Trailer hub assembly fits 2,200-lb axles. Inner bearing (L44649) and race, outer bearing (L44649) and race, grease seal, grease cap and lug nuts included. 6-1/2" Hub flange. Lowest Prices for the best Trailer Hubs and Drums from Dexter. Trailer Hub Assembly for 13" to 15" Wheels - 2,200-lb Axles - 5 on 4-1/2 - L44649 Bearings part number 8-258-5UC1 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Trailer Hub Assembly for 13" to 15" Wheels - 2,200-lb Axles - 5 on 4-1/2 - L44649 Bearings

Dexter Trailer Hubs and Drums

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Dexter Trailer Hubs and Drums - 8-258-5UC1

Trailer hub assembly fits 2,200-lb axles. Inner bearing (L44649) and race, outer bearing (L44649) and race, grease seal, grease cap and lug nuts included. 6-1/2" Hub flange.


  • Trailer hub assembly includes bearings, races, seal, grease cap, wheel bolts, and lug nuts
  • Paint finish


  • Application: 2,200-lb axles
  • Bolt pattern: 5 on 4-1/2"
  • 6-1/2" Diameter hub flange, for use with 13" to 15" wheels
  • Weight capacity: 1,100 lbs

Bearing, Race, and Seal Information

  • Bearings (included)
    • Inner bearing: L44649 (1.063" inner diameter)
    • Outer bearing: L44649 (1.063" inner diameter)
  • Races (included)
    • Inner race: L44610
    • Outer race: L44610
  • Grease seal (included): 10-9
    • Inner diameter: 1.5"
    • Outer diameter: 1.987"

Determining the Bolt Pattern

The first number in the bolt pattern is the number of bolt holes. The second number denotes the diameter, in inches, of the circle on which the bolt holes sit.

Bolt Pattern - Even

On wheels with an even number of bolt holes, measure from the center of one bolt hole to the center of the hole directly across from it. (Example: "8 on 6-1/2" means 8 bolt holes with 6-1/2" from the center of one hole to the center of another on the opposite side.)

Bolt Pattern - Odd

To determine the bolt-circle diameter on wheels with an odd number of bolt holes, measure from the center of any bolt hole to the point halfway between the two bolt holes directly across from the first. (Example: "5 on 4-1/2" means 5 bolt holes with 4-1/2" measured to a point halfway between the opposite bolt holes.)

Bolt Pattern - Side

Measuring the distance (D) from the center of one bolt hole on the wheel to the center of a bolt hole right next to it can also help to determine the bolt pattern.

  • If D = 2-5/8", then the bolt pattern is 5 on 4-1/2"
  • If D = 2-3/4", then the bolt pattern is 5 on 4-3/4"
  • If D = 3", then the bolt pattern is 5 on 5"
  • If D = 3-1/4", then the bolt pattern is 5 on 5-1/2"

8-258-5UC1 Trailer Hub

8-258-5UC1 Trailer Hub Assembly for 13" to 15" Wheels - 2,200-lb Axles - 5 on 4-1/2 - L44649 Bearings

Video of Trailer Hub Assembly for 13" to 15" Wheels - 2,200-lb Axles - 5 on 4-1/2 - L44649 Bearings

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Dexter Trailer Hubs and Drums 8-258-5UC1 Review

Today were going to review part number 8-258-BUC1 this is the Dexter Trailer Hub Assembly for 12-inch to 15-inch wheels with the 5 on 4-1/2 inch bolt pattern. This trailer hub assembly will include five of the 1/2-inch cone seat lug nuts. It will include the inner and outer bearing both the same part number of L44649. It will include the grease cap and the grease seal, part number 10-9 and the bearing races are already installed in the hub assembly. There is the outer bearing race. Theres the inner bearing race.

Most all our hub assemblies we do preinstall the bearing races in them. The application on this hub assembly is 2000-lb axles. The capacity on this hub assembly is 1250 lbs so when this is paired with one on the other side of the axle would give you your maximum weight capacity of 2500 lbs. This does have a bolt pattern of 5 on 4-1/2. Now it also has a hub flange, which is this whole section here, the diameter of it is 6-1/2 inches.

