Double-eye leaf spring acts as part of a trailer's suspension system by providing an attachment point for a 3,500-lb axle. Spring flexes to resist shock and also ensures a smooth ride. Includes bushings with 9/16" inner diameter. Lowest Prices for the best trailer suspension from Universal Group. 4-Leaf Double-Eye Spring for 3,500-lb Trailer Axles - 27" Long part number SP-210275 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

Price: $23.19

4-Leaf Double-Eye Spring for 3,500-lb Trailer Axles - 27" Long

Item # SP-210275


Our Price: $23.19

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  • Leaf Springs
  • Leaf Spring Suspension
  • Suspension Components
  • Double Eye Springs
  • 27 Inch Long
  • 3500 lbs
  • Universal Group

Universal Group Trailer Suspension - SP-210275

Double-eye leaf spring acts as part of a trailer's suspension system by providing an attachment point for a 3,500-lb axle. Spring flexes to resist shock and also ensures a smooth ride. Includes bushings with 9/16" inner diameter.


  • Leaf spring acts as part of your trailer's suspension system
    • Provides attachment point for your trailer's axle
  • Multiple leaves allow flexibility to absorb road shock
    • Allows for a smooth ride
    • Reduces wear and tear on trailer
    • Ensures level ride on bumpy and uneven surfaces
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Nylon bushings included
  • Pre-mounted hangers or aftermarket hanger kit (sold separately) required for installation
    • Spring attaches to hanger mounted on trailer frame at one end
    • Other end connects to shackle straps suspended from hanger or equalizer


  • Quantity: 1 leaf spring
  • Spring capacity: 1,750 lbs
  • Axle capacity: 3,500 lbs
  • Length from center of spring eye to center of spring eye: 27"
  • Spring width: 1-3/4"
  • Eye diameter with bushing: 9/16"
    • Eye diameter without bushing: 11/16"
  • Leaf thickness: 3/8"
  • Number of leaves: 4
  • Additional dimensions: see table

Double-Eye Spring

Part NumberABCD

Note: To ensure proper axle alignment and suspension performance, leaf springs should always be replaced in pairs.

Leaf springs are an integral part of your trailer suspension system. The leaf springs provide the attachment points for your trailer's axle, suspending it from the frame of your trailer. Each spring flexes to absorb road shock as you travel, allowing the axle to move somewhat independently of the rest of your trailer. This helps to reduce wear and tear on the trailer and also ensures a smooth ride.

Double-eye leaf springs attach to hangers that are welded onto your trailer. One end of this spring will attach directly to the hanger with a suspension bolt. The other end will attach to shackle straps that are suspended from a hanger. These straps allow the spring to move and pivot so that it can better compensate for uneven pavement. If you have a tandem- or triple-axle trailer, the shackle straps will be attached to the equalizer that connects multiple springs.

To mount this spring, you will need hangers, shackle straps, and suspension bolts. If you are simply replacing a spring, you may still have hangers welded onto your trailer. You should, however, replace your shackle straps because they are usually the first component to wear out. You may choose to replace old suspension bolts as well. It is recommended that you replace the other leaf spring in your setup at the same time. Because springs can sag and elongate as they wear, this new spring may not exactly match the old one, and the alignment of your trailer could be affected.

If you are fabricating a trailer, you will need to purchase a hanger kit for installation. To determine the type of hanger kit that you need, you must know the specific type of leaf spring that you have, as well as your axle capacity. Depending on the hanger kits used with them, springs can be configured to work for single-, tandem- or triple-axle applications. Hangers and other suspension components can also be purchased separately if there isn't a complete kit that works for your setup.

UNA-210 Universal Group Double Eye Trailer Leaf Spring - 4 Leaf - 1,750-lb Capacity

Replaces PR427

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Leaf-spring mounting kit includes 3-1/4" tall front, center and rear hangers and necessary hardware. Equalizers are 7-3/4" long. Components for mounting axle to springs sold separately.

