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Tailgate EasyLift - Remove 80 Percent of the Tailgate's Weight!

Hopkins Tailgate

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Hopkins Tailgate - 74211

Relieve strain while lifting your tailgate with this easy-to-install torsion bar. The bar installs between the truck bed and tailgate, allowing it to work with truck toppers, and even spray-on and plastic bedliners. You will be able to lift your tailgate with ease as the torsion bar reduced 30 to 40 pounds of weight to just 4 to 7 pounds.

Tailgate EasyLift

Significantly reduce the weight of your tailgate with this torsion bar. This item allows you to easily lift and lower your tailgate, providing the convenience of not having to set down your tools, groceries, sports equipment or picnic basket just to access the truck bed. Ideal for any truck user such as contractors, mechanics, and craftsmen.

  • Easily installed in 20 minutes between your tailgate and truck bed
  • Works with truck toppers, spray-on and plastic bed liners
  • Reduces the weight of the tailgate from 30-40 lbs to 4-7 lbs
  • Drilling required for installation
  • Manufactured of hardened spring steel

Product Detail

Product Detail

Product Detail

Product Detail

EASYLIFT Tailgate EasyLift - Remove 80 Percent of the Tailgate's Weight!

EASYLIFT Tailgate EasyLift - Remove 80 Percent of the Tailgate's Weight!

Video of Tailgate EasyLift - Remove 80 Percent of the Tailgate's Weight!

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Hoppy Tailgate EasyLift Review

Today we are going to show you part number 74211 from Hoppy. This is Hoppys Tailgate EasyLift. What this is, is a device that actually takes the weight off the tailgate and makes it easier to lift up and down. In most cases it will take up to 80 percent of the weight of the tailgate off your hands. It is actually pretty easy to install. As soon as you open it up you can see the instructions on what to do to install it. Basically you only have to drill two holes. One gets drilled into the tailgate itself and the other gets drilled into the truck bed itself. Most of the time on a tailgate you take two arms and you have got to really kind of push and shove it up in there. With the EasyLift it actually does not require that much effort at all. You can do it easily one-handed while probably carrying something in that arm, too. And also, when you let it down, it does not really flop down all that hard it actually has a controlled descent. And again, it just makes it smooth going up into the bed when you close it. And there you have it for part number 74211 from Hoppy, the Tailgate EasyLift.

This Product Fits The Following Vehicles

2002 - 2002 Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 Series

2002 - 2009 Dodge Ram Pickup 2500 and 3500 Series

1991 - 2000 Ford F-150 All Models

1997 - 1999 Ford F-150 and F-250 Light Duty All Models

2004 - 2004 Ford F-150 Heritage Series All Models

1999 - 2007 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty All Models

1994 - 2008 Dodge Ram Pickup All Models

1999 - 2006 GMC Sierra All Models

2007 - 2007 GMC Sierra Classic All Models

1999 - 2006 Chevrolet Silverado All Models

2007 - 2007 Chevrolet Silverado Classic All Models

2004 - 2006 Toyota Tundra All Models

2001 - 2003 Ford F-150 All Models, excluding SuperCrew

1988 - 2000 Chevrolet C/K Series Pickup excluding stepside bed

1988 - 2000 GMC C/K Series Pickup excluding stepside bed

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Customer Reviews

Tailgate EasyLift - Remove 80 Percent of the Tailgate's Weight! - 74211

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (156 Customer Reviews)

- 74211

by: Billy S01/28/2015

I had two problems doing the install of your EasyLift my 2006 Silverado . 1) The directions say to lay the template on a flat surface, so I put it on the lip of the tailgate and the hole too low. I read the instructions again and saw where it said to put it above the pivot and the second hole lined up correctly. This was mostly my fault because I didn't pick up on the template having to be "Above" the pivot but there the only flat surface is the side of the body. 2) After getting hole "A" in the right place, since the hole and rod are both round, the rod's bend would not let it hang down behind the pivot. Not a big deal as I put an old bolt in the hole and hit it with a hammer to make the bottom of the hole concave and the top convex and the rod then laid flat against the truck. This may have been something I did wrong but I think it would be the same problem on any installation. The hole in the tail gate would have required the same fix except that the tail gate material is thinner and bent in when we installed the tail gate. The EasyLift does work and does make a huge difference and is well worth the money. The only con I have is that it does take two people to install the tailgate and will take two to remove it if I need to. I saw a question about using the EasyLift along with a DeZee Tailgate Assist. I had a DeZee assist on my truck and love it because it keeps the tail gate from slamming if you don't hold on to it while opening. The EasyLift makes opening and closing the tailgate a dream but with the DeZee assist it opens without having to hold the tailgate. Had I seen and installed a EasyLift before I found the DeZee, I doubt I would have brought the DeZee but they do work fine together. The DeZee install was not a drop in either and required some modifications to fit. The EasyLift works great for a 69 year old like myself but will save a lot of wear and tear on both young and old people who love their trucks. I can't count the number of times I've opened and closed my tail gate and grunted because of the weight. With the EasyLift there is no Grunting, only an occasional "Darn" why did I slam the tailgate? The reason is because the EasyLift makes it so easy and light. Thanks for a great product! 171520

