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Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs - Double Convoluted - Rear Axle

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for 2011 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty 10Firestone
for 2011 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty 12Firestone
for 2011 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty 11Firestone
for 2011 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty 9Firestone
for 2011 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty 3Firestone
for 2011 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty 13Firestone
for 2011 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty 1Firestone
for 2011 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty 6Firestone
for 2011 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty 15Firestone
for 2011 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty 14Firestone
for 2011 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty 16Firestone
for 2011 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty 8Firestone
for 2011 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty 2Firestone
for 2011 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty 4Firestone
for 2011 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty 5Firestone
for 2011 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty 7Firestone

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  • Firestone
  • Air Springs
  • Extra Heavy Duty
  • Rear Axle Suspension Enhancement

2011 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty - Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs - Double Convoluted - Rear Axle

5,000-lb Capacity. Ride-Rite air springs enhance your factory suspension for safety and stability when you are hauling heavy loads. They reduce strain on your rear axle, keep your Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty level, and adjust to load size for a consistently smooth ride.


  • Maximize safe load-carrying capacity, increase stability and improve ride quality
    • Install between your vehicle's frame and its rear suspension
  • Keep your vehicle level when you are hauling a heavy load
    • Improve steering control and braking when you are hauling or towing
    • Level your headlight beams
    • Reduce tire wear
  • Maintain even load distribution with air pressure, leveling off-center loads
    • Air bags adjust manually, side to side, with individual inflation valves
  • Reduce strain on rear suspension
    • Prevent permanent sagging and excessive friction in leaf springs
  • Increase stability
    • Absorb road shock for a smooth ride
    • Soften contact between axle and frame to prevent bottoming out
  • Provide maximum load support and durability with rubber construction and double-convoluted design
  • Include all materials necessary for installation
    • Brackets, air springs, hardware, air line and separate valves for manual inflation
    • Switches and gauges, compressors, and air tanks (sold separately) are available for quick and easy air spring inflation/deflation from inside your vehicle
  • Made in the USA


  • Load-leveling capacity: 5,000 lbs
    • Ride-Rite springs will not increase your vehicle's weight-carrying capacity. Do not exceed the manufacturer's recommended weight limit.
  • Adjustable air pressure: 5 psi to 100 psi
  • Limited lifetime warranty on air springs
  • 2-Year limited warranty on hardware

Firestone Ride-Rite Air Spring Basics

Firestone Ride-Rite springs are designed to increase safety and reduce the strain on your vehicle when you are hauling heavy loads or towing a heavy trailer. The springs partner with your existing rear suspension system to help keep your vehicle level, maintain even load distribution and increase stability. Hauling heavy loads or towing a heavy trailer can make the rear of your vehicle sag and the front end rise. This puts more strain on your rear axle and reduces contact between your front tires and the road, causing problems with braking, steering control and traction. By adding air springs to your rear suspension, you can help to level your vehicle and improve braking and handling. The air springs also help to level your headlight beams and reduce wear on your tires.

Firestone Ride-Rite air spring airline installation

Adjustable Air Pressure

The air pressure in your Ride-Rite springs can be adjusted manually, side to side, to compensate for off-center loads. A centered load improves the stability of your vehicle by reducing body roll. The air springs will also help to absorb road shock and to soften contact between your axle and frame. This prevents bottoming out, thus improving ride comfort. Route the air line tubing for the springs to your vehicle's bumper to provide easy access to the manual inflation valves.

Firestone Ride-Ride air spring components

Air Spring Construction

Firestone's double-convoluted Ride-Rite air springs are designed to give you maximum load support and enhance the performance and ride comfort of your vehicle. The rubber springs provide cushioning between your suspension components and operate at up to 100 psi. The springs have four layers of reinforced rubber to ensure durability and enhance load support. A braided wire girdle creates the double-convoluted shape of each air spring, increasing the burst pressure of the spring. The rubber springs are attached to corrosion-resistant metal end plates with a time-proven, rolled crimp seal that keeps the bags securely anchored.

Air Spring Installation

Each Ride-Rite kit includes custom-fit brackets that connect to your axle and frame. The brackets provide the mounting points for the air springs. Drilling may be required for some applications.

W217602550 Firestone Ride Rite Air Bags - Double Convoluted - Rear Axle

F2550 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details F2550 Installation instructions

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Video of Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs - Double Convoluted - Rear Axle

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Firestone Vehicle Suspension F2550 Review

Today we're going to take a look at the Firestone Double Convoluted Ride-Rite Air Helper springs for the rear axle. This is a custom fit part, it is designed to fit the 1999 to 2014 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty trucks. And on a custom fit part I always like to recommend for you to go to our website, use our fit guide, put in your year and model vehicle and it'll show you if this part will work for your application. Now this kit will maximize safe load carrying capacity, helps increase stability and improve the ride quality. These do install between your vehicle's frame and its rear suspension. They will help keep your vehicle level when you're hauling a heavy load, helps improve the steering control and the braking when you're hauling or towing. They will help level your headlight beams and they also help reduce tire wear. These will maintain even load distribution with air pressure, leveling off any off-center loads.

The air bags will adjust manually side to side with individual inflation valves. This will help reduce strain on your rear suspension because it'll prevent permanent sagging and excessive friction in your leaf springs. Now these will help increase stability, they will absorb road shock for a nice smooth ride. It does soften the contact between the axle and the frame to prevent any bottoming out. They will also provide maximum load support and durability. Uses a stout rubber construction, it's a double convoluted design.

Now this part will include all the materials necessary for installation, everything shown here on the table, the air springs, the mounting brackets, all the mountain hardware, the air line, also the separate valves for the manual inflation. Now also you can use switches, gauges, compressors and air tanks. They are available. We sell those separately on our website. It'll give you quick and easy air spring inflation, deflation from inside your vehicle. These parts are made in the USA.

A few specs on this, the adjustable air pressure on these springs is 5psi to 100psi. The load leveling capacity is 5,000 pounds. Now you do want to make sure the Ride-Rite springs will not increase your vehicle's weight carrying capacity, so you want to make sure not to exceed the manufacturer's recommended weight limit. But that should do it for the review on the Firestone Double Convoluted Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs for your rear axle.

