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Du-Ha Humpstor Truck Bed Storage Box and Gun Case - Side Mount - 55" x 9-3/4" x 9"

Du-Ha Humpstor Truck Bed Storage Box and Gun Case - Side Mount - 55" x 9-3/4" x 9"

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Du-Ha Truck Toolbox - DU70200
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Lockable, heavy-duty polyethylene storage box installs over the wheel well in your truck bed. Offers up to 2.3 cu ft of storage space. Includes gun rack inserts for 2 shotguns or 1 rifle with scope. Compatible with tonneau covers. Lowest Prices for the best truck toolbox from Du-Ha. Du-Ha Humpstor Truck Bed Storage Box and Gun Case - Side Mount - 55" x 9-3/4" x 9" part number DU70200 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Du-Ha Truck Toolbox

  • Wheel Well Toolbox
  • 55 Inch Long
  • Du-Ha
  • Driver Side
  • Passenger Side
  • Black
  • 10 Inch Wide
  • Plastic
  • 9 Inch Tall
  • Small Capacity

Lockable, heavy-duty polyethylene storage box installs over the wheel well in your truck bed. Offers up to 2.3 cu ft of storage space. Includes gun rack inserts for 2 shotguns or 1 rifle with scope. Compatible with tonneau covers.


  • Storage container installs over the wheel well in your truck bed and lets you stow guns or gear
    • Maximizes cargo space, saves room in truck bed, and keeps gear within easy reach
  • Removable gun rack holds up to 2 shotguns or 1 rifle with scope
  • Lockable lid lets you secure valuable cargo
    • 3 Steel latches can be easily locked with standard padlocks (sold separately) that have 1/4" diameter shackles
    • Handle on top makes it easy to open lid
  • 2 Cup holders and 2 rectangular trays are built into the lid to hold drinks, loose ammo, and hardware
  • Corrosion-proof polyethylene construction stands up to the elements and cleans easily
  • Rubber seal around the underside of the lid helps to keep out moisture and dirt
  • Rain channels in the lid prevent water from pooling
  • Simple, no-drill installation
    • Adjustable brackets clamp to truck bed side rails with included hardware
    • Compatible with tonneau covers, truck caps, and camper shells
  • Made in the USA


  • Dimensions:
    • Outside: 55" long x 9-3/4" wide x 9" tall
    • Inside: 53" long x 9-1/2" wide x 7-1/2" tall
  • Storage space: 2.3 cu ft
  • Weight capacity: 75 lbs
  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 30-Day money-back guarantee

Store your tools, guns, and more in the space above your truck's wheel well with the Humpstor from Du-Ha. Because this box mounts above the wheel well, you will still have plenty of room in your truck bed for other cargo or for a gooseneck or fifth-wheel trailer hitch.

Du-Ha Humpstor as a Storage Box

You can fit a lot of gear in the Humpstor's 2.3 cu ft of storage space. Use it as an all-purpose storage container to keep tools, sporting goods, camping supplies, personal belongings, and groceries safely stowed and protected from the elements.

Cup holders and rectangular trays are built into the lid

Helpful storage features are on the outside of the box too, including 2 cup holders and 2 rectangular trays that are molded into the lid. Have a refreshing drink close by while on the jobsite and keep loose hardware or ammo from rolling away.

Du-Ha Humpstor as a Gun Case

Included with the Humpstor is a specially designed gun rack that can hold 2 shotguns or 1 rifle with a scope.

Note: This box can be used legally as a gun case in most states. Check your local laws.

To set up the gun rack, sandwich each soft foam gun holder between 2 plastic stiffeners. Assemble 2 of these units and then slide each of them into the slots inside the box.

Soft foam holders cradle your gun

The soft foam gun holders won't scratch your firearms. The stock of your gun rests in the large groove, and the barrel sits in the smaller notch.

Straps help keep your gun secured in the holder

Place the guns in the assembled holders and secure them to the gun rack using the included hook-and-loop (like Velcro) straps. The straps will help to keep your firearms in the holders as your vehicle travels along bumpy roads.

Lockable to Secure Your Valuables

Lockable steel latch

There are 3 lockable steel latches located on the lid of the Humpstor - 1 in the center, 1 on the left, and 1 on the right. You can add a standard padlock (sold separately) with up to a 1/4" diameter shackle to 1 or all 3 of the latches to help prevent theft of your gear.

Outdoor Tough

Made of heavy-duty, corrosion-proof polyethylene, this tough storage box is built to live in the back of a truck where it is constantly exposed to the elements. A rubber gasket runs all the way around the inside of the lid to help keep out dirt and moisture. And rain channels in the lid help keep liquid from pooling.

Compatible with Tonneau Covers, Truck Caps, and Camper Shells

Unlike other truck bed storage systems or toolboxes that sit over the bed rail, the Humpstor sits below the rail where it will not interfere with tonneau covers, toppers, or any other bed-rail-mounted accessories. The Humpstor is compatible with all tonneaus - those that sit on top of the truck bed rails and those that clamp to the insides of the rails.