- 74211

by: keith08/24/2011

The Tailgate EasyLift is a piece of 3/8 diameter rod with a number of bends and hardened into a torsion bar. During instalation I could not get the tailgate re-installed into the correct location to be able to close, and was forcing it toward the left when it snapped (broke). I took pictures, wrote a letter and returned the pieces (return shipping was much more than what I paid to receive it), per their warrantee policy. I gave them my phone number and email address but never heard from them until I received a new one in the mail without any letter. As my son and I tried to install it, we concluded there was NO ROOM to get the torsion bar BEHIND the tailgate pivot (where the instructions said it needed to go). We also saw that the instructions said it fit Chevy thru 2006 (and 2007 Classic). But my truck (2007) was not a Classic. We decided, if we could make room for the torsion bar BEHIND the tailgate pivot, it would work. After removing the left pivot from the truck (2 large torx screws) I machined clearance behind it in the pivot, for the 3/8 diameter torsion bar. With the bar in place and my son pushing it forward while I re-installed the tailgate pivot, the torsion bar was in the correct location. Now we could put the tailgate on the torsion bar, per the instructions and it all worked ok. It is much easier to lift the tailgate. It lowers a little slower than stock (though still drops harder than ideal). You could use a hand grinder to re-configure the pivot, or MAYBE position the hole so the torsion bar would be farther to the right and not need to go BEHIND the pivot. I am happy with the unit and how it works. A am happy with the companys service to me, to replace the unit. But the installation was MUCH harder than a novice could do and the fact it was not made to fit my truck was not clear in the ads. So I only rated it a "4". 22629

- 74211

by: Bill OD02/13/2014

Delivery was delayed by awful weather in the mid-west, arrived this past Monday. I was able to install the torsion bar gate lift alone yesterday. The installation was straight forward with the excellent instruction that accompanied the bar. Getting the gate on the bar and properly aligned was a little tricky but slow deliberate moves gave good results. As a 77 year old, I made myself proud. The tail gate feels much lighter and can definitely be closed with one hand, my wife can even close it single handled. I highly recommend this product. 116485


Happy to say that the tail gate lift is still working just fine. It makes my life much easier on a daily basis. Im sorry that I waited so long before buying it.Thanks again for a wonderful product.

Bill O - 02/13/2015


- 74211

by: Bill N03/21/2014

I installed the ordered EasyLift # 74211 today on my old 1988 Chevy 1500 with out any problems at all. Just followed the printed instructions, and view the photos when drilling the two holes. In addition to using the cardboard guide, I also placed the medal rod into drilled hole "A",next to the tailgate to be sure that hole "B" was being drilled in the correct place. It was on the mark! Since I'm 83-years old I had my adult son help me lift the tailgate. No one should attemp this instullation without some help. When installed, the end of the tailgate is now about 1/2-inch higher then before, but that is not a problem. Very good product! 121661


Great, Id hate to be without the lift on my PUs tailgate!

Bill N - 03/21/2015


- 74211

by: Daniel S.01/22/2015

I have seen this product for a number of years and finally got around to buying one. Excellent product. I can't tell you it takes 80% of the weight of the tailgate, but what I can tell you it makes a HUGE difference in the amount of effort to raise and lower the tailgate. My wife can now easily operate the tailgate with 1 hand. I am glad I made the purchase and did not put it off as I did previously. You definately need a helper on this one. I'm 6'2" 250 and had no problem getting the tailgate off my F250 off. Trying to install this by youself would be very difficult. I highly recommend this product. One note: If I installed this correctly on a 2006 F250 you need to remove the tail light to remove the bolts holding the rubber tailgate stop to drill the hole in the back of the truck. 170817

- 74211

by: Rick B.01/25/2014

The Tailgate EasyLift works great. I can now lower the tailgate on my 2008 Dodge Ram 2500, with one hand easily, and it closes just as easy. However, the installation directions could be better. The holes should be oblonged for easier installation of the torsion bar. Be very careful when marking the places to drill the holes. Double check the positioning using the torsion bar to insure proper placement. Most of all, have help to position the tailgate, you really have to move it around to get it on the bar. 114720


The Tailgate Easylift stills works great. I have had several friends look into installing one on their trucks.

Rick B - 01/25/2015


- 74211

by: jimmyB08/05/2014

I measured the weight of the tailgate on my 2004 Tundra with a bathroom scale. Before weight was 29.8 and after installing the EasyLift it is 16.4. That may not sounds like a lot but the difference operating it is absolutely amazing! I have a good friend who has some physical limitations. He could not operate the tailgate on his 2002 Tundra. I got him an EasyLift. After installing it he can now open and close his tailgate with ease. I wish I had taken a picture of his happy smile the first time he used it. Installation is easy and takes about 10-15 minutes. DO NOT TRY TO INSTALL THIS BY YOURSELF (I know this from experience). Double check the position of the hole in the tailgate before you drill. I put the Easy Lift in the vertical post and may sure it lined up with the hole in the tailgate. I am so thankful I found this product! 144344

- 74211

by: Tailgate Easy lift06/02/2014

This product has totally lived up to its claims..I'm still caught off guard by the change in opening and closing my tailgate.. Awesome, inexpensive, easy to install product. 133880


I still believe this is the best twenty dollars I have spent in a good while. My truck is my office. My pickup bed is my shop. My tailgate is my workbench. It gets opened and closed five to twenty five times per day, and with one hand! Thank you for a great product at a great price. Now thats value! I appreciate the follow up. Thanks again

