10" x 2-1/4" Passenger's-side electric trailer brake assembly fits 3,500-lb axles. Mounting flange has 4-bolt pattern. Lowest Prices for the best Trailer Brakes from Dexter. 10" Electric Trailer Brake Assembly - Right Hand - 3,500 lbs part number 23-27 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

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10" Electric Trailer Brake Assembly - Right Hand - 3,500 lbs

Dexter Trailer Brakes

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Dexter Trailer Brakes - 23-27

10" x 2-1/4" Passenger's-side electric trailer brake assembly fits 3,500-lb axles. Mounting flange has 4-bolt pattern.


  • 3,500 lbs Capacity per Pair
  • Mounts with 4 Bolts (included)
    • Bolt holes are 2-7/8" apart, center to center
  • Uses 10" Hub/Drums
  • Nuts, lock washers and adjuster plugs sold separately

Exploded Electric Brake Assembly

23-27 10" Electric Brake Assembly - Right Hand

Video of 10" Electric Trailer Brake Assembly - Right Hand - 3,500 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Demo Dexter Trailer Brakes 23 27
Dexter Trailer Brakes 23-27 Review

Video Transcript for Dexter Trailer Brakes 23-27 Review

Today we are going to review part number 23-27. This is the Dexter ten-inch electric brake assembly for the right hand side. This electric brake assembly will measure ten inches by 2-1/4 and the way that is measured is the diameter of the shoes across. Its ten inches and the width of the shoe will be 2-1/4. This is passenger side brake assembly, which is the right hand side, and the way you can tell that is the shorter shoe will face the front of the trailer and the longer shoe will face the rear of the trailer. When this assembly is paired with a left hand side assembly, itll be rated for an axle 235 pounds.

You can use a wheel size of 13, 14 or 15 and this brake certainly does have a four bolt-mounting flange as you can see here. It does include the four studs. What you want to do is to make sure it fits your four bolt-mounting flange is if you can measure the distance between the holes. In the case they measure 2-7/8 inches. That is the distance from the center to center of the mounting flange.

This is an electric brake assembly so its not really used for marine applications. There are two wire connections to be made. One is for the brake feed, the other is for the ground and it doesnt matter which wires you use for either connection. Down here is the star wheel, which is used for adjusting the brakes and what you will, is an access hole back here that you pull the plug out. Use a brake-adjusting tool in each end and you will adjust the star wheel for the brakes to go either in or out.

And, this is an electric brake assembly and the way that would work is when power is fed to this magnet, its magnetized and will come out and sticks to the surface, inner surface of the hub and drum assembly, which will in turn pull the brake arm. This arm right here. It will attach and pull it, which will apply the brakes outward to stop the hub and drum. This part does have a limited one-year warranty and that should do it for part number 23-27.

Customer Reviews

10" Electric Trailer Brake Assembly - Right Hand - 3,500 lbs - 23-27

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (112 Customer Reviews)

10" x 2-1/4" Passenger's-side electric trailer brake assembly fits 3,500-lb axles. Mounting flange has 4-bolt pattern.

- 23-27

by: ezreider06/02/2013

Used these electric brake assemblies to replace the hydraulic units which became useless due to the master cylinder in the coupler becoming rusted and frozen up. Everything about the units was top notch and they bolted directly in place of the hydraulic backing plates. Shipping was fast with detailed follow up provided by Etrailer (probably the best of any internet company I've dealt with.) Packaging was more than enough with more packing material and staples than was really required. ( 15 staples in the box ends alone where 5 would have been more than enough) Unfortunately, the assemblies were "nested" back to front into one another which caused the brake shoe of one unit to cut off the wire leads of the other. "Back to back" or "front to front" would have solved this issue which has happened to other customers. Additionally, the one plate had dust plugs for the brake adjuster provided while the other one had none. Both of these problems were minor but kept the experience from being totally outstanding. 82912

- 23-27

by: Mark07/23/2014

This is a Dexter OEM brake assembly, so it was manufactured per Dexter spec's and quality control. 142720

