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Kodiak XL ProLube Kit for 3500-lb Axles

Kodiak XL ProLube Kit for 3500-lb Axles

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Trailer Bearings Races Seals Caps
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Great Prices for the best trailer bearings races seals caps from Kodiak. Kodiak XL ProLube Kit for 3500-lb Axles part number XLPROLUBE1980KIT can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Kodiak Trailer Bearings Races Seals Caps - XLPROLUBE1980KIT

  • Caps
  • Oil Cap
  • 1.98 Inch
  • Kodiak


  • Converts trailer from grease to oil with your existing hubs
  • Fits 1.98" hubs and 3500-lb axles
  • Seal for 1.72" spindle
    • Not for use with 1.68" spindle
  • Kit includes:
    • 1 Bottle of bearing lubricant
    • 2 Inner oil seals for a 1.72" spindle
    • 2 Oil bath caps for 1.98" hub bores

XLPROLUBE1980-K Kodiak XL ProLube Kit

Replaces XLPROLUBE1980-KIT

Video of Kodiak XL ProLube Kit for 3500-lb Axles

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Kodiak Trailer Bearings Races Seals Caps - Caps - XLPROLUBE1980KIT Review

Today we're going to take a look at the Kodiak XL Pro Lube Kit for 3500 pound axles. Now, this kit is designed to eliminate corrosion and leaks that are commonly resulting in premature bearing failure. This will convert your trailer from grease to oil with your existing hubs. The bearings will oiled through the centrifugal force. That will give you low maintenance, high corrosion resistance, and cooler running for longer bearing life. The body on the cap here, let me take the top off here, is an anodized aluminum construction.

It's for nice corrosion resistance. It is designed to fit 1.98 inch hubs, and 3500 pounds axles. The cap that screws on to it is a blue polycarbonate material, and you can see through it to see the level of the oil. Has a rubber plug right in the middle here that you'd pull out to fill the oil. It does have a water-tight O-ring seal around there, so when you do tighten that in, it will seal that. Now, the oil seal, you do need to replace your seals.

The oil seal is a ribbed, anti-rotation design. The seal is designed to fit 1.72 inch spindle outside diameter, and 2.56 hub inside diameter. This is not for use with the 1.68 inch spindle. The oil it comes with, this tube, or this bottle of oil, is a special synthetic formula to help reduce friction. It is compatible with your existing grease.

That should do it for the review on the Kodiak XL Pro Lube Kit for 3500 pound axles.

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Customer Reviews

Kodiak XL ProLube Kit for 3500-lb Axles - XLPROLUBE1980KIT

Average Customer Rating:  4.3 out of 5 stars   (133 Customer Reviews)


I have been thru 3 rear seals in 500 miles and 2 Plastic caps with this Kodiak 3500 XL lube kit,ridiculous.One cap was cracked upon purchase.My Trailer has all NEW parts 100 %. I have bought 3 extra caps,4 extra bottles of bearing lube. I now leave my decorative logo caps off so I can check my bearing lube every fuel up stop.I'm stubborn because I will not let this stupid system leaking beat me, I must stop the leaking! PS apparently I am the stupid one.

Etrailer Expert

Katrina B.


That is not supposed to be leaking like that. I will get you over to our customer service department for them to better assist you.


Wish I hadn't converted my std. grease hubs to oil bath hubs. Of the 4 hubs I converted, one keeps leaking. This will be the third re-build of that hub. Seems the rear seal keeps leaking. Ugh!


Great concept and well made product that would work well on over the road trailers.
I used them on a boat trailer with new axles and the first time I submerged the trailer water was introduced to three of the hubs. I had to go back to bearing buddies.