Tailgate E - 06/03/2015


- 74211

by: Greg V.06/02/2011

Amazing.... Takes about 10-15 minutes to install. When I told my wife I was purchasing this item along with the mirror extensions she questioned the need for the Easy Tailgate Lift. She said our tailgate wasn't heavy or hard for her to open or close. After I installed the lift she was totally amazed at how much easier she could open and close the tailgate. One hand is all that's needed. Every item we've purchased from etrailer.com has been over and above our expectations. I'll be searching the website for more unique products. 15925


Very nice, but probably not 80 of the load RAM 1500. Installed I measured about 12 lbs. to lift. Did not measure the weight pre-installation, but I would guess it to be about twice that. Obviously it depends on the weight of your tailgate. One caveat: do not drill hole B without replacing the tailgate with bar in place to mark the hole location the template was not accurate off by nearly an inch. If you dont do this, you likely will have more than one hole in your tailgate.

comment by: Mike - 12/20/2013


Thanks for the feedback and good information. We will pass it along to Hopkins.

Patrick B - 12/23/2013

- 74211

by: Mitch M02/21/2014

HI, got your Tailgate EasyLift installed today.... great product, easy and straight forward installation.... but a second pair of hands is a must.The template, and instructions are easy to understand and use.. The weight of the tailgate now compared to before is unbeliveable..... whoever came up with this product gets a big thumbs up.... 117182


One year later and this product is still working as advertised.... I see no reason why it wont last forever...Everyone who sees it wants one... Mitch

Mitch M - 02/21/2015


- 74211

by: Hugh E.02/24/2014

Even though the instructions says two people to install this, it was only me at home. I took only about 15 minutes to install. It is like 95% easier to open and close than it was. It took me three months to talk myself into buying it, I sure wish i had purchased it a lot quicker. 117298


My product is working fine, love it and am so glad that i purchased it. You should see peoples faces when they open or close the tail gate. They are amazed at the ease of operation.

Hugh E - 02/24/2015


- 74211

by: Larry08/16/2013

The EasyLift was very easy to install, it does require two people. Instructions were easy to follow, but pay attention to where the hole is drilled in the tailgate. I had to drill a second hole about 1 1/2 inches left of where the directions said to drill it. Other than that, it was an easy installation. Also, the product works, I should have bought one 10 years ago when I bought the truck... 95369


Yes, the product does every thing I expected.

Larry - 08/19/2014


- 74211

by: Jim T12/06/2013

This product lives up to it's claim as the video says. I had the help of my friend . Two people can do this but 3 is better especially when it comes time to put the bottom end of the torsion bar into the bottom hole (B) into the tailgate. I can lower and lift the tailgate with 1 finger. 109431


Ive had this for a year now, and it performs as good as the first day.

Jim T - 12/06/2014


- 74211

by: Mitch in Florida09/16/2013

Truck came with one, and I broke it. Went to E-Trailer and found this one. Exact replacement. took 5 minutes to install. GMC dealer wanted $100 for the replacement. 100063


Thanks for following up. Great customer service. Wish more companies held the standard. The part has work great no problems. Several friends are amazed at how easy my tailgate is to lift.

Mitch i - 09/17/2014


- 74211

by: Billy Q.09/25/2014

Works Great ! Put it on my 1995 Dodge 3500 Dually,my wife can open it with ease now ! 153045


Still working great! So easy to open my tailgate now!

Billy Q - 09/25/2015


- 74211

by: Bill D06/20/2014

I purchase a tailgate Easy lift for my truck installed was easy, my son-in law liked the item ordered him one and his installation was easy and fast they work great. Nice to lift tailgate with one finger. 136698


Still like new, works great dont know why this is not standard on all new trucks

Bill D - 06/20/2015


- 74211

by: Henry M08/05/2009

WOW, my liftgate is so light! I have been researching this product on the web for awhile, and finally decided to get it. Now I regret not getting it earlier. My 03 Dodge Ram's tailgate was very heavy and I was tired of dropping it. The product did exactly as advertised. Installation was fairly simple as long as you measure accurately. The hard part was remounting the tailgate with the spring onto the bed. I did this by myself but would definitely recommend a helper. After installation, I noticed that the drilled holes bent in the direction of the bar. I assume this is normal. All the ore important to place the holes accurately. I mocked up the spring with the tailgate before drilling. I did put primer on the drilled holes to prevent future rust. Hope that works. 2213

- 74211

by: Jim H07/07/2012

This device absolutely does what it is designed to do. I can't believe how light the tailgate is now on my 04 Dodge 2500. Make SURE to follow the template carefully for the hole that gets drilled in the tailgate. I thought I was smarter and drilled the hole wrong the first time. I forgot about the fact that the hole needs to be where the second bump in the bar is located. Once i drilled it in the right place, it works great. This job definitely requires two people to handle the tailgate. Three might have been better for getting the rod started in the tailgate hole. I am recommending this to all my friends with pickups. Much better than the coil spring and/or gas shock devices, plus it is costs less and is completely out of the way. 47058

- 74211

by: Gary H01/02/2012

just follow the easy instructions, along with the required helper. On my 010 Dodge ram it actually is a bit too strong. I suspect it will relax as I use it. All in all, a good product 28996


Is your Dodge a 2010 or 2001? Specs say it wont work on 2009 and newer Ram 1500 because of the internal structure of the tailgate. But if yours is a 2010 and it works Im going to try it. Sounds like just what I need.

comment by: Bobbie A - 01/22/2013


I have sent an email to the original reviewer to see if he has anything to add.

