1. Trailer Axles
  2. Dexter Axle
  3. 3500 lbs
  4. 89 Inch Long
  5. Leaf Spring Suspension
  6. Electric Brakes
Dexter Trailer Axle w/ Electric Brakes - EZ-Lube - 5 on 4-1/2 Bolt Pattern - 89" - 3,500 lbs

Dexter Trailer Axle w/ Electric Brakes - EZ-Lube - 5 on 4-1/2 Bolt Pattern - 89" - 3,500 lbs

Item # 35545E-ST-EZ-89
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Trailer Axles
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Dexter Axle EZ-Lube Spindles Trailer Axles - 35545E-ST-EZ-89
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Trailer axle measures 89" from hub face to hub face and 74" from spring center to spring center. Includes electric brake assemblies, hubs, drums, bearings, races, seals, and mounting hardware. EZ-Lube spindles for simple lubrication. Lowest Prices for the best trailer axles from Dexter Axle. Dexter Trailer Axle w/ Electric Brakes - EZ-Lube - 5 on 4-1/2 Bolt Pattern - 89" - 3,500 lbs part number 35545E-ST-EZ-89 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Dexter Axle Trailer Axles - 35545E-ST-EZ-89

  • 3500 lbs
  • 89 Inch Long
  • Leaf Spring Suspension
  • Electric Brakes
  • 5 on 4-1/2
  • 74 Inch
  • Dexter Axle
  • EZ-Lube Spindles

Trailer axle measures 89" from hub face to hub face and 74" from spring center to spring center. Includes electric brake assemblies, hubs, drums, bearings, races, seals, and mounting hardware. EZ-Lube spindles for simple lubrication.


  • Axle beam acts as part of your trailer's suspension system
    • Replace an axle on your trailer
    • Fabricate a suspension to fit your application
  • High-strength steel construction
  • Bend in axle creates zero camber angle for even road-to-tread contact across the width of your trailer's tires
    • Best for straight-line acceleration and steady, controlled towing
  • Underslung design - spring seats welded to underside of axle for mounting leaf springs
    • Low ride height makes it easier to load and unload your trailer
  • Straight, EZ-Lube spindles - no drop
    • Built-in grease zerks for simple lubrication
  • Spring seats and spindles are welded on
  • Electric brakes are easier to install - no actuator or hydraulic lines necessary
    • Mounting bolts included
  • Cast iron hubs and drums are sturdy and durable
    • Bearings, races, seals, grease caps, wheel studs, lug nuts, and marine-grade wheel bearing grease included
  • Limited 2-year warranty


  • Weight capacity: 3,500 lbs
  • Hub-face-to-hub-face length: 89"
  • Spring-center-to-spring-center length: 74"
  • Flange-to-flange length: 82-5/8"
  • Drum dimensions: 10" diameter x 2-1/4" wide
    • Bolt pattern: 5 on 4-1/2"
  • Tubing outer diameter: 2-3/8"
  • Spindle size: 1-1/16"
  • Brake flange configuration: 4 bolt
  • Grease cap: 1.986"
  • Wheel stud diameter: 1/2"
  • Wheel size: 13" - 15"

Bearing, Race, and Seal Information

  • Bearings
    • Inner bearing: L68149
    • Outer bearing: L44649
  • Races
    • Inner race: L68111
    • Outer race: L44610
  • Seal: 10-19
    • Inner diameter: 1.719"
    • Outer diameter: 2.565"

Axle Dimensions

Hub Face and Spring Center Measurements on Standard Trailer Axle

There are multiple ways to measure the length of an axle beam, but the hub-face-to-hub-face and spring-center-to-spring-center lengths are the most accurate. Hub face (A) refers to the length of the axle measured from the base of one wheel stud to the base of the wheel stud on the opposite side of the axle (when hubs are mounted on the beam).

The spring center (B) is the approximate width of your trailer. It is measured from the center of the spring seat on one side of the axle to the center of the seat on the other. This axle beam comes with the spring seats welded on.