So that will allow you to use 12-inch to 15-inch wheels with this hub assembly. Now when I mentioned the bolt pattern, the way to measure that on a bolt pattern that has an odd number of lugs which in this case would be five, is you would measure from the center of one wheel stud to the center of a wheel stud right next to it. That would be 2-5/8 inches and that would make this a 5 on 4-1/2 inch bolt pattern. The way you can tell that is if you go to the product page for this part number at the bottom of the page will have a table that will show you when take this measurement from stud to stud across from each other, if its 2-5/8 it will mean its a 5 on 4-1/2-inch bolt pattern. Now some axles that are rated at 2000 lbs like this one will require a different seal and bearings.

Be sure that the bearings in the hub youre replacing have the L44643 stamped on them. If they dont, if they have the L44643 then you need to use a different like part number hub assembly which would be 8-258-BTUC1. That should do it for our review on part number 8-258-BUC1.

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Customer Reviews

Trailer Hub Assembly for 13" to 15" Wheels - 2,200-lb Axles - 5 on 4-1/2 - L44649 Bearings - 8-258-5UC1

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (37 Customer Reviews)

Trailer hub assembly fits 2,200-lb axles. Inner bearing (L44649) and race, outer bearing (L44649) and race, grease seal, grease cap and lug nuts included. 6-1/2" Hub flange.

- 8-258-5UC1

by: Paul G.06/01/2015

The products ordered were exactly what I needed. After having to replace bearings on the side of the road a few times over the years, I finally decided to buy a spare hub, which I feel will cut the roadside maintenance time dramatically, should I have a seal or bearing failure. (It happens.) The packaging could have been better. I also had 5 pairs of seals ordered with the hub, as the ones that came with it did not fit my axel. (Always read the notes on the products thoroughly. Glad I did.) One of the seals was damaged beyond use (crushed by the hub) during shippment. While the parts were packed with packing-paper, I'm not sure that would suffice with some of today's parcel carriers. You know, the ones that run up to your porch and throw the box as they turn to run back to their trucks. Anyway, completely happy with the ordering process, shipping time, delivery time, and most importantly, the email communication from E-Trailer. I've purchased from E-Trailer before and will definately be back for future needs. 199511

- 8-258-5UC1

by: Jeremy03/14/2013

Hubs are in nice shape, I like the fact that they dont come greased as I would have no clue what grease was used in them. Please take note however if you are replacing marine hubs like I was that you will need to order two seperate double lip seals. I actually had to order a second time because I noticed that I couldnt hold any hub pressure on my ezlube hubs. Note that I knew from the get go that I needed different caps. I would like to see this same hub offered in a marine package or a warning that this is only a single lip seal. Its however not a deal breaker, I will order a third knowing what I know now to have a travel backup. 70663

- 8-258-5UC1

by: Lee08/12/2013

Just what I needed! I had no idea it would be this easy. 94701


One Year later and still going strong!

Lee - 02/10/2015


- 8-258-5UC1

by: Steve M.03/16/2015

The shipping was fast! The hub package is nice but the paint job is not the best. The packing of the hub package could have been better, the bag that was taped to the hub pulled the paint. I stripped the paint and reapplied paint in short order! Wish the package that contained the bearings, nuts, grease cap and seal was better protected because both grease caps were damaged at the lip and unusable. This damage is not a concern for my project because I am using bearing buddies. I will be back because of the great service and good price! Thanks 178660

- 8-258-5UC1

by: Glen B.10/21/2014

Great product, great price. This is a duplicate of what was originally on my boat trailer. I check prices when I go to buy replacement parts, trying to replace with the same brand name as the original. Been burnt by too many aftermarket items that "almost work the same." Local retailers wanted $100 for this, not to mention the sales tax. Some online retailers wanted $82.00+ for this same product. Etrailer came through for me. 157308