Patrick B - 2/4/2013


I have a 2010 2500 ram. I installed per instructions and it works flawlessly. You need two people to lift, position and re-install the tailgate once the spring is installed.The only drawback, if any is the tailgate does not fully down. The spring has enough tension to keep it up slightly. If the gate were 20 pounds heavier, it would fully .

comment by: Gary H - 02/04/2013


Thanks for added feedback! It is appreciated.

Patrick B - 2/14/2013

- 74211

by: Mike M.08/08/2014

EasyLift was delivered promptly and was just as expected. Easily installed it makes opening and closing the tailgate so much easier. Thanks etrailer and easylift. 145318


Still love it, works flawlessly and makes life much easier.

Mike M - 08/13/2015


- 74211

by: DON M.01/28/2014



it work great. does everything they said it would do. i am very glad i bought it. it akes a lot of pressure off your hands when closing the tailgate.

DON M - 01/28/2015


- 74211

by: Bob Thompson03/30/2015

Hopkins #74211, 2000 GMC sierra 1/2 T. I had one question answered well by C. Jameson, your tech, to clarify placement of the bar before starting installation. Then all went well with the included instructions on the template. No problems, but will add one note, which actually does show on the instructions; To get the tailgate placed exactly on the angle section of the horizontal bar you have to turn the tailgate at least to a 45% angle, maybe slightly more and hold the bar in place while reinstalling the tailgate. Such a simple engineered bar that actually does what is advertised. Wow! what a difference. Two finger operation is completely correct! Thanks much, e-trailer. Bob 181547

- 74211

by: Doug M.06/06/2013

I have a 2007 Dodge 3/4 ton pickup that I use for a weekly delivery service. They have one of the heaviest tailgates in the industry. In 2009 I installed a Tailgate EasyLift. After literally 1000's of up and down cycles, it broke. I ordered another from etrailer and it fit the original holes perfectly. I'm back to closing the tailgate with 4 fingers again. What a joy! BTW, have someone help you. 83538


Does the bar pinch between the lower lip on your tailgate and the bed of your truck? I followed the instructions and I believe the instructions had me drill to low. Im referring to point A where you drill above the pivot. Ram 2500 2007

comment by: Bill - 11/04/2013


- 74211

by: Thomas D.07/09/2015

That torsion bar aka tailgate lift assist is an absolute jewel! I got the package asap and had it in the truck in less than 30 minutes. This thing really works. I can lift and close my tailgate now with a single finger, literally. I also installed the tailgate lower assist unit which I got from e-trailer too and it also really works. I can release the tailgate and turn it loose and it takes about 7 seconds to slowly lower itself. Between the two items from E-trailer I installed on my Dodge Ram tailgate I no longer am pained by my arthritis raising and lowering the tailgate. Whoever came up with these ideas should get a raise. 210664

- 74211

by: Scott S.05/30/2013

I put this on my 2007 Dodge Ram and I was amazed at how well it worked. I can now lift my tailgate with one finger. The installation instructions were simple and easy to follow. However, you need at least two people, maybe even three people to install the heavy tailgate onto the torsion bar. But once you've got it on, you'll be amazed. I would highly recommend this product to anyone. I'm already telling all of my friends. In fact, I've been accused of being a salesman because of my high recommendations. But I'm not a salesman, just a very satisfied consumer. You will not be disappointed! 82496

- 74211

by: David Fitz04/30/2015

I followed the instructions. Double checked all measurements. By the way this is not easy to install. Getting the tailgate remounted is tedious and took the two of us 45 minutes. Imagine doing this each time you want to take off your tailgate. Seemed to work fine at first but the hole you drill in the bed quickly deformed and stretched making an ugly jagged hole. This of course meant it no longer worked well. I have removed it and will not be reinstalling. Just need to figure out how to patch the hole in my truck. 188871

- 74211

by: John Jacobs04/01/2014

This is a great product for an excellent price! However, drill your hole for mounting spot A then install the tortion bar into A location and mark your point B for drilling in your tailgate. The template does not line up. The template was over an inch out of line for my application (2004-05 GMC Sierra HD) I'm glad I tested this first as it kept me from drilling two holes in the tailgate. The end result is most excellent and makes it so easy to open and close tailgate with one finger!!!! 123154

- 74211

by: jvjranch01/10/2008

Also give a security factor Don't try this installation with out some assistance. Instructions say one person/friend for help, I recommend two. Lightens the weight of the tailgate greatly. Also adds to the security of anyone stealing the tailgate off of your truck due to the manner of how it is installed. Recommend this product, if nothing else your friend will be amazed at how light the tailgate feels on your truck. This was installed on an 06 Ford F-250 Superduty. 562

- 74211

by: Bob M12/05/2014

The instructions were very detailed and made it easy. Be sure to have another strong person to help with lifting the tailgate, especially when you need to turn it 90° to get it on the right stop of the rod. Works like a dream. Will worth the money I paid for it. 163457

- 74211

by: Chuck C.07/18/2013

This was the fourth one of these I've bought! I bought one for my '02 Ram 1500, one for my Dad's '97 F-250HD, even though it's not listed on the fit chart, one for my '08 Ram 1500, and now this one again for my Dad's truck. He lent the truck out and they needed to remove the tailgate, somehow they broke the spring. My Dad called the next day asking where I got it, and would I please get another! Great product, nice price, and easy installation. Thanks! 90292

