This 5' long E-track with horizontal slots is perfect for installation in truck or trailer beds or on enclosed trailer walls. Multiple slots let you secure E-track straps and tie-down anchors. Bolt-on installation (hardware not included). Lowest Prices for the best Trailer Cargo Control from Erickson. Erickson Horizontal E-Track - Zinc Coated Steel - 6,000 lbs - 5' Long - Qty 1 part number E19148 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

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Erickson Horizontal E-Track - Zinc Coated Steel - 6,000 lbs - 5' Long - Qty 1

Erickson Trailer Cargo Control

(142 reviews)

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Erickson Trailer Cargo Control - E19148

This 5' long E-track with horizontal slots is perfect for installation in truck or trailer beds or on enclosed trailer walls. Multiple slots let you secure E-track straps and tie-down anchors. Bolt-on installation (hardware not included).


  • E-track provides tie-down points for securing cargo in your trailer, truck, or van
    • For use with E-track straps and anchors (sold separately)
  • 5' section with multiple anchor slots is ideal for truck or trailer beds and enclosed trailer walls
  • Horizontal slots are designed for wall or floor mounting
  • 12-Gauge steel construction is zinc coated for rust resistance
  • Requires screws or rivets (not included) for bolt-on installation


  • Dimensions: 5' long x 5" wide x 7/16" tall
  • Maximum load (break strength): 6,000 lbs
  • Diameter of mounting holes: 1/4"
  • Mounting hole spacing: 2"
  • 90-Day limited warranty

image showing dimensions of e-track

image showing dimensions of e-track

19148 Erickson Manufacturing Horizontal Etrack Trailer Cargo Control - 5-Foot Piece

Video of Erickson Horizontal E-Track - Zinc Coated Steel - 6,000 lbs - 5' Long - Qty 1

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video review erickson horizontal e track e19135
Erickson E-Track System Review

Video Transcript for Erickson E-Track System Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Erickson E-Track horizontal tie-down system. These tracks are going to come in three different lengths. We have the 8', which is part number E19135. The 5' is part number E19148. Also available in a 2' section; that part number is EM59150. The way the E-Track system works is we've got these nice hooks that are located on the end of all of our accessories. We just lift up on the spring-loaded arm here.

That's going to allow us to bring it down to our E-Track. We'll slide that spring-loaded side in, push it down, back over, and then let that spring-load come over and it will catch. That's going to lock that into position. As you can see, we'll just bring that connection point on this side right up against the generator, pull our slack out, and not only is it giving us that side to side resistance but also up and down. As you can see here, the system's nice and versatile. We can secure multiple items to one track. A few great accessories to handle all of your cargo needs could be something like the d-ring they offer, part number 59147; the d-ring with the 6" strap, part number E59143; the tie-off ring, part number 59131; the roller idler, part number EM09144; or the adjustable wheel net, part number 77314. Today we used the ratchet strap, part number EM59136; this is the 12' version.

They also have that available in a 16 and a 20'. The cam lock strap that we used was the 10'; its part number was EM59151. This is also available in a 12, 16, and 20' length. We've got our 8' piece of E-Track here that we're ready to install. Customer wants it right down the middle of the trailer. We're just going to lay it out here temporarily.

To fit our E-Track here on our wooden trailer we're going to use the backing plate designed for it; its part number is BPEZ. For our particular application today we've got 7/16" nut driver, 1/4" drill bit we're going to use to drill holes for our 1/4" bolts. We've got a small flock of those as you can see. We've also got a ratchet here if we've got any tighter spots where we can't get the impact driver in. Please keep in mind, the hardware is not included. We've already centered up the rear portion of our tracks and we're going to center the front portion here.

