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Dexter Trailer Idler Axle w/ Hubs - EZ-Lube - 5 on 4-1/2 Bolt Pattern - 60" Long - 2,200 lbs

Dexter Trailer Idler Axle w/ Hubs - EZ-Lube - 5 on 4-1/2 Bolt Pattern - 60" Long - 2,200 lbs

Item # 20545I-EZ-60-15

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Dexter Axle Trailer Axles - 20545I-EZ-60-15
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  • 2200 lbs
  • 60 Inch Long
  • Leaf Spring Suspension
  • Dexter Axle
  • Idler Hubs
  • 5 on 4-1/2
  • 48 Inch
  • EZ-Lube Spindles
Straight idler trailer axle measures 60" from hub face to hub face and 48" from spring center to spring center. Includes idler hubs -with bearings, races, and seals- for 13" to 15" wheels. EZ-Lube spindles for simple lubrication. Lowest Prices for the best trailer axles from Dexter Axle. Dexter Trailer Idler Axle w/ Hubs - EZ-Lube - 5 on 4-1/2 Bolt Pattern - 60" Long - 2,200 lbs part number 20545I-EZ-60-15 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

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Dexter Axle Trailer Axles - 20545I-EZ-60-15

Straight idler trailer axle measures 60" from hub face to hub face and 48" from spring center to spring center. Includes idler hubs -with bearings, races, and seals- for 13" to 15" wheels. EZ-Lube spindles for simple lubrication.


  • Axle beam acts as part of your trailer's suspension system
    • Replace an axle on your trailer
    • Fabricate a suspension to fit your application
  • High-strength steel construction
  • Bend in axle creates zero camber angle for even road-to-tread contact across the width of your trailer's tires
    • Best for straight-line acceleration and steady, controlled towing
  • Underslung design - spring seats welded to underside of axle for mounting leaf springs
    • Low ride height makes it easier to load and unload your trailer
  • Straight, EZ-Lube spindles - no drop
    • Built-in grease zerks for simple lubrication
  • Spring seats and spindles are welded on
  • Cast iron idler hubs are sturdy and durable
    • Bearings, races, seals, grease caps, wheel studs, lug nuts, and marine-grade wheel bearing grease included
  • Limited 2-year warranty


  • Weight capacity: 2,200 lbs
  • Hub-face-to-hub-face length: 60"
  • Spring-center-to-spring-center length: 48"
  • Hub bolt pattern: 5 on 4-1/2"
  • Tubing outer diameter: 1-3/4"
  • Spindle size: 1-1/16"
  • Grease cap outer diameter: 1.986"
  • Wheel stud diameter: 1/2"
  • Wheel size: 13" - 15"

Bearing, Race, and Seal Information

  • Bearings
    • Inner bearing: L44649
    • Outer bearing: L44649
  • Races
    • Inner race: L44610
    • Outer race: L44610
  • Seal: 10-60
    • Inner diameter: 1.50"
    • Outer diameter: 1.987"

Axle Dimensions

Hub Face and Spring Center Measurements on Standard Trailer Axle

There are multiple ways to measure the length of an axle beam, but the hub-face-to-hub-face and spring-center-to-spring-center lengths are the most accurate. Hub face (A) refers to the length of the axle measured from the base of one wheel stud to the base of the wheel stud on the opposite side of the axle.

The spring center (B) is the approximate width of your trailer. It is measured from the center of the spring seat on one side of the axle to the center of the seat on the other. This axle beam comes with the spring seats welded on.

If you are replacing your trailer's axle, you should be able to figure out which type you need by determining your trailer's capacity, the bolt pattern of your wheels, the brake type and the aforementioned lengths.

Dexter Axles

Dexter axles are made of high-strength steel and come with spindles and spring seats welded on. The spring seats are attached to the underside of the axle so that the leaf springs (sold separately) can mount beneath the axle. The result of this underslung design is a trailer that rides a bit lower for quick and easy loading and unloading.

Each axle is manufactured to create a certain camber angle. This ensures that the angle of the wheels is correct for your towing needs. Because the primary concern when towing is maintaining controlled, in-line movement, each axle is made so that your trailer's tires will run along the pavement evenly, with contact across the width of the tread. The result is excellent straight-line acceleration for steady, in-line tracking. You might notice the bend near the center of the axle; this is what ensures the proper camber angle. Having the center ride a bit higher and the sides of the axle bent lower allows the axle to give just enough to compensate for the load.