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Video of 4-Leaf Double-Eye Spring for 3,500-lb Trailer Axles - 27" Long

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Universal Group Trailer Suspension SP-210275 Review

Today we're going to take a look at the 4-leaf double-eye spring for 3,500-pound trailer axles. This spring is designed to flex to absorb road shock and provide a nice smooth ride. It will help reduce wear and tear on your trailer. It helps you enjoy a level ride on bumpy and uneven surfaces and it mounts to your trailer frame with hangers or a hanger kit which we do sell separately on our website. Lots of times they are listed on this product page as a related product. It does include the nylon bushings in the eyes. A few specs on this.

The spring capacity is 1,750 pounds. It is designed to be used on axles with 3,500-pound rating. When you use this with one on the other side it will meet your 3,500-pound rating. This is for a quantity of one spring. It does have the four leafs as you can see, one, two, three, four.

I do want to give you a few measurements on this. We're going to do the spring length which is measured from the center of this busing to the center of this busing. You can see center-to-center is going to be right at 27 inches. We're going to do the width of it and the width is going to be right at 1-3/4 inches wide. The diameter of the eyes on each end is 9/16 of an inch. I just want to know we do want to recommend is that to ensure proper axle alignment and suspension performance, you do usually want to replace your leaf springs in pairs.

That should do it for the review on the 4-leaf double-eye spring for 3,500-pound trailer axles.

Customer Reviews

4-Leaf Double-Eye Spring for 3,500-lb Trailer Axles - 27" Long - SP-210275

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (71 Customer Reviews)

Double-eye leaf spring acts as part of a trailer's suspension system by providing an attachment point for a 3,500-lb axle. Spring flexes to resist shock and also ensures a smooth ride. Includes bushings with 9/16" inner diameter.

- SP-210275

by: randy b.02/18/2014

I purchased the 3000# axle springs and all mounting hardware to replace the old ones on my 1963 travel trailer. My trailer no longer leans to the left and goes down the road better than new. I should have done it many year ago. I received my package on time and installation was easy and fit perfect. Thanks Bridget 116826

- SP-210275

by: Dave H.03/13/2017

Well, I just got the parts, so can't say anything reliable on chinese made parts. The price was(is) Great! a boat load cheaper then the local store....humm. springs fit perfectly, however, the springs I wanted are no longer being offered, could of had springs made but I went with the less$isMore theory. (more in my pocket) The "white" nylon bushings I ordered would not fit into the equalizers, but the grey colored ones I had did fit perfectly, just a-hair difference in outer diameter. The bolts fit perfectly as well. It is always 10 times easier dealing with eTrailer then the local store, So I know eTrailer has put a lot of time into making it easy for their customers, Thanks! Very Fast shipping, all at a price I can afford! 355950

- SP-210275

by: afwilliams08/21/2016

I completed construction of a mobile bandsaw mill and found the springs on the mobile home axle I used were much to strong. I believe they were rated for 6,000 pounds and did not flex with the light load of the bandsaw mill. The SP-210275 were a perfect fit for my need. Shipping was very quick and other than needing to purchase longer "U" bolts, I was able to simply remove the old springs and bolt the new springs right into place. Very satisfied with this purchase and installation. 286207

- SP-210275

by: GARY. S06/11/2015

parts came in exactly as I ordered them fast service perfect fit for my 1979 boat trailer 202480



GARY. S - 06/10/2016


- SP-210275

by: Doug01/05/2015

Just what I wanted and at a great price, thanks. 167755


Still working great thank you.

Doug - 01/05/2016


- SP-210275

by: Rich H.09/11/2016

Purchased double eye 27" 4 leaf spring as a replacement on double axel boat trailer. Product matched description, affordable. Great customer service. Arrived early. Would be nice if bottom leaf was extended width, to incorporate thru holes for U-Bolts to mount the springs to the axel. 293612

- SP-210275

by: Bill T.05/29/2012

The price was right and shipping was fast, and the video on measuring made it easy to be sure I was ordering the right part for my trailer. What's not to like? The only mistake I made was in not ordering all the hardware (U-Bolt kit, shackle bolts, and shackle straps) all at the same time. Although the videos say these parts can be reused, mine were rusty enough that they were really hard to get apart and then back together, even though they were only a year old. 41932

- SP-210275

by: Bill h08/07/2016

With the outstanding help from Tommy at, I was able to purchase the right axle, hubs, spring and tires the first time. Everything arrived in good condition, went together like a dream. I was impressed with the quality of product and service. 281111