Just made a small mark on there to indicate where center was. Now we're mounting it into wood, and if you're going to be mounting it into wood yourself a tip that I recommend is once you get your position where you want it, just take a small screw - we had these self-tappers laying around - and just put it in a hole here lightly, just to hold this track in place and keep it from moving. As you can see, we've spaced our mounting plates out evenly along our track for our 8' section; we've going to be using four of them. That's going to be 16 1/4" bolts going through; that's really going to give us some good, strong holding power. We're going to mark once we've identified the matching holes. We're going to mark here where we need to drill. Now these backing plates, of course, are going to be underneath the trailer, underneath the wood, but we just wanted to give you an idea of how we plan on spacing them out to give us the most holding pressure. Now that we've got all of our holes marked we're going to go ahead and start drilling them out. Now that we've got most of our holes drilled out we're going to start putting our bolts through. We'll just go down the line, get all of our bolts put in. Then we'll get this trailer up in the air and show you how we'll attach it on the bottom. We're just going to take our mounting plate, slide it right up on there, hold it in place so it doesn't come down at you, and then we're going to put a lock washer and a nut on each of our bolts there. Then we can just use our nut driver and run it down. Now that we've got all 16 of our nuts tight down here, let's go up top and start securing some gear. The E-Track end cap is sold separately; its part number is ET8730. That will complete today's look at the Erickson E-Track tie-down system. We used part number E19135 today of the 8' section. This is also available in a 5' section, part number E19148; and the 2' section, part number EM59150. .

Customer Reviews

Erickson Horizontal E-Track - Zinc Coated Steel - 6,000 lbs - 5' Long - Qty 1 - E19148

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (142 Customer Reviews)

This 5' long E-track with horizontal slots is perfect for installation in truck or trailer beds or on enclosed trailer walls. Multiple slots let you secure E-track straps and tie-down anchors. Bolt-on installation (hardware not included).

- E19148

by: Rob R.06/04/2012

Probably overkill, but I put a 5-ft section on each side of our Aluma TK1 trike trailer. I also used 2 sections on the underside as a backing plate, since they come predrilled. The underside tracks will also come in handy if I ever have to carry a ton of plywood. I am pretty sure we will never overload the 6-k load limit on these babies. etrailer online purchasing was simple, they shipped quickly, and the box was well-packed. 42620

- E19148

by: Andrew E.08/07/2012

Here are some photos of my 20’ trailer that I installed Horizontal E-track and use Hd 6k E-track D-rings 50870

- E19148

by: Matt S12/12/2013

As requested, here are some pics of my e-track installation. I find the raised e-tracks in the floor very problematic and dangerous so I made sure they were recessed. This is now an extremely versatile cargo trailer. 110009


Do you have installation instructions for the recessed mounting?

comment by: Rob H - 03/30/2014


I wondered the same thing when we first got his review. He mounted the e-track, then cut aditional pieces of plywood to fit between the e-tracks.

Patrick B - 4/1/2014

- E19148

by: Doug B.04/08/2012

I recently purchased a 2012 Haulmark 6' x 12' cargo trailer.I knew I would need to have some type of interior system for fastening items. I originally was considering recessed tie rings, but when I located your web site I realized that the etrack was a superior method for securing loads. I researched several sources but ultimately decided to purchase from your company due to the clear and concise advice I found your web site. The installation video was also helpful. I also found the shipping incentive to factor into my decision. Items arrived very quickly and in good condition. Installation went smoothly and I was done in less than two hours. 36542

- E19148

by: Neil H.07/26/2013

This was my first time using the E-Track system. The rails came in securely packaged. Install was straight forward once I found a system that worked. A word of caution when installing: the holes actually offset a bit so don't use them to line up. My technique was to measure where I wanted the very top of the track to be at both ends just beyond the install area. Install a small wood screw at each mark and stretch a line tight between them. Then just line up the top edge to the string. Too simple. Screwing into the metal studs seems very secure by itself so once the additional screws are added to the plywood I won't worry about the holding strength. Since this is a product review I won't go into detail about except to say that I ordered the product Sunday, and it arrived Wednesday with upgraded free shipping. Nice. 91737

- E19148

by: Mike04/24/2013

As advertised! Good product! 77720


How did you attach the horizontal E-Track to the sides of the trailer?Did you just attack to the metal studs? Did you bolt all the way thru the side walls?

comment by: Fred E - 04/21/2014


- E19148

by: Mark M.09/03/2013

What can you say? Etrack is the industry standard for strength, ease of installation and mounting adaptability imo. We use etrack in all our trailers and wouldn't even think of owning a trailer without it. did a great job delivering our etrack (and other products) and customer service has been phenomenal in every aspect of the word. Highly recommended:-) 97954