- 74211

by: Scott S.12/16/2014

I was pleasantly surprised to receive the product within 3 days of ordering it. Had a minor problem installing the tailgate lift but once I got phone-assisted advise from the manufacturer's tech: Gary, the installation was a snap. It's a great product; I wish I had gotten it years earlier. I have a 2005 Toyota Tundra. The product delivers what it promises. The proof is that my 75-year-old mother can now lift my tailgate with one finger. 165714

- 74211

by: Lonnie W.04/08/2011

I recieved this product and installed it right away. It works great. I have purchased the other type of tailgate assist before and they ended up failing in short order. This thing is so simple yet so effective and there is not much to fail. I have a Dodge Ram 2500 and the tailgate is very heavy. This assist makes it feel like nothing both going down and back up. I recomend it to anyone who would like their tailgate to feel weightless. 11329

- 74211

by: Kent M.08/17/2010

An uplifting idea Excellent product. Does exactly what it says it will do. Definitely have a helper to reinstall the gate. The video here is a bit misleading. The template should not be placed on the truck bed to establish the "A" hole (the one that goes in the truck body). It needs to be placed even with the top of the pivot point, which is quite a bit lower than the truck bed (at least on my F-150). 3359

- 74211

by: Avalanche guy10/28/2013

I used the kit for 99-07 Silverado for my 02 Avalanche. There is no write up for Avalanche model but it's almost no brainer. Made the heavy tailgate a lightweight! A write up instruction could have made my life much easier. There was two inner rear end panels that you would try to slide the spring bar into a hole. The quarter panel cladding should be removed prior to installing the spring bar. 105537


A write-up is not available for the Avalanche because the manufacturer does not recommend the product for the Avalanche. The Avalanche tail gate is heavier than the SilveradoSierra gate for 99-07 Classic. The EasyLift may not have the intended performance and life-span with Avalanche tail gate.

Patrick B - 11/01/2013


- 74211

by: Rich N.08/11/2014

I received the Tailgate EasyLift promptly and installed it with my buddy in under 30 minutes. 2007 Ford F250. One note, I had to remove the left tail light to allow the removal of the black rubber bumper stop. It is held in place by two bolts. It needs to be removed to allow for the drilling. This is an inexpensive upgrade and easy to install. It makes such a difference. No kidding, 80% lighter. 146143

- 74211

by: Bob W.05/11/2012

We installed this on my friend's truck, all while we were doing it razzing him about it not going to work......well he got the last laugh...this thing is great. I went home that night and ordered one. My truck is a 3500 Dodge Ram 4WD and the tailgate is heavy enough so that my wife could not lift it...now she can close it with one hand. If you have a heavy tailgate...this is what you need!!! 40058

- 74211

by: Tailgate EZ Lift01/03/2013

I own 3 Chevy Avalanches and I've installed this on all 3 of them. Love this product. The transaction from etrailer was simply amazing. Great service,follow up and super fast shipping. Can't wait to browse their site to see what else I may want to buy from them. 62387


The avalanche is not listed can you tell me what year you have used this on and did you just go by silverado instructions?

comment by: Rodney - 10/08/2013


Remember, the Avalanche tailgates are heavier than what is on the Silverado so the EZ Lift will not perform as advertised. We have sent an email to the original reviewer about your question. If he has any information to add, it will appear here with the original review.

Patrick B - 10/18/2013

- 74211

by: Bill H02/27/2015

Being at the age of bad shoulders, back, and so on it became very difficult to lift the tailgate on my 2004 Dodge 1500. With some assistance from my friend and following the detailed instructions We were able to install the Tailgate EasyLift bar in about an hour.. Now I can lift the tailgate with one hand and not do any more damage to my body. I highly recommend this product. 176415

- 74211

by: Chris12/07/2011

Followed the installation instructions on the packaging, and went on no problem. There are some Youtube videos as well. Took most of the load off my Nissan Titan tailgate. When my wife was unloading things out of the bed after the install, she came back and said "Whatever you did to the truck worked. I was ready to use 2 hands to lower the tailgate but it was really light." 27867

- 74211

by: A.H.02/10/2015

Good product. Performs as advertised. Read instructions thoroughly. They are not the best. Template is questionable. For Hole "b" use the template even if you think it is wrong. Hole "a" was the disappointment. Product is exposed below the tailgate when closed when drilling by the template. I have not corrected/changed as the product works and I don't want more holes. 173186

- 74211

by: BigRon12/30/2014

I read the reviews when I bought this item and several reviews said the template dimensions are wrong for the hole in the bottom of the tailgate. Well after assembling this tailgate assist I couldn't agree more. The template dimension was off by 2", I measured and re-drilled and it works great. Well worth the money, you just need to re-engineer the template. 167274

- 74211

by: Dan09/23/2014

The tailgate easylift arrived quickly and the instructions were easy to follow. I was able to install it myself but it would have been a lot easier with two like the instruction recommends. The lift works great. I have shown it to a few friends and they are going to order one for there truck as well. All in all this is a great product. 152605

- 74211

by: Glenn A03/16/2012

This is the second truck I've owned, and the second EasyLift I've purchased. I love it. My tailgate can easily be opened and closed with one hand, even by my wife! Everyone with a tailgate should have one! I couldn't be happier! Also, the service, price, communications, and speed of shipping for etrailer.com can't be beat! Thanks! 34155

- 74211

by: Rob09/02/2014

What a great product! My 3/4 T tailgate seems to weigh just that! But not anymore! Great instructions and great pictures, drill two holes, get some help taking the tailgate off, and install...easy as that. Just make sure you don't lose any of the cup spacers on a Dodge, they help center it! Now it's a one finger open and close! 149520

- 74211

by: John McB01/03/2012

Works great on my Dodge Ram. After drilling, would not work on my Chevy Avalanche due to double wall in box and thicker fiberglass tailgate. 29051


What year was your avalanche? Looking to get this for my mom and she has a 2004 Avalanche. Having a hard time finding something for her vehicle so any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

comment by: Dennis - 10/17/2012


Currently, there aren't any tailgate assist products available for 2004 Avalanche. All the products that will fit your 2004 Chevy Avalanche can be found in our fit guide. If we add a tailgate assist that will work, it will show up in the fit listings. I've sent John a message letting him know you have a question on his review so he can come back and add any info he might have.

