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Plunger and Nylon Socket Door Holder - 2" Long Plunger

Plunger and Nylon Socket Door Holder - 2" Long Plunger

Item # DH605
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Trailer Door Holders
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Hold trailer doors open with ease by mounting one part to the door and the other to the side of your trailer. Creates 2" gap between trailer and door when in use. All metal parts are zinc plated to resist rust and corrosion. Great Prices for the best trailer door holders from Redline. Plunger and Nylon Socket Door Holder - 2" Long Plunger part number DH605 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Redline Trailer Door Holders - DH605

  • Plunger and Socket
  • 2 Inch Plunger
  • Nylon
  • Redline

Hold trailer doors open with ease by mounting one part to the door and the other to the side of your trailer. Creates 2" gap between trailer and door when in use. All metal parts are zinc plated to resist rust and corrosion.


  • Can also be used on windows
  • Corrosion-resistant zinc plating


  • Plunger 2" long

DH605, Door Holder, 2 1/2" Stem and Nylon Socket

Video of Plunger and Nylon Socket Door Holder - 2" Long Plunger

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Redline Plunger and Nylon Socket Door Holder Installation

Hi there Forest River owners. Today on your 2015 Forest River Vengeance, we're gonna be taking a look at and showing you how to install Redline's bumper and plunger in a two inch length for a door stopper and holder. The plunger and bumper from Redline is gonna be an easy way for you to keep a door in the open position, and also to prevent it from contacting any of your components to cause damage to those components. So this is a really nice setup if you don't have a solution for your door, if your door just swings open. There are some other options, you can get just, like, the plunger with the bumper on it to where it would just hit the door to keep it from damaging any of your components. There's also another style where it's like a hook, where you'll hook it into either the door or the other side here, and it's just a metal hook that holds it.

This one is gonna be one of the easiest kind of setups though, as far as the fastest. With the hook style, if you want to use that one you have to hold the door over, you gotta bring that hook and line it up in the slot just right. Now I will say, I do like that style 'cause it is fairly secure, but it is a little bit more work on your part to get it set up, you gotta line that thing up to get it all in there. This one, you just kinda open the door and it does what it needs to do. The issue with just the bumper style ones is it doesn't hold your door, so if you have a heavy crosswind or anything like that, your door could potentially swing open or closed.

So, this is gonna give you the added benefits of being able to open a door and just utilize your screen without worrying about it opening and causing any damage or the wind slamming it shut and causing damage to your door. And we can see, we can close our screen door and then turn on a vent fan or something on the inside to enjoy some nice, fresh airflow while our door stays open here. And it is fairly secure, these little bumpers are no joke as far as how hard it is to push it in and out, I mean, I gotta give it a pretty good tug to get it out of there, so there ain't no way wind's gonna grab that, just ain't gonna happen, it's really strong. Same with pushing it open, you can pretty much just take your body weight though and lean into it and that'll snap that right in there for you. You can install it wherever you want on the door, but I do kind of recommend installing it in a location roughly where you're gonna be using your hand in most situations to get the best pull directly on the mechanism there.

And these plungers, you can purchase this same setup from Redline in various lengths. We're showing off the two inch model but if you needed a shorter one, makes it closer to the door, the closer to the door it is the more secure it's gonna be from wind and stuff like that. But if you got components you need to clear, you're gonna need that extra distance, so. So now that we've covered some of the features of our bumper, if you wanna follow along with us we'll show you how to get it installed. So we're gonna begin our installation here by determining where we wanna put this.

