Use with actuators or standard couplers to create a foldaway tongue up to 48" long so that your trailer can be stored in even the smallest garage. Weld-on mounting creates a clean look, and the unique offset design guarantees superior performance. Call 800-298-8924 to order Fulton folding tongue part number FHDPW330300 or order online at Free expert support on all Fulton products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Fulton Fold-Away Coupler Hinge Kit for 3" x 3" Trailer Tongue - Weld On - Up to 5,000 lbs. Folding Tongue reviews from real customers.
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Fulton Fold-Away Coupler Hinge Kit for 3" x 3" Trailer Tongue - Weld On - Up to 5,000 lbs

Item # FHDPW330300

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  • Coupler Hinge Kit
  • 3 x 3 Inch Tongue
  • 48 Inch Fold-Away Tongue
  • Fulton
  • Weld-On
  • 5000 lbs GTW

Fulton Folding Tongue - FHDPW330300

Use with actuators or standard couplers to create a foldaway tongue up to 48" long so that your trailer can be stored in even the smallest garage. Weld-on mounting creates a clean look, and the unique offset design guarantees superior performance.


  • Hinge kit lets you create up to a 48" foldaway tongue for your trailer
    • Designed to be used with actuators or standard couplers
  • Weld-on installation
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Raw finish
  • Pivot bolt and pivot pin and clip included
  • Not for use on aluminum trailer frames


  • Application: 3" x 3" trailer tongue
    • Trailer tongue material thickness must be between.188" and.120"
  • Capacity: up to 5,000 lbs (see table)
  • 5-Year limited warranty

Use the table below to determine your maximum pivot length based on your trailer capacity. Pivot length is the measurement from the center line of the coupler ball to the farthest pivot hole.


Hinge Kit Maximum Pivot Table

HDPW330300 Fulton High Performance Weld-On, Fold-Away Hinge Kit for 3" x 3" Trailer Tongue

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Video of Fulton Fold-Away Coupler Hinge Kit for 3" x 3" Trailer Tongue - Weld On - Up to 5,000 lbs

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Fulton Trailer Coupler FHDPW330300 Review

Today were going to review part number FHDPW330300. This is the Fulton Fold Away Coupler Hinge Kit for a 3-inch-by-3-inch trailer tongue. This hinge kit lets you create up to a 40-inch foldaway tongue for your trailer. It can be used with actuators or standard couplers so that your trailer can be stored even in the smallest garage. It is a weld on installation, which will create a clean look. The unique offset design guarantees superior performance.

It is made of a sturdy steel construction and it is a raw finish. The pivot bolt and the pivot pin and clip are included. Now this coupler hinge kit is not for use on aluminum trailer frames. This part is made in the USA. Again, the application would be 3-inch-by-3-inch trailer tongue.

It does come with a five-year limited warranty. Now the capacity will depend on the maximum pivot length that youll be using it on. The capacity would be up to 5000 pounds. What youll want to do is when you go the product page for this part number therell be a table listed on that product page and that will show you the gross trailer weight capacity for whatever the maximum pivot length would be. Basically, the pivot length would be if you have your coupler here and the tongues put into this end, you would measure from the center of the coupler ball to the furthest pivot hole, which would be right here.

If that distance would be like 24 inches that would be the pivot length, that would give you 5000-lb weight capacity. If it is longer, if it would go to 48 inches, that would drop your maximum capacity down to about 2500 pounds. Again, the best thing would be to go to the chart on the product page of this part number. Just to show you briefly how this would work, to make it pivot you would just pull the pin or the clip out and then pull the pin out right here. That will allow the hinge coupler to rotate out of the way.

If you have this mounted with your coupler over here, youd be able to bring your coupler and trailer tongue back folded away. Then when you need to tow with it you just put it back in. Drop your pin in. Insert the clip and you would be ready to go. Again, this part has as five-year limited warranty. That should do it for part number FHDPW330300. .

