Kodiak Disc Brake Kit - 12" Rotor - 6 on 5-1/2 - Dacromet - 5,200 lbs to 6,000 lbs

Kodiak Disc Brake Kit - 12" Rotor - 6 on 5-1/2 - Dacromet - 5,200 lbs to 6,000 lbs

Item # K2R526D

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Trailer Brakes

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K2R526D - Brake Set Kodiak Trailer Brakes
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Product Images

  • Disc Brakes
  • 5200 lbs Axle
  • 6000 lbs Axle
  • Rotor
  • 14-1/2 Inch Wheel
  • 15 Inch Wheel
  • 16 Inch Wheel
  • Kodiak
  • Brake Set
  • 6 on 5-1/2
Trailer disc brake kit includes 2 assemblies with rust-resistant, Dacromet-plated rotors; calipers; and mounting brackets. Assemblies fit 5,200-lb to 6,000-lb axles and 15" and larger wheels. 12" Rotor has 6 on 5-1/2 bolt pattern. Lowest Prices for the best trailer brakes from Kodiak. Kodiak Disc Brake Kit - 12" Rotor - 6 on 5-1/2 - Dacromet - 5,200 lbs to 6,000 lbs part number K2R526D can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

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Kodiak Trailer Brakes - K2R526D

Trailer disc brake kit includes 2 assemblies with rust-resistant, Dacromet-plated rotors; calipers; and mounting brackets. Assemblies fit 5,200-lb to 6,000-lb axles and 15" and larger wheels. 12" Rotor has 6 on 5-1/2 bolt pattern.


  • Brake assemblies make it easy to change from an idler axle to a disc brake axle
  • Disc brakes deliver better performance than drum brakes
    • More consistent stopping, even at highway speeds
    • Dramatically shorter stopping distance
  • Maintenance costs are lower than for drum brakes
    • Fewer moving parts to maintain, repair and replace
  • Dacromet coating provides superior corrosion resistance for freshwater or saltwater use
    • 300- to 400-Hour salt-spray rating
  • Slip-on, cast iron, over-the-hub rotors
    • Fit over standard idler hub and are held in place by wheel and wheel bolts
    • Remove easily for maintenance
      • No need to replace entire hub-and-rotor assembly if only hub or rotor becomes damaged
    • Increase distance from hub face to hub face by 1/2"
    • Prevent heat-related damage with vented design that effectively dissipates heat
  • Cast iron calipers are self-adjusting for smooth, equal braking
    • Cast iron construction does not flex like aluminum
    • Low-drag design retracts piston farther than other calipers for a cooler-running brake
    • Stainless steel piston is 2-1/4" in diameter - 30 percent larger than other brands
      • More braking torque than the competition
    • High-performance, ceramic brake pads
  • Ductile iron mounting brackets provide strength and durability
    • Side-support design ensures that load is placed on bracket, not bolts
    • Extra embossing for additional thread contact ensures tight, secure mounting for caliper guide bolts
    • 5-Bolt brake flange mounting configuration - weld-on flange sold separately
  • Kit includes 2 full brake assemblies
    • 2 Dacromet-plated, cast iron rotors
    • 2 Dacromet-plated, cast iron calipers
    • 2 Dacromet-plated, ductile iron caliper-mounting brackets
    • 4 Stainless steel caliper-mounting bolts
  • Hydraulic brake actuator and lines (sold separately) are required for brakes to be activated
    • Requires psi rating of at least 1,500


  • Fits
    • Axle capacity: 5,200 lbs - 6,000 lbs
      • #42 Spindle
    • Wheel size: 15" and larger
  • Bolt pattern: 6 on 5-1/2"
  • Overall rotor diameter: 12"
  • Brake flange configuration: 5 bolt
  • 3-Year warranty

Disc Brakes

More and more people are switching their trailers over to disc brakes, and with good reason. Disc brakes deliver consistent braking - even at highway speeds - unlike drum brakes, which often show a substantial drop in braking torque at higher speeds. In addition, disc brakes offer a substantially shorter stopping distance than drum brakes.

Disc brake calipers have only one moving part, rather than the many found in drum brakes. This means that there are fewer parts to maintain, fewer parts to get damaged and fewer parts to have to repair or replace, thus reducing maintenance costs.