- 23-27

by: Larry V Bradley12/14/2012

I received the items that I ordered in a very timely manner. The items were in excellent condition when they were delivered to my back door.All of the items that I ordered were the perfect parts that I needed. The salesperson that I ordered the parts from was very helpful in getting the right parts that I needed for my lowboy.I would like to thank all of your employees that had any dealings with my order that I place with your company. I will remember your company and I will if I ever need any more parts I will be giving youall a call.I will let my friends that I have know that your company did a very fine job on my order.You have a fine company and I want to thank youall very much for the help that I received.May each and everyone of you have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Thanks Larry 61506

- 23-27

by: Andrew01/25/2012

Great deal! Only cost a few dollars more to replace the backing plate and components than to purchase new shoes. If you're debating whether to replace just the shoes, or the whole backing plate I'd recommend you replace the whole backing plate. It's far easier (4 nuts vs 3 springs and more), and ensures that everything is in good working order. One caveaut, however: it's not easy to replace backing plates when the nuts are severely rusted (in my case, it took cutting most of them off). FYI, I'm using these with drums marked "8-249-07" NOTE: You'll need (4) 7/16-20 nuts if you're not planning on using the originals. Bolts are included. 30304

- 23-27

by: Scott D.06/03/2012

Product was as advertised. Form, fit and function were excellant. Assembly was a breeze, especially with the non-polarity of the wires. Just bolt them on, plug them in, adjust them, and go. Recommend buyers also purchase the 4 nuts that hold each backing plate onto the trailer's mounting flange. They do not come with the assemblies, and 7/16 x 20 (fine thread) nuts are getting difficult to come by. I went to my local Lowes to purchase 16 nuts and lock washers for the 4 assemblies I purchased.. They only had 17 nuts in the entire store. 42572

- 23-27

by: Eric B05/22/2012

An unbeatable value over buying any single or multiple parts of the brake system for trailers. Everything being assembled and properly lubed by the factory makes this a no-brainer for doing any brake maintenance. Without knowing any of the prior history of the new-to-me trailer, I have more confidence now knowing that I have good brakes backing me up. I would highly recommend this assembly over just getting individual parts. I was also happy to see the "Made in the USA" sticker inside each brake assembly! 41253

- 23-27

by: Walter04/20/2013

The product was as advertised or better and shipping was great. They showed up sooner then I expected and just ahead of a nasty storm with heavy snow and high winds which I was afraid was going to delay the shipment until the following week- Kudos to UPS! Was able to track them all the way. Didnt get any pictures but they were an easy bolt on- much better than replacing the brake shoes and magnet separately. Also you cant beat Dexter Made in the USA quality. Thanks again....Walter Hagen 77056

- 23-27

by: Josh Adv Auto03/05/2014

Purchased this product for one of our customers, who was looking to repair their old trailer, as our company does not carry trailer parts for larger trailers, we searched locally, and were unable to find them availible., We ordered the parts from etrailer on monday, with the help of Marcia, and they arrived on wed. Very helpful phone support, and a very helpful website, the arrived parts were packaged very well and arrived as described. 118583

- 23-27

by: Skip T.06/22/2011

The magnets on my horse trailer brakes were weak and worn. I found THE ENTIRE BRAKE ASSEMBLY, MAGNET INCLUDED, on etrailer dot com for less than the local RV parts desk wanted for a single magnet! No messing with clips, springs or wire routing. Just R&R four nuts holding the assembly to the spindle, a few flips of the brake adjustment spoon and DONE! Outstanding value! AND... ...the assemblies are MADE IN THE USA! Thanks, etrailer! 17704

- 23-27

by: Bob G.12/30/2014

Ordered the Decker brake system not knowing if it would work since It was being installed on a 1960's era Hadco axle. The Decker center hole is 3" dis. but they don't tell you that information. With a little clean up if fit my axle perfectly. So am now going to order the left side along with some other items to complete this project. It would have been nice if some wiring information was enclosed. 167325

- 23-27

by: Larry C.05/20/2013

I have a trailer with older Kelsey-Hayes axles, and was having trouble figuring out what brakes would be suitable replacements. Then I came across e-trailer, and found the info I was looking for. I was more than pleased to find that these Dexter brakes would fit, and the price made the deal even better! Thanks for such great information and service. I will look at e-trailer first for future needs. 81154

