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Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus Air Springs w/ Internal Bumpers - Stainless Steel - Rear Axle

Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus Air Springs w/ Internal Bumpers - Stainless Steel - Rear Axle

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Vehicle Suspension

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Vehicle Suspension AL89385 - Jounce-Style Springs - Air Lift
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5,000-lb Capacity. These air springs have internal bumpers to provide the adjustable load support of air springs and the comfort and reliability of jounce springs. Durable stainless steel roll plates, air lines, and hardware are rustproof. Lowest Prices for the best vehicle suspension from Air Lift. Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus Air Springs w/ Internal Bumpers - Stainless Steel - Rear Axle part number AL89385 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Air Lift Vehicle Suspension - AL89385

  • Air Lift
  • Jounce-Style Springs
  • Rear Axle Suspension Enhancement
  • Heavy Duty
  • Occasional Towing and Hauling

5,000-lb Capacity. These air springs have internal bumpers to provide the adjustable load support of air springs and the comfort and reliability of jounce springs. Durable stainless steel roll plates, air lines, and hardware are rustproof.


  • Hybrid spring system combines the adjustability of air springs with the reliability of jounce-style springs
  • Air bags reduce the strain on your rear suspension, increase safety, and compensate for uneven loads
    • Level your vehicle front to back and help maintain safe headlight aim
    • Adjust independently for side-to-side leveling of off-center loads
    • Improve steering and braking performance
  • Jounce spring inside each air spring helps to improve ride comfort, reduce sway, and help with cornering
    • Engages at lower air pressures to better absorb road shock and minimize bottoming out
    • Provides support progressively - the more you load the springs, the stiffer they become
    • Lets you temporarily carry a load with zero air pressure in your springs
  • Quality construction for long-lasting spring life
    • 2-Ply, fabric-reinforced rubber air springs are durable
    • High-strength Zytel nylon endcaps are lighter, stronger, and more corrosion resistant than steel
    • Urethane internal jounces require no maintenance and work well in hot or cold temperatures
  • Rustproof stainless steel components are durable and long-lasting
    • Exclusive upper and lower roll plates protect air springs from damage, extending the life of the suspension system
    • Braided air lines provide protection against sharp edges and flying debris better than nylon air lines
    • Air spring attachment hardware resists corrosion
  • Designed for heavy-duty applications such as 1/2-ton, 3/4-ton, and 1-ton pickup trucks
  • Compatible with most gooseneck and 5th-wheel hitches
  • Mounting brackets and hardware are included for installation
  • Manual inflation valves and air lines are included
    • Manual valves are typically mounted on bumper for easy access
    • Compressor system with in-cab gauges (sold separately) can be added to monitor and automatically adjust air pressure
  • Made in the USA


  • Load-leveling capacity: up to 5,000 lbs
    • LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus springs will not increase your vehicle's weight-carrying capacity. Do not exceed the manufacturer's recommended weight limit.
  • Adjustable air pressure: 5 psi - 100 psi
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 60-Day satisfaction guarantee

Note: When servicing your truck with Air Lift air springs installed, if the truck is lifted by the frame, the air must be let out of the springs. And if the rear of the truck is lifted during service, then it must be supported by jack stands to avoid damage to the air springs.

Durable, Rustproof Stainless Steel Components

This LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus air spring kit has rustproof stainless steel components that offer long-lasting durability. These components are the roll plates, braided air lines, and air spring attachment hardware.

Roll plates on Air Lift 5000 Ultimate air spring

The roll plates protect the air springs from damage and beef up their load capacity. These sturdy plates help guard the springs from moving parts under your vehicle that might puncture the air bags. The plates also provide a larger surface area for each spring to roll on. The extra surface area gives you a higher spring rate at a lower air pressure, resulting in a better ride.

The stainless steel air lines are tougher than nylon airlines and last a lot longer. They offer extra protection against damage caused by sharp edges and flying road debris.

And the air spring attachment hardware provides excellent corrosion resistance.

Get the Best of Both Springs

The air springs and jounce springs in this system work together to give you the best ride whether your truck is loaded or unloaded. Air Lift's LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus air springs have internal urethane foam jounces that protect the air springs and provide added ride comfort when your air pressure is low. The jounces also allow you to temporarily carry a load if the air springs lose air pressure. This gives your 1/2-ton, 3/4-ton, or 1-ton pickup truck air springs that are easier to maintain.

