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Draw-Tite Ultra Frame Trailer Hitch Receiver w/ Cast Center - Custom Fit - Class V - 2"

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draw-tite trailer hitch class v 15000 lbs wd gtw
draw-tite trailer hitch custom fit class v ultra frame receiver w/ cast center - 2 inch
draw-tite trailer hitch class v 1500 lbs wd tw 41948
draw-tite trailer hitch custom fit 1500 lbs wd tw
draw-tite trailer hitch 15000 lbs wd gtw 1500 tw 41948

In Use/Installed

2017 ram 1500 trailer hitch draw-tite custom fit class v ultra frame receiver w/ cast center - 2 inch
2017 ram 1500 trailer hitch draw-tite 15000 lbs wd gtw tw 41948
2017 ram 1500 trailer hitch draw-tite custom fit class v in use
2017 ram 1500 trailer hitch draw-tite class v 15000 lbs wd gtw in use
2017 ram 1500 trailer hitch draw-tite custom fit 15000 lbs wd gtw ultra frame receiver w/ cast center - class v 2 inch
2017 ram 1500 trailer hitch draw-tite custom fit lbs wd tw in use
2017 ram 1500 trailer hitch draw-tite class v lbs wd tw 41948
2017 ram 1500 trailer hitch draw-tite class v 15000 lbs wd gtw 41948
2017 ram 1500 trailer hitch draw-tite custom fit lbs wd tw ultra frame receiver w/ cast center - class v 2 inch

Customer Photos

draw-tite trailer hitch custom fit 15000 lbs wd gtw 41948
draw-tite trailer hitch custom fit 15000 lbs wd gtw 41948
draw-tite trailer hitch custom fit 15000 lbs wd gtw 41948
draw-tite trailer hitch custom fit 15000 lbs wd gtw ultra frame receiver w/ cast center - class v 2 inch
draw-tite trailer hitch custom fit 15000 lbs wd gtw 41948
draw-tite trailer hitch custom fit 15000 lbs wd gtw ultra frame receiver w/ cast center - class v 2 inch
draw-tite trailer hitch class v 15000 lbs wd gtw 41948
draw-tite trailer hitch custom fit 15000 lbs wd gtw 41948
draw-tite trailer hitch custom fit 15000 lbs wd gtw 41948

  • Draw-Tite
  • Class V
  • 2 Inch Hitch
  • 12000 lbs GTW
  • 1500 lbs TW
  • Visible Cross Tube
  • 15000 lbs WD GTW
  • Custom Fit Hitch
  • 1500 lbs WD TW
Draw-Tite trailer hitch for your are available from Installation instructions and reviews for your trailer hitch. Expert service, and cheapest trailer hitch price guarantee. carries a complete line of Draw-Tite products. Order your Draw-Tite Ultra Frame Trailer Hitch Receiver w/ Cast Center - Custom Fit - Class V - 2" part number 41948 online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch - 41948

Ideal for heavy-duty towing, this vehicle trailer hitch has a cast steel center that is designed to handle hefty tongue weights. Tested Tough guarantee ensures that this durable, corrosion-resistant hitch exceeds industry standards.


  • Custom-fit trailer hitch lets you tow a trailer or carry a bike rack or cargo carrier with your vehicle
  • Fully welded steel construction with computer-aided design ensures strength and durability
    • Heavy-duty side brackets and wiring connector mounting bracket are also welded on
  • Reinforced, cast center section ensures the highest tongue weight capacity possible
  • Oversize safety-chain loops are easy to access
  • Tested Tough - safety and reliability criteria exceed industry standards
  • Easy, bolt-on installation - no welding required
    • Complete hardware kit and installation instructions included
  • Lifetime technical support from the experts at
  • Black powder coat finish covers e-coat base for superior rust protection
  • Sturdy, square-tube design
  • Ball mount, pin and clip sold separately


  • Receiver opening: 2" x 2"
  • Rating: Class V
    • Maximum gross trailer weight: 12,000 lbs
      • Maximum GTW when used with weight distribution: 15,000 lbs
    • Maximum tongue weight: 1,500 lbs
      • Maximum TW when used with weight distribution: 1,500 lbs
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Ultra Frame Design with Cast Center Section

Specifically designed for a serious towing machine, this rugged trailer hitch receiver features the strong, durable construction that your heavy-duty applications require. The secure side-bracket design and all-frame attachment system ensure maximum stability. The cast center section lets you pile on the tongue weight without any worries. And the reinforced pin hole and large safety-chain loops better accommodate your heavy-duty towing needs.

