Durable tie-downs bolt onto your truck bed, trailer, or ladder rack so that you can easily secure cargo. Quick-release buttons simplify unloading, and the retractable design keeps straps neatly stored when they're not in use. 1,200 lbs Max load. Call 800-298-8924 to order Erickson Cargo Tie Downs part number EM34417 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Erickson products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Erickson Re-Tractable Ratchet Straps w Push Buttons - Bolt On - 1" x 9' - 400 lbs - Qty 2. Cargo Tie Downs reviews from real customers.
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Erickson Re-Tractable Ratchet Straps w Push Buttons - Bolt On - 1" x 9' - 400 lbs - Qty 2

Erickson Cargo Tie Downs

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Erickson Cargo Tie Downs - EM34417

Durable tie-downs bolt onto your truck bed, trailer, or ladder rack so that you can easily secure cargo. Quick-release buttons simplify unloading, and the retractable design keeps straps neatly stored when they're not in use. 1,200 lbs Max load.


  • Bolt-on tie-downs let you secure cargo in your truck bed or trailer or on your ladder rack
    • Permanently mount to a flat surface with included hardware
  • Retractable straps automatically wind up into the built-in housings with the push of a button
    • Keeps straps neatly stowed when they're not in use
  • Ratchet mechanisms make it easy to tighten down straps and maintain tension on straps
    • Rubber coating on handle provides a good grip
  • Push buttons on ratchets quickly and easily release straps when you're ready to unload
  • Vinyl-coated steel S-hooks help prevent scratches on your cargo
  • Corrosion-resistant steel bodies
  • Sturdy polyester webbing


  • Strap dimensions: 1" wide x 9' long
  • Safe working load limit (WLL): 400 lbs
  • Maximum load (break strength): 1,200 lbs
  • Quantity: 2 ratchet straps
  • 90-Day limited warranty

Note: Tie-down straps must be chosen according to their safe working load limit (WLL). The weight of the secured cargo must not exceed the combined WLL of the straps being used. For example, if you are using straps with a WLL of 500 lbs each to tie down a load weighing 1,000 lbs, then you need at least 2 straps to safely secure that load. It is recommended that you always use straps in pairs.

Erickson Re-Tractable, Bolt-On Tie-Down Straps

These Erickson ratchet straps take the hassle out of tying down gear - especially the cargo you transport frequently, such as your boat or motorcycle. Each ratchet housing permanently mounts to your truck bed, trailer, or ladder rack with a single bolt, which is included.

To use one of the tie-downs, simply push down the red release button and pull out the strap. Then secure the vinyl-coated steel S-hook to your cargo and ratchet the strap until it's tight. You have to hook up just one end of the strap each time. And because the straps are permanently mounted, you'll never have to search for a missing tie-down. This saves you time and frustration and gets you out on the road in a flash.

34417 Erickson Manufacturing Retractable Ratcheting Tie-Down Ladder Rack Straps with Push Button Release - Bolt On - 1" x 9' - 1,200 lbs Max Load - Qty 2

Video of Erickson Re-Tractable Ratchet Straps w Push Buttons - Bolt On - 1" x 9' - 400 lbs - Qty 2

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Erickson Cargo Tie Downs EM34417 Review

Today we're going to be reviewing part number EM34417. These are the Erickson Retractable, Ratcheting Tie-Down Straps. It's going to come with 2 straps. I would have pulled one out of the packaging, in that way we could take a closer look at it and go over some of the details. Now these are heavy-duty, retractable ratchet strap that are going to make it very easy to secure your cargo. It's going to feature a push-button release which is going to be this red button right here. That's going to allow for simple, rapid unloading.

It's going to have two different positions with three different functions. In this position which is just below the notch, it's going to allow you to extend the ratcheting line or the ratchet strap. It's also, in this position, going to allow you to push down and push the red button to allow itself retract. You can see how that works there, I'll do it a little bit faster. It retracts, it's going to take and just lock automatically just by pushing that button with it in the down position. Then the other position is just going to be your ratcheting position.

If we have it extended, you can move it up to a ratcheting position. That's going to allow you to a ratchet it tight. It's a really nice little strap. The unused strap is going to retract into the housing for a convenient storage. Again, it's going to feature that push button release. That's going to keep the strap from flapping in the wind.

You dont have to worry about any excess strap. Everything is secured in the housing. It's going to feature a rubber coating on the ratchet handle that's going to provide a good grip. Thats going to be right here. The vinyl-coated S-hook is going to protect your cargo from scuffs and scratches. This can permanently mount to your trailer, truck or rack with 1 bolt.

