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Phoenix Electric Trailer Jack - A-Frame - 22-1/2" Lift - 4,000 lbs

Phoenix Electric Trailer Jack - A-Frame - 22-1/2" Lift - 4,000 lbs

Item # UF38-944040
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Trailer Jack
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Ultra-Fab Products Standard A-Frame Jack Trailer Jack - UF38-944040
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This electric A-frame jack has a durable, super-efficient ball screw and a memory function for fast, easy setup. The built-in LED light provides simple nighttime operation. Offers 18" of travel and 4-1/2" of extension with the drop leg. Lowest Prices for the best trailer jack from Ultra-Fab Products. Phoenix Electric Trailer Jack - A-Frame - 22-1/2" Lift - 4,000 lbs part number UF38-944040 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Ultra-Fab Products Trailer Jack - UF38-944040

  • A-Frame Jack
  • 4000 lbs
  • Electric Jack
  • Drop Leg
  • Standard A-Frame Jack
  • Bolt-On
  • Ultra-Fab Products
  • 18 Inch Lift
  • With Foot

This electric A-frame jack has a durable, super-efficient ball screw and a memory function for fast, easy setup. The built-in LED light provides simple nighttime operation. Offers 18" of travel and 4-1/2" of extension with the drop leg.


  • Electric jack lets you lift and lower your A-frame trailer quickly and easily
  • Efficient ball screw makes it fast and easy to position your trailer
    • Ball bearings roll along sturdy, threaded steel rod
  • Powered drive provides quiet operation and eliminates the need for hand cranking
  • Easy-to-access on/off and retract/extend buttons make for simple operation
    • Buttons on front panel will not break off like standard toggle switches
  • LED courtesy light on front of jack allows for simple nighttime setup
  • Durable powder coat finish resists corrosion
  • Emergency override allows manual operation in case of power failure
    • Included adapter allows you to easily use your drill to raise and lower the jack
    • Manual crank handle not included
  • Bolt-on installation


  • Bracket height:
    • 10-1/2" Retracted - from mounting bracket to bottom of footpad
    • 28-1/2" Extended - from the bottom of the extended jack and extended footpad
  • Total travel: 22-1/2"
    • Travel: 18"
    • Drop leg: 4-1/2"
  • Drop leg: 4 adjustment holes 1-1/2" apart center to center
  • Lift capacity: 4,000 lbs
  • Outer tube diameter: 2-1/4"
  • Footplate diameter: 6"
  • Motor attributes:
    • 12 Volt
    • 10" Travel in 18 seconds
  • 2-Year warranty

Ball Screw Technology

The Phoenix electric trailer jack uses ball screw technology. Instead of raising and lowering the jack with a standard Acme screw, the Phoenix incorporates a strong threaded steel rod with ball bearings. These ball bearings roll along threads between the rod and the nut, so there is no direct surface-to-surface contact between the rod and the nut. This extends the life of the electric jack by creating less friction along the threads, which leads to less heat and wear. As a result, the motor is able to operate more efficiently, leading to improved performance and increased longevity.

Manual Override Feature

An important feature with any electric jack is the manual override option. The Phoenix electric trailer jack is equipped with a 9/16" deep well socket that can be used with your electric drill to raise and lower your jack in case of a power failure. Just insert into the end of the drive collar and ratchet clockwise to retract and counterclockwise to extend.

38-944040 Ultra Fab Phoenix Power Trailer Tongue Jack - A-Frame - 18" Travel - 4,000 lbs

Video of Phoenix Electric Trailer Jack - A-Frame - 22-1/2" Lift - 4,000 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Ultra-Fab Phoenix Electric Trailer Jack Review

Today we are taking a look at the Ultra-Fab Phoenix Trailer Tongue Jack. This is for A-frame trailers. Two and a quarter inch outside diameter shaft, two inch inside shaft, with four thousand pound lifting capacity. Part number on it is UF38-944040. Now the people at Ultra-Fab have really taken time shavings into account with this Phoenix 4000. This is going to travel ten inches in just eighteen seconds. Another thing, and something that is very unique to this jack, and something that I really like about it, is our memory function.

Let me get a car backed in here, and we will show you exactly what that does for you. All right what we are going to do is have our coupler just over our ball mount here, and we are going to have the adequate space, where it will be uncoupled for our trailer. That is going to be our memory height. The set will come up here to the top. Right here there is going to be a little light, what I am do, is hold the red button, and I want to see that light flash three times in red. That indicates to me that my memory is set. Lets go ahead and hook our trailer up a the ball mount, and we will see exactly what that memory is going to do for us.