Draw-Tite Tested Tough

Draw-Tite Tested Tough

Draw-Tite's Tested Tough program provides testing standards far superior to those outlined by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), the go-to source for engineering professionals.

Each Draw-Tite trailer hitch receiver undergoes extensive fatigue testing and static testing with the ball mount that is either supplied or recommended for use with that particular hitch, thus ensuring results that are applicable to real-life use. Fatigue testing is also conducted on hitches rated for use with weight-distribution systems.

In addition, Draw-Tite performs static testing on a simulated automobile, as opposed to the rigid fixture used for SAE testing, resulting in a more true-to-life scenario. Technical Support

At we're committed to the products we sell, and to our customers. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are available via both phone and email to address your questions and concerns for the lifetime of your hitch. The technicians at etrailer perform hitch installations on a daily basis, making them a valuable resource for do-it-yourselfers. The one-on-one, personal service you'll receive comes straight from an expert in the towing and automotive field. We've installed it, we've wired it and we've towed with it, so whatever your question, we can answer it.

41948 Draw-Tite UltraFrame Class 5 Trailer Hitch Receiver with Cast Center

41948 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details 41948 Installation instructions

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Video of Draw-Tite Ultra Frame Trailer Hitch Receiver w/ Cast Center - Custom Fit - Class V - 2"

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Trailer Hitch Installation - 2018 Ram 1500 - Draw-Tite

Speaker 1: Today on our 2018 Ram 1500 we're gonna be taking a look at the Draw-Tite Class V Custom Fit Trailer Hitch Receiver part number 41948.Here's what our hitch looks like fully installed. The cross tube is gonna sit right below the bumper, but it is gonna blend in nicely underneath since there is that black power coated finish. It's a Class V hitch. It's gonna give us a 2" x 2" receiver tube opening that's got that reinforced collar, giving it more strength and just an overall finished look.The way we're gonna mount all of our accessories is gonna be this hole towards the front of our truck, and it's gonna use a standard 5/8 pin and clip. They're not included, but you can pick one up on our website using part number PC3. The secondary hole back here towards the rear of our truck is gonna be for the J-Pin stabilization device, which is gonna be nice for any of those accessories that you have that don't have a built-in anti-rattle, keeping them nice and secure inside the receiver tube.Here's what the J-Pin looks like.

It's gonna go in just like a normal pin and clip would from one side, and then on the inside, it's gonna have that other secondary tab that's gonna come around. It's gonna apply pressure to your accessory keeping it from rattling around on the inside of your receiver tube. It's gonna apply that pressure because we're gonna come to the other side of the pin, and we're gonna have a nut, and we're gonna be able to secure down and keep everything nice and tight. It's also a locking device, so we're gonna keep all of our accessories nice and secure.The safety chain connection points are gonna be on the bottom of our hitch here. They're gonna be rather large plate-style, and as you can see, I can almost get my entire fist around them.

But keep in mind since they are so big, that lip between the outside and the inside edge is gonna be rather large, so you want to make sure that you have some larger hooks because the smaller one might not be able to clear that.Our hitch is an extra heavy-duty hitch. It is a Class V, again, and it's gonna give us a 1,500 lb tongue weight along with 12,000 lbs of gross trailer weight rating. It is designed to work with weigh distribution systems. The tongue weight's gonna stay the same at 1,500, but it's gonna bump the gross trailer weight rating up to 15,000 lbs. With that in mind, I do want to mention that you always want to double check your vehicle's owners manual and never exceed the manufacturers recommended weight.Like to give you a few measurements that will help you when deciding for accessories for your new hitch such as a ball mount, bike rack, or even a cargo carrier.