This door used to have a shock absorbing mechanism on it, a little tiny shock dampener so the door wouldn't open this far, but when the steps we're changed over, the shock absorber that it had on it no longer will function with those steps, so, they don't want the door just flapping open, potentially damaging their speaker grille, the speaker itself, or any other components here. These are just plastic, and plastic things get hit by the sun like this, get very brittle in a pretty short amount of time, couple of years they can actually get quite brittle outside. So, what we're gonna do is we're gonna take both of these two pieces here. If you take a look, you'll see that they do, kind of, snap together there and it's a nice tight fit so that way it'll hold the door. I'll go ahead and , yeah, it's really, really tight, but there you go, you can see they do snap together. This is what I recommend doing first, just so you can verify that that's gonna be the right length, and, kind of, just see where you're planning on positioning it. Now you can put it at the bottom if you want, top corner, I kind of recommend putting it more towards the middle though 'cause if you we're to put it at the very bottom corner or the very top corner, and when you're normally opening and closing your door by pulling from the middle, you're gonna be, kind of, putting some stress on your door hinges 'cause it's gonna be holding it down here but you're gonna be putting like a pressure on it here, that's gonna make it kind of pivot. So we want to try to put it in a pretty close location to where we're gonna be grabbing the door to make sure we're pulling it straight out of the plunger. It'll also be easier on your material, that's on your side wall and in your door, holding these components in place. So, we're gonna start with the ball side here. I did take some butyl tape and I just shoved it inside of there, that's gonna help seal it up for when we mount it on the wall, it doesn't let moisture enter inside. So you are just gonna use some screws to put it in, you do not get any screws with your kit though, so you will have to provide your own. So I've already determined that I wanted to put it about here, I went ahead and made a mark. And then the outside of our camper here actually is, like, a fiberglass material, so I do recommend making a small pilot hole just, kind of, through that fiberglass until you hit the wood. And then that way we can guarantee that our fastener is gonna get a nice bite. Now we're gonna be using just a Phillips head screw here, or that also accepts a number two square bit. It's roughly about an inch in length, I'd say maybe an inch and a quarter. That should be good, you don't wanna penetrate all the way through your wall, so something small like this. What I usually like to do, is I'll just hold it up to my door, if it's not gonna penetrate through my door, it's likely not gonna penetrate through your wall either 'cause the thickness should be very similar to one. So you can see here, our screw's definitely not gonna penetrate through the inside. So now that we've, kind of, made that determination, I'm gonna go ahead and stick my screw through the center here, kind of get it through that butyl tape, just to the point where it's poking through there so I can line it up with the small hole that I had drilled. We'll just kind of poke it in there like that, get that butyl tape to kind of stick, and we're gonna switch over to either your Phillips or number two square bit and get that mounted. And that feels nice and solid, it doesn't twist, we have no gap all the way around it, and our butyl tape should be sealing that up for us there. Now we're gonna take the other side, and we are gonna use some butyl tape on it as well. I'm gonna go ahead and poke it in there , that way when we go to shut the door we can, kind of, line it up where we need it to go. So we're gonna go ahead and take our butyl tape here and we're gonna fill in that inner cavity, just like we did this one. If you need some butyl tape, you can get some here at etrailer. And just nice, nice fill there. We're gonna make sure we just fill up the entire inner of that cavity, just to make sure we get the best seal possible. You don't want leaks into your door, can lead to premature damage of your components 'cause the moisture will damage the material and can also lead to mold and other issues, so we really wanna make sure we get this sealed up. All right, so that looks pretty good right there, We're gonna go ahead and take our door now, we're gonna open it up, get it lined up to where our plunger has a pretty good spot on it right there, kind of twist it to where it looks pretty good. We kind of know roughly where it's gonna go, we'll just, kind of, line it back up, make sure our plunger is gonna hit, and that looks like it's about right on where it needs to be. We can always take any excess butyl tape that's, kind of, squeezing out the outside, and we can just take a little razor knife or something and clean all that off. So we're just making sure we do get it lined up. That all looks good, maybe center it just a little bit so our two fasteners that are gonna hold this side in place are lined up with one another, kind of on the same level. That looks pretty good, double check our plunger's gonna hit, that all looks very good there. So now we're just gonna take our fasteners and run these in. These ones are gonna be, we use a little bit smaller fastener on this side. And I like to leave it just a smidge loose when we start the next one. And then we can run 'em in. See where our plunger lines up, little bit low, that's okay, we can manipulate that just a little tiny bit there. Push that up, just a hair, and then snug it back down. Recheck our plunger, and that feels pretty good, snaps into place for us. So we'll clean up our butyl tape now, and this side looks pretty good it has a much bigger lift on it so you can really fill that cavity up and it doesn't squish out so much. The butyl tape is not, it's not very hard, so, the blade cuts through it quite easily. Just kind of take your time, follow around that outside edge, and you should be able to, kind of, peel it off of there. Might have to use your razor blade or something to get some of the pieces that are real close to the inside. Now we'll just get this cleaned up and we'll be good to go from there. And that completes our installation of Redline's plunger and bumper door stopper and holder..

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Customer Reviews

Plunger and Nylon Socket Door Holder - 2" Long Plunger - DH605

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (77 Customer Reviews)

Hold trailer doors open with ease by mounting one part to the door and the other to the side of your trailer. Creates 2" gap between trailer and door when in use. All metal parts are zinc plated to resist rust and corrosion.


Now I can STOP struggling with the wind !!!