- 8-258-5UC1

by: Caleb03/13/2013

Sent two different seals both of which were the wrong size. One of the seals was too dented to use even if it had been the correct size. One set of bearings was the wrong size. Packaging was very unprofessional with the bearings, seals, lug nuts, and dust caps taped to the hub with packaging tape. Package did arrive on time but could not be used. Customer service was good and we are awaiting a refund. 70421

- 8-258-5UC1

by: C.B.02/14/2015

Exactly what I needed. Item was just as described. Others have complained about the lack of packaging since the product comes with the "hardware" in a sealed bag taped to the hubs. I don't see this as a problem since I got every piece I ordered and would throw the packaging away anyway. Etrailer really hooked me up and made me a repeat customer for the future. My order shipped 1 hour after I placed it. 174786

- 8-258-5UC1

by: John Nielsen11/20/2012

I rec my hubs today and installed same. Thank you for such quick delivery. I like the 'tracking' as well--makes it ez to plan ahead. Installation tip: I had trouble installing the cups,so I inserted the cup backwards in the old hub,then placed open cup against new hub and tapped w/ hammer and it went right in,no problem because equal pressure all around!! :)) I used the old hub as a tool. 59829

- 8-258-5UC1

by: Tom L07/24/2012

Price was reasonable and they fit and perform well. I used these to upgrade an oddball 5 on 4.25 bolt pattern 2000lb axle to the more common 5 on 4.5 pattern. The hubs essentially paid for themselves in the decreased cost of replacement tires and wheels (would have to have had tires mounted/balanced locally which greatly increased the price). 49186

- 8-258-5UC1

by: GearHead Engineering05/13/2013

Acceptable quality, fit my trailer just fine, easier than trying to get the original bearing races out of my old rusty hub. Comes with the bearings, seal, and lug nuts, but no cotter pin. Seems like that would be obvious and it could cause an unexpected trip to the hardware store if you don't have some available. 80095

- 8-258-5UC1

by: Ben T04/11/2012

The hubs installed in about an hour for both sides. Everything was included and races already installed. The only thing I wish the kit provided was a tang washer. I'll be buying another to keep as a spare on the trailer. 36839

- 8-258-5UC1

by: Ed L.03/20/2012

I received the replacement hubs in a timely manner. They appear to be well made. The etrailer web site was easy to use and the check out process is better than others I have used. I will shop at this website again. 34426

- 8-258-5UC1

by: James J.07/29/2011

A great product at a great price! The additional material explaining the right way to choose the right drawbar was very helpful. Fast delivery helped me get back on the road. Super Customer Service! 20559

- 8-258-5UC1

by: Stephen J.01/13/2014

Very fast shipping. The hub kit arrived with everything included as described on the website. Everything was in great shape. Everything installed fine and is working great. Thanks! 112625

- 8-258-5UC1

by: Ed B.03/13/2012

Excellent customer service!!! Excellent product. Great price. Quick shipping. Awesome!! Help videos and articles are incredible. Couldn't be more pleased. Many thanks. 33812

- 8-258-5UC1

by: Walter Duke09/18/2012

I am absolutely with my e trailer experience:the product is high quality as advertised and the service was excellent.I will pass it on to my friends, Walter Duke 55046

- 8-258-5UC1

by: Matt H.07/31/2012

Combination of website and youtube how to videos made my trailer repair a piece of cake. Parts fit perfectly. Ordered, shipped, delivered all in less than a week. 49987

- 8-258-5UC1

by: Rich W09/15/2014

at first glance,I thought it was to big, but, it fits and works great, if I need any more, I def. would be intouch with you guys Rich W. 151096

- 8-258-5UC1

by: Sonny03/09/2015

Very happy with the hub and bearings kit. E trailer got me the write parts despite me picking out the wrong bearings. Very accurate service 177651

- 8-258-5UC1

by: David Head08/26/2014

Great company!! Was giving a upgrade on my shipping at no charge!! Will order from company again!!! Product was great as well! 148686

