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  2. Ark
  3. 770 lbs Capacity
Extreme Off-Road Ratcheting Trailer Jack w/ Wheel - Sidewind - 10" Lift - 770 lbs - Zinc

Extreme Off-Road Ratcheting Trailer Jack w/ Wheel - Sidewind - 10" Lift - 770 lbs - Zinc

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Trailer Dolly
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Trailer Dolly ORJW1SU - 770 lbs Capacity - Ark
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Ratchet this jack to easily move your trailer into tight spaces. The sturdy steel wheel with rubber off-road tire tracks through mud or over gravel and sharp rocks. Easy-to-grip handle lets you drop entire jack tube down for quick adjustment. Lowest Prices for the best trailer dolly from Ark. Extreme Off-Road Ratcheting Trailer Jack w/ Wheel - Sidewind - 10" Lift - 770 lbs - Zinc part number ORJW1SU can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Ark Trailer Dolly

  • Ark
  • 770 lbs Capacity

Ratchet this jack to easily move your trailer into tight spaces. The sturdy steel wheel with rubber off-road tire tracks through mud or over gravel and sharp rocks. Easy-to-grip handle lets you drop entire jack tube down for quick adjustment.


  • Sturdy jack supports, lifts, and lowers your boat or recreational trailer
  • Ratcheting wheel lets you move your trailer in small increments to get it to fit into your garage or other tight space
    • Gear knobs let you easily adjust direction of jack wheel - forward, reverse, or neutral
    • Push down and pull up ratcheting handle in repetitive motion to move jack
  • Heavy-duty, square tubing is precision machined to limit play between inner and outer tubes
  • Steel wheel with off-road rubber tire provides increased traction and maneuverability
    • Wheel locks into place when stowed to provide clearance and prevent damage during travel
  • 4 Height settings allow for fast, easy positioning - no block or drop leg needed
    • Drop jack to desired height with easy-to-grip handle
    • Reduces cranking time and effort
  • Spring-loaded pin with easy-to-grip handle lets you easily swing jack into place
    • Pivot up to stow parallel to trailer tongue for travel
    • Move back into upright position for use
  • Sidewind hand crank easily removes for storage
    • Attaches for use with sturdy internal magnet
  • Bolt-on installation - hardware included
  • Sturdy steel construction is durable and built to last
  • Corrosion- and rust-resistant zinc finish has 600-hour salt spray rating
  • Designed in Australia to stand up to the rigors of the Outback


  • Application: trailer tongues 2" to 6" tall
  • Retracted bracket height: 14"
  • Extended bracket height: 31"
    • Maximum height when moving trailer: 24"
  • Lift: 10"
  • Wheel dimensions: 10" diameter x 2-3/4" wide
  • Static load capacity: 770 lbs
  • 1-Year limited warranty

Designed in the Outback for all-terrain use, this rugged jack is equipped to handle just about anything, from moving your boat trailer around in your garage, to accompanying you on off-roading adventures. You'll appreciate the smooth operation and adjustability for everyday use just as much as you'll enjoy the special features designed for extreme use. From jobsites to campsites, the Ark Extreme trailer tongue jack will work for you.

Easily Move Your Trailer in Tight Quarters

Ark Ratcheting Jack Gear Knobs

The ratcheting feature on this jack lets you move your trailer in small, precise increments, which is ideal when working in tight spaces like your garage. Two of the three knobs located at the base of the jack allow you to adjust the direction of the wheel. Pull each knob, one at a time, and turn it to the desired direction - forward or reverse - until both knobs are locked in the same position. The third knob holds the removable ratcheting handle in place. Once you've set the direction of the wheel, just push down and pull up on the handle in a repetitive motion to move the jack in the direction set.

Ark Jack Wheel Positions

With both gears in the neutral position you can move your trailer freely in any direction without using the ratcheting handle. To move your trailer forward, set both knobs to F and ratchet. To move in reverse, set both knobs to R and ratchet. You can also set one knob in the forward position and the other in reverse to lock the wheel. This will prevent the wheel from turning and act as a brake to keep your trailer in place.

Large Steel Wheel Built for All-Terrain Use

Ark Jack Wheel

The large 10" steel wheel with rubber tire provides smooth, steady travel. The tire can cruise over rocks without breaking or getting flat spots, and the tread helps prevent sliding in wet conditions. The overall size and durability of this wheel also keeps it from stalling in sand or light mud.

A sealed bearing acts as a bushing to hold the wheel in line on the cross shaft. This is an improvement over traditional plastic jack wheels, which often have just a bolt going through them, providing very little stability and causing the wheel to wobble, lock up, and drag over time.