- SP-210275

by: Kelly Vanlandingham07/25/2016

Thie leaf springs and bolts were delivered as ordered. My trailer is homemade, so getting everything to work was difficult through no fault of this product. The bolts are hard to tighten as they have sprockets at the head. Due to the way the trailer was built we had to improvise and go to local Autozone to buy 7-inch long u-bolts and plates. So, the only thing different that I would have done would have been to order the u-bolts from 275884

- SP-210275

by: Gary C07/23/2016

I have been ordering parts from etrailer for my 5th wheel travel trailer for years. I goofed on this order and ordered the wrong leaf springs to replace a broken one. I immediately reordered the correct ones as soon as I discovered the mistake. I have always been satisfied with the products I have received from etrailer and know I will receive a quality product from them. I will repost when I receive the proper springs and install them. 275353

- SP-210275

by: Brandon C.11/18/2014

Great description of part. It was exactly what i needed. Arrived earlier than expected and i really appreciated being informed throughout the shipping process. This is my go to site from now on. Thank you very much. 161709

- SP-210275

by: ray s09/17/2016

the trailer springs I ordered arrived much sooner than expected. they look great on my 40 year old home made trailer. If they last as long as the old original springs did I will be long dead but happy with your product. by the way a picture would not be pretty except for the new leaf springs. Thanks for the speedy shipping and a really great price!! 295985

- SP-210275

by: Scott09/04/2015

I ordered multiple items from etrailer and the experience was perfect. The products arrived exactly as described with super fast shipping (standard option). The communication was frequent and thorough. This company knows good customer service. I didn't have any issues, but don't have any worries with this company if any come up. 224046

- SP-210275

by: J. Neil10/07/2014

The springs arrived quickly and they were an exact fit. Installed in about 1 1/2 hrs. Thank you very much 154986

- SP-210275

by: Soop10/12/2012

Received exactly what I ordered and fast too. I have ordered from etrailer before and spent some time searching for best price on these springs, just to make sure their prices were good. Save yourself some time and just use etrailer, they're the best. I would definitely recommend them. 57098

- SP-210275

by: James S04/23/2014

2nd time working with and both times were terrific. Don't pay for faster shipping because both times had the product to me within 2 days under the slowest option! Thanks I wish all online retailers were as efficient and great to work with as your team is! 127020

- SP-210275

by: Bill H.11/22/2014

Great product at a great price!! Make sure to measure your shackle bolts....mine were 1/2" and these come with 9/16" nylon bushings. I had to place a new order for replacement 1/2" bushings. Not a big deal for me, but could have been a problem in a time crunch... 162232

- SP-210275

by: Lee10/16/2016

Etrailer went above and beyond for customer satisfaction. Not only did I get the correct parts, but they shipped them faster than anticipated. A huge thank you, now I can make up time in my busy schedule to complete my project! 307710

- SP-210275

by: Richard P06/15/2016

Have never bought from this store before . The parts were here quickly and the customer service was great right parts the first time. I will have to see how the parts hold up before I can say how good the quality is 261509

- SP-210275

by: Tim D.06/24/2013

The leaf springs were just what I needed, they mounted up perfectly. The only problem I have is the old ones were so flattened that with the new leaf springs, I have to buy a new hitch with less drop, thanks. 85671

- SP-210275

by: Chris H12/06/2012

The product I ordered met my requirements exactly. The product description provided was sufficient to allow me to select the correct part. The price was competitive, but the free shipping made the decision. 60858

- SP-210275

by: Travis R10/17/2016

Product was as discribed. I bought this leaf spring in a bind to get a trailer home with hay on it. I was a little disappointed to see it was made in China but I guess every thing is now a days. 307838

- SP-210275

by: Bryan W.03/19/2015 was the only place I could find the size springs I was looking for. They came a day earlier than promised and fit perfectly. I will definitely use etrailer again! 179730

- SP-210275

by: tom holman10/23/2012

It was easy to find my parts as well as placing the order. Everything was shipped that day and arrived on time. I'm passing on your site to all I know. Thank You 57917