- 23-27

by: Grovers of Rome05/16/2014

Bought several items and the SERVICE and the PRICE were far superior to other Internet sites - and even local RV Centers!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND etrailer and Renee K. She is very knowledgeable and helpful, made good recommendations. My purchases were smooth - and the products were the exact same quality and brand I could buy in Syracuse (at twice the price). 130946

- 23-27

by: Jeff R.11/25/2012

I completely rebuilt my trailer. The brake assemblies ordered were easy to install. It was much easier than trying to rebuild my existing brakes. The instructional videos from etrailer.com made the installation of the breakaway kit a breeze. Shipping was upgraded for free and received my order very quickly. It was a pleasure doing business with etrailer.com. 59994

- 23-27

by: Mike B.03/12/2012

Purchased the entire brake and hub assemblies for about the same price as a brake job at the trailer shop. Shipped quickly...etrailer even upgraded my shipping at N/C. The brake assembly and hubs were simple to install. The brake controller took less than a minute to install. Good prices, great service. Would definitely do business with etrailer again. 33579

- 23-27

by: Chas. S.05/24/2012

Made in the USA. Easily bolted on, but there were no supplied nuts/lock washers and I wish the bolts were a tad bit longer. etrailer prices and shipping were awesome though this order of backing plates/hubs/drums were not packed as well as the others. No worries, it got here without issue and is on trailer about an hour later!. Thanks again etrailer! 41577

- 23-27

by: Darrell F.06/07/2013

Brake assembly went on fine, however I had to go to the local hardware store and buy eight 7/16-20 nuts and lock washers because the kit didn't include the needed hardware to attach them to my axels. The kits I have bought in the past from TSC have always had all the needed hardware. I was disappointed in that fact other than they work fine. 83691

- 23-27

by: Rick B.08/03/2012

Easy to install, came complete and shipped quickly. I couldn't believe the speed of which my order arrived. I had placed orders with other online companies and everything i tried to order was out of stock or back ordered. This is the best site to order from. NO HASSLES, NO DELAYS, SHIPPING VERY FAST AND CUSTOMER SERVICE IS ASTONISHING! 50412

- 23-27

by: Kevin L01/22/2015

No issues but i haven't got them installed yet. No pinched wires or grease problems as others have said. If i have problems i will let you know. They should include the nuts and washers though. 170868


Got the left side put on and it was a perfect fit. Dont see any problems on the right side either. 2004 Shadow Master 26 ft enclosed trailer.

comment by: Kevin L - 01/26/2015


- 23-27

by: randy t. mississippi12/26/2012


- 23-27

by: David Meeks10/14/2012

products arrived early thanks to the quick shipping offered by etrailer! easy to install,except i forgot to order the nuts and lock washers offered by etrailer.com. better do some reading before next order! overall i am very pleased with my purchase from etrailer. the videos are very helpful as well!! 57189

- 23-27

by: Fred07/05/2012

The brake assembly was identical replacement and was very easy to install. All that's needed is to remove 4 bolts and the 12v brake line. Much easier going this route instead of trying to individually replace the shoes and magnet. This was for my travel trailer camper which has Dexter 3500lb axles. 46791

- 23-27

by: RMC07/10/2013

Haven't been able to try them out yet, but they installed pretty easily, even for having never dealt with trailer brakes before. The only complaints I have are that the hardware and adjuster hole plugs were not included. Seriously, can't we add a buck on the price and throw them in? 88708

- 23-27

by: Larry V Bradley11/28/2012

I received the order on the 27 of Nov and the product was in excellent condition. It was shipped in a timely manner.If I ever need anything for my trailer I will make sure that I order it from this business.The salesperson was very helpful in getting this order out to me . Larry 60115

- 23-27

by: Darren C.02/09/2015

Product was a perfect fit! It made a tough job much easier! I love that they are made in USA! Rose G. helped me with my order and she was fantastic! I have already recomended etrailer.com to several of my friends! I will check here first for all my trailer needs! Thanks! 173073