- 8-258-5UC1

by: warren p05/17/2015

had to use old dust caps the new ones wouldn't go on and they were real cheap. other then that everything else was fine. 193818

- 8-258-5UC1

by: John01/29/2013

Excellent.... just as advertised. Quick shipping and fast to assembly. Final product looks awesome... 64472

- 8-258-5UC1

by: Jason l08/25/2014

Service was excellent will use etrailer every time I need parts thanks for providing a great service 148437

- 8-258-5UC1

by: DAVID01/30/2013

They seem to be good quality and I received them in one day. Great service. 64594

- 8-258-5UC1

by: Raphael S05/02/2014

Very happy with the products I received. I will shop again at etrailer! 128697

- 8-258-5UC1

by: c b06/23/2011

everything great. product,shipping everthing excellent... 17720

- 8-258-5UC1

by: Kenneth C.03/10/2014

Product is what I needed. Came in new condition. 120114

- 8-258-5UC1

by: Ryan M06/02/2015

Very fast shipping and great customer s ervice 199795

- 8-258-5UC1

by: Ryan M06/02/2015

Very fast shipping and great customer s ervice 199794

- 8-258-5UC1

by: Ryan M06/02/2015

Very fast shipping and great customer s ervice 199793

- 8-258-5UC1

by: Ryan M06/02/2015

Very fast shipping and great customer s ervice 199792

- 8-258-5UC1

by: Jean S.04/06/2012

As Described,,,Reasonable Price,,,Great Seller 36404

- 8-258-5UC1

by: Alan M.07/08/2011

Just exactly as advertised. Fast shippi ng 18933

- 8-258-5UC1

by: Dave B.08/19/2013

Great price, fast shipment. 95722

- 8-258-5UC1

by: RC10/16/2012


- 8-258-5UC1

by: Mike07/06/2015

Great Service 209803

- 8-258-5UC1

by: William04/12/2015

Fast shipping 184784


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  • How to Determine the Size of a Trailer Hub Assembly for Replacement
  • To determine the size of the hub assembly you need to purchase you have to determine which bearings are in the old assembly. If the old assembly has L44649 inner bearings, you would use the hub you chose # 8-258-5UC1. If the inner bearings are marked L44643, you will need # 8-258BTUC1. If you do not have the old bearings, you need to measure the inner bearing surface on the spindle to determine if the 1.063 inch dimension or 1.00 inch dimension will be needed to accept the bearing. You...
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  • How To Determine the Correct Replacement Trailer Hub Assembly
  • The best way to determine which hub assembly you will need is by the bearing numbers. The item you selected, Trailer Hub Assembly, part # 8-258-5UC1, is a replacement hub which uses Inner and Outer Bearing # L44649. The bearing numbers will be stamped or lasered onto the flat back side of the bearings. The other things you will need to determine are the bolt pattern, the size of your trailer wheel, and the axle capacity. Part # 8-258-5UC, is compatible with a 5 on 4-1/2 bolt pattern....
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  • How to Remove Bearing Races on a Trailer Hub
  • The bearing races on a trailer hub, like the Trailer Hub Assembly, part # 8-258-5UC1, are removable, they are not built into the hub. I am including a link to a FAQ page on wheel bearings, races, and seals. Also, a link to a video of removing and reinstalling bearings, races, and seals. It will show, starting at the 2 minute and 5 second mark, how to remove a bearing race. You might also try to rent from an auto parts store a bearing/race removal and installation tool, or you might see...
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  • Which Hub fits an Outer Bearing L44649 and Outer Race L44610
  • Trailer hubs have two bearings, one is referred to as the inner bearing, closer to the trailer. The outer bearing is the one furthest from the trailer. If we have both of these bearing numbers we can identify which spindle or hub is needed. So far you have L44649 as your outer bearing and L44610 as your outer race. We carry 8 hubs that use outer bearing L44649. Your inner bearing should either be another L44649 or an L68149. Once you provide us with the second bearing number, I can provide...
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  • Replacement Hubs for Haulmaster # 90154 Trailer
  • To determine if we have a replacement hub that will be compatible, you will need to use a digital caliper and take some measurements of your existing spindles. If you reply with the B, C and D dimensions you find (as shown in the diagram I provided), I would be happy to try to find hubs that would be compatible with your bearings.
