle suspension springs al60815

In Use/Installed

2014 honda odyssey vehicle suspension air lift springs al60815
2014 honda odyssey vehicle suspension air lift springs in use
2014 honda odyssey vehicle suspension air lift rear axle enhancement airlift 1000 helper springs for coil -
2014 honda odyssey vehicle suspension air lift rear axle enhancement al60815
2014 honda odyssey vehicle suspension air lift springs al60815
2014 honda odyssey vehicle suspension air lift rear axle enhancement in use

Customer Photos

air lift vehicle suspension rear axle enhancement al60815
air lift vehicle suspension rear axle enhancement airlift 1000 helper springs for coil -
air lift vehicle suspension rear axle enhancement al60815
air lift vehicle suspension rear axle enhancement airlift 1000 helper springs for coil -
air lift vehicle suspension rear axle enhancement al60815
air lift vehicle suspension rear axle enhancement airlift 1000 helper springs for coil -

  • Air Lift
  • Air Springs
  • Rear Axle Suspension Enhancement
  • Standard Duty
The best technical support and full vehicle suspension installation instructions. Lowest price Odyssey vehicle suspension guarantee and expert service. Honda Odyssey, 2008 vehicle suspension by Air Lift are available from For expert service call 800-298-8924 to order your Air Lift AirLift 1000 Air Helper Springs for Coil Springs - Rear part number AL60815, or order online at

2008 Honda Odyssey - Air Lift AirLift 1000 Air Helper Springs for Coil Springs - Rear

1,000-lb Capacity. Upgrade your Honda Odyssey's rear coil spring suspension with this kit. Molded polyurethane air springs fit inside your existing coil springs for added support when hauling heavy loads. Improves handling, braking, and overall ride.


  • Provides your Honda Odyssey with up to 1,000 lbs of load-leveling support, reducing strain on your rear suspension and improving both safety and ride quality
    • Designed to support your existing rear coil spring suspension when you're hauling or towing
  • Keeps your Honda Odyssey level when you are hauling a heavy load
    • Improves steering and braking performance
    • Helps to maintain safe headlight aim
    • Keeps your tires from wearing unevenly
  • Lets you manually adjust air pressure to get the even load distribution and support that you need
    • Level your Honda Odyssey front to rear
    • Inflate each spring independently for side-to-side leveling of off-center loads (with installation of dual air lines)
  • Reduces the strain on your OEM suspension caused by extremely heavy loads
  • Improves overall stability and ride quality
    • Diminishes sway and absorbs road shock for a smooth ride
  • Constructed of durable, molded polyurethane
  • Installs inside your Honda Odyssey's rear coil spring suspension
    • Manual inflation valves are typically mounted on bumper for easy access
  • Includes 2 air springs, hardware, tubing, and Schrader valves for manual inflation
    • Add a compressor system with in-cab gauges (sold separately) to monitor and automatically adjust air pressure
  • Made in USA


  • Load-leveling capacity: up to 1,000 lbs
    • AirLift 1000 springs will not increase your Honda Odyssey's weight-carrying capacity. Do not exceed the manufacturer's recommended weight limit.
  • Adjustable air pressure: 5 psi - 35 psi
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 60-Day satisfaction guarantee

Heavy loads can cause the back of your Honda Odyssey to sag and add unnecessary stress to your suspension. This stress not only affects your brakes in a bad way, but your tires, headlight aim and handling suffer as well. To improve your Honda Odyssey's ability to endure heavy loads, you need to add support to your existing coil springs.

Air Lift's AirLift 1000 adjustable air springs have 1,000 pounds of load-leveling capacity and are made specifically to fit inside your rear coil spring suspension for additional load assistance. You can inflate and deflate these tough, molded polyurethane helper springs as needed, ensuring the perfect amount of support for every load, every time. Easily level your Honda Odyssey front to rear, and if you run dual air lines to the air springs at installation, then you can inflate the springs independently of one another for side-to-side leveling. AirLift 1000 is a breeze to install with standard tools and comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual.

AirLift 1000 comes with manual inflation valves that are typically mounted on the bumper but can be installed anywhere on your Honda Odyssey for easy access. For even more convenience and control, you can add a compressor and gauge system (sold separately), which will let you monitor and automatically inflate your air springs.

Air Lift kits are designed to keep your Honda Odyssey at normal ride height. You can find the normal ride height of your Honda Odyssey by unloading it and measuring the distance between the bottom edge of your wheel well and the center of the hub. After you find and record this distance, you can regulate the amount of air that you put into your air springs to maintain normal ride height - even when you are hauling a heavy load. You will need to adjust the air pressure in your air bags according to the size of your load.

Air Lift is positive that you will benefit from their air spring suspension system - so much so that they offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Install and use AirLift 1000 springs for 60 days, and if you are not satisfied at the end of this time, you can remove them from your Honda Odyssey and return them for a full product refund.

60815 Air Lift 1000 Air Bag Suspension Support System for Coil Springs - Back

AL60815 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details AL60815 Installation instructions

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Video of Air Lift AirLift 1000 Air Helper Springs for Coil Springs - Rear

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Air Lift Vehicle Suspension AL60815 Review

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the Airlift 1,000 air helper springs for coil springs. This is for the rear axle of your vehicle. This product fits certain years of the Honda Odyssey, Honda Pilot, and Acura MDX. To ensure that this is a fit for your vehicle you can use the vehicle fit guide at this unit provides your vehicle with up to 1,000 pounds of load level and support, which reduces the strain on your rear suspension. It also really helps improve both safety and ride quality. These are designed to support your existing rear coil spring suspension when you're hauling or towing.

With these installed, it's going to keep your vehicle level when you're hauling a heavier load. When your vehicle is level, that's really going to help improve steering and braking performance. It helps maintain safe headlight aim. If you have a heavy load at the rear of the vehicle, sometimes the front end of your vehicle will actually aim up. This will help fix that.

It's also going to help keep your tires from wearing unevenly when transporting a heavy load.One of the neat features about the unit is you can actually adjust the air pressure manually to get even load distribution and support that you need for your application. You can level your vehicle front to rear and you can inflate each spring independently for side to side leveling of off center loads. These are also going to help reduce the strain on your OEM suspension that's caused by extremely heavy loads. That's going to help improve overall stability and ride quality, which also results in less sway. It helps absorb road shock for a nice smooth ride.The construction is very strong and durable.

It's constructed of a durable molded polyurethane. You can compress each unit and then fit it inside your rear coil spring suspension. This product comes with everything you need for your installation. It has two air springs, all the necessary hardware, clamps, heat shield, and airline tubing. It comes with manual inflation valves, those are schrader valves for manual inflation.

