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  1. Trailer Brakes
  2. Kodiak
  3. Disc Brakes
  4. 3500 lbs Axle
  5. Hub and Rotor
  6. 13 Inch Wheel
  7. 14 Inch Wheel
  8. 14-1/2 Inch Wheel
  9. 15 Inch Wheel
Kodiak Disc Brakes - 10" Hub/Rotor - 5 on 4-1/2 - Dacromet - 3,500 lbs - Oil

Kodiak Disc Brakes - 10" Hub/Rotor - 5 on 4-1/2 - Dacromet - 3,500 lbs - Oil

Item # KOD77FR
Our Price: $700.11
Trailer Brakes
Shipping Weight: 60 lbs
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Great for coastal or snowy areas, these Dacromet-coated disc brakes offer a safe ride. Short stopping distances and consistent braking keep your trailer from pushing and pulling. Includes inner (L68149) and outer (L44649) bearings. Great Prices for the best trailer brakes from Kodiak. Kodiak Disc Brakes - 10" Hub/Rotor - 5 on 4-1/2 - Dacromet - 3,500 lbs - Oil part number KOD77FR can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Kodiak Trailer Brakes - KOD77FR

  • Disc Brakes
  • 3500 lbs Axle
  • Hub and Rotor
  • 13 Inch Wheel
  • 14 Inch Wheel
  • 14-1/2 Inch Wheel
  • 15 Inch Wheel
  • Marine Grade
  • 5 on 4-1/2 Inch
  • Kodiak
  • 1/2 Inch Studs

Great for coastal or snowy areas, these Dacromet-coated disc brakes offer a safe ride. Short stopping distances and consistent braking keep your trailer from pushing and pulling. Includes inner (L68149) and outer (L44649) bearings.


  • Lets you upgrade your trailer from drum to disc brakes for superior performance
  • Resists rust - great for boat trailers and trailers used in coastal areas or on heavily treated roads
    • Dacromet finish offers excellent rust and corrosion resistance with a 300- to 400-hour salt spray rating
  • Offers dramatically shorter stopping distances and smooth, controlled braking
    • Ceramic brake pads increase stopping power
    • Large, stainless steel piston provides fast, responsive braking
  • Requires minimal maintenance, saving you time and money
    • 1-Piece hub-and-rotor assembly reduces the chance of uneven rotor wear
    • Vented design dissipates heat faster to prevent premature brake pad wear
    • High-quality, automotive-grade construction is long-lasting
  • Includes everything you need to upgrade brakes for 1 axle
    • 2 Integral hub-rotor assemblies come with bearings, races, oil seals, oil caps, synthetic bearing oil, wheel bolts, and lug nuts
    • Hydraulic brake actuator rated at 1,500 psi or above and brake lines (sold separately) are required to activate brakes


  • Axle capacity: 3,500 lbs
    • #84 Spindle
  • Wheel size: 13" and larger
  • Bolt pattern: 5 on 4-1/2"
  • Rotor diameter: 10"
  • Piston diameter: 2-1/4"
  • Brake flange configuration: 4 bolt
  • Wheel bolt diameter: 1/2"
  • 3-Year warranty

Bearing, Race, and Seal Information

  • Bearings
    • Inner bearing: L68149
    • Outer bearing: L44649
  • Races
    • Inner race: L68111
    • Outer race: L44610
  • Kodiak XL ProLube oil bath kit
    • Seal inner diameter: 1.72"
    • Cap outer diameter: 1.98"

Complete Kit Contents

  • 2 Dacromet-plated, cast iron hub-and-rotor assemblies
  • 2 Dacromet-plated, cast iron calipers
  • 2 Dacromet-plated, ductile iron caliper mounting brackets
  • 4 Stainless steel caliper mounting bolts
  • 2 Inner bearings
  • 2 Outer bearings
  • 2 Inner races
  • 2 Outer races
  • 2 Oil seals
  • 2 Oil caps
  • (1) 8-oz Bottle of synthetic bearing oil
  • (10) 1/2" Wheel bolts
  • (10) 1/2" Zinc-plated steel lug nuts

Perfect for Boat Trailers

Kodiak disc brakes installed on a trailer

If you tow a boat trailer, live in a coastal area, or experience a lot of snow, slush, and salt on the roads, you know how corrosive salt and water can be. Because disc brakes last longer than drum brakes, you should consider how things like rust might impact your trailer over time.

