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Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Trailer Adapter - Square

Item # KP84HB

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Product Images

redline gooseneck and fifth wheel adapters replaces inner tube coupler to trailer adapter - square
redline gooseneck and fifth wheel adapters adapts trailer replaces inner tube kp84hb
redline gooseneck and fifth wheel adapters adapts trailer replaces inner tube to adapter - square
redline gooseneck and fifth wheel adapters trailer to hitch replaces inner tube kp84hb

  • Gooseneck Trailer to Fifth Wheel Hitch
  • Replaces Inner Tube
  • Redline
  • Adapts Trailer
  • Gooseneck Coupler Adapters
  • No Offset
  • 30000 lbs GTW
  • Adjustable Height
Call 800-298-8924 to order Redline gooseneck and fifth wheel adapters part number KP84HB or order online at Free expert support on all Redline products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Trailer Adapter - Square. Gooseneck and Fifth Wheel Adapters reviews from real customers.

Redline Gooseneck and Fifth Wheel Adapters - KP84HB

  • Capacity: 30,000 lbs GTW
  • 4" Square
  • Pin hole diameters measure 3/4"
  • Wall thickness: 3/8"

Most gooseneck trailers are designed to be towed on a gooseneck hitch ball located in the bed of the tow vehicle. However, this king pin and pipe assembly is designed for those wanting to tow a gooseneck trailer with a 5th wheel hitch. The 4" O.D. square tube will fit as an inner pipe on most standard gooseneck outer tubes. Always follow manufacturer's torque specs when tightening set screws. This adapter is used to convert the HBQ2516ADJ Bulldog coupler to a king pin fifth wheel adapter.

KP84HB SP Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Trailer Adapter - Square

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Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Trailer Adapter - Square - KP84HB

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (2 Customer Reviews)

- KP84HB

by: Clark Fabris01/07/2011

Customer Satisfied I Have a 36' Float gooseneck trailer that we use for our hay business. We recently decided to change to a small semi and replace our one ton trucks for pulling due to the size of the loads we carry. After a little research we found that we could change our hitch out and pull the trailers that we have instead of replacing them. I priced around on the internet and found was the best price with free shipping! I ordered the hitch online and instantly received an order confirmation followed quickly by the shipped confirmation. I was also quickly informed that the shipping had been sped up and i would receive it even quicker! I was able to follow the progress of the tracking the whole time. I was very satisfied and will return for more trailer parts needs in the future. Sincerely, Clark Fabris Oklahoma Hay Express Inc. 5169

- KP84HB

by: Keith Mackmer06/02/2016

Perfect product, transaction, delivery and install! 256210


Ask the Experts about this Redline Gooseneck and Fifth Wheel Adapters
Do you have a question about this Gooseneck and Fifth Wheel Adapter?

  • Recommendations for Reducing Sway with a 53 Foot 4 Car Wedge Trailer
  • It is possible, but not likely, that a fifth-wheel setup will help reduce the sway that you are experiencing when towing your 53 ft. 4 car wedge. The gooseneck setup that you are using should be appropriate for towing the trailer and normally gooseneck setups are rated for higher towing and tongue weights than fifth-wheel setups. In my experience, on the farm with hay, livestock and a tractor once in a while, the best defense against sway is proper trailer loading. You will need to position...
    view full answer...

  • What Size King Pin On A Gooseneck Adapter Is Needed To Fit The Pro-Series Hitch, # PS30094
  • The Pro-Series 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch with Square Tube Slider, # PS30094, has a 15,000 lbs. gross towing weight capacity. It will accept a industry standard 2 inch king pin. It has 10 inches of slider travel to give you clearance between your truck and the trailer. This fifth-wheel trailer hitch will not fit trucks with beds shorter than 6 feet. It also will not fit trucks with flareside/stepside beds. A minimum 13 inches extended trailer pin box is recommended. We do have a couple...
    view full answer...

  • Calculating Clearance Between 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Short Bed Cab and Gooseneck Horse Trailer
  • The gooseneck horse trailer is best towed using a gooseneck trailer hitch. For a gooseneck hitch, I recommend the Hide-A-Goose Underbed Gooseneck Trailer Hitch Installation Kit, # 9464-35. With this hitch installed you can flip the ball over when not in use to have full access to the bed floor. I have included links to the installation details and a video installation on a similar vehicle. When towing a gooseneck (or 5th wheel) trailer with a short bed truck like your 2006 Dodge Ram...
    view full answer...