Air Springs Level Your Load

Carrying heavy cargo in your truck bed or trailer puts extra stress on your truck. Your brakes erode faster, your tires wear unevenly, and handling suffers severely. When towing, you might also experience excessive sway, bottoming out, and even inaccurate and unsafe headlight aim.

By pairing your existing suspension with LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus air springs, you can seriously beef up your suspension, ensure equal load distribution, and get the support you need. The springs provide up to 5,000 lbs of load-leveling capacity (depending on the weight-carrying capacity of your vehicle) and distribute the weight of your payload to all 4 wheels. As a result, the stress on your factory suspension is significantly reduced. LoadLifter's air bags are adjustable from 5 to 100 psi for precise support, and they can be inflated equally for front-to-back leveling or independently of one another for side-to-side leveling.

The air springs are made of high-quality, 2-ply, fabric-reinforced rubber. Most air bags lose air at the ends where the bag is enclosed with steel caps. These caps can rust and corrode over time, creating small holes. But the endcaps on Air Lift air bags are fashioned from corrosion-proof Zytel nylon, a material that is both stronger and lighter than steel, ensuring that the air bags won't lose air.

Built-In Jounce Springs Add Control and Comfort

Air Lift 5000 Ultimate air spring with jounce spring inside

The closed-cell urethane jounce spring inside each air spring gives you a more stable, comfortable ride. Each jounce acts as an overload spring and engages when your current air pressure level isn't enough to support your load. So on a rough road, the springs will kick in if needed to absorb bumps and shocks and help you to avoid bottoming out. When the jounces support a load, they adjust progressively - the more weight you pile on, the stiffer they become. The urethane material engages more smoothly than rubber jounces so you get a less jerky ride.

Because these jounces are taller than your factory jounce bumpers, they engage sooner than your factory jounces would to provide better support. And if the LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus air springs have insufficient or zero air pressure, the internal jounces will help to temporarily support your suspension and protect it from damage until you can repair or adjust the air spring system.


This system installs with the included brackets and hardware. Just mount the springs, inflate them, and ride. To inflate the LoadLifter springs, you just have to pump in air through the inflation valves. A line kit is included with the springs so that you can install the manual inflation valves (one for each spring). Any air line excess must be coiled up and secured out of the way, so it won't get damaged. The air line cannot be cut or trimmed. And the valves are typically mounted on the bumper but can be installed anywhere that is easily accessible. If you want to make the springs even easier to use, you can get a compressor and gauge system (sold separately) that allows you to monitor and adjust the springs from the cab of your truck.

Lifetime Warranty

Along with a lifetime warranty that has no mileage restrictions, Air Lift offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Just install and use LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate springs for 60 days, and if you are not satisfied at the end of this time, you can remove and return them for a full refund.

89385 AirLift Load Lifter 5000 Ultimate Plus Air Bags with Internal Jounce Bumpers - Stainless Steel - Back Axle

Replaces Air Lift 89284

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Video of Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus Air Springs w/ Internal Bumpers - Stainless Steel - Rear Axle

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Review of Air Lift Vehicle Suspension - Rear Axle Suspension Enhancement - AL89385

Hi there. I'm Michael with etrailer.com. Today we're going to take a quick look at the Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus air springs with internal bumpers.This system is going to work with your current suspension on your vehicle and it's going to add extra support for when you're towing those heavy loads.We all know carrying the heavy cargo in your truck bed is going to put extra stress on your truck. Your brakes can erode faster, your tires are going to wear unevenly, your handling is going to suffer because the weight is in the back and it's lifting those front tires off the ground, so you're not going to have as much control over your steering. You might also experience some excessive sway or bottoming out where your suspension is really hitting those rubber jounce bumpers pretty hard. It can also cause your headlights to come up, point at an unsafe angle, get into other driver's eyes, so a lot of different problems that can come with having that extra load in your back.These air lift springs are going to help with that.

They're going to provide up to 5,000 pounds of load leveling capability. That's going to help distribute that weight of your payload between all four wheels, so it can help reduce the strain on your rear suspension and increase your safety by improving that steering and your braking performance.The load lifter bags are going to be adjustable from 5,000 to, or sorry, five to 100 PSI for precise support so they can be inflated together. If you've got an even load in the back and you're just wanting to distribute that weight from the front to the back, leveling that out, or they can be aired up independently. If you've got an off center load, you can compensate for that with your side to side leveling there.These are designed for a heavy duty application, such as your half ton, three quarter ton and one ton pickup.This model comes with these mounting brackets that are a custom fit for your 2015 and newer Ford F150 pickup trucks. So this is going to be very easy to get installed.

