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Air Lift Ride Control Air Helper Springs - Rear Axle

Air Lift Ride Control Air Helper Springs - Rear Axle

Item # AL59561
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Vehicle Suspension

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Air Lift Ride Control Air Helper Springs - Rear Axle Standard Duty AL59561
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2,000-lb Capacity. Level your vehicle when you're hauling a heavy load with these Ride Control air springs. The adjustable springs improve overall stability and ride quality, eliminate rear sag, and reduce strain on your factory suspension. Great Prices for the best vehicle suspension from Air Lift. Air Lift Ride Control Air Helper Springs - Rear Axle part number AL59561 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Air Lift Vehicle Suspension - AL59561

  • Air Springs
  • Rear Axle Suspension Enhancement
  • Standard Duty
  • Air Lift

2,000-lb Capacity. Level your vehicle when you're hauling a heavy load with these Ride Control air springs. The adjustable springs improve overall stability and ride quality, eliminate rear sag, and reduce strain on your factory suspension.


  • Provides your vehicle with up to 2,000 lbs of load-leveling support, reducing strain on your rear suspension and improving both safety and ride quality
    • Designed for light-to-medium duty trucks, vans, and SUVs with leaf springs
  • Keeps your vehicle level when you are hauling a heavy load
    • Improves steering and braking performance
    • Helps to maintain safe headlight aim
    • Keeps your tires from wearing unevenly
  • Lets you manually adjust air pressure to get the even load distribution and support that you need
    • Level your vehicle front to rear
    • Inflate each spring independently for side-to-side leveling of off-center loads
  • Reduces the strain on your OEM suspension caused by extremely heavy loads
  • Improves overall stability and ride quality
    • Diminishes sway and absorbs road shock for a smooth ride
  • Installs between your vehicle's frame and its leaf springs
    • Manual inflation valves are typically mounted on bumper for easy access
  • Includes 2 air springs, mounting brackets, hardware, alignment tool, tubing, and Schrader valves for manual inflation
    • Add a compressor system with in-cab gauges (sold separately) to monitor and automatically adjust air pressure
  • Made in USA


  • Load-leveling capacity: up to 2,000 lbs
    • Ride Control springs will not increase your vehicle's weight-carrying capacity. Do not exceed the manufacturer's recommended weight limit.
  • Adjustable air pressure: 5 psi - 100 psi
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 60-Day satisfaction guarantee

Ride Control gives the suspension system on your light-to-medium-duty truck, van or SUV unrivaled support. With these air springs installed, you'll experience the same comfortable, smooth and safe ride that you're used to enjoying when you're not hauling. Plus, Ride Control reduces the strain that heavy loads can put on your vehicle, saving you money in potential repairs.

Everything on your vehicle suffers from the stress of hauling or towing heavy loads - your brakes, your tires and your handling ability. Even your headlight aim can be thrown off. Without some kind of reinforcement for your factory suspension system, you could be putting the life expectancy of your vehicle at risk. Air Lift's adjustable air spring kit, Ride Control, gives your suspension the extra support it needs when you are carrying heavy cargo. By providing equal load distribution, Ride Control lessens the stress that your truck has to endure.

Ride Control's air bags are adjustable from 5 to 100 psi, so you can get the perfect amount of support for any size load. And the springs can be inflated independently of one another for front-to-rear and side-to-side leveling. The system's also easy to install and even easier to maintain.

Ride Control comes with manual inflation valves that are typically mounted on the bumper but can be installed anywhere on your vehicle for easy access. For even more convenience and control, you can add a compressor and gauge system (sold separately), which will let you monitor and automatically inflate your air springs.

An exclusive alignment tool is included with your Ride Control kit. This tool allows you to install each air spring so that it is centered perfectly between your vehicle's leaf spring and frame. This helps to prevent damaged caused by the spring rubbing against underbed components, ensuring lasting suspension support.

