Malone MegaSport Kayak Trailer - Galvanized Steel - 14' Long - 86" Crossbars - 1000 lbs

Malone MegaSport Kayak Trailer - Galvanized Steel - 14' Long - 86" Crossbars - 1000 lbs

Item # MPG535

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Malone Trailers - MPG535
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This heavy-duty trailer lets you haul 1000 lbs of gear, including canoes, kayaks, SUPs, and cargo boxes. 86" crossbars offer plenty of space to mount accessories and provide anchor points. Includes crank-assist jack with wheel. Lowest Prices for the best trailers from Malone. Malone MegaSport Kayak Trailer - Galvanized Steel - 14' Long - 86" Crossbars - 1000 lbs part number MPG535 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Malone Trailers - MPG535

  • Roof Rack on Wheels
  • Malone
  • 14 Feet Long
  • 1000 lbs
  • 2 Inch Ball Coupler

This heavy-duty trailer lets you haul 1000 lbs of gear, including canoes, kayaks, SUPs, and cargo boxes. 86" crossbars offer plenty of space to mount accessories and provide anchor points. Includes crank-assist jack with wheel.


  • Heavy-duty trailer with 2 steel crossbars lets you haul gear behind your vehicle
    • Perfect for bikes, kayaks, canoes, stand-up paddle boards, and cargo boxes
  • 86" Square bars offer plenty of mounting space for clamp-on accessories
  • Wheeled jack stand has manual crank for easy adjustments
    • Jack folds up and sits flush against tongue when not in use
  • Extended, reinforced tongue lets you transport boats up to 20' long
    • Also provides clearance for tight turns
  • Trigger-latch-style coupler attaches to a 2" ball
    • Lift handle allows for easy maneuvering while hooking trailer up to your vehicle
    • Skid plate keeps coupler off the ground when not in use
  • Available accessories (sold separately) let you customize trailer to your gear hauling needs
  • Heavy-duty leaf spring suspension system reduces shock from rough roads
  • Steel fenders help protect your gear from dirt, mud, and water
  • Submersible tail lights and side markers increase safety and visibility while towing
  • Marine-grade, galvanized steel construction resists corrosion from salt water environments
  • Galvanized steel wheels have DOT-approved tires
  • Assembly required - includes hardware, brackets, wiring, and safety chains
    • 4-Way flat trailer plug connects to vehicle
  • Made in the USA


  • Weight capacity: 1000 lbs
    • Crossbar capacity: 500 lbs
  • Maximum boat length: 20'
  • Crossbar dimensions: 1-1/4" x 1-1/4"
  • Crossbar spread: 68"
  • Overall dimensions: 14' 6" long x 86" wide x 31" tall
  • Coupler height: 16"
  • Coupler ball size: 2"
  • Trailer tongue dimensions: 2" x 3" x 90"
  • Wheel dimensions: 10" diameter
  • Wheel bolt pattern: 5 on 4-1/2"
  • Tire size: 20-1/2 x 8 x 10"
  • Tire load range: E
  • Speed Rating: 70 mph
  • Weight: 325 lbs
  • 5-Year warranty

MPG535 Malone MegaSport Kayak Trailer - 86" Crossbars - 14' Long - 1000 lbs - 4-Pole Flat Connector

MPG535 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details MPG535 Installation instructions

Video of Malone MegaSport Kayak Trailer - Galvanized Steel - 14' Long - 86" Crossbars - 1000 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Malone MegaSport Kayak Trailer Assembly

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be showing you how to assemble the Malone MegaSport Kayak Trailer, part number MPG535. It's going to come with everything you need to assemble your trailer. We've gone ahead and laid out our parts. Let's go ahead and get started.We're going to assemble the mainframe first, and it's going to be assembled right side up. Our shortest cross member is going to be the front, followed by our other five cross members. The third one and the last one's going to be facing forward.

The parts bags are labeled so the hardware is easy to find. We're going to start with the shortest bolt and a lock nut. We'll came down through the top and we'll put the lock nut on bottom. We're going to hand-tighten everything.With our hardware loosely installed on the top, let's go ahead and flip it over and repeat the same process. With all of our hardware in place, we can begin tightening it down, starting with the corners.

