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  1. Truck Bed Tie Downs
  2. Erickson
  3. Stake Pocket Application
  4. Tie Down Anchors
  5. No-Drill Application
  6. 2000 lbs
Erickson Stake Pocket Tie-Down Anchors - Chrome-Plated Steel - 2,000 lbs - Qty 2

Erickson Stake Pocket Tie-Down Anchors - Chrome-Plated Steel - 2,000 lbs - Qty 2

Item # EM09085
Our Price: $37.53
Truck Bed Tie Downs
Shipping Weight: 1.89 lbs
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Easily add a tie-down point to your truck with these Erickson stake pocket anchors. They install in your truck bed's stake pockets, safely handle a WLL of 2,000 pounds each and feature an attractive, chrome-plated finish. Great Prices for the best truck bed tie downs from Erickson. Erickson Stake Pocket Tie-Down Anchors - Chrome-Plated Steel - 2,000 lbs - Qty 2 part number EM09085 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Erickson Truck Bed Tie Downs - EM09085

  • Stake Pocket Application
  • Erickson
  • Tie Down Anchors
  • No-Drill Application
  • 2000 lbs

Easily add a tie-down point to your truck with these Erickson stake pocket anchors. They install in your truck bed's stake pockets, safely handle a WLL of 2,000 pounds each and feature an attractive, chrome-plated finish.


  • Sturdy anchors serve as tie-down points in your truck bed
    • Install in truck stake pockets - no tools required
  • 3 Different mounting holes and angles
  • Chrome-plated steel construction resists corrosion and complements your truck's trim


  • Application: most truck-bed stake pockets
  • Weight capacity: 2,000 lbs
  • Dimensions of top plates: 3-3/8" long x 2-1/4" wide
  • Dimensions of arch plates: 2-1/2" long x 1-1/2" wide
  • Diameter of bolts: 3/8"
  • Quantity: 2 anchors
  • 90-Day limited warranty

09085 Tie Down Anchors for Truck Bed Stake Pockets by Erickson - Chrome-Plated Steel - 2,000 lbs - QTY 2

Video of Erickson Stake Pocket Tie-Down Anchors - Chrome-Plated Steel - 2,000 lbs - Qty 2

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Erickson Stake Pocket Tie-Down Anchors Installation - 2021 Ford F-250 Super Duty

Hey, everybody, welcome to, I'm Bobby. And today we're taking a look, at our Erickson stake pocket tie-down anchors, here on our 2021, Ford F250. So, if you guys want a little tie-down anchor on all four corners of your vehicle, or just two, this can be a great option for ourselves. These are gonna give us a 2000 pound working load limit on each anchor, making 'em excellent at actually securing all of our cargo needs. Now, obviously, we do have this top hole here, make it an amazing for any kind of clevis or hooks that we need to hook into it. I really do like this kind of more like marina anchor style that we have too.

Make it easy to do, maybe do some figure eights, whole bunch of other knots that we need on here. Gets you a lot of versatility of how you actually need to start hooking on to your cargo, to these guys, which is cool. So, the one thing I'll say, you can kind of see this back one isn't quite sitting as flush as we want. Now we'll break that down later on in that install segment, as well of why we're running into that. Mainly, that's because we have a liner here today, on our F250 it's kind of bulging out our side rail, just a little more, making it harder for our plate to sit in here as much as we need to.

Now, others at home, have done a little bit of custom fabrication to make it look a little prettier for themselves. Let's go ahead and look at our cab here. You can see this one is looking exactly how we want it to, and you can achieve this on a variety of other trucks out there, which is cool too. So not just on the F250, but here today, I think it looks pretty good. The biggest thing, let's make sure we are kinda getting the size and the length here of our brackets or our plates, I should say and then, measuring our own stake pockets.

Again, I'll kinda go through that on that install later. Really do like how these guys look, they give you a great little tie-down point. The one thing I'll say though, they are just a chrome plate on here with a regular steel construction underneath. And what that means is, if you are having metal-to-metal contact on here, you're going to see this chrome peel off and break off pretty quickly, just to be upfront about it. And then, you have rust that sets in really quick and it just doesn't look very good.