Air Lift kits are designed to keep your vehicle at normal ride height. You can find the normal ride height of your vehicle by unloading it and measuring the distance between the bottom edge of your wheel well and the center of the hub. After you find and record this distance, you can regulate the amount of air that you put into your air springs to maintain normal ride height - even when you are hauling a heavy load. You will need to adjust the air pressure in your air bags according to the size of your load.

These adjustable air springs come with a lifetime warranty with no mileage restrictions. In addition, Air Lift is so sure that you will benefit from their air spring suspension system that they offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Install and use Ride Control springs for 60 days, and if you are not satisfied at the end of this time, you can remove them from your vehicle and return them for a full product refund. Now that's confidence.

59561 Airlift Ride Control Air Bag Suspension Support System - Back Axle

Installation Details AL59561 Installation instructions

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Air Lift Ride Control Air Helper Springs - Rear Axle - AL59561

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (205 Customer Reviews)

2,000-lb Capacity. Level your vehicle when you're hauling a heavy load with these Ride Control air springs. The adjustable springs improve overall stability and ride quality, eliminate rear sag, and reduce strain on your factory suspension.


Product was as advertised, and the install went smoothly. Toyota Tacomas are infamous for sagging rear ends, and these air springs handle that well. For now I can only comment on installation, as I've yet to load the truck with a heavy trailer. All parts can be mounted comfortably by jacking up the rear axle and removing a wheel. I didn't have any alignment troubles, and the instructions were specific to these parts and my truck. Buyers should be aware that air springs require regular checks to make sure they are inflated to a minimum pressure. I can easily reach in and squeeze the spring to check inflation, and it's faster than pulling out a pressure gage.

Carl B.


Ive now crossed the country several times with a 2,500 lb travel trailer. The air springs leveled the truck well, and no one flashes their high-beams at me anymore after dark. I will concur with the review below that the truck now bottoms out much sooner when empty and with reduced pressure in the springs. That may be normal, but its literally shocking and unexpected.


The AirLift system we talked about a couple weeks ago was sent to my daughter, Kristi's house. I installed it yesterday. I'm on the road, which isn't the best place to do the installation. My father in law didn't have any socket wrenches so I started with a couple 9/16 open end wrenches. These don't work for everything. I went to the local hardware store and bought what I needed. The driver side went on much easier. The hardest bolt was the top one requiring the socket wrench to hold the nut inside the frame. I had to feel for the nut since it was hidden next to an existing frame bolt. I was able to simply jack the back of the truck up at the hitch to gain clearance. I didn't have to remove the wheels. The nylon lock nut was fun to tighten. AirLift should have supplied a simple wrench for this. I found a vice grip needle nose plier worked well enough.

Here are three photos. First is passenger side, second tries to show where top nut goes, third is drivers side. I have then filled to 28psi and will check them this morning.


I installed these on my 2021 Tacoma. They lasted less than one month. In addition to the horrid ride at a very low pressure, they no longer held air once I really needed the lift. I found that both bags were torn. There was not enough room between the frame and top of the leaf springs to keep them from getting smashed when hitting bumps. Bummer!

Etrailer Expert

David B.


If you reach out to air lift they will help you out with any warranty issues you have.


The air lift worked as it should. But there was a failure in one of the fittings where it attached to the air bag on top. I had to go back to my installer and have the fitting replaced. Another thing I’ve noticed is that you need to check the pressure from time to time because there is some slow bleed off that happens. When set at the right pressure and I’m towing the work fine. Probably should have bought the Firestone’s and spent the extra money. I’ve spent that much now with the repair. I do appreciate the checking back with me to see how things have gone with my purchase.

2023 Toyota Tacoma

Overall the install went well. I had to cold bend the upper brackets to fit properly. The upper bracket has an oval cut out to receive the top of the airbag. A nylon nut and serrated washer is used to connect the airbag to the upper bracket. I didn't like the fact that that connection could slide back and forth in the oval. So I cut a piece of plate to fit in the oval and welded it. Then I set both upper and lower brackets in place figured out the layout and drilled around hole to receive the upper nipple of the airbag. Rock solid set up that way. The truck is in the process of receiving an aluminum flatbed.