The mounting hardware is going to be included so you're going to have 1 bolt, washer and lock knot for each strap. The durable construction is going to offer a long-lasting performance so its got a corrosion-resistant steel body with a sturdy polyester webbing that's built for durability and strength. The strap dimensions is going to give us 1" in width. Overall length is going to measure 9". The maximum load or break strength is going to be 1,200 lbs for each strap. With a safe working load limit of 400 lbs for each strap. Now, you're going to get 2 tie down straps. Real quick, I just want to go over the actual dimensions of the bolt. Each bolt is going to be identical, now these bolts going to give us an overall length of 3 1/8" t the bolt head. The threaded portion is going to measure 2 7/16". The diameter of the threaded portions are going to be 5/16". To get it installed and secure, you can simply use a half inch socket as well as are unison with a socket ranch. That's going to be for both bolt head and a lock knot. I want to show you where that bolt hole is, you know, the ratchet. It's going to be right here. If you want to really install it, get a nice good installation and secure grip. It's going to be beneficial to go and raise the ratching handle all the way up. It's going to allow you to access it. You need to get to that bolt hole that way you can secure it. Again, whether it's through your trailer, your truck or a rack or really any setting. Some people even install them on the wall, in their garage or some self tapping larger screws or bolts. It's got a variety of applications. You dont have to use these bolts. We have an install video on this product page where the application that we use was a little bit of a thinner surface that we mounted it to. We changed up the mounting hardware. You are going to get the included hardware to get you started and hopefully it's going to work for your application. That's going to do it for today's review of part number EM34417. These are going to be the Erickson Retractable, Ratcheting Tie-Down Straps. .

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Customer Reviews

Erickson Re-Tractable Ratchet Straps w Push Buttons - Bolt On - 1" x 9' - 400 lbs - Qty 2 - EM34417

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (24 Customer Reviews)

Durable tie-downs bolt onto your truck bed, trailer, or ladder rack so that you can easily secure cargo. Quick-release buttons simplify unloading, and the retractable design keeps straps neatly stored when they're not in use. 1,200 lbs Max load.

- EM34417

by: Bryan C05/19/2014

This product will be used to secure a mobility scooter to a platform. The current straps I'm using have to be attached and threaded each time I use them. These retractable straps will simplify my task dramatically. I have to thank the customer-service people at etrailer.com, who kept me informed throughout the ordering and shipping process. 131250


They are working out great for me. They are easy to deploy, easy to stow, hold the scooter securely, and because they are attached to the platform, theyre always right there for me.

Bryan C - 05/20/2015


- EM34417

by: Kyle E04/05/2014

Spent a lot of time researching online -- found etrailer.com and their videos are and descriptions are priceless when you don't have the luxury to play with something like this. Shipping was amazingly fast and affordable (even to ALASKA!) I needed a solution to keep my floatplane on a set of dollies in the hangar. Traditional ratchet straps had a long tail and no place to go when the aircraft was not on the dollies. It was a 10 minute process just to strap the plane on. Installed these Erickson Straps in about 10 minutes on the dollies and am very happy. No I can strap the plane in about 30 seconds! 123883

- EM34417

by: Kenny C.10/04/2014

These bolt-on retractable straps are perfect for my truck rack. They are much more usable than the loose retractables I was using before, and much more dependable and safe than bungee cords. They make securing my ladders quick and easy. No more loose tails to tie up. On the weekend the ladders come off and my kayak takes their place. I highly recommend these straps. I have one on all 4 corners of my rack. 154465

- EM34417

by: Bob M08/22/2014

These ratcheting tie downs bolted to my existing trailer to hold my Can Am securely from the front of the machine. The spring retraction feature makes using them quick with no loose strap material to flap in the wind. The quick release button is easy to use. Great product!!! 148046

- EM34417

by: Danny H.08/23/2014

Purchased these ratchet straps for the of my seadoo. Simple drilling of one hole and mount. They work awesome for keeping the rear of my water craft from bouncing up. 148208

- EM34417

by: Ray C07/01/2014

These are used on a MC trailer and they do aan excellent job. if it is for a trailer, Etrailer is the place to buy it. you can't beat the quality and service. 138509

- EM34417

by: david f12/05/2013

item was received with 2bolts 2 washers and 1nut that didn't fit either bolt wrong threads on it other than that everything else seems to be ok with product. 109247

- EM34417

by: Bob07/25/2015

Using these to supplement poorly designed car seat strap system. Working GREAT!! Compact, strong, easy to use. Thanks so much!! 214351

- EM34417

by: Ken10/01/2014

Very satisfied with this product. Very positive buying experience with etrailer.com. Will definitely be shopping here again. 153863

- EM34417

by: Toni R12/18/2014

Quality tie downs. Exactly what i was looking for. Juanita in customer service is the best. Love shopping at Etrailer. 166166

- EM34417

by: Phil S10/01/2014

Thanks just what I needed to lash down my mobility scooter self adjusting straps make it much easier 153970

- EM34417

by: Frank C.07/02/2015

Excellent product and customer service.ordeing was simple and product arrived on time. 208859

