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Torflex Lift Kit - Tandem Axle - 2-5/8" Lift

Torflex Lift Kit - Tandem Axle - 2-5/8" Lift

Item # K71-707-02
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Trailer Suspension Parts
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Lift kit raises your trailer frame by 2-5/8". Kit includes spacers and mounting hardware for tandem axle applications. Compatible with #10 Torflex axles with 2,300 to 4,000-lb capacities. Great Prices for the best trailer suspension parts from Dexter. Torflex Lift Kit - Tandem Axle - 2-5/8" Lift part number K71-707-02 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Dexter Trailer Suspension Parts - K71-707-02

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  • Dexter

Lift kit raises your trailer frame by 2-5/8". Kit includes spacers and mounting hardware for tandem axle applications. Compatible with #10 Torflex axles with 2,300 to 4,000-lb capacities.


  • Lift kit raises your trailer frame to provide 2-5/8" additional clearance between trailer frame and axle
  • Designed for use on trailers with tandem, #10 Torflex axles with 2,300 to 4,000-lb capacities
  • Spacers attach to side-mount brackets on your trailer's frame
    • Not compatible with top-mounted torsion axles
  • Includes:
    • (4) #10 Frame spacers (003-377-02)
    • 24 Plain washers (005-111-00)
    • 16 Locking hex nuts (006-126-00)
    • 16 Hex screws (007-177-00)
  • Distance between bolt holes center to center: 8"

Note: Lift kit cannot be used with Torflex axles with 3" high profile brackets.

K71-707-02 Torflex Lift Kit - Tandem Axle - 2-5/8" Lift

Installation Details K71-707-02 Installation instructions

Video of Torflex Lift Kit - Tandem Axle - 2-5/8" Lift

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Dexter Axle Torflex Lift Kit Review

Hi there, trailer owners. Today, we're going to be taking a look at Dexter's Torflex Lift Kit. These are compatible with Dexter's Torflex Axles. This truck lift kit is going to work with your Dexter Axles and your trailer to raise your trailer up. This is going to help level out your trailer. If your truck sits too high, leaving the front end of your trailer jacked up and the back of your trailer down when you're hauling your trailer, this could lead to scraping at the back of your trailer due to the angle, angling it down.

And by leveling out our trailer, it also helps to load the tongue weight properly on our truck. So this is overall just going to increase the driving experience that we're going to feel when hauling our trailer.Our customer had an issue with his truck being too high for his trailer, causing it to haul unlevel. After we got done installing the components here, we can see that our trailer is completely level all the way down, which is going to increase the driving experience inside of our truck just due to the way our trailer is going to handle. The weight's going to be properly distributed onto the back of our truck, which is going to allow us to get proper braking and handling performance at the front. Our customer also has a weight distribution system on here as well to help even out that weight.

All these components are going to work together just to give you the smoothest and best handling performance when driving your truck down the road when hauling your trailer.Other issues some trailers can run into, particularly if they have the swing out arm styles for their support system, is that in certain areas, depending on how level the ground is where you're at and if there's any rough terrain, some of those arms may hit the ground when you're trying to swing them out and then you can't level properly. You have to move it around and adjust until you can find that sweet spot. Lifting the trailer up a couple of inches is going to give you that clearance that you're going to need, so you can more easily get set up and ready to go at your campsite.And this is what our lift kit looks like when it's installed. I've got the wheels off so that you can see the spacers in place here between our axle and the frame. That's where it goes.

Going to give us greater clearance to the ground, so when we're hauling our trailer, we don't have to worry about as much issues with scraping on the ground, particularly if we have leveling jacks and things like that that are hanging down below. And in some cases, depending on your campsite where you park it, you may be so low to the ground in that particular spot that you can't even use your landing gear properly to level out your trailer because they just don't quite meet where they need to.By lifting it up, we get more room to work with on our landing gear so we can get those legs swung out and everything set up properly. And it can also help out with getting it properly set up with your truck. If your truck's lifted up higher than your trailer, then you can haul it uneven. And you want to try to haul it as even as possible to have the proper load and tongue weight on your truck's hitch at the back.