Customer Reviews

Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs - Double Convoluted - Rear Axle - F2550

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (334 Customer Reviews)

5,000-lb Capacity. Ride-Rite air springs enhance your factory suspension for safety and stability when you are hauling heavy loads. They reduce strain on your rear axle, keep your vehicle level, and adjust to load size for a consistently smooth ride.
- F2550

by: Jim F.08/25/2015

The product is high quality. The components are heavy duty, well made and fit together properly. Just beware, this is a time consuming installation that requires lying on your back on a creeper for several hours and doing work requiring some arm strength over your head. If I were doing it again, the kit would go to my mechanic and the young guys would do it with the truck on a lift. Also, removing the jounce bumper on the four wheel drive truck was very difficult. The nut was well corroded on the bolt and it is in a nearly inaccessible position. I ended up using a sawzall with a metal cutting blade to remove them and that wasn't easy. After about seven hours of hard labor flat on my back, the job is done and I am satisfied with the results. 221540


A year later and all is well. I load the bed of my truck and tow a 7,000 lb trailer. The air lifts keep the truck level. That is the objective.

Jim F - 08/26/2016

- F2550

by: Dave08/22/2015

Installed on a 2009 F-250 SD. Installation was difficult. Only because I didn't have access to a lift. Product is well built. It provides the rear suspension support I was looking for. Added bonus is my 3/4 ton rides smoother now. I pull a 35 foot travel trailer and a golf cart in the bed of my truck. I noticed the added weight of the cart was lowering the back end of my truck and affecting the steering. Not much, but enough where I needed to do something. There was one problem with the instructions/diagram. When assembling the bottom bracket pieces, the diagram showed the bolt heads on the outside. I had to reverse them in order to clear the jounce stop to get proper alignment with the top bracket. See photos. I also found a leak on one of the connections on top of the drivers side air spring. I pressured both springs to 40 pounds and let sit over night. There was a 20 pound drop on drivers side the next morning. I applied a kids bubble solution with a syringe ( works great) to find the leak. since there is sealer on the threads, I just gave it about 3/4 turn. Problem solved. Overall, I think this is a great product which I would recommend. 221059

- F2550

by: Gordon M.05/19/2015

My airbags showed up quickly and I installed them as soon as I got home. I spent about 3 hrs to install them, the instructions are alright, could be a little better. I have a gas F-250 and installed the air valves in behind the fuel door which makes them very easy to fill of deflate. I put 20lbs of air in them and they lifted the back end 1 3/4" with the truck empty. Going to be pulling the fver this weekend, looking forward to see how much air I need to put in them with a load and see how they perform. 194451


They are still performing great, only issue I had with them was I had to replace the valve stem cores right away as they started leaking.

Gordon M - 05/26/2016

- F2550

by: Terry S06/08/2015

Easy to install, fit perfect with my 5th wheel hitch. My camper weighs 14000 lbs, hitch weight is 3000 lbs. It takes 85 lbs of air to raise my truck to standard driving height. Definitely a better ride. Thanks E trailer, Melinda, you were very helpful in helping me making the right decision for lifting air springs. 201678


I had to replace a couple of support brackets due to an auto accident. Etrailer was very helpful in contacting the manufacture for the parts. Thank you for you help. Now for the lifting bags themselves. All work great, very easy to make adjustments with load. I will have them on any truck I own from now on.

Terry S - 06/18/2016

- F2550

by: Todd Ford09/25/2014

I put the load levelers on a 2008 F250 SuperDuty (diesel). It took me about 4 hours per side, on the grass with no lift or power tools. I could probably do it in two hours per side the next time. The instructions are terse, but correct - the 2011 Ford F250 video was very helpful and resolve all my questions except for one. The bladder(s) have an forward/rearward bracket positioning option constituted by two positioning nubs on the bladder top, and 2 mounting bolt holes on the bladder bottom. I was confused by the positioning option until I actually tested bladder positioning on the installed brackets - the brackets don't line up exactly, so the positioning option was actually a good thing. You have to choose forward or readward depending on how your brackets line up. If your brackets line up perfectly then you still have to choose. I used the levelers on a couple of heavy trailers on fairly long hauls and they work as I expect them to - they: are easy to inflate/deflate, keep my bed level and support a heavy load, and keep my headlights out of everyones eyes. 152985

- F2550

by: Danny05/10/2016

I bought these for my 2002 Ford F-350 Crewcab DRW. I pull a 40' fifth wheel with 2200 lb toungue weight. Previously it was slightly below level and touching the overloads which was not a show stopper. Now pulling same trailer, this truck sits level with only 38 lbs of air. With the truck level, headlights are striking where they should at night and I can seriously tell the difference in the smooth ride, especially when entering and exiting concrete overpasses. I am totally impressed with these air springs and would recommend them to anyone that is interested in pulling loads and keeping your tow vehicle level which means safer for a better control. 249678

- F2550

by: Carson C03/04/2016

Super fast shipping to Amarillo TX. I'm 53 yr old fairly mechanically abled person... Installed on a 2001 F250 4x4 diesel with Fifth wheel hitch and goose neck ball plate. Did it in my home shop with a floor jack and jack stands. Took me about 4 hours and 4 beers and I installed new shocks on all 4 corners. Excellent product and fairly easy installation. Had to ream out the 3/4 inch hole in frame rail since I had a goose neck plate. Really impressed with how it went together. Can't wait to hook on to my 14000 # fifth wheel and give it a yank... I watched the video first and that helped a lot. Good luck! Cheers, 239632

- F2550

by: Mac s.03/29/2015

Put on 2008 f250. With a B&W turnover ball. Had to remove one bolt on both side of B &W to mount top bracket then replace with new bolts in kit No big deal. Put both sides on and ran the air lines in less than 2 hours. Had a leak on driver side. It was where I didn't cut the air line straight. Recut air line and that fixed the problem. I would recommend this to anyone. 181344

- F2550

by: AGP01/11/2017

These bags are great and fit perfectly with my BW hitch using the large bolt through the frame, hitch and bag bracket. I was concerned the the resonator on the tailpipe on my v10 would be too close to the bags, but with the provided heat shield I have no worries. I'm using these with a regular airlift load controller, nothing fancy and makes for a good simple solid system. 331815

- F2550

by: Alan M.03/17/2015

The Firestone F2550 Air Helper springs were received just in time for weekend installation. The kit was fairly easy to install. The installation instructions were well written and easy to follow. Along with videos on the website the installation went well. The air helper springs perform as advertised. I am very satisfied with the product. 179274