Determining the Bolt Pattern

The first number in the bolt pattern is the number of bolt holes. The second number denotes the diameter, in inches, of the circle on which the bolt holes sit.

Bolt Pattern - Even

On wheels with an even number of bolt holes, measure from the center of one bolt hole to the center of the hole directly across from it. (Example: 8 on 6-1/2 means 8 bolt holes with 6-1/2" from the center of one hole to the center of another on the opposite side.)

Bolt Pattern - Odd

To determine the bolt-circle diameter on wheels with an odd number of bolt holes, measure from the center of any bolt hole to the point halfway between the two bolt holes directly across from the first. (Example: 5 on 4-1/2 means 5 bolt holes with 4-1/2" measured to a point halfway between the opposite bolt holes.)

Bolt Pattern - Side

Measuring the distance (D) from the center of one bolt hole on the wheel to the center of a bolt hole right next to it can also help to determine the bolt pattern.

  • If D = 2-5/8", then the bolt pattern is 5 on 4-1/2"
  • If D = 2-3/4", then the bolt pattern is 5 on 4-3/4"
  • If D = 3", then the bolt pattern is 5 on 5"
  • If D = 3-1/4", then the bolt pattern is 5 on 5-1/2"

T20BTR-EZ-6048 Dexter Replacement Axle Beam - Easy Lube - 60" Hub Face - 48" Spring Center - 2,200 lbs

8-258-5UC1-EZ Dexter Easy Lube Trailer Hub Assembly for 13" to 15" Wheels - 2,200-lb Axles - 5 on 4-1/2 - L44649

L11402 LubriMatic Marine Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease - 14 oz. Cartridge

Video of Dexter Trailer Idler Axle w/ Hubs - EZ-Lube - 5 on 4-1/2 Bolt Pattern - 60" Long - 2,200 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Dexter Axle Trailer Axles - Leaf Spring Suspension - 20545I-EZ-60-15 Review

Today we're going to review part number 20545I-EZ-60-15. This is the Dexter trailer axle with the straight easy lube spindles and the 514 and a 1/2 inch idler hubs. The axle is 60 inches long, has a 2200 pound weight capacity. Now this axle beam will act as part of your trailer suspension system. Can use it to replace an axle on your trailer or to fabricate a suspension to fit your application. This is an idler axle which means there is no brake mounting flanges welded to it.

It is made of a high strength steel and when we do ship this, it includes the spindle nut, the D-washer and the nut retainer, one on each end. Also when we ship it, we don't just ship it like this, what we basically would do is put grease over the machined areas and wrap it to protect it and then we use this very thick tubing, cardboard tubing that would go over the end and then we wrap that to protect it, so both ends would be protected when we ship it. It also comes with these cast iron idler hubs which are very sturdy and durable. Also comes with all the parts showing here. Comes with the bearings. Now on this part number they actually use the same size and part number as the inner and outer bearings so we have 2 inner bearings, 2 outer bearings. The races that the bearings would ride on are actually pre-installed in the hubs.

The outer races here, inner races right there on each hub. Comes with the 2 greased seals. Comes with 2 of the easy lube grease caps and the reason I say they're easy lube is they have a rubber plug that would pop out in the middle here and it allows access to the grease zerk fitting on an easy lube spindle. It comes with 10 half inch lug nuts that are used to hold the wheel assembly to the hubs. The last thing is we do include a 14 ounce tube of marine grade wheel bearing grease.

So basically you just insert this into your grease gun. Now you do want to have a grease gun that uses 14 ounce tubes. If you don't or you need one, we actually sell as a related part on this product number. This part number for this grease gun is L30200 and it's listed on the page of this product number as a related part. The axle has the straight easy lube spindles, there's no drop to it. The easy lube spindles have the built-in grease zerk fitting right here for simple lubrication.