Hub Face and Spring Center Measurements on Standard Trailer Axle

Another helpful measurement to have is the flange-to-flange (C) length, which is measured from the outside of one brake flange to the outside of the one opposite. This length may be easy to obtain if you are replacing an axle, but it's important to note that this measurement is not the preferred method for determining which axle will best fit your trailer.

If you are replacing your trailer's axle, you should be able to figure out which type you need by determining your trailer's capacity, the bolt pattern of your wheels, the brake type and the aforementioned lengths.

Dexter Axles

Dexter axles are made of high-strength steel and come with spindles and spring seats welded on. The spring seats are attached to the underside of the axle so that the leaf springs (sold separately) can mount beneath the axle. The result of this underslung design is a trailer that rides a bit lower for quick and easy loading and unloading.

Each axle is manufactured to create a certain camber angle. This ensures that the angle of the wheels is correct for your towing needs. Because the primary concern when towing is maintaining controlled, in-line movement, each axle is made so that your trailer's tires will run along the pavement evenly, with contact across the width of the tread. The result is excellent straight-line acceleration for steady, in-line tracking. You might notice the bend near the center of the axle; this is what ensures the proper camber angle. Having the center ride a bit higher and the sides of the axle bent lower allows the axle to give just enough to compensate for the load.

Determining the Bolt Pattern

The first number in the bolt pattern is the number of bolt holes. The second number denotes the diameter, in inches, of the circle on which the bolt holes sit.

Bolt Pattern - Even

On wheels with an even number of bolt holes, measure from the center of one bolt hole to the center of the hole directly across from it. (Example: 8 on 6-1/2 means 8 bolt holes with 6-1/2" from the center of one hole to the center of another on the opposite side.)

Bolt Pattern - Odd

To determine the bolt-circle diameter on wheels with an odd number of bolt holes, measure from the center of any bolt hole to the point halfway between the two bolt holes directly across from the first. (Example: 5 on 4-1/2 means 5 bolt holes with 4-1/2" measured to a point halfway between the opposite bolt holes.)

Bolt Pattern - Side

Measuring the distance (D) from the center of one bolt hole on the wheel to the center of a bolt hole right next to it can also help to determine the bolt pattern.

  • If D = 2-5/8", then the bolt pattern is 5 on 4-1/2"
  • If D = 2-3/4", then the bolt pattern is 5 on 4-3/4"
  • If D = 3", then the bolt pattern is 5 on 5"
  • If D = 3-1/4", then the bolt pattern is 5 on 5-1/2"

T3584F-EZ-8974 Dexter Trailer Axle with EZ-Lube Spindles - 89" Long - 3,500 lbs

23-26 10" Electric Brake Assembly - Left Hand

23-27 10" Electric Brake Assembly - Right Hand

84546UC3-EZ Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly - 3,500-lb Axles - 5 on 4-1/2 - E-Z Lube - Qty 2

L11402 LubriMatic Marine Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease - 14 oz. Cartridge

6-17 Nut for Brake Mounting Bolt for 7" and 10" Brake Assemblies

5-8 Lockwasher for Brake Mounting Bolt for 7" and 10" Brake Assemblies

Video of Dexter Trailer Axle w/ Electric Brakes - EZ-Lube - 5 on 4-1/2 Bolt Pattern - 89" - 3,500 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Dexter Axle Trailer Axles - Leaf Spring Suspension - 35545E-ST-EZ-89 Review

Today we're going to review Part #35545E-ST-EZ-89. This is the Dexter Trailer Axle with the straight EZ-Lube spindles, the electric brakes and the 5 on 4 and a 1/2 inch hub and drums. The axle itself is 89 inches long and has a 3500 pound weight capacity. This axle beam will act as part of your trailers suspension system. You can use this to replace an axle on your trailer or to fabricate a suspension to fit your application. It comes with the spindle nut, the D-ring washer and the nut retainer. It's made of a high strength steel construction. It does have the straight EZ-Lube spindles, there's no drop to it.