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  • What Bearings And Hubs Are Needed On A Dexter Axle On A 1996 Coleman Pop-Up Camper
  • The difference in the Dexter Hub, # 8-258-5UC1, and the Dexter Hub, # 8-258BTUC1, is the inner bearing dimensions and the inner seal dimensions. Here are the dimensions for each hub. Dexter Hub, # 8-258-5UC1 inner/outer bearing # L44649 Inner bearing dimension is 1.063 inches seal # 10-9 Inner seal dimension is 1.500 inches Dexter Hub, # 8-258BTUC1 inner/outer bearing # L44643 Inner bearing dimension is 1.00 inches seal # 34823 Inner seal dimension is 1.249 inches If...
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  • Is it Advisable to Replace Both Boat Trailer Hubs on Venture Single-Axle Boat Trailer
  • Primarily for safety reasons, we always recommend replacing both sides of trailer axle components, whether brake assemblies, bearings, races, hubs or all of the above. This will ensure even performance. It will also provide a similar future working lifespan for both sides of the axle, which will avoid the potential need to have to soon repeat the dis-assembly/repair process. Venture offers both single- and tandem-axle boat trailers. Based on your description I presume you have a single-axle...
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  • Determining Axle Weight Capacity for Boat Trailer with 1-3/4-inch x 2-3/4-inch Rectangular Axle
  • Typically boat trailers with 13-inch tires and a 5-on-4-1/2-inch wheel bolt pattern will have either 2000-lb- or 3500-lb-rated axles. The link provided will show you examples of hub-and-drum assemblies with your bolt pattern and wheel size range that fall into these two weight categories. For example, Dexter hub # 84545BX is for 3500-lb axles while # 8-258-5UC1 is for 2000-lb-rated axles. The hub assembly you referenced, part # 42655UC1 from Dexter, has a 6-on-5-1/2-inch bolt pattern...
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  • Which 5 Lug and 6 Lug Hubs Use Inner Bearing # L68149 and Outer Bearing # L44649
  • For a hub with a 5 on 4-1/2 inch bolt pattern you would want a Trailer Hub Assembly # 84545UC1-EZ. This hub uses a # L68149 as an inner and a # L44649 as an outer. For a hub with a 6 on 5-1/2 inch bolt pattern you would want a Trailer Hub Assembly # 84655UC1. This hub uses a # L68149 as an inner and a # L44649 as an outer. I attached a video on how to remove and install a trailer hub for you to check out also.
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  • Replacing Trailer Hubs on Loadrite Trailer
  • From the dimensions you gave me, the Trailer Hub Assembly for 2000 lb Axle, 5 on 4-1/2 should fit. It has a 6-1/2 inch diameter hub flange. I measured the depth, and it is 4-1/4 inches (2 inches on each side of the flange, and the flange itself is 1/4 inch thick). If you take a look at your bearings, they should have a number stamped on them. This is the easiest way to match up a replacement hub. The hub I am suggesting fits L44649 bearings.
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  • Spindle for # 8-258-5UC1 Idler Hub
  • The correct spindle for the hub you referenced is # R104BTREZ. The spindle has a 1000 lb capacity, 2000 lb per axle.
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  • Availability of Trailer Hub That is 4 Inches Long, Has 1-1/16 Inch Bearings, 4 on 4 Bolt Pattern
  • The best way to determine the correct replacement hub assemblies for your trailer is to retrieve the bearing numbers stamped into the metal of both the inner and outer bearings. With those numbers, we can find which hubs would be a correct fit. I am including a link to a video that will show you how to remove, inspect, and reinstall trailer bearings, races, and seals. I have the Dexter Trailer Hub Assembly, part # 8-91-05UC1 which has a 4 on 4 bolt pattern. It uses the TruRyde Bearing,...
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  • Replacing Bearings, Races, and Seals for Hub with L68149 and L44643 Inner/Outer Bearings
  • The outer bearing you have, # L44643, is very close in size to bearing # L44649. These two bearings fit different size spindles. So in other words the larger L44649 bearing would be very loose on the spindle that normally takes the L44643. Measure the diameter of the spindle where the outer bearing sits using some digital or dial calipers. If the measurement is 1 inch then L44643 that you have is correct. This bearing is typically found on 2,000 pound axles but not 3,500 pound axles. We...
