1. Trailer Hitch Ball Mount
  2. B and W
  3. Adjustable Ball Mount
  4. Fits 3 Inch Hitch
  5. Drop - 4-1/2 Inch
  6. Rise - 4 Inch
B&W Tow & Stow 3-Ball Mount - 3" Hitch - 4-1/2" Drop, 4" Rise - 21K - Black

B&W Tow & Stow 3-Ball Mount - 3" Hitch - 4-1/2" Drop, 4" Rise - 21K - Black

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Trailer Hitch Ball Mount
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B and W Adjustable Ball Mount - BWTS30048B
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Stow the ball and mounting platform on this tri-ball ball mount beneath your hitch for a sleek look when you are done towing. Tow up to 3,500 lbs with the 1-7/8" ball, 7,500 lbs with the 2" ball, or 21,000 lbs with the 2-5/16" ball. Lowest Prices for the best trailer hitch ball mount from B and W. B&W Tow & Stow 3-Ball Mount - 3" Hitch - 4-1/2" Drop, 4" Rise - 21K - Black part number BWTS30048B can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-1624 for expert service.
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B and W Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

  • Adjustable Ball Mount
  • Fits 3 Inch Hitch
  • Drop - 4-1/2 Inch
  • Rise - 4 Inch
  • B and W
  • 1-7/8 Inch Ball
  • 2 Inch Ball
  • 2-5/16 Inch Ball
  • Three Balls
  • Class V
  • 21000 lbs GTW
  • Steel Shank - Matte Black
  • Steel Ball

Stow the ball and mounting platform on this tri-ball ball mount beneath your hitch for a sleek look when you are done towing. Tow up to 3,500 lbs with the 1-7/8" ball, 7,500 lbs with the 2" ball, or 21,000 lbs with the 2-5/16" ball.


  • Ball mount with built-in hitch balls lets you hook up your trailer to your tow vehicle
    • Shank slides into hitch receiver
    • Ball provides connection point for trailer coupler
  • Stowable design lets you store ball and mounting platform underneath your vehicle
    • Remove pins holding ball mount platform in place on shank
    • Flip platform underneath the hitch
    • Reinsert pins and clips to secure ball mount platform for travel
  • Adjustable height lets you tow trailers of different heights with the same vehicle
    • Slide ball mount up or down along shank and secure in place with included pins and clips
  • Anti-theft design ensures ball mount platform can't be removed when Tow & Stow is installed in hitch
    • No additional locks required to prevent platform and balls from being removed
  • 3 Different-size hitch balls let you tow trailers with different coupler sizes
    • To switch ball, simply remove pin, rotate balls, and reinsert pin
  • Dual-process chrome plating on balls provides excellent rust resistance
  • Black powder coated shank is corrosion resistant
  • Stainless steel pins create sturdy, rust-resistant connections
  • Durable steel construction with high yield tubing offers superior strength
  • Hitch pin and clip or hitch lock sold separately
  • Made in the USA


  • Application: 3" x 3" trailer hitch receivers
  • Gross towing weight:
    • When used with 1-7/8" ball: 3,500 lbs
    • When used with 2" ball: 7,500 lbs
    • When used with 2-5/16" ball: 21,000 lbs
  • Distance from center of hitch pin hole to center of hitch ball:
    • Hitch pin hole closest to ball: 9-3/8"
    • Hitch pin hole farthest from ball: 10-1/2"
  • Maximum drop: 4-1/2"
  • Maximum rise: 4"
  • Incremental height adjustment: 1-3/8"
  • Limited lifetime warranty

The B&W Tow & Stow adjustable ball mount lets you tow a variety of trailers with different tongue heights. Having a 1-7/8" ball, a 2" ball and a 2-5/16" ball allows for even more versatility, making this the ultimate go-to ball mount if you own multiple trailers.

Easily Adjusts and Stows

B&W Tow & Stow Ball Mount Operation

To switch the hitch ball, simply remove the pin holding the balls in place and rotate the entire block that the balls are mounted on until the ball you want to use is on top. Then replace the pin to secure the block in place.

Adjusting the height of the ball is just as easy. Remove the pins holding the ball mount platform in place and slide the platform up or down along the shank to the desired position. Once you have found the correct height, reinsert the pins and replace the clips.

When you're not towing, you can flip the ball mount platform around and stow it beneath your hitch so that you won't bang your shins. Just remove the pins to slide the ball platform down along the channel and up the back side so that the hitch balls face towards your vehicle. Then replace the pins.