You can see some of the customer photos available here at, where this thing just doesn't last. Now, there are preventative maintenance techniques and things we can do to make it look better and keep on it. However, it's one more thing we have to look out for and if you're really just going for looks, at that point, you can't use your tie-down points, right 'Cause you can't have that metal-on-metal contact. Now maybe something like a rope or polyester straps might be a little better in plastic hooks on here, but again, we're limiting ourself of what we can do with these guys, and that 2000 pound working load limit is amazing. Now, if we're not too worried about rust, it's no big deal at all. We also do have a variety of other tie-down kits available, here at One that's really good and cosmetically looking really nice and if that's what you're going for, like with this chrome finish, it is a little more expensive, but it is going to be the Putco, push-in tie-down anchors as well. Really low profile, chrome plating as well, which is great. But the underneath is made of stainless steel rather than the steel that we have on these guys. And that just makes it a lot more resistant to corrosion. We're not going to see that rust set in and it is gonna be looking good on our truck. But if we're looking for something that gets the job done, allows us to secure our cargo, and actually be pretty easy to take in and out, and therefore, we really need to leave it on when we need it, well these guys are gonna be a great option. That's one thing I really like about 'em. The install was very, very straightforward, and it's honestly not too bad to back these guys off, take 'em out, and store em somewhere, inside your garage until you actually need them. So, I love that they look so good as they are, we're just not gonna do, we're gonna have to do a couple things to make sure they keep looking good and that's definitely a caveat you're gonna have to way for yourself. But, let's go ahead and see how we can actually get this installed here today, on our F250. Let's take a look. So, before we actually start our install, I wanna go ahead and give us a little bit of dimension checks here on both our stake pockets and our width of our brackets 'cause there's gonna be a lot of important little features. So, can be helpful to either grab yourself a flathead screwdriver or trim panel tool to actually pop these off. Now, this flat head screwdriver is also going to come in handy, later on. So. I'm just going to show you guys that with it for now, just simply get underneath that plate, pop it out on one end, walk the other out, and now let's start taking a look at our stake pocket here. On the inside, we have these little hinges right here. That's actually what this little bracket is gonna be hooking under, much like you can see that. So, we are going to need that area. Make sure you're checking inside your own truck at home. Making sure you actually have those little ridges. I've seen some people have to do a little custom fabrication at home to actually get the system to work. So again, that can be an important thing to check. And also, I'm going to give you guys our measurements here today. So, our open cut in the side rail is gonna be about two inches while our metal pocket on the inside, is about an inch and I would say, three quarters there to the inside. While our length for our side rail opening is gonna be three and three-eights of an inch while our, with our width, oh, I'm sorry, our width of our actual metal is only gonna be about two and three-quarters of an inch. So, the reason I'm giving you guys that, is because this plate has a little bit of trouble fitting in here as well as I'd like it. So, that's going to be about two and a quarter for our width and three and three eights for our length here on our plate. To start assembling this, we're gonna take our plate insert to the top here, we have a rounded hole, let's walk that down that thread. You are gonna have a gasket here on the other end, when it comes out of the packaging and likes to kind of, stick to this plate. It's not terrible. I recommend pulling it up just a little bit. That way you can get it to actually fit here and start conforming to your own stake pockets at home. Then, we're gonna be taking our bracket and we actually want those hooks facing our tie-down point, 'cause they're gonna be hooking into those ledges that we showed earlier and just simply thread those on enough to where it's not falling off. We don't need to go too crazy with it and now we just do, need to insert this here. So, there's gonna be a little trick on the inside of your truck, you can see there's gonna be a wall on this side. So, it's gonna be pretty hard for us to utilize that. I wanna be slotting this towards my cab, so a little bit of a more open space there. And that's going to make it a little easier for me to start turning this bracket here, on the underside. I will say, it can be a little tricky just getting that to turn sometimes, but once you found it, we need to keep constant pressure here on our tie-down point, going up so that we're actually pulling that bracket in line and then, just re-adjust your plastics and your wedge. Maybe we can give you guys a quick little shot here, of what I'm doing on the inside, but I've got that looped in now. Now, I just need to set my gasket and my plate, that can just take a little finicking