So something like this is going to lift it up and provide that for you. And you can see it comes with all the hardware that we need, brand new hardware for attaching both our axle to our bracket, as well as attaching our bracket to our trailer.One thing you'll want to keep in mind when performing this installation is that you are increasing the distance between your axle and your trailer here by about this much. And depending on your brakes that you have installed, whether they are electric or hydraulic, you may need to extend the wires or the hydraulic lines in order for this system to work properly with your trailer. On the one that we installed today, we did have to add a few inches to the wiring in order to lower it down and be able to have proper travel of our suspension without damaging the wires that go to our electric brakes. And when it comes to the installation, it's considerably easier than many other style of lift kits for different style of suspension.With this style here, with the TorkLift Axles, it's as simple as lifting your trailer up to where it hangs off the ground. You want to give yourself a considerable gap between the ground and your tires when you got it up to ensure that once you get your kit installed, you can get your wheels back on if you did take those off. I would recommend at least four inches between that when lifting it up. But once you got it lifted up, it's as simple as placing your jack underneath, lowering down one side, installing the spacer, and then moving onto the next one. I'd recommend finishing up this axle, doing the other side, and then moving on to your next one. And that completes our look at the Torflex Lift Kit.

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Customer Reviews

Torflex Lift Kit - Tandem Axle - 2-5/8" Lift - K71-707-02

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (559 Customer Reviews)

Lift kit raises your trailer frame by 2-5/8". Kit includes spacers and mounting hardware for tandem axle applications. Compatible with #10 Torflex axles with 2,300 to 4,000-lb capacities.


The package arrived quickly as they said it would. I installed it as per the instructions and the job was easy. My Trail Lite Camper trailer has tandem axles so it was easy to just drive one set of axles up on ramps and install the lift kit on the hanging axle with the trailer hooked to the truck with the brakes locked on the truck. Anyhow, this lift kit was easy to install and did the job of raising the rear of the trailer from 14" to 18" after installation. Everything fit perfectly thanks to talking with Alex of and getting the right kit for my Dexter #10 Torflex axles. Attached are some pictures of before the install, during and after the install. I'm very satisfied. FYI the project goes a lot faster if you have an electric or pneumatic impact wrench to remove the old rusted mounting bolts and installing the new bolts.


I got these for my 1998 Trail-et gooseneck 2 horse trailer after we upgraded from a 1994 truck to a 2023. The new truck is much taller so I needed to lift the trailer. This kit was perfect, all of the holes lined up perfectly and it gave me the height I needed. The hardest part was cutting the old bolts off the trailer.


This trailer sees some use off pavement. The added ground clearance provided by the kit is very helpful. The lifting blocks are well constructed and the hardware is high quality. Installation was straightforward, but great care must be taken when lifting the trailer off the ground to remove the axles and also to ensure that the new fasteners are tightened properly. Not a job for inexperienced mechanics.


This was a very easy install in the driveway. Only a couple hours start to finish.


Though I have not yet installed the Lift Kit, previous reviews confirm they will work well on my Escape 5.0 TA fifth wheel. Being in Canada and hearing about the poor condition of packages and product being delivered, I had some concerns. However not only did the package arrive sooner than expected, it was fully intact and in good condition. My overall experience with eTrailer has been flawless - thank you!



Installed the lift kit, followed the instructions and it went very smoothly, took a couple hours with a buddy. 5th wheel now rides level with my F150, product worked as specified, and will continue future purchases with eTrailer as their service and responsiveness is above competitors in our experience.


Arrived quickly just like always with etrailer. The box appears to have been opened and retaped. All the hardware was included. The paint on each of the brackets has been scratched off in many places. So much so, that I will paint them before installing.


