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Nylon Bushing - 9/16" Inner Diameter, 11/16" Outer Diameter - 1-3/4" Long

Nylon Bushing - 9/16" Inner Diameter, 11/16" Outer Diameter - 1-3/4" Long

Part Number: TRBU11566
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Trailer Suspension Parts
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Nylon bushing is designed for use with trailer suspension systems. Insert it into the eye of a leaf spring to ensure proper sizing for suspension bolts. Great Prices for the best trailer suspension parts from TruRyde. Nylon Bushing - 9/16" Inner Diameter, 11/16" Outer Diameter - 1-3/4" Long part number TRBU11566 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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TruRyde Trailer Suspension Parts - TRBU11566

  • Bushings
  • Boat Trailer
  • Camper
  • Car Hauler
  • Snowmobile Trailer
  • Utility Trailer
  • 1-3/4 Inch Long
  • 9/16 Inch ID x 11/16 Inch OD
  • TruRyde

Nylon bushing is designed for use with trailer suspension systems. Insert it into the eye of a leaf spring to ensure proper sizing for suspension bolts.


  • Inner diameter: 9/16"
  • Outer diameter: 11/16"
  • Length: 1-3/4"
  • Quantity: 1

BU1-1566 TruRyde Nylon Bushing - 9/16" Inner Diameter, 11/16" Outer Diameter

Video of Nylon Bushing - 9/16" Inner Diameter, 11/16" Outer Diameter - 1-3/4" Long

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Truryde Nylon Bushing Review

Hello neighbors, it's Brad here at Etrailer and today we're taking a look and installing the true ride trailer suspension bushings. When doing any suspension work on your camper or RV, your suspension sees a lot of wear and tear just going down the road. And part of that is gonna be some wear parts like our bushings here that go in between all of our connection points that do tend to get a little bit worn out. The nylon over time will crack and just break down. So while you're doing any of that suspension work, it might be worth picking up some new nylon bushings and get these in place. That way you have a freshened suspension.

It's really gonna make sure that there's no major gap between the bolt as it goes through your leaf spring. And that's just gonna cut down on any extra movement that doesn't need to be there. This is gonna fill that space, making it a little bit more smooth and it's just gonna lessen the wear that's happening on your suspension. Now these are pretty standard for most trailers and RVs and that standard size is gonna be a 9/16 inner diameter. 11/16 outer diameter and it's gonna be one and three quarter inch long.

Now nylon is a great option if you don't have wet bolts. And the way you can determine that is the bolts that you have here, there's no grease circs on there. That you're gonna want to use these nylon and that's because there's no maintenance. These just once they wear out, they're a wear item. You can replace 'em with new ones like we did today.

If you do have wet bolts, you're gonna wanna look at the brass ones and those are meant to actually be lubricated. So there is maintenance involved with those. Basically just lubricating those on a regular interval as you use them. Sometimes these are super easy to get out and also easy to replace and get a new one in, but not always the case as they do get chewed up over time, sometimes you'll have to fight with them a little bit and I do have some pointers to help you along, no matter what condition they're in. So I'll walk you through that and that way you can get new bushings put on your camper.