with, again, trying to pull that bracket out as I'm doing. And really, this just takes a little patience on our end, getting these in line, filling in our hole, get it nice and stable. The one thing I found too, here today, I have this on a Ford F250 and this stake pocket might just be a little too large. And why I'm saying that, you can see, I can't quite get this to fill in how I want to. I'm probably gonna have to pull this plastic spacer a little bit up, and really, it just takes a little patience maneuvering around, to get it to fit how we want it. Trying to fill that in as much, so we don't have any water intrusion. And now that that's in a pretty decent spot, I need to keep that constant pressure on my tie-down, going up and begin to tighten it up. That's pulling that bracket underneath those ledges, holding it in place so we actually have something that we're hooking into. Can try to shift on you, so try to watch it a second pair of hands could be excellent too, just to hold that, making it easier to keep that constant pressure up. We don't want our bracket turning. And right here's what I'm talking about of our stake pockets just not quite liking us as much. Now there are gonna be a little caveats with that. Here today on my Ford F250, I have this liner that's actually in here you can see that's kind of bulging out my side rail, just a little bit. And I think that is definitely affecting our fit here today. So, there's a lot of little factors that can go in mind when you're installing this. And if you're looking for something that looks really good, I'm just a little afraid that if our stake pockets aren't quite small enough, we might have this little deal going on. Now, I can try and back this off and keep re-sizing it, but I've done that to my other side, now a couple times, even like pushing like my hand like this and trying to keep it from falling out, it just, you know, I'm working against the mechanical structure that's pulling itself in. And so, unfortunately, I think a lot of us might have this kind of, I don't know, not quite in-line fit a lot of times, which would not be great, especially if we're going for looks on these guys. And now, all you can see though, all I'm doing is rotating this, right Tighten it up. It can be a little harder to do, and as we start approaching the end, I really want this as secure as I can, especially down to manufacturer specifications. So what I might do, is grab my screwdriver one more time. I'm going to get myself a little rag or cloth, wrap it around here, insert it and tighten up. So, let me go ahead and grab that rag. Show you what I mean. So, since we are going to utilize this as a tie-down, I really don't want this loose even enough to where I can just do that with my hand and then back it off. So what I've done, simply wrap our screwdriver here, insert it, try to avoid any kind of metal-on-metal contact because again, that rome that chrome finish, not really the strongest when it comes to resisting, or I'm sorry, staying on there as we've seen in some of our customer view photos. So, I wanna be really careful with it, but I also want to tighten this up. So that screwdriver, as you can see making it a lot easier to pull this in. But again, I'm just seeing this falling into that stake pocket and I think that's gonna be a lot of issues for people out there. Not really having the width that you need to get this to fit in place. Again, I think that's because of our external factors here, like our liner. I know a lot of us out there, have a lot of things that are gonna be impacting these side rails, so. I might just back this off a half-inch or so, that way I'm not seeing as much draw here on the inside of my side rail. I'll be it, it'll still be nice and tight. Let's double-check that again. At that position, it's pretty good. Again, not really liking this fit. But let's move on down here and see how it's looking towards our cab and this is what we're going for, right It's really smooth and level, there's no gaps, it's not falling on the inside. This is doing an excellent job. And again, we have nothing that's actually modifying our side rail at this point. So, it is fitting well and it's looking really good, doing it. Well, that install really doesn't take too much time. And I like how, if I wanted to, I could just start backing these off, walk it right out and store 'em in somewhere. And I think predominantly a lot of us that like this look, like the device, and wanna keep it looking good, are going to have to do that over and over again, which definitely could be a little annoying. We have a variety of other stake pocket tie-down kits available here, at But I definitely think, these are gonna get the job done. I love that 2000 pounds of working load limit and just the variety of ways I can actually tie on a lot of my different straps for accessories, make this guy a huge benefit and kind of a win in my mind. Again, that rust is definitely no bueno and that's the one thing I just, I keep saying over and over again. I want people to be aware, these guys are not gonna do the best against corrosion, but they're still gonna get the job done, and I think for a lot of us out there, that can be really the selling point. But otherwise, I think that about does it for our look here today, at the Erickson tie-down, stake pocket tie-down kit, here at, on our 2021, Ford F250. I'm Bobby. Thank you for watching..