On an EZ-Lube spindle, it does have the built-in grease Zerk fitting on the very end. That's where you would lubricate your bearings so you don't have to remove the whole hub and drum. You can just lube it from right there. This part number does include everything shown here. It includes the electric brake assemblies, both the left side and the right side. It includes the hub and drums and the mounting hardware which are these washers and these nuts.

That is used to hold the brake assemblies to these mounting flanges. It also will include the bearings, the outer bearings, the inner bearings, the races will be included and they are actually pre-installed in the hub and drums. You can see right there, they're already installed. It will come with the grease seals. It comes with the EZ-Lube grease caps. The EZ-Lube grease caps, again, the reason they're EZ-Lube, it's nice, they have a rubber plug that you can pop out to access that Zerk fitting on an EZ-Lube spindle.

It will come with the ten 1/2 inch lug nuts. Also we include a 2 by 14 ounce tube of marine grade bearing grease that you would need to install with just a grease gun that would hold 14 ounce tubes. If you have one at home, you can use that, if you don't, we also sell that separately. We offer this one, it's a related part on the product page. It's Part #L30200, a grease gun. Basically on the axle itself, all axles will have a bend in the middle. They actually will bend upwards.

This will create a zero camber angle for even road to tread contact across the width of your trailers tires. Having the center riding a bit higher and the sides are lower allows this axle, when a load is put on it, it will compensate enough to give this straight across and have your tires road to tread contact all the way across the tire. This will give you excellent straight line acceleration and steady inline tracking. This axle, the spring seats which are right here, they're well lit underneath the underside of the axle. This is an underslung design and that means that they're well lit to the underside. This will give you a low ride height which makes it easier to load and unload your trailer. The spring seats and the spindles are all welded onto the axle. It also has the four bolt brake mounting flanges you can see that your electric brakes would bolt to. It also has a wiring loop there and one on that end. Basically, that's to hook up your electric brakes too. Comes with that in the axle itself. On the axle there are multiple ways to measure the length of an axle beam, but the hub face to hub face and spring center to spring center lengths are your most accurate measurements. The hub face would be, once these assemblies are all installed on there, you would measure the hub face length. You would measure from, right here, which is the base of the wheel stud, once this is installed. From the base of the wheel stud on this side to the base of the wheel stud on the other side. After these hub assemblies are all installed, if you measured that on this axle it would give you a hub face to hub face length, since they're not on there, I'm just going to give you an idea, it's going to be right at 89 inches. That's why this is considered an 89 inch axle. The spring center to spring center would be right here where the spring mounts are. If you measured from the center of this one to the center of the one on the other end. We'll try to do that to give you an idea, center to center. It's going to be 74 inches spring center to spring center length. Basically, when you're going to replace your trailers axle, you should be able to figure out which axle you need by determining the trailers capacity, match it up to the correct axle capacity. The bolt pattern of your wheels, the brake type and then these lengths I mentioned, the hub face to hub face and spring center to spring center. Just to mention again, the weight capacity on this is 3500 pounds. The hub face to hub face length I measured was 89 inches. Spring center to spring center length was 74 inches. The hub bolt pattern on these hub and drums is 5 on 4 and a 1/2 inches. The diameter of the tubing here, the outer diameter is 2 and 3/8 inches. The spindle size diameter is 1 and 1/16 inches. The wheel stud diameter on the studs here is a 1/2 inch, that's why we include the 1/2 inch lug nuts. And this we'll use anywhere as a wheel size from 13 inches wheels all the way up to 17 and a 1/2 inch wheels. That should do it for the review on Part #35545E-ST-EZ-89, the Dexter Trailer Axle with the straight EZ-Lube spindles and the electric brakes. .

Customer Reviews

Dexter Trailer Axle w/ Electric Brakes - EZ-Lube - 5 on 4-1/2 Bolt Pattern - 89" - 3,500 lbs - 35545E-ST-EZ-89

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (33 Customer Reviews)

Trailer axle measures 89" from hub face to hub face and 74" from spring center to spring center. Includes electric brake assemblies, hubs, drums, bearings, races, seals, and mounting hardware. EZ-Lube spindles for simple lubrication.