- F2550

by: Jimmy C03/03/2016

The product was easy to install and works perfectly. Etrailers customer service was excellent also, a part was missing from the initial package and etrailer shipped the missing piece right way. I will definitely do business with etrailer again Jimmy C 239397

- F2550

by: Dale S01/05/2017

After one year - Great product. Keeps my Superduty level when hauling my Lance Camper. Had my local mechanic install, and had a slow leak within days. Mechanic ended up putting thread goop on a couple of the fitting - no problem since. 330103

- F2550

by: Daryl A.03/14/2014

Very good overall rating. The instructions a pretty lengthy considering the little amount of info they contained. Would have been much simpler if the three categories of installation instructions weren't mixed together. 120745

- F2550

by: John D07/05/2013

I am happy with product and performance, but the instructions we vague with confusing drawings and lack of dimensions when needed. If the instructions were well written, then install would have been half as long. 87821

- F2550

by: Doug P03/10/2015

I have not yet installed these, but I can say the staff at ETrailer was extremely helpful and the product arrived sooner than I expected. A great company to deal with, so far. Doug P 177743

- F2550

by: Leland H07/14/2016

This business is great to deal with fast shipping good pricing and great customer service and follow up I have used them several times over the years and have never had a privlem 272009



Leland H - 07/14/2017

- F2550

by: Steve03/18/2013

Installation was pretty easy. About 2 1/2 hours to install when reading instructions. Installed on F250 for towing 10,000 max load car hauler. We'll see how it goes. 71331

- F2550

by: matt06/11/2016

I've installed several of these now. No problems and a must have for heavy towing. Not only can you prevent rear end sag, but the ride is much better. 260170

- F2550

by: Andy01/11/2017

These air springs are terrific. Have had some 2500# loads in the back and i can still level it out. 331724

- F2550

by: Les B12/06/2012

Great turn around time from order placement In fact so fast I havent had time to install 60794

- F2550

by: Charles05/04/2016

installed and works real will , works great with the fifth wheel 248365

- F2550

by: Ryan P11/02/2016

Everything is great. I appreciate you reaching out. 315921

- F2550

by: MIKE G02/02/2015

Fit great! Delivery was very prompt, Th anks 172203

- F2550

by: Steve01/06/2015

Great product. Easy installation 167886

- F2550

by: John s02/16/2017

Very fast shipping 342377

- F2535

by: Terence05/27/2016

Review from a similar Firestone Ride-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

I bought the Firestone F2535 for a 2015 Ford F-250. My need of the kit is twofold, 1, correct the slight sag which takes weight off my front wheels when I hitch up my race car trailer, 2, even up the side to side ride heights with the aftermarket 51 gal duel tank installed. I verified fitment on the Firestone Riderite website before purchasing from e-trailer. Shipment was prompt and the kit arrived in the manufacturers box. All of the parts were in the box and nothing was damaged. Installation was relatively straightforward and the written instructions combined with the video posted on e-trailer left nothing to the imagination. On my truck the brake lines and hoses needed to be tied back to create more clearance around the drivers side air bag. I don't remember this being mentioned in the video, it certainly isn't noted in the instructions. Removing the DEF tank captive nut was difficulties as the clip on the nut broke and resisted efforts to get it out from behind the DEF tank bracket. I pre-assembled each air bag on its upper bracket and made my alignment marks to ease aligning things up once under the truck. Then I installed the upper bracket(s) and loosely installed each airbag. Then I installed the lower (axle) mount parts. The drivers side was definitely more difficult because of more limited clearances to work in. Overall installation took approx 6 hrs in my driveway with no lift. I installed, removed and reinstalled the drivers side lower assembly 2x to verify I had the height set correctly over the factory jounce stop. In the end the highest setting is the only one that would work with my 4WD truck. Air leaks occurred at the threaded air line fittings on the airbag - but I expected this as I purposely lightly torqued the air line fittings on with the intention of re-torquing them during the leak testing process. There weren't enough tie wraps included with the kit (easy enough to solve) to properly secure the air lines to the chassis rails. This is especially important on the passenger side of the truck where the exhaust runs. I used both heat shield tubes (provided with the kit) on the passenger side airbag from the air bag back. The two lengths provided were sufficient to cover the tubing until it clears the last resonator box aft of the axle. I covered all of the rest of my tubing with split loom to help prevent chafing of the air lines. Overall, great product. Well made and was straightforward to install. 252460

- F2430

by: Smithsonite02/08/2015

Review from a similar Firestone Ride-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

So far, so good. These things will hold some serious weight! I haven't had to exceed 6 lbs. yet, even towing cars on a flatbed trailer. The weight distribution setup I have has alot to do with that though. One gripe I have is that is should have came with a T joining both sides, going into a single Schrader valve. I don't like having to try and balance 2 separate sides. Just checking the pressure at lower pressures will release quite a bit of air - not alot of volume in there. If you load your vehicle correctly there should never be a need to have differing pressures on each side. At the very least, the option to choose should be included. Other than that, and a nagging slow leak I have on one side (at one of the quick-connect fittings), they've been great. 172906


I still havent fixed the slow leak yet. Ive developed a rattle from the top half of the bag mount against the frame. Need to take that down and see what the issue is - nut might have loosened up. Weve got some pretty bad roads up here in the Northeast, so its no surprise. Other than that, theyre still working great. My idea on the T is a bad one, because that will introduce some severe body roll, as air pressure is forced from one side to the other depending on which way you turn. Will definitely decrease stability, so I wont be making that modification. Wish there was a way to hook this up to my existing Viair compressor. Suppose theres a way, just not an easy one.