- 23-27

by: Rick B08/04/2012

This was the easiest brake job ever! from start to finish, from jacking up, taking off wheels and old hubs, installing backing plates, new bearings and hubs, and wiring took only 1 hour. They work perfectly! Super fast shipping and great customer service! Thank you! 50571

- 23-27

by: Mr.R11/15/2014

OEM Made in USA and Dexter original. Exact fit. This is the best way to service brake systems especially on tandem axle applications. Great price, great service. Best with new nuts and lock washers and new Dexter drums and did I mention made in USA. 161125

- 23-27

by: Denny H.08/25/2014

I haven't tried adjusting or using the brakes but they look good. The only problem I had with the installation was the 4 mounting bolts are too short. I had to drive the ones out of the old brake mount. They seated and worked fine on the new ones. 148415

- 23-27

by: Tom Wine10/24/2012

You can't ask for a better product that is made in the good old USA with an outstanding price. Oh don't worry about shipping, I ordered on Monday and received on Wednesday, if only you could see the smile on my face. Thanks etrailer, stay the path. 58037

- 23-27

by: Dale F.08/17/2011

Quickest and easiest brake job I've ever done. Did all 4 wheels in a few hours. Did not have to remember how everything goes back together, just 4 bolts to remove and reinstall, and done. Best of all, made in the USA! Keep Americans working! 22022

- 23-27

by: james freeman03/13/2013

This order was just like the last order. Fast, Exactly what I needed , price was good. I couldn't ask for more. It is a pleasure doing business e-trailer. You won't get rich from my business but I can tell others. THANKS JIM 70483

- 23-27

by: Bob S03/12/2015

OEM Dexter axle brake assemblies came in perfect condition, very well boxed. Fast delivery and great price. Torched of the old assembly bolts because of the Northeast rust, bolted up the new in minutes. Highly recommend etrailer.com. 178003

- 23-27

by: Austin T04/16/2014

Great price and fast delivery! A+ 125571

- 23-27

by: Ron01/06/2011

Good deal on brakes So easy to install; it comes all complete. I only needed the magnet but for a couple of bucks more I got the whole assembly. Only a couple of days to get it, real easy to do business. I recommend etrailer.com 5096

- 23-27

by: Jim T10/12/2014

This was my first time ordering with etrailer. I was very happy. I had no problems with the product. Delivery was very prompt. If I need anything else I will definitely order from etrailer again. Thank you very much. 155661

- 23-27

by: Dave L10/24/2013

Still got to put them on, but they look good, I forgot to order the brake controller so I missed out on the free shipping,. Can you make a recommendation for a controller, I have a 2004 Chevy Sub 1500. Nothing fancy 105050


One of my favorite controllers is the Prodigy P2, part 90885. It has all the important features for a proportional controller, without extra bells and whistles that may be nice but not necessary. A relative new-comer to us, that has been received well so far is the TrailerMate X10, part TM75813. It works well, is pretty inexpensive, but the display is on the bright side and can be harder to read at an angle than the larger LED displays.

Patrick B - 10/31/2013


- 23-27

by: Anonymous10/26/2011

Excellent factory part. Direct replacement. Swap couldn't of been easier then removing the four nuts holding the backing plate in place and put the new one on using the old nuts. Resolder the wires and your all set. 26130

- 23-27

by: chancey08/15/2014

A much smarter move to replace the assembly than just shoes and not much price difference vs. Buying just the brake shoes. Cheapest price I found also this is a genuine made in the USA Dexter axle part. 146939

- 23-27

by: no name02/13/2013

Easy to order great price and fast shipping. When the product arrived it was in great shape and no issues. What I ordered was what I expected to show up and it was. I will buy from here more often now. 66184

- 23-27

by: bill g02/02/2015

Great web-site! Had no problem installing on my 04 Outback,thanks guys,appreciated the free shipping also!! Bill G 172178

- 23-27

by: George S05/17/2013

Made in the USA, was my number one reason to buy. Also made by Dexter. Great service by E trailer, I have purchased from etrailer before, always great products and service, quick to ship. 80631

- 23-27

by: Jim mc12/11/2014

The brake assembly went on great and very simple to connect the brake wires back up on our hay bug. Brakes work fine right out of the box. Re packed the spindles and we are moving hay. 164319