Over-the-Hub Rotor

Kodiak's slip-on, cast iron rotor makes it easy to convert an idler axle to a disc brake axle. Simply place the rotor over your hub. It is most often wheel bolt piloted for a loose fit and then held in place by the wheel itself. With a separate rotor and hub, you can easily repair or replace one element of your brake system without having to junk the whole thing.


Kodiak calipers are constructed of cast iron to prevent flexing. Less flex means more braking torque, resulting in smooth, even braking every time. The corrosion-resistant stainless steel piston is 30 percent larger than standard pistons, ensuring shorter stopping distance and increased torque. In addition, the unique low-drag design of Kodiak's calipers allows the piston to retract farther than in most standard models, giving you a cooler-running brake.

Mounting Brackets

Designed for axles with 5-bolt brake flange configurations, the included mounting brackets are made of heavy-duty ductile iron that is embossed to provide additional threading for guide bolts. The added thread strength ensures a tighter, more secure connection between the caliper and bracket. Another unique feature of Kodiak's brackets is the side-support angle, which guarantees that the load is carried by the bracket, rather than the bolts.

2/R-12-DDD-K Kodiak Disc Brakes - 2 Wheel Set - Rotor Only - Dacromet Finish - 5,200 lbs - 6,000 lbs

Replaces 2/RCM-12-SCAD (K2R526SC) and 2/RCM-12-DAC-K

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2019 - 2019 Eclipse Attitude TT Toy Hauler 21SALE

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2019 - 2019 Eclipse Stellar 5W Toy Hauler 30SKS

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2008 - 2008 Forest River Cedar Creek Silverback Travel Trailer 31LDS

2008 - 2008 Forest River Cardinal Fifth Wheel 31RK

2008 - 2008 Forest River Cardinal Travel Trailer 31RKSB

2008 - 2008 Forest River Cardinal Fifth Wheel 31SB

2017 - 2018 Eclipse Stellar 5W Toy Hauler 32DBG

2008 - 2008 Forest River Cedar Creek Silverback Travel Trailer 32LFGBS

2008 - 2008 Forest River Cardinal Travel Trailer 32RLSB

2017 - 2017 Eclipse Attitude 5W Toy Hauler 32SAG

2008 - 2008 Forest River Cedar Creek Fifth Wheel 32TK

2008 - 2008 Forest River Cedar Creek Silverback Fifth Wheel 33LBHTS

2008 - 2008 Forest River Cedar Creek Silverback Fifth Wheel 33LBSA

2008 - 2008 Forest River Cardinal Fifth Wheel 33SB

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Video of Kodiak Disc Brake Kit - 12" Rotor - 6 on 5-1/2 - Dacromet - 5,200 lbs to 6,000 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Kodiak Disc Brake Kit Review

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Kodiak line of Disc Brake Kits. Now, these kits are available in multiple configurations to fit multiple size axles. They're also available in several different finishes.A disc brake kit like this one from Kodiak is an excellent solution to give us good braking force. Typically, for this kit anyway, you're looking at like a 3500-pound axle. A lot of boat applications, you're hauling a boat sometimes miles and miles and miles, and without brakes on your trailer, you put a lot of unnecessary stress and strain on your truck. A braking kit like this allows us to take the stress, the strain off the braking system on our truck but also gives us a safer ride.In this application we've got a surge coupler at the front of the trailer, so as the truck slows it applies the hydraulic fluid pressure, squeezing our caliper together giving us excellent stopping abilities.

The rotors, calipers, and the ceramic pads are all automotive grade, so they're going to be made to the highest standards being sure we get excellent braking capabilities.Now when we compare a disc brake kit like this to a hydraulic drum-style brake, there are several advantages. Of course, we all know disc brakes tend to work better than drum brakes. They lock up less. We typically don't have the moisture being held inside. Especially in a marine application, that hub fills up with water, that moisture stays inside, causes some corrosion issues.

In this situation, once we bring these out of the water, everything's going to drain away. Air can get to it very readily and dry everything up.Another advantage we're going to get with this particular kit over the other disc brake kits available, the material composition is very corrosion-resistant. Our rotor, caliper, all stainless steel, plus they take that a step further, put a Dacramet finish all the way around. So that's going to work out really well, especially in a marine application like this, but also just on a utility trailer, keeping everything nice, corrosion-free. It's also going to be an excellent, excellent choice if you use it in a saltwater-type application.Something else you'll notice, pretty common on automobile applications, not usually on trailers, is going to be the ventilated rotor here.