Built-In Anti-Theft System

The Tow & Stow ball mount features a channel that runs along both sides of the shank. This channel not only allows you to slide the ball mount platform up and down to adjust the ball height, but it also prevents removal of the platform when the ball mount is installed, which will help prevent theft of your trailer.

Single Dimensions

A slot is cut into the adjustment channel near the top of the shank. To remove the ball mount platform from the shank you will need to remove the entire ball mount from your hitch. Then remove the pins that hold the platform in place. Flip the platform around to the stowed position on the rear of the shank, and then slide it up until the center pin lines up with the slot in the shank. Pull the platform out towards the rear of the shank until the pin pops out of the adjustment channel.

When the Tow & Stow is secured in your hitch receiver, you will not be able to remove the ball mount platform. This is because the slot in the shank is positioned in such a way that the collar on your hitch will block the pin on the platform from being able to leave the channel. Even if the pins holding the ball mount platform in place are removed, the platform will still be confined to this channel. So, as long as a hitch lock is used to secure the entire ball mount in your hitch receiver, and a coupler lock is used to prevent your trailer's coupler from being disengaged from the ball, your trailer will be secure.

How to Measure Drop on Adjustable Ball Mount

TS30048B B and W Stow and Tow Triple Ball Mount - 1-7/8" Ball, 2" Ball, and 2-5/16" Ball - Black

Item # BWTS30048B

California residents: click here

Video of B&W Tow & Stow 3-Ball Mount - 3" Hitch - 4-1/2" Drop, 4" Rise - 21K - Black

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for B and W Tow and Stow 3-Ball Mount Review

Hi there heavy hollers. Today we're gonna be taking a look at B&W's Tow & Stow 3-Ball receiver hitch. This ball mount comes with three different sized balls, and it's designed to fit in 2.5 inch hitches. We can see here in the end, we've got our two inch ball here, currently in the rise, 'cause our boat trailer here uses a two inch hitch, but we've also got a 1 7/8, and a 2 5/16 available. Another thing that's nice about this ball mount, is that it is adjustable. We've got seven inches of drop in its current position.

And if we we're to take it out and flip it over to where this portion was going upward, that would be the rise position, And we'd get about 7.5 inches in the rise position. We've got plenty of adjustment holes here, and each hole, the distance between those, is gonna give us about 1 3/8 of an inch of adjustment. When you're ready to adjust the height, it's pretty easy. We simply pull out the clips that hold our pins in place. And since this is a B&W, you'll appreciate how easy the pins just slide in and out.

The machining on these is just fantastic. So you can see here, also that, when we go to adjust it, that this is completely secured to our drop here. So, nobody can come along and grab our pins, and walk away with our ball. It's gonna stay secure on here. So, we can go ahead and slide it up to the position and that's gonna work best for us.

So, it's looks like, we're gonna be at about this position here. So, we'll just slide our pins back through, line up our holes, and then resecure the pins. So, now that we know the right height, we are gonna select the ball size that's appropriate for our setup. To do that, you'll wanna pull the pin for the ball, and you can see here that it now rotates. So, you can choose the most appropriate one for your trailer, whatever size your coupler is.