Smithsonite - 02/08/2016

- F2535

by: Dean G06/29/2016

Review from a similar Firestone Ride-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

There are two parts to this review - one, on the product itself, and two, on the customer service from eTrailer. The product itself is one I have been installing on my trucks for years. However, this most recent purchase was missing a few bolts and the heat shields to protect the air bags from the exhaust pipe. I don't know if this was an anomaly, but I was a bit disappointed to find parts missing from a sealed box. Once I received the parts, and installed them, they performed as they always had - very well. I don't use them to add extra load, just to stiffen the ride a bit, making trailer towing a bit more stable in windy conditions. The second part of the review deals with customer service from eTrailer. I called to report the missing parts, and was told by the representative that there was nothing he could do, and that I would have to call Firestone direct to obtain replacement parts that were not included. He was rather curt, and not helpful at all. I told him that I wanted to return the product then, as I was not satisfied with his response. He said that it was not an acceptable reason to return the product. At that point, I asked to speak with a supervisor. Twice. Once on the line with the supervisor, she was very helpful and seemed unhappy to hear I had told her regarding the representative's attitude. She told me she would get the parts out of another kit, and send them out directly. I received them the next day, and was able to have them installed before my extended trip. She even checked to ensure I had receive the parts the following day. It was unfortunate that one individual could possibly scar a company's reputation, but I must say that the supervisor went the extra distance to ensure I was taken care of. For that, she gets 6 stars! And a continued returning customer. The only reason I gave 4 stars is due to Firestone's mis-packaging of the item. 266395

- F2299

by: James E07/11/2013

Review from a similar Firestone Ride-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

I have purchased several items from etrailer and always impressed with their accuracy and speed of delivery. They have high shipping costs to Alaska so have not been able to use them except when in the lower 48. Installed on a 1-ton Dodge dually used to either carry a 4600 lb truck camper, pull a 11000 pound fifth wheel or tow a 10000 trailer. The truck camper really sat the truck on the axle and the recently installed Timbrens made matters even worse. When I hit a dip or bump it sounded like there were no springs what so ever. Installed the air springs and now I get a much improved ride and have not bottomed out to date. I installed the air springs in Oregon and drove to Homer Alaska over some pretty rough roads. Great ride!!! 88865


I still have the highest opinion of the air shocks! Been many miles and always loaded. Not one time have I had to add air and perform the same as they did when I first put them on. These shocks really tamed the load. Would not own a large truck camper without them.

James E - 01/09/2015

- F2445

by: Robert N07/09/2016

Review from a similar Firestone Ride-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

It was an easy install and everything fit OK. I removed the spare tire to make it easy. I had to slightly bend the brake hose bracket on both sides and another bracket just slightly to clear the rear spring clamp at the bottom of the spring. I carry my 1,400 pound Honda Pioneer 700 and pull my travel trailer with a 400 pound hitch weight. I have your weight distribution hitch for some of the hitch weight. 270021

- F2535

by: Steve C.08/06/2016

Review from a similar Firestone Ride-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

Fast delivery. I suggest a "do it yourselfer" watch a couple of the You Tube videos before starting up on this, also have a helper which makes things easier while you're under the vehicle. I have a 2016 F250 with an underbed 5th wheel rail system from Reese. The driver's side rail was not a problem as it had an access hole for the DEF tank bracket bolt. The passenger side rail presented a complication in that the 3/4 inch bolt would strike the rail when installed to secure the top bracket. This was solved by my neighbor/helper who donated several 3/4 inch washers which when installed on the bolt before installation took up the needed distance on the bolt to keep it from contacting the trailer hitch side rail. (see photo) The bags are inflated in the photo to about 10-15 lbs. I took a ride on a local country road with plenty of curves. Normally the truck would tend to roll to the outside in the curves. The bags did a great job of minimizing any roll even when inflated with minimal pressure. I am anxious to see how the bags affect my towing experience when I'm loaded to almost max weight with 5th wheel tongue weight and an auxiliary fuel tank. 280563

- F2286

by: William S.03/30/2014

Review from a similar Firestone Ride-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

I recieved my air bags a couple of days ago. They were super fast with delivery and everything was accounted for. Installed it myself on my 2005 ram 1500 4x4. Took around four hours. Simple instructions to understand. As soon as I completed the installation I hooked up a heavy gooseneck trailer and with jus ten lbs. of air it leveled the trailer and never dropped and inch more. Even when loading a horse into the front of it. I I havent pulled the gooseneck yet put pulled a bumper trailer and it handled well... even with out a load I can tell the difference with them on... very well made product and would recommend to anyone. Very satisfied customer right here. 122885


I really like the product. I have hauled a gooseneck several times in the past year with five horses in it and it performed well beyond my expectations. Very pleased.

William S - 04/06/2015

- F2299

by: Tom10/21/2013

Review from a similar Firestone Ride-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

These air bags are a must for carrying a load to make your truck handle better. Empty, I run at 5 lbs and only change I notice is the truck rides about a inch higher. The install went real smooth with the directions easy to under stand. Shipping was very fast and communication to let me know how and when the package was to arrive. 104545


customer service,quality and install was excellent,if Firestone puts their name on it I knew it had to be a good product,if you know what your looking at you can probably install it in 1 hour,excellent engineering as well,im lovin it,two thumbs up,or 5 stars as far as im concerned

-- comment by: michael c - 11/03/2013


05 Dodge 3/4 ton. Makes a big difference in handling with a camper. I run 5 lbs when unloaded and 15 lbs to haul a ton of pellets for the stove. No sag what so ever.

Tom - 10/27/2014

- F2535

by: Gary R.12/01/2016

Review from a similar Firestone Ride-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

Air bags are so cool! So I put these on a Ford F-350 DRW 4x4 Extended Cab, with the diesel engine. The instructions are easy to follow and the kit contained everything you need. The videos are also helpful as well, plus I suggest reading though the entire instructions (sorry guys) to get a feel for what the end product will look like, this really helps to identify the challenges that you will face and for me it helps to answered some of the questions that pop up in the early part of the instructions. I didn't have any problems installing the kit, went on in half a day at a leisurely pace. I've had them on for a year now and they are working great. I carry a 4,000 pound slide in camper and jet boat and these air bags will level the truck right back out. I also installed a set of Troklift spring helpers (not sure of the correct title), they help take the sway out by fully engaging the overload springs when the airbags are inflated. Between the two they handle the camper without issue and actually make it please to drive. I do like airbags for the adjustability of them, I've used both air bags and super heavy overload leaf springs in the past and went back to the airbags just for this reason. Good luck wit your project. 321356

- F2250

by: Veterancowboy08/07/2013

Review from a similar Firestone Ride-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

Good product could use better instructions for installation. Would be better if they placed them as 1.2.3. instead of paragraph sentences. The videos are helpful if they play properly. Took about 3 hours to install. Camping world wanted $150 to install them. 93671


i just bought a 2010 silverado with 6 lift. is that what you got as well i cant tell from your pics.did you have to buy or make a extension mount for the fram braket?

