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BedRug Custom Truck Bed Mat - Bed Floor Cover for Trucks with Bare Beds or Spray-In Liners
FREE set of Weatherbeater Floor Liners with purchase of BedRug Classic Liner.

BedRug Custom Truck Bed Mat - Bed Floor Cover for Trucks with Bare Beds or Spray-In Liners

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Truck Bed Mats

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A BedRug truck-bed mat upgrades the floor of your vehicle bed to a 3/4" thick, slip-resistant, carpet-like surface that cushions and protects fragile loads, helps prevent skidding cargo and still offers a heavy-duty work surface for rugged use. Great Prices for the best truck bed mats from BedRug. BedRug Custom Truck Bed Mat - Bed Floor Cover for Trucks with Bare Beds or Spray-In Liners part number BMC19CCS can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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BedRug Truck Bed Mats

  • Carpet over Foam
  • Custom-Fit Mat
  • Bed Floor Protection
  • 3/4 Inch Thick
  • Bare Bed Trucks
  • Trucks w Spray-In Liners
  • BedRug

A BedRug truck-bed mat upgrades the floor of your vehicle bed to a 3/4" thick, slip-resistant, carpet-like surface that cushions and protects fragile loads, helps prevent skidding cargo and still offers a heavy-duty work surface for rugged use.


  • Cushions and protects the floor of your bed with a closed-cell foam polypropylene mat
    • Helps to safeguard fragile cargo like antiques, pet cages and electronics from bumps and shocks
    • Deters scratches and dents to your vehicle
    • Saves your knees: makes it more comfortable to kneel in your truck when unloading or working in the bed
  • Looks and feels like soft carpet but stands up to lumber, mulch, rock and other rugged loads - shovel away without tearing the surface
  • Helps to keep items from sliding around in the back of your truck
  • Repels liquids
    • Doesn't absorb water and resists stains and mildew - dries quickly
    • Stands up to oil, bleach and even battery acid
  • Cleans with ease - hose off, sweep or power wash
  • Installs easily using a hook-and-loop system similar to Velcro
    • Custom formed to your vehicle's bed for snug fit
    • No drilling or surface-prep sanding that scratches or damages the truck bed
    • Easily re-install any factory tie-down anchors through the liner or cut small slits to fit around them
  • Optional tailgate mat available (BMQ99TG - sold separately)
  • Made in the USA


  • Application: bare truck beds or those with spray-on liners
    • Will not fit trucks with existing drop-in liners
    • Does not cover the sides, wheel wells or tailgate of your truck bed
  • Thickness: 3/4"
  • Limited lifetime warranty

The BedRug truck-bed mat protects your fragile cargo and the floor of your vehicle's bed from life's bumpy roads. An economical alternative to a full-coverage BedRug, the BedRug mat cushions the truck-bed floor to help protect furniture, pet kennels, electronics and other breakable or sensitive loads. The non-slip surface helps to keep items from skidding around in your truck bed and suffering damage. Sliding cargo can also cause an uneven distribution of weight in the back of your truck. Steering and braking are more difficult if the load in your truck bed isn't evenly distributed. The BedRug helps to keep your load where you put it, giving you better control of your truck. The soft padding is also friendly to your knees when you're working in your truck bed or crawling around under your camper shell.

The BedRug works as hard as it plays. You can haul concrete, gravel, lumber, mulch and more without harming your BedRug mat. Its UV-resistant surface can stand up to shoveling and other heavy-duty use. It even resists battery acid, oil and bleach.

BedRug doesn't absorb liquids - water runs right off the waterproof foam - so you can hose it off, let it dry and sit in it later for your tailgate BBQ. It also resists mildew and won't stain.

BedRug Mat installation using hook and loop system like Velcro

The BedRug mat's customized fit and simple, do-it-yourself installation give you a smooth, snug mat for the bottom of your vehicle's bed. The BedRug installs quickly over your bare truck bed or spray-on liner using hook-and-loop strips similar to Velcro.

Pickup with BedRug Mat showing tailgate section over bare bed or spray on liner

You can also get a tailgate mat (sold separately) that adds extra cushioning for your knees as you unload or work on a project in the truck bed.
This mat is perfect for people who use their truck on the job and for fun. It lets you use your truck bed as padded seating at the beach or as safe transport for your antiques and collectibles. Pets love the soft lounging surface, and their scratching won't damage it. Haul a load of lumber in the morning and then spread out a sleeping bag at night for some truck-bed stargazing.