So far, all is good. I'm getting the rise I'm looking for and a good ride. I'm happy with the product.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

The package arrived, torn open. It was also obvious the box had been previously opened and then re-taped closed improperly. The contents of the box were loose with no internal packing with the items inside crashing into each other. Gratefully the contents so far appear undamaged. The damage to the box could be the responsibility of USPS but the fact that the box was not packed correct is on the vendor. I cannot recommend this company based on the way they shipped the package.

2012 Toyota Tacoma

This is the second time I've used AirLift products. I had this system on a vehicle for over 6 years and it was still working perfect when I sold the vehicle.
The system is easy to install and I like the fact that there is no drilling requirement to mount the equipment.



What year Tacoma did you install them on? I have a 2013 TRD double cab and Im not seeing the mounting holes shown in the installation guide. Thanks

Patrick B.


I checked Jons order notes and it was on a 2012 Tacoma. If your Tacoma is a 4WD model, then the Air Lift kit AL59561 is the correct kit. It fits all 4WD and 2WD Pre-Runner models. 2WD Tacomas use AL59564 with the exception of trucks equipped with a rear-sway bar, ie Pre-Runner and X-Runner. The mounting holes will be on the frame, just forward of the axle.

Toyota Tacoma

They worked good...for a short while. Six months later both inflatable bags burst, so are worthless, maybe even less than worthless, as the ride is jarring when hitting bumps. I question whether this set was really intended to fit my Tacoma 4x4 (though I was assured they were & the box they came in said so). From the beginning, the air bags were a tight fit when installing, were squashed slightly off center. I filled them with just enough air to lift when I attached a loaded bumper hitch trailer. That worked fine, & much better handling with them on. After I used the trailer, I deflated air bags as much as I could. The ride was still rough. I noticed the bags were squished off to side quite a bit. I didn't pull trailer for another 6 months, but when I did hook up, I tried inflating bags. The air just blew through the bags. NOT A DURABLE PRODUCT.

Etrailer Expert

Mike L.


You dont mention the model year of your Tacoma. According to AirLift, the bags are meant for use on suspensions that are in good repair. If the suspension is excessively worn, youll have clearance problems during installation. Also, the bags need to have a minimum of 5 psi in them. Driving on them when theyre completely deflated will damage the bags, causing them to leak. The air bags are covered by a limited lifetime warranty, please contact our Customer Service folks at 800-298-8924.


Leaking spring

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


Typically when the air bag systems is leaking it is due to not having a completely squared off cut on the air lines and air leaking from the tubes not the bags themselves. You will want to try removing the line, re-cutting the line totally square and then reinstalling it on the bags. You can use a line cutter part # AL10530 to cut. After a couple of days check the pressure on the air bags to see if you are still losing air. If you are still losing air, it is possible that the bags have a leak on them somewhere. You will want to take some soapy water and spray that mixture to everything related to the air bags- bags, lines, etc. check the soapy solution to see where bubbles are coming from in order to determine the location of your leak.

2009 Toyota Tacoma

I installed the system myself without any issues in a couple of hours. I keep about 400 lbs. of tools in the bed of the truck and needed the lift to bring the truck to it's correct operating level. The weight was changing the angles on my two piece drive shaft causing vibration and eating up carrier bearings. It's performing great...Tom in Bama



No issues to date.Thanks for the follow up.

2018 Toyota Tacoma

Easy install on my 2018 Tacoma. I have a snug top shell, and haul a small boat and a trailer. These really helped level out the rear when pulling. No more bottoming out the leaf springs. I am running about 20 psi unloaded and it has smoothed out the ride. Happy with the purchase.

2013 Toyota Tacoma

Installed these on my Toyota Prerunner. Installation was not complicated. Only issue is the leak down. I've sprayed every connection with soapy water, but can not find the leak. Someday it will show up.