We'll be using a 9/16 socket and wrench for these.Now let's turn our attention to our tongue. We'll need to locate the coupler end. It's going to be the end with the three holes and the label here. Now let's grab our wiring harness, and we're going to feed the wire end through the grommet, and we're going to pull it all the way through until we reach the four pole connection on the other end.We'll wanna be sure we match the length of our white wire and then we're going to tie a small knot here, that way it doesn't come through. Now it's time to pass the wiring through our tongue down to the other end.

A weight can help you do this. A socket, works just fine. Here at the other end. I'll pull the rest of my wire through. Now let's add the tongue safety bolt to the bottom of the tongue on the none coupler side.Now let's move back to our frame.

We're going to be attaching our two tongue components. The curved end here is going to be attaching to our fourth cross member and the hole here.Now we can attach our tongue components to the first and second cross member. Now let's tighten down our tongue components. Now we can slide our tongue into place until our tongue safety bolt stops at the second cross member.Now we can install our plates and our long bolts. So, a plate is going to go on the bottom here, we'll align the holes. And on the top, that's going to go down through our cross member and then we'll put lock nuts here.We'll repeat that process for our first cross member.For our last one, the plates are going to go on the top and bottom of our tongue components and we'll just pass the long bolts through. We'll leave these loose for now, tightening them down later is how we adjust our tongue length.Now let's attach our spring hangar brackets. The U shaped one goes here, just behind our tongue component rail. The C shaped one goes here at the rear.Now let's move onto our spring and axle assembly. Here in our axle, we'll need to locate the spring center holes. We can then take our spring and set it in place. We'll then take our plate and set it right on top. We'll take a U bolt, we'll come underneath pass it through our plate and then put on our lock nuts. With it in place we can then tighten it down just until the lock nuts make contact with the plate. And we'll repeat the same process with the other side.Now we can set it in place. We'll put the slipper end in first. Then we'll gently lay down the opposite side within the hangars. We'll then take our shackle bolts. We're gonna put the bolt through the end here. A lock nut on the opposite side. And we just want to tighten these down to where they make contact with the hangar.Now let's attach our wheels to our hubs. It may be helpful to prop up the frame so we can easily do so. Now with an extra set of hands, let's go ahead and flip our trailer over. Now we can torque down our wheels to manufacturers' specifications. We're gonna do it in a star pattern, a wheel chalk prevents it from rolling forward. Now let's tighten down our remaining bolts.Now let's move and install our light assembly. We'll first take our plastic grommets and install them on the left and right sides of the cross members.Now let's install our side marker lights and then we can just tighten that down. For our taillights, we'll first need to attach the brackets. We'll start with the driver's side light first. It's going to be the one with the clear lens on the bottom. This is going to be our license plate light. We'll repeat the same process with the other side but without the license plate bracket.Now let's run our wires through our grommets. The yellow and brown goes to our driver's side. The green and brown goes to our passenger side. Then we'll route it out. Our last grommet, which is placed here at our taillight.Now let's install our clips. Then we can begin putting in our wire. And we'll place the remaining clips evenly on each side. Now we'll splice in our side marker lights. We'll be splicing into the brown, this is our running lights. We'll take our connector. We'll take our running light wire first we'll pass that through the first hole. And then we'll put in our brown wire.With both of our wires lined up, we can then pinch it together. Then we'll close it up. Then we'll repeat the same process with our brown wire on our passenger side.Here at the taillight end we're gonna match color for color. We'll be using the two wire nuts.Now we can install our fenders. First thing we need to install is our fender brackets. Put it through and then attach the lock nut. Now let's attach it to our frame. Put it through our bracket and then through our frame. We'll repeat the same process for the other side.Now let's work on our coupler assembly. We'll need to take our white ground wire and attach our ring terminal to it. Then we can take our bolt, take a flat washer, we'll put that on. We'll take the last link of our safety chains and then the other one. Then we'll take our other flat washer, flip that over. And then our tongue skid we'll put it through there. Then we'll go underneath our tongue. We'll put it through the hole. We'll make sure it goes into the slot. We'll make sure it lines up with the back as well. Then we'll take our nut and our ring terminal. We'll place that over our bolt on the inside of our tongue. And then take our lock nut and put that over top.Now let's put our coupler in place. Then we'll take our handle, we'll line up the holes there.Now it's time to install our load bar support. We're gonna start here at the rear. We'll need to install the U bolt first. They're gonna be positioned so they angle outward. On the other side, we'll put on lock nuts.With the rear two support bars done, now we can do the front. Those are going to be installed at the second cross member, here. Now we'll place the end caps into our load bars. You may or may not need a rubber mallet.Now let's loosely install our load bar brackets. We're just going to slip them over the load bar and then put in our bolt and then our lock nut.Now let's loosely attach our load bar to our support tubes. We'll just line up the brackets and put our hardware through.The last thing we can do is install our jack. It needs to be at least 24 inches from the front of the coupler to our tongue. So we're going to be placing ours right here.Now let's put our handle on and then call it a day. We'll drop the bolt through the large opening and then the threaded portion through here and then put on our nut.Looks like a trailer. And that's going to complete our assembly of the Malone Megasport Kayak Trailer, part number MPG535.