- 35545E-ST-EZ-89

Solid construction, and simple installa tion. 362235

- 35545E-ST-EZ-89

I purchased an axle from a farm store and it was cheap and cheap. This Dexter axle is American made and trailer makes it easy by delivering it to your door and providing step by step videos for installation! Save your self time and money and buy this axle from etrailer. Mine arrived in just two days! Always fast and reasonably priced! 740371

- 35545E-ST-EZ-89

Great "Live" person on phone, very helpful. Showed up on time. Went together quickly even without instructions with pictures, internet was down and could not look at how to videos. Never have I replaced an axel before but its not a big deal if you have the tools to get the job done. Very happy, save lots of $$$ 668108

- 35545E-ST-EZ-89

I may have not read the fine print but the dexter axle comes disassembled like a "kit" I thought it was ready to go the rest of order was OK and the people at etrailer are always helpful 659167

- 35545E-ST-EZ-89

I have used Dexter Axles before . I greatly enjoy working with the Torflex style. That is what I thought that was what I was Ordering. The Torflex style IS the way to go!! 610033

We do not bill this axle as being a Torflex axle. This axle is for a standard leaf spring suspension.
-- Mike L - 03/04/2019


- 35545E-ST-EZ-89

a 604283

- 35545E-ST-EZ-89

Everything went together perfect. My trailer is strong and safe now. Glad I bought my replacement parts threw E-Trailer 592533

- 35545E-ST-EZ-89

Dealing with etrailer and Lisa D was a very nice experience, ordered 2 dexter axles set of springs for my tandem axle trailer. My order was placed on 11/23/18 and it arrived on 11/26/18 more then pleased with that something I also didn't know was etrailer does a 110% price match . Very happy with the products i received, the shipping time and the person I placed the order with Lisa D. Thanks again etrailer , and yes I would order from them again. 585713

- 35545E-ST-EZ-89

I needed to replace the axle on my 6.5 x 16 foot utility trailer, and since I tow a larger ATV and 500 lbs of other gear every day November to March, also needed brakes on this trailer. This kit was a good remedy for me. The videos on E Trailer are excellent, well produced, and allowed me to get the job done quickly. 522610

A utility trailer worked daily from November to late March gets a lot of stress. So far, working out well. Thanks!
Patrick - 06/16/2019


- 35545E-ST-EZ-89

I bought 2 of these and one idler axle for a 30ft triple axle deck over trailer I was building for carrying a 4x4 truck and two quads. built using these as I wanted a true 7000 lb capacity trailer plus I didn't want to get into the big 8 lug axles. everything arrived in perfect condition, great prices, free shipping on orders over $99. Great company for delivery and back up. I ended up buying two braked axles, one idler, six modular silver wheels and radial tires. junction box RV plug, Hopkins breakaway switch etc. could not have built this trailer without etrailer. 514927

- 35545E-ST-EZ-89

The parts all came as expected and were in good condition. I can upgrade this once I get the trailer together. 505431

- 35545E-ST-EZ-89

Due to adding weight to my 17' bass boat, it became too heavy to pull with my caravan without having trailer brakes. With Steve's help, he guided me thru everythi ng that I needed to replace the complete axle, including controller and all accessories. I had all the work done by others, and still ended up paying less than $1,000 for everything. Now, I am legal on the road and do not have to worry about my insurance not covering me if I am in an accident. Everything works smoothly and correctly. I will buy all my trailer parts from now on thru etrailer. Thanks Steve for a job well done 463172

- 35545E-ST-EZ-89

Installed a yr ago. Perfect product. One thing for me though.... I had to buy different fenders because I bought better tires and rims for this new axle which turned out to be slightly wider. So the original fender would have cut into the tires. I got everything from etrailer. Axle with brakes fully assembled, controller, fenders, wire harness, connections tires, time and more...and couldn't be happier with cust service, pricing and availability. 425522