The smallest one on here is the 1 7/8. With this one, we're gonna have a maximum of a 3,500 pound towing capacity. The two inch is gonna give us a maximum of 7,500 pounds, and with our 2 5/16, we're gonna have a 14,500 pounds of towing capacity available to us. Regardless of which position you're using, this ball mount does have a 1,450 pound towing weight rating on it as well. And, that should be more than enough for anything you're gonna be hooking up to this thing. One of the things I'll point out, is that we've got two holes here for securing our ball. If you're gonna use the two, or the 2 5/16, you'll use the rear most hole to secure it in that position. If you're gonna use it in the 1 7/8, or in the storage position, you would use the forward most hole. So we're gonna set ours to the two inch, because that's what our trailer is here, and then resecure that pin. And having three different ball sizes, is going to maximize the versatility of what your truck can bring with you. Two inch balls are great for a lot of your boat trailers, and maybe your smaller car haulers. A lot of those have two inch hitches on them, so we've got a two inch available. We can bring all these things along with us. Your larger bumper pull campers and enclosed trailers, often have 2 5/16 inch balls, which we've got that available, again, with that 14,500 pound capacity, which should be more than enough than any of these campers have. Oftentimes these things usually top out about 10,000 pounds. So, you usually have plenty of leeway with that 2 5/16 ball. And, maybe it won't come up as often, but you've got a 1 7/8 inch ball in there as well. So, if you're doing a little bit of work around the house, you've got a small utility trailer that you'd like to hook up to just get some work done, you can do that. Or, maybe you've got a jet ski trailer or a kayak trailer. Something like that often has a 1 7/8 inch ball, 'cause it doesn't really have a lot of weight capacity to it. We're now over here, on our big enclosed camper. This is gonna show it off the best, as it's the biggest weight we've got here. It's a 2 5/16 ball. So, we've gone ahead and backed up. We did hook up our electrical so we can operate the jack, and we're just lowering our trailer onto it now. Once you've got it loaded on there, it's not uncommon for you to have to pull forward a little bit in order to get it latched. And, then you wanna finish hooking up the rest of your components, which includes your safety chains. Make sure you cross those to create a cradle underneath. So, in the event of a catastrophic disconnect, it'll catch your components, and keep from digging into the pavement. And, if you have brakes on your trailer, make sure you hook up that breakaway switch cable as well. The balls are double-chrome plated, to protect against rust and corrosion. And you can see, we put a little bit of grease on the ball that we use too, to help prevent any metal to metal contact, and extend the life of our ball. The body of it is constructed of steel, and can come in either a black powder coat finish, or chrome like we're showing off today. Now, we've talked about a lot, with our tri-ball features on this, but they don't call it the tow and stow for nothing. With this unit, we can actually store it, and reduce the distance that it sticks off the back of our truck here. So, to do that, we're gonna remove the pin and clip, and we're gonna put it in the 1 7/8 position. That's actually our storage position. We'll then resecure that. We'll pull both the pin and clips then, for our drop and rise position. And, you can see it'll drop all the way down. And once it drops all the way down, our ball actually will roll underneath. We can lift it back up as high as it'll go, and then reinsert our pins, and then store it right back into this position. And this is nice, because we've now reduced the distance that was sticking off the back here, by almost about six inches. It's quite a bit that sticks off the back. And, what this can do, is it can make the difference between being able to store your vehicle in the garage and shut the door. That sticking off at the back there, might've been just that enough that prevented that door from shutting. And also, if you have a slightly oversized garage, mine's a little bit deeper, and if I wanna park my truck in there, and I've got a ball on the back, it will fit, but I can't get around the truck. This will give me the distance that I need to be able to walk around and still utilize my garage when the truck's inside. And I like it. One of my favorite parts, is when you're doing stuff in the garage, or out working, you're usually in a hurry, you're running by, and all of a sudden you've hit your shin on that ball. And boy does that hurt. You're saying a lot of things you shouldn't say. Putting it like this makes it much closer to the truck, and it really minimizes the odds of you accidentally hitting it. I also kind of like the chrome finish. It makes it a little bit easier to see. So, even when it's darker outside, you're walking, maybe just using a flashlight or just a small light, it's gonna reflect really well, making this obvious that it's there. And one final feature that we really haven't talked about, is the hitch pin mounting holes located on our receiver hitch here. We've got two that are a little bit over an inch apart from one another. So, you can adjust as necessary to ensure you've got the appropriate distance for the truck and trailer that you're using in combination together. And that completes our look at B&W's Tow & Stow 3-Ball receiver hitch..

Customer Reviews

B&W Tow & Stow 3-Ball Mount - 3" Hitch - 4-1/2" Drop, 4" Rise - 21K - Black - BWTS30048B

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (1456 Customer Reviews)

Stow the ball and mounting platform on this tri-ball ball mount beneath your hitch for a sleek look when you are done towing. Tow up to 3,500 lbs with the 1-7/8" ball, 7,500 lbs with the 2" ball, or 21,000 lbs with the 2-5/16" ball.

- BWTS30048B

I love the product and have owned a few B &W hitches. The only negative about this one was my wife bought it for me and didnt know the difference but purchased one that fits a 3/4 ton truck and not my half ton truck. Even with this I will be buying more B & W hitches, only I will be purchasing them myself.

- BWTS30048B

I have had this for over a year now and use it on a regular basis with the F350. It stands up to its reputation and is as sturdy and reliable as I could have hoped for. Highly recommended!!