So far in one year I've been through about 7 Seals. They flat out leak. I found better luck by soaking them in gear lube before installing them. The way they're designed with an inner and outer section that seal against each other to allow it to spin with the Hub yet seal to the spindle seems to not be Lubed enough. Another issue I've had is the caps. I've been through several caps from leaking as well. I've had three caps with spider cracks. at first I assumed it was from me over tightening but after I replaced them being that they have an O-ring I just hand tightened them. two out of the four caps that I replaced and only hand tightened were cracked again. Let's just say it's been a very expensive year in comparison to just dealing with greased bearings. Really this should be a far superior system but until they get the seals and caps from failing, I'm going back to grease


I have used these hubs a dozen times and I think they’re the greatest thing since sliced bread. The lubrication of the bearings with a liquid is far superior then any grease I’ve ever seen. And the ability to check at a glance and know your bearings are protected and you can change the lube without making a mess there just plane great



Your product is still working like the day it was installed it gets used two or three times a week and usually nothing local all long run’s no leak’s at seals or cap’s and whatever the composition of the lube I haven’t had to add to the hub there great looking forward to a set of four for my toy trailer!!!


I installed the oil bath system per the instructions, it was easy to install, the tips I would give anyone is to take your time when installing the rear seal. Its very tight, so take your time and use a solid round object and make sure it goes on perfectly straight. It was all straight forward as far as installation, what I found different was after installation. I noticed that instead of the seal rotating over the axel, the seal stays affixed to the axel, and the outer race, between hub and seal is what moves. I've never seen this before. So I called etrailer and spoke to customer service. They checked and said because this is an oil bath system its normal for the seal to stay stationary and the movement is between hub and seal. I spent a lot of time cleaning the axel were the seal normally rides. However it seams you don't have to. I hope they are right. I'm going to follow-up after I haul some heavy loads and let you know how it goes.

Glenn J.


After a year I am very happy with the Kodiak XL pro lube kit. I’ve made three 1200 miles trips and other shorter trips with no problems at all. The one issue I had, that turned out to be a self inflicted installation problem my fault was that I didn’t bend the cotter pin back far enough. The outer cover is a high quality aluminum, when the wheel turns the outer cover turns and the cotter pin stays stationary. What happened was the cotter pin rubbed on the inside of the aluminum outer cover. So when I checked the oil after hauling a heavy load I saw what I thought was metal flakes in the oil. I thought the bearings where shedding chrome flakes. But after calling Kodiak tech support and talking to their support team, they said check the oil with a magnet, if the flakes are magnetic it could be the bearing, but if it’s not it’s probably the cotter pin rubbing the inside of the outer cover. And that’s what it was. All I did was jack the opposite side of the trailer and drained and flushed the oil out the service cap, made sure the cotter pin what pushed all the way in, and reserviced with oil. It has been flawless ever since. I highly recommend this conversion to a wet bearing.


Good quality, at a fair price. The blue lube and blue tinted outer caps make it a little difficult to see the level of oil inside. I would recommend this product. its a great idea.

Pete D.


Still works fine after a year


Materials used look to be of good quality, though I have seen others talk about cap quality. My largest issue is that the instructions are photocopied in black and white, losing the real ability to decipher the pictures. If you have chanced bearings or pulled hubs before, than you won't need the pictures - it's pretty straight forward. Outside of this - you will need 'red sealant' for the outer aluminum body which does not come in the kit. I've had both grease and oil hubs and by far the oil hub is not only better for the bearings and trailer, but drastically cuts down the amount of time maintaining the hubs. Largest hub saver is moving the trailer monthly to keep from Brinnelling the bearings, but this product will add a large piece of mind on those longer hauls.


I wasn’t converting to prolube. I had just bought a boat trailer with the prolube system. One axle was leaking and I only needed a cap and O-ring. The kit was a way to fix the leak and have some spare parts.
The trailer is 10 years old. The prolube system appears to have been original equipment. I could tell the O-rings were replaced once before. If you are thinking of converting to this system, just keep an eye on them O-rings. Ten years and just two sets of O-rings... not bad. Easy to swap out.


Great product you can see lube level at a glance you do not have to pack the wheel bearing every year or carry a grease gun with you all the time easy to install, last set lasted 7 years before the seal started to leak.


They don't fit all the oil came out and locked up th bearings.i guess I got the wrong size seal.



Never could use them.wont fit


My boat trailer has been on oil bath for ten years. I will never have a greased trailer bearing again. This product easily converts existing hubs to oil bath. Installed easily and looking forward to smooth operation.



These kits work great but you definitely need some mechanical ability to put them on.


This is my second trailer I have used this wet bearing set up on and I have had no problems. Just don’t over tighten the caps. They just need to be seated firmly, not torqued. Great system.