Customer Reviews

Fulton Fold-Away Coupler Hinge Kit for 3" x 3" Trailer Tongue - Weld On - Up to 5,000 lbs - FHDPW330300

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (49 Customer Reviews)

Use with actuators or standard couplers to create a foldaway tongue up to 48" long so that your trailer can be stored in even the smallest garage. Weld-on mounting creates a clean look, and the unique offset design guarantees superior performance.
- FHDPW330300

by: Ray B.07/17/2013

Quality construction, great price and fast shipping. Great combination and will be ordering from again in the future. 90121


I love my Fulton break away coupler. I did not buy it to save room in my garage. I bought it for a theft deterrent for my cargo trailer. I had it professionally installed and it works like a charm. Take the tongue end with me every time I unhook. Quality product and etrailer was a pleasure to do business with.

Ray B - 01/20/2015

- FHDPW330300

by: Mark W.08/22/2016

I selected the weld on application for its clean appearance. The added expense of using a certified welder for the installation was well worth it, I'm very satisfied with the product and it looks as if it was factory installed. Always a pleasure dealing with etrailer and your prompt service. 286500

- FHDPW330300

by: Ken04/30/2016

One year ago I had a friend weld the fold away coupler onto my ShoreLand'r trailer because my boat would not fit in the garage. Now I can put the boat in a secured place and leave all of my gear in it without fear of anything walking off and the convenience of not having to move things in and out all of the time. I have pulled the boat many miles since then without any issues , thanks etrailer this has been a well worth purchase. Ken B. Wonder Lake, IL 247680

- FHDPW330300

by: D Miller03/21/2014

I purchased this Fold- Away Coupler Hinge for my Kayak trailer project I'm getting ready to do. The quality of this is piece is very good and I received it faster than advertised. This product will allow me to extend the tongue on my trailer and it will fold out of the way when parked. 121536


Fantastic, does exactly what I needed it to do.

D M - 03/21/2015

- FHDPW330300

by: John02/24/2013

Great product, solved my issue of trying to fit the boat in the garage. Simple to install. Transaction with etrailer was excellent and the product arrived quickly. I will purchase from etrailer again. 67617

- FHDPW330300

by: Luke01/29/2013



Very well written and I totally agree, Sir!

-- comment by: Matt - 05/25/2013


We are glad to hear you and Luke have been pleased with our service. Treating our customers like friends and neighbors is our goal.

-- Patrick B - 5/28/2013


I had the hinge welded on my trailer by a professional welder. I have had the boat and trailer out several times since, and the hinge performed beautifully. I am still very happy to have bought from you. Thank you.

-- comment by: Luke C - 01/29/2014


Thanks for following up with us, we are happy to know that you are still happy. If you have any questions, just give us a shout.

-- Patrick B - 2/5/2014

- FHDPW330300

by: Mike M10/27/2014

Before I comment on this product I'd like to thank E Trailer for their AWSOME SERVICE!!! 3 DAY FREE SHIPPING! I know I spent the required amount to get free shipping, just did not ever think E Trailer would upgrade to 3 day shipping. THANKS, for reviving my faith in retail sales!!! The swing-away casting looks great, functions perfectly. And to top it all off, E Trailer had the best price. I won't need to shop around for trailer stuff anymore. Thanks! 158147

- FHDPW330300

by: Mike M10/27/2014

Before I comment on this product I'd like to thank E Trailer for their AWSOME SERVICE!!! 3 DAY FREE SHIPPING! I know I spent the required amount to get free shipping, just did not ever think E Trailer would upgrade to 3 day shipping. THANKS, for reviving my faith in retail sales!!! The swing-away casting looks great, functions perfectly. And to top it all off, E Trailer had the best price. I won't need to shop around for trailer stuff anymore. Thanks! 158106

- FHDPW330300

by: Charlie Nash09/30/2013

When you have a 19 foot trailer and a 17 foot garage, this is the answer to your problem! It took less than an hour for the pros to cut the tongue and weld the fold away into place. You do have to be careful not to toast the wiring and be prepared to cut and splice it. My jon boat now sits straight in the garage with a golf cart parked next to it and room to walk around both of them. Perfect! 102005