Just great!!! Windy days dont bother me now! Holds in a strong gust of wind too! SO helpful.


Product is well made and quick to install,doors on wheel loader would not stay open the factory latches are broken and its an old machine so not wanting to put alot of money in it I tryed these and they work great and at a good price. I will buy more when something else gos bad. Thanks, Bill



Still working great,and they have been used alot in the past year.


Perfect Fit!!



Still in great condition after a whole year in the tropical island of Puerto Rico!!! I would definitely recommend it!!!


I'm so happy with this purchase. Our horse trailer's drop down windows were not staying open and these parts were not as easy to find as I'd hoped. I was excited to find them on but was worried they would not arrive prior to our trip (NC to MT). No worries as they arrived very fast, were easy to install and hold tight. Love the quality & great service. Thank you etrailer


Fast delivery


Good product, great service! Now I don't have to hold my door open anymore.


Exact replacement for the doors on my Holiday Rambler Presidential 5th wheel.


Works great now I need a light bulb as my tail light is out


The 2 “ is a little short and won’t line up with my application. My mistake. If the metal part were a couple inches longer it would work. It’s otherwise a quality product.

Etrailer Expert

Mike L.


It sounds like a Hook and Keeper set-up with a 4 inch long hook, part # 383400 would work better for you.


The plunger and socket arrived extremely fast. Super happy with the seller. The item however is ridiculously tight. Once the plunger is in the socket it is extremely difficult to separate. Regretfully I placed it on my aluminum sided RV. And almost ripped the siding off trying to open the door. I do not recommend this item for Light RV trailers. This is something more appropriate for industrial type trailers or horse trailers. Great product for industrial purposes, absolutely not for recreational RVs.


The product is good but the plunger was too short to use as a replacement however I did use the nylon socket and my existing plunger and it works fine





This part is exactly what we needed. It was priced right and shipped quickly. The customer service is excellent. The original order was showing "delivered" but I did not receive it. When I reached out to the etrailer, they immediately shipped out another one - no additional charge and no questions. Turns out the original one was left in my neighbor's mailbox and it took her a few days to let me know! I will be returning that original one to etailer. I will definitely use them again!!!


Works great holds windows on horse trailer. Keeps the window from flopping when windows are dropped down while traveling.


Good quality. Product took longer than usual to ship due to Mfg back orders.
Pleased with ETRAILER customer service keeping me informed of when product would be fulfilled and shipped.


Gentlemen, Your shipping was very expedient. Your products were quality, worked very well--I am very happy with your company. Thank You!


Very tight fit, very hard to get door out to close


This item was purchased to replace an identical item. It arrived on time, was exactly what I wanted and was very easy to purchase on line. I would use again in the future if the need arises.


buddy bought a camper shell with one broken off, was the first website to appear on bing with what i was looking for


This was an easy replacement and works like a champ. Since it is still very new, it sometimes holds the door open too tight. But also the wind can't blow it shut by accident. It will loosen up in time.


I wanna to thank etrailer because I sent this part to my father in Puerto Rico, you cannot find them over there!! The truck looks way better now and my Dad is super happy!! Fast delivery and great service!!


This was the only place I could find these parts. Exact replacement for my EXISS horse trailer.


This was exactly what I needed and was able to replace my broken hardware with it as I expected. Came quickly and in good order!! I will use this vendor again...


Just as expected and shipped quickly. Only reason I didn't give it the highest score is that i wish you had a stainless steel version!