- E19148

by: Marty E.05/22/2012

I bought two 5 foot sections of E-Track for a new cargo trailer. Installation was easy and straightforward. The product works great. It allows me to tie-in my musical equipment and keep it from sliding around in transit. It has really been a great addition to my new trailer! 41301

- E19148

by: RONBO02/25/2015

I have Erickson E-Track on all my ATV trailers. The product allows you to have a tie-down capability virtually anywhere on the floor of your trailer, or on enclosed trailers, many folks also install it on the walls to secure items. The E-Track material is very, very strong. Although over the years I've hit many potholes, dips in the road and other obstacles that have dislodged my tie-down straps from their anchors, but I've never had any E-track rail or tie-down come lose, stretch, bend, crack or other condition. It's a quality product that is made to last a lifetime! That's why I just ordered a another set for my newest trailer. 176071

- E19148

by: Robert prell01/06/2015

I ordered the e-track on a Wednesday and recived it 3 bussiness days later, it was packaged great and was undamaged. I haven't mounted the track yet because its just to cold outside to work, but it seems to be made of a slightly thicker gauge steel then the stuff from harbor freight, which is good, especially for heavy items. The price is great to, better than any actual in-person stores I looked at, and the free shipping tops it off. I did have some minor isues with credit card processing, but the customer service was very professional and it was quickly taken care of. I will definitely be ordering from them again come spring time. 167845

- E19148

by: Gary T.01/28/2011

I am familiar with e-track, I installed in a trailer a few years ago. It is a superior way to tie down and strap cargo. Would strongly recomend it to any Trailer / Truck owner to secure loads. In my case I am installing e-track on the floor of the tralier to secure autos for enclosed transport and the Ericson Straps are made just for that purpose. I am confident they will last for years and do a great job utilizing the e-track to secure any vehicles I transport. E track I already had installed is already picture in the Horizontal review. 6289

- E19148

by: Kevin R09/16/2011

I have not installed the product yet - that will be a project for this weekend. HOWEVER - this is my first purchase from and I am MORE THAN IMPRESSED with their service and speed to ship the product. I had my order less than 48 hours after placing the order. The email communications of order acknowledgement and shipping acknowledgement was fantastic and I am glad I choose I chose them initially based on price, now I will continue to remain a customer based on their great service! Thanks etrailer! 24083

- E19148

by: Michael Oh10/06/2014

Very good for a modular set of tiedown points, using them on the inside walls of my enclosed trailer for moving across the country. Very very sturdy and all quality built, I would definitely recommend these for areas where just having one or 2 permanent tie downs isn't really helpful. My only hope would be that maybe in the future they find a way to add a little more depth behind the track so that you could use standard hooked tie downs without HAVING to buy the etrack attachments to do it. 154696

- E19148

by: Willie S.12/17/2010

E Track & D ring tie straps Please note I will leave more info later. The package was delivered in a very timely manner. I am at work so will not be able to tell any more until I get home this evening. Will open and inspect I believe that there should be no problem. Will give you more feed back after the week end and I get the product installed. Thank for the fast service will keep your company on the favorite list for my future trailer needs.. Willie 4285

- E19148

by: Ron H02/24/2011

System works great. I use it to tie down 2 dirt bikes and a quad in my enclosed trailer. It was easy to install. I put it on the floor as opposed to the wall simply because of my plans to install some other equipment on the walls. 7768

- E19148

by: George L02/03/2012

I ordered 6 of the 5 ft long E-Track Cargo Control unit and several accessories 3 days ago and just got them today. All items came sooner than expected, of which I'm grateful because I can start the project of installing the e-track system in my just aquired small cargo trailer this week-end. I'll be back to order more as time and money allow. Thanks guys. Great job !! 31029

- E19148

by: Mark P.02/23/2015

I was surprised at how heavy duty this was and HEAVY. This biggie and the smaller 2 footer are very, very strong. I ended up cutting some of the 2 foot long ones into small sections the same length as the e-track backing plates. Even in small sections, this stuff is hugely strong. I probably ordered too much of it but I know I will use it elsewhere. 175799