The Dacromet coating on these brakes offers great corrosion protection, even with frequent use in freshwater and saltwater. It can withstand 300 to 400 hours of continual exposure to salt spray before corrosion begins, which is comparable to galvanized steel. So - unless you're driving your trailer through water for 2 weeks straight with no chance for the brakes to dry - it'll be a while before any rust starts to form.

Get a Safer, More Comfortable Ride

Say goodbye to the days of your truck being pushed and pulled by your trailer. Disc brakes provide a safer, more comfortable ride than drum brakes. They offer shorter stopping distances and deliver consistent braking - even at highway speeds. So, you won't have to worry about things crashing around in your trailer or camper next time you reach unexpected traffic on the highway or debate if you can actually stop before that yellow light turns red.

Save Time and Money

More and more people are switching their trailers over to disc brakes. Not only do disc brakes provide more controlled braking than drum brakes, but they also save you money by having fewer parts to maintain.

diagram comparing the number of parts in drum brakes and disc brakes

Unlike drum brakes, which have springs, magnets, and shoes that may need to be continually adjusted or replaced, disc brakes are virtually maintenance-free. There are no springs, cables, or other little components that you'll need to worry about failing.

disc brake caliper and brake pad

The brake pads will naturally wear down, so eventually you'll have to replace them. But these pads are also way easier to replace than drum brake shoes. The caliper - where the pads are housed - is located on the outside of the brake assembly. This means you just have to remove that one part to replace the brake pads rather than having to remove the entire assembly like you would with drum brakes.

close up view of vented rotor

This particular kit can save you time and money over other disc brakes on the market as well. A slip-on rotor may be easier to install initially, but water can find its way between the rotor and your existing hub, causing uneven rotor wear or runout. With a 1-piece hub-and-rotor assembly, water and debris can't get in to cause any corrosion or contamination.

In addition, vented rotors, like these, disperse heat faster than non-vented rotors. When brakes retain heat, they are more likely to experience brake fade, or loss of braking power. So even if you take your boat or camper out every weekend, these trailer brakes will continue to offer excellent performance throughout their long life.

mounting bracket supporting disc brake

Kodiak disc brakes have a unique caliper mounting bracket as well. The side-support design puts all of the weight on the mounting bracket instead of on the bolts. This reduces premature wear and extends the life of the bolts, further ensuring optimal performance.

Determining the Bolt Pattern

If you want to remount your existing wheels after installing these brakes, you'll need a kit that offers the same bolt pattern. To determine the bolt pattern, count the number of bolt holes (or lug nuts) on your trailer's wheel. This will give you the first number in the pattern. To find the second number, just measure the distance between a bolt hole and the bolt hole across from it.

diagram showing how to measure even bolt pattern

For example on wheels with an even number of bolt holes: 6 on 5-1/2" means 6 bolt holes with 5-1/2" from the center of 1 hole to the center of the hole across from it.

diagram showing how to measure odd bolt pattern

And with an odd number of bolt holes: 5 on 4-1/2" means 5 bolt holes with 4-1/2" from the center of 1 hole to the farthest edge of one of the 2 farthest bolt holes.