Customer Reviews

Malone MegaSport Kayak Trailer - Galvanized Steel - 14' Long - 86" Crossbars - 1000 lbs - MPG535

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (1 Customer Reviews)

This heavy-duty trailer lets you haul 1000 lbs of gear, including canoes, kayaks, SUPs, and cargo boxes. 86" crossbars offer plenty of space to mount accessories and provide anchor points. Includes crank-assist jack with wheel.

- MPG550-TH

Review from a similar Malone MegaSport in Trailers

Great product, great price and great customer service. 729773


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  • Trailer Recommendation to Carry 3 Heavy Kayaks
  • I looked up the kayaks that you have and estimated that at the most the kayaks together could weigh as much as 328 pounds. This is within the capacity of many trailers we have including the Malone MicroSport # MPG460G. The capacity does not include the weight of the trailer itself since the trailer is supporting itself at the wheels. But the crossbars on the MicroSport are only 65 inches long which seems like a lot but when you start to load kayaks on it you will soon realize that it...
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  • Ladder Racks For Trailers and Trailers with Crossbars
  • The Rack'em Fitz-All Enclosed Trailer Ladder Rack # RA-28 has the versatility to fit many of our trailers even though they are not enclosed. The Pack'Em Ladder Rack Bracket Kit for Enclosed Trailers # PK-28B would also work, but the sides are not as sturdy as if there were an enclosed roof frame already in place, so using these systems will have weight limits that aren't accurate for that custom application. I've attached a link to our trailers for you. If you don't specifically...
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  • Recommended Canoe Carrier For Short Bed Truck
  • The longest load extender is the Erickson Big Bed Load Extender for 2" Hitches - 400 lbs # EM07600. This is 52-1/2" long x 48-1/2" wide. For a 16 foot canoe, there really isn't a good solution for such a short bed without going onto the roof. I recommend the Darby Extend-A-Truck Kayak Carrier w/ Hitch Mounted Load Extender and Single-Bar Roof Rack # DTA944-968-924 for your application. If you really don't want anything on your roof, then I recommend the Malone MicroSport Trailer -...
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  • Trailer Hitch Recommendation for 2018 Audi A4 Allroad
  • For your 2018 Audi A4 Allroad the hitch you'll want is the Curt part # C11448 which is a confirmed fit and would do a great job towing the Malone MegaSport Kayak Trailer # MPG535 that you referenced. The ball mount you have to use with the Curt hitch is the part # C45521 and then for a 2 inch hitch ball you'd need the # A-82. You'll also need trailer wiring as well so that you can control the trailer's taillights. For that the best option is the Tekonsha ZCI kit part # 119250KIT which...
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  • Upgrading Tires on Malone MegaSport Trailer
  • Changing a trailer's tire size does not necessarily equal an upgrade. The most useful way to add safety margin to a trailer is to change the Load Range rating of the existing tire size. I will explain why. Heat is a trailer tire's worst enemy. Heat is what causes most tire failures apart from outright punctures from road debris. The causes for excess heat in a tire are driving it too fast, overloading it beyond its weight rating or by incorrect inflation pressure, either too low or too...
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  • Dimensions of Load Bars on Malone MPG535 MegaSport Kayak Trailer
  • You called it, the crossbars are indeed 1-1/4 inches square by 86 inches long.
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  • Trailer for Hobie Kayak That Can Withstand Saltwater
  • We do carry a number of trailers which are designed to be corrosion-resistant. The Malone MicroSport Trailer # MPG460G has a galvanized steel frame as well as galvanized wheels and coated steel crossbars; this trailer has a 375 lb capacity. For something with a larger capacity there is the Malone MegaSport Kayak Trailer # MPG535 which is also made of galvanized steel and has a 1,000 lb capacity.