The box looked it was previously shipped to someone else, the bag of parts was open and missing a bolt.
Also, the instructions were missing pages.

Etrailer Expert

Katrina B.


Yikes! Lets get you over to customer service so they can get you those missing pieces.


Package came, all parts included.
On my boat trailer took 20 hours.
Done yea.


Peace of mind is included in the kit! After damaging the steps on our Lance 1995 pulling out of a driveway, I decided it was time to install a lift kit. Installation took a few hours with the help of a friend and his flat driveway. The installation is relatively simple but not for the faint of heart. We jacked up one side at a time, inserted a couple of jack stands, unbolted the axles, and installed the spacers. It's a little tricky reaching all the bolts and nuts, but doable. We've since travelled about 6200 miles with no issues. Nice to know I don't have to be quite as careful pulling out of driveways.


Awesome experience. I miss-ordered and Kelly quickly got everything straightened out for me. She then expedited the correct kit for me straight to the installation shop!
She emailed me a return authorization UPS shipment voucher minutes later. Outstanding support!


The product shipped fast, but in a broken up box. The parts were scattered throughout and looked used. I was missing some washers and a nut. Included in the box was some parts that didn’t belong with the order. Plus a flat head screw driver insert. For XXX dollars plus tax, the parts could have at least been put in a bag or something. It looks like I got someone else’s return. Not what I expected from etrailer. Waiting for a response from them. I sent pictures and asked if they received them. Nothing back from them yet.

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


My goodness that is not great to hear. I will have our Customer Service team reach out to you.


I ordered the Dexter K71-707-02 lift kit for my Haulmark Transport trailer. It was on back order and took two weeks to arrive but communicate this to me with a phone call. I thought that was great customer service since most companies these days just email if anything.
The product arrive as described accept for the poor quality finish. I stripped it down and re-painted it. That was not such a big deal since I painted all the parts as I installed them and touched up my axle, hubs and under body while the wheels were off. It installed easily and raised my trailer just as I needed. My trailer was so low it scraped on drives and the rear stabilizer jacks did not have enough room to deploy.

Tip: The nuts in this kit are locking nuts and require a considerable amount of torque to tighten them. I used a pneumatic impact gun that made the job go much quicker.


Installed lift on Lance 1985 to get the extra clearance for taking the trailer off road.

Product is great, and it was a simple install (took right at 3 hours). I had to buy a 15/16" wrench in order to fit in the tight space, especially when doing the bolt in the side while the bolt to the bottom was in place. Torquing the nuts was a chore now that I am getting older. :)

I used two jacks, one on each side of the axle to lower it uniformly (floor jack and bottle jack). I used two jack stands to hold up the trailer with wheels removed. (I had to raise the jack stands on wood to get the required elevation when I went to mount the tires.) Tools required were 15/16" open end wrench, 15/16" socket with 1/2" drive ratchet, 1/2" drive torque wrench capable of 150 ftlbs. I also used a 1/2" drive adjustable cheater bar to pry the existing bolts loose.


I installed these a year ago on my camper and I took about a dozen camping trips. The parts haven't moved and are still nice and tight. I would definitely order them again.


I cannot comment on the installation as I had a mobile mechanic friend install it. 4hrs is what he charged me.
The stance is much improved. I should have done it years ago.

Daren C.


We sold the trailer to family. Th we y have towed for over 1000 miles with NO issues.


I gave it a 3 based on my experience with installation, however it may have been the axles themselves that were the problem.

1) Couldn’t find a match on the etrailer website, so I had to speak with a rep to only give me Dexter axle’s phone number.

2) The first location for calling Dexter axle couldn’t help me either, so they gave me the number for where they were manufactured (tandem axles).

3) The 3rd call matched the serial numbers of my axles finally and gave me the kit # to order from etrailer.

4) The holes in the lift brackets were drilled for a minimum of 8” o/c, which was perfect for the trailer, but the axles were drilled at 7.75” o/c. This meant having to slot mill all 4 bracket for the axles .25” on each side for bolt clearance.