-- comment by: jj - 09/04/2014


If you truck has a 6 inch lift you might consider using the Firestone Lift Spacers # F2375. This kit is designed to work with kits that mount to the axle on your truck like how the Firestone Ride-Rite # F2250 install.

-- Rachael H - 9/5/2014

- F2551

by: Jason03/08/2017

Review from a similar Firestone Ride-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

Ordered kit for a 2016 Nissan NV2500, Very easy to install, was able to complete in just a couple hours. The cargo area of my van is always loaded with parts and even though a 2500 it sagged in the rear, the bags were able to level out the load at 40 psi and make a much nicer ride. Great product. Shipping was a bit slow but etrailer staff was tremendously helpful in working out all the details. 349911

- F2407

by: Terry B05/21/2014

Review from a similar Firestone Ride-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

Took a few hours to get it completed, and went in as described. Have not had opportunity to test them out under load, but figure they would perform as expected. Instructions were not totally accurate, 4 bolts had changed size (to a smaller bolt than listed), but anyone with common sense could figure it out. (I did. LOL!) Wish "they" had included a "T" to inflate them equally, but purchased one at Lowes for about $6. I also "beefed up" the hose around sharp corners to protect them from getting damaged. 131693


Working great! Added an on-board compressor to the unit and use it to tow Travel Trailer. Does not get a LOT of use, but when it does, its great!

Terry B - 05/23/2015

- F2525

by: Bill T.04/30/2014

Review from a similar Firestone Ride-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

Product was as described. Installation video was most helpful as were the written instructions. Bending the bolt plates was absolutely necessary and was the most difficult part of the installation. I dropped one inside the frame, after retrieving, 30 minutes later, I drilled small holes in the handles and put a piece of wire thru them so they could be easily retrived if dropped again. Tested as recommended with 70 lbs of pressure and the truck's rear end popped up about 4-5 inches! Can't wait to try then with the trailer! 128198

- F2528

by: Craig09/04/2015

Review from a similar Firestone Ride-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

Product is well engineered but difficult to install doing to the limited room. The disc that goes into the joust bumper holder needs to be looked at. the joust holder has a radiused upper edge while the disc has a square corner. a radius had to be ground on the upper edge of the disc to get it to fit. Other than this all parts fit well, brackets lined up. Kit was put on a 2015 silverado 2500hd 6.6 liter duramax. definitely a 2 man job due to the limited access. overall a good product 224103


after using for a year my only comment would be the slow air leaks I have. Have been unable to find them to date but not a deal breaker

Craig - 09/12/2016

- F2525

by: John09/17/2015

Review from a similar Firestone Ride-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

Haven't had a chance to install but the bags were delivered very quickly. The install video that Etrailer has on them is great. Worth the look. 226147


Im still happy with the air bags. I do a lot of towing. From a camper to horse trailers. After hooking up either trailer I just add in the right of air and its a noticeable difference. I did add a T-fitting to add air at the same time to the bags. I own and drive tractor trailers and knew air bags are the way to go with my little 150. The Firestone product has held up and did recommend them who asked about them when they saw them. Also told them where I got them.

John - 09/21/2016

- F2528

by: Tim Rogers04/23/2016

Review from a similar Firestone Ride-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

The Firestone Ride Rite was repackaged by etrailer and not shipped in the original manufactures shipping box. Heat shield was damaged considerably during shipping; bent, gouged and scratched. I straightened out the heat shield with a rubber mallet and anvil. Still scratched up but serviceable. I was able to file the rough edges. Everything else was fine. Installation and instructions very straight forward. The final assembly and installation came out very nice. I'm very pleased with the product and would highly recommend. I haven't hauled my new fifth wheel trailer yet and therefore have not had the chance to verify how well it levels and rides. I anticipate having to play around with air pressure to adjust the ride height and ride. Once air pressures are determined for a specific load, it just a matter of setting the pressure that works best for the load. I expect it to work perfectly and possibly improve my ride. This product was installed on a 2013 GMC Sierra Denali 3500 HD 4x4. Great fit. 4 out of 5 stars for packaging/shipping/damage. 246592

- F2299

by: Ken10/12/2015

Review from a similar Firestone Ride-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

Installation was simple. Product performance is excellent. Instructions and video es very simple to follow. I also ordered the air line "T" so I only have one line at the back to air up the bags. Put 45#s of air in the bags then loaded a round bale of hay on, see pics 229764


Working out great! I pull a horse trailer and loads of cattle . No failure in the last 12 months

Ken - 10/11/2016

- F2407

by: Shaun L03/10/2014

Review from a similar Firestone Ride-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

I installed the air bags and changed both shocks in less then 2 hours!! They went in perfect and the instructions were great. I do think the best part was the online video of the install!! Thanks Great product 120095


Well its been -40C up here in Ontario and these air bags are holding up just great!! Ive loaded my truck with would and put the bags to 50psi and the truck was level and the ride was just like there was nothing in the box. Ive also been able to add electric brake and tow and large trailer with a small pickup on it!!! Great product!!

Shaun L - 03/11/2015

- F2299

by: Roy D.02/09/2016

Review from a similar Firestone Ride-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

These were installed on a 2012 Dodge 3500 DRW Crew Cab Laramie 4x4 with the 6.7 turbo diesel. I received my air shocks as expected. Very happy with that. Installation was easy and pretty straight forward. I only had two issues with the install. The first was installing both upper brackets after the axle bumpers are removed. This is a metric bolt, 10mm x 1.5p and somehow, I managed to cross thread all four of them. The first two bolts, drivers side, I did get in but the passenger side required the use of a tap and die to fix the threads on the bolt and to chase the threads on the mounting point. The second issue was both air lines leaked where the air line fitting screwed into the top of the air bag. I couldn't tighten them down enough to get them to stop leaking (the loctite that comes on these fittings just wasn't doing the trick) but a little bit of white teflon tape sealed them up tight. Overall, I'm very happy with how easy they were to install. Now, to hook up my 5er and take it for a spin. 237391

- F2299

by: F1Joe09/10/2014

Review from a similar Firestone Ride-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