Patrick B - 10/17/2012


One of our Experts, Rachael, recently spoke with DeeZee on the subject and they informed us that the Avalanche tail gates are heavier than the Silverado or Sierra tailgates which is partly the reason behind the lack of tailgate assist products.

Patrick B - 10/16/2013


- 74211

by: Robert C03/26/2013

Tailgate easy lift is just that. Easy to install and make raising and lowering the tailgate on my Dodge 3500 so much easier. As usual, very quick shipping and customer response. I would recommend etrailer.com to anyone needing associated parts and equipment. I have order several times and completely satisfied each time. 72568

- 74211

by: Dennis D.02/21/2012

It REALLY works!!!!! Easy to install. A few additional words in the instructions concerning how to get the rod flush, both in the upright, and in the gate would be helpful. And as a caution, for re-assembly 2 people (min) must be used, as stated in the instructions. Boy, what a pleasurable difference. 32170

- 74211

by: lou02/17/2014

Judy, most people are skeptical about ordering products on line but i must say this product worked just as advertized. the installation was easy, instructions were simple and correct and it makes raising and lowering the tailgate effortless. Thanks for a great product that really works. 116686

- 74211

by: geo p08/18/2014

Product very difficult to install tailgate. Cannot rotate tailgate to engage the "bend". I used an adel camp to hold it in place. Next time I remove the tailgate (now takes two people to put on or off) I will throw this product away. Only about 50% of tailgate weight is removed. 147169

- 74211

by: Sam04/25/2012

Installs in less than a hour. Instruction were easy to follow and it works great. Even my 5 year old can push the tailgate up. Not at enough to close it of course, but it is lightweight enough for her to push it up. You will need somebody to help put your tailgate back on. 38333

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  • Hopkins Tailgate Lift Assist Compatibility with 2013 Dodge Ram
  • We do have a tailgate assist options for your 2013 Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie, however, I spoke with my contact at Hopkins and he confirmed that the Hopkins Tailgate EasyLift, # 74211, will not fit the newer generation Dodge trucks (2009 to 2013) due to the internal structure of the tailgate. For your truck, I recommend the DeeZee Tailgate Assist Lowering System, # DZ43300. This system uses a shock absorber to make lowering your tailgate smooth and easy. I have attached a link to the installation...
    view full answer...

  • Will the DeeZee EZ Down Tailgate Lowering System Work with a Tailgate Lift Assist
  • I spoke with my contact at DeeZee and she stated that the EZ Down system, # DZ43300, should work with a tailgate assist system that helps lift the tailgate like # 74211. But she did say that the two have not been tested together so it is not guaranteed.
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  • Can Tailgate EasyLift # 74211 and TruXedo Universal Tailgate TruxSeal # TX1703206 Be Used Together
  • I just wanted to start by thanking you again for your previous purchases including the Tailgate EasyLift, # 74211. We really appreciate your business. I checked with TruXedo and the Universal Tailgate TruxSeal, # TX1703206, can be used with the tailgate lift kit on your 2003 Chevrolet Silverado. Using the two together may require you to make a slit in the seal to allow it to go over the torsion bar for a better fit.
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  • Hopkins Tailgate Assist # 74211 Installation Advice
  • I spoke with my contact at Hopkins and he informed me that the issues you described are very rare, and that anytime something like that has occurred they have replaced the damaged part. He said that all of the Hopkins Tailgate Assist, part # 74211, get X-rayed before they leave to ensure that there are no air bubbles in the potted metal that might compromise the integrity of the metal. He said that your tailgate might have a slight bulge in it once this product is installed but that...
    view full answer...

  • Can the Tailgate be Removed For Towing After Installation of Hopkins Tailgate Easy Lift # 74211
  • To install the Hopkins Tailgate Easy Lift, part # 74211 on your 2006 Chevrolet Silverado you will need to remove the tailgate to install the Easy Lift. The Easy Lift is a torsion bar that slides into a hole drilled into the truck bed on one side and into a hole drilled in the tailgate on the other side. If you need to remove your tailgate to tow your fifth wheel trailer, you will need to slide the Easy Lift bar out of the tailgate and the truck bed. I am including a video link to the...
    view full answer...