The nice thing about this is normally on a standard axle you'd have to grease your bearings, put them in the hub, install it on there. Then if you ever have to grease them again, you've got to take it all apart, disassemble them, grease them, put it back together. On the easy lube, what's nice is once you assemble it all on there you can just put grease in through this zerk fitting. Put a grease gun on it, pump the grease in, it goes through the center of the spindle and there's a hole right here where it will come out in the back and fill the whole cavity, so you don't have to disassemble the whole hub and bearings to grease it. You can just put it on the end. They're very simple lubrication system. Also, on all axles you might notice there's a bend near the center of the axle. Basically each axle is manufactured to create a certain camber angle. So having this center ride a bit higher and the sides axle bent lower, allows the axle to give just enough to compensate for the load of the trailer. So this will give you the correct angle of the wheels for your towing needs and it allows your trailer tires to run along the pavement evenly with the contact patch of the tire goes all the way across the width of the tread. The result is you get an excellent straight line acceleration for stead in-line tracking. This axle also is an under-slung design. Basically what that means is the spring seats that are where you mount your leaf springs to, they are welded to the underside of the axle and when they do that it will give you a low ride height which makes it easier to load and unload your trailer. The spring seats are welded to the axle and the spindle is welded to the axle. Also on an axle there are multiple ways to measure the length of an axle beam. But actually the 2 most accurate ways that we use are the hub face to hub face and spring center to spring center lengths. Basically the hub face to hub face length is the length of the axle. So basically when these hubs are installed, you measure from the base of one wheel stud right here all the way across to the base of the wheel stud of the hub on the other end. In this case, I don't have them installed but just to show you, I'll measure it to give you an idea when they are installed. It's going to be right at 60 inches, so the length of this axle and the hub face to hub face measurement is 60 inches. The other measurement is spring center so basically if you measure from the center of the spring seat on this side to the center of the spring seat on the other side, this roughly will give you the overall width of your trailer also. It's going to be 48 inches. So basically if you're replacing your trailer's axle, you should be able to figure out which axle you need by using these measurements. Also use your trailer's weight capacity, the bolt pattern of the wheels on your trailer and if it has any brakes on it, if there's brakes used on the trailer. Just to go over a few specs on this again. The weight capacity of the axle is 2200 pounds. Hub face to hub face length is 60 inches. Spring center to spring center length is 48 inches. The outer diameter of the axle itself is 1 and 3/4 inches. The outer diameter of the spindle is 1 and 1/16 inches. Now the bolt pattern on these idler hubs is 5 lugs, 4 1/2 inch bolt pattern. The studs are a 1/2 inch diameter so they do use the 1/2 inch lug nuts to hold your wheels to them. And because of the hub flange diameter, which is this width here, is 6 1/2 inches. It is recommended to use a wheel size from 13 inches up to 15 inches. That should do it for the review on part number 20545I-EZ-60-15, a Dexter trailer axle with the straight easy lube spindles and the 514 1/2 inch idler hubs. .

Customer Reviews

Dexter Trailer Idler Axle w/ Hubs - EZ-Lube - 5 on 4-1/2 Bolt Pattern - 60" Long - 2,200 lbs - 20545I-EZ-60-15

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (10 Customer Reviews)

Straight idler trailer axle measures 60" from hub face to hub face and 48" from spring center to spring center. Includes idler hubs -with bearings, races, and seals- for 13" to 15" wheels. EZ-Lube spindles for simple lubrication.

- 20545I-EZ-60-15

I ordered an axle kit and it was delivered ahead of schedule. I had strong customer service during the ordering process. I assembled the kit to find a damaged bearing. I took a pic of it and sent it to etrailer. They promptly emailed me back and sent another bearing. It arrived, again ahead of when I expected. Axle kit worked great, but purely for the amazing (for these days) customer service, I will be a life-long etrailer customer. Who could ask for more... awesome customer service, super fast delivery at a fair price. Thanks again! 574619

- 20545I-EZ-60-15

I received the axel on Friday with the free shipping(which was awesome) to replace my old axel that had a seized bearing on my small utility trailer. It took me an hour to install the new axel, and since it came with new hubs bearings and grease all I need we're the tools and grease gun. You can not beat a deal like this!!! Very happy to not have to disassemble the hubs every time I need to lubricate the bearings!!! 219740

- 20545I-EZ-60-15

I recieved all the correct items recommended by Carol, all of it shipped in good condition. I assembled all parts with no issues. Thank you for the help. 608878

- 20545I-EZ-60-15

Installed it 1 year ago. So far it is doing its job well. No problems. Also the install was very simple and easy to do. 578530

- 20545I-EZ-60-15

I think I'd like to change the review to 3 stars and say: Though the mechanical quality of the axle/hubs is great, whatever the axle and hubs are painted with comes off very easily. Simply removing tape would pull the paint with it. This will eventually lead to these parts rusting and you'll need to add an additional coat of paint to prevent rust. The paint quality is very poor 517521

- 20545I-EZ-60-15

What I ordered, delivered on time and correctly (prices are very good also) 336199

- 20545I-EZ-60-15

I bought a axle, springs wheels, hubs etc. to build a utility trailer, I inadvertently had ordered incompatible hubs for the selected axle the person filling the order noticed this and contacted customer service to alert them of the issue who then called me to correct the problem. This saved me the time and expense of returning the part and delaying the project. great service, attentive, knowledgeable employees and great products. Thanks E trailer. 316274