5) The original nuts and bolts that came off of my axles and trailer were .5” dia bolts, but the ones that came with the kit were WAY too big meaning I needed to either oversize (ream the axle and trailer holes) or buy new bolts, which is what I did.

It has nothing to do with etrailers service. Just wanted people to know what they’re getting into with these lifts sometimes! :


Great kit, great instructions. Took two of us less than two hours to install including relocating brake wires. (However the trailer floor had been removed to resolve other issues and I do trailer repairs for a living) This is exactly what my enclosed trailer needed along with going to a 225 series tire from a 205 I achieved 3” of lift. There were a couple scratches in the paint on my parts but if a guy was really worried a quick touch with a spray can would be fine. I put em on as is. etrailer had these parts to me in under a week on the left coast.


I needed this axle spacer kit due to insufficient wheel well clearance on the used 2008 Jayco trailer we purchased (it turns out that ~2400 trailers left the factory missing this spacer back in 2008).
These spacers arrived quickly and in fine condition. They fit perfectly. NOTE: Installation went ok, but I did this in a campground, on gravel, and in 95-100° heat, so it was not easy and took me 2 full days. If someone performed this in cooler weather on a hard, flat surface it would go faster.
Very satisfied with the quality and with etrailer (I have used etrailer 3 times prior and have had no problems).


The lift kit is just what I expected. The delivery was delayed one week. The package was damaged and re-taped. The bag holding the nuts and bolts was busted open and some of them were missing.


Missing 2 nuts, 2 bolts, 2 washers. Kit is useless without all th parts.

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


I want you to have all the hardware that comes with the kit. I will have our Customer Service team reach out to you.


perfect, nice lift parts are well made,easy to install,i replaced both axles same time on 1997 airstream,


Perfect fit


Don't expect the paint on the Brackets to be whole, there is no way they can be with how they are packaged. Regardless, this is a very easy to install lift if you have any mechanical abilities and tools to safely lift your trailer. I called to several RV shops in my area and was quoted 800.00 - 2000.00 to install this kit. It took me 2 hours including hooking the truck to the trailer, gathering tools. Very straight forward install and is as described on the website. We have a 2014 Flagstaff Classic Ultra Light fifth wheel which is 1.5 ton towable and with our 1 ton sitting so high at stock ride height, the rear bumper of the trailer was close to dragging at the slightest dip. Well made and easy to install.

Douglas H.


Still working great after a year of use. We have teaveled about 5,000 miles with the lift kit and it has continued to performed flawlessly.


Does not have the mounting holes to allow me to space the axle. I will have to drill additional hole 180 degrees of

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


I wanted to ask you more about your experience with the lift kit. You should not have to drill any additional holes and I wanted to ask you a few questions. Would you be able to send a picture? Do you have a #10 Torflex axle?

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


I wanted to ask you more about your experience with the lift kit. You should not have to drill any additional holes and I wanted to ask you a few questions. Would you be able to send a picture? Do you have a #10 Torflex axle?


Kit worked fine, but it arrived missing several washers. Thankfully I had another kit for our other trailer, so I used some from that kit. Unfortunately, etrailer made getting a few replacement washers 10 times harder than getting the kits. After numerous emails asking several questions;then wanting pictures of the kit and instructions days after it all went in the trash post installation, I'll just buy my own replacement parts. You would think I was asking for a new free kit. Just wanted enough washers to install the other kit.