- 23-27

by: KM12/14/2012

Nice made in usa ! Cant beat the price and free shipping at the time. Cheaper in the long run to replace the whole backing plate than try to clean up old ones and put new shoes on. 61425

- 23-27

by: George03/01/2013

I purchased 2 sets of these (2 left and 2 right) for my trailer. They bolted right up, connected the wires and performed great. Couldn't ask for more at a good price too! Thanks! 68365

- 23-27

by: lwal07/14/2014

The Dexter assembly was what I expected, of high quality. The assembly combined with the drums did destroy the shipping container. But the product arrived in fine shape. 141226

- 23-27

by: steve01/28/2013

Everything seemed as described all good, only issue was adjuster was found in bottem of box and 2 sets of brake shoes required resetting in backing plate from shipping 64415

- 23-27

by: Steve A11/07/2014

Excellent product, at a very good price. Delivery was quick and everything arrived as expected. I will definately go back to etrailer for future replacement parts. 159907

- 23-27

by: Bruce M.08/22/2012

Delivery was free and fast, I've only had a chance to install one but it was a breeze so the other three will be the same I'm sure. Would highly recomend. 52609

- 23-27

by: Peter L.08/13/2014

All items were delivered in a couple days. Brakes went on easily and seem to be good quality.Went for a test drive and they work GREAT! Would buy again. 146577

- 23-27

by: Mike L.05/21/2013

Complete and direct replacement and easy install. If I had a complaint, it would be simply that the adjuster plugs weren't included but not a big deal. 81425

- 23-27

by: Paul05/11/2013

Product was received promptly and functioned perfectly. Wish all my parts purchaces went this smoothly. We will be doing business in the future. Thanks 79839