  • Using the Tailgate EasyLift with the EZ Down Tailgate Lowering System on a 2010 Dodge Ram 1500
  • The designs of the Hopkins EasyLift, part # 74211, and the DeeZee EZ Down Lowering System, part # DZ43300 allows these two products to be installed on your 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 without interfering with each other. Our contact at DeeZee stated these two products should work together, however, they have not been tested together so it is not guaranteed.
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  • Tailgate Lift Assist System for a 2003 GMC Sierra 1500
  • For a lift assist, you can use Hopkins EasyLift, # 74211 and it takes up 80 percent of the weight of the tailgate. I have linked a video review of this system for you. Or for a Tailgate lowering system for a 2003 GMC Sierra, you would need part # DZ43100. I have included a link to the installation instructions for you to view.
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  • Will DeeZee EZ Down Lowering System # DZ43100 Work With Hopkins EasyLift # 74211 on GMC Sierra
  • The designs of the Hopkins EasyLift, part # 74211, and the DeeZee EZ Down Lowering System, part # DZ43100 allows these two products to be installed on your 1999 to 2007 GMC Sierra without interfering with each other. Our contacts at DeeZee and Hopkins stated these two products should work together, however, they have not been tested together so it is not guaranteed.
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  • Fit of Hopkins Tailgate EasyLift on 2010 - F150
  • The Hopkins EasyLift is not a fit for your 2010 F-150, according to Hopkins. We offer the DeeZee # DZ43200 that would be compatible with your truck. This solution would require no drilling, and you would not need to worry about it breaking. While the Hopkins unit is basically a torsion spring that helps raise and lower the tailgate, the DeeZee item will take up some of the weight as the tailgate is lowered, but not when raising it.
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  • Compatibility of Hopkins EasyLift Tailgate Assist Part # 74211 on 1995 Ford Bronco
  • I spoke with one of my contacts at Hopkins, the manufacturer of the EasyLift Tailgate Assist. I was told that in order to be installed, the tailgate must be removable and be at least 62 inches in width and 19 inches tall. They could not provide any more specific fit information than that, probably due to the age of the vehicle. The rear window should not really have any bearing on the fit, as the torsion spring attaches to the vehicle by slipping into holes drilled into the bottom of...
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  • Will Easy Lift Tailgate Assist Fit a 2010 Nissan Titan
  • The Hopkins Easy Lift Tailgate assist # 74211 will fit just about any Chevy, Ford, Dodge, GMC, Nissan and Toyota trucks with the following exceptions: It will not fit Ford Super Crew trucks, 2007 and up Chevy Avalanche, 2008-2009 GMC/Chevy Trucks and 2009-2010 Chevy/GMC with OEM tailgate lift option. The tailgate assist is designed to take about 80 percent of the weight off the tailgate. It should fit just fine on your 2010 Nissan Titan. I have included a link to a video of the...
    view full answer...

  • Does the Tailgate EasyLift part # 74211 Dent Truck Tailgates
  • The slight bulge that few have seen after installing Tailgate EasyLift part # 74211 that you referenced is not a permanent dent. It's just pressure from the rod on the tailgate when its in the down position. If the # 74211 was removed the bulge wouldn't be there. We haven't heard of any issues of the holes wearing either. Only a review where a customer said that he hoped they didn't wear over time. Which we never heard back from the guy saying they did so I would not assume that would...
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  • Tailgate Assist Product for 2000 Dodge Ram Pickup
  • The Hopkins EasyLift Tailgate Assist, part # 74211 is compatible with your 2000 Ram Pickup. The hardened spring steel torsion spring makes a 40 lb tailgate feel like it weighs less than 10 lbs. I've linked a product demonstration video you. The DeeZee # DZ43301 you mentioned is a fit for later-model Ram trucks, unfortunately they don't offer a model compatible with your truck.
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  • Using the Hopkins Tailgate EasyLift with the DeeZee Tailgate Assist
  • I spoke with my contact at DeeZee and he said that you shouldn't have a problem using the Hopkins EasyLift, # 74211, and the DeeZee Tailgate Assist, # DZ43300 at the same time on your 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 but since they have not been tested together, it is not a guarantee. Although we have numerous satisfied customers that have not mentioned having any problems with their paint while using the Hopkins EasyLift, # 74211, you are still dealing with two metal components having contact with...
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  • Will DeeZee Tailgate Assist Fit a 2001 Dodge Ram 2500
  • The DeeZee tail gate assist # DZ43300 is not a confirmed fit for the 2001 Dodge Ram 2500. We do have the Hopkins EasyLift, # 74211 that is listed as a fit. I have included a link to a video showing how the EasyLift works.
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  • Availability of Tailgate Assist Device for 2005 Toyota Tundra
  • Although the DeeZee Truck Tailgate Lift you referenced, part # DZ43300 is not a fit for your Tundra, there is a tailgate assist product from Hopkins available, the EasyLift part # 74211. The EasyLift is a torsion spring that acts to remove about 80 percent of the tailgate weight, making it much easier to lift. It works the opposite from the way the DeeZee product does, by helping raise the gate rather than helping to lower it, but it works exceptionally well. To see a product demonstration...
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  • Can DeeZee Tailgate Assist and Hopkins Easy Lift be Used Together on a 2007 Chevy Silverado Classic
  • The designs of the Hopkins EasyLift, # 74211, and the DeeZee EZ Down Lowering System, # DZ43100 allows these two products to be installed on your 2007 Chevy Silverado Classic without interfering with each other. Our contact at DeeZee stated these two products should work together, however, they have not been tested together so it is not guaranteed. Both products can be installed on the same side of the truck (driver side). I included a link to instructions and a video for you.
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  • Assistance For Lifting and Lowering the Tailgate on a 2003 Ford F-150
  • For your 2003 Ford F-150, you will need the DeeZee Tailgate Assist Lowering System # DZ43203, as the # DZ43101 you referenced is intended for GM-branded pickups. This item is not intended to assist in closing the tailgate, only in lowering. It has a shock that lowers the tailgate slowly to prevent damage to the tailgate and potential injury to the person attempting to lower the tailgate. I have provided a link to the installation instructions for this item. If you are looking for...
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  • Can Tailgate EasyLift And Tailgate Assist Both Be Installed On 2001 Ford F-250
  • Since the installation of the Hopkins Tailgate EasyLift, part # 74211, and the DeeZee Tailgate Assist, part # DZ43203 do not interfere with each other when installing, there should be no problem installing both on your 2001 Ford F-250 tailgate. Our DeeZee contact said that these 2 items should work when both are installed, but they have not been installed together, so operation when both of these units are installed is not guaranteed.
    view full answer...