The brackets are designed to fit right in place with your F150.But the bags themselves are going to work for just about any of those applications. But because of the brackets, it is designed for the F150.Now keep in mind, I've given you a lot of numbers about how much this is capable of supporting. Airbags as a whole, not just this model, but all airbags are not designed to increase your vehicle's weight carrying capacity. They're not going to add weight capacity to your vehicle. They're just there to help support your current suspension so that whatever your vehicle is rated at, it's going to take less toll on your vehicle.

It's going to be there to help with your suspension.So it's not going to give you greater weight carrying capacity, it's just going to make it easier for your vehicle to carry that weight that it is already rated for.These are not just air springs though. So everything I've said up to this point pretty much just focused on the air spring portion of this. But these are a hybrid spring, so it's going to combine that adjustability of the air spring with reliability that comes from our jounced style springs.So there are closed-cell urethane jounce springs that are inside these airbags, and those are going to help provide a lot of stability so that if our springs become overloaded and engage with more than, need more support than what our airbags are currently inflated for those closed cell urethane jounces are going to help support that so that we're not bottoming out. It's going to absorb that bump in shock and make it much smoother for us.These are taller than the factory jounce bumpers, so it's going to help it engage sooner. And because it is that closed-cell urethane, it's going to absorb more.

It's not just going to be a hard rubber that we're bouncing against. It's going to compress and it's going to engage smoothly.So as it compresses, it's going to have adjustable progressive compression so that the more weight is on there, the firmer it's going to get. So it's going to start out soft as we start out at the top and then the more weight pushes on there, the firmer it's going to get. So as we're bottoming out, we're not going to hit really hard. It's going to absorb that, give us more cushion so that it's a more comfortable ride and we're not taking as much toll on that jarring of our system.These are very high quality bags so we're not going to have to worry about them breaking down, anything like that.The main problem with airbags that you'll find with just about any air spring out there is that if there's not enough air pressure in them, they will collapse and pinch themselves, and if they pinch, it could cause leaks in them.But that's another nice thing about our jounce bumpers is that they're going to help give these springs extra support. So if we don't have enough air in there or if for some reason there is a leak and these don't have the air that we need in there, instead of allowing them to pinch themselves and cause problems, those jounce bumpers are going to help keep these in operating condition until we can get to an air source to air them up.We do have a durable two-ply fabric reinforced rubber air spring here, so it is going to be very durable, unlike most of your other airbags on the market that use a steel end cap, which can corrode and cause some air leaks.This uses a high strength zytel nylon end cap, which is not only lighter and stronger than your steel, but it's also more corrosion resistant, so you're not going to have to worry about your air escaping there.And then of course those urethane internal jounce bumpers, we're going to have less maintenance and they are going to work in both hot and cold temperatures. So very high quality materials here.Now where the 5,000 Ultimate Plus kit is going to separate itself from the 5,000 kit and the 5,000 Ultimate kit is with our rust-proof stainless steel components. So you can see, we've got our braided stainless steel airlines here. We've also got stainless steel upper and lower roll plates. And then all of our mounting hardware is also stainless steel. So having that stainless steel, it's going to help resist corrosion. With these being stainless steel over our typical nylon hoses, it's going to help them be a lot more durable.So we're not going to have to worry about the sharp edges underneath our vehicle or flying debris causing nicks and potentially allowing air leaks to come through.Our stainless steel plates are about the same kind of plate that is on the 5,000 and the 5,000 ultimate kit. It's the same size, but this is the stainless steel, so it's going to help resist that corrosion. But the nice thing about these nice big plates, it's going to provide more surface area for our springs, so that as they compress and they expand out, we're going to have a greater surface area to provide a higher spring rate at a lower air pressure, so it's a nice thing about those. And of course with this kit they are stainless steel, so we're not going to have to worry about corrosion or anything like that.Now, these are a manual inflation system, so you'd hook up your air hose to each bag and then run it to typically the back of your truck.A lot of people put them at their back bumper so that it's easy to get to, but you can really route those anywhere that you have access to air these up, and that's going to allow you to inflate these the way that you want so that you can accommodate those off-center loads, if you have them. You can air one up more than the other to compensate for that.So you can do it manually like that. There's also other options out there for compressors and monitor systems in your cab of your truck, so that you could air these up from your cab compressor. In most cases, a compressor would combine the two bags, so you only have the one compressor pushing air out to the bags.So that would take away your ability to compensate for those off-center loads. But it does add a lot of convenience in allowing you to control it from your truck rather than having to get out to air them up or, probably the bigger problem would be finding a compressor along the road to stop that, to air them up.So something that you can look at. We've got several different options here at etrailer.com if you do want a compressor or a monitor for your system.These are made here in the U.S.A., so you can trust they are made to high quality standards. It does come with a lifetime warranty and there is no mileage restriction on that, so you can drive them as long as you need to. And if you have any problems, you can contact them and they'll help you out with that. And one thing that's really neat about these is they do come with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. So you get them, put them on your vehicle, drive around, within 60 days, if you decide you don't like them, you can send them back for a full refund. And I think that's pretty telling about how confident they are that these are going to be what you need.You're going to love having these on your vehicle, and if you don't, you've got that 60 days to use them and then return them. So I think that's pretty telling of how confident they are that you are going to enjoy having these on your vehicle.These are going to be compatible with most of your gooseneck and fifth-wheel hitches. So we get a lot of questions here at etrailer about should I use airbags or weight distribution.The simple answer for that is, really, if the weight is in your truck dead like with your fifth wheel or gooseneck, or just heavy loads, whatever you're using, you're probably going to want the air bags.If your weight is that your trailer hitch, it's pushing down, causing the squatting, you're probably going to want the weight distribution. Both cause your truck to sag in the back. But just depending on where that weight is coming from, it's going to determine the solution that's going to be best for you.So that is going to complete our look at the Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus air springs with internal bumpers. Again, I'm Michael with etrailer.com. Thanks for watching.