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  • Proper Adjustment of 10 Inch Electric Brakes On Trailer
  • To adjust your brakes, you will want use a brake adjustment tool and turn the adjustment gear which is accessible through the back of the brake assembly. You will want to tighten the gear so that you cannot turn the wheel, then you will want to back the gear off 10 clicks. This will be the proper adjustment for the brakes and will need to be repeated on each brake assembly of the trailer (see video link). Another adjustment you will want to make is with your brake controller. If your...
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  • Trailer Brakes Do Not Lock Up and Show Low Voltage, What is the Right Voltage
  • I contacted our representative at Redline about the issue you are having with your trailer brakes and your 1996 Toyota 4Runner. He informed me that there should be 12 volts of power at the trailer brakes if the brake controller is putting out 12 volts. Start with your brake controller. Review the set-up instructions that came with your controller to make sure it adjusted correctly. Then, use a multimeter like part # BTMT15 to check the voltage on the blue output wire of the controller....
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  • How to Measure to Select the Correct Brake Shoes for a 6,000 lb Dexter Trailer Axle
  • You will need to measure to select the correct brake assemblies for your axles. You need to know that the brake assembly is compatible with the brake mounting flange and with the drum's diameter and depth. I added a photo showing how to measure a hub/drum for you, Typically 6,000 lb Dexter axles have a 5 bolt brake flange, like part # 4-44-1, and utilize 12 x 2 inch brake assemblies, like part # 23-106. The correct brake shoes for these assemblies are part # BP04-150. If you measure...
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  • Electric Drum Brake Recommendations for a 3,500 Pound Trailer Axle
  • The most cost effective solution to add brakes would be to use your existing hubs and drums and use new electric drum brake assemblies. We have several options in the electric drum brake for 3,500 pound axles category. First, we have basic 10 inch drum brakes, # 23-26 (left hand) and # 23-27 (right hand). I have included a video showing a basic brake installation below. We also carry the Nev-R-Adjust Electric Brake Assembly, # 23-468 (left hand) and # 23-469 (right hand). The advantage...
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  • Replacing Electric Trailer Brake Shoes and Magnets on a 2 Axle Scotty Camper with 4 Bolt Wheel
  • The best way to determine the correct parts for your brake assemblies is to either measure the diameter of the brake drum and the width of the pads on the shoes and determine the manufacturer or to use the inner and outer bearing part numbers and wheel bolt pattern to determine the hub on your trailer. The 8-147 number that you referenced is a casting number that is not related to the actual part number. The # 23-27 brake assembly is for 10 X 2-1/4 inch brake drums. Since your hubs...
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  • Using Dexter Brake Pads as Replacements on Hayes Brake Assembly
  • I can't recommend using a Dexter brake shoe on a Hayes/Al Ko brake assembly. The parts haven't been tested together for fit, so I honestly couldn't say if they'd work or not. The same would go for the return spring. Our usual recommendation is for folks to simply replace the entire brake assembly when the pads wear out. This way all your brake shoes, springs, adjuster and magnet are new as well. For a 10 inch brake drum, a 2-1/4 inch wide brake pad is what we have available. You can...
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  • Troubleshooting New Trailer Brake Magnets that are Weak
  • It sounds like you either have bad grounds for the brake assemblies or you are using too small of gauge for the brake assemblies themselves. The brake output circuit should be 10 gauge wire like the part # 10-1-1 which is sold by the foot. Make sure the ground wires of the assemblies are attached to a clean metal surface on the trailer's frame. You can try adding jumper wires from the trailer frame to the main ground of the trailer's wiring to see if that might help as well.
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  • Replacement Brake Assemblies for Older Trailer With Hayes 4 Bolt Mount Assemblies
  • Yes, the Dexters should work. 4 bolt mount, 10x2-1/4 inch brakes are interchangeable between Dexter and Hayes on 3,500 pound axles. As long as your brakes are 2-1/4 inch tall you could use either the regular or self-adjusting Dexter assemblies. The standard assemblies are part # 23-26 and part # 23-27, the Nev-R-Adjust are part # 23-468 and part # 23-469. It would be best to replace both brake assemblies at the same time. Like tires, you want each assembly to wear evenly with the...
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  • Converting 3500 lb Axle from Idler Hubs to Electric Brakes
  • The brake mounting flanges, whether they be 4 or 5 bolt, have a standard hole spacing to fit their appropriate brake assembly. No worries about the brake assembly matching with the existing one on your axle. A 3500 lb axle like what you have will use a 4 bolt flange. You will need to get the numbers that are stamped on your existing bearings, in order to confirm the fit of the # 84557UC3. Your current bearings will need to match the bearings of the replacement hub. The # 84557UC3 uses...
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  • Why are Electric Brakes Getting Hot on 98 Coleman Camper After Installation of New Brake Assemblies
  • It sounds to me as if there is one of three problems going on. The most likely problem is that the brake assembly on the right side is not properly adjusted. There is an access hole in the backing plate to insert a brake adjusting tool through and turn the adjuster in or out to properly adjust the trailer brakes. We have a video on trailer brake installation and at 4 minutes 40 seconds trailer brake adjustment is shown. Tighten up the brakes inside the drum until it stops turning. Then...