2010 Toyota Tacoma

This kit is fantastic! After loading my newly acquired '65 Fairlane drag car onto my newly acquired double-axle car trailer I could hardly believe the sight of my '10 Tacoma sagged down so low the safety chains were literally lying on the parking lot! I lost 5+" of suspension, and along with it the nice ride, positive handling, and safe control of my truck. I installed this product the next weekend, loaded back up, and 45 lbs of air on each side brought the truck right back to level (and safe). Ride is as if the trailer wasn't even there. A couple of installation tips to offer...I jacked up the truck one side at a time, allowing the axle to hang by the suspension, then placed a second jack under the axle. This allowed me to jack the axle up to the perfect height for installing the lift chambers without crushing or stretching them. Also, Toyota graciously left four additional holes in the underside of the rear bumper that were just the right size for the valve assemblies. They worked great for making a clean installation of the airlines. This product definitely delivers what it claims!

Toyota Tacoma

Have a 2022 Tacoma 2WD.
Heavy loads &
occasionally haul a trailer for work.
Drags down tail of Tacoma, affects handling.
Installed this product in 2 hrs.
Solved problem.

Toyota Tacoma

They fit well and do what they are supposed to do. Loaded up the back of my Tacoma and pulled a 3400 lb travel trailer on a 3600 mile trip last summer. About 40 psi in the air ride leveled the truck. The only thing that could be considered negative is that the truck bottoms out sooner (when not as low) than without the helpers. I believe the bags compress completely before the trucks hard stop is reached. If you keep enough air in them, I don’t think it would be a problem, but that much air raised my unloaded truck about 2 inches over stock.


Ive had two bags already leak i need to send in the second one and hopefully get a replacement

Katrina B.


I am sorry to hear that your airbags are leaking. I have sent your information over to our customer service department for them to get in touch with you about a possible replacement.

Toyota Tacoma

Air Lift Ride Control Air Helper Springs - Rear Axle - installed easily on Double Cab Tacoma. Seems to help well with towing travel trailer.
I used the two extra holes in rear bumper for the valve placement, and bike tire pump works great for adjustment.

2013 Toyota Tacoma

I put these on a 2013 Tacoma because I was hitting the bump stops while towing an open car hauler. The hits were harsh and dangerous and probably would have broken something. After adding the Air Lift Ride Control system no more hits off the bump stops and ride is much better when towing.


I only just installed and it is working well, I just question the plastic air connectors, but if they work they work… So I would say 5 stars if these are as robust as they need to be. I just prefer metal when it is under the truck. Great look, and will let you know if it works well to support 5 bicycles hanging off the back, and roof top tent, soft topper, and gear.

Shipping was fast and etrailer response to questions was fast and correct.

Installed fast, you need a 1/1/8 open end wrench for the nylon nut on top. the nylon nut is what holds the bag to the top of the frame, seems like it could break, but again, not run it through it's paces. Would love to see an all metal version, would pay extra. pic later when it's light out.


leaked and make a clicking sound every time it compressed. Remove it after a week.

Katrina B.


If you are getting clicking noises they will need to inspect the install for loose parts. As for the leaking bag, we would recommend that you replace the bag. I see this item has a lifetime warranty, and have sent your information over to our customer service department for them to get this corrected for you.


Product looks and feels weak built and easy installation. Packaging was way too big for product. All the parts were loose inside the box which was twice as big as necessary.

Toyota Tacoma

Installed this on my new Tacoma last year. Needed a little bit of load assistance when moving firewood. They have worked fine after one years use. I didn't remove the wheel when installing so it was a little tight working on the install. If I had to do it again I would definitely remove the wheel for easier access. It's still a straight forward easy install either way. Would buy these again no question.


Easy to order and arrived in 3 days.


Great looking product, mounted with no issues, havent hooked the trailer to the truck as of yet.

Drew J.


working very well

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