The Kodiak ProLube Kit is a GREAT. These will go on my second and third trailers. The first trailer I installed on has over 50k miles on it with NO failures. The bearings run so much cooler than with grease.


The oil bath hubs have worked very well and I would recommend them for any conversion. I believe the oil bath system is superior to the grease pack, but that is only my opinion. If you are considering a conversion, this is a good product to use.


The plastic caps all broke within a couple of months and the seals also started leaking removed them and I don’t think the hubs hold enough oil to properly cool and keep well lubricated. I went back to grease bearings.


So far after a few trips this seems to be an excellent product. I learned to love this type of system on a tractor trailer setup I drove. Very maintenance free. Just check the level and change the fluid once a year or so. Also makes you look at your hubs a little more often, like a person probably should, to check the fluid level.


Junk ! if you have electric brakes? Leaked on brake shoes had to replace considerable cost. Would not recommend


Looks good. Have yet to install. Very fast delivery.


Kodiak XL ProLube Kit has preformed very well


Leaked on brand new hubs - stick with g rease.


Product will fit easy grease spindles. I didnt use the oil supplied due too its very thin. I used lucus hub oil instead.


As always excellent service quick shipp ing


Great product even though it didn't fit my trailer, my fault.

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See what our Experts say about this Kodiak Trailer Bearings Races Seals Caps