Now the first step to get our bushings installed is gonna be to jack up your camper or your trailer and that way we can get the wheels and tires off. We're gonna just work on one side at a time. (drill whirring) Now we're gonna be attacking one side or one axle at a time. And I think the best way to really help to make sure we can get everything out nice and easy and also lift it back in place because it will be under tension, is to put a floor jack under the axle and that's gonna support it. And also that's gonna allow us to slowly drop it or slowly raise it back into place. And once we have that supported with an 18 millimeter socket, we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna take off our bolt here. It's just a shoulder bolt and these are spline. Normally these aren't gonna spin, so as long as we get this nut off, we'll be able to hammer this bolt out. Now to get the bolts out, unless you're replacing it with new bolts, what I recommend doing is take that nut and you're gonna wanna just put this on the end, just a few threads here and that's to make sure that we don't hammer or mushroom out the end of the bolt. And so just kind of make this to where it's gonna be nice and flat on here. And once we start knocking it loose, it's gonna allow it to kind of loosen up and we can get those splines out. Now it might be helpful to put just a little bit of pressure on the jack to raise that up to kind of unspring that tension that's on that bolt. Now you're probably gonna be doing the other bushings as well, so if you're getting too much tension on that bolt and you really can't get it to be loose, you can go ahead and take off your shackle bolt and sometimes that's gonna allow us to kind of move this to get that tension off. So I'm just gonna get this one taken off there. (drill whirring) And then same thing, we're gonna try to knock this one loose. (hammer thudding) And once you kind of feel the gap, sometimes you can pry on that backside there, but you can see here we got our bolt taken out. I'll go ahead and I'll get this one taken out now. (hammer thuds) I can see I got that gap there. I can back this nut out a little bit, see if we can't get the rest of it or just take that flat head and kind of pry on this as you're hitting it. Now at this point, I got it pushed back a little bit so as I've raised this up I can start to kind of find where that tension is and you can see I'm able to kind of get this pulled out by hand. And that's gonna get us to where we can attack this bushing. Now, so these bushings actually don't look horrible compared to what I've seen. Some of these can really get misshapen, start to crack and become brittle and that's where getting these out can be tricky. You may think that just a pair of ply outs to get that out, but there's a decent amount of surface area and there's been a lot of tension that's kind of pressed this really into there. So there's two ways that I recommend to get these out nice and easy. The first one is kind of the general way to do it is a 7/16 socket is small enough to go through the hole on our leaf spring, but large enough to kind of press this out. So just a few quick taps here. Do be careful though you want to go in as straight as possible and they may start to kind of deform as you do this, but pretty easy. We can get this one popped out and you can see it is pretty misshapen here. So to get our new one in, we'll just take this here and a lot of times you can get this pressed in by hand, just kinda make sure it's evened up on both sides. If you need to hammer it in, a block of wood against that nice and squared up to the leaf spring is gonna be a good way to do that. But if you're really struggling with this bushing and you can't get it up, I do have another tip for you. You can take an 11/16 socket and that's gonna be the same diameter as the outside of our bushing. So as long as we go in nice and square with the eyelet on our leaf spring, this is gonna just kind of bore this out for us. So I'll run this in, back it out, run it in, and eventually it's gonna break it down into pieces that we can easily get this taken out. And then you can see this kind of, the bit will definitely tear up your old bushing, but that's okay, it's gonna extract it out. So really in those tough cases where that socket's just not really pushing it out, this is a great way to do it. And if you can't quite get it by hand, you can use a dead blow hammer to lightly knock this in. Again, a block of wood also works really well, but just kind of persuade this along, make sure it's nice and even. So at this point we can go ahead and get our new bolts in unless you're doing any other suspension work, sometimes it is easier to leave your leafs like this and then do your equalizer. So if you want to tackle one or the other, but having that floor jack underneath our axle right now, makes it to where to get our shackles back in place is gonna be easy. I can just slowly raise that up until we get this all aligned on both sides. And then also again, having that jack to just fine tune this into place is gonna be key. So we'll go ahead and we're gonna get this put back in place And a lot of times, I'll just hit on the head of the bolt, just to kind of get those splines to drive back in. (hammer thuds) And then we can tighten this down and that's gonna further draw that in. And that was a look and installation of the True Ride trailer leaf springs suspension bushings.

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Nylon Bushing - 9/16" Inner Diameter, 11/16" Outer Diameter - 1-3/4" Long - TRBU11566

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (479 Customer Reviews)

Nylon bushing is designed for use with trailer suspension systems. Insert it into the eye of a leaf spring to ensure proper sizing for suspension bolts.


Excellent service and quick delivery and great price, all looks good, thanks for helping me out with these items that I can't find around my area anymore,AES



Still holding up well and I always keep them wet with grease and after that if looking dry apply 50 weight oil just before you leave to work it into the sleeves, looking like new ones still, and I still couldnt beat your price that I got the full set for tandem axles hope you helped others out like me, good product


Bushings quiet the trailer for a short period of time. Bushings wear out and squeaks return quicker than I expected.



