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Roadmaster Comfort Ride Leaf Spring Suspension Kit w/ Shock Absorbers - Triple 5K Trailer Axles

Roadmaster Comfort Ride Leaf Spring Suspension Kit w/ Shock Absorbers - Triple 5K Trailer Axles

Our Price: $2,946.90
Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension
Shipping Weight: 245 lbs
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This leaf spring suspension kit prevents shock transfer between axles, increasing traction while braking by as much as 70 percent. Heavy-duty shocks reduce bouncing, chucking and porpoising of your trailer up to 50 percent. Fits 3" axles. Great Prices for the best trailer leaf spring suspension from Roadmaster. Roadmaster Comfort Ride Leaf Spring Suspension Kit w/ Shock Absorbers - Triple 5K Trailer Axles part number RM-2460-2560-3 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Roadmaster Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension

  • Equalizer Upgrade Kit
  • Leaf Spring Replacement System
  • Suspension Kits
  • Boat Trailer
  • Camper
  • Car Hauler
  • Snowmobile Trailer
  • Utility Trailer
  • Round Axle - 3 Inch
  • 5000 lbs
  • Triple Axle
  • Roadmaster

This leaf spring suspension kit prevents shock transfer between axles, increasing traction while braking by as much as 70 percent. Heavy-duty shocks reduce bouncing, chucking and porpoising of your trailer up to 50 percent. Fits 3" axles.


  • Suspension upgrade system provides a smooth, comfortable towing experience
    • Slipper leaf springs replace existing leaf springs
    • Center hanger boxes replace standard equalizers
    • Heavy-duty gas shocks absorb road vibration
  • Center hanger boxes isolate leaf springs to prevent shock transfer between axles
    • Independent axle operation increases traction by as much as 70 percent during braking
    • Built-in rollers keep spring ends from hopping inside of box to create a smoother, quieter, more controlled ride
  • Nitrogen-charged shock absorbers help to eliminate trailer bouncing, chucking, and porpoising
    • Limit up-and-down motion of trailer on both compression and rebound
    • Help to control trailer sway by limiting lateral movement
  • Maintenance-free Never Fail bushings come pressed into spring eyes
    • Constructed with molybdenum and graphite
    • More durable than brass or nylon
  • Simple, bolt-on installation


  • Application: triple-axle trailers
    • Axle size: 3" diameter (typical 5,200-lb to 7,000-lb axle)
  • Spring capacity: 2,500 lbs per spring
  • Leaf spring dimensions: 27" long (from center of spring eye to end of spring) x 1-3/4" wide
    • Eye diameter with bushing installed: 3/4" (9/16" without bushing)
    • Leaf thickness: 3/8"
    • Number of leaves: 4
  • Shock length:
    • Extended 17-1/2"
    • Compressed: 11-1/2"
  • Quantity:
    • Slipper springs: 6
    • Center hanger boxes: 3
    • Shocks: 6
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Note: Your existing U-bolts may not be long enough for this install. U-bolts also suffer from wear and tear, so we recommend changing the U-bolts during this installation.

Roadmaster Comfort Ride Slipper Springs

Upgrade your current trailer suspension setup with the Comfort Ride system from Roadmaster. The Comfort Ride provides an improved towing experience for your triple-axle trailer. Unlike traditional equalizers, the center hanger boxes in this system prevent shock transfer between axles, creating a smoother ride. In order to absorb and dissipate any road-induced shock that occurs, heavy-duty shock absorbers are included.

Leaf Spring Setup

The front and rear springs that are included with this kit will attach to the hangers that are welded onto your trailer. The eye of the front spring will attach to your existing front hanger, and the eye of the rear spring will attach to the rear hanger. The flat slipper end of each spring will slide into one of the provided center hanger boxes. The 2 center springs will mount in the middle of the setup, attaching to the hanger boxes on either side.

Roadmaster Comfort Ride Center Hanger Box

This center hanger box differs from a traditional equalizer, which typically connects the springs on a triple-axle trailer. In a standard equalizer setup, any vibration or road-induced force gets transferred between the axles until it eventually dissipates. This occurs because standard equalizers are built with pivot points at their center. So each time the front axle hits a bump in the road, the movement of that axle causes the spring to jump. This pivots the equalizer, which transfers movement to the center and rear springs and, in turn, to the center and rear axles, creating an ongoing wave of motion.

Roadmaster Comfort Ride Slipper Spring Rollers In Center Hanger Box

With the Comfort Ride setup, the center hanger sits flush with your trailer frame, preventing any movement of the box itself. This isolates each spring, thus eliminating any connection between the axles. To ensure that each spring is still able to move along with the axle, preventing an overly stiff ride, the flat end of the spring mounts in the center hanger box between a roller and a safety bolt. Having a roller positioned above the flat end will keep the spring from hopping inside of the box. Any up-and-down motion the spring incurs will be translated into front-to-back motion to create a smoother, quieter, more controlled ride.