The product engineering is great, everything fit perfectly! It was easy to install especially after watching the video on, I hardly had to look at the printed instructions. So far the noise level when unloaded has decreased significantly, and when loaded with a 10k fifth wheel, it has smoothed out the constant push/pull bounce I usually got from the stiff springs. I should note that I have a 2004 Dodge 3500 and I took my factory overload springs off and used this kit to replace it. The factory overload springs would "slap" on the upper supports at times and that is the noise that was eliminated. Now the extra load is on the air bags and that has smoothed out the loaded ride. I only have to run 10 lbs. of air level the truck with the 1300 lb. pin weight. is a good company to purchase this product from, while I didn't need to call customer support, the shipping was super quick even when I ordered on the holiday weekend! Thanks! 150626

- F2299

by: Martin-Hutchinson, KS12/07/2014

Review from a similar Firestone Ride-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

I purchased an air bag suspension system (F2299) and a front hitch (65063) for my truck. Installation of the air bag suspension system was very simple and quick by following the video (excellent aid by the way; I praise e-Trailer to continue including installation videos, it helps a lot). I barely glanced at the instructions, and was just to ensure the order was completed (even though I never received orders with missing/defective parts from e-trailer). I am not in a any way a weekend mechanic or nothing similar, just an average car-truck owner with a bare minimum tools in my shed. Front Hitch installation was very simple too, even though I had to remove front grill to gain easy access to remove or fasten top bolts. Installed both parts in my 2011 Ram 2500 4x4. I'm just waiting the moment to hit the road towing a 34 ft camper to see how it handles. shipping, technical and sales services have been excellent over the years I've been buying from e-Trailer. 163526

- F2525

by: Rob B05/06/2013

Review from a similar Firestone Ride-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

Good quality product, instructions are clear and kit was complete. The frame-mounting with the tabs is cheezy, and quite difficult on the driver side where access hole to the frame is obstructed by wiring/hydraulic lines. I recommend a solution that only uses access from outside of frame -- like a toggle bolt... after all the torque was only 20 ft-lb. 79157


I agree with Rob B on the frame mounting tabs. Definitely a two person job lining up the tabs with the bolts. Other than that it was an easy install and well worth the money. If you are going to haul a heavy trailer this is by far the way to go!

-- comment by: Rcerne - 06/12/2013


Installed a set today on my 2013 F-150. Nothing about this product is cheezy. I owned a repair shop for 35 years and was impressed with the quality of this kit. A toggle bolt would not replace the steel plate firestone uses for the bracket mounting inside the frame . All in all, a first class problem solver. Lloyd Church Powell Butte, Oregon

-- comment by: Lloyd C - 11/16/2013

- F2407

by: Wyatt S.09/26/2015

Review from a similar Firestone Ride-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

Product arrived quickly. These air helper springs look very well made. They were relatively easy to install. The difficulties I had were related to the equipment and tools I had (or didn't). I only had hand tools. So the install took a lot longer than suggested. All the parts fit and matched up without interfering with any parts on the vehicle. We'll see how they stand up to use over time. 227862


No problems. Springs still working great.

Wyatt S - 09/25/2016

- F2582

by: Bob08/06/2015

Review from a similar Firestone Ride-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

This is not my first purchase with etrailer. Prices and quality are always the best. Customer service is top notch. Very helpful and polite. Firestone Air bags are No.1! Great company! 217154


Bad pa winters. Salt. Bad roads. Towing 18k pounds plus. Flawless performance. These air bags also with just a few pounds in them when not towing make a world of difference in handling. Great product! Bought them for my 36 class A motorhome too!

Bob - 08/05/2016

- F2430

by: Bill B.04/03/2012

Review from a similar Firestone Ride-Rite in Vehicle Suspension

Finally got a break in the rain yesterday so I installed the Firestone Ride-Rite air bags on my 2011 Chevy Silverado 1500 4WD. Took about 4.5 hrs to install. My only problem was finding the correct way to remove the jounce bumpers from my truck. Directions state to simply unbolt them, but it took me awhile to figure out that the correct socket was a 10mm since you can't see or feel the bolt. The perfect setup to remove them is a deep well 10mm socket with a universal joint to get the right depth. After that the directions were right on and everthing went together nicely. I used a tubing cutter for the air lines and had no leaks. This is my second truck with air bags and I find them very useful in keeping the truck level and reducing sway while towing a 5th wheel trailer. 36071


Great tip. Im getting ready to install mine and would have had to figure this out. Thanks.

-- comment by: Jeremy B - 12/03/2014

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  • How to Reduce Sag on a 2012 Ford F-250 Super Duty with Towing a 5th Wheel Trailer
  • The best way to reduce the sag on your 2012 Ford F-250 when towing your fifth wheel trailer is to add a rear suspension enhancement system. The two most common types of rear suspension enhancement systems are air bag systems and rubber spring systems. The rubber spring systems like the SumoSprings and the Timbren Springs, # TFR250SDG, are typically more economical than an air bag kit like the Firestone Ride-Rite Air Springs, # F2550. The Timbren springs and the Ride-Rite kit that I mentioned...
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  • Will Installed Air Bags Interfere With Installation Of Fifth Wheel On 2001 Ford F-250 Or F-350
  • I spoke with my contact at Firestone about your 2001 Ford F-250 or F-350. Since we have a couple of air bag systems manufactured by Firestone I asked if there would be any interference when installing a fifth-wheel hitch and using the custom brackets like part # RP50082-58. My contact at Firestone said that if you have an air bag system like the # F2550 installed on your truck, they would not interfere with a fifth wheel installation because the brackets for the air bag system are installed...
    view full answer...

  • Rear Air Bags Recommendation for a 2003 Ford F-250 Super Duty 2WD
  • For your 2003 Ford F-250 Super Duty 2WD, I would recommend installing the Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs, # F2550. There is not much of a difference between the Ride-Rite Kits, # F2550, that I recommended and # F2484 that you referenced, but the brackets that are included with the # F2550 springs are compatible with fifth wheel and gooseneck trailer hitches. It may not seem that important now if you do not have a gooseneck or fifth wheel hitch, but the # F2550 air springs will...
    view full answer...

  • Rear Suspension Enhancement System for a 2000 Ford F-250 4x4 Towing Gooseneck Trailer
  • The best rear suspension enhancement product for your 2000 Ford F-250 is going to depend on a couple things. First, how your gooseneck hitch is attached to the frame of your truck and second, whether you prefer adjustable air springs or fixed rubber springs. For an air spring system, I recommend installing the Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs, # F2550, that you referenced. This system is compatible with most gooseneck and fifth wheel hitches and have been tested for up to 5,000...
    view full answer...