From the center of the hitch pin hole to the outermost edge of the bumper is gonna be right about 5". From the ground to the inside top edge of the receiver tube opening is gonna right about 19 3/4". Now that we've seen what our hitch looks like and going over some of the features, let's show you how to get it installed.To being installation, I went ahead and removed our spare tire just so you could see a little bit better and to have a little bit more headroom to work. If we come the outside edge of our bumper area just right behind our chrome bumper, we're gonna have two bolts that we're gonna have to remove: one at the very back of our vehicle, and one right on the other side. I'm gonna be using a 21mm socket to remove those two bolts.

Now with these two removed, we're gonna have another two on the other side that we're gonna have to pull out as well. You're gonna want to hold on to these bolts because we will be re-using them.Is we move forward on our frame rail from where we took out that last bold, we're gonna have a rather large hole that's in the frame. We're gonna want to take our pull wire and take the coiled end, and we're take a spacer block and slide it over the coiled end and then thread one of our carriage bolts onto the coiled end. Now we can feed this carriage bolt into the frame and follow that up with the spacer, and we're gonna want to pull it down so that carriage bolt engages that block. We're gonna have the same hole on the other side as well, so we can repeat that over there too.Behind our license plate where our bumper support is, we're gonna have two oblong holes, and these are also gonna be where our hardware's gonna be going. But we're not gonna be able to get our hardware in the same way that we did in the other spots. It's gonna be very close, but we're not gonna be able to get the hardware in like that. So what we're gonna do is, we're gonna take our fish wire, we're gonna take the coiled end, and we're gonna feed it through. We're gonna go over to the end of our frame towards the outside of our vehicle. You just want to keep pushing until that coiled end pops out of the frame support here. You can take your spacer block, you're gonna go over the coiled end, and thread that carriage bolt on just like we did earlier, then we're gonna feed it back into the frame. You're gonna pull that pull wire all the way until that bolt is sticking out. Then we'll repeat that for the other hole as well.Now that we have all of our hardware in place, I'm actually gonna push these bolts back into the frame just a little bit so that we can actually get our hitch put into place. With an extra set of hands, we're gonna get our hitch into position, and you're gonna want to feed your pull wires into the corresponding holes. On the side tabs here, we're not gonna be using the very back hole or the one closest to the front, so we're gonna go through that middle hole here.Now you're gonna want to take one of your factory bolts. We're gonna put it in hand tight just to support the hitch. Want to get at least one in on each side, then we can work on getting the rest of the hardware in place. With that bolt supporting our hitch, we pull the front section towards the front of our cab down so it's away from the frame here because we're gonna have to actually put in a 1/2" flat washer. I'm gonna take my pull wire, I'm gonna pull it out from the hitch to the outside of the hitch and slide that washer in place so that I can get it in between the hitch and the frame. Then you're gonna want to go back through the hitch and pull everything back through. Then we'll push the hitch back in place and re-secure that bolt.We're gonna pull that pull wire off, and we're gonna be securing our hitch on the forward attachment point using a conical tooth washer. Make sure the teeth are facing up towards the hitch. Then we're gonna secure it down with a nut. A quick tip to help you get that nut in place and keep the bolt still, if you push on the washer, it'll trap it making it a little bit easier getting it in place. And we'll do that for both sides.On the back side, if you haven't already, you can go ahead and pull your bolts through, and we're gonna remove the pull wires from our bolts, and then we're gonna be doing the same thing. We're gonna take a conical tooth washer, and you're gonna make sure they're facing toward the hitch and secure it down with another nut. We'll do that for the other remaining bolt as well. I just want to mention that you want to be careful not to push the bolt back into the frame and drop it.So you should only have one more bolt on each side, and that's gonna be that factory bolt. We're gonna put it back into position, then we can snug up all of our hardware. Using that same 21mm socket, I'm gonna snug up all those factory M14 bolts. I'm gonna come back with a 3/4" socket and tighten up all my 1/2" hardware. I'm gonna come back with a 3/4" socket, and I'm gonna torque down all of my 1/2" hardware to the specified amount in the instructions. And we'll repeat that for all the remaining hardware. I'm gonna make sure to torque the M14 hardware as well.That'll finish up your look at the Draw-Tite Class V Custom Fit Trailer Hitch Receiver part number 41948 on our 2018 Ram 1500.