Most bushings worn out in a short period of time. Shackle bolts developed significant wear after a year and now require replacement.

Etrailer Expert

Mike L.


@John Bronze bushings definitely last longer, so that's what I'd recommend.


I Waited Too Long to Replace Trailer Bushings
past few years I would hear “clunking” sound (different than “squeaking”) from my boat trailer, but I got concerned this year as it seemed louder.
-With the boat off the trailer I could see wear around the shackle bolts
-I called eTrailer to order the parts and was helped by Kayla to order the bushings/shackles/bolts/nuts for my tandem axle trailer
-After trying to press the bushings in I realized I measured poorly and had two different bushings, the equalizer had 1 size and springs had a different size.
-Amanda helped me get the second set of bushings (delaying the project for 5 days…but my fault)

Right or wrong:
-I applied anti-seize compound to the shackle bolt threads
-I pre-loaded the “wet” bolts with marine grease to fill them up before inserting them into the suspension, adding grease when everything is installed
-I tightened the bolts very securely and they backed off the nut ½ turn to allow for suspension movement

Lessons learned:
-Look for different size bushings in equalizer/springs and measure correctly ID & OD precisely
-It takes some time to do this job (about 4 working hours per side) so try to do it when you are not under pressure
-If you want the re-paint some parts, allow for primer and top coat drying time, i.e. overnight which adds time to the project, but it comes out better
-Have a big breaker bar & extension/enforcer to help get the nuts on & off. My ½” impact gun could not tighten them all the way
-A large “C” clamp will press the bushing in smooth & straight instead of using a hammer & block of wood “caveman style”
-Annually inspect your trailer suspension for signs of wear and listen for increased noise

Thanks again to Kayla, Amanda and eTrailer for help with this project.


We ordered the supply and got it quickly via the US mail. My only suggestion would be that the small bushings could have been placed in a small plastic bag instead of just thrown in the middle of a larger envelope. If that larger envelope had gotten a hole in it, we would’ve lost some of the bushings. Otherwise, wonderful company to work with!


My Oder arrived very quickly. Exactly what I need and ordered. Will use etrailer again



1 year and the bushings are doing the job. Trailer is very quiet now. When needed will buy this product again.


I had one broken leave Spring Shackle so i Replaced All of the Shackle Brackets & Bolts & Bushings everything worked Great finished project in no Time Thanks for Everything


Wish bushings were brass


Fantastic! Shipping was fast, it fit and the replacement is finished. Only flub was me ordering four instead of 6.

The attached pic shows how bad the old bushings were and why I was getting tread wear down on the inside of the tire.


I ordered 8 of these, and 2 came with cracks longitudinally. I called customer service (on a sunday, which is nice), and they are getting 2 new ones out to me. Otherwise the 6 good ones were fine and installed with no issues. Once I receive the other 2, i will bump this review up from a "2" to a "3" or "4".


Perfect fit and replacement for my worn out bushings


Bushings fit perfect and stopped all ra ttling


Once again just what I needed


Parts r good quality fit good would order from trailer again


Couldn't be more satisfied! I change from 5 on 5 to 5 on 4.5. I've been rolling on these hubs about 2500 miles. Every time I jack up the trailer I spin the tire, smooth as ever. Thankx LSD


Good product but I ordered 4 and only received 2 when can I expect the other 2

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


Looks like there was a mistake on our part. I will have our Customer Service team reach out to you.


Product as described and holding up well


Fast service and shipment


Leaf springs were great. One was missing a bushing, so they express mailed one to me right away. They are by far the best customer service of companies I deal with!


I replaced leaf springs on my trailer , springs , unbolts and leaf eye bolts were perfect fit and the job when easy the hard part was getting the old springs off. I know now to keep them siliconed up from now on for future problems.

David E.


Great no issues


Exactly what I needed


I am rebuilding an old trailer and was lucky enough to get Justin on the phone. Hel listened to my needs and searched until he found the hanger bolts and bushing the fit my equalizer perfectly. He is a real pro! The trailer is coming along great thanks to your great staff


Can't use them with the wrong bolt


Great fast service


Came with the bushings all individually in the box vs an all in one bag/package. Ordered 8 but in the box was only 6 clearly lost from transport which is very frustrating and now unable to finish the project in time before our travels. Do not buy from etrailer buy the same ones from Michigan Truck for a 1/3 of the price.