  • Solution for Needing Replacement Cap of Kodiak XL ProLube Kit XLPROLUBE1980KIT
    I have a solution for you but just the blue cap of the Kodiak XL ProLube Kit for 3500-lb Axles Item # XLPROLUBE1980KIT that you referenced is not available. So your best option would be the Kodiak XL ProLube Oil Bath Hub Body and Cap # xlprolube1980 which is the blue cap and the metal piece it attaches to.
    view full answer...
  • O-Ring Size for 1.98" Kodiak XL ProLube Oil Bath Hub Body and Cap
    The O-Ring for the Kodiak XL ProLube Oil Bath Hub Body and Cap - 1.98" # xlprolube1980 that sits between the cap and the hub body has an outer diameter of 1.89". This hub and cap is also available in the kit # XLPROLUBE1980KIT which comes with 2 of the hub and cap, oil seals, and the bearing lube needed to complete the setup. Attached are some videos for you to check out.
    view full answer...
  • Availability of Oil of XLRPROLUBE1980KIT Separately
    Yes, we do offer the oil from the kit part # XLPROLUBE1980KIT separately with the part # XLPROLUBE.
    view full answer...
  • Kodiak Oil Bath Lube Kit For 3,500LB Lippert Axles
    Yes, the Kodiak XL ProLube Kit for 3500-lb Axles # XLPROLUBE1980KIT is the correct kit for your Lippert axle. According to the information found on Lippert's site all their 3,500lb sprung axles use the 1.98 grease cap and a 1.72" seal. Be sure to get some extra Synthetic Bearing Oil # XLPROLUBE incase you develop a leak while you are using your trailer.
    view full answer...
  • How to Determine the Correct Oil Bath Cap
    To figure out the correct oil bath cap, you will need to know your axle's capacity or size of your hub bore. For a 3,500 lb hub or 1.98" hub bore you would use Kodiak XL ProLube Oil Bath Hub Body and Cap # XLPROLUBE1980, or for the kit you would use # XLPROLUBE1980KIT. If your axle had a capacity of 5,200 lbs or 6,000 lbs, or 2.44" hub bore you would want Kodiak XL ProLube Oil Bath Hub Body and Cap # XLPROLUBE2440 or if you wanted the kit you would use # XLPROLUBE2440KIT. I've added links...
    view full answer...
  • Replacement 250-031468 Seals Needed for Reliable Oil Bath
    From my research it looks like the correct replacement seal for your Reliable oil bath kit is the Replacement Seal # XLPROLUBE1980SEAL which is used for 3,500 lb axles. This seal has a 1.72" inner diameter and a 2.56" outside diameter. You can use these specs to ensure that it fits your application. I am unsure about the screw you mentioned because none of our kits have that screw, they just use rubber plugs similar to what you would see on an EZ Lube grease cap. If you are needing to...
    view full answer...
  • Can Grease Hubs be Converted to Oil Bath Hubs
    Depending on the type of grease hub you have, you may be able to convert it to oil by using the Kodiak XL ProLube Kit # XLPROLUBE1980KIT. Based on the inner and outer bearing numbers that you provided, you most likely have a 3,500 pound axle, although I still recommend verifying this. This ProLube Kit will work with the 3,500 pound axle if the spindle features a 1.72 inch diameter where the grease seal sits and the existing grease hubs have a 1.98 inch grease cap flange diameter. I have...
    view full answer...
  • Fit of Kodiak XLPROLUBE1980KIT on 3500 lb Spindles With 171255 Grease Seal
    The # XLPROLUBE1980KIT is compatible with a 3500 lb spindle that uses the L68149 inner/L44649 outer bearing and the 171255 grease seal, so it'll work great for you. You can view a product description video by clicking the provided link.
    view full answer...
  • Installation of Kodiak XL ProLube Kit
    You can install the Kodiak XL ProLube Kit for 3500-lb Axles # XLPROLUBE1980KIT if you have a 1.72" spindle, the kit does include a pair of oil bath caps for 1.98" hub bores. To install the kit you are going to need to remove your current hubs, bearings, seals and caps and use degreaser, making absolutely sure there is no grease remaining. When you are putting the caps on that come with this kit you are correct that you install it the same way as a Bearing Buddy. In the directions it...
    view full answer...
  • Parts Included in Kodiak XL ProLube Kit for 3500-lb Axles XLPROLUBE1980KIT
    The Kodiak XL ProLube Kit for 3500-lb Axles # XLPROLUBE1980KIT does include the bottle of bearing lubricant, two inner oil seals for a 1.72-inch spindle and two oil bath caps that fit a 1.98-inch hub bore. The actual hubs themselves that you wheels mount to are not included.
    view full answer...
  • Oil Bath Conversion Kit to Fit in Place of 442251 Seals
    The oil bath kit that you're looking for is the Kodiak XL ProLube Kit for 3500-lb Axles # XLPROLUBE1980KIT. This comes with oil seals that have an ID of 1.72" which are an exact match for your National 442251 seals. The oil caps fit 1.98" hub bores so you will want to double check that. Please note that you need to remove all of the grease in your current setup prior to installing an oil bath kit. If any grease is left then you run the risk of the grease reacting with the oil and then...
    view full answer...
  • Difference Between Oil and Grease Seals
    Yes, there is a difference between an oil seal and a grease seal for trailer hubs. Oil seals have a much tighter fit on the spindle to keep the oil from leaking out. An oil seal can be used with grease but a grease seal cannot be used with oil. The Kodiak XL ProLube Kit # XLPROLUBE1980KIT you were looking at comes with oil seals and oil bath caps and would allow you to convert from grease to oil on 3,500 lb axles.
    view full answer...
  • Does Dust Cover of Kodiak XL ProLube Kit Install After Mounting Hub