Ark Jack Steel Body

The durable design of this jack lets you take your trailer off-road, over rough terrain, and through various climates. The sturdy steel, square body provides increased side-load capacity and superior strength, and limits play between the tubes. And the corrosion- and rust-resistant zinc finish offers a 600-hour salt spray rating to withstand wet or rainy conditions. The built-in grease zerk lets you lubricate the internal screw when necessary for continued smooth operation over time.

Safe, Easy, Out-of-the-Way Positioning for Travel

Ark Jack Magnetic Handle

A sturdy magnet is built into the jack's easy-to-grip crank handle for secure attachment of the jack crank. The handle detaches easily to store away and prevent hang-ups while traveling, yet it's strong enough to stay put while you're cranking the jack up and down.

Ark Jack Swiveling Bracket

The convenient, side-mounted swivel pin has an easy-to-grip handle, making it fast and simple to swing the jack down for use or up alongside your trailer tongue for travel.

The latch at the bottom of the jack holds the wheel in place. This locking feature keeps the wheel from swinging around while you drive, which will help to ensure that the bearing doesn't wear out prematurely.

Fast, Easy Setup with Minimal Cranking

Ark Jack Spring Loaded Handle

Once you've arrived at your destination, setting up is a breeze thanks to the quick-release jack tube on the Ark Extreme jack. Just tug the spring-loaded handle to quickly drop the jack tube to your desired height. This handle allows you to set the jack in 1 of 4 positions. Once you have it as close to the ground as it will go, just rotate the crank handle on the front of the jack to fine-tune the height.

Having the ability to drop the jack tube in this manner means that you won't need a drop leg or space fillers like blocks or bricks. And far less cranking is needed to get the jack into position, which will you save you both time and effort.

When you're ready to pack up and hit the road again, hitch the trailer back up to your vehicle, retract the jack's inner tube using the crank, and reposition the jack back alongside your trailer tongue.

ORJW1SU Ark XO350R Extreme Off-Road Ratcheting Trailer Jack with Wheel - Bolt On - Sidewind - 10" Lift - 770 lbs

Item # ORJW1SU

Video of Extreme Off-Road Ratcheting Trailer Jack w/ Wheel - Sidewind - 10" Lift - 770 lbs - Zinc

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Review of Ark Trailer Jack - Side Frame Mount Jack - ORJW1SU

Today, we're going to take a look at the Ark Xtreme Off-road ratcheting sidewind trailer jack with the single wheel. Now, this Xtreme Off-road series ratcheting trailer jack is perfect for anyone who needs a swivel wheel trailer jack that can handle the elements and the off-road conditions. Now, this off-road jack will support, lift, and lower your boat or recreational trailer. This one happens to include the ratcheting wheel with an extended ratchet arm, which increases maneuverability in any rough terrain, offers four functions, forward, reverse, neutral, and stop, and lock. The ratchet arm is removable if you need to remove it. Has a knob here, you can just pull out, spring loaded knob.

And the ratcheting arm can come out. And then, to install it, just stick it back in, pull the knob, and it'll lock into place.But, basically, what the ratcheting arm does, just let me try to lift this up and show you, wheel it over here. But you can see, if you get in rough terrain or hard situation, mud, this'll let you ratchet it and move it along. And the way you'd set it, there's knobs right here, they'll give you reverse. And the way you set it is this knob, you turn to R, this knob R, and you make the arrows match, and that'll put it in reverse.

If you want it to go forward, you just pull up on the spring loaded knob, turn it to where it says F, same way, turn it to where it says F, make sure the Fs match each other, the arrows, and then it'll go the opposite way. And then there's the neutral. Put the N facing the N, that'll let it freewheel. And then the other position would be the locking position. You put the arrow, it has the locks matching each other, and that'll lock it in that position.

So that's four different functions.Now, this jack uses a heavy duty square tubing right here. This provides increased load capacity, has a very high load rating of 1,650 pounds, static load capacity. And a 1,100 dynamic load capacity, meaning it won't bend the minute you try to use it in the mud or on a trail. Does have a yolk lock. This ledge right here.