Customer Reviews

Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus Air Springs w/ Internal Bumpers - Stainless Steel - Rear Axle - AL89385

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (106 Customer Reviews)

5,000-lb Capacity. These air springs have internal bumpers to provide the adjustable load support of air springs and the comfort and reliability of jounce springs. Durable stainless steel roll plates, air lines, and hardware are rustproof.

- AL89385

I've owned 3/4 ton trucks since 1981 and regret buying a light duty truck when I'm hauling and towing. A close call with an overloaded trailer and the State Police forced me to upgrade my suspension. My search started with overload springs and bump stops but the negatives (for me) was everyday ride quality with springs and remaining load sag with bump stops. I considered a weight distribution hitch but I'm pulling different trailers and hauling firewood in the bed. Everything mentioned above narrowed it down to air springs so a lot of product comparisons were made and questions were asked to truck mechanics and owners. My decision to purchase this kit was because of the braided stainless steel air lines. Their threaded connection eliminates air leaks and they're much more durable than thin plastic lines when I'm in the woods cutting firewood. These Air Lift bags were installed on a 2011 Silverado 1500 with the help of a friend and his high lift and it took us about 2 1/2 hours. There's a front leveling kit in this truck and with the air bag pressure at 8 lbs., the hitch level rose 3/4 inch and the ride quality (when empty) is the same as before. When I pulled an 8' x 16' enclosed trailer and 1000 motorcycle last week, the air bags pressure was increased to 30 lbs. and it pulled perfectly. The truck was very smooth at speeds up to 80 mph and there's no sway in the turns at all. My negatives are: : Without an electric air pump, it's kind of a pain to add air manually. A small (2 gal.) portable tank that I can fit under the back seat will solve that. : The mounting hardware in this kit was not stainless steel. : etrailer does not have a "T" connector for these air lines. They sent two different fittings - one was part #AL21838 for plastic lines and the second fitting (from Air Lift) only had one threaded connector. After waiting 9 days for the second fitting, I found a brass fitting locally for $4. 676721

- AL88299

Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

As usual, the service from etrailer.com was great. The installation went pretty well. The instructions were clear and understandable and the installation went as depicted in the instructions. The most difficult part was routing the air lines in safe areas (especially around the exhaust pipe) and then inserting the end into the fitting on the top of the unit since it is nearly impossible to see what you are doing. However, all went well and I had no leaks. Can't wait to get some miles on the truck to see how the ride is with and without the trailer attached. 150325

