1. Trailer Hitch Ball Mount
  2. Gen-Y Hitch
  3. Fits 2-1/2 Inch Hitch
  4. Adjustable Ball Mount
  5. Drop - 6 Inch
  6. Rise - 6 Inch
Gen-Y Adjustable 2-Ball Mount w/ Stacked Receivers - 2-1/2" Hitch - 6" Drop/Rise - 21K

Gen-Y Adjustable 2-Ball Mount w/ Stacked Receivers - 2-1/2" Hitch - 6" Drop/Rise - 21K

Item # 325-GH-623
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Trailer Hitch Ball Mount
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325-GH-623 - Stacked Receivers,Built-In Pintle Hook Gen-Y Hitch Adjustable Ball Mount
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Product Expert Alexander C

Is this right for you? Product Expert Alexander C says:

Yes, if you:

  • Need a mount that's a real beast for towing your heavier towing loads
  • Tow a heavy-duty equipment trailer with a lunette ring
  • Own a hitch accessory too - you never have to remove the hitch

No, if you:

  • Need extra peace of mind with locking hitch pins
  • Are distracted by noisy rattling, because the receivers have some play
  • Don't want to spend a premium cost
Insert this heavy-duty mount into your 2-1/2" hitch to get 3 stacked 2-1/2" receivers for mounting the included 2" ball, 2-5/16" ball, pintle hook, or other hitch-mounted accessory. Lowest Prices for the best trailer hitch ball mount from Gen-Y Hitch. Gen-Y Adjustable 2-Ball Mount w/ Stacked Receivers - 2-1/2" Hitch - 6" Drop/Rise - 21K part number 325-GH-623 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-1624 for expert service.
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Gen-Y Hitch Trailer Hitch Ball Mount - 325-GH-623

  • Fits 2-1/2 Inch Hitch
  • Adjustable Ball Mount
  • Drop - 6 Inch
  • Rise - 6 Inch
  • Gen-Y Hitch
  • 2 Inch Ball
  • 2-5/16 Inch Ball
  • Two Balls
  • Class V
  • 21000 lbs GTW
  • Stacked Receivers
  • Built-In Pintle Hook
  • Steel Shank - Gray
  • Steel Ball

Insert this heavy-duty mount into your 2-1/2" hitch to get 3 stacked 2-1/2" receivers for mounting the included 2" ball, 2-5/16" ball, pintle hook, or other hitch-mounted accessory.


  • Adjustable ball mount lets you hook up your trailer to your tow vehicle
    • Shank slides into hitch receiver on your vehicle
    • 2" Ball, 2-5/16" ball, or ball paired with pintle lock provides connection point for trailer coupler
  • 3 Stacked receivers accept included ball mount and pintle lock, as well as other hitch-mounted accessories
    • 2 Pins included to secure accessories to shank
  • Adjustable height lets you tow trailers of different heights with the same vehicle
    • Drop ball mount lower or raise it higher to match your application
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Zinc primer and powder coat finishes resist corrosion
  • Hitch pin and clip or hitch lock for securing to hitch receiver sold separately
  • SAE J684 certified
  • Made in the USA


  • Application: 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" trailer hitch receivers
  • Built-in receiver size: 2-1/2" x 2-1/2"
  • Maximum drop: 6"
  • Maximum rise: 6"
  • 2" Ball capacity:
    • Gross towing weight: 16,000 lbs
    • Maximum tongue weight: 1,500 lbs
  • 2-5/16" Ball capacity:
    • Gross towing weight: 21,000 lbs
    • Maximum tongue weight: 3,000 lbs
  • Overall height: 9-1/2"
  • Total length with included ball mount installed: 16-1/8"
    • Total length without ball mount installed: 11-7/8"
  • Hitch pin hole diameter: 5/8"
  • Accessory pin hole diameter: 5/8"

dimensional diagram

Multiple Stacked Receivers for Easy Adjustment

stacked receivers

This unique mount from Gen-Y Hitch includes a ball mount that can be easily positioned in one of the 3 stacked receivers that sits along the vertical shank of the unit. This dual-ball mount lets you tow a trailer with a 2" ball coupler or a 2-5/16" ball coupler.

pintle hitch

Also included is a pintle lock, which can be inserted into the receiver directly above the ball mount to create a pintle hitch for hooking up a trailer with a lunette ring. Unlike other adjustable pintle hooks on the market, there are no nuts and bolts to remove and retorque when you change the positioning of this hitch. Just move the ball mount and pintle lock up or down to get the proper height and secure them in place with the included pins.