- 20545I-EZ-60-15

Works Great. 314475

- 20545I-EZ-60-15

just got it all unpacked, everything looks good. Thanks for the speedy shipping, i'll be back .. 187469

- 20545I-EZ-60-15

I am very impressed with the service and all the products I have received, I have no doubt I will be buying form you folks again. Quality products, great price and fast shipping service. Thanks Again, Dale 172712


Ask the Experts about this Dexter Axle Trailer Axles
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  • How To Install E-Z Lube Axles
  • The E-Z lube feature is located in the spindle not on the hub assembly. The spindle has a grease fitting on the end to allow for easy lubrication. As long as the hub is compatible with your spindle then it will not need to be rated for E-Z lube applications. If you want to install an E-Z lube setup, you will want to replace your trailer's axles as the bearing buddies are not compatible with E-Z lube in addition to the difficulty of replacing a trailers spindle. In order to recommend...
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  • Recommended Axle With Lift For Frame Ground Clearance
  • What you are referring to requires an over-under kit. We do have these available for axles that have a 2-3/8 inch axle # K71-384-00, so the Dexter Trailer Idler Axle w/ Hubs - EZ-Lube - 5 on 4-1/2 Bolt Pattern - 60" Long - 2,200 lbs # 20545I-EZ-60-15 with 1-3/4 inch axle diameter will not work. For your application, I recommend going with the Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension System - 4" Lift Spindle w/Flange - Off-Road Tires - 2.2K # ASR1THDS03 along with # 84545BX which will meet...
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  • Recommended Parts for Rebuild/Upgrade of Harbor Freight Trailer
  • The Dexter Trailer Idler Axle w/ Hubs - EZ-Lube - 5 on 4-1/2 Bolt Pattern - 60" Long - 2,200 lbs # 20545I-EZ-60-15 is a great starting point to upgrade your trailer. This will give you a standard size axle with good bearings, hubs, and EZ-lube spindles. This is far nicer than the weird sized stuff that comes on Harbor Freight trailers. The Karrier ST175/80R13 Radial Trailer Tire with 13" Galvanized Wheel - 5 on 4-1/2 - Load Range D # AM31994 will be a great addition to these hubs...
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  • Axle U-Bolt Kit for Single 2-3/8-Inch Diameter Trailer Axle
  • We have many sizes of round and square axle u-bolt kits that appear on the linked page. These are not rated by weight so you simply want to choose the one to match your axle diameter, which should be 2-3/8-inches. U-bolt kits # APUBR-1 or # CE23002 will do the trick.
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Hubs for Old Trailer That Uses Inner and Outer Bearing LM67048
  • First, thank you for providing those important details about your trailer. Bearing part # LM67048 is a common OUTER bearing for 6- and 8-lug hubs, but as an INNER bearing we offer only one 4-on-5 agricultural hub that takes this item as its inner bearing. That hub is part # AH15450ECOMP. I presume that you got the bearing part numbers from the original parts. Given the trailer's age it may be that someone previously substituted a different bearing for what was originally installed....
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  • Location of Spring Seats on Dexter Replacement Axle # 20545I-EZ-60-15
  • Actually, the axle you referred to, part # 20545I-EZ-60-15 already has the spring seats mounted on the underside of the axle, like your current axle so there'd be no need to move them. The 2200 lb capacity axle includes 2 idler hubs with a 5-on-4-1/2 inch bolt pattern. The L44649 bearings, L44610 races, 10-60 grease seals, grease cap and 1/2 inch lug nuts are all included. We'll even throw a tube of wheel bearing grease in for you. If you've never packed wheel bearing before, you...
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  • Replacement Bearings and Axle Parts for Imported Utility Trailer
  • You have discovered the dark side of "bargain" import trailers: non-standard and tough-to-find replacement parts. You are correct that the nearest diameter size of Bearing Buddy to your 2.040-inch measurement is the 2.047-inch size like # BB2047 (in chrome finish) and # BB2047SS (in stainless steel). I also checked our standard grease caps, shown on the linked page, and these too do not offer a perfect match to your hub bore. A difference of 7/1000ths of an inch in diameter is a...
    view full answer...

  • Parts Needed to Mount Trailer Axle Below Leaf Springs
  • You can mount the Dexter axle # 20545I-EZ-60-15 below the springs but you would have to weld on new spring seats # TRSS175. These are sold individually. The springs seats that come with the axle are welded to the bottom. You can't flip the axle over because then the natural bow in the axle would be facing the wrong way, the tires would stick out at the bottoms, and the capacity would be diminished.
    view full answer...