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  • Trailer Hub for a Boat Trailer with Inner Bearing L68149 and Outer Bearing L44649
  • We have several trailer hub options with the 5 on 4-1/2 bolt pattern and bearings L68149 and L44649. For an idler hub there are 2 options. We have a standard hub, # 84545BX, which includes the bearings, races, seal, grease cap, and lug nuts. There is also an EZ lube version of the same hub if you have an EZ lube axle. It is # 84545UC1-EZ. It also includes the bearings, races, seal, grease cap, and lug nuts.
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  • Identifying Correct Replacement Hubs for 1995 ProCraft Single Axle Boat Trailer
  • Based on my research ProCraft was bought out by a competitor and is no longer in production. I was not able to find a confirmed source for their trailer specs. However, you can identify a correct replacement hub using the part numbers from the original components and by confirming the axle weight rating for your particular trailer. Thank you for providing the bearing numbers and measurements from your hubs. You referenced two different hubs, Dexter parts # 8-258-5UC1 and 84545UC1-EZ....
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  • Dexter Hub # 8-213-5UC1 Recommendation
  • I would recommend you go with the same hub you currently have, this way it will match your spindle and current wheel setup. For that I would recommend you get a Trailer Hub Assembly # 8-213-5UC1 since it is the same as what you have.
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  • Raising a Jayco Tent Trailer for More Ground Clearance and Using Larger Tires and Wheels
  • First, I do not recommend using a spacer to raise the trailer because doing so is going to affect the deflection of the suspension leaf springs and could lead to premature wear. If you want to raise the trailer height a safer way there is an option. You can have taller hangers welded on to get more height. I have linked the hanger main page for you. Please note that raising the trailer height in any way is going to raise the center of gravity and the trailer will be more likely to sway. You...
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  • Need Replacement Trailer Idler Hub for 3500-lb Axle Using Outer Bearing # L44649
  • If your current axle is rated at 3500-lbs and your hubs use a 5-on-4-1/2 bolt pattern and outer bearing # L44649, then we have two options for replacement hubs. These hub kits include the hub and wheel stud assembly, lug nuts, grease seal, pre-installed inner and outer races, inner and outer bearings, and a grease cap. It is usually very hard to measure used grease seals since by the time they are removed from the spindle they can become deformed or misshapen. Original part numbers...
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  • Hub Recommendation for Dexter Trailer Axle part # T20BTR-EZ-7258
  • The Dexter Trailer Idler Axle Beam with EZ-Lube Spindles # T20BTR-EZ-7258 that you referenced has a BTR spindle on it that takes a hub with an inner and outer bearing of L44649. This would not work with your hubs because they have inner bearing of L68149 and an outer bearing of L44649. To use the axle you referenced you would need to go with the Trailer Hub Assembly # 8-258-5UC1 instead. At 72 inches in length there are no axles we carry that would fit the hubs you have.
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  • How To Determine The Correct Hub Assembly For A 1995 EZ-Loader Trailer
  • The easiest way to determine what hub assembly you will need for your axle is to get the part numbers of the inner and outer bearings and the grease seal part number from the hub assembly that is on the trailer now. If you do not have the old bearings, you will need to measure the spindle on your trailer to determine the size bearings that you will need, and what hub assembly will work. Trailer hub assemblies are not a universal fit. You will also want to check the hub journal length...
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  • Is There a Hub Available with L44649 an LM11749 Bearings
  • It sounds like you might have an older agricultural hub and spindle on your trailer based on the LM11749 bearing that you referenced as I can not find any information on hubs with that bearing number. I am going to send you a separate email that is going to have a picture of a spindle with measurements on it. If you could use a dial caliper and give me those measurements I would be able to know for sure if there is a hub that I could recommend for you.