How to Measure Drop on Adjustable Ball Mount

GH-623 GenY Hitch Adjustable Versa Ball Mount with Pintle Lock for 2.5" Hitch Receivers - 6" Drop/Rise - 21,000 lbs

Video of Gen-Y Adjustable 2-Ball Mount w/ Stacked Receivers - 2-1/2" Hitch - 6" Drop/Rise - 21K

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Gen-Y Adjustable 2-Ball Mount with Stacked Receivers Review

Hey guys. Today we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the line of GEN-Y adjustable two ball mounts for two and a half inch hitch receivers. So our GEN-Y ball mount here, this line in particular is going to be specifically designed for the larger three quarter and one ton trucks that have a two and a half inch by two and a half inch receiver tube. Now all these trucks are going to come with an adapter that will allow us to use our two inch ball mount with the two and a half inch receiver tube on our truck. However, as you'll come to notice shortly, this really creates a lot of rattle for adding an additional point of contact in there. It makes things very loose, and you're definitely going to be hearing it.With this solid two-inch shank, we're not going to have any of those issues with that excess rattling.

We're going to have a nice and tight fit inside the receiver tube here. We don't have to worry about any additional adapters. So we talked a little bit about the range of adjustment that the GEN-Y offers here for the two and a half inch ball mounts. The reason you're going to be interested in an adjustable ball mount is typically for people who have more than one trailer. So normally you'd measure your rise and drop from your truck and your trailer, and you need to pick a ball mount that meets that exact need, but that's only going to cover you for one trailer.

If you're towing multiple trailers, your rise and drop requirements are likely going to change for each trailer. Therefore, having adjustable ball mounts allows you to accommodate multiple trailers without having multiple ball mounts.So with our stacked receivers here, we're obviously going to get the adjustability we need for our trailer. But something else you can do is, you can actually tow with one of the lower two stacked receivers here, and you can put a bike rack in the top one here. So if we're really trying to load up, head out for the campsite, hit the trails, we're going to be able to attach a bike rack in here, into our trailer at the same time. There's also options that have a little bit of an offset, meaning the stacked receiver tube.

There's going to be one above the actual hitch on the vehicle. That'll be somewhere in this area and that'll give you a little bit more clearance here so we can still tow level and get our bike rack in place. So something I personally really like about the GEN-Y adjustable ball mounts is their finish.Now there's not really many other adjustable ball mounts on the market that have this nice of a finish. It's going to be super durable. You can really bang it up, throw this thing in and out of your truck bed without having to worry about nicking that coating.

It has a nice two-tone hammered finish with some black and silver speckles. It looks really nice and it's going to hold up for time to come. So if you have a super, super heavy trailer, you're really maxing out the towing capacity of your vehicle. And you're worried about the weight capacity of your ball mount, you shouldn't be for any of the GEN-Y line. They're extremely overbuilt made of heavy duty steel. This particular model here has a 21,000 pound weight capacity. However, there are options for weight capacity up to 32,000 pounds. So something else I'm sure you guys can appreciate is that GEN-Y products, the adjustable ball mounts, are made right here in the USA. So you know that you're getting a quality, well-made product.So let's talk about hitch pins now. With our kit here, we're going to get two hitch pins. And this may or may not be enough for you to use straight out of the box. If you have a trailer with a lunette ring, and we're going to need to use this pintle lock here, you'll actually need an extra hitch pin because we'll need one for the ball, one for the pintle lock and one for the trailer hitch receiver. If we're just going to be towing a regular trailer here, then we'll have enough hitch pins to cover us. We'll have one for the ball and then one for the hitch here. However, I'm definitely going to recommend with such a nice inexpensive ball mount to obtain locking hitch pins. You can just simply get one that'll secure the ball mount inside the trailer hitch, or you can get a matching set here that'll match all of your locks for the trailer hitch, the ball mount and even the pintle lock.So with our kit here, we're going to get a number of different things. The first thing we're going to talk about here is we have our stacked receivers. The next thing we're going to have is our two ball mount, which comes with both a two inch and a two and five 16th inch hitch ball. We're going to have next is our pintle lock. Then finally, we're going to have two hitch pin and clips. So to get everything into position, we're going to first start by taking our stacked receiver here. We're going to lift this up and then we're going to insert it into the trailer hitch on our truck here. Keep in mind we have two hitch pin holes here, depending on how much clearance we need. That first hitch pin hole here is going to line up perfectly. The other one we'll be able to use as well. Now, ideally we want as much of the shank inside the receiver tube as possible. So if we can get to that second hitch pin hole, that's the one we should use. Now we'll take our hitch pin here. We'll insert it into place. And then we'll follow this up with one of our clips.Now we'll take our two hitch ball assembly here, and we'll insert this into one of the stacked receivers here on our ball mount. The one that we are going to insert it to is going to depend on which trailer we're towing. We'll need to measure beforehand to make sure that we get the correct spot. In order to take these measurements, we're going to come to the truck side. We'll measure from the ground to the top inside edge of the trailer hitch opening, and then we'll compare that measurement to our trailer while it's leveled. We'll measure from the ground to the bottom of the edge on our coupler. Now, if the truck is going to be higher than the coupler, the difference between the two means we're going to need a drop. If the truck is lower than the coupler on the trailer, that means we're going to need a rise.So this particular model that we have here with the four stacked receivers, this is going to offer a nine inch drop. There's also other options as well that'll cut the drop down to six inches or extended all the way to 15 inches. Now we want something that's going to be a good range here no matter what trailer we're towing. We don't want to get a super long drop if our truck doesn't sit that high, because then we could run into ground clearance issues. This is probably good for this truck. This is a nine inch drop. So this will give us a wide range of trailers. Really, no matter how high or how low they sit, we should be able to tow them level, no matter the height here with this nine inch drop. But again, I definitely recommend you verifying your measurements beforehand so you can make sure you choose the appropriate rise/drop for your ball mount.So now we can go ahead and insert our hitch ball assembly, making sure that we're choosing the appropriate hitch ball size. We have two inches here, two and five sixteenths inches here. So we'll make sure we have the correct one. And then we can insert it into one of the four stacked receivers. Now, granted, the number of stacked receivers you have is going to vary depending on which particular model you have, but you want to go ahead and take those measurements first so you know which one to stick it in. We'll just use this one for example. So we'll push it all the way through. And so we line up our hitch pin holes. Once we've done that, we'll stick our hitch pin through, follow that up with our clip. So if our trailer had a lunette ring on it, we'd want to install our pintle lock as well. And this is pretty easy. We'd simply slide it into the receiver tube above our hitch ball assembly here, and then secure it with one of our locking pins. For this particular trailer we're going to be hooking up to, it doesn't have a lunette ring. We just have a standard coupler so we won't be using this.So now that we have everything set up, we're ready to go ahead and hitch up to our trailer. Now we're ready to hit the road. So in summary, the GEN-Y adjustable ball mount line, they're excellent options for anybody looking to tow heavy trailers. They're going to be particularly useful for those guys who really want to load as much stuff as possible. They want to tow their trailer, but they also want to have their bike rack attached for the family. Or if you're towing agricultural trailers and you have trailers with the lunette rings on there this is, again, going to be an excellent option because it comes with the included pintle lock. And that's going to do it today, guys, for our look at the GEN-Y adjustable two ball mounts for two and a half inch hitches..