Customer Reviews

Draw-Tite Ultra Frame Trailer Hitch Receiver w/ Cast Center - Custom Fit - Class V - 2" - 41948

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (37 Customer Reviews)

Ideal for heavy-duty towing, this vehicle trailer hitch has a cast steel center that is designed to handle hefty tongue weights. Tested Tough guarantee ensures that this durable, corrosion-resistant hitch exceeds industry standards.

- 41948

by: Greg C.09/02/2017

Hitch was priced right and with free shipping it was a no brainer to step up from a Class 4 to Class 5 even if it is overkill. I'll be hauling a car trailer and this is rated for more than I'll be subjecting it to but I'd rather go big than be on the other end. Ordered on Wednesday, shipped on Thursday and arrived Friday morning. Very happy so I could get it installed quickly, or so I thought. Box arrived with a corner torn loose but everything was still there. The hitch suffered a couple of nicks and scratches, some from shipping, some I believe were there before it was packed. It seemed to be slightly warped so after fighting it with a jack as a helper I called a friend to assist. It took 2 of us a total of almost 2 hours to install. My buddy agreed that something was slightly off as it fit much tighter than it should have but we were able to get it in. The wires are great assistance in pulling bolts to position. The decals were not installed well at all so I've removed 2 of the 4 for a better look, leaving the "rating" decal and "draw tight". If you want free advertising put the decal on straight and eliminate bubbles under it. Overall I'm happy with it and would not hesitate to purchase from again. 428242

- 41948

by: Lou11/15/2017

I gave this hitch a 5 star rating, this is for the hitch itself. The install was greatly added by the use of the fish wires for the bolts. It took about 3 hours to install this hitch, the fit was extremely tight, with a floor jack under the hitch and almost picking the truck off the floor it still took a 4# hammer and a block of wood to persuade the hitch into the frame after loosening the upper bumper crossmember bolts, the rearmost factory bolts then took two pry bars and four hands to get the last bolt started. Once finally started the bolts pulled the hitch up into position and swaged the hitch into the bumper braces. The hitch seems to be well built and heavy duty the only problem is the alignment of the two rearmost holes and the extremely snug fit. The hitch also looks good after the installation was complete, I didn't get a picture of the installed hitch, this was on my son inlaws pickup. 452151

- 41948

by: Jcurry07/24/2017

Easy install thanks etrailer! Simple, extremely quick shipping and follow up. That's great customer service. Few simple tools 19&21mm sockets ratchet and torque wrench and about 1.5 hrs I had hitch and brake controller installed in my 2017 ram. I used a little anti seize on all bolts. 410212

- 41948

by: Jr Duncan05/27/2017

Love this draw tight !!! Very easy to install , only took me about 30 minutes and that was because I had to locate my tools that someone had barrowed without my knowledge lol.. This will help save my bumper and tag from being damaged from my trailer tong also .. 385643

- 41948

by: Jesse M.07/08/2017

It's heavy and requires at least two people to install. Directions are understandable. Helps if you have a jack. I like the wires provided to pull the screws through; that was genius. In the directions you might want to put down as optional; the removal of the spare tire. It makes things more spacious and open and makes things a tad bit easier. All-in-all it went in slightly crooked from the center of the bumper. I'm hoping the first tow will straighten that out, but everything is super tight. We'll see what happens. I highly recommend this product, it's built heavy duty and engineered for stress. Glad I bought this one and not a piece of junk. 402878

- 41948

by: Rick03/07/2017

Shipping: I've used etrailer in the past and they have always been great. This purchase arrived quickly however there was a bit of shipping damage due to the hitch punching through the box. This is a very heavy product and so I felt that though the box was made of heavy cardboard, there should have been additional packing inside. In the end the damage was not enough for me to return it. Installation: Again, this is a very heavy product and should be installed with a helper. Fitment was tight but adequate and once installed it is very secure. Use: I have not yet used the hitch but foresee no issues. 349523