- FHDPW330300

by: David L09/24/2016

I purchased folding tongue hinge a year ago. Needed it so i could close door on garage. Took to a weld shop it went on and welded togather with fram easily. I have pulled my boat many times and no problems. Make sure you install the rubber stops to limit play. Only complaint is it rust up if not painted. 299407

- FHDPW330300

by: Steve C01/27/2016

Received in just 4 days. Product fit was excellent. Very good quality,heavy duty. The box was missing the rubber bumpers to keep the two pieces from rattling but when I called to get them to send them to me they said not to worry I didn't need them. So why is it in the install sheet??? 236381

- FHDPW330300

by: Steve08/27/2015

THE BEST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE I HAVE HAD IN A LONG TIME. This is a company going places. Other companies need to take note from these guys on what customer service is about. Outstanding!!! Great service, fast shipping, everything was packaged well, and quality products. 222099

- FHDPW330300

by: CR Hewlett04/19/2012

I received this Fold-Away Coupler today (04/19/2012). Your sales department was great on handling this request over the phone and it arrived to be installed today. Thank You Jennifer and staff, I have used you in the past and will order thinking in the future. CR 37736

- FHDPW330300

by: Sammy09/23/2013

Excellent.....exactly what I was looking for. I bought a boat in Ar brought it to Tx and it wouldn't fix in the garage. I got on the internet and found your product and bought it. Service was outstanding all the way....Thanks!!! 101051

- FHDPW330300

by: john05/11/2012

have not installed it yet but looks well built. the instructions that came with it are for the bolt on model. I got the weld on...there is no referance to welding. I am sure once installed its gonna do the job 40085

- FHDPW330300

by: Bob03/22/2012

I wanted to thank you for the fast shipment on this item, I own a mobile welding service and this fold away coupler make my job easy and fast, Look forward in dealing with you soon. 34778

- FHDPW330300

by: Jeffrey05/08/2016

Product works excellent. I chose the weld on type because my brother in law is a welder. My boats fits nicely in the garage and still functions as expected. 249187

- FHDPW330300

by: M.D. Jensen06/27/2012

My buying g experience was great at etrailer. Very friendly representative and I received exactly what I wanted within the week. Couldn't be happier !!! 45790

- FHDPW330300

by: AL04/28/2017

Well built, now all I have do is paint. another excellent product! Always nice to order from etrailer by phone or online! Thanks AL :-) 373658

- FHDPW330300

by: Ray M.12/07/2012

Great help in getting product very quickly. It is exactly what I needed. I will not hesitate to use for any additional needs. 60923

- FHDPW330300

by: Karl I02/02/2017

this is a quality product with quality steel and hardware. This swing away feature will allow the boat/trailer to fit in my garage 338143

- FHDPW330300

by: Tom01/10/2017

I built a pasture roller and the tongue was to long to transport on a trailer, therefore the folding option was a perfect solution. 334687

- FHDPW330300

by: Mark G06/21/2016

The fold away coupler is fantastic. It allows me to park my boat in the garage all winter, and saves me $75 a month in storage. 263361

- FHDPW330300

by: Mitchell M.10/06/2014

I can finally fit my boat into my garage to keep it out of the rain! Customer service was amazing, shipping was very fast! 154817

- FHDPW330300

by: John04/08/2013

prompt service good product, break away tongue being instaled as we speak, will definetly order again. john 75016

- FHDPW330300

by: Eric D.06/18/2013

Greet product, great service. I have already recommended etrailer to a friend of mine. Thanks! 85121

- FHDPW330300

by: Randall Jones03/21/2012

Product arrived very quickly and everything was correct. This is a very solid built unit. 34636

- FHDPW330300

by: Tom Turner11/25/2013

Just what the doctor ordered. Perfect to get my trailer to fit into the garage. 108443

- FHDPW330300

by: Mark Kulesza03/04/2011

Hindge was better than expected, Heavier & better Quality than expected. Thank You 8445