The independent axle operation will improve handling and braking performance as well. Axle roll up occurs when the trailer's rear tires are lifted off the ground while braking, resulting in weight and traction being lost on the rear tires. With the Comfort Ride system installed, tire traction increases by as much as 70 percent during braking because there is no axle roll up. The result is a safer, more comfortable towing experience.

Gas Shocks Absorb Road Vibration

Instead of transferring shock between axles, the Comfort Ride setup ensures that each spring freely absorbs and dissipates any road-induced force on its own. In order to do this, heavy-duty shocks are included.

Roadmaster Comfort Ride Shock Absorber

The gas-powered springs inside of the shocks' sealed cylinders compress and extend as you drive. The compression and extension of the springs creates enough force to offset the amount of incoming force or vibration that occurs when you tow over rough or uneven terrain.

You'll experience up to a 50 percent reduction in the force that's transferred to your trailer while traveling on paved roads. You'll also receive up to a 76 percent reduction over cobblestones and a 94 percent reduction over gravel roads. This means improved handling, even over potholes and uneven pavement, and the contents of your trailer will stay in place during travel.

Roadmaster Comfort Ride Shock Absorbers Installed

Many trailers will have shocks mounted at around a 40-degree angle, but this positioning doesn't compensate very well for the up-and-down movement of the trailer's suspension. Roadmaster's patented adjustable frame brackets are specifically designed to allow these shocks to be mounted at an optimum angle between 20 and 40 degrees. As a result, these shocks will have the leverage necessary to limit up-and-down and lateral movement during both compression and rebound.

Rigorous Testing Standards

This Comfort Ride system has endured rigorous testing to ensure its durability and longevity. This testing includes computerized Finite Element Analysis, which establishes guidelines to ensure superior product quality and safety. Roadmaster also tested these shock absorbers at the Navistar Proving Grounds, a private test facility that provides real-world handling and safety testing. The result is a safe, long-lasting product that you can trust.


Installation of the Comfort Ride system is fairly straightforward.

The eyes of the front and rear slipper springs attach to the welded hangers on your trailer's frame using your existing suspension bolts. The center hanger boxes bolt over your existing center hangers and secure in place with the provided hardware. Once the safety bolts and rollers are installed in the center boxes, just slide the slipper ends of the springs in so that they rest between the bolts and the rollers. The eye of each center spring will mount in the front most center hanger box with the included hardware, and its slipper end will position in the rear box in the same way as the other slipper ends.

To install the shocks, begin by replacing your U-bolt tie plates with the plates included in this kit. You will need to retain your existing U-bolts and nuts for installation. Once the tie plates are installed, bolt the upper mounting brackets to your trailer's frame with the included hardware. Some drilling is required when mounting the brackets to the frame. Finally, attach the shocks between the tie plates and the frame brackets.

2460 Roadmaster Comfort Ride Shock Absorbers - 3" Axles

2460-50 Roadmaster Comfort Ride Shock Absorbers - Triple Axle Add-On Kit- 3" Axles

2560 Roadmaster Comfort Ride Slipper Spring System - 5,000 lb Axle

2560-50 Roadmaster Comfort Ride Slipper Spring Triple Axle Add-On Kit- 3" Axles

Item # RM-2460-2560-3

Installation Details RM-2460-2560-3 Installation instructionsAlternate Instructions RM-2460-2560-3 Installation instructions

Customer Reviews

Roadmaster Comfort Ride Leaf Spring Suspension Kit w/ Shock Absorbers - Triple 5K Trailer Axles - RM-2460-2560-3

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (190 Customer Reviews)

This leaf spring suspension kit prevents shock transfer between axles, increasing traction while braking by as much as 70 percent. Heavy-duty shocks reduce bouncing, chucking and porpoising of your trailer up to 50 percent. Fits 3" axles.


Install wasn’t bad. Grand design welds a V bracket inside the spring hangers for more strength so that was my only challenge on install. This caused a problem on the center hanger as the spacer wouldn’t fit. Had to grind about a quarter inch off the spacer so it would fit as I could only bend the bottom of the hangers so much. Will be towing about 100 miles this weekend so it will be nice to hopefully not have broken drawers in the back of the trailer as well as shelves in the fridge door dislodged. I also did the X factor cross braces on the front and rear hangers for more strength. Will post back after we get more miles on it, but given all the other positive reviews I don’t think I’ll be unhappy.


1. The impression from "people"
was usually "why shocks on a camper", which I would answer "why shocks on your car".
2. The ride was much better; as you may imagine driving your car without shocks. And the sway was minimized & the braking effectiveness increase.
3. We've sold that RV and on our new one already planning the install; and including the wet bolts and mod on the leaf-spring hangers.