  • Will Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Adapters Fit a Fifth Wheel Hitch on a Kenworth Over the Road Tractor
  • The most common size for a kingpin that fits a fifth wheel hitch is 2 inches in diameter. We have checked the kingpins on some of the truck trailers here on our lot and they measured 2 inches. I would recommend to measure the opening on your fifth wheel hitch with the jaw(s) closed to see if your Kenworth tractor will fit a 2 inch diameter kingpin. The gooseneck to fifth wheel adapters will come in either a square tube design or a round tube design. You will need to choose the adapter...
    view full answer...

  • Will Redline Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Trailer Adapter # KP84HB Fit Fifth Wheel Plate On A Mack Semi
  • The Redline Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Trailer Adapter # KP84HB has a 2 inch industry standard kingpin. If your Mack semi fifth wheel plate accepts a 2 inch kingpin, then this adapter will work. This adapter is designed to fit the inner tube on most standard gooseneck square tubes. It has a 4 inch square outside diameter. I also have the Wallace Forge Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Trailer Adapter # 2085205. It has a 2 inch kingpin and is designed to fit the inner tube on most standard gooseneck...
    view full answer...

  • Towing a Gooseneck Trailer with a 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch
  • All of the replace inner square tube adapters that we carry like # KP84HB are 4 inches square. But there is an option none-the-less. You could replace the entire coupler, inner and outer tube, with something like # BD0289590300. Removal of the old coupler and installation of the new one is going to require a qualified professional with experience in this sort of job. If this is not an option for you I recommend a different sort of adapter, one that fits in the truck. If your 5th wheel...
    view full answer...

  • Parts Available for Converting a Gooseneck Trailer for a Fifth Wheel Hitch
  • We do have a couple adapters that will take your gooseneck trailer to a fifth wheel king pin. It is part # 2085205. The tube is 4 inches outer diameter round so if you have an adjustable gooseneck, this part will slip right in. If you have a square tube gooseneck, you could use part # KP84HB. This tube is 4 inches square.
    view full answer...

  • How Can I Pull a Gooseneck Trailer with My 5th Wheel Hitch in My 2005 Ford F-150
  • Yes, we have both a product that will accomplish what you are looking to do and a video that features the product being installed into a truck. You could use a Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Trailer Adapter - Square, part # KP84HB, like you referenced. This would allow you to tow your gooseneck trailer with your fifth wheel hitch. Another option is to get a Pro Series 25K Gooseneck Plate for Fifth Wheel Rails by Draw-Tite, part # 49080. This product will install onto the rails of your fifth...
    view full answer...

  • Does the Wallace Forge Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Trailer Adapter # 2085205 Have Holes for a Pin
  • The Wallace Forge Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Trailer Adapter, part # 2085205, does not use any holes. It is designed to be used with the set screws that are on the gooseneck trailer. The adapter does not need any holes when using set screws. The set screws are made to tighten against the tube to hold it in place. When a gooseneck to fifth wheel adapter has holes in it it will use a load bearing pin that will slide through the hole on the gooseneck trailer and the adapter. It will still...
    view full answer...

  • Pulling Gooseneck Trailer w/ 5 ton Truck w/ Custom Fold-Away 5th Wheel Hitch
  • If the fifth wheel hitch is mounted using industry-standard 5th wheel rails (see photo), you can simply remove the existing fifth wheel, and mount an adapter like # 49080 would work well for you. If your gooseneck trailer has a removable coupler, we offer some king pins that will actually side into the square or round tube the coupler fits into. For a round 4 inch diameter tube, use # 2085205 or # KP84HB for a square tube that measures 4 inches square. If you have some other set up,...
    view full answer...

  • Towing capacity of the Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Trailer Adapter - Square, for BullDog Coupler
  • The towing capacity of the, # KP84HB, Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Trailer Adapter - Square is 30,000 pounds. This item is produced for converting the BullDog 32 inch - 42 inch HammerBlow Gooseneck Coupler - 25K, item # HBQ2516ADJ, to a king pin for attaching to a fifth-wheel hitch.
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  • Do You Have Adapters to Convert a Gooseneck Trailer to a Fifth Wheel
  • Yes, we have a couple different solutions that could solve your problem. Since you have a fifth wheel with rails already in your bed, I would suggest using a Gooseneck plate built for fifth wheel rails like Draw-Tite part # 49080. If you will be towing other fifth wheel trailers and need to keep your fifth wheel on the truck at all times and do not want to pull the fifth wheel on and off, we do have adapter tubes. If you have a round gooseneck coupler with a 4 inch outer diameter, you...
    view full answer...