We have traveled to where we are going, we have got everything set, we want to undo our coupler of course, and then we will hit that red button, and see just what happens. See that, right back to that height that we initially had it. We are going to set it here to all we have to do when we want to unhook our trailer, is hit one button. Another nice thing about that memory set up is, lets say that we hit the red button to bring it up, but we forgot to unhook our coupler. As it is coming up, we will notice all we have to do is hit that red button again, and that is going to cancel that operation. Allows us to unhook our coupler, and then right back to it. That is a really nice feature.

Something that is going to allow us to easily, just one button operation lift this up, unhook it, and we are ready to drive off. When we get where we are going, and we lift the trailer off of our vehicle, we want to pull our pen, and bring down our drop leg to whatever position is going to be closest to the ground there. We have got four positions that we can select from. One, two, three, and four is the one that I have got it in currently, and these are on inch and a half spacing. We have got an inch and a half, three and four and a half of total travel here just with the footplate itself. That is going to reduce the amount of time it is going to take our jack to go from here down to the ground. Another nice thing which we will show you now, is really just how fast this jack is.

It uses a ball bearing screw setup, which gives us a more efficient, more effective jack that can operate quicker without drawing as much power, reducing wear, and also as you see, speed everything up. As you can see, we have got a nice six inch wide flap pedestal at the bottom of the footplate. What this helps to do, it is not so important on the concrete that we have got here in as all 00:03:34, but the real key with this is lets say we are in the gravel, or some sand, or something little bit softer ground. This helps to dissipate all of the energy that would normally be just in this small two inch area, over a six inch area, spreading that out. For a bracket height, fully extended, and our pedestal foot all the way extended, we are going to have a measurement of about thirty three inches from the ground. If we we're to take the four and a half inches out, that is going to bring us down to about twenty eight and a half. With our drop leg fully extended, and our jack fully retracted, we are looking at about fifteen and a half inches worth of the bracket height. If we we're to pull our drop leg in, our bracket height would then be about eleven inches at the lowest point. Here we have got something really unique as far as I have seen in the jack world goes. We have got a nice compact set of buttons here. You can feel them, so even at night time, they just protrude out a little bit, so you can feel them. We have got the top one there to turn our light on and off. This is going to be a eight LED light, really nice and bright, especially in the evening time, or at night time. We will be able to turn that on, and see to make our connections, get our safety chains hooked up, or wiring hooked up, or whatever. Here we have got our extender button, and here we have got our retract button, so simply by pushing extend we will be able to raise our trailer, we retract we will be able to lower our trailer. This setup is different, like I said, it is more compact. This gives us a more compact head of the jacks. We don't have to have a wide panel for those big toggle switches to sit on, and we also don't have to worry about them getting broke of. It is real easy to find, so it is right there on the side, and it is something we can easily manage to get our trailer on and off, and our light on and off. As we touch down we have the nice compact housing, there is actually a lip that comes over the top, and we don't have any other real big side seams that we see on more of the square headed jacks. It is going to give a superior weather resistance. You have got a motor completely encased, so we don't have to worry about the dirt and debris, and everything is going to come pre-lubricated. We are not going to have to worry about maintenance as we go down the road. Here on the top we are going to have a twist lock cap, just turn that, and it we're also provided with a manual override socket. What this is going to do, is allow us to place that right down, on a stud that sticks up inside of there, and manually operate our jack, whether it be up, or down, in case of power failure. The Phoenix 4000 is going to offer a fully coated outer shaft, this has the black powder coat finish on it, so it is going to be really durable, and last a long time. Our inner tube, as you can see here, pre-lubricated with marine grade grease, and our pedestal here are also going to be corrosion resistant, with a superior coating on them, so we don't have to worry about rust and corrosion for a long time. We are going to start with our existing jackery move. What we are looking for is a simple ball pad in here, it should be three bolt holes on a triangular shape. These are threaded, you may have bolts and nuts, you do want to hang on to your hardware, we are going to be re-using that. The requirement for our bolts are going to be a