As ordered



everything i ordered
from etrailer worked great

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  • Overall Length of Plunger # DH605P
    The 2" Replacement Plunger for DH605 # DH605P that you referenced is 2 inches in length. If you need something similar to this your best option would be to go with the # DH605 which comes with a new plunger and socket instead of trying to fit your older socket that may be worn out at this point.
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  • Door Holder and Socket Replacement Parts
    Every steel socket and plunger we sell comes with a Zinc coating to help with corrosion. Zinc corrodes approximately 100 times slower than other metals because it develops a thin gray oxide film which inhibits deeper oxidation. We sell replacement parts for the plunger and for the socket together or separately and in different sizes. I've listed a plunger and socket set for you as an example below: Plunger and Nylon Socket Door Holder - 2" Long Plunger Item # DH605.
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  • Distance between Mounting Holes of Plunger and Nylon Socket Door Holder # DH605
    The distance between the mounting holes of the # DH605 is 1-1/4 inches and the holes are 3/16 inch in diameter.
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  • Recommended Replacement Trailer Door Holders For A Featherlite 5th Wheel Horse Trailer
    To match your 1" long plunger you'll want the Plunger and Nylon Socket Door Holder # DH604. Just like with your old door holder these will hold your trailer doors open with ease by mounting one part to the door and the other to the side of your trailer. They create a 1" gap between trailer and door when in use. All metal parts are zinc plated to resist rust and corrosion.
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  • Holding Trailer Doors Open Using Plungers or Hook and Keeper Holders
    Regarding the man door and the awning, is there any way that you can attach the plunger style holder, # DH605, to the support are for the awning that is causing the interference? Otherwise, you could use something like the hook and keeper, # 383400. If they were placed near the door hinges you could probably configure it to hold the door open where it will not interfere or shut. The same thing for the rear barn doors. The stress on the door keepers would be greater the closer they are...
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  • Does the Plunger and Nylon Socket Door Holder DH605 Come with Install Hardware
    The Plunger and Nylon Socket Door Holder part # DH605 does not come with installation hardware but we do have screws that will work for this, the part # 1131832.
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  • Could Nylon Plunger and Sockets # DH604 and # DH605 Fit 2007 Winnebago View
    The plunger and sockets part numbers # DH604 and # DH605 are a very universal design that would work great on your 2007 Winnebago View.
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  • Will a Plunger that is 19/32" in Diameter Fit with the Replacement Nylon Socket # DH600S
    Since the hole diameter of the Replacement Nylon Socket # DH600S 1/4" I recommend just getting the whole kit to ensure they work together properly. We have part # DH604 which has a 1" long plunger and part # DH605 which has a 2" long plunger.
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  • What Size Does the Plunger Need To Be To Use the Replacement Nylon Socket
    The diameter of the plunger that the Replacement Nylon Socket part # DH600S is designed to fit will be around 1/2" give or take 1/8". The plunger must be larger than the opening on the socket in order to hold it in place. That said, in order to make sure you get an exact fit it would be best to just replace both the socket and plunger with part # DH604 for 1" or part # DH605 or 2".
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  • Replacement Door Holder Plunger and Socket Options for a Hahn Heavy Rescue
    The plunger must be larger than the opening on the socket in order to hold it in place. With the Pivoting Door Holder Receiver # 37210635 having an opening slightly over 1/2" and your current socket measuring slightly under a 1/2", I would have to lean towards it not working because of the size difference. In my opinion, I would replace both the plunger and the socket to ensure that they are a good fit. - Plunger and Nylon Socket Door Holder # DH604 (1" long plunger) - Plunger and Nylon...
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  • Available Plunger and Nylon Socket Door Holder
    The # DH604 and # DH605 come with both the plunger and the nylon socket, which is where the difference between the part you've linked and the parts you're referencing on our site. These are sold as sets of 1. The Replacement Nylon Socket for DH604 and DH605 # DH600S is available if you're just looking for the nylon socket and not the hardware/plunger, which is also sold singularly.
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  • Available Lengths of RV Door Plungers
    We have RV door plungers in several lengths that you can see on the linked page but the longest one we have is 2-1/4-inches long, part # PLR64.
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  • Door Holder For Trailer Entrance Door
    I'm not 100 percent sure what you mean by "cylinder" though we do have some door holders for your trailer's entrance door. These partss are add-ons, however, as opposed to replacement parts: - C-Clip Door Holder - Polar White: 3" # 37210204 or 5-1/2" # 37210374 - C-Clip Door Holder - Zinc Plated Steel: 3" # 37210535 - Plunger and Nylon Socket Door Holder: 1" Long Plunger # DH604 or 3" Long Plunger # DH605 I have added links to video reviews for you to check out as well.
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  • Longest Available Door Replacement Plunger
    The 2 Inch Replacement Plunger # DH605P referenced in your question does not come in a 3 inch length. I verified this with Redline. We also have the slightly longer 2-1/4 Inch Plunger # PLR64 from Polar Hardware available, which can be used with the Socket # PLR66. This is the longest replacement plunger we have available.
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  • Door Retainer Stronger Than Rubber Door Retainer
    Thanks for the photo, and the best option for a door retainer that is stronger than a rubber door retainer is the plunger and socket style, which are more heavy duty and will allow your door to stay open while the wind blows. This style has gotten really good reviews from our customers who have used them, including their use on horse trailers. You just need to find the one with the correct length for your trailer. - Plunger and Rubber Socket Door Holder - 1-3/4" Long Plunger # PLR62-66 -...
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