How BedRug Mat Compares to Rubber Mats

The BedRug mat offers a slip-resistant, cushioned surface for the floor of your truck bed that helps to protect whatever haul. Rubber mats don't offer the same level of shock absorption and skid prevention for your load, and they can also crack and fade, suffering the wear and tear of normal use. BedRug mats stand up to heavy-duty use without the surface degrading. Furthermore, thinner rubber mats aren't as comfortable when you're sitting or kneeling in the back of your truck. BedRug's 3/4" thick, carpet-like surface provides comfortable cushioning for everything you carry.

BMC19CCS Bed Rug Truck Bed Mat - Fits Over Spray On Liner or Non Liner

Item # BMC19CCS

This Product Fits The Following Vehicles

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Video of BedRug Custom Truck Bed Mat - Bed Floor Cover for Trucks with Bare Beds or Spray-In Liners

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for BedRug Custom Truck Bed Mat Installation - 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Connor: Hey guys. Connor here at Today, we're going to be taking a look at the bedrug custom bed mat for our 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500,Now, our truck bed mat here is going to be a custom fit for our Chevy Silverado. If we take a look around the outside parameter, we'll see it has a nice and tight fit to the edges of the bed wall. Now what I found particularly useful about this truck bed is the three quarter inch foam padding, which is really going to save our knees when we're climbing in and out of the truck bed. It's also going to help protect some more of our valuable cargo, if we have any glass that we need to haul, or any pet cages or things of that nature.So if we take a look on the underside of the bed mat here we say we have these sort of indentations that align with the channels in our truck bed.

Now these are going to be through each of the channels and it's essentially going to give us a nice and flat surface. We don't have to worry about the bed mat being wavy or dipping down into these pockets here.So another nice feature I really like about this truck bed mat is that it's water repellent, meaning we don't have to worry about water absorbing into the cover, staying there and creating any mold or mildew issues over time. Now, this is going to hold true for other chemicals such as oils or other liquids of that nature. However, ideally we will be pairing this with the tonneau cover so you can really keep the truck bed clean and free of any dirt and debris. We sell a bunch of these here at etrailer.So as far as installation goes, this is going to be super simple.

It's definitely going to be something you can do at your home by yourself because there's no special tools required or anything like that.Now what I do recommend is after you've gotten the cover out of the box, you want to sort of lay it out in the truck bed and then you want to place some weights on all four corners so that way you can sort of help unroll it and fit it better to the shape of your truck bed. We want to let that sit for a couple of hours, just so cover sort of flattens out, has a better fit.Now something I do want to note, which could or could not be an issue depending on where you live and what sort of climate you're in, is the temperature that we need to install this bed mat. The manufacturer recommends 68 degrees and this is going to allow for proper adhesion of our hook and loop fasteners. However, if you do live in a climate where it's going to be lower or higher than that, you can always bring the truck inside until it gets up to temperature.So now that we've gone over some of the features, let's show you how to install this yourself. To start our installation today, we want to take our bed mat out of the box.

We want to try to lay on our bed as flat as possible. We have our tailgate down here just to give us a little bit more room to work. We don't need to worry about setting it into position right now, but we do need to unroll it as much as we can so we can access these hook and loop fasteners here on the underside of the cover.Now, included in the kit, we have two hook fasteners here and these are going to attach to the loop fasteners sewn into the bottom of the cover here. So our first step is to align both of these hook and loop fasteners on either side of the bed mat. We're just going to simply take one strip here and try to lock it into place with the corresponding strip on the bottom of the mat here, and once we have it on there, we want to go ahead and push it to make sure the hook and loop fasteners are locked into place.