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  • Lift Kit for an Airstream Flying Cloud 28 RBT
    The Torflex Lift Kit # K71-707-02 is for #10 Torflex axles. From what I could find on your Airstream Flying Cloud 28 RBT, it looks to most likely have #11 Torflex axles, which would mean that you want the Torflex Lift Kit # K71-724-02. I do recommend verifying this by checking the main tag/sticker on the axle itself because we do not have a data base that tells us what axle you have and Airstream only said Torsion axle, so you could potentially have something different. From what I could...
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  • Lift Kit and Brackets for Top Mount Torflex 3500 lb Axles on Horse Trailer
    For your horse trailer with Dexter Torflex 3500 lb axles, you will need the Torflex Lift Kit - Tandem Axle - 2-5/8" Lift # K71-707-02 along with two sets of the Dexter Axle Torflex #10 Axle Side-Mount Frame Installation Hardware Kit # DX54FR which will be welded to your trailer frame. I've attached some videos and a customer photo of the kits installed to assist.
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    Image 1 for Image 2 for Image 3 for
  • Install Time for the Torflex Lift Kit # K71-707-02
    If you are comfortable working with tools then the install of the Torflex Lift Kit # K71-707-02 will take you about a day. There is a great customer review that says it took him 6 hours to complete the installation at home. If you will be taking it to a shop then it really just depends on how good the shop is. You may need to just call around and see what they say. A review video and the installation instructions have been linked for you to check out.
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  • Lift Kit for a 2014 Rockwood Mini Lite 2109S Ultralite Travel Trailer
    To raise your 2014 Rockwood Mini Lite 2109S Ultralite Travel Trailer, with Dexter 2200 axles, you will want to use the Correct Track Trailer Alignment and Lift Kit - Tandem Axle item # RR23QX. This kit will raise your trailer height by 1-1/4" or 2-1/4". The brackets attach to hangers and supply new, lower mounting point for springs, which results in a taller ride height.
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  • Recommended Lift Kit For 2017 Casita 17 Trailer W/ #10 Torflex Axles
    I have a lift kit option for you, but there is not a shock kit currently made for torsion axles. For the #10 toflex axle in your 2017 Casita 17 we have the Torflex Lift Kit - Single Axle - 2-5/8" Lift # K71-707-01 if you have tandem axles or # K71-707-02. Each of these kits will lift your trailer by 2-5/8". Keep in mind neither of the kits mentioned will work if your axle has 3" high profile mounting brackets. I included videos of the products mentioned for you to take a look at.
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  • Lift Kit for Dexter # 10 Torflex Axle on 2020 Airstream 27FB
    Your Airstream uses Dexter Torflex # 10 axles. As long as the axle mounting brackets aren't the 3 inch tall high profile brackets, the Dexter # K71-707-02 lift kit for tandem axle trailers would work perfectly for you. I've linked to the installation details as well as to a product description video.
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  • Axle Lift Kit Recommendation for 2007 Trail Cruiser 23BH
    I'm pretty sure you have Dexter torsion axles on your 2007 Trail Cruiser 23bh but I was not able to totally confirm that. Could you check the axles to see if they are torsion style? Look for a label on the axle that has the capacity info listed as well. With that info I can determine the lift you'd need.
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  • Trailer Lift Kit for my 2002 Towlite HiLo with Torsion Axles With 8 Mounting Centers
    Yes the Torflex Lift Kit - Tandem Axle part # K71-707-02 will give your trailer 2 5/8" of lift. It is designed specifically for the #10 Torflex application and includes all of the hardware you will need for your installation. The only stipulation is that it won't work with a top mount or 3" tall hanger but it appears you're in good shape.
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  • Lift Kit Recommendation for 2021 Forest River Salem FSX 280RT
    We have the Lippert tandem lift kit part # RR23QX which will give you a lift of 2 inches.
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  • Lifting A Fifth Wheel Trailer To Tow Level With Truck