grade five, three eights or larger diameter bolts. You just want to keep that in mind, if that is not what you have got, get it, that way you are going to have good security up here, and you would not have to worry about anything coming loose. Then what we will do is, pull our footplate off, you just pull that pin out of there, slide our retractable footplate out of the way, and then we will slide our jack right down into the slot, as you can see there now. A really cool thing about this jack, most of them are just going to have one set of holes here, it is just the way it is, but those don't always line up with the holes we are trying to get into. This is going to give us an option, or another set of holes, so if our spacing is a little bit wider, a little bit different, it should help us to fit just about any A-frame tongue type trailer that we have here, that is going to have a standard bolt pattern. Once it is in place, we are going to take the old hardware, line up our holes, and we can thread it in. It is good to leave them a little loose while you are getting them started, that way you can move the jack around a little bit. We just snug them up. Once we have got them snug, we will torque them down. Now we want to gain access to our battery, or twelve volt power supply on our trailer. In our case the battery is right up here, so it is very nice. Once we have got that exposed, we are going to bring down our power wire, which is the red wire of course, and our ground wire which is the black. There is good link to the cable here, we are going to have about six foot of it, so we can really get our extensions made, or extended back to where we need to hook up. What we are going to do here, is take our provided inline fuse holder, we are going to cut that maybe four of five o'clock position there, strip back both ends of it. Now to our shorter side, we are going to add a ring terminal. You can use whatever connection method you want, depending on your application. You might be butt connecting right to a twelve volt power wire. In our case we have got a battery, so we are going to take advantage of it, and use it. That are crimped up there. The other side we are going to add a butt connect, it is one of our heat shrink butt connectors. We have got these available on our website, so if you don't have one at home, you can pick that up if you are going to be using one. Now wire that right on to the red wire, or power wire. Always want to give it a good pull at each of our connections to make sure we are nice and solid there. Little tape on the ring terminal, it just help keep out some moisture, it does not exactly seal anything up, but this is going to be under our battery cover, which is nice. We are also going to shrink down our butt connector. To do that we can use a heat gun, we can use sometimes a blow drier if it gets really hot, or we can use a lighter. When these are shrunk down all the way, it is almost like it magnifies that wire, so you will be able to tell. We give that a second to cool down, while we take care of our ground wire. I just put a standard ring terminal on the end of that wire. It is not just what we did on that positive side, lets use a little bit of tape for a moisture barrier. We connect that onto our negative battery terminal. If you are not connecting directly to a battery, if you are just using like a twelve volt power source off the truck, you want to ground this out to the frame of the trailer. Put that right down over, and we can replace our nut. We do the same thing for our positive terminal. Put it on like that. Tightened that one down, and then what I am going to do, I am going to tug my fuse holder right down inside that battery box. I have got plenty of cable, and also that butt connector. Try to keep them out of the moisture as much as we can, those grouped up with the other one, and then we can put our lid back on. Now lets tidy up our wires a little bit. I am going to put one, two, we have got a little bit of slack here. I am going to put one zip tie right at the base, just want to use that to keep for ever pulling on our wires, and this putting too much pull pressure right there. Trim that off, and now of course you can see we have some extra wire here. I am going to wire tie it right off to our other cables that run out of the battery, but you can trim this to link for more of a custom fit. That is going to be up to you. You don't have to have the full length here. This gives us a nice clean look, helping to keep everything up and out of the way, so you don't need to worry about it hanging, or dragging, or anything like that. Now we can re-install our drop link and our jack is ready for use. Now that we have shown you what it does, and how it works, and also how to install it, that is going to complete today's look of the Ultra-Fab Phoenix 4000 A-frame Trailer Jack. Part number is UF38-944040.

Customer Reviews

Phoenix Electric Trailer Jack - A-Frame - 22-1/2" Lift - 4,000 lbs - UF38-944040

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (15 Customer Reviews)

This electric A-frame jack has a durable, super-efficient ball screw and a memory function for fast, easy setup. The built-in LED light provides simple nighttime operation. Offers 18" of travel and 4-1/2" of extension with the drop leg.