So you've got two wear surfaces here and here. Those are going to be separated to allow air to flow freely in there and get everything cooled off to give us premium braking performance every time we hit those brakes.All right. With the bracket installed, we can move onto installing our rotor. That's one of the big benefits I like about this kit. You don't have the whole disc with the hub assembly in it.

So if you ever need to replace the disc, you're just replacing the disc, not your entire hub. This is going to fit right on our idler hub just like that, very common on automobile applications. They call this more like a top hat rotor where it it slides over your lugs, and then your wheel is actually going to hold that in and flush.Next, we'll move on to getting our caliper installed. Now the calipers can go either side. You don't have to have a left and a right. You can see we've got a bleeder screw on both sides. We want, of course, for our hydraulic connection to be facing in. Our slide bolts are going to come in this way just like that, and then these two portions are going to go on the back side of our bracket. So we slide that over, bring it in, and then we'll just push our bolts in, line them up with our holes and get them started. Now those do have loctite on them, so you'll just get them started a little bit, and then we'll use a 13mm socket and snug them on down.Now that we've got those snugged down, we'll use our torque wrench and we're going to torque them down to the specifications listed in the instructions. With our brake assemblies in place, it's time at this point to install our tire back on. Now, we do recommend using a torque wrench and torquing these down properly per the 1/2" stud application. Something we've seen, especially in the automobile industry, if you tighten these lug nuts down too much, you might cause that rotor to warp a little, decreasing your performance. That's going to complete our look at the Kodiak line of Disc Brake Kits.

Customer Reviews

Kodiak Disc Brake Kit - 12" Rotor - 6 on 5-1/2 - Dacromet - 5,200 lbs to 6,000 lbs - K2R526D

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (8 Customer Reviews)

Trailer disc brake kit includes 2 assemblies with rust-resistant, Dacromet-plated rotors; calipers; and mounting brackets. Assemblies fit 5,200-lb to 6,000-lb axles and 15" and larger wheels. 12" Rotor has 6 on 5-1/2 bolt pattern.

- K2R526D

I used this kit to add surge brakes to my 5200#-axle boat trailer. I bought it a couple months ago and it did not have brakes but really should have. The parts are well made and installed easily once I acquired the bolts I needed that weren't included. The description and pictures are not 100% clear that the mounting bolts to put the brackets on the trailer brake flange are not included. I'm not sure why they don't come with the kit but I ended up getting some 1.25" x 3/8" SS bolts to mount them. While the hat-style rotors are nice from a price and ease of replacement perspective, if your lug bolts don't have extra length, you would be better off getting the integral hub and rotor version. Finding longer lug studs for my 20 year old trailer and removing the old ones was a PITA. Had I known, I would have spent the extra $ for the integrated hub/rotor set. The calipers have bleeding screws on both top and bottom so they can be mounted on either side of the trailer. That's a nice feature as its one less thing to go wrong. Once installed with new actuator coupler and brake lines, the brakes made a huge difference in towing the boat. The boat alone is 3000# and the trailer and gear probably add another 750 or so. It used to push my Yukon XL around when braking but now it tows smooth and easy. etrailers was awesome to work with. Good communication via email and simple fast ordering and shipping. I will definitely use them for future trailers get needs. 281315


The brakes have been troublefree and make a huge improvement in highway and mountain driving

Steve D - 08/08/2017


- K2R526D

The staff at etrailer are great. We had a urgent need to get our trailer able survey boat to project site and realized the trailer was in need of repair when we trailered the boat. I called etrailer and they had all the parts needed and was able to ship quickly to us. The parts fit and work great. Thanks a lot! 405297

- K2R526D

I have been generally satisfied with all the items I have ordered from Etrailer.com they are fast friendly and right on time 334046

- K2R526D

Correct parts at fair price Thanks 250311

- K2R526D

totally happy with this product but the speedy delivery and their expertise on the phone ordering is second to none thankyou 209800

- K2R526D

Product came on time, everything that I needed. Will certainly buy from etrailer again. 5 Star 168891

- K2R526D

The brake kit came with everything I needed. It seems to be of good quality and is working great. Installation was very easy. Fast delivery and good customer service. 130526

- K2R526D



Ask the Experts about this Kodiak Trailer Brakes
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  • Differences Between Combined Hub & Rotor and Separate Hub & Rotor Brakes
  • The only real difference between using an integrated hub/rotor combo and a separate hub and rotor combo is that if something happens to the rotor and or hub on the separate hub/rotor, you can just replace the damaged component and not the entire assembly. As long as the idler hub you have on your trailer now has a 6 on 5-1/2" bolt pattern, then I recommend using the Kodiak Disc Brake Kit part # K2R526D. If you already have the calipers and mounting brackets then you can use part # KR12D...
    view full answer...