    I recommend to use a over-under conversion kit which will move the trailer springs to the top of the axle and increase the height by thickness of the leaf spring stack. For that I recommend Dexter Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit part # K71-384-00 for a 2-3/8" axle or a part # K71-385-00 for a 3" axle. If you have a TorFlex axle you will need part # K71-707-02 if the capacity of your TorFlex is 2,300 to 4,000-lbs. As a last resort you can replace the hangers for longer ones like...
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  • Torsion Axle Lift Kit for 2017 Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite 1909S
    Torflex type axle lift kits should be selected based on the specific model of torsion axle that is installed on the trailer. Kit # K71-723-01 fits #9 single Torflex axles with 2,000 lb capacity Kit # K71-707-01 fits #10 single Torflex axles with 2,300 to 4,000-lb capacities Kit # K71-707-02 fits #10 tandem Torflex axles with 2,300 to 4,000-lb capacities Kit # K71-724-02 fits #11 tandem Torflex axles with 4,100-6,000-lb capacities I checked with Forest River about which axle may be installed...
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  • Options to Raise the Overall Height of a 5th Wheel or Travel Trailer
    Installation of a replacement pin box like the Lippert 1621 5th Wheel Pin Box - 18,000 lbs # LC1191151 does not raise the overall height of a 5th wheel trailer, but it may give more adjustability to the height of the king pin. I've attached an image of the dimensions of this pin box as well as the adjustability based on hole spacing 2 inches on center vertically. I've attached a link to all of the pin boxes compatible with the 1621 for your convenience. To give you additional trailer...
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  • Lift Kit Compatible with Dexter #10 Axles on EZ Hauler Trailer with Tandem Axles
    For your Dexter #10 torsion axle, the Torflex Lift Kit - Tandem Axle - 2-5/8" Lift # K71-707-02 is the correct fit. We don't have anything compatible with top-mounted torsion axles so you would first need to weld on the Dexter Axle Torflex #10 Axle Side-Mount Frame Installation Hardware Kit # DX54FR for each axle. With this mount welded to your frame you would them be able to use the lift kit.
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  • Torflex Torsion Axle Lift Kits For Tandem Torsion Axle Trailers
    If you are out of adjustment on your 2005 gooseneck horse trailer coupler you can use a Torflex Lift Kit to raise your axles. There are different tandem axle kits available that will match your current axles. You can determine your axles by the information sticker on the axles if they are still present on the axles. If you do not have the sticker I can help you find the axle information with the serial number that is stamped on the axle tube. Torflex Lift Kit # K71-707-02 is a 2-5/8"...
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  • Lift Kit for a 3,500 Pound Dexter Torflex Torsion Axle
    The various Torflex Lift Kits such as # K71-725-02 are designed to fit specific Dexter Torflex torsion axles. The kit above is specifically for #12 Torflex axles. If you do not have a #12 Torflex axle I can't recommend using this kit. Let me know which Torflex number axle you have and I can determine if there is another option for it. Since your axle is rated for 3,500 pounds I believe it is a #10 and would take lift kit # K71-707-02 for a tandem axle set up or # K71-707-01 for a single...
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  • How to Determine if Dexter Torflex Lift Kit will Fit Camper Trailer
    Can you check the axles on your trailer to find out what you have? With that info we'll be able to tell if the Torflex Lift Kit # K71-725-02 will fit or not. If you have Dexter Torflex Axles that are between 5,500 and 7,000 capacity this is the correct kit. If you have something lower like between 2,300 and 4,000 lb the part # K71-707-02 would be what you'd need instead.
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  • Lift Kit for 2018 Winnebago Micro Minnie
    Your 2018 Winnebago Micro Minnie has 3500 lb torsion axles but they haven't been clear as to the manufacturer. If the axles have mounting holes 8 inches on center, then you can use the Dexter Torflex Lift Kit - Tandem Axle - 2-5/8" Lift # K71-707-02. If you have a different measurement center on center let me know and I'd be happy to assist.
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  • Recommended Lift Kit For 2021 Keystone Rv Hideout 272BH With 3500lb Axles