- 35545E-ST-EZ-89

easy to install and wire 417161

- 35545E-ST-EZ-89

top quality parts , and professional parts dept 414048

- 35545E-ST-EZ-89

The 14' dove tail trailer I built has worked well for everything except what it was built for. The 64 Ranchero pro gas car was put on the back burner so the trailer hauls lumber, carpet and whatever building materials I need. The trailer is over built for what I haul so I am relieved the brakes are not grabby and the suspension tracks true behind my truck. Best of all was the xlnt customer service when there was a small problem with my order. It was taken care of immediately ! I am the welder fabricator at my work and will continue to recommend E Trailer for anybody modifying, upgrading or replacing parts on their trailers. 403312

- 35545E-ST-EZ-89

New axle with electric brakes arrived 2.5 days after ordering. Just in time to install Memorial Day weekend. Installation going well so far. Got the left one done. Right tomorrow. 385668

- 35545E-ST-EZ-89

Recieved a complete axle including brakes and new lug nuts, easy swap out, I did not have to deal with the damaged bearing races or getting a spindle welded on old axle ( one of my guys towed trailer to the point it destroyed everything on one wheel). Called Stacy @etrailer to confirm shipping and stock, and it was delivered couple days later. Best part was I could have one of my guys install it because everything was new vs I would of had to deal with repairing the spindle. 360585

- 35545E-ST-EZ-89


- 35545E-ST-EZ-89

Won't install the axle till February. The shipping was unbelievably fast. 330845

- 35545E-ST-EZ-89

trails nice! 329664

- 35545E-ST-EZ-89

Very great product. Excellent care in shipping!! They have great tips and instructions online that helped out as well. Certainly will buy from again. This review was written 1 year after our purchase and everything is still working well as expected. 314697

- 35545E-ST-EZ-89

EXACT replacement. Great quality, great shipping... A great value from an A++ company. Thanks to all of you. You all have bailed me out many times in time of need. 257207

Working fine 1 year later
Jim R - 06/05/2017


- 35545E-ST-EZ-89

Purchased this product as part of a total trailer upgrade. Excellent quality as are oll the other items I ordered and received. Can't beat the quality and price at eTrailer. 241760

- 35545E-ST-EZ-89

This axle was needed for a very special purpose and it now incorporated into a trailer for that use. I could have used an axle with half the rating but one was not available. The length was the primary reason for selecting this axle. This one will be fine and I'm happy with the unit. 240756