The product is made in the USA, features a load leveling capacity of up to 1,000 pounds. Just keep in mind that these springs will not increase your vehicle's weight carrying capacity, so don't exceed the manufacturer's recommended weight limit. The air pressure is adjustable. You need to always keep at least PSI in the springs, that's the minimum. Then don't exceed 35 PSI, which is the maximum.That's going to do it for today's look at the Airlift 1,000 air helper springs for coil springs for the rear axle.

Customer Reviews

Air Lift AirLift 1000 Air Helper Springs for Coil Springs - Rear - AL60815

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (170 Customer Reviews)

1,000-lb Capacity. Upgrade your Honda Odyssey's rear coil spring suspension with this kit. Molded polyurethane air springs fit inside your existing coil springs for added support when hauling heavy loads. Improves handling, braking, and overall ride.

- AL60815

by: Jeff08/07/2013

I have waited to do a reveiw on this until I had some mileage on them. My issue was too much sag in my 2007 Honda Odyssey when loaded. I very often have three or four bikes on a hitch platform rack plus camping gear, one or two adults and two kids. That load was just too much for the stock suspension, particularily the leverage generated by a platform bike rack carrying three or four bikes.. I first tried the SumoSprings on the van. I liked the idea that this could be easily added or removed as my needs dictated. The SumoSprings improved the sag but 4 bikes plus luggage on a 2500 mile trip showed that we were still sagging too much for my liking. I took the SumoSprings out had had the air bags installed by a local garage. I used two air lines with the schraeder valves sticking out of the bottom of the bumper on one side. I change the air pressure using a bike pump. This is very quick and easy to do. I normally leave 18psi in the bags when running empty and raise to 30 to 35 psi when I am going to be carrying a load. 18 psi to 35 psi takes four or five strokes with the pump per bag. Not hard at all. So far I have carried three bikes on my platform rack plus a full load of camping gear on a number of occasions. With the bags inflated to the rated 35 psi, the van sits completely level with the camping/bike load. The ride when loaded is pretty much equal to the ride empty without the bags but keeping in mind that the van handles differently due to the weight and leverage of the bikes hanging off of the rear. Empty I settled on the 18 psi as I am most happy with the ride of the van at that pressure. This solved my issues completely. Nothing bad to say about the SumoSprings, they just were not enough support for what I needed. Shipping from etrailer was quick and easy. 93738


The service from you folks is simply fantastic. There has been one development that is negative for the airbags. The hardware, most specifically, spring clips that attach the air tubing are not stainless steel or not a high enough grade as they are rusting and one side no longer stays on very well. I live in Wisconsin so they live in a very salty environment but the clips are not really robust enough for life under a vehicle coated in salt. I will have to find replacements. Other than this issue, the bags have been fantastic

Jeff - 02/20/2015


- AL60815

by: A.J.06/26/2016

I just arrived on my 938 mile first trip today with the new air bags. I had myself my wife 2 kids and the back loaded even had to remove 3rd row seats 2nd row middle seat was in. Total weight in the van was 1196LBS passengers and cargo. Had a hitch carrier total weight with carrier 226LBS. Total weight of 1422LBS. Over the 1340LBS max load but I removed the rear seats which weighted in at 128 LBS so I was at 1294LBS total. 46LBS under max weight. So I tested these things first trip. Van sat 1- 3/4"lower than normal ride height at 35 psi. Rear side skirt was 1" lower than the front with everything and everyone loaded. Had a friend measure. The van drove great the van took bumps on the interstate and didn't bounce all over. It made the rear stable and very little lean. Airbags made it a night and day difference in a stable ride. Besides having to remember the van doesnt hace acceleration you have to remember not to jerk the wheel cause though it helps keep the rear more planted it also gives the feel as there is no weight in the rear so sudden changes can make the rear shimmy. Turns with that weight feel solid but take more direction of the steering wheel to compensate. Overall this product is the best $ I have spent on this van for road trips. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you road trip heavyweight. Air bags were set at 35psi dropped to 30.5psi by the end of the trip directions said this would happen as they were installed 2 days before the trip and had 25 miles on them. I didn't connect them together but separately was faster and I like the idea of adjustable height left to right. Took about 3hrs to install from start of getting tools ready to clean up and first test drive. That's with my 5yr old wanting to help by stealing my sockets. Easy to install as long as your the hands on type springs are NOT a joke to mess around with. I drove from Chicago IL to Fort Worth TX and kept a 70 mile hr pace with ease. Slowing for hills and sharp turns on the interstate only. I would recommend if you are adding these for loading up your Oddy to also upgrade to a better rotor and Brake Pad to help with the braking distance. Recommend EBC rotors and EBC RED Pads . Any questions asked I will try to anwser. 265126

- AL60815

by: GTFDude11/04/2016

Hard to install, don't be fooled. I could have done it I figured but [for lack of time] I delivered it to my auto shop for the work. This is a high quality shop with good mechanics I trust. It took them 5 hrs to include replacing tie rod bolts on a Honda Pilot that were rusted on; had to be released. They said whole axle had to be lowered down to install these bags. The upside is these units are high quality (so far) and seem to work well. In the Honda Pilot, towing a 1575 Lance trailer, they are totally needed as the back end settles all the way down with tongue weight. I'd actually like Gen 2 of these bags to be taller too. Your SUV probably will too and if you're reading this you're on the right track to solve this problem. I'd buy these again but factor in time/expense for the install. 313648

- AL60815

by: Neil Friedberg06/24/2012

I installed the air lift I purchased into my 2012 Odyssey today. The install went well but I wanted to point out 2 things: First, since the under side of a 2012 rear control arm isn't exposed, it should be noted in the instructions that the air line must be secured to the airbag before reinstalling the coil spring and reconnecting the control arm bolt. Also, to avoid the exhaust pipe altogether the air tubing can be run through the lower control arms and center frame section, all etrailer would have to do is supply 2 small grommets to prevent wear. I included a picture of the installed airbag and a picture of the tubing running through the center frame section. Neil 45446

- AL60815

by: rafael rincon01/13/2014

I intalled the airbags, and drove 2200 miles, no issues, adjusted the air once because were I was the temperature was very low. Outside of the no issues. On the install, I did it on a lift and two support stands, worked great. The hole in the center was the must dificult task. Use a dremil to trim all access metal. I will post pictures later Thanks, 112665


No issues, need to order the self adjusting pomp. Otherwise great product and life saver.Thanks

rafael r - 01/14/2015


- AL60815

by: Andre07/22/2015

I received the product in one day. Etrailer is on top of its game. Now comes the installation. Hoping the product delivers as well. 213518


The install was tricky. Not because of how the product is made but the way I wanted to get these in the spring without taking everything apart. Ive been hauling my boat with these in for a year now and the difference is incredible. The sag on the rear is barely noticeable. Theyre still holding air.