  • Recommendation for a Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch Adapter for a 2006 Dodge Ram
  • It sounds like you need a Gooseneck to fifth Wheel adapter like # KP84HB. This 4 inch outer diameter square tube will fit as an inner pipe on most standard gooseneck outer tubes. The overall length is 34-3/4 inches. We also have a round adapter that has an extend height of 31-5/16 inches, # BD0289580300.
    view full answer...

  • Square Tube Gooseneck Coupler Adapter Recommendation
  • We offer 2 square tube gooseneck-to-fifth-wheel coupler adapters, the Redline Coupler Adapter, # KP84HB, and the Bulldog Coupler Adapter, # BD0289650300. These are quality couplers that would do an excellent job. If I were choosing one of these couplers, I would go with the Bulldog coupler because it has a wider bottom plate similar to a fifth wheel pin box that will make more contact with the fifth wheel hitch. It also has a small curved lip at the front of the plate making it easier...
    view full answer...

  • Options For Towing A Fifth Wheel And A Gooseneck Trailer With a 2004 Chevy Silverado Short Bed
  • Yes, the Draw-Tite Gooseneck Plate, # 49080, will attach to your Reese above-bed rails and give you a gooseneck connection. The plate is rated for 25,000 gross towing weight, but the capacity will be determined by your installation kit and the above-bed rails. The hitch ball on the gooseneck plate is offset from the center of the plate. If you install the plate on your rails with the hitch ball towards the rear of your truck the measurement from the center of the hole in your rear rail...
    view full answer...

  • Gooseneck or Fifth Wheel Hitch Recommendations for 2000 Ford F350 Cab and Chassis
  • The best hitch for you will really depend on what you're planning on towing. Gooseneck hitches are typically used for commercial purposes, while 5th wheel hitches are usually for recreational use. We offer a weld-on 5th wheel hitch, part # RP30054 that would have more than enough capacity for your needs. Once the hitch was in place, if you wished to tow gooseneck trailers, you could use an adapter like # KP84HB for a square tube gooseneck coupler or # 2085205 for a round tube coupler....
    view full answer...

  • Parts Needed to Tow a Gooseneck Trailer with a 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch in a 2006 Ford F-350
  • I think in this case the best option is to go with a gooseneck coupler that has a king pin on it like # KP84HB, that you have referenced. This is going to be the least expense and since it is height adjustable you will not have to worry about adding or height to the front of the trailer. For this coupler to work you would need to have a square outer gooseneck tube that will accept a 4 inch square inner tube. And the outer tube will need to have 3/4 inch diameter pin holes. If you...
    view full answer...

  • Will Reducing Air Pressure in Suspension Air Bags Reduce Sway on a 5th Wheel Trailer
  • You can experiment with different amounts of air pressure in the air bags to get to the best ride quality. More pressure would make the bag stiffer and there would be less trailer at the front of the trailer (mostly vertically but also some side to side) and rear of the truck. A bag with less pressure would have more give and could be more of a cushion and absorb some of the force that is causing the sway. When the trailer does start swaying you will want to reduce speed and keep...
    view full answer...

  • Hitch Pin Recommendation for the Redline Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Adapter # KP84HB
  • The hitch pin that I would recommend for the Redline Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Adapter, # KP84HB, is the Redline Hitch Pin, # 346H. This hitch pin has a diameter of 3/4 inch and a length of 6 inches and it will work with the coupler adapter that you referenced. I verified the compatibility with my contact at Redline.
    view full answer...

  • Wall Thickness of Redline Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Trailer Adapter - Square, # KP84HB
  • I contacted Redline to obtain the information you requested. The wall thickness of this item, part # KP84HB, is quoted as 3/8 inch.
    view full answer...

  • Adapter to Allow Gooseneck Trailer to be Towed by Tractor Trailer Hitch
  • We offer a number of adapters like # KP84HB that allow a goose neck trailer to be pulled by a 5th wheel or tractor trailer hitch. All can be seen on the linked page. This part that you referenced is a 4-inch square inner tube with a 3/4-inch pin hole diameter. Other square tube adapters include Bulldog # BD0289650300, also a 4-inch, that fits most standard square gooseneck outer tubes. They also offer a weld-on kit # BD0289590300 which has a 4-inch inner tube and also an outer tube. If...
    view full answer...

  • Adjustable Gooseneck To 5th Wheel King Pin Assembly
  • We don't have one that says anything about a crank adjuster, but we do have the tube adapters you mentioned. If you have a round tube, I recommend the Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Trailer Adapter # 2085205 which has a 4 inch outer diameter or for the square tube the Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Trailer Adapter - Square, # KP84HB. This is 4 inches square outside measurement. If you are looking for a hitch that works in standard 5th wheel rails and works with a gooseneck trailer, I recommend...
    view full answer...

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