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Customer Reviews

Erickson Stake Pocket Tie-Down Anchors - Chrome-Plated Steel - 2,000 lbs - Qty 2 - EM09085

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (60 Customer Reviews)

Easily add a tie-down point to your truck with these Erickson stake pocket anchors. They install in your truck bed's stake pockets, safely handle a WLL of 2,000 pounds each and feature an attractive, chrome-plated finish.


These are the bomb! I installed them on my beloved 1990 F-250 and they work great. This beast lives in the elements 24/7/365 and these tie-downs show zero wear!



After another year of weather exposure & heavy use, these continue to to look & perform just great. Very worthwhile purchase.


These are a very nice product and good value for the money.

I installed these on my 1992 F150 even though they were not shown to fit. The rear ones went on perfectly and took 5 minutes each to install. My stake holes not right for the front anchors and I spent an extra 10 minutes on each trimming the anchor base plate too fit.
Anyone with mechanical ability can make these work and now I can keep coolers and things from sliding around in the bed of my truck.

Old F.


Not Good! I really like having these on my truck but in no time they rusted completely and look terrible. They did not make six months before rusting and to make it worse, I wax them when I wax the truck. I will end up painting them or throwing them away.


Well constructed, look great.Impressive shipping time.



After a full year of hard use, no issues.


Only time will tell, my last set I got years ago rusted after 5 years of use



They are all have rust all over and I am looking for some one to rechrome them, poor quality.

Etrailer Expert

Mike L.


@Robert We're sorry to hear that! When it comes time to replace them, something like the stainless # 317-850760 might work better for you.


Nice solid product


I haven't had a chance to try them but the instal was easy and they look great. The best thing is that the anchor isn't just a loop you can tie around the corners. I love how they fit on any size bed because you just angle the lock and tighten. It's a great product at a better price.


I've had a set of six of these on my long bed F-150 for at least 15 yrs. They are very strong and allow many different ways to tie your load down. This is a great design for a stake pocket anchor. I wish this design was available in stainless steel as my truck sits outside and these will rust if not covered or otherwise protected. I recently had to purchase a set of two in order to replace one anchor because I accidentally let the threaded flange fall down inside the bed body and couldn't retrieve it. Luckily, I was able to find these at etrailer. I highly recommend these anchors.

Terry O.


It has been a year since I installed the two new anchors and both are showing signs of rust. My old ones 16 yrs are very rusted but still very functional. I love this design and would buy a whole new set of six if they were stainless steel hint, hint. Otherwise, these rusted ones work just fine. Not pretty but neither is my truck. You never know, a new set of stainless anchors might just give me the incentive to give my truck a new coat of paint.


They work great but after 2 months on the truck they started to rust and continue to get worse

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


I do have a solution for you. I did do research and found that while the chrome plating does provide a layer of rust protection it isnt 100 percent rust proof. If the plating was damaged or developed minute cracks, then the steel underneath can rust which rises to the surface and from there grows. I would recommend using a rust-penetrating product like WD-40 Specialist Rust Release Penetrant Spray or PB B’laster Catalyst on the rust and then using a rag to take the rust off.


Product is built in a strong, useful way. Useful hooks and loops, however did not fit my truck properly. needed to modify part that clamps tie-downs in place in order to get them to fit stake pocket. Manufacturer indicated they fit my model and make.

Frank R.


It was OK except the rubber or plastic pads that were sent with the tie-down anchors changed the color of the paint on my truck! Directly under the pad the paint became a darker color. Doesnt look good at all. Otherwise the anchors were fine.


I ordered these to replace lost Bed Rail Hold Downs thus they didn't work as well as I hoped. I did think the quality was good however and if used as intended they would be great.


The Erickson Stake Pocket Tie-Down Anchors, are perfect for what I needed, VERY STRONG, extremely easy to install they work great for all my needs. I'm always needing to tie down stuff in the back of my truck, they work great with all types of applications from ropes, bungees to straps very happy with the this product. I would highly recommend these Tie-Down Anchors to my friends and family.
Great Job !!!
Tony M.


I got just what I wanted--I will note that if you
have a spray in bedliner it makes mounting
these somewhat tight



All 4 started to rustI have removed them


Very strong and attractive stake pocket tie down. Eliminate straps and use turnbuckles to hold down your camper, or other cargo. This three way tie gives you many more options of tie holds to hold even more cargo.

Best of the best.


Parts camed within a few days in great condition. Unscrew from package and make sure "pocket plate" has the bent ends facing up before inserting. Do not completely unscrew the assembly during installation-just run the "pocket plate" down as far as threading allows.
Make sure "pocket plate" is 90 degree's from top plate during install.
Tip the whole assembly down into the pocket so the bottom plate is below the top lip of the truck bed pocket, once inside hold assembly up while turning to tighten to keep the bottom plate from going out of 90 degree.
When tightening keep a eye on the truck bed sheet metal, the bottom plate can and will deform it if you tighten too much (I used a long pry bar for leverage).