  • Easy Lift 74211 for 2000 Ford Super Duty Dually
  • Yes, the EasyLift will work on almost all full size Ford pickups made from 1984 on, including duallys. However, it will not work on a Ford Super Crew Cab pickup.
    view full answer...

  • Tailgate Lifting and Lowering Assist for a 1996 Dodge Ram
  • The Tailgate EasyLift, # 74211, will fit your 1996 Dodge Ram. It is designed to make lifting and lowering the tailgate easier. It essentially removes most of the weight of the tailgate making it easier to move. I have included a link to a video review of this item for you. DeeZee has not made and tested a fit for their Tailgate Assist on a 1996 Dodge Ram which is why that vehicle is not listed as a fit.
    view full answer...

  • Does the DeeZee Tailgate Assist Help with Lifting the Tailgate on a 2014 Ford F-150
  • The DeeZee tailgate assist # DZ43200 only helps in lowering the tailgate but not lifting it. At this time we do not have a product that will assist on lifting the tailgate on a 2014 Ford F-150. This is a product like this out there, # 74211, it just isn't listed as a fit for your truck.
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  • Availability of Tailgate Assist Product for 1997 Dodge Ram 2500
  • Hopkins offers the EasyLift, part # 74211 that makes raising the tailgate easier, but we do not offer anything for that vehicle that would make lowering the tailgate easier. The DeeZee Tailgate Assist you mentioned is unfortunately not compatible with Dodge Ram 3/4 ton models older than the 2003 model year If you would care to view a video showing the Hopkins EasyLift in action, click the provided link.
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  • Can a Tailgate EasyLift # 74211 and a Tailgate Assist # DZ43100 Be Installed at the Same Time
  • You would want to use one or the other. You would not want to install both the # DZ43100 and the # 74211 on the same tailgate. The lowering assist # DZ43100 is designed for the full weight of a full size tailgate, so if you had a # 74211 installed on the tailgate as well you would have to pull down on the tailgate as it would not have enough weight to overcome the shock assembly of the # DZ43100. If I were you I would go with the # 74211 since it will make lowering and raising easier.
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  • Tailgate Assist Recommendation to Lower and Raise 2003 Dodge Ram Tailgate
  • The Dee Zee Tail Gate Lowering System # DZ43300 is confirmed as a fit for your 2003 Dodge Ram Pick up. It will work great to help you lower the tailgate, but it is not designed to assist while raising your tailgate. We do also have the Hopkins Truck Bed Accessories # 74211 that is designed to help raise your tailgate, however it is not intended to help in lowering your tailgate. Both of these items are confirmed as a fit for your truck, and are not intended to be used in conjunction...
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  • Is the Hopkins Tailgate EasyLift Compatible with an LED Light Bar Under the Tailgate
  • Light bars can sometimes interfere with the installation of the Hopkins Tailgate EasyLift, # 74211. I spoke with my contact at Hopkins to see if they know of any fit issues with a light bar and he told me they did have some reported complaints about light bars interfering on Dodge trucks, but he did not have any information on GM trucks. I do have some information that will help determine if the EasyLift will fit with your LED light bar. To install the EasyLift on your truck, you will...
    view full answer...

  • Will Hopkins EasyLift Tailgate Assist Fit a 1998 Ford F-150
  • We do not have a fit for an F-100 but the Hopkins EasyLift, # 74211, will fit the 1998 Ford F-150 as long as it does not have a stepside bed. I have included a link to a video review of the EasyLift for you.
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  • Tailgate Assist Recommendation for a 1994 Chevy K1500
  • I have a tailgate assist option that would work on your 1994 Chevy K1500 as long as it's not a stepside, but the part # DZ43301 is only designed for new Dodge trucks so I cannot recommend it for you. Instead you would want the Tailgate EasyLift # 74211. I attached a review video for you to check out.
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  • Availability of Tailgate Assist for 2004 Dodge Dakota
  • I checked the confirmed fits for each of the tailgate assist products we offer, all of which can be seen on the link at right. None of the DeeZee products are designed for the Dakota; my DeeZee contact confirmed this. However, I also checked with my contact at Hopkins, maker of the Tailgate EasyLift # 74211. He confirmed this will work on Dakotas up through the 2007 model year.
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  • Will Hopkins Tailgate EasyLift # 74211 Fit a 2004 Ford F-150 with New Body Style
  • According to my technical contact at Hopkins the 2004 Ford F-150 with the new body style included a built-in tailgate-lift feature. If used with this Hopkins product the tailgate would not open fully due to the additional spring tension. We do offer a tailgate lowering system from DeeZee, part # DZ43200, that works with the 2004 F-150 with new body style as long as it is not a step-side or flare-side bed. This kit installs easily without drilling using included hardware. Tools required...
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