- FHDPW330300

by: Richard A10/20/2016

Product was the perfect solution to my too small garage storage problem. 308810

- FHDPW330300

by: Jim S08/15/2016

My welder plans on ordering from you he wants to have them in stock 284094

- FHDPW330300

by: Christian01/24/2017

Exactly what I needed, with great service from etrailer. Thanks 337305

- FHDPW330300

by: Bob B.09/19/2014

Great product... Super fast delivery... I'm VERY impressed. 152184

- FHDPW330300

by: STEVE R02/02/2011

Will dedal with etrailer again. Great service and products! 6523

- FHDPW330300

by: Ricky02/03/2017

Super easy installation , save me 3 feet of parking space 338290

- FHDPW330300

by: Ron J10/10/2011

Well Built and very easy installation . Works perfect. 25372

- FHDPW330300

by: FLOYD R07/14/2012

Product was delivered on a timely fashion thanks 47915

- FHDPW330300

by: Tom P.03/16/2017

good quality part replacing tongue on b oat 353387

- FHDPW330300

by: Adam Hansen05/14/2015

very good product excited to try it 192904

- FHDPW330300

by: Rory05/07/2014

Easy installation, solid product.. 129369

- FHDPW330300

by: Lawton05/12/2014

Fantastic product easy to install 130188

- FHDPW330300

by: Jason H11/17/2016

Great product. Very well built. 317555

- FHDPW330300

by: chuck03/06/2016

I would recommend this product 239816

- FHDPW330300

by: C. Rhoten10/13/2012

Easy to install. Works great. 57169

- FHDPW330300

by: Josh E07/23/2013

Great product. Easy install. 91109

- FHDPW330300

by: pvd04/09/2012

excellent service @e trailer 36640

- FHDPW330300

by: Jerry D02/07/2017

great product fast shipping 339525

- FHDPW330300

by: Greg O.07/19/2016

Good products 273829

- FHDPW330300

by: Larry J05/21/2015

great item 194850


Ask the Experts about this Fulton Folding Tongue
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  • Should I Use a Bolt On or a Weld on Fold Away Coupler On a Shorelander Trailer with 3x3 Frame
  • I more or less agree with you. The Fulton Fold-Away Hinge Kit for 3 x 3 inch Trailer Tongue - Weld-On, item # FHDPW330300, is a cleaner look and if you got a bad weld job you would not have a safe setup. I have done some welding, I am in no way a professional weldor, and in my limited experience a good weld will not fail before the steel it is welded to will fail. If you like the clean look of the weld on I would have a certified weldor perform the operation. If you take the trailer to...
    view full answer...

  • Option for Extending a 3 inch by 3 inch Trailer Tongue
  • The only way I can recommend a tongue extender for your trailer that has a 3 inch by 3 inch channel is to remove your current coupler, install the hinge kit part # FHDPW330300 in place of it and then install your coupler onto a length of 3 by 3 channel, and then install this into the other end of the hinge kit. This will give you an extension for the tongue of your trailer and will allow you to fold the coupler back for an additional clearance if needed. Otherwise you would need...
    view full answer...

  • Availability of Folding 3 x 3-Inch Trailer Tongue Coupler for Aluminum Trailer
  • We do offer a number of different fold-away couplers for various sizes of straight trailer tongues but these are intended only for use on steel trailer frames. Aluminum trailers, for all their good non-corrosive and lightweight nature, are simply not strong enough to allow the attachment of a hinged tongue mechanism like # FHDPB330301 and the others shown on the linked page. You can make absolutely sure by contacting Shorelander with your trailer's VIN number. As the maker of your trailer...
    view full answer...

  • Installation of Fulton Fold-Away Coupler Kit # FHDPW350300 and Will it Work On an Aluminum Trailer
  • The Fulton Fold-Away Coupler Hinge Kit, Weld-On, part # FHDPW350300, is not for use on an aluminum frame trailer. It would need to be welded to a steel frame trailer. On an aluminum trailer you would need to check with the trailer manufacturer if a bolt-on hinge kit can be used. If it can, you can use the Fulton Fold-Away Coupler Hinge Kit, Bolt-On, part # FHDPB350101. This will fit the 3 inch x 5 inch tongue you have referenced. To install the Fulton Fold-Away Coupler Hinge Kit,...
    view full answer...