- E19148

by: Bill L.03/23/2012

Product arrived a few days after ordering, as expected. It was properly wrapped and there was no shipping damage. Your on-line ordering process is easy and efficient. I'm satisfied with my purchase and would certainly use etrailer again should the need arise. I've already recommended you to a friend who may be in the market for some of your products. 34870

- E19148

by: Eric R10/07/2014

Everything worked out perfectly. Product arrived in great condition and was of very good quality. The shipping was upgraded free of charge and was much appreciated as we are using the e-track for tie downs inside of our work trailer. Would highly recommend etrailer and look forward to doing business with them again in the future. 154921

- E19148

by: Ryan E.01/23/2015

After searching the massive selection of different products for anchoring I settled on E trac. I was pleased to find Etrailers had what I needed and even more pleased at the efficiency of shipping and customer communication. As a business man myself I take this as a lesson in customer service, and will strive to do the same. 171016

- E19148

by: Timothy03/12/2013

The e-track system is wonderful. The tracks allow multiple tie-down points inside of a trailer, but they do not intrude into the space because they are nearly flat. My trailer has them on the floors and walls, which gives flexibility for anchoring obects both vertically and horizontally. 70156

- E19148

by: Stephen C Saia11/02/2012

This is going to make my life easier. Also, the salesman that I dealt with was extremely helpful. The only negative critique would be the length of time to process credit card. That is why I ended up speaking with a sales rep. Look forward to doing more business with etrailer. 58684

- E19148

by: Arthur W Henson06/23/2012

haven't installed yet but the product looks heavy duty. wasn't expecting to to be that substantual (great though) also the sales lady (Leena) was very helpful I think she went above & beyond because I orded one night and two days later it was at my house. Great Job!!! thanks Art 45362

- E19148

by: John M.11/17/2011

Great selection of products with great prices. Placed order with 3-5 days shipping option on Sunday night at 1:30am and items shipped on Monday and received on Wednesday. Everything was packaged very well and products were delivered as described. Would order from etailer again. 27071

- E19148

by: Jerry K07/25/2012

I recently purchased a cargo trailer and it needed securing points, I purchased two 5 ft E-Tracks and related securing devices. They were shipped quickly and I am very pleased with the products. I will most definitely purchase other products from etrailer. 49307

- E19148

by: Mike M01/08/2012

Product shipped quickly! Pricing was very competitive! 29308

- E19148

by: Craig Howard04/08/2011

Greetings, Not so much about the products I ordered but more to the fact that you guys are the absolute BEST. Very quick to confirm and quality products delivered as promised. Great service and I applaud your business model. Regards, Craig 11356

- E19148

by: MARK H.12/09/2011

The E-Track was just what I need to augment what was already in my toy hauler. The uniqueness of the E-Track gives me the ability to arrange and secure my Harley and other bulky cargo items in the garage to balance out the weight. Thanks, Mark 27935

- E19148

by: Rhino Chimney Service11/06/2014

Although I haven't gotten my product installed yet, I can say the pricing was good and the shipping was super fast!! I always try to buy locally, but my local company hadn't responded to my email and I already had my stuff from!! 159723

- E19148

by: Darin Y.02/23/2015

Very heavy duty I am very happy with this. At first I was not as confident with buying online metal products do to shipping, but with E-trailer it was great and everything was perfect. looks great and works just as well, thanks George! 175629

- E19148

by: Aaron03/16/2011

Order was exact and fast delivered! This is high quality equipment at the best price I've ever seen! I haven't installed the parts yet, but when I do, you'll be able to see the quality and functionallity of E-Track! 9472

- E19148

by: dennis almer11/26/2011

I was impressed by the speed of delivery and follow up on the product that I purchased . The price with the free shipping was what attracted me initially, but after this order I will definitley buy here first. 27396

- E19148

by: Mark B.04/23/2012

Great product as I've used them before. This time however the package was almost completely destroyed in shipping. Luckily no damage to product but shipping department may want to take a little more care. 38108

- E19148

by: Chris R.03/18/2015

Great product very solidly manuctured not flimsy at all. Free Standard Shipping was fast. I ordered 8 ft sections as well smaller pieces late on Saturday and they made it to my house by Wednesday. 179511