- SP-210275

by: Brad G05/16/2012

Product is just like the old one I am replacing except new. It went on with ease and was exactly as described. I really appreciate the pricing and service. 40750

- SP-210275

by: Milissa01/10/2017

Thankyou for the trailer parts they were on time milissa did a excellent job taking care of my order. I will b doing lots of business with your company. 331396

- SP-210275

by: Tom.P12/05/2016

Bought some 27" trailer replacement springs and had them shipped to my house fast shipping and very good quality. I would recommend these springs 322417

- SP-210275

by: Ed F08/28/2015

Broke a leaf spring on my 1999 trailer and the dealer didn't have one. The customer assistance given and customer service have been top notch. 222275

- SP-210275

by: John harris08/30/2012

I am very happy with my order, it was delivered in a timely manner and the parts were of good quality. I would advise anyone to use 53586

- SP-210275

by: Chris L02/25/2017

Package arrive much faster than I thought. Install was a breeze! This is exactly what I needed to finish my trailer project. Thanks eTrailer! 345663

- SP-210275

by: thomas t10/07/2014

I busted both leaf springs on my trailer hauling gravel.The worst part of whole project was getting old springs off then reasembley was easy 154858

- SP-210275

by: Patrick C.01/18/2014

This set of replacement springs provided me with the exact parts I needed. Fast shipping and a great price to boot. Thank you eTrailer! 114106

- SP-210275

by: Sean B.09/18/2016

Perfect fit. You just about can't get the wrong part from e-trailer...their site is so informative! Love to buy parts from them! 296116

- SP-210275

by: As advertised and Fast shipping!09/07/2012

All the items were exactly as advertised and they arrived within one week! Saved me over half of what I was expecting to pay! 54098

- SP-210275

by: Matt D.12/14/2015

the part is very well made and it was shipped in a timely and efficint manner. Thanks so much for providing this service. 233770

- SP-210275

by: John R07/14/2015

Product appears to be exactly what I need. I have not put a load on it yet but I don't see any issues arising. Well made. 211767

- SP-210275

by: John C.12/22/2014

trailer springs excellent price. minimum 50.00 for free shipping reasonable. Excellent customer service and fast shipping 166558

- SP-210275

by: David s09/13/2016

Great service and the best pricing ive found I would highly recommend etrailer for all you mech and cosmetic needs 294082

- SP-210275

by: steve b04/22/2015

Fast shipping, good quality, and great help with customer service on the phone helping me order the correct items. 187442

- SP-210275

by: ben05/13/2015

This product surpassed my expectations. The packaging was awesome. I would use e trailer first next time. 192623

- SP-210275

by: scott03/24/2016

Excellent product it got here quickly and bolted right up. I haven't had any problems with the springs. 241558

- SP-210275

by: Shawn m.03/06/2011

Thanks etrailer!!!!! Great service,quality products and excellent prices. Highly recommend your site. 8602

- SP-210275

by: Ben T03/14/2017

Exactly what I ordered and needed! Fast delivery ! Great communication. Etrailer wins my business! 352556

- SP-210275

by: DAN S.09/25/2012


- SP-210275

by: Richard12/09/2015

Exactly what I wanted to put on the bottom of my trailer. Very happy with the speedy delivery! 233459

- SP-210275

by: Katrina Robinson07/16/2015

Item was perfect and they customer service was amazing and helped out greatly with everything. 212147

- SP-210275

by: Daniel E06/18/2015

This product was exactly what I needed. The shipping was fast and the service was excellent. 204257

- SP-210275

by: Rick11/24/2016

You were very helpful. I will call on you for my next trailer need. Thanks for checking 319387

- SP-210275

by: Bob B11/10/2016

Leaf springs fit perfectly and are of good quality. As usual eTrailer ships quickly. 315635

- SP-210275

by: Larry Richardson04/16/2015

Always excellent product, service, free shipping appreciated, selection outstanding. 185442