  • Fit of Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs with B&W Turnover Ball Hitch on 2008 Ford F250
  • The Firestone Ride-Rite # F2550 is compatible with fifth wheel or gooseneck hitches, including your B & W Turnover Ball. I've confirmed this with Firestone for you. You might also be interested in an on-board compressor system like part # F2158. A compressor system would allow you to add or remove air pressure from the air bag helper springs from your truck cab with the touch of a button. I've linked you to some install videos and FAQ articles that you might find helpful.
    view full answer...

  • Do You Add Air to Firestone Air Bags Before Adding the Load or After
  • When using Firestone air bag helper springs # F2550 you will first couple your 5th wheel trailer like normal. Then you would add air to level the back of the truck up to 100 psi, whichever comes first. If you want to add an onboard compressor system so you can add/remove air from the air bags from the comfort of the truck cab I recommend Level Command kit with heavy-duty compressor # F2097. I have included a couple of helpful links for you as well. When leveling the truck you do want...
    view full answer...

  • What Is Difference Between Firestone Ride-Rite F2535 And F2550 For 2015 Ford F-250 Diesel
  • The Firestone Ride-Rite suspension systems are designed for your truck based on the engine. For your 2015 F-250 with a diesel engine the Ride-Rite system designed to fit your truck is part # F2597. Part # F2550 is designed for gasoline engines. The difference is the brackets used to install the Ride-Rite system on the frame of the truck. Both of these system will work with a gooseneck hitch system installed on the truck. You can also control the amount of air pressure...
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Air Helper Spring Options for Lifted 2001 Ford F250
  • I'd recommend the Firestone Ride Rite Air Helper Spring Kit, part # F2484, unless you have a gooseneck or fifth wheel hitch, in which case the # F2550 would be a better choice. You'll need either the # F2375 6 inch or # F2371 4 inch spacer kit, depending on the amount you're truck has been lifted. You might also be interested in an on-board compressor system like part # F2158 for the standard-duty or # F2097 for the heavy duty compressor. A compressor system would allow you to adjust...
    view full answer...

  • Fifth Wheel Rail Kit Recommendation for a 2000 Ford F350 with Air Bags
  • You have a couple options, but I cannot recommend you modify the mounting bracket of your air spring kit that you have installed. Instead the easiest thing to do would be to use a universal rail kit like part # RP30035. Universal kits typically fit with air bag kits better than custom install kits. The other option you have would be to use the # RP56005-53 that you referenced and then go with a different air bag kit that is confirmed to work with fifth wheel rails like the part # F2550. Either...
    view full answer...

  • How To Raise Ride Height of Fifth Wheel If the Axle Cant Be Flipped
  • Since the axle cannot be flipped, there's not too many other options, I'm afraid. You can have taller spring hangers installed on the 5th wheel, but a 2 inch taller spring hanger won't necessarily translate into a 2 inch gain in height. The Ford bed sides are taller than GM or Ram, and if your truck is lifted at all, it will further compound the problem. If you have enough clearance, you might be able to go up in wheel diameter by 1or 2 inches or so, and combined with taller hangers...
    view full answer...

  • Fit of Firestone # F2535 Ride Rite Air Helper Springs on 2015 Ford F350
  • Is it possible that your 2013 F250 was a Diesel and your 2015 F350 has a gas engine? If that's the case, it would explain the difficulties you're having. The # F2535 is intended for Diesel engine vehicles, while the # F2550 is for Gas engines. The only difference between the two kits is the brackets. To fit the # F2535 to your 2015 F350, you'd need a new bracket for the driver's side, part # F5572.
    view full answer...

  • Can Air Bags Be Used With Weight Distribution System On 2013 Ford Pickup Truck
  • You can use an airbag system along with the weight distribution system on your 2013 truck. The two can be used together as long as you set up the air pressure in the bags before you set up the weight distribution system. The air bag system is not designed to increase the weight capacity of the vehicle and it is designed to work with a suspension system that is in proper working order. If you have an F-250 with a gas engine, the system I recommend is part # F2550. For a diesel you...
    view full answer...

  • Are Air Springs or Helper Springs Better For Sag When Towing a 5th Wheel With a 2008 Ford F-250
  • The decision between an air ride system or helper springs should be made based on how you will be using your 2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty. Air bags are a good option if you tow your fifth wheel trailer occasionally and do a lot of hauling with varying load weights. I would recommend using the Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs, # F2550, as these air bags will work with a fifth hitch installed in your truck bed. Air springs should be manually adjusted for each load using an air compressor....
    view full answer...

  • Estimated Installation Time for Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Spring Kit F2550
  • The Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Spring Kit # F2550 is a confirmed fit for the 2002 Ford F-250, both 2WD and 4WD versions. I linked an installation video showing this kit in a 2002 F-250 like yours. This kit works on trucks that have the stock jounce bumpers but not on SuperCab V10 models with the 8-foot bed. For a first-time installer I would plan on 2 to 4 hours total time. Naturally a second set of hands will go a long way to reducing this. If you're also planning to install the...
    view full answer...

  • Fifth Wheel Bracket Kit Recommendation for a 2012 Ford F-250 and Air Suspension
  • We do offer just the part # C16424. This is the bracket kit without the rails. For a Firestone air suspension kit designed to work with fifth wheel rails you would want the part # F2535 if you have a diesel engine or part # F2550 if you have a gas engine.
    view full answer...

  • Will Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs # F2550 Fit 2008 Ford F-250 4WD With Fifth Wheel Hitch
  • The Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs, part # F2550, will fit your 2008 Ford F-250 4WD if you are using the Reese Quick-Install Custom Base Rails and Installation Kit, part # RP50082-58 for your fifth wheel hitch. The Reese install kit includes the Reese Custom Brackets, part # RP50082, that will install on the outside of the frame rails and has a square hole located in the center of the bracket that is where the top mounting bracket of the Firestone kit will install. The Firestone...
    view full answer...