Special drop-down plates are included that easily attach to the mounting brackets during installation. These plates let you adjust the height of the brackets so that the Humpstor can sit lower in your truck bed. This positioning of the box allows for normal operation of your tonneau.

No-Drill Installation

The Humpstor installs easily with no drilling required. Just clamp the 2 mounting brackets onto either of your truck bed side rails. Then place the box onto the brackets. You can position the Humpstor so that the lid opens either toward the inside or the outside of your truck bed. Once you have the box positioned how you want it, secure it to the brackets with the 4 included hex bolts.

Stabilizer foot helps to keep the Humpstor level and rattle-free

Each mounting bracket has a rubber stabilizer foot that braces against the inside wall of your truck bed. The foot pushes the bracket out and away from the truck's sidewall to create a more level platform for the box to sit on. These stabilizers also help reduce any rattling while your truck is in motion.

70200 DuHa Locking Truck Bed Wheel Well Storage Box and Gun Case

Item # DU70200

Installation Details DU70200 Installation instructions

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Video of Du-Ha Humpstor Truck Bed Storage Box and Gun Case - Side Mount - 55" x 9-3/4" x 9"

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Du-Ha Humpstor Truck Bed Storage Box Review and Installation

If you have a truck and you like tools and guns, you're going to like what we're taking a look at today. Here we have Du-Ha's Hump stor Truck Bed Storage Box and Gun Case. It mounts directly to the side of your truck bed using your truck beds rails and it frees up a lot of space in the bed of your truck so you can still use it for all the working tasks that you might need whether it's boating long pieces of wood in the back or picking up an ATV, you can still fit that in or right next to this case. As you can see here, I've got my toolbox installed along with my headache rack, and I still had plenty of room to add this and it almost feels like it didn't take up any room in my truck cause it's off to one side. What's nice about it that I also like is if instead of the toolbox and headache rack, if you had a tonneau cover in the back, there is brackets included with it to drop it down to a little work with your tonneau cover.The case measures 55" by 9-3/4" and 9", offering you 2.3 cubic feet of storage space on the inside. You can see here on the opposite side of the truck bed where we don't have our box installed, that it's not being used by anything and we've got this wheel well here that sticks up.

That kind of makes the space difficult to use anyway. With our box installed, it sits over our wheel well and it doesn't really stick out much further than it, taking all this useless space and making it into usable space.On the inside, you can see that it has space for two guns. We're using props today because it's frowned upon to bring firearms to work, but they do fit in very nicely. They're strapped in place at each end and the foam insert with durable plastic spacers will help keep them centered so they're not rattling back and forth, Contacting one another.With our guns removed, you can see that our mounts where our guns we're in place work great as dividers so you can organize your objects inside your storage case. They can also be removed.

They simply slide into the grooves here in our case. And since it's a soft foam with plastic on it, it is flexible, it makes it easy to turn it and twist it out. With our dividers removed, it's great for storing tools and other long items. My friend, Tom's dad, he uses his for his fishing rods. While a padlock will work, you could bend the one ear over and probably jimmy it out of there pretty easily, so I would recommend using a trailer coupler lock which would go through both ends and lock it tight so that way you couldn't bend the ears out.I would recommend Deadbolt's 2" span trailer coupler lock that we sell here at eTrailer.com, as that'll be long enough to go through both ends and give you a nice locking mechanism for your latch.

Each latch can utilize a lock so you could have a total of three if you really want to keep everything safe.Another thing I really like about this case is that it can quickly be reversible. It's attached at the bottom with six bolts, so you could take those out, flip the box around, and then it would open the other direction. I've currently got it set up for tailgating so we can party here in the back and if we need to access anything, we can easily open it while sitting in the back of the truck.Now I've got it set up how I'd have it in hunting season with the opening side facing to the outside of the truck, so when I get to where I'm going, I can just hop out, open her up, grab my gun, and get on my way. The rails that support our box are slotted, so when you have it in this configuration, you can slide it out away from the truck bed and secure it so you can easily get in there to unlatch it.The storage box is going to be weatherproof. It's designed with a corrosion-resistant polyurethane, and the channels located on top will help divert the water away from the edges and off the backside.