2/H-10-DDD-K Kodiak Disc Brake Kit - 10" Integral Rotor and Hub - Dacromet Finish - 1/2" Wheel Bolts - 3,500 lbs

L68149 and L44649 Inner and Outer Bearings

XLPROLUBE1980-K Kodiak XL Pro Lube Kit

11051 CE Smith Trailer Wheel Lug Nut - 1/2"

Installation Details KOD77FR Installation instructions

Video of Kodiak Disc Brakes - 10" Hub/Rotor - 5 on 4-1/2 - Dacromet - 3,500 lbs - Oil

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Review of Kodiak Trailer Brakes - 10" Hub and Rotor Oil Disc Brakes - KOD77FR

Hi there, I'm Michael with Today we're gonna take a quick look at this Kodiak 10-inch hub and rotor disc brake assembly set. This set is going to allow you to upgrade a axle on your trailer from drum brakes to disc brakes for superior performance that you get with the disc brakes. So this will replace both brake assemblies for a single 3,500 pound capacity axle with the number 84 spindles. We do have 10-inch diameter rotors here and we have a 5 on 4 1/2-inch bolt pattern. So these are going to work for your 13-inch wheels and larger.

So upgrading your trailer from drum brakes to disc brakes is going to have several different benefits. It's going to help dramatically shorten your stopping distance. It's also going to provide smoother, more comfortable or controlled braking for you than your drum brakes, so you're not gonna feel that pushing and pulling that you are probably used to experiencing with your drum brakes. And these do have ceramic brake pads so they're going to help increase your stopping power. You can't see it, but there is a large 2 1/4-inch diameter stainless steel piston back here that's gonna provide faster responsive braking for you.

In addition to better performance, these are also going to require less maintenance so it's gonna help save you time and money. Having the one-piece hub and rotor assembly is going to reduce the chance of uneven rotor wear. We do also have the vented design here that's gonna help dissipate heat faster and prevent premature brake pad wear. And these are an automotive grade construction so they are gonna be very long lasting for you. One thing to note is that with disc brakes, they do require a higher line pressure than your standard drum brakes so you're gonna need a hydraulic brake actuator and brake lines that are rated for 1500 psi or above in order to activate your brakes.

So you wanna make sure that you have that if you don't already have a brake actuator and brake lines rated for that amount of pressure. We do have that available here Those are sold separately. And so this kit isn't going to include everything that you need, but it is going to include these two Dacromat-plated cast iron hub and rotor assemblies with the pre-installed half-inch wheel bolts. Also going to get the two Dacromat-plated cast iron calipers and the two Dacromat-plated ductile iron caliper mounting brackets.

As you can see, these do have the four bolt brake flange configuration, so very simple to get installed on your axle for you. And then of course, we are gonna get the stainless steel caliper mounting bolts to get those installed. In addition to all that, we're also going to get inner and outer bearings to make sure that everything's moving smoothly. You can see those part numbers on the screen there. We're also gonna get the inner and outer races that the bearings fit into. Those are pre-installed, but you can see those numbers on the screen there as well. And then we're also going to get two oil seals with a 1.72-inch inner diameter and two oil caps with the 1.98 outer diameter as well as one eight-ounce bottle of synthetic bearing oil so that we can make sure that our bearings are nice and lubricated there. And then finally, we are gonna get the half-inch zinc plated steel lug nuts that will allow us to get our tires mounted properly. So all of this is going to do a great job of upgrading your brakes, you're using your drum brakes. And the Dacromat plating on this is going to give these a 300- to 400-hour salt spray rating. So they are gonna be great for your boat trailers and trailers that are used in coastal areas or on heavily treated roads where you're used to having a lot of salt. These will last for several seasons to come but if you're looking at your good, better, best, stainless steel is going to be more long-lasting than your Dacromat plating, but it is gonna be a little bit more expensive for you. So make sure you're getting the right setup for your use, the longevity that you're looking for and that sort of thing. But overall, great option here. Definitely a big upgrade over your drum brakes. And with that Dacromat plating it is gonna last for several years to come. That completes our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching..


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  • Replacement Disc Brake Kit for 2014 EZ Loader Boat Trailer
    Thank you for providing that information. That is an EZ Loader custom trailer that uses # L68149 inner and # L44649 outer bearings. If you're looking for a hub/rotor assembly you can use the # KOD87FR as a replacement. If you already have an idler hub and need an over-the hub rotor you can use the # K2R35D for a replacement. It looks like you're using oil now, but you can replace that with grease # L11390. If you want to stick with an oil bath setup we also have the # KOD77FR available...
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