Katrina B.


I am sorry to hear that your order arrived in this condition. I have sent your information over to our customer service department for them to better assist you.


Spot on bushing for my leaf springs. Only suggestion would be to include instructions for lubrication. I wasn't sure, so I coated them inside and out with a thin layer of hi-temp grease.

Etrailer Expert

Laura E.


Michael, thanks for your review and your business. You will probably find it easier to the shackle bolts into the bushings if you lightly grease the bolts. A small amount of lubrication will both aid installation and provide a degree of lubrication for the whole assembly. You can use a general-purpose lithium grease like L11316.



The parts I bought from you to repair the suspension on our live stock trailer did the trick of getting it roadworthy. We dont use it often, but the couple times weve had it on the road since the repairs have been uneventful and thats a good thing when you have a couple tons of beef on it.

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  • Comparing Nylon Bushings TRBU11566 and 721590
    The Nylon Bushing part # TRBU11566 and Nylon Bushing part # 721590 are pretty much the same, they both are made of nylon and have the same dimensions. The former is made by TruRyde and the latter is made by Dexter. I will say however that Dexter is a more well known trailer part manufacturer and used as an OEM for most trailers.
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  • Replacement Nylon Bushings And Wet Bolts For Leaf Springs On A 2000 Pequea 1018 Deckover Trailer
    When it comes to replacing your spring bushings you will first need to remove one from your current double eye leaf spring on your 2000 Pequea 1018 Deckover Trailer and use a Digital Caliper # PTW80157 to find out what the inner and outer diameter of your bushing is. The Nylon Bushing # TRBU11566 has a 9/16 inch inner diameter and has a 11/16 inch outer diameter. The Shackle Bolt # 166081 is needed to install the bushing. The Nylon Bushing # TRBU11506 has a 1/2 inch inner diameter and...
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  • Troubleshooting Tandem Axle Trailer Leaf Springs Hitting Trailer Frame at Equalizers
    It does look like you have shackle straps that are to long and possibly worn out bushings. You can replace your shackles with the 2-1/4" Shackle # LC122487. You will need 8 of these for the entire trailer. I would recommend pulling a couple of the Shackle Bolts # TRFA73Z916DLNZ to determine if they or the Nylon Bushings # TRBU11566 are worn and causing extra clearance which may explain if this is something that just started happening recently. You will need 14 of the bushings and 8 bolt...
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  • 26 Inch 4-Leaf Springs For Bot Trailer & Replacement 13-104 Equalizer
    First, I do appreciate the specific info, and we can get you the leaf springs, equalizer and bolts. For the leaf springs, since they flatten out over time, sand yours are 26-1/4 inch now, go with 26 inch springs. You didn't mention the weight capacity you need but we have a pair of options: - 2,000 lb Axle: 4-Leaf Double-Eye Spring for 2,000-lb Trailer Axles - 26" Long # e77SR - 4,000 lb Axle: 4-Leaf Double-Eye Spring for 4,000-lb Trailer Axles - 26" Long # e22YR Then for the 13-104...
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  • What Type of Bushing Comes with 4-Leaf Slipper Spring w/ Radius End for 2,000-lb Trailer Axles
    The bushing that comes with the 4-Leaf Slipper Spring # SP-179275 is a nylon bushing like part # TRBU11566 so you need a standard non-grease bolt like part # 166079 for the installation. The nylon bushings are pressed in there by themselves without any specific type of sleeve.
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  • Do You Sell Replacement Bushings for the Leaf Springs on my Boat Trailer
    Yes, we do sell bushings for use with trailer suspension systems. I am including a link that will show you all of the sizes of bushing that we have available.
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  • Availability of a Trailer Suspension Equalizer Kit With 6-1/4 Inch Long Equalizers
    We don't offer a equalizer kit that incorporates the # TREQ458 you're needing, but you can obtain the necessary parts separately. We offer a 3/4 inch wet equalizer bolt as part # 126A1. 9/16 bushings with a OD of 11/16 is part # TRBU11566. If you need an OD of 7/8, use part # TRBU11568. You can see the shackle links and bolts we have available by clicking the provided link.