Installed a year ago, I made a drilling template to help locate the frame mounting bracket screw holes. Installed a set on (2) fivers, spent average of 2.5 hours for total installation per fiver. Helped the ride of the trailer. Would certainly recommend the shock kit.


This is a great kit! Everything needed is included. Be sure to purchase the heavy duty wet bolt kit for the shackles.


I spent considerable time researching how to improve the towing experience of my 5th wheel camper without breaking the bank. This is an excellent product and it performed exactly as I had hoped. It improved my trailer's handling over the very rough roads we travel in just about every state in our country. If you are looking to improve your towing experience, then this is a reasonably priced product.


The product itself is very well made and shipped. Install is pretty straight forward, measure twice, drill once type of thing.

My issue with this product is actually etrailer. I purchased this and 5 days later the price was $xx less. I contacted customer service figuring they could credit the order given 5 days passed but was told that their pricing changes daily in some cases and would not credit the difference. I kept an eye on the price over the next week and sure enough, noticed multiple price fluctuations from $xxx to $xxx. I'm not sure how this policy wins customer loyalty, but that's how etrailer operates apparently. If you buy this from etrailer keep a close eye on the price, you could save nearly 20% if you buy it on the right day.


My brother in law installed the slipper spring kit to replace a broken spring and equiflex on the left side of my 2018 solitude 384GK. We found it very easy to install and the written instructions and a couple of videos helped. We travelled from Phillipi WV to Arley Ala. after. I saw a very big difference in the handling and stability of the RV. Was very pleased with the results. I have not installed the shocks yet will do that when I get to Fla.
I purchased the kit from E trailer the service was excellent received everything 2 days earlier than expected, no damage or missing parts. I dealt with Ashley at E trailer she was extremally helpful and knowledgeable.


Great addition to my camper. After being frustrated with broken leaf springs, stuff broken in the camper and being jarred from pot holes, I installed these shocks to help the ride. Easy to install (just takes time) and a great addition.


Great kit, really beefy high quality components, nice powder coating. Because my axles are above the leaf springs which I believe is relatively rare, the kit needed some modification, not too bad if you're handy and have additional tools. This kit is a no brainer for axles underneath leaf springs, pretty much bolt on from seeing the eTrailer videos, dramatically improved ride quality on my 20 mile test drive, looking forward to our next trip.


OMG! After having the trailer bottom out on the stock springs while traversing a RR crossing, this system has proven to be amazing. Returning from a VA campground I crossed multiple RR crossings and traveled some rough pavement. I found I had left a bottle of shower soap on the ledge in the shower! It was still there when I set up in my yard. Not possible with the stock suspension!


Along with the new springs....everything works as advertised. Well satisfied. No complaints.
I had to modify the one set of shock brackets to fit, as I have raised the trailer 5 inches
to match up with the 4 inch raised truck. problems.
Thanks etrailer for your help.


I had installed this same kit several years ago on my fifth wheel camper. Recently I had to travel on a very wash boarded road near St George, Colorado. I had 2 of these shock units fail so I order the new one since they worked so well for so long. To my amazement the new rendition of the shock absorber system had been completely redesigned a greatly beefed up. I do believe that these newly designed units would have held up against the rigor of the road I had to travel. I'm very satisfied with them. In addition I'd like to say that other than having to work under the trailer to do the installation it is a very easy job to do, just follow the instruction and do one wheel at a time.


I’m impressed with the product, the plates and brackets are well machined and finished…it was extremely difficult drilling the holes for the upper shock mount…the spring equalizer was directly under the holes to be drilled…maybe it’s my model of trailer that is making it hard…2012 27’ Keystone Cougar..


One of the best things I’ve installed on my travel trailer. They smoothed out the ride and removed the sway from my trailer. Every travel trailer made should have these installed on them at the factory.


Excellent product! Absolutely TRANSFORMED my towing experience! Installed on a 2017 Open Range 310BHS travel trailer. Approximately #10,500 loaded. Trailer doesnt bounce or jolt over the road. Ride is substantially bettter. System is tough, thick, and seems it will last. Instructions are pretty clear, and all tooling neede is pretty basic. I reccommend a digital inclinometer to be able to set your shock angles precisely. They're cheap on [online]. I reccommend this kit to every single person who has the same bouncing issue. Could not be happier with the purchase!


This product is exactly what I was looking for and thanks to “etrailer” they assisted me in getting the right product for my specific application. Thank you all for your help and great customer service and support over the many years.


We live in our RV full time, Montana 3820 FKS, so I had to do the install while staying at a campground. I was able to get it all done over the course of a couple days without too much trouble. If you have an average mechanical skill you should be able to tackle the job no prob. Overall the ride has improved significantly over the stock suspension. I also had all the wheels balanced which takes some of the vibration out as well.