In other words, with the crank all the way in, it'll keep the wheel from moving. If you just crank it a little bit, it'll allow it to remove from that ledge there, it's a lock there, and it'll let the wheel swivel. That helps when you're storing it. When you store this up against the trailer, you crank it all the way up and it'll lock it and keep that wheel from turning in the stowed position.On this side right over here, there is a spring-loaded handle that'll let you easily swing the jack in place. Basically, when you're ready to tow and you want to move the jack out of the way, you just pull on the spring lever, this pin will release, and it'll swivel up on this plate here, this attachment plate, it'll swivel up and pivot to stow parallel to your trailer tongue for travel. And then when you're ready to use it again after you park and you want to let your jack down, just pull that to release it, swing it down, and it'll automatically click and lock into place.This is a single swivel wheel, has sealed bearings, and the tire is an off-road blocking tread on it to provide increased grip and maneuverability. Now, a trailer jack with a swivel wheel can help you manage the trailer off-road, whereas most trailer jacks are really only meant for rolling lightweight trailers on concrete driveways. The typical wheeled trailer jack just can't handle the rugged off road conditions like a jack like this can.Now, on the side over here, you'll see there's five holes, so it'll give you an actual adjustable height position for maximum versatility. And it's four position, again, this spring loaded handle. If you pull it out, you can put it down to the next one, pull it out again to the next one, and then pull it out again to the lowest one. So it'll give you four different height adjustments. A range of 10 inches. Makes it very easy to raise or lower, so it can be used on a variety of trailers and bumper heights. And it will work with lifted off-road vehicles as well as regular trucks and SUVs.The crank is very unique. Has a nice rubber handle on it. Easy to crank. But the nice feature on it is it's magnetic, so you can just pop it off for safe, convenient storage. And when you want to use it again, just line it up, and it'll pop on and you can feel the magnetic pull on it to hold it in place, so it won't break off during any off-road use.It is a bolt-on installation. Right here is the mounting plate. Turn it around for you. This mounting plate right here, it's a bolt-on installation, comes with all the installation hardware you need, and the hardware is adjustable hardware, so it means you can use it on most types of trailers. It'll fit on trailer tongues anywhere from three inches to six inches tall.Now, this jack is a sturdy steel construction. It is pre-zinced and powder coated for incredible rust resistance. The corrosion resistant zinc finish on it has a 600 hour salt spray rating. The lift on it, let me just ratchet this back up, and I'll show you that feature in a minute. But right here, the lift on it, so in other words, if we crank this all the way down, it's going to be a 10 inch lift. So if we crank it all the way out and then we have this in the highest position, your maximum extended height, which will be measured from the center of this mounting plate to the bottom or to the ground, this is going to be 30 inches. That's why, again, when the lift is fully extended, and the height is just when it's on the highest setting. Again, the static load rating on this is 1,650 pounds, that's static, which means trailer standing still.The dynamic load range is going to be 1,100 pounds, that means dynamic is the the trailer's rolling on the wheels. The wheel itself, the diameter on the wheel, is 10 inches. Width on it is 2 3/4 inches wide. And, again, just to try to show you the ratcheting action. If we move that over you can see I have it set up R matching R. So you can see when you ratchet it. And you just go like that. And then to change it, you just pull up, turn this to F, pull this one up, turn it to F, and then you'll notice it goes the opposite way. And then, also, it includes a locked position and a neutral position. That's a nice feature to have if you're in any heavy mud or off-road conditions, you can use the ratchet to help get the trailer moving along.But that should do it for the review on the Ark Xtreme Off-road ratcheting sidewind trailer jack with the single wheel.

Customer Reviews

Extreme Off-Road Ratcheting Trailer Jack w/ Wheel - Sidewind - 10" Lift - 770 lbs - Zinc - ORJW1SU

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (1 Customer Reviews)

Ratchet this jack to easily move your trailer into tight spaces. The sturdy steel wheel with rubber off-road tire tracks through mud or over gravel and sharp rocks. Easy-to-grip handle lets you drop entire jack tube down for quick adjustment.


I just received the Extreme Off-Road Ratcheting Trailer Jack w/ Wheel - Sidewind - 10" Lift yesterday. (May 16th, 2020). I installed the trailer jack yesterday. Installation was very straight forward. The frame rail of the my car trailer is 4 inches wide at the point where I installed the jack. The recess in the jack mounting bracket for the frame rail was designed for something less than than a 4 inch frame rail. After looking at this recess in the jack bracket and seeing the 4 bolt heads that that protrude into the recessed area of the jack bracket area I do not know why the engineer bothered to make this recess because the 4 bolt heads are what make contact to the trailer frame rail not the surface of the recessed jack bracket. To secure this trailer jack to the frame rail properly IT MUST BE WELDED ON. THIS BOLT ON JACK BRACKET IS A JOKE! I plan on keeping and using this jack because of all the other great attributes and quality of construction this jack has. After I am convinced that this trailer jack will work properly in this location I will weld the bracket to the frame. 799055

The recess in the back of the jack is designed to accommodate the bolt heads while the mount is what contacts the trailer frame. This jack is designed to bolt to trailer tongues ranging from 2 inches - 6 inches, so it is designed to fit your 4 inch trailer tongue. If the bolts, not the mount, make contact with the mounting bracket in one orientation, do the bolts still make contact if the mounting bracket is rotated 90 degrees? The jack can be installed with the mount in either the horizontal or vertical direction.
Victoria B - 07/09/2020



It’s exactly what I needed to maneuver my trailer signed handed with safety and ease. So glad I finally found it. Solid purchase I recommend these guys 785442


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