- 41948

by: John10/30/2017

Installed just like I expected it to. I had to get my wife to run the floor jack,I gave it a shove and a kick, then tightened the bolts. I'm a slow worker, so it took me a little more than two hours to complete. All of the bolt holes lined up. The instructions could have been a little clearer, but I guess they were ok, because I was able to get the job done. This is the 3rd etrailer product I have installed. BTW, this is one heavy duty unit. 447549

- 41948

by: Kyle S10/17/2016

The Draw Tite Ultra frame is a beautifully made trailer hitch and very beefy. It looks great and fits perfect. Though it is an Extremely tight fit and took two people to install it about 45 minutes. Highly recommended. 308027

- 41948

by: Ben J10/01/2017

Love the receiver hitch. It was not that hard to put on and it looks great too..Will be pulling open and enclosed trailers. I submitted a picture of the hitch installed. Thanks again Adam and Stacey for everything. 438433

- 41948

by: Don P02/27/2015

Looks great. Heavy duty. Real real real tight tolerances for fit. Had to use two floor jacks on sides and back to almost lefting truck off the ground in order to make it fit. Scraped the paint off the inside left of the hitch doing it. An hour job took four at about 12 degrees, cold. But now that it's on I'm sure it will be great. 1/8 to 1/4 inch wider would have been great. 176317

- 41948

by: Rex11/12/2017

Haven't had a chance to put it on yet. However, it looks perfect. Those beads on all the welds are excellent. Plus I was a little surprised at how heavy it is. Well made with real steel. Great. I'm sure it will more than do the job. Plus I saved over fifty dollars and got free shipping. You can't beat that. At least that's what all my friends are saying. 451325

- 41948

by: Mike S01/10/2017

I only gave 3 stars so far due to the fact that the product arrived in a totally destroyed box. It seems very well built and heavy from what I can see thus far. Install will be done today to make sure nothing was throw out of measurement from the shipping and damaged box. I will update this review later after I see how the install goes. 331337

- 41948

by: Chris Smith06/21/2015

Very rugged. Yes as the other reviews have stated, "It is a very tight fit." Help and the use of a floor jack, with a mini sledgehammer helps greatly. For the money I would recommend upgrading to this product other than a class 2 or 3 hitch. Definitely would recommend this product. 206094

- 41948

by: SUPERLOT08/31/2017

We are a dealer. Sold truck on Thurs. Customer wanted before labor day holiday?? Ordered from etrailer on Friday, arrived Tues AM UPS. Installed and delivered the PU on Wed. Happy customer 3 days early and happy dealer money in the bank!! This is a big ole HD hitch. 427105

- 41948

by: Gene05/21/2017

Well Built Hitch. Took about an hour to install by myself. Perfect fit. 383170

- 41948

by: Sabrina Mislevy05/18/2017

Product is of good quality and value. It will be used to haul our camper and trailers around. However the box it came in was damaged luckily the hitch and wiring harness were intact and not damaged. It had holes in it and more tape to hold it together. 381975

- 41948

by: Chris S.07/28/2017

Hitch came quickly as ordered. Mounted as described. The only reason I did not give five stars... packaging was poor - heavy hitch and a box... that's all. Was concerned mounting hardware would be gone, but somehow it remained in the ripped up box. 411850

- 41948

by: Steve H.01/11/2017

The hitch fit a little tight on the frame rails but with a couple of floor jacks it went into place. All mounting holes lined up good but it was tricky fishing the bolts through the frame rails. Overall well pleased with the hitch. 331865

- 41948

by: Larry10/04/2017

Should be about a 30 minute job to install the receiver. I'm slow so it took an hour. Have to have some way to lift and hold the receiver in the air. Looks great, seems sturdy, will be trying it tomorrow. This is the way to go !!! 438985

- 41948

by: Brandon T.06/26/2017

Ordered for a 2016 Ram 1500 SLT crew cab. Excellent price, easy install (the included fish wires worked great for pulling the bolts through the frame), fast shipping. Will definitely order from again. 399395

- 41948

by: Mark11/20/2017

Nice Heavy Duty hitch. My only issue is it's poor packaging. I had to tweak the mounting bracket portion due to it being slightly bent during shipping, but I made it work and am happy with the end result. 453634

- 41948

by: James R.04/25/2017

Pretty simple install just make sure to have something to pull the exhaust hangers over a little. Total install time was about 45 minutes. Fit great after I got the hangers out of the way. 372274