Andre T - 07/21/2016


- AL60815

by: Jon K.07/22/2016

Product was easy to install on my 2016 odyssey, I ran the lines to two valves and plumbed them to mount onto the side plate of the new trailer hitch I installed for a really clean and accessible install. Be prepared with a good drill, impact gun and high quality drill bits but the online installation videos make this install a breeze. I didnt even look at the instructions provided with the kit thanks to the videos from etrailer. 274824

- AL60815

by: Tony G04/24/2017

My reason for purchasing this product was to keep rear suspension level when towing, and it has done exactly that. I tow a small open motorcycle weight of trailer with motorcycle is less than 900 lbs. Of course, the van itself has another 100 to 200 extra lbs. So not too heavy, but without the Air Lift 1000, rear suspension would drop 3-4 inches. Now it barely drops at all. This also help with loading and unloading the bike out the back of trailer since it keeps the rear of the trailer lower as well. The van handles as if I wasn't towing. Secondary benefit...headlights stay level and you aren't blinding oncoming traffic. Definitely recommend, and would purchase again. Excellent product. 371482

- AL60815

by: Charles G.06/19/2017

No problem with bags. We did hear noise when bags rub on springs. I lubricate the bags with silicone twice now and noise goes away. Web site indicated that everything we ordered was appropriate for our Honda Odyssey, BUT apparently the air bags were not. The carton the bags came in did not list what vehicles the bags were compatible with, so we assumed they were correct. They were not. When I contacted the company I told them we were sending them back and expected an even exchange. It took several challenges before they helped us with credit for our return. They eventually did thanks to a logical trusting lady. 395937

- AL60815

by: Cliff T10/19/2017

Incredibly easy to install on my 2012 Honda odyssey, especially if you follow the provided video. Tested how my camper pulled before installing the air ride and after and the ride is so much another smoother. The van drives me comfortably even when not towing. Would give 5 stars but the little clamps provided are extremely flimsy and bent out of shape as soon as I pinched them open, I even used hose clamp pliers. Only recommendation I have is better hose clamps and use some kind of conduit or paint on the air line that is provided, there are some sharp edges under the van that will quickly run through that line. 444067

- AL60815

by: Roy A.06/17/2016

Purchased this product about a year ago and am very satisfied. Great solution to level Honda minivan when pulling a pop up camper. Provides good ride with and without trailer. Easy to adjust as required. Best part of the purchase was the online video instructions that I was able to view prior to the purchase. Thanks etrailer. 262242

- AL60815

by: Edwin H.06/20/2016

Had the air lift 1000 helper springs professionally installed. They worked as expected, and lifted my Odyssey about 2". Much better ride with a fully loaded van on a recent trip. 262671

- AL60815

by: ZAK12/17/2016

Excellent product. Our 2010 Honda Odyssey handles very well with the electric wheelchair that weighs 386 lbs in the back. Well worth the money. No problems after one year. 325820

- AL60815

by: Tom10/15/2016

Easy to install and maintains the air presssure. Gives my vehicle the ride I was looking for and provides excellent support when towing my boat. 307443


The air suspension functions perfectly and I rarely have to adjust the pressure. It gives my 2007 Honda Pilot the support and stability I was looking for when towing my 3k pound boat.

Tom - 10/17/2017


- AL60815

by: Orlen M.08/10/2015

Everything arrived quick and in good order. Will be installing this coming weekend. Defiantly will order from etrailer again. 218201

- AL60815

by: Tim08/23/2015

Great Products and Great Customer Service and Great Instructions / Videos. 221274

- AL60815

by: HR Haffey09/16/2014

Here within a week! Very happy! 151319

- AL60732

by: Brian H07/19/2013

Review from a similar Air Lift AirLift 1000 in Vehicle Suspension

There are 6 in our family and we like to play on our vacations. Which means lots of people and stuff in and on our mini-van, and a bike rack with 5 bikes on the back (and one bike inside). Our old Toyota Sienna clearly sagged under the burden, so when we got a 2011 Sienna which has a lower bumper to begin with, I was nervous about how it would handle everything, and particularly with the bike rack out back if it might even scrape the ground at times (bottom of hills, speed bumps...). I purchased these to help the suspension. They installed relatively easily, and we took our first trip of about 450 miles to Cape Cod and all went well. We had minimal if any noticeable drop in the back of the van, even fully loaded with all six of us, a full rooftop carrier, 5 bikes on the back, and extra seating inside (van sits 8) folded down and that available space also packed. We have only had these for a few weeks and I am a bit of a perfectionist, so these may very well deserve an excellent mark. The only thing that is keeping me from that is that I have only had them for a little while, so if they keep performing as they have so far, I would grade them as excellent. 90454


One year in and they are working very well. I did not test them terribly much this past year, but I have to say what we have done has all gone very well. I am very happy with this purchase and have no complaints.

Brian H - 01/23/2015


- AL60809

by: Brad T01/11/2014

Review from a similar Air Lift AirLift 1000 in Vehicle Suspension

Installation was a bear. Instructions depending where you get them from are mixed. Factory instructions on the web as a video shows not removing the springs and stuffing the bags through the springs. Instructions from e trailer and on paper supplied says to remove the springs and shocks and anti sway bar. I did not have to remove the shocks but did lower one side of the anti sway bar. My first attempt was to remove the spring approach which was not a good Idea unless you have a spring compression tool which I did not. This was a night mare. The other side I pushed the air bag through the spring much easier although still tough managing the bag in position and getting the air line to the bottom of the bag was challenging. I started around 8 am and finished late afternoon. Had to make a special trip to town (50 miles round trip) to find nuts to secure the air fitting as they were missing in the parts bag. Nuts are 5/16 35 thread. Never herd of such an odd thread. Had to pay over $4 for four nuts. Have not driven with the new bags yet but am hopeful based on reviews they will work just fine. My vehicle is a 2012 Toyota FJ cruiser. It was a very stressful experience but I probably save a couple hundred dollars on the self install. I am a former toolmaker/machine builder/welder. 112526


Got the airbags especially for towing a trailer 0n a 6 month trip from Arizona to Alaska, 24000 miles.The bags are still performing well.I would give 5 stars for reliability and performance.