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  • Replacement Parts For A Dexter 3,500 Lbs Axle Part # 35545E-ST-EZ-89
    According to the manufacturer, the Homestead Challenger Trailers are equipped from the factory with 3,500 lb axles with electric brakes. For these axles you will need the following: 2 Dexter Electric Trailer Brake Kit part # 23-26-27 (Manual-Adjust) Or 2 Electric Trailer Brake Kit part # AKEBRK-35-SA (Self-Adjusting) And 4 Bearing Kits for #84 Spindles part # BK2-100 I have attached a few articles for your consideration in addition to a review of the products I have recommended.
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  • Tire/Wheel Combo Needed that is Rated for 3,500 lbs and Compatible with Dexter # 35545E-ST-EZ-89
    I do have a solution for you, however, the smallest tire we have on a 13" wheel is part # AM31985 which has a load range of 1,610 lbs at 65 psi meaning it won't be strong enough for the 3,500 lb axle. The best option that you have is the Taskmaster Contender ST205/75R14 # AC14R45SM which comes with a 14" wheel that is compatible with the Dexter Trailer Axle # 35545E-ST-EZ-89 that you referenced. This tire/wheel combo has a load range of 1,760 lbs at 50 psi which means 2 of them will...
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  • Recommended 7,000 lb Axle with Brakes for M105 Military Trailer
    To replace the axles on your M105 Trailer, you will need to know what dimension is the better fit. We have 7,000 lbs axle with electric brakes and drum assemblies that are 95 inches from hub face to hub face with 80 inch on center spring seats or 94 inch with 79 inch centers. We also have straight no drop or 4 inch drop axles. Here are your options: Dexter Trailer Axle w/ Electric Brakes - E-Z Lube - 8 on 6-1/2 Bolt Pattern - 95" # 8327834-EB Dexter Trailer Axle w/ Electric Brakes...
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  • Replacement Axles and Leaf Springs for Tandem Axle Trailer
    It is possible the Dexter Trailer Axle Beam with E-Z Lube Spindles # 7359765 will work for you, so long as your current axles are rated for 3,500 lbs, have a hub-face to hub-face length of 95" and spring center to spring center length of 80"; you can use the diagram I have added to know where you need to measure. Additionally, because this has EZ Lube spindles you will need to add Grease Caps # RG04-040 to make your Hub and Drum Assemblies # 84556UC3 compatible. As for your leaf...
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  • Replacement 3,500 Pound Trailer Axle for Coleman Trailer
    I do have a solution for you but we do not have an axle that meets the measurements you have provided. What I recommend to replace the axle AND the suspension all at once is a Timbren Axle-Less system such as # A35RS545 or # A35RS545E. With this set up you would not need to replace suspension parts and the Timbren springs that will replace them do not require maintenance like leaf springs set up would. I have linked a video example of a Timbren system. There are a lot of things that...
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  • Spring Seat for 3500-lb Axle with 2-3/8-Inch Diameter
    If you want to use an axle like # 35545E-ST-EZ-89 that has the 89-inch dimension and 3500-lb weight capacity you need but the spring seats are not at the correct locations you can just have new seats welded on. This axle's diameter is 2-3/8-inches so you can use spring seat # TRSS238. These seats are compatible with 1-3/4-inch wide or 2-inch wide leaf springs.
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  • Recommended Axle Replacement For 5200 lb Dexter Axles With Electric Brakes
    The only axles we carry that are that 5200 lb capacity are the Timbren Axle-less Suspension System. For your application, I recommend the Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension System - 4" Lift Spindle w/ Brake Flange - 5,200 lbs # TASR5200S03. This will replace your leaf springs and your axle. It has a brake flange and is compatible with standard hubs and drums. If there isn't a crossmember where you install your axle, you will need to use a 2 inch by 3 inch steel tubing to connect the...
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  • How to Use Dexter EZ-Lube Axles and Nev-R-Adjust Brakes
    Yes, you would need to install a new axle in obtain to obtain the "EZ-Lube" feature as it is built- into the axle itself. The axle capacity you need would be based off of both the axle capacity you have now and the gross trailer weight (GTW) of the trailer. The axle kits do not include leaf springs. They would need to be purchased separately if you wanted to replace them. In order to recommend the correct axle for you, I would need to know the distance from the center of each spring seat...
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  • Recommended Axle Upgrade from Dexter 4,400 lb to 5,200 lb Capacity on Forest River XLR Hyper Lite TT
    For your 2014 Forest River XLR Hyper Lite TT Toy Hauler, they used Dexter axles with spring center measurement of 68.5 inches and hub face to hub face measurement of 83.5 inches according to my contact at Forest River. When you upgrade the axle capacity, those numbers change too much, so I have another alternative to get you the capacity you are seeking. My recommendation is to use the Timbren Axle-Less Suspension - Spindle Only - Regular Tires - 5200 lbs # ASR5200S01 which will replace...