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  • Recommended Replacement Leaf Springs for Ranger Boat Trailer with 3000-lb Axles
  • It is tough to get a correct eye-to-eye measurement on a double-eye leaf spring when the spring is still installed in the suspension. It is much better to measure for a replacement leaf spring by removing it first. Also, if a spring is very old and well-worn it can actually become longer than it was when new. Years of use can cause a leaf spring to elongate by as much as 1/2 to 3/4-inch. In a 1-3/4-inch wide double-eye spring rated for a 3500-lb axle, we offer the 4-leaf # SP-210275...
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  • Picking Out Trailer Leaf Springs for Trailer with 30 inches between Hangers
  • To pick out the correct suspension components for a trailer you want to do it by most importantly picking out the springs that closely match the capacity of the axle capacity needed. That is priority one. For example if you were using the springs part # 1020, # SP-219275, # SP-111275, # SP-218275, # SP-115275, or # SP-220275 with the hanger kit part # APT5 that comes with equalizers that are 7-3/4 inches long you would want the hanger spacing to be 29-1/2 inches which is pretty close...
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  • Torque Spec For Leaf Spring Shackle Bolts
  • There is no specific torque rating for shackle bolts. You'll want to ensure that the bolts you use are long enough so that when installed you will have at least 2 threads protruding from the nut. Make sure that the bolt you're using has a lock nut, like part # 166081. If the bolt you are using has knurls at the bolt head, tighten the bolt down until the knurls go through the shackle link or hanger and the bolt head is flush. Then back off the nut slightly so that all of the components are...
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  • Double Eye Leaf Springs for Boat Trailer, Stretched Out
  • Before you can pick out a set of leaf springs for your boat you need to find out the weight rating of your trailer axle. Then you will need to purchase leaf springs that are each 1/2 of the axle rating. The # SP-210275 is rated for 1500 pounds so if your boat trailer axle is a 3000 pound axle then I would say that # SP-210275 is the correct leaf spring for your axle. Due to wear and different manufacturing tolerances the spring dimensions will be slightly different especially for length...
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  • What is Minimum Distance Between Tandem Axle Tires
  • As a general rule of thumb the minimum safe distance between front and rear tires on the same side of a tandem axle trailer is 4 inches. If you are at that distance currently there would be no reason to increase the distance. Tire failure is usually caused by a few things. It can be from overloading the trailer, improper tire inflation, and/or exceeding the speed rating for the tire. You should verify that the tire capacity you have for you trailer is adequate for how much your trailer...
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  • Replacement Leaf Spring Recommendation for a Single Axle Ranger Boat Trailer
  • The way to pick out a leaf spring for a trailer is to go with the one that will match the axle capacity needed and is the correct length. For you the part # SP-212275 is the correct one to use. It is for a 4,800 lb axle (close enough) and has an overall length of 25-1/4 inches. Leaf springs tend to stretch out over time so yours new would have been this exact length most likely. The height of this spring is 3 inches.
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  • Replacement Leaf Spring Recommendation for a 3,500 lb Dexter Axle
  • From the info I was able to find on the number you listed you do have a Dexter 3,500 lb axle so for a leaf spring you would want the # SP-212275 for if you need a 25-1/8 inch spring or # SP-210275 if you need a 27 inch leaf spring.
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  • Recommended Suspension Parts Needed To Build A Smoker Trailer
  • Looks like you have quite a project going here. After consulting with other Experts, the first thing I would recommend is a new axle for your trailer frame. It appears the axle you have was originally used on a car and welded to the trailer. I could not recommend any suspension that could safely be used with the axle in your photos. I have attached a help article that explains how to determine the correct axle position. The next thing to consider is that you will have to build your...
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  • Recommended Leaf Spring For 1,200 Lb Boat Trailer
  • The longest leaf springs we offer are the 4-Leaf Double-Eye Spring for 3,500-lb Trailer Axles, part # SP-210275. These springs measure 27 inches eye-to-eye and are designed for axles up to 3,500 lbs. I have attached a photo of this spring that has the dimensions noted you can check out. When measuring the springs, the weight has to be removed from the springs. The leaf springs I recommend for your trailer are part # SP-169275. This spring is designed to work with a 2,000 lb axle....
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  • Spring Height Measurement of Trailer Leaf Spring SP-210275