Customer Reviews

Gen-Y Adjustable 2-Ball Mount w/ Stacked Receivers - 2-1/2" Hitch - 6" Drop/Rise - 21K - 325-GH-623

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (107 Customer Reviews)

Insert this heavy-duty mount into your 2-1/2" hitch to get 3 stacked 2-1/2" receivers for mounting the included 2" ball, 2-5/16" ball, pintle hook, or other hitch-mounted accessory.

- 325-GH-623

No doubt it's "mega duty". Thing weighs 54 lbs. I don't know if its worth the money but I'd say its probably the best hitch you could get!

- 325-GH-623

We've bought several of the GenY receivers. We pull equipment trailers everyday with our 1-ton work trucks and need heavy duty receivers and these are versatile. I specially like the option of using this receiver for a pintle hitch. They hold up well and because they're so valuable to us, we use a locking pin so they stay on our trucks not someone else's!

- 325-GH-623

There really isn't a more durable, heavy duty trailer hitch that I've encountered. The set-screws that keep the ball/slide from rattling works perfect. I didn't think it would, but it's great. No rattling whatsoever. The ONLY negative which isn't a product negative, is it's heavy. You won't be just tossing this into the back of your truck or shop. It's a beast, but well worth the money if you've got several trailers that require different hitch heights and sizes.

- 325-GH-623

Great product , fast shipping. I do have a 7 trailers and this is a hitch I was looking for

- 325-GH-623

Bought this product from etrailer and was amazed at the high level of customer service and knowledge. The product arrived ahead of schedule and was packaged well. This product is made well and I’m glad it’s a product of the USA.

- 325-GH-623

Haven't had a chance to use it yet but IT IS RUGGED! What a nice hitch. It is heavy but I plan on separating the parts as I put it away and reassemble as needed the next use. I needed a hitch that had height adjustability and was rated for more than 10K lbs. Most hitches I looked at were rated for 10K, some at 14K but no adjustability. And required multiple hitches. I haul trailers with 2", 2 5/16" and pintles and they are all used at different heights. I was tired of two hitches being in the way. Now I have one that will do everything.