    I would be happy to help! Based on the information I was able to find on your 2021 Keystone Hideout 272BH it uses leaf springs and has 3500lb axles you will need two of the Dexter Over-Under Kit # K71-384-00 which moves the leaf springs from underneath the axle to on top which lifts the axle by the diameter of the axle (2-3/8") and the height of the leaf spring stack. I included a video of the # K71-384-00 for you to take a look at.
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  • Lift Kit Needed for Tandem 3,500 lb Torflex Axles on a 2008 Rockwood Ultra Lite 5th Wheel Camper
    From what you described it sounds like you need the Torflex Lift Kit # K71-707-02 which is designed for #10 Torflex axles with 2,300 lb - 4,000 lb weight capacities. If you can verify that your axles are #10 Torflex (found on the sticker) then this is the kit for you. Otherwise I'd need to know what exact axles you have to see if a lift kit is available.
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  • Torsion Axle Lift For 2008 Jayco Jay Feather 31' Travel Trailer With Dual #10 Dexter Torflex Axles
    Based on the information I could find on your 31' 2008 Jayco Jay Feather it would have included 2 #10 Dexter Torflex axles. Those axles will need the Torflex Lift Kit # K71-707-02 which includes 2 set of lift spacers for 2-5/8" lift on both axles. I do see that these using mounting holes that are 8" on center but you mentioned having 8-1/2" for your bolt holes. Can you please verify this measurement on your Jay Feather?
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  • 1998 Haulmark 24 Snowmobile trailer - Tires and Axles
    You can confirm your axle capacity by pulling one of your hubs and looking at the reference numbers on the side of the bearing cages. A 3500 lb axle typically has an L68149 inner/L44649 outer bearing. Torsion axles do indeed wear over time which is almost certainly what's happened in your case. As you mentioned 3-4 inches is what you typically want to see as far as fender/ wheel well clearance goes. At this juncture changing the tire size to a 185/80-13 will only provide you a bit above...
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    Image 1 for
  • Do Trailer Axles have to be Aligned After Installing Torflex Lift Kit K71-707-02
    Torflex Lift Kit - Tandem Axle - 2-5/8" Lift Item # K71-707-02 doesn't require that you have your axles aligned after installation but it is good practice to do so. It is actually easier than you might think. Basically, measure from center of the trailer coupler to the center of the axle on each end. Be sure to measure from exactly the same point on the coupler! You want the measurements to be exact up to 1/16 of an inch difference. On a tandem axle trailer once you have the front axle...
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    Image 1 for
  • Correct Lift Kit for 2003 Airstream Classic
    In order to determine the correct lift kit for a 2003 Airstream Classic you'll need to know which model axle you have which is usually found on the axle tag. Once this is found you can use one of the kits below based on this. No. 10 Torflex: part # K71-707-02 No. 11 Torflex: part # K71-724-02 No. 12 Torflex: part # K71-725-02 In regards to wheels/tires, the best option we could offer is the Karrier ST235/80R16 Radial Tire w 16" White Spoke Wheel part # AM32764 which requires 6 lug hubs.
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  • Lift Kit to Raise Forest River Trailer With Torflex Axles
    To lift your Forest River Signature Ultra Lite 8289WS with Torflex axles between 2 and 3 inches, you could use Dexter's Torflex lift kit. Since your Ultra Lite has tandem axles, you would only need to know which number Torflex axles you have to get the correct kit. For #10 Torflex axles with 2,300 to 4,000-lb capacities you'd want Torflex Lift Kit # K71-707-02, which will give you 2-5/8" of lift. If you have #11 Torflex axles with 4,100-6,000-lb capacities the correct part is Torflex...
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Used Picture for Torflex Lift Kit - Tandem Axle - 2-5/8" Lift
Used Picture for Torflex Lift Kit - Tandem Axle - 2-5/8" Lift
Used Picture for Torflex Lift Kit - Tandem Axle - 2-5/8" Lift
Used Picture for Torflex Lift Kit - Tandem Axle - 2-5/8" Lift

Condition: Surface Scratches

Notes: Item has several scratches and paint damage ont he metal. Otherwise new and unused.

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