The Roadmaster Comfort Ride Shock Absorber kit on our Forest River Surveyor travel trailer was a great upgrade on our travels on rural highways and areas with wind. On our trip last fall from the Oregon Coast to Northern Idaho was a good test of this system and made for more relaxed driving! Should be installed at the factory!


So far so good on my 2015 Open Range 3X427BHS!

Overall, the old suspension system was just rusted and worn out and the tires were a maximum of 1" apart, which made me really nervous while pulling. It was tough to remove, but nothing a little WD-40 and some praying couldn't fix!

Installation was pretty straight forward using the included directions and [online video] University. Looking forward to seeing how it rides this weekend on our next trip.


Installation went well, product fits perfectly. Test drove 5th wheel after install, it's absolutely a game changer! Love it!


Put a set on a 35’ Open Range Light 5th wheel and greatly improved the towing experience and putting a second set on 41’Montana with hopes of the same results. Easy to install just give yourself plenty of time.


Instructions where easy to follow and install went without incident. Only took the trailer for a short test drive after install so can't determine if trailer is riding better of rough roads.


What a great product. The difference it made in our ride was outstanding. You almost forget you are towing a 35 ft 5th wheel behind you. We travel from West coast to East coast over all type roads and this product made such a difference. Sorry we didn't have it installed sooner. Definitely made a differance and would highly recommend to all Rv owners.


great product, I'm a fabrication/designer, well thought out and much better than the original factory suspension. I also added structural kickers to the suspension hangers to help side load generated while turning and not relying on the hangers for strength. I also replaced the original factory u bolts, might as well have all new going back on


This is a great product, it smothered out my fifth wheel nearly eliminating the chucking.

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  • Axle Spacing of Roadmaster Triple Axle Comfort Ride System
    The hangers of the Roadmaster Comfort Ride part # RM-2460-2560-3 are long enough that it's easiest to describe the distance between them with axle spacing. This kit will give you 35 inches between each axle if you follow the install instructions and mount center hanger where your current center hanger is.
    view full answer...
  • Does Roadmaster Comfort Ride System Have Height Adjustability
    The Roadmaster Comfort Ride System part # RM-2460-2560-3 that you referenced was designed to give a ride height close to the average ride height of a trailer but does have a few different holes you can use when installing everything to allow for some ride height adjustability. That said if you went with longer shackle straps that would actually lower the height of the trailer since the shackles attach to the equalizer and then go up to the leaf spring.
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  • Recommended Suspension Upgrade for 2019 Keystone Montana High Country 381TH
    The best all-inclusive suspension system we offer for a 2019 Keystone Montana High Country 381TH is the Roadmaster Comfort Ride Leaf Spring Suspension Kit with Shock Absorbers; part # RM-2460-2560-3 for 5k axles, part # RM-2460-2570-3 for 7k axles, or part # RM-2470-2580-3 for 8k axles. If you don't know your axle capacity, this will be printed on the axle tag in the center of the beam. The Roadmaster Comfort Ride provides independent axle operation for increased traction, spring keepers...
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  • Parts For Install On A Roadmaster Comfort Ride Leaf Springs System On 2019 Grand Design Momentum
    Your 2019 Grand Design Momentum 395m has a triple axle. We do have three options of the Roadmaster Comfort Ride Leaf Spring Suspension Kit. 5K Trailer Axles, part # RM-2460-2560-3 7K Trailer Axles, part # RM-2460-2570-3 8k, 3-1/2" Trailer Axles, part # RM-2470-2580-3 You will need to check your axles to see which kit is best for you. These kits do come with everything you need for the installation, except the tools. I have listed the tools you need below. General Hand Tools 12” Long...
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  • Can A Roadmaster Comfort Ride Suspension Be Installed A Trailer That Rides Slightly Nose High
    Yes, you can still install the Roadmaster Comfort Ride Leaf Spring Suspension Kit even though the trailer rides slightly nose high when coupled to the tow vehicle. When installing one of these kits you'll most likely need to get longer U-bolts since there typically aren't enough threads to accommodate the additional mounting brackets. To determine the right kit and U-bolts you'll need to know the capacity and diameter of your axles and how many axles your trailer has. 3.5k 2-3/8" Tandem...
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  • Recommended Suspension System for a 2007 Keystone Raptor 5TH Wheel Toy Hauler
    I do have a recommendation for you as the Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension System # TASR7KS01 is not able to be used on a triple axle trailer. I recommend the Roadmaster Comfort Ride Leaf Spring Suspension Kit w/ Shock Absorbers # RM-2460-2560-3 to improve your suspension system. This kit includes new slipper springs for your 5,000lb axles along with mounts and shocks to improve the ride quality.
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