Brad T - 01/11/2015


- AL81560

by: D.R. Long05/04/2017

Review from a similar Air Lift AirLift 1000 in Vehicle Suspension

First thing, Sorry if the photos are sideways! I took a couple of pics of the air bags because on the site it looks as if they are too skinny to work but NO they are the right size for your P30 Chevy Motorhome. The price was right for the complete kit as shown in the photo with the lines, bags, shields and other little bits for mounting the lines on the frame. For install, there is a set of directions and an a informational packet for those other items you may want to monitor and maintain you air bags if you so desire. The instructions are pretty good but I'll tell you that hole on the control arm at the bottom ain't that big! I put the bags in hot water to soften them up before trying the rolling and tying part and it helped. Be prepared to spend about 2 hours total to get this done but as far as being complicated, it's not. I didn't have to jack up my RV to do this either. Front suspension will now have the added support it came with back in 1987. Glad to have found this kit vs. the Firestone one that is basically the same for more $$ and many times is not in stock. Can't wait for the first trip! 376233

- AL60818

by: Randy R.11/14/2013

Review from a similar Air Lift AirLift 1000 in Vehicle Suspension

I received this in just a few days and had a friend help me install it. I am VERY pleased with it! I had installed a leveling kit to the front end of my 2011 Dodge 1500 Sport, and after loading the bed with tools that I use for work, it sat down in the rear. These air bags are perfect. I put about 25lbs in to level out the truck. The truck rides better and looks great. We drilled out one of the bolt holes that secure my tag and installed the valve stem there. Works Great 107304


After having this product for a year, I can honestly say that I will never be without it! With the addition of this simple inexpensive product, other than just the looks I have noticed that my tire wear has dramatically improved! you know how cheap tires are... In the last year I have put about 40k miles on the truck. Im in the Agriculture business and see a lot of dirt roads and drive out into fields daily.I check the system air pressure any time I notice a change in my tire pressure. I havent seen any leaks and that was my main concern.Overall, I am extremely pleased with this product and believe it was worth every penny.Bottom line, if you are reading this review and are thinking about purchasing this product DO IT!

Randy R - 11/14/2014


- AL60818

by: Hunter H02/03/2017

Review from a similar Air Lift AirLift 1000 in Vehicle Suspension

I installed these on my 2009 Ram 1500. The product was exactly as described and even with being located in Alaska, they arrived super quick! I haven't had the chance to test them out loaded yet as I just installed them last night, but plan on revising my review after the load testing goes! I will note that I installed these differently than stated in the instructions. I lifted the truck off the ground with the axle hanging and removed the rear coils completely and installed the air bag. This seemed like a much quicker and easier route than trying to fish the bag through the coil on the truck. I also routed my air lines in the rear bed stake pockets and under the edge of the bed to protect the valve from the weather. I will add that I have the Tuf-Truck 1223 rear coils and not the stock coils in the rear. I was hesitant to purchase airbags as its not the factory coil, but it worked out perfectly! with the HD coils and Airbags I should have no issues with sag. Overall I am really satisfied with this purchase. Every ram 1500 with coils should have these. 338266

- AL60818

by: David09/15/2017

Review from a similar Air Lift AirLift 1000 in Vehicle Suspension

I received my air helper springs yesterday and today I got them installed, with no issues. I removed the wheel well liners and jacked up the frame, one side at a time. I did not remove the wheels. I folded the bags and zip tied them as recommended and stuffed them between the top of the coiled spring. Jacking the frame up 4 inches helps spread the coils on the springs. After I ran the hose out the top of the spring perch (or whatever you call it) I found an oval hole in the top of the frame about 8 inches back. I ran the hose into this hole on each side and all the way out the back end of the frame. This should help protect the hose from the exhaust pipe. I drilled two holes not far from the passenger side of the license plate and put the valve stems there. Job done. I will be pulling a 24 ft camper trailer in about a month and look forward to seeing how these work. 432873

- AL60785

by: Kim B07/06/2013

Review from a similar Air Lift AirLift 1000 in Vehicle Suspension

This Air Ride kit works nicely on my 2001 Toyota SiennaVan. We pull a 2400 lb popup camper and it helps support the rear suspension of the vehicle when all our gear is loaded. I had my mechanic mount the valve just under the bumper for easy access. I think it was a good investment and does what I need it to do. 87940


Its been a year and a half and the Air Ride is still working. When not pulling the camper, the van rides a bit bumpy with the the air springs inflated. So, its better to only inflate when attaching a trailer to your vehicle. I like that the air springs support the back end of our van, and I feel it is safer. Before using the air ride system our front wheel drive van would have problems gaining traction when it was loaded with cargo, and the camper was attached. By elevating the back end of the van, it more evenly distributes the weight to all four tires and makes the ride very smooth.Thanks for a great product!

Kim B - 01/04/2015


- AL60732

by: Dan D.09/07/2016

Review from a similar Air Lift AirLift 1000 in Vehicle Suspension

Finally got to test these out almost a year later as our Labor Day camping trip brought on the weight in our Sienna van. I have a cargo hitch loaded with about 150lbs and a fully loaded Thule top box, 100L cooler, 4 people. Last year the rear tires were deep in the wheel wells. This year I pumped them up to 28PSI to give room for possible heat changes on the east side of the state. Raised up the rear tire PSI by 3 and this combo provided a very stable ride. Van road almost perfectly level. They also hold their air. I have not once had a leak in this last year. I keep them pumped to 13psi for normal use and between 20-30psi for extra loads. Took about 3hrs to install with taking my time. Actually rather easy to do , hardest part is routing the air lines and protecting it from the elements,heat and movement. Get some of the extra accessories they offer for this install, they are cheaper and save time compared to driving to the hardware store. I didn't pay attention to them until after I was installing and decided I wanted some extra protection for the air lines and a few other things. I don't know how well these would do with more than lighter loads like a small trailer or fully loaded down vehicle. I think the higher end models might be worth a consideration if you have some more serious tasks at hand like heavy towing. Great addition to our van. 291962

- AL60810

by: Troy04/29/2013

Review from a similar Air Lift AirLift 1000 in Vehicle Suspension

I originally bought the Air Lift 1000 to prevent my 2011 Pathfinder from sagging when I pull my 4,500lbs boat. So far so good, the sag is gone. Other benefits are a firmer ride and less roll on the turns. If I posted the pics correctly you can see I ran each bag independently and I was able to mount each Schrader Valve on my 7 pin wire harness. This is a very easy DIY project. I suggest taking off the wheels and placing the bags in the springs from outside the vehicle rather then from underneath. 78302


Troy.. did you wire up your 7 pin connector yourself? Looking at doing my 2011 with the Nissan harness at the hitch end and the controller end.Thanks.. Ken

-- comment by: Ken - 10/24/2013


I did the 7 pin myself. It was just plug and play. Not hard at all. Im not 100 sure if all 7 pins work because my trailer only requires 5 pins amd so far it has worked flawlessly. Hope this helps.

-- comment by: Troy - 11/08/2013


Is your Pathfinder a 2WD or 4WD?