  • The measurement is from the exposed face of the first leaf (the longest leaf that the eyes are mounted on) to the center of eyes.
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  • Should the Space Between Tandem Axle Trailer Tires Be the Same On Both Sides of the Trailer
  • Is there more weight on one side of the trailer? If so, you would want to make sure the load is distributed evenly from side to side. Are you on level ground when you measured the distance between the tires? If not, that would cause one side of the suspension to have more of a load on it. I would measure the distance between the spring hangers on both sides just to make sure the problem is the springs and not where they are attached on your trailer. If everything checks out it might...
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  • Replacement Trailer Suspension For 1971 Aristocrat Starliner Travel Trailer
  • We can help you with finding what you need to replace the trailer suspension on your 71 Aristocrat. Many times there is a plate or sticker on the axle somewhere or on the trailer that has the weight capacity and size of axle you need. That would be the easy part. If you do not have the plate or sticker or manual for the trailer you may need to take some measurements of the suspension you currently have installed. You will need to know the weight of the trailer to make sure you have...
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  • How to Pick Out Replacement Leaf Springs for a Trailer
  • When replacing trailer leaf springs we strongly recommend you replace them in pairs. I would urge you to get a set of matching properly rated springs for your trailer as soon as possible. If you look on the frame of your trailer there should be a plate with the trailer VIN number and the axle capacities of the trailer. You will want to pick leaf springs that are as close to the axle capacity as possible. You will want to also measure the distance from eye to eye of your old leaf springs...
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  • Recommended Replacement 3,500 Lb Axle With Brakes For Trailer
  • I recommend an axle like part # 35545E-ST-EZ-89. This axle has a distance of 89 inches hub-face-to-hub-face and a spring center-to-center measurement of 74 inches. The brake flange-to-flange distance is 82-5/8 inches. The axle has 10 inch x 2-1/4 inch brake drum dimensions and a 5 on 4-1/2 inch wheel bolt pattern. This will accommodate 13 to 15 inch diameter wheels. Based on the measurements you provided, this will work well for you. This axle comes with brakes, hubs, drums, bearings,...
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  • Availability of Double-Eye Leaf Spring with 30-Inch Eye-to-Eye Measurement
  • The double-eye leaf springs we offer are all 1-3/4-inches wide and are available in lengths from 20-1/4-inches for 2000-lb axles up to 27-inches for 3500-lb axles, part # SP-210275. Please see the included link. Slipper type springs (with a single eye) are offered in lengths of 30-inches and higher and these are intended for 9000-lb and higher axles. A link to all slipper springs is included for you as well. Do note that a very well-worn spring can become slightly elongated from use....
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  • What to Consider When Replacing a 3,000 Pound Single Axle Trailers Leaf Springs
  • If you use a higher rated leaf springs on a lower rated trailer they will work but will cause stiffness in your ride quality. This is due to the trailer not being under the heavier weight therefore less flex of the springs, using a higher rated spring will not increase the capacity of the trailer because the trailer itself cannot support more than the stated 3,000lbs of weight. When replacing leaf springs you will want a new u-bolt kit like # APUBR-1, the correct shackle bolt like #...
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  • How to Pick Leaf Springs for a Trailer
  • If you look on the frame of your trailer there should be a plate with the trailer VIN number and the axle capacities of the trailer. You will want to pick leaf springs that are as close to the axle capacity as possible. You will want to also measure the distance from eye to eye of your old leaf springs and then pick a leaf spring with the same weight capacity of your trailer axles and that is slightly shorter (around 1 inch) to compensate for the sag and wear of the old leaf spring. Leaf...
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  • How to Determine the Correct Leaf Spring Replacements for a 1975 Rolco Tandem Axle Boat Trailer
  • It may be possible that your leaf springs flattened out from 27 inches. The 27 inch leaf springs we carry for 3,500 pound axles is # SP-210275. The bolt with locknut you need is # 166081.
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  • Leaf Spring Recommendation for 3,500 lb Axle on Trailer for Converting from Slipper to Double Eye
  • Sounds like you are trying to convert your trailer from slipper springs to double-eye springs. This is possible but will require you to install new rear hangers for the rear eye of the spring to attach. You would need to go with a leaf spring that is rated for the weight of your trailer when it is loaded an ready to go. The closest leaf spring we have in terms of dimensions that is for a 3,500 lb axle is the part # SP-210275. This spring is 27 inches long. For the price an convenience...