  • Availability of 21 Inch Long Fold-Away Trailer Coupler
  • Although we do not offer a Fold Away Coupler in a 21 inch length, if the frame on the trailer tongue is 3 inches by 3 or 4 inches, we offer bolt or weld on hinge kits that would allow you to have a 21 inch long folding portion. I'll include links to the part numbers, which can be found below.
    view full answer...

  • How Do You Weld the Fulton Weld On Hinge Kit for 3x3 Tailer Frame and What Material is it Made Of
  • The Weld-On Fulton Fold-Away Hinge Kit for 3" x 3" Trailer Tongue, item # FHDPW330300, is constructed of cast steel. All welding must be performed by a certified AWS welder. Making sure casting is straight and fully seated on the tongue tube. Weld complete on all four sides using a 3/16 inch minimum fillet weld.
    view full answer...

  • What Kind of Welding Is Required to Install Fold-Away Coupler Hinge Kit FHDPW230300
  • Wire feed welding would be the best welding method to secure the # FHDPW230300 hinge kit to your existing trailer tongue. To install the hinge, you would simply cut the tongue at the point at which you want it to pivot, and then slide the two sides of the hinges over the newly cut ends. They will slide on about 3 inches on each side. To determine the maximum pivot length for your particular trailer, I recommend taking a look at the chart on the product page for hinge kit # FHDPW330300. The...
    view full answer...

  • How to Install Weld-On Folding Trailer Coupler on Trailer Frame
  • The Fulton Fold-Away Coupler Hinge Kit # FHDPB330301 fits only a 3 x 3-inch trailer tongue. We do have other sizes of folding coupler, all are shown on the linked page, but none fits a 2-1/2- x 2-1/2-inch trailer tongue. To use one of these on your trailer you will need to use a 3 x 3 weld-on type coupler like # FHDPW330300 and have the qualified welder who will install it also install steel spacer plates on the trailer tongue before welding the coupler into place.
    view full answer...

  • Lanuage for fitting Fold-Away Coupler Hinge Kit FHDPW330300
  • Couplers are the foremost part of the trailer that attaches to the hitch ball. Actuators are trailer couplers that are normally on boats and have a surge break system built in. Standard couplers are couplers without brakes. The Fulton Fold-Away Hinge Kit is the weld on version and there is a bolt on version available to create a foldaway tongue for a 3 inch by 3 inch trailer frame. We also carry both versions for the 3 inch by 4 inch trailer frame. When determining the maximum pivot...
    view full answer...

  • Can Pivot Bolt Be Removed from Fulton Fold-Away Coupler Hinge Kit FHDPW330300
  • Yes, it is certainly possible to remove the pivot bolt from the Fulton Fold-Away Coupler Hinge Kit # FHDPW330300 to enable you to separate the two halves of the assembly. Both the pivot pin and pivot bolt are included with this assembly and it is intended for use on steel trailer frames (but not aluminum frames). Also note that the weight capacity will be a function of the pivot length. This is detailed in the chart on the page, which I have also linked for you.
    view full answer...

  • Installation and Quality Details of the Fulton Fold-Away Coupler Hinge Kit, # FHDPB330301
  • When the Fulton Fold-Away Coupler Hinge Kit, # FHDPB330301, is in the closed position, it measures 7-1/2 inches long. Each end of the trailer tongue will go in at least 3 inches and is held in place by 4 bolts a piece. When properly installed, the hinge will not degrade the integrity of the trailer or lower its capacity. If you stay within the capacity and do not overload the trailer you should not have bending or cracking problems. If the pivot length is at the maximum of 34 inches,...
    view full answer...

  • Bolt on Fold-Away Hinge Kit for a 3 inch by 3inch boat Trailer Tongue
  • For a 3 inch by 3 inch bolt on trailer tongue hinge kit you will need to use the Fulton Bolt On Fold-Away Coupler Hinge Kit, # FHDPB330301. This hinge kit is designed to bolt on without welding and allows you to create up to a 48 inch long foldaway tongue on your boat trailer, depending on the gross trailer weight and max tongue weight of the trailer. I added a chart that shows the GTW, TW and Maximum Pivot Length for the # FHDPB330301 fold-away. You should always install the fold -away...
    view full answer...