- AL88299

Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

Diana was excellent on recommending this kit for our Tundra. Easy installation. Makes a significant difference in loads and towing. Talk about fast shipping. Arrived two days sinner than expected, considering we live in the Texas Hill Country an hour away from town 617798

- AL88396

Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

Product was very easy to install and made all the difference in the world when pulling and at minimum air with no load still rides good 694848

- AL88370

Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

Air bags work great when the truck is fully loaded but the ride is very brutal when the truck is empty and only 5psig in the bags. The internal bump stops appear to be a little bit to long or stiff. The install was very easy and took less then 2 hours, overall very nice product. 581041

- AL88338

Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

The staff at etrailer was great. They verified that this product would fit my application even though there is a fifth wheel rail bracket involved. Also I ordered multiple products and one of the products was delayed. The offered to split the order so I could receive the air bags sooner, which I needed because I have an appointment to have them installed 425153

- AL88295

Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

Just wanted to send you a few pics of the installed bags... They were very easy to install, and you can absolutely feel the difference in the ride... Thank you very much... 299476

- AL88370

Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

If your truck is a daily driver don't buy this kit, buy the kit without jounce bumps. The ride is terrible. The jounce bumps are too tall. I have 9 psi in the air bags and I still hit the jounce bumps over every little bump. I will be removing this kit after I’m done towing. The only reason for the 2 stars is that it was easy to install. 664950

- AL88299

Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

Work perfect! I installed these on my 2014 tundra to help with hauling a 30’ enclosed trailer when we were moving. Trailer weighed basically my max tow rating for my truck (10500lbs) and with these bags the truck sat perfectly level and towed like a dream! Well the supercharger also helped. 521145

- AL88385

Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

Easy install on Ford F-150 and works gr eat. 511047

- AL88299

Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

All the products that etrailer sell are direct fit or slight mods. Bought a brake control system and had it installed in 30 minutes. Just purchased a AirLift rear suspension kit and it went in as per instructions. All the people who work at etrailer are very knowledgeable and helpful. Have them on speed dial for my next travel trailer up grade. Thanks etrailer , job very well done Rou 668884

- AL88299

Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

Installation took about 2 1/2 hrs. on my 2017 Tundra. I thought the instructions were very accurate and easy to follow. I did notice there was no torque spec. for the 3/8 bolts that attached the bottom plate and bowl to the air bag. Other then that everything was straight forward. I'm an old school tech. so I just used a standard USS thread torque chart. I installed these air bags to help stabilize the load when pulling my 32 ft travel trailer. Will be putting them to the test in a couple of weeks on a rather long trip. As for now........5 stars for the installation and etrailers support. 505735

Lawrence, thank you for your review. The torque spec of the 3/*8 bolt is listed at the bottom of page 7 of the installation instructions. Since these figures are subject to change I cant list them here for liability reasons.
-- Heather A - 05/10/2018


- AL88268

Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

Just got the airbags and wireless controller, will put them on the truck within the next couple of weeks. Will need to do a follow up product review after installation. 484508

- AL88396

Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

Works good, followed the instructions to a tee for install I’m a tech at a ford dealership so wasn’t hard to read and install accordingly, good quality in all hardware my issue is one of the airbags has developed a small leak in less than 6 months time and only a handful of uses as instructed always kept 15-20 psi in the bags not sure why one failed or developed a leak but will see how the lifetime warranty works out 615567

Its fairly rare for the leak to occur in the bags themselves, the point where the air lines join the fittings is a much more likely culprit. The best way to find exactly where the leak is would be to add a little bit of water to a cup with a little bit of liquid dish detergent, and paint it on all the fittings, as well as at the schrader valve where you fill the system. A small paintbrush works well. When the system is pressured up, look for the bubbles and thatll be your leak. Leaks most frequently happen at the fittings because of the air line not being cut perfectly straight. If you find the bags are indeed the culprit, they are covered by a lifetime warranty. You can get warranty info by calling our Customer Service folks at 800-298-8924.
-- Mike L - 04/02/2019