- 41948

by: Chris P.06/21/2017

Quality product fast shipping great company to deal with have ordered from etrailer before products are always as ordered and are easy to install and prices are hard to beat 397073

- 41948

by: Chris P.06/21/2017

Quality product fast shipping great company to deal with have ordered from etrailer before products are always as ordered and are easy to install and prices are hard to beat 397072

- 41948

by: Rory S.07/14/2017

Ordered a hitch for my RAM 1500, towed 7,000lb trailer all over southeast without issue, hitch is doing great. Great price and awesome customer service from etrailer! 405944

- 41948

by: Travis10/20/2017

Install went well. Not a 1 man job. Fitment is tight. Not sure I like the fact that I can't use a standard pin in the receiver. But all in all a very nice hitch. 444351

- 41948

by: Rick J07/08/2016

I was really surprised at how quickly I received my product. I will share more reviews after I have had the product long enough to have an opinion. 269532

- 41948

by: David10/04/2017

Great packing to prevent damage. Fast turnaround time from ordering to receiving. Hitch and brake is exactly as ordered and was easy to install. 439302

- 41948

by: Jeremy A08/19/2016

Product shipped and arrived real fast. Even a day early. Installed easy enough. Looks rugged. This far I am happy with purchase. 285403

- 41948

by: Jack A07/24/2017

Extremely easy and quick on ordering and delivery!! Excellent price for my Draw Tire Hitch!! Thanks Guys! 410049

- 41948

by: Kurt07/29/2017

The hitch came on time without damage. It was helpful to have updates on its delivery progress. 412280

- 41948

by: Mike L.05/21/2017

Fit perfect after I the straiten the mounting flang on one side got bent in shipping. 383165

- 41948

by: Rob B.06/19/2017

We have not had it installed yet, but it was delivered in great condition. 396010