  • Where Does the Trailer Jack Install on a Trailer if it has a Hinge Coupler
  • You will want to put the trailer jack between the Fulton Fold-Away Coupler Hinge Kit # FHDPW330300 that you referenced and the frame of the trailer. If you had the jack on the side of the hinge that pivots it would make it unstable and difficult to pivot the tongue of the coupler. Not only would it make things much more difficult, but the hinge is designed to only support weight when it is locked out straight as both sides of hinge will have support to carry the weight. When the hinge...
    view full answer...

  • Trailer Coupler Hinge Kit Recommendation for 3 inch by 3 inch Channel that is 1/4 inch Wall
  • Since the channel of the tongue of your trailer is thicker than what the bolt-on kits recommend you would want to use the weld-on kit part # FHDPW330300 for your 3 x 3 inch trailer tongue to provide a hinge kit for it.
    view full answer...

  • Differences Between the Fulton Coupler Hinge Kits FHDPB330301 and FHDPB330303
  • The difference between the two Fulton Swing Away kits you referenced is the material that is used for each of the kits. Other than that they are the same and are designed to fit 3 inch by 3 inch trailer tongues. The # FHDPB330301 is made of stainless steel which will resist corrosion and the part # FHDPW330300 is made of a raw steel which will corrode much easier. You could paint either kit if you like. I attached a picture a customer sent to us that shows his painted white to match...
    view full answer...

  • Length of Fulton Fold-Away Hinge Kit, part # FHDPW330300
  • I went out to our warehouse and measured this. The hinge is 4 inches deep at the longest angle. At the shortest, it is 3-1/4 inches long.
    view full answer...

  • Weld-On Fold-Away Coupler Hinge for 3x3 Inch Trailer Tongue
  • Technically you could weld on the bolt-on hinge # FHDPB330301, but instead, just use the weld-on version, # FHDPW330300. The bolt-on one is not meant to be welded on so the warranty would be voided if not installed the way it was intended. Plus the actual weld-on one costs less. The other issue is that the bolt-on version is zinc coated so that could cause some toxic gasses to be released when welding.
    view full answer...

  • Fold-Away Hinge Kit for a Trailer with 2 inch By 3 Inch Tongue
  • We do have a fold away coupler that will work on your trailer tongue that is 2 inches by 3 inches and that is the Fulton # FHDPB230101. This coupler will install on your trailer tongue and has a cacity of up to 5,000 pounds. Please note that the tongue material thickness must be between 0.188 and 0.120 inches for installation purposes. The fold away coupler that you referenced # FHDPW330300 is intended for use on trailer tongues that are 3 inches by 3 inches and I would not recommend...
    view full answer...

  • Can the Fulton Fold Away Coupler Be Installed In Either Direction
  • I contacted the manufacturer of the Fulton Fold-Away Coupler, # FHDPW330300, and they told me that it does not matter which way you install the coupler to your trailer. You can decide which way you want you trailer coupler to swing that will work the best for your application.
    view full answer...

  • Comparing Boat Trailer Surge Couplers with Manual and Electric Reverse Lockout
  • Between a manual reverse lockout and an electric reverse lockout on your boat trailer brake actuator the electric option does avoid the need to get out of the vehicle each time you need to back up the trailer. An electric reverse lockout feature like the one on Titan # T4715420 automatically disengages the surge coupler when you shift the vehicle into reverse; it does this by taking in the backup light signal from the vehicle and sending this to a solenoid that blocks the hydraulic fluid...
    view full answer...

  • Want Folding Coupler for Performance Brand Boat Trailer with 2-1/2-inch x 2-3/8-inch Trailer Tongue
  • Thank you for providing a photo of your trailer tongue to help illustrate its dimensions which you measured as 2-1/2-inches tall x 2-3/8-inches wide. This is an unusual tongue size and we do not offer any folding couplers in this size. Since Performance Trailer is no longer in business I was not able to find out what materials they used in construction of their trailers; please note that foldaway couplers such as the unit you referenced, part # FHDPB330301 from Fulton, cannot be used on...
    view full answer...

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