I love the product. It was a big deal to get it installed. NOT the products fault or design. I own a 2008 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT. The stake holes were the problem. I tried to install one and it would lean to one side. I tried a different stake hole, the same problem. I decided to feel around in the hole. I found that the side facing out, the lip was 1/8 inch or less and would not let the brace go under there. I had to get up in the truck bed with a piece of round steel rod and put it in the hole and hit it with a hammer to drive the inside of the stake hole out so the brace would fit in right. Make sure to use a rag around the rod so it does not scratch the top of truck bed. Sorry no pictures available.


Nice product. Feels heavy and capable of doing the job it was designed for.


Bought for a 2013 Ford F150 Supercab. I drilled and used the existing stake pocket covers rather than the supplied rubber gaskets. They look fine.


Hooks created great tie down points. They are showing light surface rust, but from previous reviews I expected that. Very good overall product


Product was shipped promptly and received without damage. Installation was straight forward an and will hold so much better than my previous hold downs. I waxed the chrome top and bottom as well as oil the screw based on other feedback that they tend to rust. So far they appear to be a quality product.


These worked great for 1996 F150. Had to modify the the bracket that goes into the pocket for them to fit into the middle and front stake pocket. Nice look to the truck and seems very strong. I do wish they where made out of stainless steal.


Great product. Very quick delivery. Easy installation of very sturdy tie down anchors. I definitely recommend this product.


Tie down made well, heavy duty. Installed on trunk bed easily. Nice Chrome, look great. I believe these tie downs will hold up well.


needed an extra tie down on truck bed. Product looks nice installed. Not
sure about the 2000 pound rating.


I found these on line via a search engine and they are just what i was looking for-I ordered them a few days ago and they arrived today, so very fast shipping-


Hey these are great. Very fast turn around on the order. Easy to install. Keeps my 4-wheeler in the bed of truck right where I want it. They look good too! Thanks a bunch. A-1 Service.