  • Will Dexter 5.2K Idler Hub Fit with Kodiak 12" Disc Brake Kit
  • Yes, the Dexter Trailer Idler Hub Assembly # 8-213-5UC1-EZ is compatible with the Kodiak Disc Brake Kit # K2R526D. I actually don't think that the placement of your wheel/tire will be that much different than when you are using hub and drum assemblies. I went out to the warehouse and found that the idler hub measures 2.095" from the back of the hub to where the rotor will sit and the rotor is 0.3065" thick meaning that your wheel will mount about 2.4015" from where the back of the hub (or...
    view full answer...

  • Electric Over Hydraulic Disc Brake Setup Recommendation for a Tandem Axle Trailer
  • If you do have 6 on 5-1/2 inch bolt pattern wheels you would want to start with two sets of the Kodiak Disc Brake Kit # K2R526D. These will work on your 5 bolt mounting flange, have enough capacity as they are for 5,200 and 6,000 lb axles. I would strongly recommend you determine your bolt pattern before you buy anything though. Check out the FAQ article I attached on determining bolt patterns. For an actuator setup I would recommend the Titan BrakeRite II Severe-Duty Electric-Hydraulic...
    view full answer...

  • Brake Flange Mounting Bolt Recommendation for Kodiak Disk Brake Kit K2R526D
  • The brake flange mounting bolts are not included with the Kodiak Disc Brake Kit # K2R526D that you referenced. If you need bolts you would want the part # 7-5 for the bolt, part # 38LW for the washer and part # 38N for the nut. These aren't stainless, but they will still work fine. If you wanted to go with stainless you would have to source them at a hardware store.
    view full answer...

  • Inexpensive Corrosion Resistant Disc Trailer Brakes for Salt Water Use and a Boat Trailer
  • The best possible material for saltwater applications is going to be stainless steel but since cost is a factor stainless would not be the way you would want to go. The next best thing is going to be a brake kit with Dacromet finish like # K2R526D. The Dacromet has a 400 to 600 salt spray rating but it is always a good idea to spray them of with fresh water after use in salt water. This kit is designed to fit over idler hubs with a 6 on 5-1/2 bolt pattern and 15 inch or larger wheels...
    view full answer...

  • Can Idler Hub and Over-The-Hub Rotors Be Used to Convert to Hydraulic Brakes on Camper
  • You can certainly use idler hubs with slip on rotors to convert your 5th wheel camper to hydraulic disc brakes from electric drum brakes. As you noted, the benefit of this is being able to replace the rotors more easily down the road. This is nice if you find yourself in a situation where only either the hub or the rotor has been damaged, and only one of the two components need to be replaced. The Kodiak Disc Brake Kit # K2R526D that you referenced is a great choice for your camper....
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Disc Brake Kit For 5,200 Lb Axle
  • We do offer several disc brake kits for 5,200 lb axles. One of the disc brake kits I recommend is part # K2R526D. This is designed for axles up to 5,200-lb to 6,000-lb and has a 12 inch rotor with a 6 on 5-1/2 bolt pattern. This kit includes the rotors, calipers, mounting brackets and mounting bolts. This is designed for a 5 bolt brake mounting flange. I have attached a link to our product page for the kits we offer. I have also attached a couple links to helpful articles about...
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Brake Calipers for EZ Loader TIAB 27-31
  • I contacted EZ Loader and got some information on your trailers. They could narrow down that you have 12 inch rotors, but they could be from two different manufacturers, Kodiak or UFP. If you have Kodiak rotors, then Kodiak Disc Brake Caliper - Dacromet - 3,500 lbs to 6,000 lbs, # KDBC225DAC, are the right replacement calipers. If they are the UFP, then I won't have the calipers you need if we stay with factory parts. If you do not have Kodiak and want to make the switch, I can help...
    view full answer...

  • Can Dico Model 10 Surge Coupler be Used with Kodiak Disc Brakes
  • If your Dico Model 10 surge coupler is designed for use with disc brakes then yes, it will work with Kodiak disc brakes # K2R526D. If your model 10 is designed for drum brakes then you can replace the master cylinder with # T4747100.
    view full answer...