- AL88396

Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 installed on a 2016 F350, pulling a Momentum 328M. While it was not the cure all for ride quality that some claim, there was an improvement in ride quality, especially at bridge joints and rail road tracks and my headlights are now back on the road when towing the RV. Shipping was prompt and all parts needed were included with the kit. Installation was simple (watching the video helped a lot), getting the rear of the truck elevated (I drove mine up on a set of ramps) and removing the spare tire simplified the process as it allowed me to sit under the truck. I had one leak at the fitting where the air hose screws into the air spring, it was repaired by removing the fitting, applying teflon tape, and reinstalling. I am satisfied with the product and would recommend to anyone considering adding air springs. 402956

- AL88299

Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

So far so good; the product performs as it should. Install took about 4 hours to do myself. Reading the instructions and watching the installation video before the install was super helpful. etrailer reps were also very helpful answering any questions prior to purchasing. 611372

- AL88299

Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

Installing this was easy if you follow the instructions and look at video installation as reference. I took my time about 4 hours from start to finish. Ready to help with towing our 30' Coleman travel trailer with our Toyota Tundra to the grand canyon this summer. 524512

One year later and the air bags and wireless compressor are still running strong.
Jose - 06/29/2019


- AL88338

Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

Watched the video, took about an hour to do the installation myself. I added this product to level out truck when hauling my fifth wheel camper. Overall great craftsmanship on this product, easy installation. I just couldn’t drill holes in my new bumper for the valve stems, so I add a piece of aluminum angle iron, drilled two 5/16 holes and added two self tapping screws to the hitch, turned out well. 541624

- AL88395

Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

Air Lift Loadlifter 5000 is doing the job I had hoped for and doing what the data listed for them said. I know the installation time shown by the "professionals" was said to be about 4 hours, but when you are 70+ years old and retired, I took more like 12 hours and enjoyed a lot of laying down during the installation. Which I did by myself. I would recommend these air lifts to anyone that wants to improve the "Ford Tough" ride and lift the rear to support any load, in my case, a 5th wheel trailer. 467900

After about a year the Air Lifts are doing just great! The 5th wheel trailer that loads the rear axle now rides level and is exactly why I purchased the Air Lifts. Easy to add or reduce air pressure as needed. Thanks for asking.
Art S - 01/17/2019


- AL88299

Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

I compared this product with the Firestone offering for my vehicle and chose AirLift for several reasons: 1- The internal jounce bumpers. I liked the idea of being able to run with little to no air pressure. I also thought this necessary because I needed eliminate the factory bump-stops to install. 2- This product was made in Lansing, MI. I like supporting local industry. 3- I liked the fact that the load from the spring transferred directly into the frame of the truck vs. the offset brackets that came with the Firestone product. I am impressed with and disappointed with this product. We will start with my likes: - The bags do carry the load. I can level the truck regardless of what is in the back or on the trailer hitch. - The towing experience is much better with the bags in the back. The rear springs on the Tundra (probably true of most half ton trucks) for 900# of tongue weight even with weight distribution. The bags eliminated the extreme up/down bounce that come with very stiff weight distribution bars. - The kit is very well engineered and the installation went very well. - Airbags are an excellent compliment to a good WD hitch. My dislikes: - The internal jounce bumpers are awful. IMO they engage way too early. With no pressure in the bags they might as well be steel blocks. The truck crashes into them after only 1.5" of travel (railroad crossings, speed bumps, and undulations in the road. With 5-10 psi in the bags this is better but the stock ride of the truck is gone. It now feels more like a ¾ ton truck in the back (smoother because you are riding on air but there is very little suspension motion). - An airbag acts as a spring when the suspension compresses but it also acts like a spring when the suspension extends. The down travel of the rear suspension is limited. You notice this when you drive through a dip in the road at speed. Not only do I have limited down travel but when the tuck unloads the back of truck runs out of up travel way before the front. I am not sure what the future hold. I love the bags while towing my travel trailer and hate the bags when unloaded. I think that the best option would be a SumoSpring. I did not go this route because most people say that they engage to abruptly and wreck the ride. Well, so do these Airbags. At least with a SumoSpring I would keep the down travel of the suspension. I am considering purchasing a set for evaluation. AirLift offers an unconditional 60 day return policy. However 60 days did not prove to be enough time to really evaluate this product. Right away I noticed the problems with the ride of the truck. I played with air pressure etc. At 90 days I knew what I really didn't like. I wrote AirLift an e-mail but did not receive a response. Would I buy again? Maybe. It is a love/hate relationship. 427052

I have removed the airbags from my vehicle and replaced them with a set of SumoSprings. I am much happier with the SumoSprings.
Mike V - 08/31/2018