- BWTS30048B

Nice hitch, a little sloppy tolerances. Definitely pinch points when adjusting the ball height and stowing. Count your fingers before and after. The fastway hitch locks will work on the receiver, but not long enough to replace the pins on the ball adjustment.

- BWTS30048B

Haven't used it yet just arrived today seems well built, made in the USA a definite plus

- BWTS30048B

- BWTS30048B

Everything was delivered quickly and as described. Great to work with

- BWTS30048B

Fast delivery!

- BWTS30048B

Purchased for eldest son. Expert handling by all staff I encountered. Great product made in the USA.

- BWTS30048B

- BWTS30048B

I Received my Hitch quickly. That thing is a TANK ! It is sturdier than I expected. It is highly adaptable. I can tow anything that mounts to a bumper

- BWTS30048B

With so many companies online selling hitches, I never know which company to pick! Rest assure that etrailer is the real deal!!! For sure will do business again with no hesitation.

- BWTS30048B

I haven’t used it yet but it looks well built.

- BWTS30048B

Excellent product.

- BWTS10047B

Review from a similar Tow and Stow in Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

Item was described very well. Shipping was fast as well. The ease of changing the ball for the application i need, and stowing away when not needed make this hitch the only one I'll ever own.

Its working fantastically. So easy to have a one size fits all hitch. I do keep it lubricated just a bit on the pins. But thats because I keep it on the truck year round.
Mark - 05/06/2021

- BWTS20048B

Review from a similar Tow and Stow in Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

Great product. Extremely well built and looks great. Very easy to put into stow mode and move it back to the positions you want to tow from. The rated capacity of it is great it’ll do everything your truck will do in a bumper pull mode. It is a must for a 19 F-250 with the ride height to get your load level and to make the connection a easier process.

It’s a great hitch. From height adjustment to having 3 different sized balls that you can tuck and stow out of the way when not in use. Great product with towable weight capacity stamped on it so you now what it can safely tow.
Mark F - 11/17/2020

- BWTS20049B

Review from a similar Tow and Stow in Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

Just installed on my f250. I love it! I ordered the 7.5 inch drop with the 3 different trailer ball sizes. Super simple. I recommend getting the silencer pad as well as the locking pin. Super fast shipping and super fast responses from the team. They go above and beyond. Will be towing a car trailer with a dodge 2500 on it this weekend so it came at a perfect time. PS: I have a leveled 2016 F250 on 35x11.50’s. The 7.5 inch drop may be a little bit over kill. Any one looking that has the same truck could probably get by with a 4.5 inch drop.

- BWTS20037C

Review from a similar Tow and Stow in Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

Product received quickly and in perfect condition. I'm very pleased with all of my orders from etrailer.

It has been a year since I purchased my B&W hitch. I use it quite frequently and each time I do Im still pleased with my purchase. If you trailer a lot its worth the money and it looks great. The height adjustability and the 2 and 2 516 balls check all the boxes for the many trailers I have and use weekly.
Shane - 12/01/2020

- BWTS30049B

Review from a similar Tow and Stow in Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

Very stout. Quality. Don't drop it on your toe. Fast shipping. Paired with a good lock.

Great. Also ordered the draw bar for pulling implements. No more removing my hitch for other trailers.
Jwb - 04/17/2021

- BWTS30037B

Review from a similar Tow and Stow in Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

etrailer shocked me with their customer service. The B & W trailer hitch I ordered was out of stock. Within 10 minutes of placing my order at 10:00PM an employee contacted me to make sure I knew it wouldn’t be back in stock until the following week. And also took the time to add links to two different B & W hitches that are similar in case I needed it immediately. Unfortunately that kind of customer service isn’t expected anymore, it really made me feel good. I run several trailers for my business and they earned my business from now on. As for the product itself, exactly as expected. Price was right. And no more swapping between 2” and 2 5/16” hitches. My shines will also appreciate this hitch when walking behind my pickup in the dark!

- BW54FR

Review from a similar Tow and Stow in Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

I have to say the customer service representatives at etrailer are amazing, professional (Rebecca was the best). I totally recommend this company for all your towing supplies. I had questions about hitch and Rebecca was so helpful, she found the right one. I have to say every other representative that emailed us are well trained on how to give the best customer service. Thank you etrailer

Great! Love it. Looks awesome too. I have refered some friends and co-workers. Thank you so much
Milton R - 01/12/2021

- BWTS30040B

Review from a similar Tow and Stow in Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

Ordered the incorrect shank diameter and drop length. Service representative was knowledgeable of the item I needed, placed the order for the new one, explained the return procedure to include emailing the return authorization, all done in a friendly, professional attitude. Received the correct receiver hitch within one day. Representative made a mistake on my part as painless as possible.