  • Best Disc Brake Setup For A Tandem Axle Trailer With 10,000 Lb. Capacity
  • In order to determine the correct disc brake setup to use on a 5 ton trailer, I would need to know the capacity of your trailer's axles. You can find this by locating the information tag placed on the center of the axle or by calling the dealer with your VIN. I have listed my disc brake recommendation for the following axle capacities: 3,500 lbs : 2 Kodiak Disc Brake Kit part # K2HR35D 5,200 lbs : 2 Kodiak Disc Brake Kit part # K2R526D 7,000 lbs : 2 Kodiak Disc Brake Kit part...
    view full answer...

  • Do Dexter and Kodiak Disc Brake Kits Use Same Mounting Brackets
  • The mounting brackets of the Kodiak kit like the # K2R526D and the Dexter kit part # K71-647-648 locate the caliper relative to the hub in a slightly different position as well as use different bolt hole dimensions. Because of this the two kits aren't compatible with each other. The Dexter is much more offset towards the axle than the Kodiak, but that doesn't necessarily mean one is better than the other. Both of these brands do things differently but have a great reputation as being very...
    view full answer...

  • Dimension From Center of Rotor to Outer Edge of Caliper on Kodiak Disc Brake Kit # K2R526D
  • On the Kodiak Disc Brake Kit, part # K2R526D, the measurement from the center of the 12-inch rotor to the top of the caliper is about 6-3/4 inches. I am including a picture that will show that measurement. The overall diameter of the rotor is 12.16 inches and the caliper sits about 3/4-inch above the edge of the rotor.
    view full answer...

  • Dimensions of the Kodiak Disc Brake Kit # K2R526D
  • I went out into our warehouse to get all of the dimensions you requested. The inner diameter of the center hole for the rotor is 3.6 inches. The diameter of the bolt holes in the rotor are .52 of an inch. From the mounting surface of the rotor to the rotor center measures 2.25 inches. From the mounting surface of the caliper to the rotor center measures 3.15 inches. On the thicker side of the caliper the distance from the mounting flange to nearest portion of the rotor is 2.6 inches....
    view full answer...

  • Determining Bolt Pattern for Kodiak Disc Brake Kit # K2R526D
  • The 5-1/2 bolt pattern is part of the 6 on 5-1/2 mounting pattern that the Kodiak Disc Brake Kit # K2R526D mounts on, this will be the same as your wheel's bolt pattern. To determine what mounting pattern you have I have a Help Article for you to look at, that I've attached. Basically you need to determine if you have a even or odd number of lugs/posts on your hub. If you have 6 then that's even, since it's even you will want to measure from center to center of the lug directly across...
    view full answer...

  • Adding Hydraulic Disc Brakes And Surge Coupler To Trailer With No Brakes
  • Since you want to install a surge disc brake system on the trailer you will not need a brake controller on your vehicle or a 7-way trailer connector. I have attached a helpful article that explains how to add brakes to your trailer you can check out. You will want to make sure the trailer has a brake mounting flange installed on the axle. If it does not then it will need to be installed by a qualified professional. Once you determine what size brakes are needed on your trailer you...
    view full answer...

  • What Is Dimension Between Bolts On The Caliper On The Kodiak Disc Brake Kit, # K2R526D
  • On the Kodiak Disc Brake Kit, # K2R526D, the distance between the center of one bolt to the center of the other bolt on the caliper is 5-3/4 inches. You would need to measure the distance of the bolts on your 2003 Mastercraft Trailer to know if this caliper will fit on your trailer. This caliper is made to work with the mounting brackets in the Kodiak Disc Brake Kit, # K2R526D. The Kodiak Disc Brake Kit, # K2R526D, is for 5,200 lbs. to 6,000 lbs. trailers with 15 inch and larger...
    view full answer...

  • Troubleshooting Bleeding Kodiak Disc Brake Assemblies
  • I'm glad to hear you have tested the HydraStar Marine Electric Over Hydraulic Actuator w/ Breakaway and 7-Way RV Harness - 1,600 psi # HS381-9067 and found it to be working properly. The Kodiak disc brake calipers like kit # K2R526D have a two piece bleeder valve so if you only adjust the bottom section to attempt bleeding, that is the cause of your frustration. I've attached a couple photos to assist.
    view full answer...

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