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  • Roof Rack Basket Needed for Use on a Malone Roof Rack Trailer
  • The crossbars of the Malone MegaSport Trailer # MPG535 are 68" apart and are fixed in their locations. The Rola Roof Cargo Basket # 59504 that you referenced is compatible with a variety of crossbar spreads but the longest is 37-1/2". Instead of the MegaSport I recommend going with the MicroSport # MPG460G which has a crossbar spread minimum of 44" and maximum of 63". This then allows you to use the Rola Roof Cargo Basket # 59504-EXT which is the exact same basket you referenced just...
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  • Does Plastic Storage Trunk for Malone MegaSport Kayak Trailer # MPG536 Permanently Mount to Trailer
  • Yes, the Plastic Storage Trunk for Malone MegaSport Kayak Trailer # MPG536 that you referenced does secure to the Malone trailer part # MPG535 trailer with included hardware. It would not be easily removable at all.
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  • Can the Malone Sliding Storage Drawer # MPG537 Fit Carriers Other Than the Malone MegaSport
  • In theory, yes you could get the Sliding Storage Drawer # MPG537 to work on a different trailer, like your Highliner MBW8-14, but since it was made specifically for the Malone MegaSport Kayak Trailer # MPG535 you will have to do some modifications to your trailer. I have attached the installation instructions for the storage drawer so that you can see the steps necessary to install the drawer. Please note that the included rollers are supposed to sit between 2 cross beams that are about...
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  • Replacement Grease Cap for Malone MegaSport Kayak Trailer 86" Crossbars 14' Long 1000 lbs MPG535
  • We have a Malone MegaSport Kayak Trailer - 86" Crossbars - 14' Long - 1000 lbs Item # MPG535 that we use for demos so I went out and measured the grease cap to determine the correct size needed. It takes a 1.98 inch standard grease cap. For a single use # F001518. For a pair use # RG04-020.
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  • Fold-Away Coupler for the Malone MegaSport Kayak Trailer Part # MPG535
  • If you are referring to the Malone MegaSport Kayak Trailer part # MPG535 then the correct fold-away is the Fulton Fold-Away Coupler Hinge Kit part # FHDPB230101. If this is not the trailer you are referring to then please let me know what the height and width of the tongue on the trailer is.
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  • Recommended Canoe Carrier Compatible with 2014 Heartland Bighorn 5th Wheel Trailer
  • For your 2014 Heartland Bighorn Model M3010RE, I recommend the Curt Adjustable Width Trailer Hitch Receiver for RVs # 13703. This will bolt or weld onto your frame and give you 3,500 lbs towing capacity and up to 350 lb tongue weight. Due to the height of your trailer, there really isn't a safe way to carry your canoe or kayak other than to add a trailer. For this application, I recommend the adjustable ball mount # MT70380 along with a hitch lock like # 63232. Then use a trailer...
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  • Recommended Trailer for Two Titan Propel 12 Kayaks
  • The best trailer we offer for your two Titan Propel 12 Kayaks is the Yakima Rack and Roll Trailer part # Y08107 paired with the Heavy Duty Shocks for Yakima Rack and Roll Trailer part # Y08110. The reason that I recommend the Rack and Roll is because of the fully independent, adjustable suspension which is going to provide a much better ride quality with less bounce when compared to the traditional leaf spring suspension system like on the Malone MegaSport Kayak Trailer. That said, if you...
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  • Are All Parts of the Malone MegaSport Kayak Trailer Made in the USA
  • I spoke with Malone and the Malone MegaSport Kayak Trailer part # MPG535 is USA made and assembled save for the leaf springs and wheels/tires. I don't think there are many leaf spring manufactures in the USA and I know there are only a few trailer tire manufactures. The trailer does have a five year warranty on the other hand so if anything were to go wrong with those parts then you would be covered.
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