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  • What Info Is Needed to Pick Out Correct Size and Capacity Trailer Axles
    We don't carry every available axle from Dexter so most likely we don't have exactly what you'll need but I can help you figure out what you do need so that you can pick out the correct one. Basically you need to first verify the capacity you need and then the correct dimensions. The lengths you need to determine are the hub face to hub face dimension and the spring seat to spring seat center dimension. I attached a picture that shows this. If you find a local trailer shop who can...
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  • How to Determine the Correct Replacement Axle Needed for a 1996 Champion Boat Trailer
    To determine the correct replacement axle for your 1996 Champion boat trailer you will need to find out some information on your trailer axle. The first is the weight capacity of the axle. If this is not listed on the trailer frame somewhere you can find it on the axle itself about in the middle. After that you need to find the Hub Face and Spring Center locations on your axle. I have attached a photo to help you know where to measure for this. We do have some traditional axles...
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  • Replacement Self Adjusting Brake Assemblies for 2013 Crossroads Sunset Reserve 28BH
    We have just what you are looking for. For a pair of auto adjusting brake assemblies that match what your trailer needs you'd want the Electric Trailer Brake Kit # AKEBRK-35-SA. These assemblies mount with a 4 bolt mount pattern, and are for 3,500 lb axles like you have. Since you need a total of 4 assemblies you'd need to order a quantity of two of these kits.
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  • Can 2014 Forest River XLR Hyper Lite Upgrade to 5,200 lb Axles
    You definitely can replace your 4,400 lb axles with 5,200 lb axles that use leaf springs like what you currently have. 5,200 lb axles are actually more common than 4,400 so this would not be a big deal at all. It's really just a matter of picking out the correct dimension axles. You will need to measure from hub face to hub face and then from the spring seat centers. You will also need to know what bolt pattern you have on your current hubs. I attached a help article on how to determine...
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  • Recommended Dexter Axle To Replace Lippert Axle
    To replace your Lippert axle, we have the Dexter Trailer Axle w/ Electric Brakes - EZ-Lube - 5 on 4-1/2 Bolt Pattern - 89" - 3,500 lbs # 35545E-ST-EZ-89 or the Dexter Trailer Axle w/ Idler Hubs - EZ-Lube - 5 on 4-1/2 Bolt Pattern - 89" Long - 3,500 lbs # 35545I-EZ-89. Both of these axles have the spring center to spring center measurement of 74 inches and the hub face to hub face measurement of 89 inches. Unfortunately I can't look up your serial number for all the specs, so this recommendation...
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  • Locating Replacement Dexter P-15 Axle on Trailer
    The P-15 model information you provided for your Dexter axle does indicate its model, but you will still need to note its length and capacity before locating the correct replacement. If you are able to find a longer serial number somewhere on the axle, this might be more helpful in determining the exact axle you have on your trailer. Otherwise, I recommend measuring the hub-face-to-hub-face length, along with the spring-center-to-spring-center length on your axle. Its weight capacity...
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  • Can Larger Axle Increase Trailer Weight Carrying Capacity
    You will want to contact the trailer manufacturer before installing a heavier axle on your trailer. they should be able to explain what the weight capacity is for your trailer. Simply replacing the axle will not necessarily increase the weight capacity of the trailer. The frame and floor construction need to be considered with weight carrying capacity.
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  • Recommended Parts For Dual Axle Trailer Complete Rebuild
    For your trailer rebuild, I recommend the Dexter Trailer Axle w/ Electric Brakes - EZ-Lube - 5 on 4-1/2 Bolt Pattern - 89" - 3,500 lbs for your tandem axles, # 35545E-ST-EZ-89. You will also want the U-Bolt Kit for Mounting 3,500-lb, Round Trailer Axles - 5-1/2" Long U-Bolts, # APUBR-1. For suspension I suggest the 4-Leaf Double-Eye Spring for 3,500-lb Trailer Axles - 25-1/8" Long, # SP-212275. You will then need a kit with mounts for your equalizers and shackle straps. The Tandem-Axle...
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  • Availability of Trailer Axle Kit with 93-Inch Axle, Brakes and Hub/Drums
    Due to shipping size and weight restrictions we cannot ship axles over 89-inches overall length. You'll need to source your beam axle from a local trailer supply shop who can order one for you with the required length, spring seat dimensions and weight rating for your application. There is an alternative, however. We do offer universal-fit axle-less systems from Timbren that are rated up to 7000-lbs and these can be seen on the linked page. Some of these are available with electric brakes...