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  • Recommendation for Trailer Brakes On a 16 Foot Enclosed Trailer with 2 Axles And 5,000 LB GVW
  • If your trailer does not have brakes on the axles at this time then I would recommend putting brakes on at least one axle. Many car haulers and utility style trailers with 7,000 pound gross trailer and load weight ratings have brakes on only one axle. If you plan on using your trailer often and loading it near or to capacity, then brakes on both axles would make stopping with the trailer much easier and safer, and would save wear and tear on your vehicle braking system. If the trailer...
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  • Parts Needed to Install Brakes on a Tandem Trailer with Hayes 3,500 lb Axles
  • You are correct, the # 84 spindle parts do interchange to 3,500 lb Hayes axles, as long as it is not a boat trailer axle, so you can use the Dexter parts on these axles. The spindle and hub parts for this application are standard parts that are still used in production, so they should be around for a long time to come. Of course keeping a record of the parts you use will help with replacement in the future. You could always return to Hayes parts in the future, the only thing to keep...
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  • Changing Idler Hubs on Small 5x8 Trailer to Electric Brakes
  • With a smaller trailer like you describe, electric brakes would be my recommendation both from a cost standpoint as well as the ease of installation. For the trailer, you would need two hub/drum assemblies and two brake assemblies. To determine if the hub/drum assemblies we offer are compatible with your trailer spindles, you will need to pull one of your idler hubs off, and look at the inner and outer bearing numbers. The hubs we offer, part # 84546UC3 use # L68149 inner bearings and...
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  • Troubleshooting a Dragging Electric Brake on a Trailer
  • It sounds like there is an electrical short on your trailer wiring that is activating your left rear brake assembly and that is why the brake continues to drag and get hot. Since you have swapped the brake assembly out and still had the problem you know the problem is not in the assembly but somewhere else on the trailer wiring. I would start at the wiring near the brake assembly and check for corrosion and loose or exposed wires and fix as necessary. You will want to trace this back...
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  • Troubleshooting Dexter 10 inch Brakes not Holding the Truck and Trailer and Magnets Touching Drum
  • It sounds as if you may have to adjust the trailer brakes or have a wiring issue. When the 10 inch brakes, part # 23-26 and # 23-27, are installed on the trailer the brake magnet should release as long as there is no power to the magnets. The spring should not interfere with the release of the magnet as long as the brake assembly is assembled correctly, you should verify that the brake assemblies are assembled correctly. There is no adjustment of the brake arm that holds the magnet and...
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  • Electric Brake Recommendation for a 1986 Fleetwood Prowler 22 with Tandem Axles
  • To determine the correct brake assembly for your 1986 Fleetwood Prowler 22 with tandem axles, you will need to do some measuring. First measure the diameter of the mounted brake shoe or the inside diameter of the drum, then measure the width of the brake lining. If 10 inches by 2-1/4 inches is correct and you have a 4 bolt mounting pattern, the Dexter Axle Electric Brakes, item # 23-26 and # 23-27, would be the correct fit. You could also use the TruRyde Electric Brake Assemblies,...
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  • Will Dexter Electric Trailer Brakes Fit on a 3,500 Pound AL-KO Axle
  • If you wanted Hayes electric brakes to replace the old ones, you would need to use left side, # 60202803 and right side # 60202703. The Dexter brakes, # 23-26 and # 23-27 have the same 4 bolt mounting pattern as the Hayes brakes and you will be able to use them. We also have some Nev-R-Adjust brakes that will fit, # 23-468 and # 23-469.
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  • 5 on 5 Bolt Pattern Hub and Drum Recommendation for the Timbren Axle-Less System # ASR3500S06
  • All you would need is the correct 5 on 5 inch bolt pattern hub/drums and brake assemblies to go along with the Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension System # ASR3500S06 and you would be good to go. For a hub with the correct capacity and bolt pattern that would fit the spindles of the # ASR3500S06 you would want the Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly # 84556UC3. I attached an install video for you to check out. For brake assemblies you would want the part # 23-26 for the left hand side...
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  • Does Dexter Electric Brake Assembly Part 23-27 Include the Backing Plate and Magnet
  • On brake assembly part 23-27, everything picture is included. The backing plate, brake shoes, linkage, magnet arm and magnet. The same goes for the left hand side assembly, part # 23-26. I have linked to a video below that shows these very assemblies being installed on a trailer.
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  • Recommended Replacement Electric 10 by 2-1/4 Inch Brake Assemblies for 2007 Flagstaff RV
  • All 10 x 2-1/4 inch brake assemblies are for 3500 lb axles, so there's not any worries about compatibility. You can choose between a standard brake assembly from Dexter Axle like part # 23-26 for the left hand side and # 23-27 for the right hand or a self-adjusting brake assembly like the Tekonsha # 54801-006 for the left side or # 54801-005 for the right hand. Although both sets of brakes I mentioned would be compatible with your axles, I'd recommend the self-adjusting brake assemblies....