-- comment by: Chris D - 07/04/2015


Chris D: I have the 2WD Pathfinder

-- comment by: Troy - 07/06/2015


- AL60818

by: Scott W.04/01/2017

Review from a similar Air Lift AirLift 1000 in Vehicle Suspension

Installation was super quick and easy in my home garage. The hardest part was finding a way to jack the truck high enough to hang the rear axle. My test was 25 bags of mulch. The before installation picture shows the rear squat. The after picture is of the exact same load with 30psi in the air bags. Super happy with the results. The ride is much better with a load in the back. Can't wait to hook up my camper to see how much better the ride is on a long trip. 361533

- AL60818

by: Mark C.12/30/2013

Review from a similar Air Lift AirLift 1000 in Vehicle Suspension

Received the shipment promptly. Installation of the Air Lift 1000 kit took about 2.5 hrs on a 2013 Ram 1500 (4x4) due to the garage that was used was unheated (25 deg) and did not have the proper tools. Had two air leaks where the air hoses attached to the barbed nipples at the top of the air bags. The hose material is not very sturdy and would tear it was very difficult to get the hoses to fit over the fittings all the way due to the limited access at the top of the spring....and the 25 deg temp didn't help!! Had to heat the air bags with a hair dryer to get them to push up through the spring coils. Would prefer to pay a little extra to have threaded fittings for the air least for the air bag fittings. The ends with the fill valves went on OK since access was unlimited and I was able to twist and push the fittings on more easily. The hose flat-spring clamps are generally worthless as they bend out of shape when you apply pressure to position them over the fitting barbs. Ended up using motorcycle fuel line spring clamps (wire type) as they do not get out of shape when used. Have not put any weight in the back or pulled a trailer yet so I cannot comment on the load or leveling capabilities yet. 111483

- AL60732

by: Eric K08/18/2015

Review from a similar Air Lift AirLift 1000 in Vehicle Suspension

I have a 2008 Sienna and did the older install where the valves were mounted to the hitch, rather than through the car jack area. I also used wire loom 1/4" diameter throughout the install for extra protection and used metal loom clamps with self drilling screws as the install video showed for 2006 Sienna's. The install took about an hour once I figured everything out. I didn't do the tee fitting with only one valve because it was plastic, but I heard you can order a brass tee that might be more durable. However, since one line is longer than the other to my valves, I notice that it is difficult to completely sync up the psi, so I would do the tee fitting if I do on another vehicle. I didn't measure exactly, but definitely with the eye test the Air Lift system kept the back end up under a heavy load with hitch mount bike rack loaded with 4 bikes. I could also feel less sag and bounce when going over bumps and a more stable ride under load. So far so good, we'll see how all the parts last when they have to go through a few winters. But for now, works great. 220032

- AL60732

by: Josh03/21/2015

Review from a similar Air Lift AirLift 1000 in Vehicle Suspension

Just installed it and have not had a chance to really use it yet. Install was pretty simple. The hardest part really was trying to figure out how to route the passenger side tubing away from the exhaust. I did it with a floor jack on one side and then the other. I went ahead and used the "T" valve with one Schrader valve and drilled a whole in the bracket that the trailer wiring secures to. Took about 30-45 min not including drilling the hole in the bracket. 180078

- AL60732

by: Michael D.09/11/2017

Review from a similar Air Lift AirLift 1000 in Vehicle Suspension

These airlifts have been terrific. I have them on a 2006 Toyota sienna minivan . If you have one you know how low they ride. I raise and lower the pressure according to the situation. For routine driving I keep the pressure around 10 and will raise it up to 35 if there's a heavy load or with towing. We tow a medium-size pop up camper. They have been terrific with reducing any scraping of the hitch. Installation was quite easy, just follow the videos. I did modify the tube routing. Did not join them together but took each individual airlift tube straight out to the front of the tire. There are these little "pockets" in front of each tire. I just ran each line straight to that little pocket and then stick the The valves right into the pocket. It has worked great. I do find that when I have it on lower pressure that there is a slight squeak from the airlifts. I assume this is due to the fact that they're able to move around more at the lower pressure. 431067

- AL60818

by: F. Lee Holly07/05/2014

Review from a similar Air Lift AirLift 1000 in Vehicle Suspension

Installed Air Helper Springs on my 2014 Ram 4X4. Would recommend anyone to first remove the rear tires/wheels and pop out the plastic inner fender wells. Makes it a lot easier installing the air line on top of the air bags. Other than that, have bought numerous products from etrailer and "ALL" have been excellent products! 139412


I use the Air Helper Springs extensively and they have been holding up great. Great products from a Great Company!

F. L - 07/05/2015


- AL60818

by: Aaron J.09/25/2014

Review from a similar Air Lift AirLift 1000 in Vehicle Suspension

I just installed my airlift 1000 kit in my 2014 Ram 1500. The installation only took about 90 minutes and only required a pair of pliers, a knife, a jack and some jack stands. I warmed the bags with my floor heater to make them more pliable and softened the air lines with hot water so they install on the nipples easier, as suggested by etrailer's tech tip videos. So far this seams to be a quality kit and is holding air. I haven't tested it under a load yet so I can't speak to that, although I am optimistic based on other reviews. Etrailer's customer support is outstanding and their shipping is quick. I couldn't be happier at this point. 153068

- AL60732

by: Todd03/23/2017

Review from a similar Air Lift AirLift 1000 in Vehicle Suspension

I purchased the Draw-Tite hidden trailer hitch, Airlift 1000 air springs and tail light wiring kit for my 2017 AWD Sienna. Reviews were correct, the hitch looks great and you should bend the tabs during installation to get it in. I also purchased the wiring kit for trailer lights (pain to install but worth it) and the Airlift 1000 additional load supports that should help with a full load. The air springs were surprisingly easy to install especially when you are already installing the hitch and wiring kit. Recommend doing it all at once (wiring kit first, then hitch, then air lift springs). etrailer has been over the top on customer service. Shipped quick, checked after it arrived and love the website! Already placed another order for more accessories! (get the cargo bag ahead of time with free shipping if you are going to use a cargo hitch) 360092

- AL60818

by: Richie W07/30/2014

Review from a similar Air Lift AirLift 1000 in Vehicle Suspension

Product works as described. I haven't used it long enough to know how well it really performs. Installation was a bit time consuming, but not too difficult. I took a lot of time trying to figure out the best routing method for the air lines. Squishing the cylinders into the springs was a little tricky, but not too difficult. 143377


No issues after a year.