- AL88275

Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

Excellent service,it got here so fast i haven't had time to install it yet..The product look good, well made.Thank you etrailer and airlift. 154844

- AL88289

Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

Install was easy! Fit right up now drilling. keep in mind that if you live in a cold environment, you may need air brake anti-freeze in the bags, I didn't catch this until after installation and it was a bit tougher to do after the fact. The directions to add the anti-freeze was actually in the Wireless Air Compressor instructions. All this went on my 2016 Ram 2500 Crew Cab 6' 4" bed. Overall, I am very pleased! 469528

- AL88295

Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

This product is awesome. It only took me about two hours to put it on my Ram 2500 using standard hand tools. I paired it with the WirelessOne compressor system and it’s perfect. It eliminated my trailer squat and actually makes my truck ride better even without the trailer. If you’ve got a Ram that needs a little bit more suspension, look no further! 541542

- AL88396

Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

Good day gents, I recently purchased the load lifter 5k. So far this is a fantastic product. They are rugged and heavy duty. everything bolts up nice and tight. I separated my instillation by two days; left side one day and right side the next it was a comfortable and less stressful pace. The instructions were a little difficult to follow but they include several schematics to refer to. I haven't experienced any leaks so far and they are holding pressure. There is an aftermarket super glide 5th wheel hitch in my truck so I did have to use a 1/2" drill to reveal the holes in my frame. Also if you have a hitch like mine or any aftermarket hitch you might need a longer 8x55 mm bolt for the left side that you won't find out until later....yea. I pull a 14k fifth wheel with my F250 and it works out great. Thanks again for an excellent solution. 200336

- AL88295

Review from a similar LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate in Vehicle Suspension

I put these Air Helper Springs on a 2013 Ram 2500. Installation of the air bags took a little over two hours and was easy following the instructions. No drilling was requited. Just make sure you do not forget to complete a leak check and make sure to cut the airlines with a very sharp cutter. I purchased the Helper Springs to assist the truck springs and reduce sag when pulling our 17,000 Lb fifth wheel toy hauler with a 3,700 Lb tongue weight. I chose this part number because of the jounce bumper since they would prevent the springs from totally collapsing should total air loss occur. They do the job reducing the sag and increasing vehicle stability. Shout out to etrailer.com for excellent products at reasonable prices. 403133

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  • AirLift Rear Air Bag and Compressor Kits for 2018 Ford F-150 4WD with 5th Wheel Hitch
    For your 2018 Ford F-150 4WD that has a 5th wheel hitch installed the air bag kit I recommend is the AirLift LoadLifter 5000 # AL89385. This is one of the few kits that will work great along with your 5th wheel setup. You can refer to the linked installation video showing 2017 F-150 to see the process. The written instructions are also linked for you. Many air bag owners that have 5th wheels end up using a compressor kit. Compared to pulling off the road to inflate/deflate the bags...
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  • Recommended Suspension Enhancement Products for 2020 Ford F150 4X4
    If you'll be towing a consistent weight, a system like the Timbren # TFR1504E would be an outstanding choice. The Aeon springs have several advantages over air bag systems if you don't need the adjustability provided by an air system. The springs get progressively stiffer as more weight is added, and there's no worry of anything leaking or puncturing. If the loads you'll be towing or hauling will vary, you'll want the adjustability provided by an air bag system. The LoadLifter 5000...
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  • Best Rear Suspension Upgrade for a 2020 Ford F-150
    My favorite upgrade for rear suspension systems on the 2020 Ford F-150 are air bags. These help get your truck back to factory ride height and take a lot of pressure off of that rear suspension system. By taking that pressure off of it you are dramatically extending the life of the system. Airbags will also give you full control with changing loads. The heavier the load the more pressure you want in the system, the lighter the load the lower the pressure. There are a couple of types...
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  • Suspension Enhancement Recommendations for 2020 Ford F150 4x4
    The best solution for you will depend on how you usually use your truck. If the sag you experience is caused by the slide in camper only, or may also when you to a gooseneck or 5th wheel camper, then a Timbren Suspension Enhancement System like # TFR1504E would be a great choice. The Timbren system won't impact your suspension performance until the rear suspension compresses by around an inch or so. This means no air lines to mess with, no ruptured bags, no guesswork. The springs get progressively...
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