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  • Replacement Hub/ Drums, Brake Assemblies and Tires for 2003 Trail-Lite Travel Trailer
  • The Hub and Drum assembly you referenced, part # 84546UC3 has the same casting number on it, so it is most likely the correct replacement for you. I would recommend looking at your existing bearings to confirm a match. If the existing bearings you have are # L68149 inner and # L44649 outer, these are the correct replacements. For electric brake assemblies, use # 23-26 for the left side, and # 23-27 for the right. The mounting nuts, # 6-17 and lock washers, # 5-8 are not included....
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  • Tips to Keep a Proportional Brake Controller Level When Installing
  • Electric proportional brake controllers are required to be manually leveled by hand according to the parameters outlined in the installation instructions. Not all brake controllers have the same mounting range so you need to make sure you follow the instructions. One thing proportional brake controllers have in common is that in addition to the specific mounting range, they also cannot be tilted left or right or lean to one side or the other. They need to be mounted in the direction...
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  • How to Choose the Correct Brake Assembly for Trailer Axles
  • You will need to do some measuring to determine if the 10 Inch Electric Brake Assembly LH, item # 23-26, is the correct assembly for your trailer. Measure the diamater of the mounted brake shoe, the width of the lining and the distance between the mounting holes on center. It may also help if you can determine the manufacturer of your brake. Once you have these measurements you can choose the correct assembly for your axles. It is recommended to change both of the brake assemblies at...
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  • Poor Braking on Jayco 90 Pop-Top Camper Caused By Brake Assemblies on Wrong Sides
  • From what you describe, it sounds like the brake assemblies you have are installed upside down or on the wrong side of the trailer. The magnet should be at the bottom of the brake assembly, as well as the brake adjuster. The semicircular bow that the magnet connects to should be on the side of the brake assembly closest to the front of the trailer, as shown in the photo of the drivers side brake assembly that I have edited for you. If the brake assemblies are on the wrong wheels, the...
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  • Installing Hydraulic Trailer Brakes on a Kristi Utility Trailer
  • There are two ways to go. Drum brakes and Disc brakes. To determine which assemblies will fit on your spindles we will need to know the inner and outer bearing and seal part numbers. We will also need the Brake Mounting Flange bolt pattern on the spindles and the bolt pattern and size of the wheels that are on your trailer. For the hydraulic actuator we will need the size of the trailer tongue where the actuator will mount. If you will get back to me with your choices and the needed...
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  • Troubleshooting Weak Trailer Brakes After Converting from Hydraulic to Electric Drum Brakes
  • There are several possible reasons why you have weak trailer brakes. Make sure the trailer is disconnected before testing the brakes. First, I recommend changing where the ground is located to a place closer to the brake assemblies. Make sure it is grounded to a clean and corrosion free location. Next, visually inspect the brakes for any grease or oil on the magnets and brake linings. Since the assemblies are new, it is unlikely that the magnets are bad or the drums have accrued grooves....
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  • Differences Between Brake Assemblies # TRBK10E01 and part # 23-26
  • Basically the only difference between the # TRBK10E01 and the part # 23-26 is the brand name. Both have the same capacities, are the same size and are for the left hand side of the trailer. To measure your current setup to get the correct replacement you will want to measure the inner diameter of the brake drum plus the depth. Check out the picture I attached for more info. The right hand side assembly to go along with the # TRBK10E01 would be the # TRBK10E02 and the right hand assembly...
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  • Should a Trailer Brake Magnet Make Contact with a Drum Even With No Brakes Applied
  • The magnet should only make contact with the inside of the brake drum when power is applied to the magnet. If it is making contact with the drum all the time, you may have residual power running on the brake wire that is just enough to cause the magnet to grab the drum. You will need to check the magnet power wire with a circuit tester, # 3808, to see if there is any power when the brakes are not applied. If there is, there is a short circuit somewhere and you will need to track it down....
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  • Will Dexter Electric Brake Assemblies fit Axis Hub and Drums
  • As long as the Axis hubs will accommodate brakes shoes that are 2-1/4 inches wide, they should work fine with the Dexter electric brake assemblies we carry. You would use part # 23-26 for the left hand side.
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  • Replacement Brake Shoes for 10 x 1-3/4-inch Brakes
  • We offer replacement brake shoes for 10 x 1-1/2- and 10 x 2-1/4-inch electric drum brakes but no longer for the 1-3/4-inch width you reference. Dexter part # bp04-065 you referenced is a set of replacement brake shoes for electric trailer brakes normally seen on Dexter 2.8K axles. I was not able to find any brake part with the reference number 1530114. If you want to replace your brake assemblies and hubs/drum assemblies you will need to match up several characteristics to ensure compatibility....
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