Richie W - 07/30/2015


- AL60732

by: BarbnSmitty05/20/2013

Review from a similar Air Lift AirLift 1000 in Vehicle Suspension

The airbags would have been really difficult to install into the spring coil if we didn't have a vise and a vacuum pump, but that's all that was difficult. Everything else was very simple. We also ordered The Curt trailer hitch Custom Fit - Class III - 2" - C13105 at the same time as the was also fairly simple to install, but there are two of us, so don't know how it would have been if just Smitty tried by himself. Toyota doesn't install hitches on their 2013 we had taken it to U-Haul to have one put on. It was awful. The clearance was horrendous, so that's why we purchased the Curt from We didn't take before and after pics, but there is at least 2" more clearance with the new hitch and it fits very nicely tucked up under the car. So, anybody want a U-Haul trailer hitch? We have!! 81145

- AL60732

by: Ryan H.07/02/2016

Review from a similar Air Lift AirLift 1000 in Vehicle Suspension

Installed on a 2016 Toyota Sienna. I was able to install these bags while the van was still on rear ramps from a Curt trailer hitch install. I was able to squeeze the bags down and get them in the springs with very little trouble. I installed these bags upside down as the Sienna sits so low, there is little doubt that the airlines would have been ripped apart in no time. With the airlines coming out of the top, they are much better protected. I have read of others doing the same and the manufacturer should make a couple of adjustments to the spacer and suggest this upside down install on the Sienna. The product comes with two Schrader valves, but not enough airline to run both bags separately if you want side by side Schrader valves. Once installed, the bags work well to keep the van from sagging when loaded. 267667

- AL60732

by: Ken03/24/2013

Review from a similar Air Lift AirLift 1000 in Vehicle Suspension

Haven't put it to a complete test yet, but so far so good. Installation was pretty easy although I did not follow the instructions. I put the bag inlets at the top rather than the bottom because with them on the bottom the hoses hung really low and were pretty much guaranteed to catch on stuff and get damaged. Hose routing was very nice going up. Nice amount of hose for my Toyota Sienna and had some left over - I hate products that don't give you any extra length. Hoses were kind of hard to get on barbed fittings even with "spit lube". I was afraid to use any other sort of lubricant. Also I found it easier to insert the bags without following the instructions of squashing them flat and putting the cap back on. I just squashed them as needed as I put them into the springs. 72132

- AL60732

by: Ryan D.06/29/2015

Review from a similar Air Lift AirLift 1000 in Vehicle Suspension

This product is an excellent value. I installed on my 2013 Toyota Sienna FWD in a couple of hours, using the instructional video as a reference. When I filled up the bags to 30 PSI and hitched up my pop-up trailer, there was no noticeable sag in the rear suspension. I have yet to take the rig out on a long trip, but first impressions are very good. 208150

- AL60818

by: Mike H03/12/2017

Review from a similar Air Lift AirLift 1000 in Vehicle Suspension

I wanted to stop the droop when towing my 21' trailer. Works great. Read the reviews before you start your install. There are many good tips there that are not in the instructions. When folding the flattened air bag for insertion into the spring use zip ties to hold it in the folded position. Even though the second opening the in the spring looks bigger than the bottom opening, use the bottom one as it has a better angle. When applying the air hose to the fittings soak the hose 30 seconds or so in hot water so you can seat the hose all the way onto the fitting. Removing the tire and wheel gives you better access when putting the air hose on the bag fitting. Dropping the spare tire makes routing the air hose to the back a lot simpler. 351976

- AL60818

by: LYNN C.08/09/2015

Review from a similar Air Lift AirLift 1000 in Vehicle Suspension



Im still completely satisfied with the air bags. Ive recommended them to all our Rv group. Thanks again.

LYNN C - 08/16/2016


- AL60818

by: Bryan B.05/18/2017

Review from a similar Air Lift AirLift 1000 in Vehicle Suspension

Just got the equalizer 14000 weight distribution hitch and the airlift bags in today from ups. Took a little over 2 hours to install both. The hitch I had before combined with the stock ram 1500 suspension was all over the road with my toy hauler. I couldn't go over 35-40 miles an hour with out feeling like I was going to lose my rig and anyone that's ever been in that situation knows what a white knuckle experience that is. I just got back from a test drive and it is unbelievable the difference those two items made. I got up to 70 and it drove like a dream. For reference my toy hauler is 8500#s with a 850# tongue weight. Thank you etrailer for the best product, fast/free shipping and definitely the lowest price. 382290

- AL60769

by: GK10/08/2016

Review from a similar Air Lift AirLift 1000 in Vehicle Suspension

Very pleased with this product! Install took longer than one hour but I go slow and steady anyway, I just watched the retailer install video and it was easy! My 2004 Suburban sagged badly with our travel trailer and this fixed the sag. The rear well sat at 36.5" with no air and sagged down to 34.5" with the trailer attached. The rear well sat at 37.75" with air bags filled and sagged only to 36.5" with trailer attached. I haven't got a chance to road test but I have confidence in the product from my measurement test! 304683

- AL60732

by: Chris P09/10/2012

Review from a similar Air Lift AirLift 1000 in Vehicle Suspension

I am very satisfied with this setup, installed quickly and easily. The van rides and handles better weather empty or full, and it really is nice to not have everyone flashing me at night when the whole family is in the car(low beams). I installed these on my Sienna AWD van, and did invert them so the air connections were at the top of the spring for better air hose routing. In doing so, I lost the shims. The best part was that I emailed AirLift customer service to see if I could purchase the shims. Let's just say I am more than impressed with their response. You dont find customer service like this, they were responsive, and sent me new spacers asap. I would highly recommend these to anyone. 54148

- AL60769

by: J Cro08/04/2012

Review from a similar Air Lift AirLift 1000 in Vehicle Suspension

I installed these on my 2004 Burb Z71. It was much easier than I had thought it would be. After jacking it up, putting it on stands and lowering the axle back down, there was a huge gap in the springs for the air bags to pass through. The hardest part was attaching the air hose to the top of the bags after they were inside of the spring. The package included a heat shield for the exhaust pipe which I quickly threw away. There is a good 5 inches between the pipe and the spring. Routing the air hose back to the bumper was easy and I located the air valve in the plate that has the trailer wire hookups. I hope they work as advertised, I hate the back of my Burb sagging when I poll my camper. 50542

- AL60769

by: chris06/18/2014

Review from a similar Air Lift AirLift 1000 in Vehicle Suspension

Easy to install. Product was delivered quickly, and works as advertised. 136277


It has worked as designed, I have had no issues, and am pleased with this product. I have recommended it to others.