  • Will Timbren or Firestone Ride Rites Work Better on a 2013 Ford F-250 Carrying Camper and Trailer
  • When choosing between the Timbren # TFR250SDG and Ride-Rite # F2550 rear suspension system for your 2013 Ford F-250, I recommend using the Timbren for a couple of reasons. The main reason that I would choose the Timbrens over the Ride-Rite is because you have a camper that weighs approximately 2200 lbs and the Ride-Rites handle between 3200 and 5000 lbs. The Timbrens activate whenever a load is encountered and stabilize that load accordingly. The Timbrens have a 6,000 lb weight...
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Suspension Enhancement for 2011 Ford F250 Towing 14K 5th Wheel
  • If in addition to towing a fifth wheel, you also regularly haul loads of varying weights in your truck bed, an air bag system like the Firestone Ride-Rite # F2550 would be a good choice, because you can vary the air pressure according to the load being applied to the truck bed. If you will be primarily towing with the truck, and therefore the amount of load applied to the bed (in this case, the pin weight of the fifth wheel) will not vary much, the Timbren # FR250SDG system you mentioned...
    view full answer...

  • Comparing Timbren and Firestone Suspension Enhancement for a 2003 Ford F-250
  • The main difference between Timbren suspension enhancement # TFR250SDE and # TFR350SDE is capacity. The 250 model has a 6,000 pound capacity and the 350 model has an 8,600 pound capacity. Since the pin weight of a 5th wheel is not normally as high as 6,000 pounds, the 250 system should work well. However, there is an issue. Most 5th wheel trailer hitches have brackets mounted to the outside of each frame rail. These brackets will interfere with a suspension system that installs on the...
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Brackets to Install Firestone Ride Rite F2550 on a 2016 Ford F-350
  • I checked with Firestone and the upper brackets for the Firestone part # F2535 are part # F5572 for the upper driver side and part # F5717 for the upper passenger side. But because you have a # F2550 already you have two of the # F5717 brackets already and wouldn't need another. Basically for just the upper bracket situation all you need is one # F5572. You will need new lower brackets as well. For that part # F5726. Aside from that the kits are very similar.
    view full answer...

  • Differences Between Air Springs and Jounce Style Springs
  • The Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs # F2550 for your 2011 Ford F-350 maintain an even load distribution using air pressure. The Firestone air bags' air pressure is adjusted for the weight of each individual load. This system includes air lines that run from the air bag to an easily accessible point on your vehicle's bumper. These air bags can be adjusted independently of each other for off-center loads. This system is dependent on an air tank of some kind, such as those found at...
    view full answer...

  • Suspension Enhancement Recommendation for a 2001 Ford F-350 with Overload Springs
  • Suspension enhancement systems like the Firestone, # F2550, are meant to supplement existing suspension on a vehicle, but should not be used to replace any factory suspension components. What I recommend is using a Timbren system, # TFR350SDE. This system will work to provide a more comfortable ride while taking some stress off of the factory system. It will fit on trucks with or without overload springs, and fits 2 or 4 wheel drive models. I have included a link to the installation...
    view full answer...

  • Firestone Air Bag Recommendation for 2008 Ford F-350 with B&W Companion 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch
  • The B&W Companion 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch, # BWGNRK1108-5W, mounts to the outside of the frame on the 2008 Ford F-350. The Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs, # F2550, mount to the inside of the frame so these air bags can be used in conjunction with the B&W Companion 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch, # BWGNRK1108-5W. The Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs, # F2452, install in the same location as the mounting brackets for the B&W Companion 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch, # BWGNRK1108-5W. Since...
    view full answer...

  • Compatibility of Firestone Air Helper Spring Kit # F2550 on 2004 Ford F250 with 5th Wheel Hitch
  • According to our friends at Firestone, the Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs you mentioned, part # F2550 are indeed compatible with a fifth wheel or gooseneck hitch installed on a 2004 F250. The Reese fifth wheel install brackets you mentioned part # RP50082-58 would not interfere with the installation or operation of the helper spring kit.
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Underbed Gooseneck Hitch and Air Bags for a 2001 F-350 Dually Crew Cab Diesel 4x4
  • I recommend the Curt gooseneck hitch # C60720 for your 2001 F350 Crew Cab. This underbed gooseneck hitch has a 30,000 pound GTW and 7,500 pound tongue weight. I recommend Firestone rear air helper springs # F2550 as they will increase safety and reduce the strain on your Ford F-350 Crew Cab when you are hauling heavy loads or towing a heavy trailer. Furthermore, the gooseneck hitch # C60720 and air helper springs # F2550 will co-exist fine together. I included a couple FAQ's and...
    view full answer...

  • Will Firestone Air Helper Springs, # F2550, Fit A 2002 Ford F350 With Under The Bed Gooseneck Hitch
  • The Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs - Rear Kit, # F2550, are designed to be installed on the inside of the frame rails on your 2002 Ford F350. This part number is listed for trucks with In Bed Hitch. If the Hide-A-Way gooseneck hitch on your truck is installed on the outside of the frame rails, and there are no brackets on the inside of the frame rails to interfere with the air springs, then this part number will work on your truck. The air helper springs are a bolt on application,...
    view full answer...

  • Will Firestone Air Bag Suspension Kit F2550 Fit 2013 Ford F-250 with B and W Gooseneck Trailer Hitch
  • The B and W Turnover gooseneck hitch for the 2013 Ford F-250, # BWGNRK1111, has brackets that mount to the outsides of the frame rails on the truck. Firestone air bags # F2550 uses brackets that mount on the insides of the frame rails and require a bolt that goes through the frame to the outside. The B and W brackets also use this same hole and it is permissible to install the air bag using this same mounting hole and one bolt to secure the center part of the hitch bracket and the air...
    view full answer...

  • Will Firestone Ride-Rite System Install With Reese Custom Brackets on a 2012 Ford F-350 Super Duty
  • We do have a rear suspension enhancement system that is confirmed to work with your Reese 50073-58 custom brackets and rails on your 2012 Ford F-350 Super Duty, however, I cannot guarantee that the Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs, # F2550, will fit because the Reese custom brackets cover the hole in the frame rail that the upper bracket from the air bag uses to install as you mentioned. The Ride-Rite air bags are compatible with the Reese universal brackets and the Elite Series...
    view full answer...

  • Air Helper Springs for 2008 Ford F350 Compatible with B&W Gooseneck Hitch
  • I'd recommend the Firestone # F2550, which is compatible with your B&W Gooseneck Hitch. As you can see from the provided diagram, the air springs mount to the inside of the frame member. B&W tells me that it is perfectly acceptable to drill through the side plates of the gooseneck hitch if necessary, as long as you don't weld or cut anything. I've linked you to an install video that you might find helpful.
    view full answer...

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