Jim - 03/20/2021

- BWTS10037B

Review from a similar Tow and Stow in Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

For the past year, the B&W Tow and Stow trailer hitch has worked great, and has the strength and durability to haul our equipment through the freeways and mountains of the California roadways with ease. I tow a trailer rig for pressure washing that consist of a 300-gal water tank, heater, and other accessories, for a total max weight of about 4,500lbs. The adjustable height feature is great and the dual ball features gives you more flexibility that will allow you to match up with several types of trailer configurations. A great investment for our business and I highly recommend it as a satisfied customer.

- BWTS10043B

Review from a similar Tow and Stow in Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

I couldn't wait to get this hitch on my truck. I pull my horse trailer and everything is smooth and level. I gave my other tow n stow hitch to my husband after I received this one. I won't use anything else.....its so easy to use and it just makes sense! Thank you for a wonderful product.

Absolutely perfect!
Stephanie R - 05/03/2021

- BWTS20049B

Review from a similar Tow and Stow in Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

The hitch was delivered very quickly. etrailer kept us informed as to when the hitch would ship. It even shipped earlier than expected! My husband is VERY satisfied with this purchase. We are moving and the hitch my husband had before was not very sturdy and he was afraid it would break with the load. With this heavy-duty hitch, we'll have no issues with pulling any load.

- BWTS10037B

Review from a similar Tow and Stow in Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

Great addition to my truck! It’s sturdy and heavy. There’s definitely quality in mind with this hitch!

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Ask the Experts about this B and W Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

  • Which B&W Tow & Stow 3-Ball Mount Do I Need for a 2006 Ford F-250
    The B&W Tow & Stow 3-Ball Mount part # BWTS30048B is designed for a 3" receiver tube opening therefore if this is what you have on your 2006 Ford F-250 then yes, it will work for you. However, if I had to guess I would say that you have a 2" receiver tube opening on your F-250 therefore for a similar same ball mount with a 2" receiver tube opening you will need the B&W Tow & Stow 3-Ball Mount part # BWTS10048B which offers a 5" drop and has the three hitch balls you are looking for (1-7/8",...
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  • Tongue Weight Capacity for B&W Tow & Stow 2-Ball Mount part # BWTS30048B
    The tongue weight (TW) capacity of the B&W Tow & Stow 2-Ball Mount part # BWTS30048B will be 10% of the gross trailer weight (GTW) capacity for the respective hitch ball. So when you use the 2-5/16 inch hitch ball you'd have a TW capacity of 2,100 lb, when using the 2 inch ball 750 lbs, and when using 1-7/8 inch ball 350 lbs.
    view full answer...
  • Availability Of B&W Ball Mount For 3" Trailer Hitch Receiver
    We do! The available kits are the B&W Tow & Stow 3-Ball Mount - 3" Hitch - 7-1/2" Drop, 7" Rise - 21K - Black # BWTS30049B and B&W Tow & Stow 3-Ball Mount - 3" Hitch - 4-1/2" Drop, 4" Rise - 21K - Black # BWTS30048B. These two kits have a 1-7/8" ball with a 3500lb towing capacity, 2" ball with a 7500lb towing capacity, and 2-5/16" ball with a 21000lb towing capacity. The last kit is the B&W Tow & Stow 2-Ball Mount - 3" Hitch - 4-1/2" Drop, 4" Rise - 21K - Black # BWTS30037B which...
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  • 3-Ball Mount Fit For 3 Inch Trailer Hitch Receiver
    We do have an option for a 3-ball mount that fits 3 inch trailer hitch receivers like you have on your 2021 Ford F-250 Super Duty. This is an adjustable ball mount made by B&W: - B&W Tow & Stow 3-Ball Mount - 3" Hitch - 4-1/2" Drop, 4" Rise # BWTS30048B The ball mount comes with a 1-7/8" hitch ball (3,500 lb capacity), 2" hitch ball (7,500 lb capacity), and 2-5/16" hitch ball (21,000 lb capacity). The ball mount is easy to use, highly durable due to its steel construction, and made...
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