chris - 06/18/2015


- AL60774

by: David H.07/01/2012

Review from a similar Air Lift AirLift 1000 in Vehicle Suspension

Easy install. Gives my Murano a firmer ride. Less bouncing when towing. 46398

- AL60795

by: T. Anderson01/15/2017

Review from a similar Air Lift AirLift 1000 in Vehicle Suspension

Put these on our '97 G. Cherokee because it squats easily with any load at all. I followed what little install instructions that were provided carefully and Googled for more tips from others. I opened the hole up where the air line enters the c. spring and added rubber grommets for protection. I never hauled any near the 1000# rating. I never exceeded 25psi and check the psi daily for a couple weeks. All seemed well until for about a month and then the lines began to leak. I cut them back and added better clamps but they still leak........ Bottom line is that this product is not worth the $$$ or the effort of installing/fixing for what you'll get out of it. 332722

- AL60818

by: Mark H.10/01/2016

Review from a similar Air Lift AirLift 1000 in Vehicle Suspension

Wife and I picked a cool SoCal. morning to install these on our 2014 Ram V6 single cab for towing a 17' 3200# travel trailer. Truck was lifted and supported with jacks in the driveway with front wheels blocked. Installation was fairly easy as described in the video. It does require a bit of patience and effort to get the bags in the coils, but nothing major. Time was about one hour per side including air lines. Once inflated, no more dragging the trailer jack when pulling out of the driveway. Greatly improved ride, handling and stability, too. Definitely recommend these. Big thanks to etrailer for help and prompt shipping. 302120

- AL60818

by: Duane S.05/05/2014

Review from a similar Air Lift AirLift 1000 in Vehicle Suspension

Air system looks good and should be an easy install. 129061



Duane S - 05/05/2015

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  • Can AirLift 1000 Rear Axle Helper Spring # AL60815 Support Trailer with 600-lbs Tongue Weight
  • The rear-axle air bag kit you referenced, AirLift 1000 Helper Spring # AL60815, provides up to 1000-lbs of load leveling at its maximum pressure rating of 35-lbs psi. Your trailer with approximately 600-lb tongue weight would certainly fall within the operating range for this product. If you are towing often and frequently have widely varying trailer weights then an adjustable air bag kit like this AirLift 1000 is a good choice for adding rear-end support. If your trailer weight is fairly...
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  • Solution for Rear Suspension of 2010 Honda Odyssey That Sags When Trailer Is Hitched
  • As a starting point, I'd recommend having the rear suspension of your Odyssey examined to make sure everything's in good repair. Both the # CSS-1168R Coil Sumo Springs and the Air Lift # AL60815 will affect your vehicle suspension whether the trailer is hitched or not. Both types of systems can have their drawbacks. The air springs can leak, and although the Coil Sumo Springs work as they are supposed to, I'm not a huge fan of using zip ties to hold a suspension component in place.The...
    view full answer...

  • Recommendation to Stop 2007 Honda Pilot from Sagging When Towing a Trailer
  • Since the coil spring on your 2007 Honda Pilot has the shock in the middle of it you will not be able to use an air bag kit such as # AL60815 but not to worry, there are other options. The best solution for vehicle sag caused by a trailer is not suspension enhancement but weight distribution. Weight distribution spring bars push and lift to better distribution the tongue weight to all axles of the tow vehicle and trailer and will eliminate that sag. It older to recommend the best...
    view full answer...

  • Suspension of 2008 Honda Pilot Squats When Cargo Carrier is Installed
  • So, what you are saying is that once the cargo carrier is loaded up with whatever you are carrying, the rear suspension compresses quite a bit, is that correct? If this is the case, it sounds like you would be a good candidate for a rear suspension enhancement kit. For a passive system that would only come into play when extra weight is applied to the rear of the vehicle, like when the carrier is being used, the Timbren # THROD2 system would be great. Install the system, and you would...
    view full answer...

  • Installation of Air Lift 1000 Air Helper Springs # AL60815 on 2012 Honda Odyssey
  • To install the Air Lift 1000 Air Helper Springs, part # AL60815, on your 2012 Honda Odyssey, it does require the coil springs to be removed from the vehicle. The rubber jounce bumper that is inside the coil spring will have to be unbolted and removed. Then, the air spring will be installed into the coil spring and the whole coil spring with air spring will be installed back on the vehicle. A hole will need to be drilled in the control arm of the vehicle for the stem of the air spring to...
    view full answer...

  • Installation Directions for 2007 Honda Odyssey Installing AirLift Suspension # AL60815
  • Assuming your Odyssey has the stock suspension, what you are seeing in your coil is a jounce bumper. During installation of the AirLift Suspension # AL60815 on your 2007 Honda Odyssey, step 6 had you unbolting and discarding the jounce bumper and mounting bolt. After the bumper is discarded, you will be able to install your airspring. You will insert the air spring cylinder into the coil spring with the stem down. I have attached the installation directions for you to review.
    view full answer...

  • Solution for Squeaking Suspension After Air Lift Kit Install on 2012 Honda Odyssey
  • When we see squeaking suspension components after a suspension kit install what normally causes is this is the torquing of suspension components with the trailer jacked up in the air. What you need to do is loosen the components you tightened after installing the kit and then torque them down with the vehicle on the ground and the full weight on the suspension. That will nothing is bound up and should eliminate the noise.
    view full answer...

  • 2011 Honda Odyssey Touring Control Arm Bolt Torque Spec when Installing Air Suspension Enhancement
  • According to the install instructions for the Air Lift kit part # AL60815 the control arm flange bolts get tightened to 33 ft/lbs of torque. According to the owners manual of your 2011 Honda Odyssey the lug nuts should be torqued to 94 ft lbs.
    view full answer...

  • Do the Air Lift 1000 Helper Springs Wear When not in use on a 2012 Honda Odyssey
  • The trick is to always have a couple pounds in the air bags at all times. If you do this the air bags of the Air Lift AirLift 1000 # AL60815 should last the life of your vehicle. This product also has a lifetime warranty. I attached installation instructions for this product for you to check out also.
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  • Recommendations for Ground Clearance for a 2010 Honda Odyssey Carrying a Loaded Motorcycle Carrier
  • I believe I may have a solution to help with the sagging on your 2010 Honda Odyssey, however, the Roadmaster High-Low Hitch Adapter # RM-048-6 you referenced was designed and intended to be used to tow a four wheeled vehicle with a towbar behind a motorhome. Many of the adapters are not intended to carry weight, which is what you would be doing with your motorcycle carrier loaded with the motorcycle, they were designed exclusively to level out a rolling tow. We typically offer the Curt...
    view full answer...

  • Does Routing of Air Line Point Up or Down When Installing Air Lift kit AL60815
  • When you install the # AL60815 in your 2007 Honda Odyssey you would want the air line to point down like you referenced. It's hard to see in the install picture that you referenced but it is installed pointing down. You will want to use zip ties to secure the line away from moving or hot parts. If you check out the install video that I attached you see how we installed this kit on a similar Odyssey.
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  • Suspension Enhancement for Smoother Ride on 2015 Honda Odyssey
  • I spoke with my contact at Air Lift and he said if you do not intend to tow or haul a trailer, using AirLift 1000 Air Helper Springs for Coil Springs # AL60815, which you reference, on your 2015 Honda Odyssey will actually make for a stiffer ride. These air helper springs are commonly used for hauling or towing and for keeping your Honda Odyssey at normal ride height. My contact recommended a softer aftermarket coil spring. Unfortunately we do not carry them for your vehicle. You...
    view full answer...