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  • How To Determine Trailer Leaf Spring Replacement Based on Axle Capacity and Other Components Used
    For your replacement leaf spring, there are a few things to consider. The number of springs in the stack doesn't determine the capacity, so you will need to know the capacity of your axle so you don't have springs that are too stiff or not strong enough for your application. For instance, if your springs are for a 3,500 lb axle, then the 4-Leaf Double-Eye Spring for 3,500-lb Trailer Axles - 27" Long # SP-210275 may be the correct replacement even though it is 4 leaf versus 6 because the...
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  • Equalizer/Hanger Kit Recommendation with Equalizer TREQ356
    We can piece together an equalizer kit for you, however the TruRyde Equalizer, # TREQ356, is not included in an equalizer kit or a hanger kit. Next, you will need 14 shackle bolts that are 3 inches long and have a 9/16 inch diameter. For this, you can use Shackle Bolt, # 166081. Finally, you will need 8 shackle straps. The most common size is the 2-5/8 inch shackle strap, # 115052. I recommend measuring your current shackle straps to verify you are buying the correct replacement shackle...
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  • Should Trailer Hangers be Spaced Equally Apart on Tandem Axle Trailer
    Ideally you want the hanger spacing to be the same on a dual axle trailer like what you are building but a slight difference may not cause any issues. The shorter spacing that you have between the equalizer and one of the outside hangers essentially results in a leaf spring stack that is just a tad too long. The only thing you will want to watch out for is the chance that the shackle straps on the equalizer can make contact with the trailer frame. What you can do is manipulate the suspension...
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  • Are Bushings Included in Double-Eye Springs
    Bushings are sometimes included in double-eye leaf springs. Sometimes they wear out and need to be replaced. You can purchase replacement bushings separately. You will need to know the bushing's inner diameter, outer diameter and the length of the bushings to order replacements. It does not matter which material, nylon or bronze, the bushings are. Also nylon and bronze bushings have about the same longevity.
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  • How to Determine Correct U-Bolt Kit and Leaf Spring Bushing for a 6,000 Lb Trailer Axle
    A 6,000 lb axle is usually going to be 3" in diameter. Therefore, for the u-bolts you can use part # APUBR-8 for 7" long or part # APUBR-9 for 7-1/4" long. You can measure your existing u-bolts or from the bottom of the axle to the top of the leaf spring pack in order to determine which length you need. You can always choose the longer option and cut away any remaining threads if necessary. Most leaf springs for 6,000 lb axles are 1-3/4" wide and will use a 9/16" bolt. If this is the case...
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  • Shackle Kit Without Wet Bots For a Tandem Axle RV Camper
    You will need 2 of the Heavy Duty Suspension Kits # K71-403-00 for your tandem axle RV. If you also need to replace the equalizer bolts you will need 2 Bolts # 007-126-01 and Nuts # 006-092-01. We do have Nylon Bushings # TRBU11566 if your current bushings are worn through. If you need help finding a replacement equalizer please send me an image with dimensions so I can be sure to get you the correct shape and size.
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  • Availability of 9/16 I.D 3/4 O.D Nylon Bushings For Trailer Suspension
    The Nylon Bushings - 9/16" Inner Diameter, 3/4" Outer Diameter - 1-3/4" Long - Qty 6 # SP05-060 you were looking at are the only option for bushings in this size. While the 9/16" inner diameter is common, the 3/4" outer diameter is not very common which is why there is only one option. The more common outer diameter is 11/16" which is 1/16" smaller. I recommend double checking the inside diameter of your springs/equalizers once the old bushings are removed with digital calipers like #...
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  • Can Nylon Bushings for Trailer Suspension be Used with Wet Bolts
    You can use wet bolts with nylon bushings or bronze bushings. It does not matter which material the bushings are. Also nylon and bronze bushings have about the same longevity.
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  • Lippert Road Armor Equalizer and Wet Bolts For a 2022 Grand Design Imagine XLS 22MLE