- E19148

by: Rog08/21/2014

I've used E-Track before on a cargo trailer and loved it for tying in my motorcycle and other stuff. First thing I bought for my new utility trailer floor now too. E-Trailer service was fantastic. 147831

- E19148

by: D01/11/2011

Great online Shopping I had a very good experience shopping with etrailer. It was easy to purchase what I wanted and the shipping was much quicker that expected. I will surely do business again. 5339

- E19148

by: glenn lockett08/11/2012

e traks are very simple and easy to use. i had them in a car trailer and loved them had to buy a set to put into another trailer. makes life a little easier.and there is nothing wrong with that 51373

- E19148

by: E1914811/11/2012

Everything looks great, I'll send you some pic's When I get them installed. Thank you very much for your quick handling Of my order. Thank you Extremely satisfied, Richard Mills 59198

- E19148

by: Jeff B06/19/2012

Good strong anodized steel. Easy install on my aluminum floored trailer. Use good fasteners to take advantage of the good steel these are made from. No sense in having weak fasteners. 44851

- E19148

by: Paul G.05/18/2012

Online pictures don't do this product justice. Th is much more sturdy than I had envisioned. I look forward to mounting and using this product. I will visit your site again! 40944

- E19148

by: Peter M08/06/2012

Really heavy duty rails. They are thicker than I expected, which is great. I was a little bummed that they don't come with mounting screws but that's not the end of the world. 50741

- E19148

by: Howard F.02/24/2012

Extremely satisfied with the order and timely delivery. I compared prices and not only did I get the best price but also received free shipping on a very heavy order. 32390

- E19148

by: Jonathan W10/10/2012

Fast, secure, FREE shipping. Great product, I would highly recommend it as well as buying from, they provide great communication and great prices. 56875

- E19148

by: Joe D03/29/2012

Product is great. Purchased a few 5 foot e-tracks. Everything was easy from the second I logged on to etrailer till the second I logged off. No problems. Thanks 35475

- E19148

by: MO04/14/2011

excellent communications, excellent product, fast delivery, E-Z install especially with your recommendation to use self drilling bolts! 5* all around! awesome! 11682

- E19148

by: Dave S.05/07/2012

Very happy with the customer service from eTrailer. Items were described accurately, shipped quickly and email notification for shipment status was helpful. 39621

- E19148

by: Mark12/09/2010

First time customer Received the item I ordered extremely quick!!!! The prices are excelllent and I would do business with this company again! Thanks 3867

- E19148

by: Chris U.11/19/2014

Installed three rows of these in a 14' enclosed trailer to setup a mobile wood working shop. Great product, relatively easy to cut to custom lengths. 161745

- E19148

by: Michael F Bratko10/24/2011

Everything was great and I'm telling everyone i klnow about the FANTASTIC Delivery/Customer Service. You have a customr for LIFE!!!! GREAT JOB THANKS 26029

- E19148

by: Francis Vega01/13/2012

Great for securing product in a cargo trailer. Its a must have item!!! E-trailer is the best for pricing and shipping. They are super fast!!! 29629

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Ask the Experts about this Erickson Trailer Cargo Control
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  • Recessed E-Track Installation on Walls of an Enclosed Cargo Trailer
  • Installing the E-Track system to your enclosed trailers upright frame is a good idea for the strongest mounting location and cutting the plywood out to fit around the E-Track would not be an issue that I can see as long as the plywood sides have enough mounting locations left to secure it safely in the trailer and the Accessories for the E-Track can be installed in the track. As far as how much the stress the trailer frame can handle, you would need to contact your trailer manufacturer...
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  • Installation of Erickson E-Track # E-19148 to Plywood Trailer Floor
  • Securing the Erickson E-Track # E-19148 to 3/4 inch plywood should be sufficient. To secure the track to the plywood, you can use screws, or rivets. Using 1/2 inch screws would be a good length with 3/4 inch plywood. You will want to attach screws at least every other mounting hole. For tie downs and straps I would recommend either the E-Track Tie-Off Ring # 59131, or E-Track 2 inch D-Ring, part # E59143. Also available is the Erickson E-Track Strap with Ratchet, part # EM59136. Using...
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  • How to Tie Down a Motorcycle in a 7x14 Foot Enclosed Trailer
  • If I were you I would go the route of using a wheel chock like our Rackem Wheel Chock # RA-17 and then use the E-tracks to tie down your bike by compressing the forks. The other method you described where you said you wanted to hang the bikes could possibly work but most likely if you were to hit bumps in the road your bike might bounce and become unattached and fall. The E-Track 2 inch D-Ring # E59143 would work well with a set of tie-downs like the Erickson Cargo Tie Downs # 05605....
    view full answer...