  • Air Lift Vehicle Suspension For 2010 Honda Odyssey
  • The Air Lift Vehicle Suspension, part # AL60815 you referenced, would be a good fit on your 2010 Honda Odyssey. The installation of the Air Lift system is not extremely difficult and any local garage should be able to take care of the installation for you with no problem. This system does come with detailed instructions that would aid anyone who installs the system. If you want to control the amount of air in the air springs from the comfort of your Odyssey, I recommend the Air...
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  • Solution for Creaking Suspension After Install of Air Lift Air Bag Kit in 2011 Honda Odyssey
  • Normally the bags don't make noise if they are rubbing. What is most likely going on is a suspension component is a bit out of alignment and is causing the creaking. The solution for this is to loosen the suspension components you loosened to the install the kit and then torque them down with the the suspension loaded. When you torque the suspension components with the rear of the vehicle jacked up in the air it can bind up some of the components and they'll make some noise. What you...
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  • Rear Suspension Support Options for 2005 Acura MDX Towing 2800-lb Coleman Pop-Up Camper
  • The 2005 Acura MDX has a maximum tow rating of 4500-lbs. You can check your owner's manual to confirm the rating for your particular vehicle. Your 2800-lb Coleman Westlake Pop-Up camper trailer is likely to be within its capacity even when fully loaded for a trip. Still, the sag you are experiencing may be remedied or at least reduced by a weight distribution hitch, which is a better option than air bags for towing. Since the vehicle is nearly 10 years old you might want to have a qualified...
    view full answer...

  • Rear Helper Springs for a 2008 Honda Odyssey with a Wheelchair Lift
  • Since you already have an air bag system # AL60815 installed on the 2008 Honda Odyssey I would just fix the leak and add a compressor, # AL25592. The air bag system will allow you to tweak the ride quality whereas Timbren springs will just be engaged all the time and could cause a stiffer ride. To find the leak you can use soapy water where the air lines and fittings come together. Bubbles indicate a leak. If you replace the coil springs and keep the air bags make sure that the new springs...
    view full answer...

  • Weight Distribution and Suspension Enhancement Recommendation for 2006 Honda Odyssey
  • The weight distribution system I recommend for you with your 2006 Honda Odyssey is the Equal-I-zer Weight Distribution System with 4-Point Sway Control # EQ37040ET. This system uses trunnion-style arms that will help with ground clearance, as traditional round-bar arms usually decrease ground clearance. The sway control of this system works with steel-on-steel friction at the L-brackets and inside the hitch head. I really like this system because it will not require you to drill into your...
    view full answer...

  • Can a Weight Distribution System and Air Suspension Enhancement Be Used Together
  • With a properly set up weight distribution system that is rated for the tongue weight of the setup (this includes the weight of passengers and cargo behind rear axle), suspension enhancement SHOULDN'T be needed. But it can still be used if additional support is desired. When you use the two systems together you will want to air up the bags first before you setup the WD system. The par t# AL60815 is the correct kit for your 2008 Honda Odyssey. I attached an install video for you to...
    view full answer...

  • Fit of Thule # TH636B Sonic XXL Cargo Box and Suspension Upgrade Recommendation-2016 Honda Odyssey
  • Because the Odyssey is a fairly large vehicle with a long roof, you'll be able to situate the box on the vehicle roof in such a way that the cargo box will not interfere with the full opening of the rear hatch. If you click on the video I've linked for you, you'll see a test fit we did of the Sonic XXL # TH636B on a 2012 Odyssey. The vehicle in the video had the factory roof rack, but the factory side rails or tracks would still allow you to place the box so that it won't interfere with...
    view full answer...

  • Availability of Suspension Enhancement Kits for 2007 Honda Pilot EX AWD
  • We do not show any fit exclusions for the Air Lift 1000 Air Spring Kit # AL60815 in your 2007 Honda Pilot EX AWD but it is easy enough to check compatibility by taking a look at your rear coil springs to see if they have a shock inside them. An air spring kit like the Air Lift 1000 will give your rear axle additional support when under load and allow you to adjust the pressure as needed. I have linked an installation video for you. If you want to be able to inflate/deflate the bags...
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Weight Distribution System For 2010 Honda Odyssey With Rockwood Pop-up Trailer
  • That is a lot of tongue weight for your 2010 Honda Odyssey, but the system you bought is definitely overkill. A system that big will cause a very rigid ride and could actually cause other issues. I recommend you change out your spring bars if your system allows it or replacing your system. You want a system that takes your trailer's loaded tongue weight and the weight of any cargo behind the rear axle and has that total tongue weight in the middle of the range of the system. My recommendation...
    view full answer...

  • Air Helper Springs and a Trailer Hitch That Will Fit a 2014 Honda Odyssey
  • For your 2014 Honda Odyssey, Air Lift 1000 Helper Springs # AL60815 are confirmed to fir the rear of this vehicle. The air bags will fit inside your rear coil springs and will provide enhancement to your vehicle's suspension. As for a trailer hitch, I like the Draw-Tite Hitch, # 75270, for your Honda Odyssey. The Draw-Tite hitch is a custom-fit hitch that will allow for quick installation. This hitch has the 2 inch receiver opening that will allow you the ability to choose a variety...
    view full answer...

  • Air Bag Helper Springs and Yakima Roof Rack for a 2016 Honda Odyssey with Naked Roof
  • Air Lift 1000 helper springs # AL60815 do indeed fit the 2016 Honda Odyssey! I have linked a video showing an example installation on a 2011 Odyssey. Installation will be similar on your 2016 model. You can install a Yakima roof rack on your 2016 Odyssey with naked roof as well. You will need the following parts: 58 inch crossbars # Y00409 Control towers Y00214 (discontinued) Tracks # Y01126 Landing pads # Y00221 Keep in mind that because it requires a track mount roof rack...
    view full answer...

  • Is There Drilling Required to Install Air Lift Suspension Enhancement in a 2003 Honda Odyssey
  • The video you referenced is actually a different air bag kit being installed on a newer Odyssey than your 2003. That is why the install information is different. In the video the Air Lift kit being installed is part # AL60815 and for your 2003 the recommended kit is part # AL60740. I checked the install instructions and the only drilling that could be required would be for drilling a location for installing the inflation valve.
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