- 325-GH-623

This has been a great heavy duty hitch for our company. It is on our truck year-round and is still in good condition (lots of road salt where we are). My only complaint is that if you use it as a pintle, the ring of the pintle has to be against the ball or else the latch won't slide all the way back into position. Worst case scenario is that you have to pull your truck forward an inch and set the parking brake so that it doesn't role back. Really not that big of a deal when you consider the versatility of this hitch. It wasn't that big of a deal and I ended up buying a few more of these.

- 325-GH-623

Great ship time! Site is easy to navigate and checkout is easy. Gen Y hitch is 57lbs and worth the money!

- 325-GH-623

Great product. Extremely durable & perfect to pull our heavy trailers at the farm and our rv. My husband was very pleased with the trailer hitch.

- 325-GH-623

- 325-GH-623

- 325-GH-623

- 325-GH-623

- 325-GH-623

- 325-GH-623

Heavy Heavy Duty. Good hitch...

- 325-GH-623

Fast shipping! Ordered Saturday and received on Tuesday at noon. Heavier than expected and appears indestructible. Should be perfect for heavy hauling.

- 325-GH-623

Very well made and heavy duty....should last forever!!

- 325-GH-623

Great product and people! Looks great and can't wait to use it.

- 325-GH-224

Review from a similar Versa-Ball Mount w Lock in Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

This Hitch is Built to last!! I’m excited to put it to work and have a peace of mind that I have the best of the best!

- 325-GH-524

Review from a similar Versa-Ball Mount w Lock in Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

I just installed the Gen-Y and its way better than my last one (much more stout). I put it on a 2011 f350 with a leveling kit on 35s and Im defiantly glad that I got one with the 7 inch drop. Im also going to be putting it on a Kubota M-120 to pull a 12ft box scraper.

- 325-GH-624

Review from a similar Versa-Ball Mount w Lock in Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

WOW. That is pretty much the word that sums it up. WOW. Not only because it weighs roughly 60 pounds, but she is pretty to look at to boot. Aside from that - the construction on this thing in a monster. Overbuilt by Hercules to pull down a mountain kind of over built. Exactly how we expect anything truck related to be. You do not want failure at any point, ever. This takes your drop hitch to a whole new level. I have owned B&W and Bulletproof before - and while there is nothing wrong with them - I do not think I will ever use another brand again. This is as good as they come.

I still love my hitch...however the biggest disappointment has been the balls. One you use just one time...it becomes this ugly rusty ball. Literally take the mist expensive hitch on the market and makes it look like garbage. Again..I live my hitch because it is obnoxiously big....but I would not buy another. Didnt soend $400 to look at rust.
Chris A - 07/15/2020

- 325-GH-624

Review from a similar Versa-Ball Mount w Lock in Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

Great heavy duty hitch, little trouble getting the 2.5” shank to slide into my 2011 f350, havent had problems with any other hitches that slide in fine but I’m glad it’s not loose, just need a hammer to get it in and out.

- 325-GH-525

Review from a similar Versa-Ball Mount w Lock in Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

Works very well for our situation. We now can use the same hitch for all of our trailers. Very heavy duty for pulling our biggest trailers and level every time no matter what load is on the trailer. We flip it over to pull our deck over trailers. If you have different height trailers you can't go wrong with this heavy duty hitch.

Still use this hitch everyday. Works very well.
Rusty R - 11/10/2020

- 325-GH-523

Review from a similar Versa-Ball Mount w Lock in Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

Very happy with our Gen Y adjustable 2” hitch and lockable pins order. Received immediate feedback that our order was received, filled along with tracking information. Free freight and it actually arrived a day ahead of originally stated. Super impressed

- 325-GH-525

Review from a similar Versa-Ball Mount w Lock in Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

I used adjustable ball mount to haul a tow dolly and also carry a hitch haul with wood. It worked great.

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  • Recommended Gen-Y Hitch for 2019 Chevy Silverado 2500 and Trailer with DO45 Coupling
    It looks like the pin part of the DO45 (which takes the place of a standard hitch ball) has a shank with a 1-1/4" diameter so I recommend using the Curt Heavy Duty Forged Ball Mount # C45340 with a Gen-Y hitch as this ball mount has up to a 17K towing capacity. For the Gen-Y hitch it all depends on the height of the trailer and if your 2019 Chevy Silverado 2500 is stock height or not. If your Chevy is stock height then you should be just fine with the Gen-Y Shank # 325-GH-303 which gives...
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  • Hitch Adapter For Using 3 Inch Hitch Accessory in a 2-1/2 Inch Receiver
    Due to the high capacity of the 3 inch receiver, an adapter that would allow you to use a 3 inch hitch accessory in a 2-1/2 inch receiver hitch doesn't exist. By necessity, an adapter that lets you use a higher rated accessory in a lower rated hitch would need to extend out, away from the hitch. The leverage that this would apply with the accessory in place with the weight bearing down on it would damage the hitch and/or the hitch attachment points to the vehicle. If you have two different...
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