  • Where to Install E-Tracks in Enclosed Trailer Carrying Polaris ATV and Motorcycles
  • Since you will be using your E-Track system, part # E19148, for transporting more than one type of vehicle, you will want to try to find mounting locations that will work for all of them. The main consideration for deciding where to mount the E-Tracks is to select locations that provide structural components, such as wall studs and floor supports. These structural elements of your trailer will serve as the backbone of your E-Track system. It is important that the tracks mount to the strongest...
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  • Installation Tips for E-Track Trailer Cargo Control, # E19148
  • Determining the mounting locations of your E-Track, part # E19148, will depend on the construction of your trailer and personal preference. If you are mounting the E-Track on the bed of your trailer, to tie down a car or similar item, you will need to determine the best position for the vehicle or item and the best situation for installing the E-Track. You may need to install bracing under the bed of the trailer to get enough mounting points for a secure installation. It sounds as if...
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  • Using E-Track, Tie-Downs, and Wheel Chocks to Haul 2 Harley Davidson Motorcycles
  • If I were to haul to Harleys I would make it as safe as possible so a wheel chock would not be a bad idea. Using the E-track is also a good way to go because the track is so versatile. Using a steel plate for support is also the way to go. You have a good grasp on what needs to be done. For a wheel chock, you can use something like # RA-17. It accepts wheels up to 6.5 inches wide. Might I also suggest the motorcycle tie-down assist straps, # 06303. Using these straps on the handle bars...
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  • What Tie Downs AnchorTrax Or E-Track For Enclosed Trailer Hauling Harley Bagger
  • Any of the trailer cargo control systems are only going to be as strong as what surface they are anchored to and how they are attached to that surface. The AnchorTrax Cargo Control, # AT3375, mounts by drilling holes through the trailer floor or walls and attaching to the backing plate on the other side of the floor or wall to give it the strength. The capacity is 3,000 lbs. break strength and working load limit of 1,000 lbs. The AnchorTrax will work better if you haul mostly one type...
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  • How to Mount E-Track Cargo Control System, Part # E19148, To Inside of Enclosed Trailer
  • The Erickson E-Track Trailer Cargo Control tracks, part # E19148, are intended to mount to the structural components of a trailer. These locations provide the most secure mounting to ensure your cargo remains stable within your trailer during transport. Without a secure mounting location you will not be able to use the full 6000 pound working load limit provided by the tracks. The attached video may be helpful; it demonstrates installation of the E-Track system in an enclosed trailer...
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  • Tie Downs and E-Track Recommendation for Securing a BMW K1200, ATV, and Dirt Bike on a Trailer
  • I would recommend using 2 sections of Horizontal E-Track, # E19148, down each side and 2 sections of Horizontal E-Track down the middle of your trailer, 6 sections in all, to give you as many tie down options as possible for securing all of your different toys. Your BMW K1200 sounds like the heaviest item you will need to tie down. I recommend using 2 packages of the Retractable Ratchet Straps, # 34414, along with 4 of the E-Track Tie-Off Rings, # 59131. Four tie down points are needed...
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  • How to Install E-Track Cargo Control on Plywood Floor in Cargo Van
  • Erickson E-Track Trailer Cargo Control tracks come in various lengths, such as the 5-foot horizontal track, part # E19148. We also offer a 2-foot length, part # EM59150, and a 8-foot length, part # E19135. To install them in your cargo van on its plywood floor you can use either galvanized or stainless steel nuts and bolts to avoid issues with rust. The plywood layer on the floor of your van by itself may not be strong enough to hold the E-Tracks. To be safe you need to find points...
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  • What Thickness Of Plywood Should Be Used For The E-Track Trailer Cargo Control, # E19148,
  • I would use 3/4 inch plywood to cover the studs and secure the plywood to the trailer frame studs in as many points as possible. Then, use 1/2 inch wood screws to secure the E-Track Trailer Cargo Control, # E19148, to the plywood. I would use screws at least every other hole if not every hole, starting from the center and working to the ends to ensure the track lays flat.
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  • E Track Trailer Cargo Control # E19148 Mounting Location for Securing a Harley In Enclosed Trailer