  • Recommended 60 Inch Long Axle with Hubs to Use with 13 Inch or Larger Wheels
  • The Dexter Trailer Idler Axle w/ Idler Hubs # 20440I-EZ-60 that you were looking at features a hub face length of 60 inches and a spring center length of 48 inches. If this is the size you are needing, then I recommend taking a look at the Dexter Trailer Idler Axle # 20545I-EZ-60-15. Just like the axle you were looking at, this axle features a 60 inch hub face length, a 48 inch spring center length, and comes with idler hubs and all the needed bearings, races, and seals. This is a 2,200...
    view full answer...

  • Dexter Trailer Idler Axle Be Installed Under or Over Leaf Springs
  • If you installed a set of spring seats on the opposite of the axle # 20545I-EZ-60-15 you would be able to install the axle in a setup that has the springs either above or below the springs. For spring seats you then would want the part # TRSS175. Some refer to this process as "flipping the axles," but since axle has a slight bow to it you can't just flip them and reinstall them under the springs using the same spring seats. You have to install new spring seats on the opposite side...
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Axle for Constructing Teardrop Trailer on Utility Trailer Frame
  • We sell axle beams alone and also complete axle kits that also include hubs, bearings, seals etc. The key is to confirm the weight rating of the existing axle (check it's safety sticker) and it's dimensions so you can choose a replacement with equal capacity; changing the axle to a higher-rated one does not increase the trailer's weight capacity since this is determined by many items, not just the axle itself. Please refer to the linked image for help with axle dimensions.. I have linked...
    view full answer...

  • Can Trailer Axle Hub Face to Hub Face Dimension Have an Additional Inch When Replacing
  • The biggest dimension to have matched up is the spring seat to seat dimension so that the axle can bolt up properly. If the hub face to face dimension is longer it may not be a problem but you would have to consider having 1/2 an inch of less fender clearance. If that's not an issue then it wouldn't be a problem to use the part # 20545I-EZ-60-15.
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Axle With 5 On 4-1/2 Bolt Pattern Idler Hubs And Wheels
  • I contacted Harbor Freight's tech services line regarding your Haul Master Trailer. Your trailer may have an odd size axle, so the industry standard size parts would not be compatible. Their tech services can't give me the information to help you, so I would need you to pull your hub and give me the bearing number on it for me to tell you if we can change the hubs out for 5 lug or not.
    view full answer...

  • Selecting a New Axle, Wheels and Tires for a 4 x 8-Foot Utility Trailer
  • An easy way to replace your axle is to use a complete kit such as Dexter # 20545I-EZ-60-15. This kit consists of the 60-inch axle, idler hubs, bearings, seals, lug nuts and grease caps - and even grease. This axle is rated for 2200-lbs and its spring centers are at 48-inches. Its hubs have the same 5-on-4-1/2-inch bolt pattern as the wheel/tire you referenced, part # AM31985 from Kenda. This kit will work with 13-inch wheels. Note that you will need to weld on new spring seats on top of...
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  • Available Trailer Axles with 400-lb Capacity for Wheelchair Carrier
  • We offer both beam axles (the tubular kind we're all familiar with) and also axle-less setups from Timbren such as the 400-lb-rated kit # A4RS440 which includes idler hubs (hubs without brakes) and that bolts on to a trailer frame. These axle-less systems use rubber springs instead of steel leaf springs that are required for a beam/tube axle. They may require some reinforcement with 2 x 2-inch steel tubing depending on the exact nature of your carrier. We do have axles with a 60-inch...
    view full answer...

  • 2,200 lb Rated Trailer Axle Compatible with 15 inch Wheels
  • The wheel mounting flange of the part # 20545I-EZ-60-10 is too small for 15 inch wheels. You would need to get this axle # 20545I-EZ-60-15 that comes with hubs compatible with 15 inch wheels.
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Axle Kit for Homemade Trailer
  • My research indicates Timken bearing 3062 has an inner bore diameter of 0.6250-inches, which is very small compared to the bearing and hub products we offer. The smallest bearing we offer has an inner diameter of 0.750-inches and is part # LM11949. This is rated for hubs used on 3000-lb axles. We have no hubs that use smaller bearings like yours. You may find it easier to replace your entire axle with a kit that includes hubs, bearings, races, seals, etc. I linked our page for axles...
    view full answer...

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