- EM34417

by: Paul01/05/2015

These are great!!! Make loading and unloading my kayak simple when it was a pain. 167717

- EM34417

by: nrc09/16/2013

Received quickly as described. will be used as tie down for powerchair carrier. 100140

- EM34417

by: Brian Stouffer03/31/2015

These worked out great for my application and the shipping time was great 181927

- EM34417

by: frank comstock06/27/2014

have not used them yet but look very good,, i am sure they well be fine 138003

- EM34417

by: David W.09/06/2014

We found that 5/16 cap screw with a number 14 mm worked really good. 150275

- EM34417

by: Mike H.05/02/2015

Works as advertised. Considering ordering 4 more. 189413

- EM34417

by: Gladys Rea08/08/2014

Good product, easy to install and fast service 145268

- EM34417

by: Dale adkins12/09/2014

Good product. Timely shipping and good prices 163848

- EM34417

by: Max R05/16/2015

Very good product that I have used befo re. 193511

- EM34417

by: Phil03/31/2015

These ratchet straps work great. 182001

- EM34417

by: parker03/14/2014

Great price . Fast delivery! 120707

- EM34417

by: Harmon Inc06/25/2015

Great product 207039


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  • Do Erickson Retractable Ratcheting Tie-Down Straps, Part # EM34417, Automatically Retract
  • The Erickson Retractable Ratcheting Tie-Down Straps, part # EM34417, use high strength polyester straps that measure 1 inch wide by 9 feet long. The extra strap length will retract onto the storage hub when the red button (located under the ratcheting handle) is pressed. The auto-retract function is spring operated. Depending on the load you are securing you may want to consider the Erickson Chrome-Protector Sleeves, part # EM06305-2. These easily slip over the straps and can be positioned...
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  • Where is the Mounting Hole on the Erickson Retractable, Ratcheting Tie-Down Straps, # EM34417
  • I went out to the warehouse and pulled the Erickson Retractable, Ratcheting Tie-Down Straps, # EM34417. The mounting hole is located under the handle. I have made short video that shows the mounting hole location for you to view.
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  • Is the Erickson Re-Tractable, Ratcheting, Bolt-On Tie-Down Strap, # EM34417 Corrosion Resistant
  • The Erickson Re-Tractable, Ratcheting, Bolt-On Tie-Down Strap, # EM34417, would be a good choice for marine applications. The metal parts are steel but have a zinc-dichromate coating for corrosion resistance. The handle is made of sturdy plastic that will not rust. You should not have problems with it seizing in a marine environment. To pro-long the life of it, you can clean off any salt deposits after use. Tie-down straps should always be chosen according to their Safe Working Load...
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  • Availability of 8 Foot Long Tie-Down Strap to Use on a Tarp
  • To use a rubber strap you would need to attach 2 or 3 straps, like the Erickson Rubber Tarp Strap, part # EM06741, together to be able to reach that length. I do not have a single rubber tarp strap that will stretch to 8 feet. I do offer tie-down straps and ratchet straps that would be able to give you the 8 foot distance you need. A few examples would be the Erickson Retractable, Ratcheting Tie-Down Straps, part # EM34417, that is 9 foot long. Also, have three choices in the 10 foot...
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  • Why Does it Seem Like My Erickson Ratcheting Tie Downs are Coming Loose
  • I think something else might be happening here, it sounds like you are getting the tie-downs tight and locked but then as you drive the wheelchair might move or the strap might slide and then the tension that was in the tie-down has been reduced and feels like the strap has come loose. It is not uncommon to have to tighten and re tighten loads periodically as you are traveling down the road. If you put the lever of the all the way in the down position it will be locked. Check out...
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  • Length and Diameter of Mounting Bolts for Erickson Retractable Ratcheting Tie-Down Straps # EM34417
  • The mounting bolts for the Erickson Retractable Ratcheting Tie-Down Straps are 5/16 inch in diameter and are 3-1/8 inches long. The working load limit (WLL) for each strap is 400 lbs, which means that although the straps can withstand load spikes up to 1200 lb, you should not exceed a 400 lb load on the strap. If you would care to view a product demonstration video featuring the tie-down strap, click the provided link.
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  • Dimensions of the Ratchet Mechanism on Erickson Bolt-On Re-Tractable Ratchet Straps # EM34417
  • I took a sample of the Erickson Bolt-On Re-Tractable Ratchet Straps # EM34417 from our warehouse so that I could take the measurements you asked about. I prepared a photo for you to illustrate the measurements of the main ratchet housing and the bottom mounting surface. The overall ratchet housing measures 5-1/2-inches from end to end and 2-1/4-inches wide at its widest part. The base portion that bolts down to your preferred mounting surface measures 4-inches long x 1-3/4-inches wide. Please...
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