  • I would recommend that you run the tracks horizontally, that way you could secure your Harley from multiple points around the bike to the E-Track Trailer Cargo Control - Horizontal - 5 Foot Long, part # E19148. I included a link to a video review of this product below for you to check out. I would also recommend using a E-Track 2 inch D-Ring, 3.5K, part # E59143, to make securing your bike with straps easier. I have included a link below to a video of the # E59143 on a horizontal # E19148. The...
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  • Installing E-Track on 1 Inch Thick Wood Floored Trailer
  • A 1 inch think wood floor should be sufficient. I would use 3/4 long wood screws to provide some more gripping threads. I would use screws at least every other hole if not every hole, starting from the center and working to the ends to ensure the track lays flat. Use enough tension from the straps to hold the bikes securely, but do not over-tension them as you might blow our your fork seals.
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  • Spare Tire Mount Recommendation for Trailers with Limited Frame Space
  • We do have a couple different spare tire mount options for you to check out. You could go with the Spare Tire Carrier for E-Track Systems, # RA-16HST, that you referenced, but you will also need an E-Track rail. For this I recommend the 4 ft Vertical E-Track, # E19146. The E-track system was primarily designed to be installed inside of an enclosed trailer, but you could install it on the outside of the trailer if you would like. I do not recommend installing it on the side of the trailer...
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  • Using E Track to Secure Vehicles
  • I would recommend installing the 5 foot sections of E Track, part # E19148 directly to the cargo floor of the truck. You could then use a series of Adjustable Wheel Nets, part # 77314 to secure the vehicle wheels to the E Track. The method of securing the E Track to the truck floor will depend on the construction of the floor itself.
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  • Erickson E-Track 8 Foot Installation on a Utility Trailer for Hauling a Golf Cart
  • To install the Erickson E-Track 8 foot section # E19135 on your trailer you can use rivets, screws, or weld it to the trailer. Since your trailer is aluminum, welding may not be an option since the E-Track is steel. I recommend using screws, or bolts and nuts, and backing plates like the Brophy # BPEZ. Another option that some of our other customers have done, is to use additional E-Track on the bottom of their trailer, and liked the option of having additional tie down locations. (Rob's...
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  • Do the E-Track Cargo Control Systems Resist Corrosion
  • The E-Track Trailer Cargo Control # E19148 that you referenced has a protective, galvanized finish that protects it from rust and corrosion. Under normal use you would not have to worry about rust or corrosion even with an open trailer it should resist corrosion for a very long time. But if the product experienced a lot of exposure to salt water over time I am sure that eventually it would begin to rust. I attached a couple pictures of this system installed on a couple trailers for you...
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  • Installing the E-Track Trailer Cargo Control on a 5th Wheel Toy Hauler with Rubber Flooring
  • I spoke with my contact at Erickson and she said the E-Track Cargo Management System, # E19148, can be mounted on the floor of your fifth wheel toy hauler with rubber flooring. You will want to make sure that when you are screwing the track to the floor that you are using screws long enough to penetrate through the rubber flooring and through the wooden floor underneath and into the support members under the floor. The rubber flooring is not strong enough to secure a load. I have attached...
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  • Fastening E-Track to the Sides of an Enclosed Trailer
  • The screw holes on the E-Tracks are 1/4 inch in diameter and the E-Tracks are made of galvanized steel. Erickson does not recommend a specific type of fastener, so you can use any type of steel fastener, screw or bolt, that you wish. If you choose to use screws, be sure the underside of the head is flat and not curved so it sits flush on the E-Track. I also recommend using screws long enough to pass through the plywood and into the support beams where you can. This will provide the best...
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  • E-Track Recommendations For 7 By 14 Enclosed Trailer To Carry Classic Motorcycles
  • With cargo like your two classic Harleys you will want to make sure they are really well secured to prevent any damage. I recommend securing the E-Tracks to something more stable than just wood. If you are attaching the tracks to the floor I recommend you make sure they are secured either to the metal structure of the trailer or use metal plates like the E-Track Backing Plate, part # BPEZ, to make it as secure as possible. If the interior floor and walls are 7 ft long I recommend 5...