    You will need the Road Armor Shock Absorbing Equalizer Kit # LC696740 for your 2022 Grand Design Imagine XLS 22MLE. This will need to be paired with their Tandem Axle Road Armor Wet Bolts and Shackles # LC52SV. I recommend using the LubriMatic LMX Industrial Strength Grease # L11390 and Grease Gun # L30416 to fill the wet bolts. This grease is designed for extreme pressures in both hot and cold climates. If your current leaf springs have Nylon Bushings # TRBU11566 you will need to replace...
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  • Recommend Bushings Needed For TruRyde Curved Equalizer # TREQ104
    The item you ordered, TruRyde Curved Equalizer, part # TREQ104 comes with the bushings all ready to go. For replacement bushings for part # TREQ104, you will need the TruRyde Nylon Bushing, part # TRBU11566.
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  • Leaf Spring Bushings For Tandem-Axle Hanger Kit # APT8
    Our Tandem-Axle Hanger Kit, # APT8, comes with the bushings already pressed into the equalizers, but it does not include the bushings for the leaf springs. If you need bushings for your leaf springs, you will want to pickup up 8 of part # TRBU11566 for standard nylon bushings or we offer Lippert's Never Fail Bushing Set, # LC279684. This set includes 8 bushings, so you will only need to purchase a quantity of 1. The Never Fail bushings cost more, but they will perform much better over...
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  • Upgrading Trailer Bushings Greasable Bolts and Equalizer Suspension Parts on a Alpenlite 5th Wheel
    Installing brass bushings of the proper inner and outer diameter and length is possible. In my experience brass bushings do not last any longer than nylon bushings and they are much harder to find in the correct size. At this time we do not carry brass or bronze bushings properly sized for double eye leaf springs. Upgrading to wet shackle bolts would be a good idea and would increase the life of the suspension components, no matter the construction. You will need to match the length and...
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    Image 1 for
  • Should Wet Bolts be used on 3,500 pound Dual Axle Leaf Spring Replacement on a 2000 Skyline 26 Nomad
    As long as the wet bolt that you are intending to use is the appropriate size, wet bolts can be used on the fixed side of leaf springs. You will want to make sure that the bolt is the correct diameter, length, and that there is not a clearance issue with any other parts of the suspension when considering using a wet bolt. I have included a helpful article that explains a some differences in types of suspension bolts for your reference.
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  • Replacement Bushings For Rear Leaf Springs On A 2010 Hino 268
    We do have bushings of various sizes, but most bushings have a 9/16" inner diameter and a 11/16" outer diameter. The Nylon Bushing - 9/16" Inner Diameter, 11/16" Outer Diameter - 1-3/4" Long, part # TRBU11566, is this bushing. I did some online research and I was unable to find any information about the size of the bushings in the leaf springs on your 2010 Hino 268. You can reach out to Hino directly to get the parts you need or you can take some measurements of your existing leaf springs...
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  • Dimensions of Hangers and Equalizers on Tandem Axle Suspension on 16-Ft Trailer
    Front and rear springs hangers should be equally spaced around the center hanger and spring equalizer. It may be that your trailer was modified (if not originally built) with a different height center hanger and that might be how the spacing became how it is. Also, it may be that at some point the shackle straps were changed to a different length - we offer three different lengths: 2-1/4-inch, 2-5/8-inch and 3-1/8-inch. On a tandem axle trailer the 2-5/8-inch length is most common. It...
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  • Replacement Bolts for EZ Flex Equalizer Kit that Doesnt have Zerk Fitting for Never Fail Bushings
    For bolts that do not have the zerk fittings we have the # 007-003-01 you can use and then for never fail bushings you could then use the part # TRBU11566. These parts aren't available in a kit.
    view full answer...
  • Availability of Bushing that is 9/16 Inch ID x 11/16 OD that is Metal for Trailer Suspension
    The # D014-077-00 has the same dimensions as the # TRBU11566 except it comes in bronze instead of nylon.
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