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  • Leaf Spring Replacement Recommendation for a Boat Trailer with a 3000 lb Axle
  • The 4-Leaf Double-Eye Spring # SP-210275 that you referenced that is 27 inches long should work well for you. Typically you want the spring a little bit shorter than the hanger distance (about 1/2 inch) but you're close enough that it should work just fine. I attached an FAQ article on trailer suspension for you to check out also.
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  • Leaf Spring and Hanger Kit Recommendation for a Single Axle Trailer to Replace 37 inch Springs
  • The longest double eye spring we carry is the # SP-210275 that is 27 inches long and is the standard 1-3/4 inches wide. The best solution I could provide for you would be to replace the hangers you have now with something compatible with 1-3/4 inch springs and then go with a spring we offer that would work with those hangers. To pick out a spring you will want to pick out a spring properly rated for the weight of your trailer. Check out the link I attached to the right that has a chart...
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  • 30 inch 1,500 lb Leaf Spring Recommendation
  • The best recommendation I could make for you would be a 1,500 lb spring like the part # SP-210275 and have the hangers moved so that they accommodate this 27 inch spring by a qualified welder. I attached a review video and an FAQ on trailer suspension for you to check out as well.
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  • Leaf Spring Recommendation for 1966 Aristocrat Lo-Liner
  • I believe the part # SP-210275 will be your best option. It is 27 inches in length and is designed for 3,000 lb axles which is a bit more than what you would need, but would still work fine. The only spring we have that is exactly 26 inches is the part # SP-256275 which is for 4,500 lb axles.
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  • Suspension Solution for Trailer with 3,500 lb Axles to Smooth Out Ride Quality
  • Longer springs really aren't going to smooth your ride quality out a noticeable amount. Trailer suspension is typically pretty bouncy or rough due to the fact that there is no shock on the springs to dampen or slow the movement of the suspension. The solution for that is a shock kit like the part # LC281255 which is designed to fit 2-3/8 inch diameter axles like what are commonly used for 3,500 lb axles.
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  • Hanger Spacing Dimension for the Leaf Spring SP-210275 on a Trailer
  • The hanger spacing you will need to use for the # SP-210275 with the # APS4 hanger kit is 25-3/4 inches. One end of the leaf spring will overshoot the hanger and the shackle makes up the difference. This allows both ends of the spring to be at the same or close height and allow the suspension to move like it needs to.
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  • Replacement Leaf Spring For 1998 Boat Trailer Carrying 18-Ft Bass Boat
  • The best fit when replacing leaf springs on a trailer is to know what the trailer and axle capacity is. There may be a plate or sticker that has that information listed. We offer one single leaf spring, part # SP-115275, and it is designed for 6,000 axles. It has a measurement of 25-1/4 inches eye center-to-center. If you are measuring the spring after it has been taken off the trailer it may have flattened a bit over time. As far as the leaves in the leaf spring, we may have one...
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  • How to Pick Out Replacement Leaf Springs for a Trailer with 2 inch Wide Double Eye Springs
  • All of the double eye leaf springs we carry are 1-3/4 inches wide. The best recommendation I could make would be to find out what the axle capacity is for your trailer and then go with the springs that are rated the best based on that. You are going to have to install new hangers anyway so you really wouldn't need to match up the lengths of your old springs. Near the coupler of the trailer there should be a plate or sticker with the axle capacity of your trailer listed. Once you have...
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  • How to Find the Length of a Leaf Spring on a 1985 Rustler 2 Horse Trailer
  • It is best to measure trailer leaf springs without a load on them. It would be best to remove the spring from the trailer completely, otherwise you could jack the trailer up. That will give you the most accurate center eye to center eye length measurements. The next factor that you will want to consider is that springs flatten out over time. If these are the original springs and they measure 27 inches from eye to eye, the original length could have been around 25 to 26 inches. If...
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  • Can the Trailer Leaf Springs PR427 Install Above and Below Trailer Axle
  • The leaf springs part # SP-210275 that you referenced can be mounted above or below the axle. The distance from the center of the spring eyes to the bottom of the spring measures 2-3/4 inches and this spring has the standard 1-1/2 inches of deflection.
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