If we open it up and take a look on the inside, you can see that the entire thing is sealed to keep any moisture from entering in, causing any rust or damage to any items you have inside. Another feature that I use all the time is the storage tray on top to keep things organized, especially your keys, because you know those like to walk away from you, and the police to keep your drink.Getting it set up in your truck bed is a quick and easy process. There is no drilling required. Let's go over the installation process together so you can have the competence to do it at home.We'll begin our installation by placing the support bracket on the bottom of our case. This can go on either side, but it's best to install it on the side that's going to be towards the inside of your truck bed, because there are some other support rails that'll install on the other side. We're going to go ahead and set it on this side, because this is going to be facing towards the center of our truck. We're going to line up the holes into the bottom of the case, and we're going to use the 1/" hardware to get it attached. We'll take the longer 1/4" hardware that comes in our kit. We're going to place a lock washer on it, followed by a flat washer. We'll then slide it through our support bracket. On the other side of our support bracket, we're going to place a spacer and then we're going to attach it to the bottom of our case. We're just going to loosely attach it for now. We're going to do the same thing on the other side.Next we'll assemble our rail clamps. Take the two different clamp halves. You're going to take the male end and slide it into the female end, just like that. Then we'll take our button head bolt with an Allen hex on the top. We're going to slide it through the bracket with the cutout there, and we're going to thread it into the other side. We're just going to have this loosely threaded in for now, as we want to be able to adjust it to get it onto our rail. We're going to do that again with our other clamps that we'll have two assemblies.We'll now place our stabilization feet on our angled brackets. Take the foot, thread a flange nut on it. We want the flange side to be away from the foot. We're going to throw that quite a ways down. That's going to be for our adjustment. We'll now slide it through the hole at the corner of our angle, and on the other side we're going to place another flange nut this time with the flange facing toward our stabilization foot. We're just going to loosely thread these in place for now as well. We're going to repeat that so we'll have another angle bracket assembly with a stabilization foot on it.We'll now take our box and we're going to kind of figure out what we want to place it in our truck bed. We're going to be putting ours at about this position so we can access the latches on each side so it's not in obstruction by the toolbox there or the tailgate. Our attachment points are going to be the center holes here in our box, so we're going to put our arms roughly at about this location. We're going to go ahead and set them up there and clamp it on the rail. You want the bolt facing out towards you. We don't want it to run all the way tight at this point, we just want to make it so it can't fall off so we can get the proper positioning, so we're just going to snug it up enough to where we can still kind of maneuver it.We'll then place our other clamp 24" away from center to center, down further on our rail, and we're going to do the same thing. We don't want to tighten it all the way just yet, just loosely so we can get it all adjusted. Once you have that set, go ahead and tighten it down.Next we'll install our L brackets. Now, we're mounting ours directly to our truck bed rails. There are some additional brackets that come in our kit that can be placed on like this and bolted down, and this will extend it down. This can be useful if you have a tonneau cover, whether it be a roll of hard top, fold up, this can drop it down and up to make sure the box is going to clear and you can still use your tonneau cover with the box. Since we don't have one on our truck, we're not going to be using the spacer to drop it down. We're going to secure our bracket to our clamp using a 5/16s bolt. We'll take our 5/16s bolt, we're going to place a lock washer on it, followed by a flat washer, and then thread it in. At this time we are also going to leave this hardware loose so we can properly adjust it. We're going to do the same thing for our other rail.We'll then adjust our stabilizer feet so they contact the side of the truck bed. We're loosening up the inner nut to extend it out. Then we're going to take both the nuts now and tighten them together. You can always tweak this a little bit later if you need to because this is used to help adjust for level, too, so if it seems to be dipping one way, you can use that foot to help kick that up to level it out.Once you've got that all adjusted, we can tighten down our bolts. We're going to be using a 1/2" socket or wrench to do so. We can now place our box on top and we'll begin lining it up. We're now underneath our box and we want to line up the threaded holes in the bottom of the box with the slots on our brackets. We'll then take the shorter 1/4" hardware that comes in the kit. We're going to place a lock washer followed by a flat washer onto it, and then thread it into those holes on the bottom. We're going to do this for each hole on each bracket. Once you've got them all in place, you can then go back and tighten down all the hardware on your brackets, and then the bolts that we left loose earlier from our support piece, you can tighten those down as well.We've now got our unit secured to the truck. All that's left is to adjust our feet for any fine tuning that you need to do and then tighten the nuts down to lock that adjustment in place. We've already got our adjustment where we like it, so we're just going to snug those down. We're using a 1/2" wrench to tighten those down. We'll do that with each foot.Our storage cases now installed, and if you're just going to be using it for general storage, you're ready to go. If you're planning on using it for guns, then you'll want to place your holders in place. These organizers will keep your guns steady. There are four plastic pieces and two foam pieces. We want to put the plastic pieces on the outside of our foam pieces, and we want to make sure that these all mate up with the grooves just like that. Then they just slide down in the slots here on the inside.We're going to do the same thing with our other organizer, but you want to place it the opposite, so we've got the short one towards the outside of our truck and the deeper one towards the inside. We're doing it opposite because your barrel is going to sit on the short and your stock is going to sit on the deeper side.Now that everything's assembled, we can place our guns in and hit the road. The support brace here in the middle is removable, which can make it easier to get your guns in place. It just slides it back in and we're ready for hunting season.


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