- 41948

by: Buzz05/06/2015

Delivered to my front door on time. Can't ask for better. 190778

- 41948

by: Eric H.03/05/2017

Very good price for the rating and free shipping. 348816

- 41948

by: Roy04/14/2017

Product was as described, and deliver on time.. 367431

- 41948

by: John w10/28/2016

Amazing string design fits snug pulls g reat!!! 311681


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  • What Does With Factory Hitch and Without Factory Hitch Mean When Choosing Hitch for 2017 Ram 1500
  • As you mentioned in your question, when going through the trailer hitch fit guide for your 2017 Ram 1500 on our site, the page will ask if your vehicle has a factory installed hitch or if there is no factory hitch. If you already have a trailer hitch on your Ram that was installed at the factory (before vehicle purchase), then you will select the "with factory hitch" option. If there is no existing trailer hitch on your truck, you will go with the "without factory hitch" option. If you...
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  • Recommended Trailer Hitch Receiver for a 2016 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab Hemi
  • When it comes to getting a trailer hitch, it never hurts to have a hitch that is over-rated for the cargo that it will be pulling. For your 2016 Ram 1500 Hemi with a Quad Cab I recommend going with the Draw-Tite Class V Trailer Hitch Receiver # 41948 which is rated for 12,000 lb Gross Trailer Weight (GTW) and 1,500 lbs Tongue Weight (TW). When you add a Weight Distribution (WD) system to this hitch your GTW will be raised to 15,000 lbs and your TW will stay at 1,500 lbs. Even though...
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  • Class V Hitch Recommendations for 2016 Ram 1500 Without Factory Hitch
  • The Class IV hitch receivers we offer for the 2016 Ram 1500 without a factory hitch are the TorkLift 2-inch hitch # TLD1106H, which fits 5-1/2- and 6-foot bed models, and the Curt # 14374 which fits on all bed lengths. Neither of these hitches is rated high enough for your trailer's 1200-lb tongue weight (TW). I suggest a 2-inch Class V hitch like either the Draw-Tite # 41948 or the Curt # C15572, both of which are rated for 1500-lbs maximum TW. Both are no-drill installations. Both...
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  • Class V Trailer Hitch Recommendation for a 2013 Ram 1500
  • The hitches we carry for the 2013 Ram 1500 are not also fits for a 2010 Ram 2500/3500. So for your 2013 Ram you would want the Draw Tite Hitch part # 41948 as it is a Class V hitch confirmed to fit.
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  • Availability of High Capacity Trailer Hitch for 2016 Ram 1500
  • We have the Draw Tite hitch part # 41948 which is a confirmed fit for your 2016 Ram 1500 and has a capacity of 15,000 lbs but I would be surprised if your truck has this capacity or even the 10.8k capacity you are looking for. Everything I am able to look up says that your truck only could have a max towing capacity of 8,370 lbs.
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  • Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch Recommendation for a 2016 Ram 1500
  • For your 2016 Ram 1500 you can use Draw-Tite trailer hitch # 41948. It has a tongue weight capacity of 1,500 pounds and gross trailer weight capacity of 12,000 pounds so it will cover the weights of the loaded trailers that you have. At least I am pretty sure. I just don't know how much a 1958 Massey Ferguson tractor weighs! I want to say in the neighborhood of 5,000 to 6,000 pounds but I suppose it depends on the exact model. I have included a link to a video showing an example installation...
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  • Will the Bestop TrekStep Truck Bumper Step Work With Dual Exhaust 2015 Ram 1500
  • If the dual exhaust pipes on your 2015 Ram 1500 exit before the rear tires or through the bed then the Bestop TrekStep Truck Bumper Step part # B75306 will work well for you. However, if your exhaust pipes exit behind the rear tires or under the bumper then the TrekStep will not work for you. The only truck bed step option we have for vehicles with dual exhaust that exit behind the rear tires or under the bumper is the Bully Black Bull Hitch-Mounted Step part # BBS-1102. If you do not...
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  • Class V 2-Inch Trailer Hitch Recommendation for 2013 Ram 1500 2WD Without Factory Hitch
  • For your 2013 Ram 1500 2WD without a factory-installed hitch we offer several options in an aftermarket 2-inch hitch. All are shown on the linked page and their compatibility will vary depending on the specific complement of equipment on your truck. We offer Class II, Class IV and Class V hitches for your truck. The two options I recommend are the Class V models, part # C15572 from Curt and part # 41948 from Draw-Tite. Click on Class V to see these two hitches. These Class V hitches...
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  • Trailer Hitch Recommendation for 2017 Ram 1500 without Factory Hitch
  • For your 2017 Ram 1500 1500 without a factory hitch the Draw Tite hitch part # 41948 would be a great option. This is a Class V hitch with a 2 inch opening and a 12k towing capacity. I attached an install video for this hitch for you to check out as well.
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  • Will Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch 41948 Fit a 2017 Ram 1500 Express Quad Cab with Dual Exhaust
  • I checked with Draw-Tite and they list Ultra Frame Trailer Hitch Receiver w/ Cast Center - Custom Fit - Class V - 2" Item # 41948 as a fit for all styles of the 2017 Ram 1500 so that would include your Express. I also recommend Ball Mount Kit - 3" Rise or 4" Drop - 16,000 lbs Item # EBMK2416. It comes with a ball mount with a 3 inch rise or 4 inch drop, 2 balls, a hitch pin with clip, and a storage bag. And if your truck did not come with a factory trailer connector...
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  • Recommended Trailer Hitch for 2015 Ram 1500 without Factory Hitch
  • The trailer hitches available that are confirmed to fit your 2015 Ram 1500 are not the exact model that would have come on the truck from the factory, but they will install the same way and provide similar if not better capacities. Choosing the Class rating for the trailer hitch on your Ram will simply depend on the weight of the items you plan on towing. The Draw-Tite Class III Trailer Hitch Receiver # 75662, which is confirmed to fit your vehicle as long as it does not have the factory...
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  • Will 2016 Ram 1500 with Ball Hole on Bumper Fit with Draw Tite Hitch 41948
  • Sounds like your truck has a ball hole built into the bumper which is designed for mounting a hitch ball and you are looking for a hitch to fit underneath that. If this is the case the part # 41948 would be exactly what you would need and would work well. I attached an install video for this hitch on a 2016 Ram 1500 just like yours as well.
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