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  • Can Trailer Hubs Have Different Size Inner and Outer Bearings
  • Yes, hubs use different size bearings for the inner and outer bearings pretty frequently. The inner bearing will be the bigger size if there are two different size bearings.
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  • Replacement Hub for Trailer With Timken 158123 Inner and 09067 Outer Bearing
  • I looked through our selection of hubs and hub/drums, and couldn't find anything compatible with the bearings you mentioned. This leaves you with two alternatives. Number one would be to cut off your existing spindles and install spindles like # R2061-284 that would be compatible with a standard hub like # 84545BX. The hub has the same number of lugs and bolt circle as your existing hubs, so you could use the same wheels. Removing the old spindles and welding the new ones into place...
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  • Replacement Trailer Hub with L44649 Inner and Outer Bearings and 5 on 4-1/2 Bolt Pattern
  • You have already done the hard part, which is getting the bearing numbers. With those numbers and the bolt pattern you have provided, we have 2 possible hubs that could work as replacements, depending on the trailer wheel size. If your trailer has 12 inch to 15 inch wheels, then you can use the Trailer Hub Assembly, # 8-258-5UC1, that you have referenced. If your trailer has 8 to 10 inch wheels, you will need Trailer Hub Assembly # 8-259-5UC1.
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  • Replacement Hubs for 1994 Shelby Haulin Trailer
  • To find the correct hub for you, I will need to know the wheel bearing numbers or an accurate measurement of the spindle with a digital caliper. I will also need to know the bolt pattern of the hubs you are replacing. The cages that the wheel bearings sit in should have a reference number stamped on the back of them (see diagram). I will also provide you a diagram showing where on the spindle the measurements need to be taken. You will also want to make sure that your spindles are...
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  • Bearing Numbers not Readable
  • For your inner bearings and grease seals, if the reference number cannot be located, having an accurate measurement of both the inner and outer diameter of the bearing and seal will be very helpful in finding a replacement. A digital caliper is called for, as a ruler or tape measure will not give an accurate enough measurement. If you can reply with the measurements, I will find replacements for you.
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  • Remove, Inspect, and Reinstall Trailer Bearings, Races, and Seals
  • If you are replacing your existing hubs with Trailer Hub Assembly, # 8-91-05UC1, you will just need to remove the old hub without having to remove the races. The hubs we carry come with the races already in their proper places. If you are replacing bearings, races, and seals you will need to knock out the old races. I have linked a video that shows how our installer goes about this task. It will also show you how to put everything back together. This hub will fit if your trailer accepts...
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  • Hub and Drum Assembly Recommendation
  • For an idler hub I would recommend that you get a Trailer Hub Assembly, part # 84545BX. This hub has the same inner/outer bearings and seal size as your current hub so it would work well for you. For a brake hub I would recommend that you get a Trailer Hub & Drum Assembly, part # 84557UC3. Both these drum assemblies use the same bearing and seal size that came off of your old hub, so this will work on your spindle perfectly.
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  • Boat Trailer Hubs for a 1957 Boat Trailer with 07100 Inner and Outer Bearings
  • I did some checking on bearing 07100 and found that it should have an inner diameter of 1.000 inches which is the same as an L44643 bearing. For a hub that uses the same inner and outer bearing, L44643, and that has a 4 on 4 bolt pattern, we have one option, # 34822BX, for 2,000 pound axles. To make sure you have a 4 on 4 bolt pattern you can use the linked help article.
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