Now. We can move on and do this for the other side.And now that we have the hook and loop fasteners attached on both sides in the channels here, the next step is going to be to set the bed mat into position in our truck bed. Now we do need to pay close attention to which side you have facing which direction because this is going to matter.If we take a look here, We see we have some smaller wings on the front and some larger wings on the back. These smaller wings are going to be up towards the cab, whereas the larger wings are going to be towards the tailgate. However, it should make sense and it should fit into position pretty well, once you get everything lined up.And now that we know how our bed mat needs to be installed, we can go ahead and loosely set it in place. We might have to press it down just to avoid these cargo hooks here on either side, but again, it should sort of sit in position where it needs to go.And now that we have our bed mat in place, the next step is going to be to clean the channels here. That way we get good adhesion with our hook and loop fasteners. Now I've found the easiest way to do this is to take some sort of marker tape, anything we have on hand, and mark the location of the channels that we need to clean. So once we have a piece of tape here, we're going to want to simply just pull our bed mat up and find the channel that aligns with the hook and loop fasteners. So that's going to be right here for this side. And we can just place our tape down there, and then we can get another piece of tape for the other side. And again, pull the bed mat up so we can see which channel corresponds to our who can loop fastener. It's going to be this one right here. And now we can remove the cover and begin to prep our surface.Now, if our truck has a spray in bed liner, which you can see we do here, the next process is going to be to take a piece of sandpaper or steel wool and we're going to want to scuff this channel here that we marked out previously. Now this is going to help the hook and loop fasteners adhere to the truck bed surface better. However, if you just have a painted truck bed, you can skip this step.So we're going to want to do this all the way from the cab down to the tailgate and we need to repeat that process on the other side as well using our marker that we used earlier.Now, once we scuffed up our two channels we've marked out earlier in our truck bed here, the next step is going to be to take a soapy water solution and we're going to want to clean these channels down to get all the scuff and dirt and debris that we just created earlier.So using the two channels you marked, go ahead and spray these down. And once those are both sprayed down, we can go ahead and take a rag or a towel and just give those a good wipe down and then we're going to let them dry.So our last step here, now once we have these channels cleaned, we have the surface scuffed up, is going to be to apply this adhesion promoter. However, this is only going to be needed if we have a spray in bed liner. If we have a metal truck bed, then we can install the cover after we have our surfaces cleaned and prepped.So now that we've applied our adhesion promoter, the next thing we're going to do is give it some time to dry and then once it's dry, you can go ahead and set our truck bed mat into place and then we can peel off the backing tape on the hook and loop fasteners.So we're going to do this one side at a time and once we have the backing tape off we can go ahead and lay it, make sure it aligns with the channel we've marked out earlier, and once it's flat and into position, we want to make sure it's aligned properly front to back, and then we can just go ahead and start pressing down on this channel here till we get good adhesion. Now I've found it easiest to just sort of use your knee and your hands and work your way up at this center line. If you're not sure if you're on the right channel. You can also sort of vaguely see these two little lines here for the threads on the back of the strips. That's going to help us make sure we're pressing in the right location.Now we can work our way over to the other side and we can peel the backing sticker off of the hook and loop fastener. Once we have that removed, we can press it down and then just sort of work our way front to back, pressing firmly on the bed mat to making sure it secures itself to the truck bed floor.So now that we have everything in place, we have our adhesion down, we can go ahead and remove our stickers that we use to mark the channels.Now that we have everything installed, that's going to do it today for our bed rug custom bed mat for our 2019 Chevy Silverado.

Customer Reviews

BedRug Custom Truck Bed Mat - Bed Floor Cover for Trucks with Bare Beds or Spray-In Liners - BMC19CCS

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (4 Customer Reviews)

A BedRug truck-bed mat upgrades the floor of your vehicle bed to a 3/4" thick, slip-resistant, carpet-like surface that cushions and protects fragile loads, helps prevent skidding cargo and still offers a heavy-duty work surface for rugged use.

2020 GMC Sierra 1500

4 stars, good quality product and packaging. Installed by myself in 1 hour. Fit and finish are very high quality.

However...the drain hoses for the canister are both 3" too short to reach the drain holes in the bed. And even if they were long enough, the hoses are too big to fit through the drain holes. So now I have to bodge together some sort of clamped-on extension so the canister drains properly.


Nice enough. They keep the bicycles from getting scratched.


This is the first BedRug I have owned and I would buy one again. I enjoy having it.

2021 Chevrolet Silverado

Excellent product and fast shipping, excellent communication. Everything was as described. Put in my 2021 Silverado.


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