- UF38-944040

this jack works perfectly my trailer is heavy!!! 296149

- UF38-944040

Best jack out there. The fast up and down speed along with the 2-button memory makes this jack the best one out there in my opinion. Mine had 2 memory buttons (a lot of the promo material suggested only 1 memory button) so I can set one for the extended/hitching position, and a second for the fully retracted position. Thus, I never need to hold extend/retract...rather I just hit one of the memory buttons and it does the rest. Huge time saver. To set the memory on mine I hold the desired memory button and wait for the light to flash red (not green like the manual said). The drop foot is also a nice feature. I would strongly recommend this jack. 289214

- UF38-944040

I am awaiting my 4th on that should arrive today. I have not had any good luck with this model. For some reason it will work for a bit then just quit. the warranty is the only thing that is keeping me with this product. I am hoping this next replacement will last but we shall see. 352225

- UF38-944040

This is the best jack I have had (and I seem to have gone thru quite a few). It was a quick and easy install for a replacement and I have found it is the fastest jack to raise or lower my hitch. It is also one of the quietest I have ever used. Great for early morning packing and not waking up all the neighbors. :) The jack seems a lot stronger than other jacks I have used and better built with less plastic on it than most. Would definitely replace any manufacture supplied jack on a new trailer with this one again on a heartbeat! 294153

I have had a problem with the switch on this jack. It was the first generation of the jack. I spoke with Ultrafab and they replaced the whole jack with a new one without any issue to correct the issue. I am very impressed with the Jack and especially the great customer service! Cant be beat!
Lonny A - 09/13/2017


- UF38-944040

Good product at a great price with prompt service 738732

- UF38-944040

This Jack is crazy fast. Moves smooth and doesn't seem to struggle in the slightest. My only concern is that there is no positive power shut off. Im an electronics tech and ive seen touch buttons like this fail in moisture environments. This seems well built but I didn't want it moving down when driving so a simple on off switch was added. Concern solved. 645200

- UF38-944040

Great quality and so much faster than the stock one on my jayco 222 toy hauler. 637945

- UF38-944040

fast delivery works great 539660

- UF38-944040

Works great. I’d hate to have to raise manually but never been an issue 521741

- UF38-944040

Sometimes the controls seem to delay but other than that has been a great jack. 484905

- UF38-944040

Great product works really well Definitely made my life easier Thanks Mel 442390

- UF38-944055

Review from a similar Ultra-Fab Products Phoenix in Trailer Jack

I purchased this product to replace one that has given me good service for several years but which I felt I was working it to close to its limits. My selection of this electric tongue jack was for it's 5500 Lb rated load capability but I do like both the remote control unit (that comes with it) as well as the Jack's face plate controls that also have a memory function for both up and down positions. I was surprised how well the unit worked with the factory memory calibration settings for my application which made the installation go much faster. While I had to run an extra 10 guage ground wire back to the battery, I like that they do this to make sure there is no possible chance of the jack motor not being properly grounded. The only reason I did not give it all 5 stars is because I reserve the highest rating until I am able to see from experience that it is warranted. 703648

- UF38-944055

Review from a similar Ultra-Fab Products Phoenix in Trailer Jack

We got the jack installed on the trailer. So far I am happy with it. Easy to program the position memory buttons and no issues doing so. My only concern is if we have a power failure, cranking the jack by hand is next to impossible. Time will tell, with the warranty, I'm not concerned. If it fails, I will let you know! 683042

- UF38-944055

Review from a similar Ultra-Fab Products Phoenix in Trailer Jack


- UF38-944055

Review from a similar Ultra-Fab Products Phoenix in Trailer Jack

this is working great, the remote is a very handy addition 601481

This thing is a beast!!! still going strong . I have had zero problems , well it does pick the whole rear end of the truck up with it if Im not looking, lol
Joseph M - 01/31/2020