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  • Recommend Hanger Kit For A 3,500 Lb. Tandem Axle Car Hauler
    If this was my personal trailer. I would first start with the trailer's axles. As you mentioned a need for 3,500 lbs axles, I recommend using the Dexter Trailer Axle w/ Electric Brakes part # 35545E-ST-EZ-89. In addition to the dual Dexter axles and 1-3/4" leaf springs like the 4-Leaf Double-Eye Spring for 3,500-lb Trailer Axles part # SP-212275, I reccomend going with the Tandem-Axle Trailer Hanger Kit for Double-Eye Springs part # APT5. I recommend going with this hanger kit as it will...
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  • Replacing Axles to Add Electric Brakes on 2008 Weekend Warrior CR3905
    Since you're looking at replacing the axles on the trailer, the easiest solution will be to order axles that already have electric brakes on them, or are at least already set up for electric brakes. There are a couple of things you will want to consider when ordering new axles. Hub face to hub face measurement Spring center to spring center measurement Axle capacity Wheel bolt pattern. I've attached a diagram showing you where to measure for the hub face and spring center measurements....
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  • Weight Capacity of Flatbed Trailer with Dual 2-3/8 Inch Diameter Axles
    The 2-3/8 inch axles are 3,500 lb axles like # 35545E-ST-EZ-89, so combined you would have a 7,000 lb capacity. The trailer weight will not count in the GVWR of the trailer capacity but the weight will count toward the towing capacity of the hitch, ball mount, hitch ball, and of course the vehicle towing capacity. The component with the lowest rated capacity will be your max capacity. So your towing capacity will be 5,000 lbs based on the coupler and the trailer weight is currently...
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  • Replacing a Lippert 3,500 lb Leaf Spring Axle with a Dexter 3,500 lb Leaf Spring Axle
    The Dexter Trailer Axle, part # 35545E-ST-EZ-89, is similar to the Lippert LC135-SB-85.0-68.5 axle, but it is not a direct replacement. Both axles are 3,500 lb leaf spring tubular axles, but they are different lengths. The Dexter axle is slightly longer, which means the wheels would stick out further and the spring center is wider. Your axle has a hub face measurement of 85 inches and the Dexter axle has a hub face measurement of 89 inches (see photo). The wheels will stick out about 2...
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  • Why Is It a Good Idea to Have Trailer Axle Label Face Rear of Trailer
    Trailer axles like the Dexter Trailer Axle # 35545E-ST-EZ-89 you referenced aren't necessarily directional, but since the label on the axle has a lot of really important info it's best to have it on the backside of the axle so that debris on the highway would be less likely to damage it and make it unreadable.
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  • How to Determine Trailer Axle Capacity
    The trailer will have a plate or sticker on it that will list the VIN number. The weight rating of the axle should be listed on that same plate or sticker. Also, the axle could have a tag or plate on it that will list the weight capacity. You can also tell the weight capacity of the axle by measuring the diameter of the axle. Here is a list that will show the axle weight capacity based on the axle diameter: Typical Axle Diameters Based on Axle Capacity - 1,000-lb - 2,000-lb Axles:...
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  • Replacement Axle Solution for Trailer with Damaged Spindle
    Replacing spindles is pretty involved and requires special jigs so that you can make sure they are attached perfectly square. Failure to do this will cause alignment issues so typically it's just easiest to go with new axles. You are going to need to measure your current axles in a few places to get the correct one as we don't have access to what your numbers reference. You will need to measure from hub face to hub face and then from the spring seat centers. You will also need to...
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  • Are There Brakes Available for Dexter 8-283 Hub and Drum?
    The Dexter 8-283 hub and drum assembly you have is now obsolete and there is not going to be a way for you to add electric brakes without a brake mounting flange on your axle behind the hub. There are not going to be compatible brake assemblies for a 10-1/2" drum without a mounting flange. I strongly recommend you replace your axle so you can safely use your trailer. To do this you will need to know the correct weight rating for your axle and the dimension from hub face to hub face and...
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  • How to Measure to Select Replacement Axles and Leaf Springs for Tandem Axle Car Hauler
    You need to confirm just a couple of details to select replacement axles and springs for your tandem-axle car hauler. First, find the main plate on the trailer that lists its GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) which is the most it can ever weigh when loaded. This will tell you what weight capacity axles you need. If you cannot find this check the axle beams for a sticker that indicates their weight capacity. Most likely this will be 3500-lbs per axle. Next, measure the hub face to hub...
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