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  • Can Ratchet Straps Be Used with Erickson Stake Pocket Tie-Down Anchors
    The issue with using a stake pocket mount tie down, such as # EM09085, with a ratchet strap is that you can over tighten a strap and cause the tie down to pull out with some force and it could damage the truck or hit someone. If you made it snug but did not try to ratchet it down as hard as you could then it would be fine. The only video we have on this product is the short review video linked for reference.
    view full answer...
  • Weight Capacity for the Erickson Stake Pocket Tie-Down Anchors # EM09085
    WLL stands for Working Load Limit. The Erickson Stake Pocket Tie-Down Anchors # EM09085 that you referenced have a 2,000 lb working load limit when used as a pair. Working load limit means the amount of weight it can secure continuously. Some have a break strength capacity listed as well that is typically quite a bit higher. For securing a 1,050 lb load these anchors would have more than enough capacity and would work well.
    view full answer...
  • Fit of Erickson Stake Pocket Anchor on 1995 GMC Pick Up
    The Erickson Stake Pocket Tie-Down Anchors you referenced, part # EM09085 are a universal-fit item that will fit many different vehicles, therefore, Erickson does not have any specific vehicle fit information. To determine if it will fit the stake pocket of your truck, measure the length and width of the stake pocket opening. The curved plate of the tie down is what actually holds the anchor in place against the underside of the stake pocket opening. The curved plate of the Stake Pocket...
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    Image 1 for
  • Would the Erickson Stake Pocket Tie-Down Anchors fit a 2008 Chevy, Silverado LT
    I spoke to my contact at Erickson and she could not confirm that the Erickson Stake Pocket Tie-Down Anchors # EM09085 would work on your 2008 Chevy Silverado, but she did give me some measurements for the # EM09085 for you to compare to the stake pockets of your vehicle to determine if these would fit. The top plate measures 2-1/4 inches by 3-3/8 inches and the arch plate that hooks into the stake pocket measures 1-1/2 inches by 2-1/2 inches. You will want to compare those measurements...
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  • What Size are the Bolts Used in the Erickson Stake Pocket Tie-Down Anchors # EM09085
    I went out to the warehouse and pulled the Erickson Stake Pocket Tie-Down Anchors, # EM09085, to measure the bolts. I used a set of digital calipers which I show in the video I also made for you. The bolts are 3/8 of an inch. This is good since the hole you already have is smaller and can be enlarged as needed. I would definitely wait to test them out in the holes first before making them any larger just to be on the safe side.
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  • Truck Bed Tie Downs for a 1993 Ford F-Series Pickup Truck
    I do have an option for you but I spoke with my contact at Erickson Manufacturing and they informed me that the Erickson Retractable Tie-Down Anchors for Truck Bed Stake Pockets part # EM01003 will not fit your 1993 Ford F-350. The best option I have for you is the Erickson Stake Pocket Tie-Down Anchors part # EM09085. Unfortunately, we do not have a set of stake pockets confirmed to fit your truck but we have had a customer with luck installing them on a similar 1992 Ford F-Series pickup...
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    Image 1 for
  • Stake Pocket Tie Down Recommendation for a 1977 FordF250
    Yes, we do carry a set of stake pocket tie down anchors that will work on your 1977 Ford F250. Check out the Erickson Stake Pocket Tie-Down Anchors # EM09085. These are a universal fit item, but as long as the length of your stake pockets are less than 2-1/2 inches this tie-down will work great for you.
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    Image 1 for
  • What Tie-Down Anchors will Work For 2018 Nissan Titan XD Stake Pockets
    I am unsure of the part that you are referring to, but the Erickson Stake Pocket Tie-Down Anchors - Chrome-Plated Steel - 2,000 lbs - Qty 2 # EM09085 is a universal fit that fits with most truck-bed stake pockets.
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  • Recommended Stake Pocket Tie Downs For 1992 Ford F-150
    I have another option but the ProGrip Retractable Tie-Down Anchors for Truck Bed Stake Pockets # 917-850760 you referenced are not confirmed to fit the stake pockets of your 1992 Ford F-150. I recommend the Erickson Stake Pocket Tie-Down Anchors # EM09085 as a customer was able to install them on his 1992 Ford F-150 with minor trimming to the anchor base plate. I included the picture of the Erickson # EM09085 installed on the customers 1992 F-150 for you to take a look at.
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    Image 1 for
  • Tie-Down Anchors for 2007 Dodge Dakota Carrying Pontoon Boat on Tonneau Cover
    The first thing you want to do is make sure your tonneau cover can handle the weight of your pontoon boat. Assuming it can, your best bet is the Erickson Stake Pocket Tie-Down Anchors # EM09085. These are a universal fit for most stake pockets. The top plate is 3-3/8" long x 2-1/4" wide and the arch plates are 2-1/2" long x 1-1/2" wide so you will want to compare that to your measurements.
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  • Can the Brophy D-Ring Tie Down Anchor Be Installed In a Truck Bed
    The Brophy D-Ring Tie Down Anchor part # DR01 do require drilling for installation, you'll need to drill a hole through the bed floor if you wish to use them in this application which I don't recommend. Instead, I recommend using a set of stake pocket mounted tie-downs like the Erickson Stake Pocket Tie-Down Anchors part # EM09085 which don't require any modifications.
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  • Recommended Tie Down Anchors For A 1997 Ford F-250
    When it comes to installing tie down anchors on your 1997 Ford F-250 I recommend The Erickson Stake Pocket Tie-Down Anchors - Chrome-Plated Steel - 2,000 pounds - Qty 2 # EM09085 will work with your vehicle. These tie down anchors have 3 different mounting holes and angles, and have a chrome-plated steel construction that resists corrosion and complements your truck's trim. This comes with 2 tie down anchors. I attached a review video link below.
    view full answer...
  • Camper Tie Downs that Attach to Stake Pockets
    I have a much better solution for you than the part # EM09085 as a camper tie down. The Brophy Camper Tie Downs, part # TDSF, you have referenced are a universal application. The hardware to mount the tie downs to the vehicle are included. These tie downs will fit campers up to 8 feet in length. If you have a larger camper I would recommend the Brophy Camper Tie Downs, part # HSSF which is a more heavy duty tie down. The tie downs wrap around the bed, not in the stake pockets, and...
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  • Recommended Stake Pocket Tie Downs to Allow Bolt Through Top
    The Replacement Stake Pocket Insert for Adarac Custom Truck Bed Ladder Rack # A70432 or the Erickson Stake Pocket Tie-Down Anchors # EM09085 are the most similar to what you are describing. I've linked the page to all of your options to assist. We also have the Replacement Rubber Block for Base Rail Installation of TracRac Sliding Ladder Racks # TARB-11032-1 along with the Replacement Hardware Kit for TracRac SR Ladder Rack Base Rails # TAHD-21000-A.
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