Ask the Experts about this Ultra-Fab Products Trailer Jack

  • Trailer Jack for 2019 Forest River Micro Lite
    The electric jack I strongly recommend for your 2019 Forest River Micro Lite 21FBRS is the Phoenix Electric Trailer Jack # UF38-944040 because of its unparalleled performance in regards to speed. This jack will give you 10" of travel in just 18 seconds, making it the sports car equivalent of electric trailer jacks; it has 22-1/2" of total travel and a 4,000 lb lift capacity, which is more than enough for your Forest River. This jack does get wired to a 12 volt power source, as you can see...
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  • Cover Recommendation for Phoenix Electric Trailer Jack # UF38-944040
    The Ultra Fab jack cover part # UF38-944020 is the recommended cover for the Ultra-Fab jack part # UF38-944040. This will fit the jack perfectly.
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  • Length and Gauge of Wires of the Phoenix Electric Trailer Jack # UF38-944040
    The wires of the Phoenix Electric Trailer Jack # UF38-944040 are 10 gauge and 81 inches long.
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  • Troubleshooting Trailer Life 4500 lb. Electric Tongue Jack with Flashing LED and Beeping
    Your Trailer Life powered jack is made by Ultra-Fab and similar to our Phoenix Electric Trailer Jack # UF38-944040. I reached out to my contact at Ultra-Fab who confirmed that if the red LED flashes for 3 seconds, a high amp situation exists and the jack will automatically turn off after that. The jack will then wait 5 seconds and then reset. This process is repeated if it continues to sense a high amp draw. Assuming your batteries are good, the most likely cause is a bad connection....
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  • Could Powered A-Frame Jack be Powered From Breakaway Battery
    You would not want to connect a powered a-frame trailer jack to a breakaway battery like you mentioned. The battery would not have enough power to operate the jack. You'd want to put a second battery on your trailer that would be used for powering the jack or draw the power for the jack from the 12 volt accessory circuit of the trailer wiring.
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  • Why Does My Electric Trailer Jack Beep when the Trailer is Not Hooked Up
    If you have Phoenix Electric Trailer Jack - A-Frame - 22-1/2" Lift - 4,000 lbs Item # UF38-944040 it will show a red light when there is a low voltage situation. There could still be a low power situation though so you could have the battery on the trailer tested. If it is a different brand jack there may be something to indicate why it is beeping in the manual. If you do not have the manual tell me the make and model of the jack and I can see if I can find more information on it. In...
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  • Does Phoenix Electric A-Frame Trailer Jack Have Auto Retract
    The Phoenix Electric Trailer Jack # UF38-944040 retracts with the simple push of a button, so if that is what you meant by "auto retract function" then yes, it certainly does. These buttons are also how it extends, and the accompanying photo shows exactly where these buttons are located on the front of the jack. The Phoenix has a 4,000 lb capacity, offers 22-1/2" of total travel and is an easy bolt-on installation. It is also possible you were referring to something like the Lippert...
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  • Phoenix Electric Trailer Jack Mounting Bracket to the top of the Jack Dimensions
    The total height from the mounting flange to the top of the Phoenix Electric Trailer Jack Phoenix Electric Trailer Jack is 22.75". The overall height is 33". I have attached a diagram for your reference.
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  • Can the Phoenix Electric Trailer Jack Be Rotated For Tailgate Clearance
    Yes, you can absolutely rotate the Phoenix Electric Trailer Jack part # UF38-944040 in order to offer better tailgate clearance. If this does not give you the extra space you need to lower the tailgate there is also the option of a longer ball mount like the Curt Ball Mount part # D-28 for example.
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  • Troubleshooting Ultra-Fab Phoenix Electric Tongue Jack That Won't Extend or Retract
    The Ultra-Fab Phoenix Electric Trailer Jack with Remote- 5,500 lbs # UF38-944055 or 4,000 lb # UF38-944040 without remote sounds like it may have a mechanical issue. I recommend using the manual crank to extend or lower the jack. If you can use this, then you isolate the issue to electrical with a possible bad ground or motor issue. If you can't physically move the jack with the manual crank then we know the issue is mechanical with the inner rod seized or having stripped threads. If...
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  • Troubleshooting Wiring on Ultra Fab Electric Trailer Jack
    To test your jack, I recommend first checking your trailer battery for proper charge. The lights will require far less power than the motor, so lights may come on but you still may not have enough juice to power the motor. If the battery is not an issue, I recommend running a jump wire to your motor from the positive terminal of a 12V battery. The motor will have two 12V wires because the polarity will determine extending or retracting. If the motor functions, then you know you have...
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  • What Capacity Electric A-Frame Jack for 7,000 lb Trailer
    An electric A-frame trailer jack only needs to support the tongue weight of your trailer, which is approximately 10% to 15% of your trailer's GVWR. Almost all A-frame jacks nowadays are rated for way more than they'll ever be required to move, so you have a ton of choices for a 7,000 lb trailer, and I'll go over the best options for you. - The Best: Phoenix Electric Trailer Jack - A-Frame - 22-1/2" Lift - 4,000 lbs # UF38-944040 This baby is all about speed, travelling 10 inches in...
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  • Is Replacement Bolt for Head of Husky Brute Jack Available
    I reached out to my contact at Husky and she said that those bolts aren't available as replacement parts so if you are outside of the 1-year warranty then the only option is to replace the jack. If you really like the jack then we have the 4,500 lb Husky Brute # HT87247 but if you'd like to look for a different jack then I recommend the Phoenix Electric Trailer Jack # UF38-944040 which has a slightly lower rating at 4,000 lbs but it boasts an impressive travel speed of 10" in 18 seconds....
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