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  • How Far Does the E-Track Trailer Cargo Control Track System Part # E19148 Stick Up When Mounted
  • I pulled a section of the track off the shelf. Calipers say they are .430 inches thick or roughly 7/16 inch.
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  • What Size Fasteners Should be Used to Install E-Track Inside of a Box Truck
  • On the E-Track # E19148 the mounting holes are 1/4 inch in diameter so you will need to have fasteners that have a head larger than that, are long enough to go through where you are mounting the track, and are appropriate for the material you are mounting the E-Track to. You will not have to remove the plywood so long as the E-Track is attached to a reinforced part of the wall (frames, support structures, etc.). I have included a link to a video review for you. If you need a backing...
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  • E-Track Wood Beam Socket # 59149 Recommendation and Compatibility
  • You could use a E-Track Wood Beam Socket with the E-track setup that you have. I spoke with my contact at Erickson and she went out and put a E-Track Wood Beam Socket # 59149 into an E-Track Trailer Cargo Control # E19148 and found that the # 59149 would not hang over the bottom of the E-track once installed and would work for your setup. I attached a review video for the E-Track system for you to check out also.
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  • Installing an E-Track Cargo Control to Secure a Harley Electra Glide in a Enclosed Trailer
  • The method you described for installing the E-Track Trailer Cargo Control # E19148 should be sufficient, but if you really wanted to secure the tracks you could run wood screws through the holes into your plywood floor as well as the self tappers into the frame of your trailer.
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  • Will the Angle of Pull Affect The Weight Capacity of Erickson E-Track # E19148 or D-Ring # E59143
  • The direction of pull doesn't necessarily affect the load capacity of either the e track or the D-Rings, however, when ratcheting down your load, the direction of pull should be parallel to the direction that the Erickson # E19148 e track is running. D-Rings, such as Erickson # E59143 are an excellent hook-up option for a couple of reasons: first, because if you happen to have different loads at different attachment points, these rings are easily movable and second because they have a 3,500lb...
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  • Adjustable Wheel Net for a Can-Am 27x9x12 Tire
  • The Adjustable Wheel Net, # 77314, is a universal fit item that is designed to fit most tires up to, but not exceeding, 29 inches in diameter. Your Can-Am tires are 27 inches in diameter so there is a very good chance the wheel net will fit. This wheel net is designed to be used with the E-Track Trailer Cargo Control System, # E19148. I have included a link to a video review of this system for you. If you do not have the E-Track system, we also have a wheel net for tires up to 29...
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  • E-Track Ratchet Straps to Secure Various Diameter Pipes in an Enclosed Cargo Trailer
  • The Erickson ratchet strap # EM59136 would be a good option. This strap is 12 feet long and 2 inches wide. I have linked a video review for you to check out to the right. There is also an 8 foot version, # SLLS28RER, 16 foot version, # EM59139, and 20 foot version, # EM59140. What I would do is ratchet strap each bundle with a regular ratchet strap such as # EM34420. Then I would secure them against the trailer using the E-track and E-Track ratchet straps.
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  • Can the E-Track Cargo Control # E19148 be Mounted at Different Heights
  • The E-Track can be mounted at any height that you need. I have attached a photo that was submitted by one of our customers with the tracks at different heights on his trailer for you to check out. For the best support, I recommend attaching the E-Tracks to as many frame supports as possible in the walls or on the floor. You may also be interested in the E-Track Plastic End Cap, # ET8730, to cover the metal edges at the ends of the tracks.
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  • Optimal Direction of Pull When Using E Track
  • In order to achieve the full capacity of the ratchet straps and the track, the direction of the pull should be parallel to the direction that the e track is running. How much the capacity would be diminished by pulling 90 degrees to the side will depend on the weight of the load. If the load is close to the capacity of the straps, pulling out 90 degrees could damage the clip that locks the strap into the track or possibly damage the track itself. You may also be interested in purchasing...
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