    The instructions that you mentioned refer to tapping in the dust cover portion of the Kodiak XL ProLube Kit for 3500-lb Axles # XLPROLUBE1980KIT into the hub bore after it's mounted. While this wouldn't damage the seal necessarily you could install this before installing the hub on the spindle if you wanted to.
    view full answer...
  • What Type of Grease Seal Keeps Out Water the Best
    Are you using double lip grease seals or single lip seals? Is there a metal spring that runs around the seal to hold it tight to the spindle? I'd verify that first but if it's not that it's either a bad spindle or you are using the wrong size seal. Oil seals aren't typically better at keeping water out than grease. Normally both do a great job. I attached a picture that has a diagram that shows the different seal styles. I also attached a link to a page that has all of the grease seals...
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for
  • Can Regular Grease Trailer Hubs be Converted to Oil Bath Hubs
    The choice of oil bath or regular hubs is up to the manufacturer. They are usually found on higher capacity axles, though as you know there are some on lower capacity axles. You can convert some hubs from grease to oil bath using a kit such as # XLPROLUBE1980KIT but for others it would not be possible without changing the hubs. This is because oil bath hubs use an oil cap that threads onto the end of the hub. Most regular hubs are not threaded so you would not be able to screw on an oil...
    view full answer...
  • Outer Diameter of Seal that Comes with Kodiak XL ProLube Kit for 3500-lb Axles XLPROLUBE1980KIT
    The seal of the # XLPROLUBE1980KIT has an outer diameter of 2.56 inch and an inner diameter of 1.72 inch.
    view full answer...
  • Can Grease Hubs on Shorelandr Trailer Be Converted to Oil Bath Hubs
    Whether or not your existing hubs can be converted to oil bath units depends on the type of hubs you have on your Shorelandr Trailer. For many standard, grease trailer hubs, it is not possible to make this conversion because oil bath hubs use an oil cap that threads onto the end of the hub. Most regular hubs are not threaded so you would not be able to screw on the cap. In this case, you would simply need to replace the hub assembly with specific, oil bath hubs. If you are able to convert...
    view full answer...
  • How Does Oil Fill into Hub that Uses Kodiak XL ProLube Kit
    The black center plug that you see on the plastic cap of the Kodiak XL ProLube Kit for 3500-lb Axles # XLPROLUBE1980KIT that you referenced is the fill hole.
    view full answer...
  • How to Change Grease Setup to Oil Setup for LoadRite Axle 6009.106
    To convert your grease setup on your Tie-Down axle to an oil setup you will essentially just replace the grease seals and caps with the oil seals and caps that come with the kit # XLPROLUBE2440KIT you referenced. Aside from that the only other thing you need to do is completely clean out all of the grease where these will be installed. The bearings, spindle, and inside of the hub need to be grease free because sometimes the grease will react with the oil and actually damage your setup. Please...
    view full answer...
  • How To Determine What Oil Bath Conversion Kit Is Needed For A 2019 Keystone Passport Ground Touring
    For your 2019 Keystone Passport Grand Touring Travel Trailer with 4,400lb axles, we have the Kodiak XL ProLube Kit # XLPROLUBE2440KIT which may work for you, however to determine the correct kit you'll need to just match the seal and the caps. The caps in this kit measure 2.440", and the seal has an inner diameter of 2.25", and an outer diameter of 3.376".
    view full answer...
  • Which Oil Bath Cap Do I Need on a 2003 EZ Loader Trailer
    In order to determine the correct oil bath cap you'll need to measure your hub bore or find the weight capacity of your axle. If you have a 3500 lbs. axle or a 1.98 inch hub bore you will want part # XLPROLUBE1980 or # XLPROLUBE1980KIT for a kit that includes caps, seals, and oil. For 5200 or 6000 lbs. axles that have a hub bore of 2.440 inches you will need # XLPROLUBE2440 or # XLPROLUBE2440KIT for the kit.
    view full answer...
  • Upgrading From Grease Filled Hubs To Oil Filled Hubs On a 3,500LB Axle
    The Kodiak XL ProLube Kit # XLPROLUBE1980KIT can be used in place of your Grease Seal # 58846(2.565" OD, 1.719" ID) if you are converting your hubs to oil bath. The Seal # XLPROLUBE1980SEAL for oil bath hubs will require you to replace your bearings with a Bearing Kit # BK2-100 to ensure you get all the grease out of your hub. I recommend carrying an extra Cap # xlprolube1980 and Oil # XLPROLUBE with your trailer in the event the rubber plug falls out or the cap gets damaged. Then you...
    view full answer...
  • Oil Bath Conversion Kit For 3,500 lb Axles
    It looks like your axles are 3,500 lb axles, but I couldn't find any info regarding the size of the size of the spindle where the seal rides, or the hub bore. So long as the spindle measures 1.72" where the seal rides, and the hub bore measures 1.98" the oil bath conversion kit you need is the Kodiak XL ProLube Kit for 3500-lb Axles # XLPROLUBE1980KIT.
    view full answer...
  • How to Switch From Grease Hubs to Oil Bath Hubs on 3500-lbs Axle
    You can convert some hubs from grease to oil bath using a kit such as # XLPROLUBE1980KIT, which is designed for hubs with a 1.98" hub bore. This kit includes everything needed to make this conversion without actually swapping out the hubs or your existing bearings because it's got a cap that inserts into the hub bore. The cap bodies will push into the hub bore and feature threaded ends to which the actual oil caps will attach. However, if there is not a kit like this available for your...
    view full answer...

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